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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AllYourBaseBelong2Us

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                                 ___ _        _              _        _
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                                  | |_||  |  |_ |__ /--\| \||_  |     _|
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      / ____||  _ \ | |    | || \   | ||__   __||  ___||  _ \
     | |___  | |_| || |    | ||  \  | |   | |   | |_   | |_| |
      \___ \ |  __/ | |    | || |\\ | |   | |   |  _|  |    /
      ____| || |    | |___ | || | \\| |   | |   | |___ | |\ \
     |_____/ |_|    |_____||_||_|  \__|   |_|   |_____||_| \_\
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              S T E A L T H     A C T I O N     R E D E F I N E D
    [ PLAYERS      ]      ONE
    [ CONTECT DL   ]      YES       
    [ FAQ VERSION  ]      v3.0 (FINAL)
    [ AUTHOR       ]      VLAD DANILCHUK - "AllYourBaseBelong2Us"
    [ E-MAIL       ]      link21k@hotmail.com 
    [ CREATED      ]      November 23, 2002
    [ LAST UPDATED ]      November 30, 2003 
    I.	Introduction:
      a.	   The Story   
      b.	   Controls 
      c.	   Movements 
    II.	The Walkthrough:
      a.	  Training
      b.	  Police Station 
      c.	  Defense Ministry 
      d.	  Oil Refinery
      e. 	  CIA Headquarters 
      f. 	  Kalinatek
      g. 	  Chinese Embassy
      h.	  Abattoir 
      i.	  Chinese Embassy 2
      j.	  Presidential Palace 
      k.	  Kola Cell
      l.      Vselka Infiltration 
      m.      Vselka Submarine 
    III.	General Tips, Hints, & Strategies:
      a.	  Character Profiles 
      b.	  Weapons/Gadgets 
      c.	  Gameplay Hints and Cheats
    IV.	Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    V.	Downloads FAQ via Xbox Live 
    VI.	Updates
    VII.	Legal Junk & Acknowledgements  
    I. Introduction -
    Story - 
    It is the year 2003. 
    In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to 
    conceal potential threats to the national security of the United 
    States, the NSA (National Security Agency) has ushered forth a new dawn 
    of intelligence-gathering techniques. The top-secret initiative, dubbed 
    Third Echelon, marks a return to classical methods of espionage, 
    enhanced with leading-edge surveillance and combat technology for the 
    aggressive collection of stored data in hostile territories. When 
    intelligence deemed critical to national security cannot be obtained by 
    traditional means, Third Echelon is granted clearance to conduct 
    physical operations.
    Denied to exist by the U.S. government, Third Echelon deploys units 
    known as Splinter Cells: elite intelligence-gathering forces consisting 
    of a lone field operative supported by a remote team. Like a sliver of 
    glass, a Splinter Cell is small, sharp, and nearly invisible.
    March 10, 2004: The CIA contacted NSA officials regarding the loss of 
    contact with Agent Alison Madison, a CIA operative monitoring 
    widespread communication shortages plaguing the former Soviet Republic 
    of Georgia. A second operative, Agent Blaustein, was inserted into the 
    Georgian capital T'bilisi to locate Agent Madison, only to drop from 
    contact seven days later. Fearing for the lives of American agents 
    compromised at the hands of a suspected terrorist effort, Third Echelon 
    has activated Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher to locate the missing 
    agents and evaluate the situation.
    You are Sam Fisher. You must leave no trace on the physical or 
    political map. Remember:  Although killing may compromise secrecy, the 
    choice between leaving a witness or a corpse is no choice at all. You 
    do not exist. You are a Splinter Cell. 
    [B. Controls]
    Right Trigger		     Primary Fire
    Left Trigger 		     Secondary Fire/Holding breath in sniper mode
    Right Thumbstick            Free camera control/Quick turn (press)
    Left Thumbstick 	     Move/Rate of fire (press)
    Right Thumbstick Click      Default Camera
    Left Thumbstick Click 	     N/A
    Black Button 		     Quick Inventory
    White Button 		     Back to Wall/Reload in shooting mode
    Back Button		     Controls map
    Start Button 		     OPSAT
    D-pad 			     Night vision (left)/Thermal vision (right)
    X			     Target/Equip selected firearm 
    Y			     Jump/Split Jump (double tap)
    A 			     Interact
    B			     Crouch 
    [C. Basic Movement] 
    The thumbstick is very sensitive meaning if you thrust forward onto it, 
    Sam will start running forward, however if you gently push onto it, Sam 
    will walk lightfully. That is the main rule of stealth - walk 
    lightfully. Also, please remember to NEVER run in an area you didn't 
    explore or don't already know about, even if you've secured it. Enemies 
    are everywhere. Stay in the shadows, and move only while crouched! This 
    allows Sam greater stealth rather then by moving, or running. It also 
    creates and makes Sam the ghost's shadow. 
    Press the B button to crouch. Sam will walk more lightly, and will be 
    less visible while crouched.
    Press the Y button to mantle near an object such as a wall or dumpster.
    To climb anything vertical such as a pipe, ladder, or fence, simply 
    walk in front of it, and press the Y button.
    [Close Attack] 
    Whenever you're out of ammo, and an enemy lurks nearby, put your gun 
    away, get into a shadow, and crouch down. While until your enemy is 
    less then 3 steps away from you, charge him and quickly press the right 
    trigger when you're in range to knock him out. It usually takes 2 hits 
    for guards, 1 for civilianizes.
