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    Challenges FAQ by dark52

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         |  | --|-              / /   \ |_---  --| ,  ,,| |----'''',   ,,'    |  |
         |  | '  ',--    _,''', | |  ',. .\||  || ' | | | || ,'.||\ \,'  \    |  /
         |  |  || |  \  / ||'''|  |   ||'|  |  ||   | | | |||   || ||||       / /
         |  |  || |   \/  ||_ ,|  \   || /  |  ||   | | | || '',||' /\,\     / /
         |  |  || | ,   , | _ | \  \  | ,''||  ||   | | | |||'' |,,/   \ \  / /
         |  |  || | |\ /| ||     \  \ ||   ||  ||   | | | |||   ||\\    || / /
         |  |  || | | ' | ||,,    \  \||   || |' '  | | | || '''|| \\|','// /
         |  | ,|| | |   | '___|    \  __\ '___|'''  | | | |''''',,' \\'''//
         |  |''''''''   | |        | |             '__' '-'          \\ //     /
         |  |           | | \\     | /                                > \    ,/|
         |  |           /_\  | \, / /                                /  \\'''  |
       ,'   ',               \   ' /                                /     \\_,'
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                               For Timesplitters 2 (PS2)
    Author: dark52
    Start Date: 4th January 2003
    Last Update: 25th of September 2004
    E-Mail: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net
    Version: 2.0
    Game: TimeSplitters 2 (PS2 version, UK, PAL)
    Website: http://faqs.darkspyro.net/
    [01] - Intro
    [02] - Contact
    [03] - Updates
    [04] - Challenges
       [04a] - Glass Smash
               i) Pane in the Neck
              ii) Bricking It
             iii) Stain Removal
       [04b] - Behead The Undead
               i) Fight Off The Living Dead
              ii) Sergio's Last Stand
             iii) Day of the Dammed
       [04c] - Infiltration
               i) Silent But Deadly
              ii) Trouble at the Docks
             iii) Escape from NeoTokyo
       [04d] - Banana Chomp
               i) Gone Bananas
              ii) Monkey Business
             iii) Playing With Fire
       [04e] - Cut-out Shoot-out
               i) Take 'em Down
              ii) Fall Out
             iii) Pick Yer Piece
       [04f] - Timesplitters 'Story' Classic
               i) Badass Buspass Impasse
              ii) But Where do the Batteries Go?
             iii) Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time
       [04g] - Monkeying Around
               i) Simian Shootout
              ii) Monkey Mayhem
             iii) Dam Bursters
    [05] - Thanks
    [06] - Copyright
    ------------------------------[01] - Introduction------------------------------
    This guide is based on the Challenges section of the TimeSplitters 2 game. I
    wrote this in order to help anyone out who needs just a little bit of help with
    those levels, ie a new strategy to try or the times they need to beat.
    I don't claim that the stategies shown in this guide are the best ways of doing
    things, they most likely aren't, but the ways I've shown in this guide are all
    decent enough to get at least Gold in the Challenges which is all you need to
    get full percentage for them.
    For Platinum times that involve challenges that have no end except for a time
    limit, do not stop right at the point that I have specified as the Platinum
    time as some are still not entirely sure about. They are just times around that
    time (they are mostly right) and so try to beat it rather then get it as with
    all other things like Bronze Silver and Gold.
    ---------------------------[02] - Contact Information--------------------------
    To send me an e-mail regarding this guide's subject, please send it to:
    dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net
    I will try to respond to all e-mails sent to me as quickly as I can, however I
    cannot promise to answer questions I don't know the answer to or are not
    related to the subject of this FAQ.
    Please remember to use a subject that will tell me exactly what game it is in
    question of, as I have several guides for other games also and I generally
    don't bother opening e-mails without a subject or are just called Hello.
    And also, if you would, please mention the game somewhere in your message too
    as I would like to know what game it is you're on about as some questions can
    seem a bit vague without context.
