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    Robot Factory Walkthrough by Kegmiester

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    This GAMEFAQ has been made by Johnway lee A.K.A Kegmiester, 
    spoonbeast. You are not allowed to copy any information without 
    permission from the author of the FAQ. All trademarks and 
    copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective 
    trademark and copyright holders. Copyright 2004 Johnway lee (AKA 
    Kegmiester, spoonbeast on the SR forums)
    Composed on 28/4/04
    If you're having trouble getting past the last hurdle to the last 
    level, then this general tips guide might help. For starters, I've 
    broken down my walkthrough into 4 sections. 
    Any further questions or problems or you think something needs to
    be improved, send to sushi_bar_2000@hotmail.com
    If we're going to get through this level on hard, we must 
    understand the tools that are provided and the best ways we can use 
    them effectively. Here's a list of what we can use to defeat the 
    mechanist, stop his production of robots and turn his men into 
    scrap metal.
    You've come across this weapon earlier in Neo Tokyo and planet X. 
    Pistol shoots out 3 shots at a time and any shots that miss target 
    will bounce around. There is a risk that it could hit you and could 
    prove fatal or disastrous on this difficulty setting. The more you 
    shoot and the more that miss mean the greater the chance it'll hit 
    you. Ammunition is plentiful as all of the chassis robots (except 
    for those in the mechanist room) use them. 
    This weapon has a limited use throughout the level, yet has an 
    important use in taking on stronger enemies. Ammo is too limited to 
    be used as your main weapon throughout the level and stronger foes 
    will absorb a lot of its ammunition before collapsing. If Fired 
    long enough, the rate of fire will increase with little or no 
    accuracy loss. But you'll rarely find occasions' when doing this 
    except for getting extra shots into a mobile turret before its 
    ready. It also consumes a lot of ammunition and it can overheat. 
    The only feature that'll be using the most is its secondary fire 
    plasma grenades. These grenades are powerful and stick onto its 
    target. Putting 2 or more of these plasma grenades will guarantee 
    certain death. The Weapon should be sparingly used as a hit and run 
    weapon against sentry bots, where you stick a grenade and provide 
    covering fire whiles retreating and finishing off with ground fire 
    at a safe well protected area.
    The lasergun in primary mode shoots out lasers. In this mode, 
    without a charge up, this weapons useless against almost everything 
    in this level. You'll find better use charging up the shots and 
    using its zooming ability in aim mode to take down the stronger 
    enemies from long distances. The secondary function, the shield, 
    should not be used as consumption for it is too high and you're 
    better off hiding behind some cover. The shield is useless in 
    protecting you against projectile weapons and homing rockets. 
    Ammunition is limited and can only be found on Sentry bots. Both 
    forms of using it can consume ammunition quickly. Therefore, it 
    should only be resorted to taking out sentry bots near the end of 
    the level, as you would have gathered enough ammunition to charge 
    up all your shots to kill the sentry bots in 2 shots to the head.
    The Electrotool is a requirement if you want to take out all five 
    Nodes and progress throughout the game. There's only a primary mode 
    to shoot and it fires a constant beam of electricity. This weapon 
    is highly versatile and can be used for other things. Such as short 
    circuiting chassis bots to give you an edge against their superior 
    numbers or taking out weaker enemies such as security rail bots. 
    Ammunition is plentiful, as there is always a regenerating source 
    of Electrotool until you destroy all five of the nodes.
    The homing rocket launcher can only be found near the end of the 
    level and to say the least, it won't be useful unless it's against 
    the mechanist. Ammunition is highly limited and top ups can only be 
    found in the chamber with the mechanist. So don't expect to use 
    this weapon heavily till you meet the mechanist. The primary fire 
    shoots out one homing missile whiles the secondary shot fires three 
    out at a time. Reloading is not required. Once fired, the missile 
    will do its best to lock onto the enemy and hit it. For best 
    results, wait till target on enemy reaches green. NOTE: Mechanist 
    does not have a target therefore the homing feature can not be 
    This is not a weapon you carry as such but never the less use. The 
    security railbot can only move on the rail that it is on. The gun 
    it carries can fire at a constant fast rate and can be very useful 
    in the right situations. You can increase/ decrease the speed that 
    it moves on the rail by pushing forwards and backwards. The 
    security railbot should only be used against other security 
    railbots and sentry bots when placed on the front of entrances
    Here's a list of foes that will protect their freakish master and 
    will stop at nothing to kill you. These will be the various kinds 
    of enemies you'll relieve of their artificial misery. Spare no one.