    [Back to Wall]  
    Press the White button when you're standing and near a wall, to put 
    Sam's back to a wall. Sam is less visible this way, and can see the 
    next pathway without being spotted.
    Jump by pressing Y onto a ledge, and hang from that ledge. Sam can now 
    shimmy to the left or right and can only pull himself up when he has 
    room to. 
    Jump by pressing Y onto a horizontal pipe or rope. Push forward to 
    climb forward, and back to climb back. Press B to bring up Sam's legs 
    to clear obstacles in your path.
    [Zip Line] 
    Jump by pressing Y onto a Zip line. Sam will automatically slide all 
    the way down. Press B to once again bring up Sam's legs. 
    Advanced Moves
    Advanced movements are the same as basic movements but require more 
    skill to apply in in-game use. Mastering these movements will allow Sam 
    to become enemies' greatest fears. Many of these movements are either 
    combinations of basic movements or new ones themselves. Without further 
    While moving, press the B button to do a roll. 
    [Wall Jump] 
    When near a wall, jump towards that wall by pressing Y, and pressing Y 
    again when near that wall to get maximum height. This works as a tool 
    to get past walls, which are higher, then Sam can jumping. 
    [Split Jump] 
    While in a narrow corridor, press Y to jump. Press Y to jump again, at 
    the height of Sam's first jump. Press Y one more time, which will allow 
    Sam to get in his Split Jump position. 
    [Drop Attack] 
    While in Split Jump position, if you spot an enemy that approaches 
    directly underneath you, press Y to drop down, and Sam will 
    automatically knock that enemy out. 
    [Quiet Landing] 
    When falling, press B to quietly land, to not make such a loud noise. 
    [Door Peek] 
    To peek through a door before actually opening it, press the A button 
    near an unlock door, quickly followed by pulling back on the left 
    thumbstick before releasing the A button. Next, release the A button 
    and there you go! If you spot an enemy, pull back on the RIGHT 
    thumbstick to close the door, or push forward on the RIGHT thumbstick 
    to open that door. 
    To rappel from a small chimney, or wall, stand near it and select the 
    Rappel interaction. Sam will now move up and down the rope. Press Y 
    button to kick of the wall. 
    [Rappel Shooting] 
    While rappelling, press the X button for Sam to equip his selected 
    firearm. Press X for him to put it away.
    [Hanging Shooting]  
    Same exact thing. Press the X button while hanging for Sam to equip his 
    selected firearm. X again for Sam to put it away. 
    [Split Jump Shooting] 
    You guessed it! Same exact rule. While in Split Jump position, press 
    the X button for Sam to equip his selected firearm. 
    [Back to Wall Shooting] 
    Same exact rule? Almost, just a little difference. While in wall mode, 
    walk to the EDGE for Sam to peek around the corner. Press the X button 
    while peeking for Sam to equip his selected firearm, so Sam can shoot 
    around the corner!
    None-Playable Characters (NPCs) Interactions
    Sam also has a few special tricks up his sleeve this time, interactions 
    with enemies or friendly civilizes. 
    [Move Body]  
    Sam needs to hide all the bodies he either knocked out or killed. NO 
    EXCEPTIONS. Select A from the interactions menu to carry a body. Press 
    the A button to put him down gently, or press the X buttons to equip a 
    weapon to drop the body in a hurry. 
    Simple. Just walk up to a 'friendly' NPC and press the A button to 
    Sneak up quietly to an enemy and press the A button when the 'Grab 
    Enemy' Interaction icon appears. 
    [Human Shield] 
    While holding an enemy, simply press the X button to draw your firearm 
    in the direction of another enemy. 
    Some enemies will have some rather interesting things to say. Press the 
    A button while holding them, to make the baddies tell you everything 
    they know. 
    [Forced Cooperation] 
    Unfortunately, Sam can't do everything in the game such as hacking into 
    a computer, eye scan, the works. But, we have a solution. Simply grab 
    an enemy and pull him over to the computer/eye scan/ect... and press 
    A button to Force Cooperate interaction. 
    [Knocking a Grabbed Enemy Out] 
    Can't let go of the enemy? Is the enemy of no use to you? Simply press 
    the Right Trigger for Sam to pistol wipe the enemy. He should now be 
    knocked out... Permanently... 
    II. The Walkthrough -
    The following levels will be explained to you in complete detail. If 
    you have a problem, question, or a mere comment, you can email me at my 
    email address (link21k@hotmail.com), or contact me through Xbox Live.  
    Note: The last three levels such as Kola Cell, Vselka Infiltration, and 
    Vselka Submarine are available to you either through Xbox Live, the Tom 
    Clancy Rainbow Six 3 Comparison Demo or OXM (hopefully something in the 
    future for the Vselka missions). Enjoy. 
    [A. Training]
    Mission Overview: Prove that you are the right man for the job.
    Mission difficulty rating: 2/10.  
    ~~~Basic Assault Course~~~ 
    After that lovely cutscene I must say, you find yourself in a training 
    program. Start the game out by looking left with the right thumbstick, 
    as Lombert requires you to do. Then do the same to the right. Now look 
    up at that distant light. And once more to the light in front of you. 
    Now we're ready to move. Get a feel for Fisher's movements, and the 
    controls - Jumping, crouching, running, rolling, the whole nine yards. 
    When your ready, run forward where you originally started and jump up. 
    Fisher should grab the ledge automatically, and you should shimmy 
    yourself over to where you could pull yourself up. Do it, and drop down 
    to this next section. Notice to the ladder to your upper right corner. 
