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    Planet X (Hard) Walkthrough by acidslayer57

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Timesplitters 2 Planet X Hard Guide
    for Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox
    Written by acidslayer57
    Version 1.00
    ======Table of Contents=====
    2.0...The Walkthrough
     2.1...Defending The Beach
     2.2...Getting into the UFO
     2.3...Mid-Game To The Base
     2.4...From The Base On
    3.0...Planet X Weapons
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    ======1.0 Introduction======
    Planet X is harder in the beginning of the level compared to the end
    of the level, So this guide is mainly for that part, but if the
    end is giving you trouble, you can restart to this guide for that
    I am also assuming you have beaten Planet X on hard mode and have some
    grasp of how to complete the level. Therefore, I am only going to go
    in-depth on the tougher parts of the mission.
    Let's just get started...
    ======2.0 The Walkthrough======
    Keep in mind that at the beginning is where people usually experience
    the most difficulty with this mission. That means you should try hard
    to keep as mush life as possible. The trouble is, you may have to try
    this mission several times to memorize where the guards positions are.
    Even so, this level should not pose as too much trouble.
    A. Repel the Beach Attack
    B. Locate the Crashed UFO.
    C. Fight Off the Raid on the Crashed UFO.
    D. Shoot down the escaping UFOs. (15)
    E. Find the UFO Base.
    F. Retrieve the Time Crystal.
    G. Escape through the Time Portal.
    ======2.1 Defending the Beach======
    When you start the level, you will immediately be under attack. So you
    you have to run into the hole near you after grabbing the Sci-Fi pistol
    on the right.
    When you get into the hole expect resistance from a few aliens. Remember,
    you have to hang onto your life as much as you possibly can. This means
    you might have to attempt this part of the level multiple times before
    you get the hang of where all of the Meezer's are. Commonly, they will be
    coming at you from behind a wall, or a place where they most likely
    won't get hit so easily. Go slow and you will get most of them before
    they can hit you. One last note: The aliens will attack you with Sci-Fi's
    as well. This means you may be able to dodge the slow bullets before they
    hit you, don't count on it though.
    When you get to a fork in the road, be sure to go to the dead end first
    because you will find a rocket part there. If you find all of the rocket
    parts, you will be able to get a Homing Rocket Launcher. When you find
    the bee-type alien things, use a plasma grenade to their hive and it
    will finish off most of them.
    When you find yourself coming to an open area, you will need to fend off
    a bunch of attackers with the three guns on shore. This is one of the
    harder parts of the mission. If you're following along with the guide
    while playing, I suggest you stop and read the next part.
    The three guns you can choose from are as follows:
    1. The close gun
    - This is the gun you see right when you enter the beach area,
    and the one below the ledge.
    - DO NOT USE THIS GUN AT ALL! I cannot stress this enough. You may have
    used it before because of it's convenience and closeness, but I suggest
    you don't use it because there are always two aliens that come from the
    left that WILL proceed to annihilate you if you use this gun simply
    because they cannot be reached by this gun. In hard mode, many more
    aliens come out to attack you, and if you run out of ammo on this gun
    you have to run up the ledge while the guards are attacking you. That is
    typically what you want to avoid in a mission.
    2. The Middle Gun
    - This is the gun that is positioned between both guns and at the middle
    of the beach.
    - This is the gun I suggest you use. Why? You can easily see any alien
    that comes to shoot them with ease, and whenever there is a big clump of
    them, you can shoot a missile against a wall and not straight at them. The
    splash damage will finish them off. Additionally, when you run out of
    gun ammo, you can run to the one in back of you quickly for more bullets.
    3. The Far Gun
    - The gun farthest away from you when you enter the room is this one.
    - Really, this gun has the same advantages as the middle one, but since
    the middle one is closer, use this one for spare ammo when you run out
    of middle gun ammo. This has more then enough ammunition to hold you over
    for the rest of the battle.
    Okay, now that we have that down, we need to have some basic strategy of
    how we will go about finishing off these guards. They come in waves to
    make the 40+ guys manageable. First off, go to the middle gun 'nuff said.
    and when you see the first wave of guys coming up the beach be ready to
    shoot at the ones on the right side, for a little while. After you take
    them down quickly go to the left and kill the two that will try to sneak
    up behind you. These two come almost every wave and cause the most
    problems for people. When the next wave comes shoot a misslie at the wall
    when the guards are near it (to the right side). This  will most
    certainly take all/most of them down. If there are a few still living,
    what's stopping you from shooting them? Also, check the left side again
    for the two sneaky ones.