    I've broken down each the information into several ways. The first 
    will give you a profile of their stats. These are
    SPEED: how fast they move. N/A means they don't move or isn't 
    STAMINA: The amount of damage it can take assuming you're firing at 
    them in the torso. It doesn't take into account single headshots.
    THREAT LEVEL: the risk level and the threat posed to you.
    Some enemies have special abilities that are worth a special 
    mention. Notes provide further details on the particular foe.
    SPEED: Fast
    STAMINA: fair
    THREAT LEVEL: Medium to low
    The most common enemy you'll face throughout this level. 
    Effectively, these are the robotic equivalent of a human enemy and 
    react more or less the same way. They teleport in large packs and 
    weld Scifi pistols and is not uncommon for them to come in several 
    waves. Unlike their human kind, they take only 4 shots to kill 
    instead of the customary 6 for human guards. But they move much 
    faster and are a lot thinner than humans as they are made of the 
    simplest of circuitry. Electrotool helps immensely when combating 
    their mass numbers as the Electrotool shorts circuits the robots 
    for a period of time. Long enough for you to run up to them and 
    draw out a Scifi pistol and shoot them each in the head to save 
    SPEED: very slow
    STAMINA: Very high
    THREAT LEVEL: very high
    SPECIAL ABLITY: cannot be killed with single headshots
    If you're not fighting the chassis robots, than you'll be fighting 
    these. These tall heavily armoured warriors are no push over and 
    unaffected by headshots. You'll know it's on the move because of 
    their distinct stomping sounds. They usually carry the heavier 
    equipment that protects the robot factory, ranging from their 
    standard arm the plasma Autorifle to the dreaded homing rocket 
    launcher and they know how to use them well and accurately. Your 
    only real advantage against these robots is to play them for their 
    slow reactions and their not so smart AI.  One on one fight is not 
    an option and they'll consume a lot of ammo before falling over. 
    Its best to latch one or two plasma grenade on them and fire at 
    them whilst retreating round corners or far distances to pick them 
    off. You could try hiding in areas above or below them and when any 
    part of them comes exposed you shoot them. Provided you're not in 
    their sight, they'll not spot you. Near the last parts of the 
    level, you could use the lasergun and snipe them but if they spot 
    you and fire homing rockets, be sure to run out of the room.
    SPEED: Medium
    STAMINA: Low
    These are the cameras of this level. Unlike the pervious levels, 
    these cameras are stuck on rails and move around in a circuit with 
    a laser gun built on. These cameras maybe restricted but they use 
    their guns with grim efficiency and they can take off immense 
    damage if you're not careful. Thankfully, you can tell when a 
    security railbot is near as they make a distinct beep sound and 
    where there are rails, there's always a security railbot around. 
    Also should be noted that these security railbots don't take much 
    damage. A simple shot of the Scifi pistol or the Electrotool will 
    make them drop to the ground and explode dishing out damage to who 
    ever was close to them. It's best that you clear these bots off 
    their rails before entering the room so to eliminate the threat of 
    them shooting you. Remember that each rail will have 2 security 
    railbots on them.
    SPEED: Slow
    STAMINA: low
    THREAT LEVEL: very low
    There's only one of these around and provided it doesn't see you or 
    you don't get close to it, they are easily dispatched. Just shoot 
    them with a Scifi handgun. They are armed with the same laser gun 
    built onto the security railbots and miniature missiles.
    SPEED: Immobile N/A. Mobile ones are fair in speed.
    STAMINA: Medium/ High
    THREAT LEVEL: Immobile ones Medium. Mobile ones are high.
    SPECIAL ABLITY: Immobile turrets not damaged unless directly shot 
    at areas exposed when it's shooting. Mobile Turrets only receive 
    damage from shots to its head and stem.
    They come in 2 types, mobile and immobile ones. 
    Immobile turrets are effectively fixed to the floor and they 
    activate when you get close and shoot green lasers at you. They are 
    best tackled with the Scifi pistol or Electrotool to the slit when 
    it opens up. More damage can be done when shooting directly at the 
    gun part. Shooting anywhere else will not damage it. Explodes when 
    killed preventing any chance of getting too close to it. 