    Run over there, and climb it. Once you're at the top, you should find 
    the Zip line. Move close to the edge, and press Y to jump onto the zip 
    line, and Fisher should slide down. 
    In this next area, find the ladder to the right of the zip line and 
    climb down it. Press B to crouch, and walk forward under the bared 
    wire. Now stand back up once you've passed it and look left. A narrow 
    corridor! You know what this means! The Split Jump! Run over there, and 
    jump once into the right (or left) wall. Jump once more to the opposite 
    wall, to reach maximum height. And the last time, press Y to make 
    Fisher do his Split Jump. Once you're up there, drop back down. Notice 
    the loud sound that occurs?  Let's fix that. Repeat the Split Jump. 
    Once you're at the top again, drop down, and press B right before 
    hitting the ground for a silence drop. Cool, huh? Make sure to remember 
    this for future references. Around the corner you should find a 
    horizontal pipe. Press Y to jump onto it, and climb all the way down. 
    Can't fit? Press the B button for Fisher to bring up his legs, and 
    climb on through. You should now find yourself in a small area. 
    Look over to the right to find a fence. Climb over it and onto the 
    other side. In this area, you should find 2 very narrow corridors. Too 
    narrow so that Fisher can't fit through. Oh no! But wait! Press the 
    White button to go into wall mode near that corridor and walk on 
    through. Keep walking, and you should happen to come across another 
    wall in your path. That's ok. Go out of wall mode by pressing the White 
    button, and go into Wall mode again, this time to the opposite wall, 
    and walk on down into this next big open area. Why it's a vertical 
    pipe! Let's climb it. At the top, you should see another ladder a 
    little further ahead. Climb down it. Now, it's time to put your skills 
    to the test. First walk over to the gate (you can't reach it the top of 
    it, by jumping). So, solution? Walk over to the corner of the gate, and 
    another wall (doesn't matter which one). Jump up, and jump up again, 
    this time pushing yourself to the right grabbing the ledge and pulling 
    your self up! Problem solved... for most of us. If you can't do this, 
    keep trying. It'll come soon enough. It took me over 10 attempts heh 
    heh. Now drop down and enter the garage-like gate. Save at this 
    ~~~Covert Ops Training~~~
    Things will become a bit harder this time, since you will be working
    with real people. Start out by going to the top right of the room and
    opening the door. Walk a couple of feet to come across our first locked
    door of the game! Press the black button to go into Sam's gadgets menu.
    Scroll across to the gadgets selection, and scroll up to the lockpicks.
    Pick it. Now press the right trigger in front of the locked door.
    Basically, what you have to do is slowly turn the left thumbstick
    counter-clockwise, slowly. Now, the second that your controller starts
    vibrating, turn the left thumbstick 2-3 times even slower. Trust me on
    this. Most people mess up and never figure this out because they don't
    turn it slow enough. Once you get the first lock to stick up, repeat
    this method 2 more times. Success! Now open the door.
    See the guard/teacher? Press the B button to crouch, and make your way
    around the back of the room, and sneak up on the guard/teacher. Press
    the A button (once the interaction menu pops up) to grab him. Force him
    to tell you the code, then knock him out with the Right Trigger. Enter
    the code, and enter this next part. See the guard down there? This time
    we have to sneak up on him, even more quietly. Do it. Now grab the
    guard, and drag him over to the eye-scanner, near the gate's exit. When
    the A button/interaction menu pops up, press A, and Fisher will thrust
    his heard forward into the eye-scanner unlock the gate. Knock the guard
    out and continue. Open this door, and you should see a camera down the
    hallway. You have 2 options - Pull out your gun through the black
    button menu, and blow the lights out, or simply run down the hallway
    when the camera is facing all the way to your right. Either way is
    fine. Open this door.
    You're in another area with another camera patrolling. Go into wall
    mode, pull out your gun, and destroy the camera when it's facing to
    your right.  Now enter the door to the right of the camera. We find
    ourselves in a dark, dark room with a bulletproof camera, behind a
    fence patrolling the area. Go into crouch mode, and when the camera is
    all the way to your left, run behind the big box. Wait for the camera
    to turn all the way to the right, and run all the way to the door. Open
    it and walk in. Don't worry, we're almost done this. Look to your
    right, there's a guard! Let's sneak up on him in crouch mode and press
    A to grab him. We don't want to knock him out just yet... There should 
    a dark hallway, just next to the hallway the guard was in. Drag him in
    there, and knock him out. Stayed crouched. Another guard should come in
    to inspect your work. Don't move. Once the coast is clear, the guard
    will get back into his room. Let's go back to the same hallway the
    first guard you knocked out, and hid was in. Open that door.
    My, my, what is this? A sound testing area. If you make a single peek,
    Lombert will hear you through the sound mics he set up. Let's not do
    thus. Crouch down if you already haven't, and move all the way to the
    edge. Drop down, and quickly press B before you actually hit the floor
    (if you remember, this is what we originally did back in the Split Jump
    narrow hallway). So anyways, move forward (un-crouch), and press the Y
    button to step up on this other platform. Look to your right, press Y
    to pull yourself up, and press B again to crouch. Move forward very
    slowly, oh, and do mind the chains. If you touch them Lombart will hear
    it and you'll have to restart. Once you get pass the chains, move
    forward, and even 2 times slower, for you are on glass and a single
    mess up shall create a sound... Walk over to the door. Holy Christmas!
