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"~ "First Halo now this" you’re damn right!"

~ ''First Halo now this'' you’re damn right!
Time Splitters 2


After playing the demo that I got with on my xbox magazines, I realized that this game was going to replace halo (in my opinion anyways). So the day it came out I ran up to my local target and got me a copy. After playing it for a while I again realize this replaced my halo. Through out the review I will be comparing these two games so you have an idea of what to expect.


Well here is the only down side to the game there is almost no story. You’re some kind of time traveler from the future and your jumping around time to find the time crystals. Apparently some type of aliens are doing something with these crystals and you have to retrieve them. There are 10 different times you follow the through from The Wild West to Neo Tokyo.



This game is one of the biggest FPS’s I’ve ever seen. You have every thing from mini games to map makers in Time Splitters. The story mode is very well done with tons of replay added in to make this game last longer. You start off by creating a profile. In this profile it keeps track of every thing you do in every thing from mini games to the story mode. It records every thing form walking distance to accuracy. The game is way faster paced then halo its more lock stock and two smoking barrels then tactics. Maps are smaller and seem to be over with faster. Although there are 10 different time worlds there aren’t to many guns, which to say the least it a little disappointing maybe you can unlock more I don’t know but right now I only have no more then 10 not counting doubles. Another thing that’s weird is that pistols really really suck in multi-player!

-Single Player:

In story mode each mission you must complete it on easy before you try it on hard or normal. On easy mode the stages are about ½ the length of normal stages. And there are less enemies and stuff. On normal mode the game becomes very challenging, think of it as halo on heroic, but not as many checkpoints and no health kits. I haven’t even tried the hard mode yet it to difficult right now. As I said before the game is much longer on normal too so if you have just played it on easy and say, “Man, this game is short!” think again because it much longer.

If you’re not in to the story mode you can always go play some of the highly addictive mini games. In there thing range from breaking glass with bricks to holding off killer zombie with only a shotgun in a small room. With each mini game you complete you unlock new characters and maps. You don’t like that either? Well start playing multi-player against up to 8 bots!


This game really shines in multi-player. This is the best multi-player since halo. Time Splitters even comes complete with sys-link play, which makes it an instant hit in my opinion. Each multi-player character that you unlock looks and has different skills. Each character has it own accuracy, agility, and stamina. There are tons of different multi-player modes. The have good old capture the bag (CTF) and even a virus mode. It’s kind of like tag; if your infected you need to touch the other person to infect them last one in wins. And you can even create your own map. Even though the map editor is kind of limited it can make some pretty cool maps. You can change things from lighting to adding enemies to make you own single player maps. But I warn you don’t get you hopes up about the map editor it is very limited.



This is another area where the game falls short. This game is PS2 compatible after all… the game does look way better then its PS2 and Gamecube counterparts. There are nice looking CGIs and great physics. And characters animations are very very smooth. If you want an idea of what it looks like well play Golden Eye and put halo graphics minus bump mapping and minus reflection mapping and minus vertex shading. Which makes all xbox games stand out. So its kind of a disappointment they didn’t add that feature in..



Man I love the sound in this game. I think they did a very nice job with it. The sound effects aren’t the best in the world but the music is. Gunshots sound bland and not to powerful. Explosions are all the weaker sounding with a slight roar. They have every thing techno, rock, and funny comical music. It all goes very nicely with the stages. There is no hard drive music support. The voiceovers are some of the best I have ever seen. Every character has a different voice and there are over 100 characters. Like when the snow men catch on fire they yell out, “IM MELTING!!!”.


Replay Value:

This is the only reason this game is getting a 10. The replay value in this game is phenomenal. You can unlock every thing and gameplay is fiercely addictive. There are a ton of mini games and with each mini game you complete you unlock new things. From tiles for you map making to goofy characters for you multi-player. With more then 100 characters and no more then 20 to start with. That’s a lot of unlocking needed. Not to mention the story mode which needs to be repeated to get the full effect of the levels. In my opinion it’s a very nice touch. And theres sys link play which means Internet play! YAY! :p


Buy or Rent:

This is a different buy. No question about it.


This is one of those game were every one who owns an xbox should get. There is so much to do and did I mention sys link play.

+ Pros

+ Sys- Link
+ Music
+ Unlockables
+ Map Maker
+ Bots

- Cons

- Story
- Graphics


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/02, Updated 10/19/02

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