    While the guide may not be my first prioritory at the moment, I still want any
    contributions you can send me. If you see a strategy below that you know is
    rubbish AND you have a better one, then send it to me (as long as it isn't just
    copied from someone else's guide, you have to have made it yourself) via the
    address above.
    While I will accept critcism of this guide (which is not very good) please give
    a good reason as to why you feel that way about it and what I can do to improve
    the guide so as to negate your criticisms as I will always be wanting to
    improve this guide as much as I can.
    ---------------------------------[03] - Updates--------------------------------
    v 0.0 - 4/1/03
    Started guide after completing all challenges on TimeSplitters2 which I got
    6 days ago on 30th December. Completed writing How to: for first six challenges
    rest to do later. Submitting tomorrow (5th) Also adding prizes later. All times
    are there as far as I know
    v 1.0 - 5/1/03
    Added some more guides to the challenges, the more lengthy ones will be added
    v 1.1 - 08/01/03
    Completed all the challenge descriptions. All I need now are submissions from
    v 1.2 - 4/2/03
    Altered a few bits and added the Platinum times! Going to add the prizes soon,
    I promise.
    v 2.0 - 25/9/04
    While I realise that this guide is a bit useless (the guide above is much
    better) I have still updated the guide a little. Added a nice ASCII artwork at
    the top (made by me), altered contact details to my new address and given the
    guide a rather basic Autumn clean. Oh, and changed the author name too.
    -------------------------------[04] - Challenges-------------------------------
    The times given below are formatted like this:
    01:30 = 1 minute 300 seconds
    [04a] - Glass Smash
       i) Pane in the Neck
          Times Needed For Completion:   Bronze : 01:00
                                         Silver : 00:30
                                           Gold : 00:18
                                       Platinum : 00:11
          How to: As soon as the level begins race forwards, and side step to the
                  middle window of the huge building. Fire the grenade (R1)
                  straight into the building and then run up the stairs turning
                  while you do. Shoot straight into the next room through the door
                  and then go along the bridge, back and fall off and then shoot
                  through the door there. Then go left and shoot through the door
                  there then go behind you and shoot through the end window (on the
                  left) towards the door and that should complete the level in at
                  least the Gold time if not Platinum
          Rewards: Cheat: Rotating Heads
      ii) Bricking It
          Times Needed For Completion:   Bronze : 01:30
                                         Silver : 00:45
                                           Gold : 00:35
                                       Platinum : 00:28
          How to: Go the same directions as the previous challenge except smash
                  each window with the bricks and go inside the building up top.
                  The last building needs precision throwing from the window
                  through the door but that should get you the statues and prizes.
          Rewards: Weapon: Brick
     iii) Stain Removal
          Panes Needed For Completion:   Bronze : 23 Panes
                                         Silver : 28 Panes
                                           Gold : 32 Panes
                                       Platinum : 32 Panes by 00:47
          How to: As soon as you start use the flaming grenades (R1) to fire
                  through the three windows nearest you then simply strafe around
                  the platform on the left (at the start) shooting out all the
                  windows that you can see. Then shoot out all the big ones at the
                  end and then after getting the one behind you (down the corridor
                  bit) go back getting any you missed. Repeat the same as the other
                  side until the time runs out or you get them all.
