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"Mech Muscle"

When XBOX LIVE first came out they needed some heavy hitters to get the sales moving. Among these games were Ghost Reckon, Unreal Championship and finally MechAssault. The most popular and best selling of all these games was MechAssault. It is a superb game that had a good single player game but the multi-player game is one of the best you can find. This game is especially made for XBOX LIVE but also has multi-player on console.

This game is beautiful All the little details are here that make everything just so much better. When you blow up a building you see the beams and debris fall to the ground. The explosions that you see when the enemies core breaches are wonderful The details are all so fine. When you shoot a building you can see into it. You can see the insulation and the support beams. All the mechs in MechAssault look excellent. The game is bright and you will be able to enjoy the wonderful environments. These graphics are above par but not the absolute best. Overall this game is quite impressive when it come to looks.

There is not much to say in this category. The game sounds wonderful. The explosions are great, you can hear all the back ground sound. One of the thing that I love best are the weapons. They all sound great. The only problem that I have with the sound is the same sort of sleepy tune plays all the time until you get into a fight. I don't mind when one sound is playing most of the time as long as it does not get dull and boring. Unfortunately this back ground music gets boring. Overall the sound is good. The sound effects are amazing but the music is not that great.

The controls in this game are some if the best around. Simple but effective. That best describes them. You basically change your weapon with one trigger and fire with the other. The one stick lets you move your mech while the other lets you to aim up, down, left and right. It sounds maybe to simple but it actually works very well. You can use the letter buttons to change weapons and fire the weapon as well. Everything works great and you get a reel sense of control.

This is one of the most important categories and in this game it shines. First off there are around 20 missions for you to embark on. In these missions you will pilot many different kinds of mechs in different kinds of missions. These missions can range from destroying a base to protecting your ship. The game also features many mechs with variables of each type. In total it brings a great sense of variety to the game. The signal player in this game is great but if you have a second controller or XBOX LIVE you are going to love this. The fun that you will have with your friends will go on for hours. There are different types of multi-player modes that you can choose from. With XBOX LIVE you are able to download new mechs and new types of play. These downloads will be an on going process insuring that you have lots to do in the future. If you don't have live you won't have as much fun so this is where the game looses some marks but overall a super game.

Overall: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/25/03, Updated 04/25/03

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