Review by Phoenix747

"Can't pass this one up"

For a price of $19.99 you cannot pass this first person shooter up!

Gameplay 8/10
The game plays like 007 or Perfect Dark, there are some similar weapons in TS2 that are in 007 and Perfect Dark such as Proximity Mines, Timed Mines, and Remote Mines. There are a lot of unlockables as you go through the game and little secrets, it's fun to go hunt for them. There are cameras throughout the game that will trigger an alarm if they see you and send guards to attack, you can shoot out the cameras to prevent that from happening, the campaign is fun but short. You can also have two of the same weapon at a time like in 007 and Perfect Dark. If you play the game on Hard or Medium there will be more objectives than if you played it on easy. Some of the secrets in the game include minigames that you can even play with your friends such as ‘Anaconda’. I’ve played the first level (Siberia) over and over and it’s still fun. There is also challenge mode for people who love the game and want a twist on the missions, one of my favorites is infiltration mode, you’ll see J.

Multiplayer 8/10
The multiplayer has a lot of versatility; there are many different unlockable gametypes and even a map editor! You can make your own map, that’s a plus in my book! Although the map editor is not that powerful it is fun to tinker around with. One annoying thing in multiplayer is when your friend picks a monkey as their characters because you have to aim down to shoot them, I'll get to that later in the controls. There are complex statistics for your profile in this game which is a major plus for the game rating on Multiplayer. If you don't have any friends (lol), or they just aren't around, there are bots for you to play with unlike 007's multiplayer! There is no Live play however, there is system link. One thing that would make a nice addition to multiplayer would be to support 2+ players in custom made story mode, like the maps you make with objectives.

Controls 6/10
This is where they could have improved the game, like Perfect Dark and 007 there is no crosshair without using 'precision' aiming, the precision aiming can be pretty annoying at times, especially when sniping.. You cannot adjust the sensitivity of the precision aiming ''mode'' but you'll get used to it, it's just kind of hard to get used to and its not the best for people used to other FPSs. I might add that you cannot jump in this game, like 007 and Perfect Dark.

Graphics 6/10
Although the graphics are not impressive (one bit) the framerate stays smooth, the graphics are clean and it’s easy to tell what’s going on because of it, but they’re…. Really weak lol, I mean come on this is the XBOX!

Sound 5/10
The sound fits the game well a few of the sounds such as the sniper rifle shooting and the pistol shooting (both silenced) could be improved, you won’t notice the sound much while playing but it’s also weak, no big explosions…

Story 9/10
The story adds a lot to the game because of the fact that you go in the future and past in time and the weapons and characters change accordingly, that… is sweet… You’ve got like thompsons to p90s to laser guns. There could be more weapons but it’s really cool!

Value 8/10
For $19.99 this is a must have game especially for 007 fans and casual gamers alike.
Buy or Rent
Buy, no point of renting at this price…

There are tons of unlockables in this game, like 100 characters I think and lots of gametypes, you’ll put some time into this one, that’s for sure.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/04

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