    Mobile turrets are unidentifiable from their immobile cousins 
    unless it starts moving its legs. It welds the same green laser. 
    The best strategy is to remember which ones are mobile and rush 
    them and provide as many shots before its fully formed. When its 
    formed, step back and continue to shoot it in the head till it 
    malfunctions. When killed it does not explode. Scifi pistols and 
    grenades are useful in killing them. Electrotool doesn't work as 
    SPEED: fair
    STAMINA: Very weak
    THREAT LEVEL: very low
    This is effectively a flying camera that moves around. It doesn't 
    attack you directly and they hide in their pods unless you get 
    close to them. They only call in additional chassis bots to swarm 
    your area if you wait long enough for them to sound an alarm. The 
    only damage they can do to you directly is the explosion if you 
    shoot them too closely. They sometimes come out in groups and 
    should be best combated with a single dose of electricity or a 
    blast from the Scifi pistol when they are all close together. 
    Camera bots make a distinctive "warping" noise when they launch 
    from their hiding places and a low humming noise when it travels.
    SPEED: N/A
    STAMINA: medium
    THREAT LEVEL: medium/ low
    SPECIAL ABLITY: Cloaking powers and uses teleportation to move.
    You've probably come across these foes enough times to know they 
    can be easily dispatched, if one teleports in, they would want to 
    shoot lightning at you. So the best strategy would be to just keep 
    moving and don't move in straight lines to avoid its attack, so 
    constantly move forward with a side step. There is very little 
    point wasting time and resources fighting them unless they get in 
    your way and any that get in the way that can't be out manoeuvred 
    should be dispatched with a hail of plasma to the head. These 
    aliens only pop up once you've got the time crystal and the time 
    portal has been stabilised (In other words, dashing for the exit). 
    As you know, something's never go according to plan. Sometimes plans 
    have to be adapted the best they can to cope with new situations. 
    This basic survival guide will give you general tips and ideas for 
    you to use so that you can survive that bit longer. As well as giving 
    you the advantage and when things do go to plan something to fall 
    back on. So consider these ideas when you're playing:
    *If you need a basic layout of the level or what you might expect, 
    play the level on normal to map out a rough idea of what each part 
    looks like. Just know that there are some changes so don't remember 
    the whole thing completely.
     *When switching between weapons, instead of fumbling around with the 
    d pad, try using the start menu. This prevents those nasty times when 
    you can't scroll properly. Simply press start scroll right and scroll 
    down to the weapon you want. This saves plenty of time and helps in 
    combat situations when weapons have to be switched around quickly. 
    *If you're out numbered by numerous chassis bots, try hiding around 
    corners and pointing your gun at a 45 degrees angle, that way you can 
    still shoot them but you also maximise the cover. NOTE: for best 
    affects try this on the left side of a wall at all times as the 
    enemies right hand will still be behind the wall when you're 
    shooting, avoiding all that hassle of receiving fire back at you. 
    * If you still think you're getting overwhelmed, retreat (whiles 
    laying down ground fire) and repeat process.
    * Never go fighting the enemy head on unless you know you can stun it 
    or kill it before it lets a shot out at you. The head on tactic 
    should only be used against one or 2 chassis bots and mobile turrets.
    * In some situations, barriers block off progress. These areas have 
    to be opened most likely after a massive scrap. If you don't know the 
    number of enemies that come, just keep killing till you see the 
    barrier deactivated. Till than, stay in your hiding spot till you 
    finish them off.
    * The chassis bots teleport in at times, its best to remember where 
    they teleport and aim approximately at their heads so you can kill 
    one of them before they attack. The same with mobile turrets as they 
    take sometime to set up. It wouldn't hurt to put in some extra 
    * Be wary of the flying cameras if you hear a distinct sound of one, 
    make a runner out of the room and shoot it when it leaves the room to 
    get you. By than they should all have grouped up and would all go 
    down if one of the cameras were hit.
    You know your tools of your trade, you know the enemy and you have a 
    basic idea on how to survive in the mission. Now its time to know 
    what to do and how to achieve those aims. 
    [Getting across the bridge]
    Right at the start the alarms are already sounding so expect trouble. 
    Move to the left of the First door and point your gun at a 45 degrees 
    angle towards the door and shoot the 2 chassis bots that greet you. 