    Mission Accomplished! Well, not quite yet... Simply open that door and
    you find yourself in the last hallway. Open the door to your right. Now
    Mission IS Accomplished! Feels good, no?
    [B. Police Station]
    Mission Overview - Locate the two missing CIA Agents - Madison, and 
    Mission difficulty rating: 4/10.
    [Door Codes]
    1st door: 091772
    2nd door: 5929
    You start out in the ally of a small hallway. In back of you is a gate. 
    In front of you is a house will 2 patrolling guards - one on the 
    balcony, on further down behind another gate. Take out your gun, and go 
    for a headshot to the guy on the balcony. Now, while staying in 
    shadows, go into crouch mode, and slowly walk down the pathway to your 
    right. Go up the stairs and onto a deck. Now climb up the ladder to the 
    top. Find the trapdoor directly across the ladder you've climbed, open 
    it, and drop down. You're in a narrow pathway. Go into crouch mode, and 
    walk all the way down. Find the vertical pipe, and climb up on it. Wow, 
    look at that - a building is on fire. Guess where we have to go? 
    Walk over to the Zip Line, press Y for jump, and slide down. 
    We don't have much time. Do as she says and go across into the next 
    room. Get ready, and boom! The floor directly above the one your on 
    will fall down, completely destroying your path. But don't worry. Go 
    back into the hallway and run down towards the fire. There should be a 
    room on your left just before the fire. Enter it, and run down that 
    room and back out into the hallway through the next door. Run all the 
    way down to the stairs. Things are really getting hot now. Walk down to 
    the level below (its okay, the fire won't hurt you as long you rush 
    through, and don't get close to it). Once you're on the level below, 
    enter the hallway. Wow, there's fire in our way. Solution? Look up. 
    There's a horizontal pipe you can use to climb past. Do it. After 
    you've passed the fire, look over to your left and enter the room. You 
    will now hear the moans of the wounded man. Quickly run over to him, 
    and check to see how he is doing. He tells you of Pandra's Black Box 
    before passing away. Now, the fire is really going, and we have to haul 
    ass out of here. Turn around to find a door, open it. Across from it is 
    another room full of smoke, which is a no, no. Take out your firearm 
    and shoot the sky top. Wait a couple of seconds for the smoke to clear 
    and now enter that room. Head to the right of that room and open that 
    door. Checkpoint. 
    Open the door in front of you, and walk forward only to find yourself 
    on a balcony. Run to the right, and at the end of it, run to the left. 
    Now, look over, see the balcony across the one your on? We need to get 
    there. Take a running start, and jump with the Y button. Whoa, that was 
    close. Now walk a little to your right, and then automatically to your 
    left in a narrow pathway. You should hear a conversation between two 
    guards. Wait until the first one leaves. Now, go into crouch mode, walk 
    onto the garden and drop down. Remember to press B for a light jump. 
    While still in crouch mode, sneak up on that guard, press A to grab 
    him, and press X to use him as a human shield. Move towards the door 
    where the second guard walked into. He should hear you by now and open 
    the door himself. Shoot to kill. And knock out your human shield. Enter 
    the apartment now. Don't worry, the coast is clear. Remember to hide 
    the corpses before advancing. Anyways go forward, and take a left. Pass 
    the kitchen, and down the corridor, take another left. The room all the 
    way on the right contains the Black Box behind the painting, which is 
    located exactly left through the doorway you entered. Now get the code 
    from the Box (and a data stick), and head over to the keypad door. 
    Enter the code to unlock the door.
    Now you appear on yet another balcony. See the Zip line? Jump onto it, 
    and you should slide down to another roof. Go through that door. Now 
    you're in a room above the elevator. Jump forward and grab the rope, 
    and slide all the way down. Here's where Lombart usually calls in to 
    tell you if there were any spotted bodies. If not, head forward, and 
    lock pick the door to your left. Open it. Now walk a little forward for 
    a checkpoint!
    Hear the conversation down below? Two guards found a drunk, and they've 
    called police. But since of the fire, the police can't reach them. The 
    guards said they'd kindly keep their post until the police come. Oh 
    great. Anyways, go into crouch mode and down the stairs... slowly... 
    Make a U-Turn and go near a dumpster. Grab a bottle, or whatever you 
    can find and go back to the base of the stairs. Now throw the bottle in 
    front of you (make sure your in the shadows), and quickly equip your 
    firearm. Deliver a head shoot for the first guard that comes across 
    searching for the sound! And the same for the next one. But wait just a 
    second... There's a civilian on the balcony. Please don't shoot him... 
    Anyways, grab one guard and directly across from the drunk is a store. 
    Go down the steps to it, crouch down, and move below the steps. Place 
    the corpse there. Do the same with the second one. Now equip your 
    firearm once more, and move down the ally. Take a left only to see 
    another guard. Kill him and place him with the others. Now run down 
    that ally and make another U-Turn. You should walk up some stairs. Take 
    a right to find a big area. 
    In this area, you should spot a fountain and a locked gate directly 
    across it. Move towards the gate, and notice that nice garden. WOW. 
    Crouch down and explore it. What's this? A hidden pathway. Let's go in! 
