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"the new king of first person shooters"

Story- 5/10
Game play-9/10

Watch out Halo! There's a new FPS on Xbox and it's name is Time Splitters 2! This game has hours and hours of game play that will keep you going for a long time!

Story-5/10 The story of Time Splitters 2 is mostly its downfall. The game's story line is pretty weak. Actually, there isn't really much of a story. The cut-scenes work as the story, but at times they don't make any sense . You'll start to wonder what it has to do with the game at all.

Graphics-8/10 The graphics have been polished up from the first one. The characters don't look to realistic, but they don't look to comical. Although Edios didn't do anything to fix the graphics up for Xbox, they still look good.

Control-9/10 The controls are dead on straight. They're not to complex, and their can be easily learned. You can learn them in in just 10-15 minutes. They have been redone to fit the Xbox controls so they work pretty good.

Sound-8/10 The music goes really well with Time Splitters 2. It really sets the mood for each of the stages. All the sound effects soot each of the characters pretty well.

Game play-9/10 The game play is the best part of Time Splitters 2. The story mode has enough to keep you busy. The level designs are wonderful in color and action. Plus, there are so many unique and different weapons to use! For a real challenge, play the hard mode! Arcade mode has many challenges to do,and if does aren't satisfying, try challenge mode! The multi-player is a doozy! It allows you to go up against the computer, or other players. You can even to link up Xboxs to have a on out war! You can even create your own map! You can make a simply or complex map to make the multi player twice as fun. Cut-scenes have even been added to make the game more enjoyable as well as a few mission objectives . Although, some of the levels tend to drag on for a while. There's also a heaping amount of stuff to unlock! Almost everything you do can unlock a new stage,character, or cheat. There's so many things to do in this game, you'll be playing till your thumbs bleed!

Overall- 9/10 Overall, I give Time Splitters 2 on the Xbox a 9/10. It provides you with all your gaming needs. From the crazy looking characters, to the wonderfully designed levels, and the monstrous amount of weapons to use, this game has it all! Time Splitters 2 is one of the greatest first person shooters of all time!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/12/03, Updated 01/13/03

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