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"Awesome game."

Introduction -
Hello, this is Randy Miller, and today I will be reviewing Free Radical and Eidos' completely awesome Game, Time Splitters 2. My dad bought this for me 3 days ago at a yard sale, and it hasn't left my X-Box since. Time Splitters 2 is a First Person Shooter, so you may or may not like the game. The game comes short in the gore department though, I like seeing blood gush out of my enemies when I shoot 'em dead, but the lack of gore may make you like the game more depending on your style.

Game Play 9/10
Excellent controls, large array of weapons, wide variety of characters, all of which are unique and just plain kick-ass. The characters are very unique, and range from a cowboy to a robot to a zombie to a monkey, my friends even speak of a Gingerbread man, but I have yet to unlock him, I won't spoiler the characters for you, but have a good time trying to unlock them all.

Story 7/10
The game's story is a bit confusing, each level has it's own story, the stories in each level are a bit mediocre, but the all form together to form the main idea of the game. The first story revolves around infiltrating a base where mutant experiments are being held, it is a good game.

Graphics/Sound 8/10
The graphics are excellent, and the character designs are a big improvement since the deformed freaks of the first Time Splitters, although the first was good, this one kicks it's ass in all areas. The sounds are okay, I'm usually too busy worrying about tactical maneuvers against my opponents than listening to the music.

Play Time/Replay Ability 10/10
This game's replay value is through the roof. You'll want to play this game over and over again, (Mainly just the multi player and map maker though). It's hard to estimate the amount of time you'll spend playing this game, but I'd say I've been playing it for about 20 hours so far, and that's only for having it for 3 days.

Final Recommendation -
If you own an X-Box, or any other system this is for, I suggest you buy it. This is an excellent game, and you'll want to play it many times, there are many modes of play including Challenge and Arcade, not to mention the Story Mode. Time Splitters 2 is truly an excellent game, if you like First Person Shooters, I suggest you buy this great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/19/03, Updated 05/19/03

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