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"Another excellent "Free Radical" Creation that Has an amazing Cartoonish Spin..."

At first, this game didn't appeal to me. I could only say that the needed change would be to make it more appealing to 1st person shooter fanatics like myself. One possible solution would be to make the cover more attention grabbing.


Although the characters had unusual posture and weird grins, I enjoyed the exchange of realism to the cartoon-looking characters displayed through this game. And after all, the main point is to establish that they were people. Mission accomplished. The graphics weren't as good as Halo, but they were sharp, solid, and clean.


Throughout all the time I spent playing this addicting game, I have come to realize that there hasn't been a freeze-up or slow-down in gameplay. The controls are completely adjustable, and have many different control styles already available. There are many different modes such as Story, Arcade, and Challenge. One thing I loved about Free Radicals previous creations were the fact that you could unlock cheats and characters through the process of ''earning '' them through challenge modes.


I did Not enjoy the fact that I couldn't play the CDs that I had previously downloaded onto my hard drive. But the music wasn't bad. There were A LOT of different music types in this game. This still gets high markings but room for improvement.


This game is difficult but fun; two things that usually don't go together. It isn't so difficult that you will pull your hair out and it isn't so easy that you will be willing to trade it in for 2 bucks.

Replay Value

Most 1st person shooters have very little replay value because after you finish the game, there is no point unless to beat the game over and over again. This game is different. With the MapMaker option, you can constantly create new and exciting levels that 1-4 players can play. Because of this, it gets high markings in this category as well.


This review measures whether it was good for the format. (Was it meant for the system). In this case XBOX. Although it seems like just a GCN game (which it is) I enjoyed the XBOX version. Although I didn't play the GCN version, I like the XBOX controller and how all the buttons are where they need to be when actively engaging in the art of Gaming.

Replay value:10/10

''...and on that note, we queue the music.''
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/06/03, Updated 05/06/03

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