    Checkpoint. You should now enter 'a cell' along with a computer, 2 
    (maybe 3) health kits and some ammo! Collect it all and walk up to the 
    computer. Unlock the gate with computer's help and go back out into the 
    garden. Don't move. You should hear a guard lurking in this area. How 
    you want to 'rid' him is up to you. Remember to hide his corpse in the 
    garden. Anyways, move toward to the gate he came from, which you 
    originally unlocked. In front of you are a guard and a civilian walking 
    past. It's hard to tell whose whom, but however, we still can. Just 
    show them your face with your gun ready. The civilian runs off, and the 
    guard draws his gun. Rid the guard, and hide his corpse. 
    Now take a left where the civilian ran off. There may be a guard or two 
    patrolling the area as well. Rid of them, and destroy the lights with 
    your gun. Equip your heat vision goggles, blasting every light and 
    enemy you come across (remember to hide the bodies). At the end of this 
    long ally, take a right onto a wooden deck. Slowly walk down, and check 
    to see if the coast is clear. Take a left and run all the way down to 
    find a dumpster. Jump onto it, and the wall above it too. Once on top 
    of it, jump down into this next area. Walk forward, and walk down the 
    steps. Enter the key code you got from the computer with the health 
    kits and ammo (If you forgot it, check your OPSAT). And open the 
    Look familiar? Why it's the demo from the December OXM (Official Xbox 
    Magazine). Anyways, start out by slowing walking forward. See the 
    guard? Wait for him to leave his post. Now take out your firearm and 
    blast the two spotlights. Crouch down, and wait for the guard to wonder 
    over to see what's wrong. From here you can - go for a headshot, or 
    simply knock the guard out. Either way is fine. Now, pick up the 
    guard's body, and walk all the way down the hallway, and take a left to 
    enter his station. Drop the guard, and shoot out the lights. Remember 
    to collect the data stick from the computer. Exit back out, and go into 
    crouch mode. Slowly walk down the hallway, and to the right. Take the 
    first (and only) glass door to your left. Sneak up behind the guard, 
    and grab him. Interrogate him, then knock him out. Collect some more 
    data sticks from the computers, and draw out your gun. Look around the 
    room to find another door (its across from where you came in), and 
    enter it. Why it's the morgue! But what's a gun for in the morgue? 
    Notice the camera. It's NOT bulletproof so I think you know what to do. 
    Now walk over to the bodies to receive a message from Lombert. We now 
    need to recover the security tape, so exit the morgue, and the previous 
    room you where in. Once you're back outside the hallway, run to your 
    left from the room you were previously in. Open it and go up the 
    stairs. Checkpoint.  
    Open to door, crouch down, and *slowly* move forward to hear a rather 
    funny conversation between a guard and a civilian, which I won't spoil 
    for you. Now take out your firearm, and make some noise (which 
    shouldn't be hard to do). The civilian should run away, and the guard 
    will go to see what it is. Go for a headshot. If you're out of ammo, 
    try knocking him out. Now pick the corpse up, and enter the guard's 
    station. Drop the guard, and shoot the lights out if you still have 
    ammo. If your out of ammo, find another dark hiding place for the 
    guard. Remember the data stick. Now exit the guard's station. You 
    should now be in a 'waiting room' of some sort with a double door in 
    front, the door which you came in, and another door to the opposite end 
    of the room. Enter that door. Walk up the stairs for a checkpoint. By 
    now, a body should be discovered. If it hasn't then, kudos for you! 
    Crouch down, turn on your thermal goggles, and *slowly* walk over to 
    the first guard sitting typing up a paper of some sort. Grab him (don't 
    worry the other guard won't see), and knock him out. Repeat this 
    process for the second guard. Now turn on the lights in the room. Don't 
    worry about hiding the guards' bodies since the mission is almost over. 
    Okay, there are 4 rooms in this big room. The room all the way to the 
    left is locked but contains a data stick, and some ammo. The room right 
    of it is locked as well, but contains a knocked out suspect which we 
    don't need. The room all the way to the right contains a data stick, 
    and the room to the left of that contains a baddy with the security 
    tapes. Grab the ammo, and data sticks and enter the room with the 
    guard. Equip your firearm, crouch down, and make your move. If you're 
    lucky, the guard won't hear you, but for some mysterious reason the 
    guard always heard me. If that is the case, the first time he peeks his 
    head out, you kill him. If you miss the chance, he will sound the 
    alarm. After you've killed the guard, grab security tapes, and wait for 
    Lombert to call you. That's it, we've aced this mission, and all we 
    have to do is leave. Simply head back down to the 'waiting room' and 
    open the double doors. A van will drive and crash into the gate in 
    front of you. Run to it for a Mission Accomplished! 
    [C. Defense Ministry]
    Mission Overview - Find out Nikoladze's secret. 
    Mission difficulty rating: 6/10.
    What a view. It should be from 7 stories in the air. Anyways, start out 
    by dropping down to the balcony in front of you. Face the courtyard and 
    turn right. See that vertical pipe? Grab onto it, and slide down to the 
    balcony below. Open the doors and equip your firearm. Look to the 
    northwest of the room. See that camera? Destroy it. The guard now is 
    curious. He draws his firearm and checks to see what it is. Knock him 
    out or kill him and hide his body behind the bookshelves. Destroy the 
    light; grab the data stick from the computer, and head out. You are now 
    in a hallway with two patrolling guards. Move into the shadows and 
    crouch. Equip your firearm and go for a headshot. Do this to the second 
    guard (this may take a couple of attempts since the guard is right next 
    to the alarm). Now hide the guards' body in either the previous room or 
    in this hallway's shadows. Examine the room. We should come to the 
    conclusion that there are 3 doors - one where you came from, one at the 
    opposite side of it, and another all the way down the hallway. Take the 
    door in the middle, next to the alarm, and head up to the top floor. 
