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"I've played many Mech games, but this is the best"

Mech games come and go, but Mechassault will stay with you forever. Mechassault is a game where the entire point is to blow things up..well sorta. With an assortment of different 'mechtastic' weapons, and a wide verity of mechs, what could stop you? The Word of Blake can. Your ship gets shot down by orbital guns on a nearby planet. Your crew tells you that your the only mech pilot left to defend the ship and stop The Word of Blake.

The story is very simple, but as the game progressed forward, many new secrets are revealed. You play a battlemech pilot that must stop the Word of Blake from gaining any new power. It's really straight forward, but some surprises are in store for you.

Mechassault's entire game surfaces around it's gameplay. You control many different types of mechs, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. Some mechs are fast and great for quick battles, while others are slow, but provide huge amounts of firepower. Each type of mech has it's own signature as well. Some mechs can fly, others can jam radar, and others game bring up shields. As in most mech games, blowing up your enemies is the key element of a game, but that's also a mech game's weakest, because it doesn't give you the full satisfaction of using a mech. In Mechassault, this is no different, only in this game, blowing up buildings and trampling over vehicles provide another aspect of mech games. In order to succeed in Mechassault you'll need to master the art of blowing up stuff. Almost anything you see can be blown up, but only few hold power-ups and health salvages.

This game is fun, and after a few minutes of play, you'll realize this. After a few sittings you'll find yourself amerced into mech madness. The controls are easy to master, once you play the first few levels you'll get the hang of them. This is also great because the first few levels are for control mastering, then the difficulty increases. Some levels of Mechassault are very frustrating. You'll find that a lack of mid level checkpoints really hurt this game as well as you. I hate it when I get to the last portion of a level only to be killed by a mech then have to play the level all over again just to see if I can beat him. It's really annoying, though I didn't mind playing a few parts over again just to see if I missed anything. It's not to say that this ruins the game, it just keeps it from being perfect.

There are 20 levels in Mechassault to let you explore your mech-fantasies, and a multiplayer so you can slaughter your best friend's mech. There is also an online feature that allows you to take on the best of the best, but it only provides a deathmatch mode, but I believe a 'build the base' mode will be included in future updates. The best feature of Mechassault is it's online play. It's fun to trash talk opposing players before blowing them into a million pieces. I do however enjoy it's campaign mode, because it provides great missions, all of which are different and exciting. There's no real repetitiveness in Mechassault that you see in most mech games, which is why Mechassault stands out. I would have like to have seen an 'exhibition' type mode though, where you can fight against how many, and which ever mechs you wanted to.

The graphics in Mechassault is some of the Xbox's best. Each mech looks different from where ever you are in the field, so you know what your up against. Next to War of the Monsters (for the PS2) Mechassault provides some of the best building destruction. Every mech and building is highly detailed. I especially liked when you shoot a laser, it looks like your in Star Wars. Every enviroment is painted with beauty. I loved revisting some of the snow levels just to stare at the scenery.

The sound is awesome. Every weapon sounds exactly as you would expect it to when you fire it. The mech sounds like a mech when you move it. When the mech moves you hear each stomp on the ground, and when you turn it, it makes that screeching noise like it was rusty. I love the music in this game. Just the faintest noise tells you when there's danger. The music changes when a there a nearby enemy mech you must fight.

I love playing this game, you'll find yourself replaying the game over-and-over just to see if you destroyed everything. You'll definitely want to play this one again. Once you play against your friends in some multiplayer mech destroying, you'll want to revisit some old missions to hone up your skills. The online feature is it's biggest replay mode though. You'll love trying to become the best, mastering every mech so you can take on just about any foe with any mech. This game is definitely worth the 50 bucks, and if your copy of Halo is getting worked-out, you definitely need this. I recommend it to anyone who has an Xbox, you need this in your collection.

I give it an enthusiastic 10 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/20/03, Updated 01/20/03

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