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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rakis

    Version: 0.80 | Updated: 11/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Splinter Cell Demo FAQ/Walkthrough v 0.80
    Author: Rakis
    Email address: rakisx|yahoo|com with any corrections/questions   
    (Replace "|" and "|" with "@" and "." , respectively)
    Date: 11/02/2002
    Section 1:  Controls
    Section 2:  Walkthrough
    Section 3:  Frequently Asked Questions
    Section 4:  Assorted Tricks
    Section 5:  Misc. Information
    [Section 1] - Controls
    Right Analog Stick - Controls movement
    Left Analog Stick - Controls camera
    D-pad Left - Activates Nightvision
    D-pad Right - Activates Thermalvision
    Left Trigger - Secondary fire
    Right Trigger - Primary fire
    A - Action button
    X - Use weapon
    Y - Jump
    B - Crouch
    Black - Quick Inventory
    White - Lean against wall
    Back - Uhh...
    Start - Goes to your Palm device/Options menu. Here you can check mission 
            objectives or read data sticks, and other assorted things. 
    [Section 2] - Walkthrough
    You, Sam Fisher, are a covert operative of the National Security Agency.
    During this demo mission, you are investigating the disappearance of a 
    fellow operative (well, two operatives actually).  The mission starts out in 
    the courtyard of a police precinct in Georgia (In Eastern Europe...not the US).
    To begin, walk to door down the stairs.  Before you go, you may want to 
    knock out the light before the door.  You can do this one of two ways.  
    The most obvious way is to shoot the light.  The second way is to pick up 
    an object, such as a Coke Can or a Bottle and throw it at the light.  
    After you have broken the light, open the door.
    Wait for the guard to leave his post, and go into the room ahead of you.  
    Once he is out of sight, walk to the first or second wall area (the sections 
    of the room where there aren't jail cells directly to the right and left of 
    you).  Once there, perform a split jump.  
    Wait up there for a while, until the guard comes out.  He will patrol all 
    the way to the end of the jail cell, at the door.  The second he walks 
    directly under you, hit jump to fall.  Your fall will knock him out.
    Open the door leading to the place you started and drag his body into the 
    (Optional) After that is done, go into the room that he went into after 
    his initial patrol.  Check the computer for a data stick. 
    After that, Crouch walk and continue into the precinct until you reach 
    a clear sliding door.  Walk behind one of the large steel cabinets, and 
    watch the man with a laptop hanging from his chest.  As soon as you can, 
    sneak up to him, and grab him or knock him out.  You can also shoot him if 
    you want, but your mission is not to kill.  If you grabbed him, you will 
    get the option to interrogate him.  He'll tell you that he helped the doctor
     remove the subdermals inside the missing agents' head, and that you can 
    find him in the morgue.  Make sure you hide his body in the dark also, 
    don't want to cause an alarm.  You can also choose not to knock him out, 
    but this is the easiest way.
    (Optional) Check the computers in the room for a data stick.
    The morgue is in the room you are in now, but don't go in right away.  
    First, walk near the door, which will automatically open.  Whip out your 
    Five-Seven and aim for the camera in the corner of the room.  The camera is 
    the one with the red light.  You'll see a little "flare" or "explosion" if 
    you shot the camera successfully.  Once that happens, just walk into the 
    room.  You'll soon discover the bodies of the two missing agents.
    (Optional) Break all the lights outside the locked door.  Pick the lock, 
    and open the door.  The guard inside won't notice, and is watching static
    on TV.  Shoot out the TV, and he'll go crazy.  Knock him out, and hide the body.
    Or you can take a bottle and toss it at him.
    Your mission objectives will now change.  Now you have to go upstairs, to 
    the security room.
    Head down the hallway, and you'll reach a door to a stairway.  Once in the 
    stairway, you can shoot out the lights if you want.
    (Optional) Open the door. Distract the guard, or kill him, and check his 
    computer for a data stick.  The civilian will run out if you cause a commotion. 
    He'll run out the precinct.  You can knock him out if you want.
    Open the door at the top of the stair way.  Walk past the doorway to your 
    left, and hide against the wall.  A civilian will enter the precinct, and 
    file a complaint.  Wait for the conversation to end, and for the civilian 
    to sit down.  Now go to the right wall, and lean against it.  Slowly advance
     to the far right corner, near the exit of the precinct.  When you reach 
    the blinds, you will have to stop leaning, and crouch walk behind the 
    blinds.  Once you reach the corner, crouch walk to the far left corner. 
    There should be a "fence" doorway that you go through before reaching the 
    left corner.  Once there, go to the door ahead of you.  This door leads to 
    another stair way.  The door is another one of those automatic ones.