    Grab the health kit, and head all the way down. Destroy each camera 
    along the way (there should be about 3). You don't need to destroy the 
    lights. At the bottom-most floor, a checkpoint occurs...
    Open the door in front and take out the camera in view. Now head down 
    the garage and make a U-turn into a new section. You see 2 cars, 1 guy, 
    and one camera. Hamlet's car is the black one, and the camera is a 
    little higher and to the right of his car. Now, if you're a pistol 
    expert, take out the camera. Hamlet will check to see what this is. 
    Stay in the shadows, crouched, and he shouldn't find you. Hamlet 
    convicts himself no one is there, and goes right in front of his car to 
    'lose some weight'. Sneak up on him when he is. Interrogate him, and 
    knock him out. Hide his body in the shadows, and return to the hallway 
    with the 3 doors. 
    Open the last door, and STOP! A camera is directly above you. Equip 
    your firearm, and one bullet should do it. Grab the data stick; turn 
    off the lights, and lock pick the next door. Checkpoint. 
    Now you should see a cook open his window. Sneak out to the balcony, 
    facing the courtyard and turn left. Jump up on the balcony, and face 
    the wall. Jump up again for Sam to grab the gutter pipe. Climb all the 
    way to the cook's window. Once you're over the window, press Y to let 
    go and land on the table. Move forward and fall down to the floor 
    (REMEMBER TO PRESS B FOR A SILENT FALL), and hide behind the box. Watch 
    this funny cut scene. Now after the guard leaves, crouch down if you 
    haven't already and move to the further-most cook through the right 
    side of the kitchen (no I'm not crazy). The first cook shouldn't see 
    you, so knock out (KO) the one in the corner (its only takes one hit). 
    Now quickly run over to the alarm (next to the door the guard left 
    through). The other cook should run over to the alarm, about 70% of the 
    time. That's where you KO him. The other 30% he should run into the 
    freezer. You can also KO him as well in there. Anyways, carry the cooks 
    into the freezer and shoot the lights out in there. 
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY for taking out the cooks - from m-ko@terra.com 
    (Alex): When you drop in through window wait for cutscene to pass, and 
    grab a bottle, run in freezer, turn off light, go back to the window, 
    throw bottle in freezer. The cooks will come to investigate, circle 
    around and trap them inside and knock them out.
    Moving on, turn the lights out in the whole kitchen, and open the door. 
    See the patrolling guard? Go for a headshot on him, and carry him into 
    the freezer as well. Now go out into the 'main room' where the double-
    doors lead you, and quickly run into the left path. Dead end? Yes. Wait 
    for the other guard to come check out what the noise was. KO out 
    (remember, make the first move when he's close to you), and carry him 
    in the freezer with the others.
    If you have at least 2 bullets (I had 5), you're in good condition. Go 
    back to the kitchen and grab a bottle from the window you came in, and 
    then lower yourself to the floor right above the ground one in 'the 
    main room'. Toss the bottle, and the first guard checks to see what it 
    is. If you have 2 bullets or more, go for a headshot on him. If not, KO 
    out. Then sneak behind the other guard, and KO him as well. Carry them 
    into the darkest place you can find (you don't have to carry them into 
    the kitchen's freezer, I just carried their bodies under the stairs), 
    and check out the computer. Grab the data stick, and Lombert will call 
    in to tell you a colonel is on his way, so hide under the stairs 
    (doesn't matter which one). The colonel wants to play some solitaire on 
    his computer, so when he does, sneak up on him (DON'T KNOCK HIM OUT), 
    and grab him. Now facing the computer, make your way to the 
    southwestern part still on the ground floor. Toss his head into the Eye 
    scanner (stand next to the eye scanner with him and press A), and KO 
    him. Hide his body, and enter that room you opened. Checkpoint... 
    You should have one or more bullets, destroy that camera, and open that 
    door to the courtyard. A cut scene emerges with Nikoladze, and Philip 
    Masse - the computer expert. Race over to the elevator and wipe out 
    your Laser Mic. Press X to get it out, and point it to the elevator. 
    Once your done, Lombert calls in and requests that you gather data from 
    his computer. But wait, 3 guards exit... with guns! Shouldn't be a 
    problem for you, just hide crouched down. Knock out whatever guard 
    comes close to you, and then the second. Repeat this for the third. If 
    you still have some ammo, try and go for headshots, and enter the door 
    they were in. Grab the health pack on the wall and exit back into the 
    courtyard. There are 2 more doors. One of these doors should contain 
    some vines to the right of them that you can climb. Go there and do so. 
    And drop down for the loading zone and checkpoint. 
    Wow, we have seconds before the elevator reaches the bottom. Run into 
    the janitor room, left of the elevator, and crouch down (make sure that 
    light in that room are turned off). Several seconds later, footsteps 
    are heard. There are a total of 2 guards. If you open the door midway 
    (A+down on the left trigger), you can see the first guard all the way 
    down the hallway. The second guard is walking around the area, so open 
    the door, and go for a headshot to him when he comes into view, or 
    knock him out in case you're out of ammo. Sneak up on the second one, 
    and repeat this process. Hide their bodies in the janitor's closet, and 
    take the elevator up to the top floor. Here's checkpoint!