    (NOTE: If somehow one of your bouncing lasers hits the sentry bot 
    located on the right path of the corridor restart it as he'll be on 
    the attack and it won't do us any good). Slowly move forward so to 
    activate the second wave of chassis robots repeat process. Go left 
    and make your way through the tunnel using the boxes as cover and lay 
    down covering Fire whilst in the open. Killing the sentry bot isn't 
    the top priority, as you'll kill him later on.
    Make your way round till you notice a room with 6 idle Chassis bots. 
    DON'T SHOOT THEM JUST YET! Instead, notice the machine that moves up 
    and down the room emitting that red laser on the right? Shoot that 
    machine when the laser goes through the middle of the group. The 
    explosion will wipe out at least 2-3 (even 4) of the chassis bots 
    before they even know what hit them. Finish off the survivors and 
    make your way round to the laser barrier blocking the bridge switch.
    Retrieve the armour on the right hand corridor of the laser fence. 
    Activate security rail bot and drive it into the laser fence to 
    destroy the laser barrier. Pick up plasma grenades and hit switch. 
    Skip the sequence and make your way back down the tunnel taking care 
    of the 3 chassis bots that teleport in. Now wait at the doorway of 
    the room at an angle for the sentry bot we left behind. Throw a 
    plasma grenade when you see him standing in the door (If you can't 
    stick the grenade on sentry bot, shoot grenade at the doorway). If it 
    survives the explosion, continuously shoot at exposed parts of the 
    Make your way back to the starting point where 5 more chassis bots 
    teleport in, retreat and shoot them dead and continue on the path 
    till you in a square room. Tip your butt into the room and 2 more 
    chassis bots teleport in to fight you. Leave room as the immobile 
    turret closest to you will try and shoot you. Once you've lured out 
    and killed the chassis robots deal with the immobile turrets. 
    When you open the next door you'll see 2 sentry bots standing side by 
    side walking up the first side of the production line, lob 2 plasma 
    grenades on one of the sentry bots and run away, laying down fire 
    against the other one as you Retreat. Hide behind the wall that 
    concealed the first immobile turret and from there, finish any 
    surviving sentry bots. Re-enter production line area and make your 
    way to the other side, destroying the immobile turrets and security 
    Enter next section and shoot out the furthest immobile turret and 
    move forward and kill the 2 chassis bots.  Once finished, destroy the 
    other immobile turret closest to you when you entered. Move through 
    the doors and hide under the ramp, shoot a plasma grenade (two if you 
    can spare) at the sentry bot in the second alcove and run. finish it 
    with gun fire. Once dead if another sentry bots moving, crouch and 
    point your gun at the top of the ramp and when you see its feet 
    continue shooting till destroyed. Otherwise, move forward and destroy 
    the 5 chassis bots that teleport in and then finish off the sentry 
    bot as mentioned. Make your way up the ramp and destroying the turret 
    at the entrance. Destroy the 2 mobile turrets on the bridge and on 
    the other side.
    [Destroying the 1st node]
    As you move down the tunnel, a security camera will pop out, shoot it 
    before the alarms go off. Take out the second one that would be 
    behind you. Make your way round and down the ramp and take the armour 
    underneath the ramp. Latch a grenade onto the sentry bot on the right 
    side and run back up the ramp and stand on the landing looking down 
    on the right opening. Shoot out any security cameras that had been 
    activated and shoot the sentry bots legs when you see them appear 
    through the doorway. Once he's dead, stand on top of ramp and when 
    the second sentry bot's head gets exposed shoot him till he dies. 
    Pick up laserguns and go through the right double doors. The right 
    side leads to the same area. 
    Make your way down tunnel and take out security camera and open door 
    and shoot out immobile turret on the other side of the door. Wait and 
    destroy the security rail bots. Destroy the security tank. Move 
    towards the electric tool BUT DON'T PICK IT UP YET! As you'll have to 
    contend with the mobile turret. Once killed retrieve electric tool 
    and zap the 2 chassis bots that appear. Kill them 2 and repeat 
    process till no more waves of chassis bots appear. Ignore the left 
    over turrets on the opposite side of the area. Return to the room 
    with ramp and from the bottom of the ramp shoot the node above the 
    landing. Once destroyed chassis bots appear. Retreat into tunnel and 
    kill the chassis bots as they come along. Do not stop killing them 
    till you see the laser barrier at the top open.