          Rewards: Character: The Hunchback
    [04b] - Behead The Undead
       i) Fight Off The Living Dead
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 10,000
                                         Silver : 15,000
                                           Gold : 20,000
                                       Platinum : 160,000
          How to: Run into the corner (with the stairs in front, the door to the
                  left and then get the shotgun out. Use the aim to aim for the
                  heads (L2, but your aiming doesn't have to be exact just around
                  the same height for them all) and make sure to shoot them all
                  almost as soon as you see them. As the shotgun regenerates in
                  front, you'll need to run out to get it so just do that. If you
                  keep watch then there really shouldn't be a problem getting the
                  Gold (to get the Platinum you'll have to concentrate real hard)
          Rewards: Sewer Zombie
      ii) Sergio's Last Stand
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 5000
                                         Silver : 15,000
                                           Gold : 25,000
                                       Platinum : 35,000
          How to: Thanks to an email from -- about this level and fire extinguisers
                  I found the fire extinguiser, which makes the level a lot easier
                  I can tell ya. To put yourself out if the zombies get you just
                  walk while holding the extiguiser downwards and firing. To get
                  more points while shooting the zombies you can go for their arms
                  before the head if they are a distance off, such as in the first
                  To reload as fast as possible simply switch to fists and switch
          Rewards: Character: Sergio
     iii) Day of the Dammed
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 10,000
                                         Silver : 15,000
                                           Gold : 20,000
                                       Platinum : 25,000
          How to: You've only got your fists so no need to reload at all but you'll
                  need to keep a better watch then ever before. They'll come from
                  all directions after the first two waves (ie waves 3 onwards)
                  This little tip has come in from jorus_f3no255:
                  It helps for me when you walk into your punch and walk back; i.e.
                  , while you're moving toward the zombie, press the punch button
                  so that while your fist is still moving, you're walking forward,
                  and your fist into the zombie's head. Not sure if this may help.
                  Also, the zombies ALMOST ALWAYS come in a set pattern; after wave
                  3, the ones from the hall come, and then, as if you were facing
                  the hall, a Feeder Zombie comes from the forward right, then the
                  forward left, then the rear left, and then the rear right. This
                  may repeat as many times as the game desires as the wave
                  It's a 100 Points per head you take off (zombies taking their own
                  heads off don't count as points) and 25 for a limb (an arm for
          Rewards: Character: Feeder Zombie
    [04c] - Infiltration
       i) Silent But Deadly
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 0
                                         Silver : 700
                                           Gold : 1000
                                       Platinum : 1000 in less than 00:40
          How to: Walk forward and grab the Sniper and other gun. Use the sniper to
                  take out the camera and man on the big building ahead. Then move
                  out of the tunnel and watch out for the man in the compound who,
                  if you go too soon, will spot you. Then run down into the
                  compound, take him out and then go back out again. From slightly
                  down the fence to the left, snipe the woman and then move round
                  to the stairs on the big building. Use your Uplink to see the
                  bloke there and kill him as he moves away. Run up the stairs, go
                  into the building and open the doors via the switch and then run
                  out along the platform and down into the building. Grab the
                  mines, then run back upstairs and blow the dish up. The run for
                  the dam to complete.
          Rewards: Hat: Viking
      ii) Trouble at the Docks
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 0
                                         Silver : 700
                                           Gold : 1000
                                       Platinum : 1000 in less than 00:25
          How to: Stay out of sight of the two blokes patrolling the docks and
                  sneak in. Shoot the next bloke in the head before he spots you
                  and then continue on. Take out every person you see on the way to
                  the exit.
          Rewards: Hat: Pirate
     iii) Escape from NeoTokyo
          Points Needed For Completion:   Bronze: 0
                                         Silver: 700
                                           Gold: 1000
                                       Platinum: 1000 in less than 00:20
          How to: After you get past the first camera stop next to the big post
                  past it and wait till the police car comes past. The sneak past
                  all the cameras (using your Temporal Uplink) and go for the
                  tunnel exit to complete.
          Rewards: Hat: Big Ears
    [04d] - Banana Chomp
       i) Gone Bananas
          Times Needed For Completion:   Bronze : 01:30
                                         Silver : 01:00
                                           Gold : 00:55
                                       Platinum : 00:45
          How to: Get really used to the layout of the level and try to work
                  out a way to get around as fast as you can. If you get all
                  the timings and movements right then you should be well on
                  your way to the Platinum
          Rewards: Character: Private Coal
      ii) Monkey Business
          Times Needed For Completion:   Bronze: 01:30
                                         Silver: 01:05
                                           Gold: 00:58
                                       Platinum: 00:47
          How to: The bananas arein exactly the same layout as the previous
                  challenge so just almost ignore the zombies and get on with
                  what you did on the previous one.
