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"Giant Robots are fun!"

My good buddy Bo let me borrow this game. He said it was hard and he couldn't beat the first level. He told me he'd give me 5 dollars if I beat the game and gave him a copy of the memory. So I set out to work. I got hooked on the game, it was very fun. Once I beat it, I got my five bucks, but I still wish I owned it. Basically it's a good game, and any shooter fan who owns an XBOX has to pick up a copy of this bad boy.

Graphics- Great. Your Mechs (as they're called) are very detailed. As you take damage, your Mech begins to spark, smoke, and then when the reactor become unstable, you glow. When you die, yhe explosions are very realistic and nice looking. The effects and looks of the weapons being fired are great. The enemy tanks and infantry look pretty decent themselves. The cutscenes look okay themselves. I like the effects of the buildings crashing down as well. It's neat to see the footprints of your Mech on the ground as well. The environments are above average as well. Overall, the graphics are very good in this game.

Sound- Great as well. Your Mech makes cool mechanical noises as it walks. The effects of your weapon being fired is also very realistic. The voices are pretty good. They sound good, have emotion, and are realistic. As usual, you never see or hear your person. The music is also very good. I like the sounds of the explosions after a Mech explodes. The cutscenes also have pretty good sound. Overall the sound is pretty good as well.

Game-Play- Very addictive and very fun. The story is this: This evil group called WOB (Word of Blake) is taking over this planet. You have to stop them. It's in the distant future, thus the better technology (like giant walking robots). There something on the planet that WOB wants, and you have to find what it is, destroy or capture it, then clear out the rest of the WOB. The game is a third person shooter. It uses the two control stick shooting style. By left-clicking, you can use Jump-Jets (if your Mech has them), by right clicking you use a special defensive weapon (if your Mech has one), and all Mechs have at least two weapons (most have three). You go through levels, following objectives. There are 20 missions overall. It's pretty fun , but challenging at times. Just about every Mech has a "counterpart" or "brother". These look just like the original Mech but are different colored and have different weapons. There are three basic types of Mechs. These are Light, Medium, and Assault. Light are quick, lightly armored, and don't have much firepower. Medium are slower but have better armor and better weapons. Assault are the heaviest armored, slowest, but have massive firepower. I personally prefer assault. When you beat the game, you earn a special Mech and it's "brother". Overall the Game-play is fun and worth while.

Online- I never played Online, but I've heard it's pretty good. Playing 2 player with my friend who let me borrow the game was good enough. I've heard the special Mech you unlock wreaks havoc online. I suggest you beat the game before going online.

In conclusion, this is a great game. It has a good replay value online, and a decent one offline. Multi-player is fun. It's worth the $20 it costs these days. Pick it up. For little flaw and lots of fun, I give Mechassault for XBOX a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/03/04

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