    [Destroying the 2nd node]
    As you enter wait for the 4 railbots and destroy them using your SCI 
    FI pistol or electric tool. Run across the other side and pick up the 
    plasma grenade and use one on the sentry bot down the corridor and 
    finish it off with plasma shots. Once eliminated, destroy the mobile 
    turret behind it and pick up the armour on the left. 
    Notice outside on the left window is the node. Shoot it and prepare 
    to kill off the 5 chassis bots that arrive to kill you. Head down the 
    [Destroying the 3rd node]
    At the end of the corridor there's a switch. Hit it and use the 
    security railbot to destroy the other rail bots that move around. 
    Once destroyed keep moving the camera forward and you'll enter a 
    large room with a generator. Notice the huge generator producing the 
    shielding over the node. No problem, just shoot at the square box on 
    each of the 3 legs. Once destroyed, the shield is down for you to 
    destroy the node. To overload the node, continue to shoot at it till 
    it explodes. But beware, once it detonates, 5 more chassis bots will 
    teleport into the corridor that YOU stand in. Switch off the camera 
    and retreat back down the corridor where you found the second node 
    and eliminate all the chassis bots.
    Progress through the large corridor and taking out the flying camera 
    bots along the way. Some will pop up behind you, so every time you 
    hear one pop out, run back to the entrance of the corridor and blow 
    them away. Make your way down the corridor and past the checkpoint.
    [Destroying the 4th node]
    Go forward (ignoring the railbot camera for now) and pick up the 
    plasma Autorifle ammo. Move around slowly so to only activate the 
    mobile turrets and not the flying cameras that appear behind the 
    mobile turrets. Destroy the mobile turrets and the flying cameras 
    till you reach the end. But beware when you reach the end of the 
    curved corridor, a sentry bot will teleport in. Throw plasma grenades 
    at it and flee. Once everything from the curve corridor is destroyed, 
    return to the railbot control switch near the start of the checkpoint 
    and move the camera so that it points at the lip of the entrance.
    Move through again and shoot just enough times so to alert the first 
    of the two sentry bots in the next room. When he's alerted, make a 
    run back to the control switch that controls the security railbot in 
    the curved corridor and wait for the sentry bot to become a target. 
    Since the turret has infinite ammo, its best to shoot it when he's 
    feet become exposed to shooting. If the second sentry bot is moving, 
    you can wait for him and repeat process, but if you're impatient 
    continue forward till you make 5 chassis bots to teleport in. From 
    here retreat back to the small corridor and shock all the chassis 
    bots and kill them. By now the robot should be pretty close so head 
    back to the security railbot controls and kill the second sentry bot 
    With both sentry bots and chassis bots dead, its time to move up the 
    ramp. Pick up the armour underneath the ramp and when you head to the 
    bottom of the ramp, a chassis bot will teleport in the landing above 
    the way you came in. You can simply pick him off with a single shot 
    or a hail of plasma. When you reach the top of the ramp shoot the 
    mobile turret dead, if it gets to close for comfort run down to the 
    bottom of the ramp and than waste the turret. Once dead, get out your 
    electric tool and on the left corner is a immobile turret. Destroy 
    that and than hit the switch. If you look across you'll see that the 
    node is now exposed for you to shoot. Destroy node and make your way 
    back to the small corridor for protection and waste the chassis bots. 
    Continue forward as planned and you'll see what looks like the final 
    part of the production line.
    [Destroying the 5th node]
    Hit the switch on the side to move the node forward. With that done, 
    use your LASERGUN and zoom in and snipe out the sentry bots with 
    homing rocket launchers. Each one will require 2 fully powered shots 
    to kill try and make them head shots. There are 4 sentry bots in 
    total. 2 making their way up on the opposite side, another using the 
    main bridge to reach you and one robot patrolling the bridge leading 
    to the homing rocket launcher.
    Snipe the closest one first as he has the best chance of getting you 
    with a rocket and than the one on the main bridge. The other 2 should 
    be left till last because they may be able to point the gun at you 
    but they can't get a positive target on you. If any of the robots 
    manage to shoot a rocket, run back 2 rooms or till you hear the 
    explosion as these homing rockets are quite good at their job.
