Review by Caliastro

"A Good game, but de ja vu?"

I want to start off to say I'm very impressed with this game, but sadly i think I've seen everything on it before...
The game looks and feels like Goldeneye for N64, and even has alot of the same sounds, but it does have some unique twists about it.

Music/Sound 7/10
I've just heard all of them before, not many unique sounds, most just sound prefabricated. The Music was allrite, the usual for this type of game. But this game's music can really get you pumped to blow someone away, and you can get into the game, feel for the level.

Gameplay 6/10
Much about the gameplay screams rip off, but that will have it's own section below. Although there are alot of cool ideas and weapons. Some of the Levels seem slightly repetative, and even on the hardest setting this game is suprisingly easy for me.

Multiplayer 10/10
Very nicely done, a great game to get together with freinds and play with. I'd easily give this area of Timsplitters 2 a 10.

Graphics 8/10
Cool gun graphics, and the levels look beautiful, but nothing that REALLY stands out here.

Storyline 9/10
Nice story, okay plot. Some really good characters and opponents IMO. If you are used to storylines like in FF series or other RPG's, this is where you will hurt. Not very indepth character development, but they are cool all the same.

This depends, If you dont mind seeing things again, (who knows it may bring back memories.) and you want intense multiplayer sessions with your freinds, then Buy it. But if you have repeptive things and you don't have much multiplayer time (I know how you feel, those controlers can be costy!) then rent it.

Replay value: Some...
Not much here except for wanting to beat down your freinds in Multiplayer for a month or two, and bragging rights of beating the game on various game settings.

This is where it gets depressing:
Comparison to Bond,
1.Pretty close to the same pause menu in game.
2.Alot of the sounds, including some gun shots, alarms and enemy sounds.
3.Some levels look really similar, but just have a remixed feel.
4.Many of the minor things like consoles, compter equipment, and guns look the same as in Goldeneye...

I really liked and disliked this game. I wouldn't belive All the Hype about it though. If you read this and said ''Oh, he is just picking this game apart.'' Then you didn't get my meaning, It's a really good game with some flaws that i personally didn't like. The game is excellent if you have never heard of Goldeneye.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/10/02, Updated 11/10/02

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