    We have seconds before a guard comes around and finds your there. Run 
    out of the elevator and to the left (the camera won't spot you so don't 
    worry). Lockpick the first door you come across (on the left), and jump 
    inside. If a guard follows you, deliver him a headshot. I admit, I was 
    out of ammo so we'd have to fight. Anyways, hide his body in the exact 
    same room, and turn off the lights. See the computer for a data stick, 
    and jump up on the desk the computer is on. Face the door, and jump up 
    once more to your left. Climb into the air ducts, and drop down at the 
    end, and quickly hide behind the plants. Now, here comes the hard part. 
    Run out and quickly into the first room on the left you find. The 
    camera would have seen you by now, but we have a good 5 seconds before 
    the guards come. Take the two health kits on the wall, and climb up the 
    ladder, opening the trap down as you go. Once your up they're, run to 
    your right for a checkpoint, and a rappel object. Heal your wounds (if 
    any) with the health kits, and rappel down. 
    See the guard? Go for a headshot if you have any ammo. If not, press 
    the Y button for Sam to jump into the windows, breaking it. Knock the 
    guard out. Turn the lights off, and grab the guard's... FRAG GRENADE!!! 
    Head over to the computer farthest from when you entered. Grab the data 
    stick there, and now head over to the other computer. Get your frag 
    grenade ready, and press A next to the computer. The information will 
    be downloaded and sent to Lombert, but Grinko will detect this and send 
    3 guards after you. Hide in the corner, equip your frag grenade and 
    throw the grenade as soon as the door opens. The grenade will knock out 
    2 guards, and the third will check the room. If you're in a fairly good 
    hiding place, the guard won't find you and he'll walk over and look at 
    the broken window. Now's your chance. After you've knocked him out, 
    send the rest of the information to Lombert. Mission Accomplished! 
    We need to get the heck out of here, now. Open the door the guards come 
    from. See the camera to the left of you? It's the one that spotted you 
    a couple minutes ago. Anyways, run out to the hallway to your left, and 
    enter the first door on the left. By now the camera should have 
    detected you (I could never get past it undetected), and 3 guards will 
    be sent after you. If you want to fight them, do so, but our main 
    concern is getting away. So after you've entered the first door on the 
    left run down the stairs and make a U-turn. To the right of the door is 
    a health kit. If you want it, grab it, but we don't have any more 
    enemies to fight, so run out the door. Run down this next set of 
    stairs; followed by a right. See what looks like an opened office door? 
    It's an elevator. Take a running start and jump into it and grab the 
    vertical pipe. Slide down it. 
    Look familiar? It's the garage where we took care of Hamlet. Anyways, 
    go back to where Hamlet's car was and there's our getaway ride. Talk to 
    our friend to end the mission.  
    [D. Oil Refinery]
    Mission Overview: Trail the mercenary technician.
    Mission difficulty rating: 4/10. 
    Now this mission is extremely easy (and short for that matter). The 
    only hard part is the first part where you have to navigate around the 
    Rig. Also, I have a good thing and a bad thing facing to tell you. The 
    good thing is that you don't have to hide a single body. The bad thing 
    is if you fall in the water, Mission Over (yes Sam cannot swim). 
    Always, you find yourself on a wooden platform just above the ocean, 
    and your also looking at the main part of the Oil Rig (our 
    destination). Start out by turning right and climbing the ladder to the 
    very top. Now face right and walk all the way until you reach the bared 
    wires. See those pipes at your left? Walk onto them and pass the bared 
    wires. Now walk on to the big pipe, or what I call the 'main pipe'. 
    Keep walking all the way down until you reach some more bared wires and 
    drop down to the right, which so happens to contain some more set of 
    pipes. Crouch, and walk to the end. Un-crouch, face left and jump back 
    onto the main pipe. Keep walking forward until you cannot no further. 
    Solution? Look right. See that pipe? That's where we have to be. Take a 
    few steps back, and run forward, making a sharp right turn and a leap 
    to that pipe. Shimmy over until you reach the main pipe just right 
    under your feet. Jump down onto it. Now crouch, and walk until you 
    reach, yet another set of bared wires. 
    Look right again. This time, there's a zip line. Walk back and find 
    where the Zip line begins (it should be over a platform you can stand 
    on), and jump up on it. BOOM! A huge section of the pipes should now 
    explode, causing Sam to let go of the Zip lines, but lucky he grabs 
    ahold of the platform in front. Pull yourself up, crouch down, and turn 
    left. Move under the main pipe, and turn right. Move a few steps 
    forward, and jump up onto a vertical pipe. Pull yourself up, and onto 
    the main pipe (just let go over it). Take just a few steps forward, and 
    you should come across a big section of the pipe missing. Jump down 
    INTO THE PIPE, and then crouch. Walk forward until the loading zone, 
    and checkpoint. 
    You find yourself in a small dark section. Walk over to the ladder, 
    climb it, open the trap door and watch the cut scene, of 2 guards 
    escorting the technician. Turn around, and wait 10 seconds for the 
    guards to pass. Walk all the way forward until reaching a walkway. Sam 
    can't pull himself up onto it since its too high so look left. See 
    those pipes? Take a few steps back and get on the left side of them. 
    Now left once more, and you should see a small pipe over the ocean. 
    Take a running start, and grab onto it. Pull your self up and face 
    left. Now, this may get a little tricky. Crouch down (so you have less 
    chances of falling), and keep waking all the way over to the walkway. 
    How do you do that? Simple, every intersection you come across, simply 
    take the right pipe and you should reach the walkway. When you do reach 
    the walkway, pull yourself up and crouch down. 
