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"Solid in all aspects"

Timesplitters 2 didn't excel in any one area, but it didn't have to. It was solid in both its single and multiplayer modes. Nowadays that is asking a lot from fps. Although Timesplitters 2 is nearly half a decade old, there are many fps that couldn't emulate what Timesplitters 2 had. In this era, an fps usually has a great multiplayer or online experience, but the single player is totally neglected. The game played and flowed fluidly. The multiplayer was solid and the single player had a few rough edges, but overall was a fun experience.

TS2 makes it quite apparent from the beginning that fps veterans were at work. Not surprising at all, considering Free Radical is made up of some old Rare folks. With experiences in games like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye, Free Radical offered a similar type of game. TS2 revolves around time travel, which is a fairly cool concept in this game. The best part is since you are in different time periods; you get to use different weapons throughout the story mode. The objectives in the single player were also well thought out and gave the game direction.

One thing about time travel in the game was allowing the usage of weapons from that error. This made the game more believable and to some extent more multi-dimensional. Instead of sticking with a few guns like most fps do, this one forces you to use different types of weapons. There are also a plethora of characters in the game. Although you'll find some of them similar, you'll also find some of them rather unique. Not to mention, it's pretty cool to see a cowboy go against a robot.

The single player mode was fairly lengthy, coupled with a solid multiplayer mode; it's hard to really say anything negative about the game. One problem however, was the game's A.I. The enemies in the game for the most part didn't do a very good job at making the game harder. Not to mention, the game feels more like a run and gun type shooter with little strategy.

Aside from these somewhat negative statements, the game controls well and it's packed with plenty of content. The multiplayer has a lot of longevity when you have friends over. The bots in the game are a nice addition too, but most of the time, they offer very little resistance.

The best part about TS2 is having friends over. The game plays similarly like Goldeneye. And because there are so many unique weapons in this game, it makes the game more fun. It's really a blast to use a monkey and blowing a hole in your friend's butt with a shotgun. There are also several multiplayer modes that the player can choose from. TS2 has a lot going for it when it comes to multiplayer.

Another nice addition that TS2 features is its ability to create maps. Although not incredibly in depth, there is still some fun to be had with it. What make TS2 stand out from most fps are its multiple options and features. There are simply tons of options a player can choose from. This gives the game its value.
The graphics and music for the most part were solid. I played the game when it first came out and thought the graphics were good. This was the Gamecube version. I went on to sell it and recently bought the Xbox version. Of course the graphics don't amaze like it once did, but it still feels solid. The musical soundtrack wasn't half bad either.

In the end, Timesplitters 2 was a good experience. There are plenty of options, each offering value to the game. There are many fps on the Xbox, but TS2 outdoes most of them. Aside from the heavy hitters like Riddick, the Halo games, Rainbow Six 3, etc. there really aren't many fps on the Xbox that is comparable. There are definitely flaws that drag the game down, but overall it was solid. The game is really cheap now, so if you can find it, then I recommend picking it up – on any console.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/28/07

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