    Rinse and Repeat until all of the guards are killed. You will know
    because of the small clip that will play of the laser doors being
    opened. (Objective A Complete)
    ======2.2 Getting into the UFO======
    After you clear the beach, you will find yourself in another cave part
    of Planet X. This one is, in general, more difficult then the last cave
    portion because there are more guards and things to watch out for. After
    a bit of walking, you will come across yet another crucial spot to defend. A
    UFO. (Objective B Complete)
    This time, your going to want to switch to your plasma autorifle. Stay
    under the UFO because both of the alien species will be fighting it out
    because they hate each other for some unknown reason. That is not our
    concern, we should focus that on staying alive.
    The crashed UFO will be killing guys that warp in to attack the UFO.
    Instead of going on a running, random killing spree, stay under it.
    This is because you will not get shot at all if you let both of the
    aliens kill each other, and you are out of the laser range if you are
    under the UFO.
    The aliens in the UFO will undoubtedly win the battle and come out
    of the UFO. This is when you kill them, you know why? because they
    shoot at you. After that collect ALL of them ammunition and warp into
    the UFO. In the UFO, go through the door and  fall through the hole
    on the outside layer. Another cave area...
    (Objective C Complete)
    ======2.3 Mid-Game To The Base======
    This caveish area is no difference from the rest of them. Go slowly and
    watch what you are doing and you will live to tell the tale. Eventually,
    after much shooting you will find yourself at an open area. In this area
    you will see both species of Meezer's shooting each other savagely. There
    happens to be a lot of them, so just stay around the corner and wait for
    the warping sound to stop and the shooting to cease. When you do, turn
    the corner and finish off the last of the aliens. Shoot the camera at the
    top of the wall. Then go up the ramp-like cave into and area where there
    are lots of bridges.
    After you follow that for awhile, you will kill only a few guys and two
    bee hives. When you make your way up to the top of the place you will
    find a strange circular elevator that will take you up to some guns.
    These guns are powerful and very cool. Go to the farther one simply
    because you get a better view of the UFOs you must shoot down that way.
    Shooting down 15 UFO's is unbelievably easy aim and press the trigger.
    After you do that the elevator will do downwards and you should go
    back onto it. (Objective D Complete)
    Did you see the video clip of you having to go into the base? Well take
    the elevator down and  you will be there.
    (Objective E Complete)
    ======2.4 From The Base On======
    The base is incredibly easy. Go down there and shoot everything that
    moves. At one point you will have to shoot upwards in order to finish
    off about 4 aliens above you. Once you do that take the portal into
    the UFO.
    Now there will be Timesplitters about. They are only Reaper Splitters,
    so you should be fine if you keep moving. The time crystal is on the
    outside of the UFO. Check the uplink and follow the "plus sign" on
    the screen. (Objective F Complete) The time portal will also be
    within reach inside of the UFO.(Objective G Complete)
                              Mission Complete
    =====3.0 Planet X Weapons=====
    Sci-Fi Handgun
    Expect to use this a lot in the first part of the mission because it is
    the weapon you need to use to not waste ammo for the Plasma Autorifle.
    The weapon is one of the best pistols in the game and is quite
    powerful, so you shouldn't have to worry.
    Plasma Autorifle
    This weapon is the most valuable weapon you will get in this mission.
    It's rapid fire makes it useful for the more frantic scenes in the level.
    I would use this conservatively except on the second defensive part and
    nearing the end.
    Homing Rocket Launcher
    This Rocket Launcher is a very useful to get on this level and should,
    again be used only in the most frantic of situations. You need to find
    all of the rocket parts in order to get this.
    ======4.0 Outro======
    This guide is for non-commercial use only. It is also copyright 2003
    acidslayer57 and therefore you are not allowed to distribute any of it without
    my permission, although you can print it out and read it whenever you want.
    Basically, just ask if you want to use any part of this guide I will most
    likely say yes, but if you want to print it out for personal use go right
    That is my guide for Planet X on Hard mode. This is the way I beat it, and if
    it worked for me it will work for you too. Thanks for reading this guide.
    Thanks to Nintendo for making a system for me to play on.
    Thanks to Free Radical for making quality games like Timesplitters 2
    Thanks to CJayC for making GameFAQS and posting FAQs.
    Thanks to Neo Seeker for also posting this FAQ.
    Thanks to you for taking the time to read this FAQ.
    The sites that this FAQ is allowed on are:
    If you have any questions, comments, or spelling/punctuation corrections, email
    me at acidsy57@hotmail.com and use an appropriate subject.
                                       The End

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