          Rewards: Character: Private Poorly
     iii) Playing With Fire
          Bananas Needed For Completion: Bronze : 18 Bananas
                                         Silver : 22 Bananas
                                           Gold : 24 Bananas
                                       Platinum : 24 with 00:01 left
          How to: This one has a slightly different layout to it from the previous
                  so again get used to the layout and plan (as well as you can) a
                  way to go and make sure not to crash or stop once as there are
                  only 30s in which to do it in.
          Rewards: Character: Wood Golem
    [04e] - Cut-out Shoot-out
       i) Take 'em Down
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 1500
                                         Silver : 2500
                                           Gold : 3500
                                       Platinum : 4000
          How to: Shoot the villanous looking ones (not the little boy with a
                  balloon), they are devils and cowboys with guns. You get better
                  points for shooting the centre of them. Just run down the street
                  shooting at all the ones that pop up or slide by.
          Rewards: Character: Ample Sally
      ii) Fall Out
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 1200
                                         Silver : 1500
                                           Gold : 1650
                                       Platinum : 1700
          How to: Thanks to an email from jorus I tried this one again and found
                  enough to complete the level. Again only go for the bad guys. I
                  will now give you detailed descriptions of where to find each:
                  The first is beyond the first big box, the second is past the
                  car, the next is on top of the next box. The next comes out from
                  beind a box on the sidewalk (an old man comes out of a box before
                  it so don't shoot him. The next is behind the line of crates, the
                  next is past the car (half hiding behind a post) the next is on
                  the other side of that car. The next comes out from behind a box
                  round the corner and the next is in the newstand. Right on the
                  next corner is the next one, then the next two are on either side
                  of the big boxes there. The next is in the big shed which the
                  doors fly off of. The next comes out from behind a taxi (behind
                  an old man). The next is on a taxi. The next is at the front of
                  the taxi and the final one is on the other side in the alcove
                  bit. If you get them all right away then you'll get the Platinum
                  just like me.
          Rewards: Character: Marco the Snitch
     iii) Pick Yer Piece
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 700
                                         Silver : 875
                                           Gold : 1000
                                       Platinum : 1250
          How to: As far as I use it, the Tommy Gun is the best for this range.
                  Right at the start move back to get the pistol (on the right) and
                  a cut-out will appear at the window for an easy 100 points. Now
                  go forwards get the Tommy Gun and learn the popups that occur as
                  each time they are the same (after you shoot a cutout it doesn't
                  appear again though) shoot like mad (only when aimed towards a
                  cutout) and get all the points you can. 12 perfect shots and a 50
                  will get you the platinum.
          Rewards: Character: Sgt Rock
    [04f] - Timesplitters 'Story' Classic
       i) Badass Buspass Impasse
          Times Needed For Completion:   Bronze : 05:00
                                         Silver : 03:00
                                           Gold : 01:30
                                       Platinum : 01:15
          How to: To complete within the 1m 15s needed for Platinum, you've just
                  got to really run down the road and back as fast as possible
                  ignoring everyone and everything. In fact with the time given for
                  the Platinum theres barely enough time to get the never mind
                  back. The times are the ones given in the game but I got Gold
                  with a time of 1m 46s so not entirely sure about the times here.
          Rewards: Character: Badass Cyborg
      ii) But Where do the Batteries Go?
          Times Needed For Completion:   Bronze : 10:00
                                         Silver : 07:00
                                           Gold : 05:30
                                       Platinum : 04:15
          How to: Shoot those pesky flimsy robots right away and grab their guns.
                  Head inside the big old building and shoot away. To get a great
                  gun with a shield, go up the ramp and along that corridor and
                  shoot all the bots there. The shield on the lasergun is activated
                  with the R1 button.
