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Reviewed: 05/29/03 | Updated: 05/29/03

"First HALO. Now this..."JUNK!

On the box it says, “first HALO, now this...” Now this piece of trash huh? Timesplitters 2 is a basic rehash of Timesplitters, which was a rehash of Goldeneye, and there have been no advancements in the series since Goldeneye. This game plays a lot like these old console shooters from ages ago. With no originality, TS2 is a game that pales in comparison to better shooters available on the Xbox, notably HALO, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Max Payne, and Brute Force.

Gameplay 5/10
Where to start? Well let’s get with the controls. We know this game was made for the PS2 and at the same time ported to the Gamecube and Xbox controls. The controls do not fit this game well at all. For one thing, if you want to have a crosshair available throughout the game, your character’s mobility becomes severely hindered. Without the crosshair, your controls are fine once again, but aiming becomes tougher. It would be easier to play through the whole game without using the crosshairs at all…sad but true.
Let’s get to the boring, REPETITIVE levels? Most are designed just like goldeneye, and achieve their difficulty by simply launching numerous foes at you. The AI is very weak as well. The checkpoint system is not used enough making the game pretty hard on the normal difficulty, and nearly impossible on the hardest difficulty.
The best aspect of the game is the head-to-head multiplayer. There really are countless options once you unlock them all. The side levels to unlock characters and weapons are more interesting than the campaign and can become pretty addictive. Multiplayer with 3 friends is great fun, but there is no online option, and it still pales in comparison to HALO.

Sound 8/10
The rock music is a welcome change to the piano that many games are using now. It fits the game perfectly, as the game focuses on action and mindless killing. Fast electrical rock and techno really goes well when trying to kill 25 zombies in 2 minutes. The voice acting however is forgettable.

Story 5/10
You basically travel through time to fight monsters from destroying the world. It should bring you through some interesting battles, and occasionally they are. In one instance you are the Hunchback of Notre Dame in the 1700’s. In another you battle tribesmen and monkeys of the Amazon. However, most of the characters you battle are mindless zombies and monsters.

Graphics 6/10
First of all, it was made for the PS2 so automatically it does not utilize Xbox’s potential. Secondly, the graphics are just plain bad. The coloring is odd and the characters are often blurry. The animation is very weak as well. I like the fact that your character can not jump up, but when you see enemies roll and shoot, you become jealous that you can not. The game really has nothing to bring to the table on this aspect.

Value 8/10
The campaigns are short, very short. However, there are a ton of unlockables, many side missions, and solid multiplayer that may keep you coming back.

All in all, this game is a 5.5/10. There is nothing new or special in this game that separates it from other first person shooters. If you have every other good fps on the xbox and still want more, only then should you get this game.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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