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"A pure action romp..."

Let me say that mechassault is a very good game, one of the better ones in fact! That said:

Sound: 7/10
Its not that the sound is bad.... the soundtrack is quite good, the rockish bits really help the action feel more like it's in a movie.... Very cool. But everything else.... when you step on a person, you hear this "gwouck" noise. And sometimes the gun noises are just really annoying. The game has a good soundtrack, bad "effect" noises. (Side note: the sound of a HUGE building falling over is one of the cooler things you hear throughout the game.) However, the basic mech noises (moving/specials/jump jets all sound cool!)

Graphics: 10/10
For their time, MA's graphics are VERY good. PCP blasts look awesome, gauss rifles shots are cool.... the whole game is awesome looking. Destruction effects? THE WHOLE GAME IS BASICALLY DESTRUCTION! W00t! Um. Anyway.... yeah. Visually MA is an awesome game. The levels, the mechs, the guns, whatever. It all looks cool. My only gripe is the loading screens. Even though you don't see them very often... something cooler than: A. Picture of a mech or B. the mission briefing. Of course, you see loading screens very little during this game, so it's not TOO bad of a problem! ;) The mechs are all really cool (dare I say... l33t?) and the mech you get at the end of the game has some, shall we say, fiery weapons that look sweet. Mechs are awesome!

Game/Fun: 10/10
This is a VERY fun game. From blowing things up, to the frantic action of a heated battle.... its pure fun. I remember the first time I put the game in the Xbox and played the first level. I was astounded by how fun it was, simply to move around a level! The dialogue is good, however if you're a very casual gamer like me, hearing the same thing over and over again (each time you have to restart a mission...) can get annoying. One thing I cannot comment on though is the multiplayer simply because I don't have XBL ;( and every time I try to teach someone else how to play (i.e. sister, parents) they end up killing themselves before I can get a shot off. Heh. However, MA is one of the funnest games i have played, and i have played many. Also, mechs are very fun to "drive" and blowing up entire military bases is good fun!

Story: NA
Well, its not that there isn't a story, its just that MA is such a pure "run through level, blow that thing up, kill those things, escape" kind of game.... the plot really just serves as an objective system. Sort of. Cut scenes can be cool, and sure, the dialogue can get good but really folks, Mechassault is such a pure action game the plot doesn't come into play much. I hear that's getting fixed for MA 2 however...

Although this is an excellent game, the repetitive sounds and (sometimes) dialogue, added to the lack of plot detract from what should be a 10/10. I would, however, if you don't already have it, go out and by an XBL starter kit. Those usually come with a free copy of the game, and XBL to boot! But if you don't want to do that, buy it used. The sequel comes out Dec. 28 2004, so...
Hope you enjoyed! And have fun!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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