Review by kiriyama2

Reviewed: 04/01/05

The Only Game That Let's You Kill Human-Sized Ducks That Have Guns

This was a really fun little twitch shooter that my friend introduced me to. I have never played the original TimeSplitters so I don’t know if this one is better or worse than that one. But hey any game that let’s you hunt down and kill human sized duck people with double barreled shotguns is alright in my book.

Story: (8/10)
The story in TimeSplitters 2 is an okay sort of story. You play as Cortez a soldier in the future. The game starts out with Cortez and his comrade fighting against an alien species called the Splitters. As they get to the “time control room” they see that the Splitters already went through the time portal with several time crystals. So now it’s up to Cortez to go through the time portal fight the Splitters and retrieve the time crystals. It’s not exactly the most imaginative of stories but you’re mainly just here for the shooting.

Graphics: (8/10)
The graphics in TimeSplitters 2 are really good. Not great exactly but they’re not bad either. Free Radical uses a graphics style similar to the one used in the game Second Sight (which was a terrific game), it looks somewhat cartoony but that’s okay this sort of game actually benefits from using a style like that, it shows that the game doesn’t want to be taken as an ultra serious game. No it shows that the game is a semi-serious game that has a sense of humor. The character design in this game is astounding they look really cool. Even the weird characters look cool (Duckman Drake I’m thinking of you!) and it’s really hard to make a human sized duck with a double barreled shotgun look cool. The environments look pretty cool and not bad looking at all. Even two years after the game was released and the sequel’s coming out.

Sound: (10/10)
The sound in this game is terrific. The voice acting is absolutely solid and doesn’t sound bad at all. It sounds like a cartoon. The music is also terrific. They have some absolutely great music pieces in this game. Especially the levels set in a club setting it is some of the greatest ever. The music sounds like something out of an anime like Lupin the III. The weapons in the game also sound good. I can hardly think of anything wrong with the sound in this game.

Gameplay: (9/10)
This is where the game positively without a doubt excels. The shooter action is positively fast and furious. Everything moves at such a quick pace. It’s no problem to simply pick up this game and play it. Plus there are all sorts of challenge modes. Like one will just have you fighting against fifteen or so opponents, then you’ll go and play a match where you have to avoid these flaming monkeys or you’ll die. Then you’ll play a mission where you and five other guys have to attack a group of business men in a canyon so they can’t open an online consultancy business. But by far my favorite is the one where you play as a guy who went to a doctor’s office to undergo some major hair transplant surgery, but he got too drugged up, so now he’s hallucinating that giant ducks are trying to kill him and steal his hair, so you fight against them for as long as possible. Another great mode they have in this game is the Mapmaker program. Making maps is really fun and challenging but when you finally create a really difficult hard to complete map you get a deep sense of accomplishment. As for the main story mode, it’s not exactly long but that doesn’t really matter because there’s so much more fun to be had with the arcade, challenge, and mapmaker modes. Multiplayer is another spot where the game excels you can easily lose a few hours of your life playing multiplayer with three of your friends. You can also spend a lot of time playing the challenge modes to unlock more characters, maps, and modes in the multiplayer.

I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who’s a fan of first person shooters that don’t require a whole lot of time to be invested into it, and has a sense of humor. It is really a fun FPS that I think everyone should own or at the very least play.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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