    Make your way across (you'll see a laser fence) and make your way 
    down taking out the mobile turrets as you go along. On the back of 
    lowest bridge leading to the rocket launcher is the last of the game 
    cartridges called RETRORACER. You should have picked up other ones 
    throughout your journeys. This ones a little unique, as you see, this 
    one can only be picked up on hard and its the best of the lot, but I 
    digress. Make you way round the production line killing off the 
    mobile turrets. NOTE: Its best that you use the SCI FI pistol for the 
    job because the Autorifle will come in handy for the last bit.
    Once you've made your way to the other side of the lower bridge make 
    your way forward. IGNORE THE SWITCH FOR NOW. Take out the mobile 
    turrets and go through the door on the left. You see a homing rocket 
    launcher. Pick it up and NOW HIT THE SWITCH. A mirror like board will 
    now move directly underneath the nodes laser. This will make the node 
    blow so now head back to the curved corridor and wait for the final 
    node to blow...
    A massive force of robots will be called in to stop you and it isn't 
    pretty. There are at least 17 chassis bots and 6 sentry bots with 
    homing rocket launchers waiting to kill you. The sentry bots will 
    take their time and with come in 2 waves grouped into 3 and the 
    chassis bots will replace any that have been killed. The chassis bots 
    are the faster of the 2 so you should kill them first. Try and get as 
    much distance between you and the chassis bots as there's simply too 
    many to shock and shoot at a time, you're best option is to shock the 
    first wave and kill as many chassis bots possible before more 
    teleport in. If there's a breather repeat process shock a few of them 
    to get in the way of the entrance so other chassis bots to delay the 
    others. Forget accuracy, shoot into the crowd of chassis bots with 
    the SCI FI pistol and hope for the best. By the time you've 
    eliminated the last of the chassis bots, take out the sentry bots 
    with the prescribed tactic (You know, run back to security railbot 
    camera control switch and shoot them). Its a tedious but highly 
    effective tactic that will save you energy for the last bit.
    Once you've killed everyone, the laser fence becomes deactivated. 
    Continue moving forward and follow the path till you reach the final 
    [Mechanist and retrieving the time crystal.]
    Finally, we're here. We've reached the factory core and here to 
    retrieve the crystal. But the door doesn't open... and what's that 
    massive drilling noise? 
    The door will finally open and to greet you is the mechanist. To even 
    the odds, he's jumped into a robot and wants to drill holes into you. 
    As you enter the room hug to the door. You want to make one dash to 
    one of alcoves on the sides (containing rocket launcher ammo) hug to 
    the left side of those alcoves (In other words the opposite end as to 
    where the homing rocket launcher ammo is). Now whip out that rocket 
    launcher and shoot the mechanist. He's in the centre of the machine 
    and you'll only see a small window. Shoot into that window to hurt 
    him. This is extremely frustrating, as sometimes the arms will get in 
    the way.
    Every so often at certain intervals, chassis bots with Autorifles 
    with teleport in from the alcoves containing the homing rocket 
    launcher ammo. Since you're in one of the alcoves switch to the 
    Autorifle and blow the closest one (should be easy enough to take him 
    out with headshots) and take out the one that comes towards you from 
    the side.  Continue to pound the mechanist and pick up any necessary 
    ammo on the way but its not as easy as it seems. His arm will only 
    give you a split moment to grab the box and if you hesitate during 
    that time he'll get you. You should grab the rocket ammo when the 
    drill has just left you alone or when it poses every so often and 
    doesn't get a hit in. Just keep your cool and your nerve and you'll 
    eventually prevail. But once he's dead, don't pause as the chassis 
    bots will still continue to arrive despite the death of the 
    mechanist, so you should head up the ramps and go round the back of 
    the mechanist boss and retrieve the crystal. Now run like hell to the 
    exit. Reaper spitters will start to arrive and you should ignore 
    them. Any that do get in your way (usually occurs in the tunnel 
    leading between floors) should be dispatched with a lot of firepower. 
    Now run to the teleporter and escape to the final level.
    Congratulations! You've just completed the level. Give yourself a pat 
    on the back, any unspoken profanities or swearing not released out of 
    your system should be spoken out loud now. Thanks for reading! tune 
    in at a future date for anymore FAQs on the excellent Timesplitters 
    2! Good bye!

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