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"Time to jump into the past and leap into the future..."

The Game,

This is the sequel to the original Time Splitters released for the PS2. The first game was famous for it's great multi player mode. The 1 player was adequate but somehow missed the idea os a plot or story line. This time around there is a story, the story is one where aliens have come to earth and we assume they are going to destroy, they have the time crystals that we want and place them throughout different time periods your job to hunt down the missing crystal pieces. After you collect one piece it creates a time portal where you go to collect the next piece.

The Graphics,

The graphics in this game are superb. They are crisp with no jaggies to be seen. There are no slow downs or any signs of locking up. The game plays in fps style you have a transponder that helps you locate the time crystal. The areas vary as you travel from time period to time period. You can be in ancient times or in the future depending on the level your on. You have options of weapons depending on what the person you shoot drops. The weapons range from conventional firearms to high tech lasers which are graphically well done. The surroundings are done quite well giving you a real treat to watch. The enemies range from normal people to super strong aliens. The game does not shoot for extreme realism but almost like characture's of humans and aliens.

The Gameplay,

Well 1 player game play is good. The levels are well done with a good number providing a good gaming experience however this game also includes lot's of mini games which unlock characters. Where this game really excels is the multi player. The game supports lan hook up providing up to 16 players at once. You can create your own maps with bots providing endless multi player gaming. You also have the option of multi player co op mode where you can tag up with a friend a lay a serious whooping on the aliens.

The Controls,

This game does what I wish every game would do allow you to customize your controller so you can make eack button do what you want it to. The controls themselves are well done. So if you don't like the default make your own.

The Sound,

Well since it's on the X-Box it supports 5.1 digital dolby which totally makes a game sound good. The general sound of the game is good weapons sound realistic as do the surroundings. The music is good but does not allow for customization so it could have been better,


Over all time splitters has received a good overhaul and is alot better for it. The 1 player game could have been a bit more in depth but this is a must have multiplayer game. I would definetly suggest buying this game if you like multi players and should rent it first before buying it if you just play 1 player. Overall an easy 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/24/03, Updated 01/24/03

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