    (Optional) Proceed through the door, and distract the guards.  Check the 
    computers for datasticks.  You can also shoot them if that's your style....
    (Optional) Pick the locks of the two doors straight ahead of you.  One room has
    extra ammo, while the other is an interrogation room.  
    Once you're at the top, lean against the right wall, and advance to the 
    door at the far end.  In this room, there should be a curtain.  Carefully 
    crouch walk into the curtain, and sneak up on the guy at the computer.  
    Knock him out, and drag his body into a dark place.  The satchel that he 
    drops contains a data stick.  Go onto the computer, and you will gather the 
    information needed.  Now all you have to do is go to the extraction point.
    Backtrack back to the Precinct Entrace, where the civilian filing a 
    complaint is, and go through the door and run outside.  A speeding chicken 
    van should show up and pick you up.
    You just beat the level!  Now play it again and again.
    [Section 3] - Frequently Asked Questions
    Question: How come their lips don't move?
    Answer: They didn't code lip synchronization at the time of the demo 
    creation, there will be moving lips in the final full version, however.
    Question: Why do the bodies clip through the wall?
    Answer: Again, the demo version contains bugs and glitches not found in 
    the final version.  Don't worry about it.
    Question: I ran out of ammo! How do I get more?  Why can't I pick up enemy 
    Answer: There is one locked room, on the top floor, where you can pick up 
    an extra clip of ammo.  As for enemy weapons.........
    Straight from the dev's mouth at the http://www.splintercell.com public forums:
    "- Realism: real special ops operatives are not using any other equipment 
    than their own equipment. You don't know what to expect, it's too dangerous.
    - Gameplay : it is hard to balance a good stealth gameplay if you can get a 
    new gun at anytime. We didn't want the game to become a shooter..."
    Question: The AI is t3h sux0r!!!!
    Answer: Demo version.  AI is t3h 1337 in t3h final version.
    Question: The level is too small.  Are all levels going to be like this?
    Answer: No, not at all.  The demo mission, in fact, is the smallest level 
    in the entire game.  
    Question: How do I turn on inverted controls?
    Answer:  You can't with the demo.  This feature will be in the final 
    version though.
    Question: Is this game a console exclusive to Xbox?
    Answer:  Maybe, Maybe not.  More information on this topic will be revealed 
    next year.
    Question: Tuesday's coming, Did you bring your coat?
    Answer: I live in a giant bucket.
    Question: Say, do you want to go see a movie?
    Answer: I'm feeling fat, and sassy.
    (As you can tell I'm tired, and I like the Rejected cartoon at 
    [Section 4] - Assorted Tricks
    There are a couple of things you can do in the game, (Some are pretty obvious).
    1) Knock people out with bottles. - Throw the bottle at someone's head.
    2) Strengthen your bottle/can toss - Hold Left Trigger while aiming/tossing.
    3) Roll - While running or crouch running, hold B (crouch).
    4) Split Jump - Double tap jump while near two close walls.  I find that it
                    works best if you move closer to one wall before jumping.
    5) Shoot Fire Extinguishers - Take gun.  Aim.  Fire.  Try walking into it.
    6) Break lights - This one requires little explanation.
    7) Stealth open doors - Hold the action button near the door, and move your
                            analog stick until the word "Stealth" appears next to
                            "Open Door".  Depending on where you push after this,
                             you will open or close the door.
    8) Pick up Medkits - This one seems obvious, but for those of you that don't
                         know, those white kits with a red cross can be taken off
                         the wall.
    9) Elbow people - Walk up to someone, don't grab them, and hit Right Trigger.
    10) Grab pipes - Certain pipes on the ceiling can be grabbed if you jump.
                     If you hit crouch, your legs will grab onto the pipe.
    11) Use people as human shields - Whip out your pistol while you've got someone,
                                      and BAM! human shield.  Of course you can
                                      always choose not to use your pistol, but then
                                      you can only walk backwards.
    12) <Insert Extremely Obvious thing here> - Yea. You heard me.                       
    [Section 5] - Misc. Information
    Special thanks to the devs at the official Splinter Cell forum, 
    Version History:
    11/02/2002 - 0.75 - First release.
    11/03/2003 - 0.80 - Added "Assorted Tricks" Section, and amended errors.
    This is where I say "Don't copy from this FAQ without giving me some credit"
    Soo here goes.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    This FAQ should only be on display at GameFaqs.com
    Also, you should note this FAQ is coming from the top of my head, and 
    that it is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, ever.
    Email me at rakisx|yahoo|com with any corrections/questions   
    (Replace "|" and "|" with "@" and "." , respectively)
    Copyright © 2002 - 2003 Victor Nghe (Rakis) All rights reserved.

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