Review by The lone one

"A goldeneye With Bells"

This game Feel's alto like The Golden Eye Game for Nintendo 64, it might be just me, Because I have Played That game too much, but it seems that This over all thing has been played out To much. It would be an awesome game if the Basic Stuff would have been changed around, Co-op is a nice Thing, but if I wanted that I would have got halo (Wait... I do have halo). Well enough talk, let's begin. (I mind you; this Review is pointed to the Gamer who has played Golden Eye)

Game play - The game play, As Said above is very much the same as Golden Eye, The control's are Easy to Master But it will have you stopping and saying to yourself (if you have played golden eye...) ''Haven’t I done this before?”

Story- the Story to this game is Awesome, Some Monster Dudes are Hijacking Some Time Crystals What yeah thing’s And You are there to stop them, You go through time Trying to find these time Crystals, The weapons change from era to era, A nice touch. 7/10

Audio/Video- This is well thought of, The sounds are nice But no Where as nice As other game's. I hope If They make another one like this they add some better sounding Wall-shots...5/10

Rent? Buy? I would rent this game. If you like it you could always buy it ... It gives a nice Rent but that’s all I had the Taste for

Recall- the controls are easy to master and the sound is some-what Good, This would be a nice game to impress someone with, Very easy to master... As I said before it let my high hopes down I really hope they come out with something better. It was an awesome rent but nothing more then that. I think it was very bad comparing this game to halo... But this is just my opinion; I don’t really like FPS. But this one just got on my Bad side. The point to be taken is this game has been done to many times... Golden Eye with bell's.... Nice bell's to be it. One more thing. The Many Player isn't so well put together as it could be I think this is a thing of taste. This game isn't really my cup of tea... And most of the other people I have talked this over feel the same way... Just rent it before you buy it. And spare me.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/01/02, Updated 12/01/02

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