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"Best. Mech. Game. Ever."

Before this game came out, I had a decision to make. I wanted to add another game to my library. The other games I wanted were Shenmue II, Splinter Cell, Unreal Championship, or MechAssault. I ended up with Mechassault. I did some extensive research on all of the games and MA appealed to me the most. From the graphics to the sounds, this game is very immersive.

Gameplay: MechAssault controls very similarly to Halo. So Halo users should get used to these controls in no time. This game is very fast paced and is filled with plenty of action. The mission assignments vary and are very entertaining. This game pulls you in from the first look, making it easy to play and get into. 10

Graphics: In a These graphics are truly something. It's a work of art. The people at Day 1 Studios really put some effort in here. From the weather effects, to explosions, to buildings, to backgrounds, are all smooth, varied and inspired. Also, the tiniest of details were thrown in for good measure. Such as, if your mech gets too hot, on the back are panels that are red if your mech is overheating. These simple additions make the games graphics even better. 10

Sound: This is another are where MechAssault exceeds. When you play, be sure to crank up the volume and play on surround sound. From the weapon noises, explosions, and your mech walking are all crystal clear. 10
Story: Your ship has crash landed on a planet and it's your job to search and destroy while you and your crew figure out where you are and who you are destroying. The story is pretty good IMO. Enough to make you play the campiagn over again. 9/10

Replay Value: If the story wasn't enough to pull you back in, then Xbox Live should fix that little problem. I found myself enjoying the single player missions more however. But playing on Live is always exciting for more challenge.
Rent/Buy: Not even a question. A must buy. With the 20 single player missions and Live, it's enough for you to keep playing over and over again. Not to mention the downloadable content that'll increase the replay value.

Overall: Simply put, this is the best mech game I have ever played. I have never regretted my purchase of this game. The only drawback is for the people without Live. This will cut down the replay value somewhat. But IMO, this game rules offline, specially if you have friends to play it with. So stop reading and start playing. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/30/02, Updated 12/30/02

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