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"An excellent third person shooter, a below average MechWarrior game..."

First and foremost, I cannot review this as a MechWarrior game, all the other ones in the series i know of has been a first person simulator, so, this game being COMPLETELY different, I have to review it as a third person shooter of sorts.

Great stuff, explosions, detailed war machines, light, fire, boom! Plenty of eye candy for anyone. The environments themselves are a bit uninspired, but its hard to notice with massive buildings and 'Mechs walking around. (Besides, in the heat of battle, are you REALLY going to stop and look up at the sky and enjoy the view while missiles and lasers are raking your 'Mech?) OH YEA! and water, very nicely done water!

Ummm, as with most BattleTech/MechWarrior style games, the story is a simple one, usually just an excuse to get you on the ground, alone (with maybe a wingman) and kill stuff. The ending is also a little... unfinished? It didn't seem to have much closure, but it sure made it sound like there would be a sequel!

GamePlay (Offline):
Great stuff, the AI is a little less than top notch, on ANY difficulty level, but the rush of zooming through a city with buildings collapsing around you and 'Mechs blowing up left and right is fun. Many of the missions are a dull go here and kill this sort of thing, but there are a few missions that change the pace, and are quite entertaining.

GamePlay (Online):
If you don't have Xbox Live or GameSpy Tunnel, or one of those online programs, feel free to drop my review score 2 or 3 points. Online is the place to be, a massive free-for-all, a team based battle in a snowy wasteland, a last man sanding battle where you can't be as reckless as you usually are... all while talking to your opponents and laughing as you destroy them!(or whimpering if you just died for your umpteenth time) Its a blast. Its VERY fast paced action. But teamwork and cooperation for games other than a gun-fest are hard to find. Its good to find a few friends to play this with, it makes it all the more fun.

Explosions, the crunch of the streets as you lumber along, the crashing of buildings, (if you are online, the angry words tossed at you as you kill your opponents)are all very well done. There is music, but only in the single player campaign... and... explosions... yea.. those are good too... oh and did I mention how cool the explosions sound?

Replay Value:
I doubt you will find yourself going through the main campaign more than 4 times (1 for each difficulty). If you can't play online, this game will probably not have much life for you, but then again, if you can get a few friends to link up their boxes and have a party.. thats just as good as online... but if you have no friends, and no online, 2 things. Go gets some friends, or return the game.

Overall (8/10):
This is an excellent online game, or offline if you have some friends. Not everyone will want to stay awake 24/7 to play it, but it is still a blast. But if you are looking for a MechWarrior 5, you wont find it. There is a small variety of 'Mechs (more expected to be downloadable soon!) and absolutely NO factions or 'Mech customization. If you are a die-hard 'Mech fan, looking for a console version of MechWarrior (2/3/4, you pick) feel free to subtract 3,4, or heck even 5 or 6 points off my rating. This game is more like a third person Halo than a 'Mech sim. If you liked Halo, and have some way of going online or getting together with 8 friends (with 4 xboxs to boot) then this is an EXCELLENT game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/05/03, Updated 01/05/03

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