                  Then go back to the area with the ramp upwards and go along the
                  corridor. When the big bin starts attacking get it with a grenade
                  from the gun you get right off and blow it to shreds. To the
                  right and behind of the bin is an armor powerup. Grab it. Now
                  carry on into a huge area with a slope going round. Take care of
                  the big gun that shoots ya with a grenade and then shoot all the
                  bots that appear and then either run past the bin or blow it up
                  again, it seems to be a bit stronger then the other. Then start
                  up the shield and move on. Theres a big robot (a real R109) with
                  a Minigun take him out and grab the gun. Use it for most of the
                  rest of the level now as it is the best weapon you have. Carry
                  on down the corridor and up some ramps taking out the bots until
                  you get to an area with two bins. Blow em up and run past. Down
                  the corridor is your target. Grab it and use the minigun to get
                  out. On the outisde use the shield (if you still have it) and run
                  for the gate. Complete.
          Rewards: Character: R One-Oh-Seven
     iii) Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time
          Times Needed For Completion:   Bronze : 08:00
                                         Silver : 04:00
                                           Gold : 02:00
                                       Platinum : 01:00
          How to: Ignore almost every zombie that you come across except for the
                  occassional ones you can take whilst still running. Try not to
                  stop at any point and make your way around the course as fast as
                  possible. Make your way to the small balcony to grab the prize,
                  run back to the other balcony jump off and run into the portal.
          Rewards: Character: The Cropolite
    [04g] - Monkeying Around
       i) Simian Shootout
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 600
                                         Silver : 1000
                                           Gold : 1800
                                       Platinum : 2000
          How to: Woohoo, easy one this. Don't use your cross hair aiming thing for
                  this level as that just makes it harder. Go to the righthand side
                  of the fountain and just past it. Face lef (from where you start)
                  and just shoot at every monkey that flys over you and past. This
                  should easily grab you thousands, I got over 3000 on my first go!
          Rewards: Character: Insect Mutant
      ii) Monkey Mayhem
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 1000
                                         Silver : 1500
                                           Gold : 2500
                                       Platinum : 3000
          How to: To get the Gold (or Platinum) just aim for one door, the door on
                  the left which the first monkey comes out of seems to me to be
                  the busiest, and shoot all the melons that come out, try to get
                  as many shots as possible to be deadly accurate to get the 150
                  points instead of the 50. If you do this you should succed, much
                  easier then waving the sniper around like a madman.
          Rewards: Character: Misfit
     iii) Dam Bursters
          Points Needed For Completion:  Bronze : 4000
                                         Silver : 6000
                                           Gold : 8000
                                       Platinum : 9000
          How to: Switch the Minigun on (R1) and shoot all the monkeys that come
                  flying and rolling down the forzen lake towards the dam. This
                  ones more luck then skill so just shoot like mad at them. You
                  might find it easier to aim though to give you that extra bit of
          Rewards: Character: Robofish
                   Level: Circus
                   Cheat: Paintball
    ---------------------------------[05] - Thanks---------------------------------
    Thanks go to all these people who have contributed or helped with this guide:
    jorus_f3no255 for sending in a few bits for the guide and reminding me of the
                      shootout level thing
    And thanks to Free Radical for making such a great new game
    Also to GameFAQs for posting yet another of my guides
    And of course, you the reader of this guide
    Thankyou all who have contributed (and sorry if I have missed you out by
    mistake, if I have then contact me again)
    --------------------------------[06] - Copyright-------------------------------
    Copyright 2003-2004 dark52
    This guide to the Challenges Mode in TimeSplitters2 may not be reproduced under
    any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may be placed on any
    website or otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public domain is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    And one last thing, this guide is only allowed at these places:
    If you're viewing this guide at any other place then there is a chance that
    the version you are reading is not fully up-to-date, visit either of those two
    websites for the most up-to-date version of this guide.
    And just to summarise, anyone else who wants to host this guide elsewhere will
    be turned down as I would prefer it if I have some sort of control over all
    versions of the guide so as to prevent the out-dating of this FAQ, and since I
    will only ever bother to update at the two places mentioned above, there is no
    chance of you convincing me by telling me I can update it as often as I like.
    Sorry about that.
                                Thanks for listening...

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