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"The first of many reasons to buy X-Box Live"

Storyline - 910: The extensive storyline takes the gamers through 20+ wild missions. Basically you are a 31st century BattleMech pilot out to suppress a terrorist cult that inhabits a single planet. The storyline is surprising deep and takes you through various terrains and weather. Most often after completing each of the missions, the next mission will offer you another Mech that is bigger and badder than the one before. Keeping with that idea the final Mech that is awarded will ''Rok'' your world. When you beat the game you will understand that joke.

Audio & Video - 1010: First off I will discuss the video. The graphics are very detailed and the colors are always bright and amazing. Much detail can be seen on all of the Mechs, and frankly they did a damn good job illustrating machines that don't exist. Secondly comes the audio. I recommend strongly that before you even plug the game in find some way of hooking your TV up to a large stereo. This game is the louder the better. There is little music in the game, only a loop of rock music when fighting another Mech in campaign mode. What really puts you in the game is the noises made by the Mechs themselves. The incessant drone of the Mechs core, the stomping of its feet, the screams of warriors when you run them over all is perfection. However the sound that will blow your mind the most is when you destroy another Mech and get to celebrate victory amidst the nuclear type explosion. Microsoft was smart enough to make the game with 5.1 Surround Sound, so take advantage of it.

Game play - 1010: The controls are simple and easy. Learning how to play the game takes about 10 minutes. The missions are scaled so that the first missions really teach you to move the mechs, while battling other Mechs comes in time. However if you want to get good really fast play it online. You will learn more of strategy playing online than in the game. Take it from me, I played it almost religiously online for two days and after that the missions are a lot easier.

X-Box Live - 2010: I really can not talk enough of this game with X-Box Live. The game was made for it and I think if you own MechAssault, X-Box Live is a must. Not only is the game play fast, but it is always there. Case in point, I was up late studying for a midterm and wanted to blow off some steam. So I sign on and at 4 a.m. I am playing 7 other guys from all over the world. Also X-Box keeps an online tally so you can see how you match up against the rest of the world.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/02, Updated 12/30/02

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