    There's a guard patrolling the walkway over you. Stayed crouched, equip 
    your gun, walk up the stairs, and do him in. Remember, you don't have 
    to hide his body. Walk a little further, and up a different set of 
    stairs. Walk the cutscene of 3 American warships (or F-18s is what I'll 
    call them) start a battle with the Oil Rig. Regardless of what Lombert 
    says, you have all the time in the world. Finish walking up the stairs, 
    and wait for the technician and guards to turn the corner, and all of a 
    sudden, boom. An F-18 hits a big section of the Oil Rig. Continue on.
    Take the guard in front of you out, and turn the corner (to the left) 
    where the technician just did. Take a few steps, and turn right. Take a 
    few more steps and turn left. If your quick, you'll see a guard in 
    front of you - don't take him out, let him follow the technician. If 
    you're slow, you shouldn't see a guard. Either way, a checkpoint 
    Creep around the corner, and wait for the technician and guards to 
    enter the room. Headshot the guard whose standing there, and kill the 
    other one whose patrolling just a little bit further ahead of your 
    first victim. Walk over to the first guard you killed, and you should 
    hear the guards wine about how your Oil Rig is broken. They decide to 
    take a different route since the first door is broken. Go into wall 
    mode the left side of the door they entered. After they pass you, wait 
    about five more seconds (don't go after them), and an explosion should 
    occur, locking the door they entered. No biggie. Now, go out of wall 
    mode, and enter that door. Take the left route all the way around to 
    enter the kitchen. Walk over to that locked door to find a health kit, 
    and exit back out to where you killed the second guard. 
    Around the corner should be a big fire. Stay on the left side, and run 
    through it (a checkpoint pops up just as you are). After you passed the 
    fire, looking over a little to the right. See that big box thingy? Jump 
    up onto it, and also a pipe over your head. Press B to bring Sam's legs 
    up and climb into the room through the window. Suddenly, something 
    occurs, a guard goes crazy would be my best guess. So anyways, bring 
    Sam into the room, drop his legs, take out your gun (still hanging on 
    the pipe), and go for a headshot. Somewhere in this room should also be 
    some ammo. Grab it, and follow the technician. 
    Run up the stairs for another cutscene of the F-18's taking out the 
    helicopter of where the technician should have ran to. Now he is really 
    screwed. Take out the guard in front of you, and look to your 2 
    o'clock. You should see a small building, under the helicopter-pad. 
    There's a health kit inside. Also, there should be another guard 
    shooting at you. He should be to your 9 o'clock of the base of the 
    stairs, on top of a platform. Take him out as well. Now continue 
    following the technician. He ran just left of that small building with 
    the health kit inside. So run left of that building and to your right 
    is a set of stairs. Go down them.
    Wow, we've already been here (we came just up the stairs to your left. 
    Anyways, a guard lurks around the area. Waste all your bullets into him 
    (he'll be your last foe you meet in this level), and enter the building 
    to your 9 o'clock of the base of the stairs. Health kit if you need it 
    just behind the door. Now, there are 3 doors here - one where you 
    entered, and 2 more. Take the door that's left of the right door of 
    your right. Whoa, hard to understand? Just take the door furthest away 
    from you (the door that's left of that machine thingy in the middle of 
    the two). An explosion occurs, DON'T MOVE, or you WILL catch on fire. 
    Sam is still in good condition (if you remembered to use the health 
    kits). Open that door, and make a U-turn to the left. Run down this 
    ally, and turn left. There's an opened gate, and we've already been 
    here, twice! 
    The technician ran back to his boat. Simply take the stairs back down 
    to where we originally saw the first cutscene of the three F-18s. 
    Continue further on, down the stairs, down more stairs, to reach a 
    technician who got the heck scared out of him. Walk all the way behind 
    him, interrogate him a couple of times, and then KO him. Grab his 
    briefcase and we're all set. Just sit back and watch that well made 
    [E. CIA HQ]
    Mission Overview: Trace down the mole in the CIA.  
    Mission difficulty rating: 10/10.
    [Door Codes] 
    1st door: Main Server Room - 2019
    2nd door: Technical Services Room - 7687
    3rd door: Backup Battery Power Room - 110598
    4th door: Weapons Testing Department - 110700
    5th door: Informal Retrieval Service Room - 0614
    [Overlooking] You will find yourself in the front yard of the CIA 
    building on a rainy night. You have no guns, but you do have 'thermal 
    vision' (D-pad right). Check it out. Cool, huh? It will come pretty 
    useful in the CIA building. Remember, you cannot kill a single guard, 
    however you can still KO them. Hiding bodies in here are essential, 
    shooting out lights is recommend, and dodging cameras will be required. 
    Now, I finished this level with barely any health (about 1/10), and 10 
    bullets. I thought the last part was amazingly hard if your not well 
    prepared, and searching around the CIA building for health on your own 
    is strongly recommend as well (I only found 3 health kits). Oh, and 
    here's one last hint: Use up all 3 of your saved files (make sure to 
    put one with bad health/ammo/ect... on a new one). 
    [Starting] We have a limited amount of time before the fans turn on 
    (just over a minute), and there are some agents searching the area as 
    well. Anyways, turn your 'heat vision' (d-pad left) on, and face left. 
    Quickly run across the road to the left side, and run all the way 
    forward towards the CIA building dodging guards (don't brother knocking 
    them out, it's a waste of time) until you reach a fence. The fence 
    contains a section of its bared wires ripped off (the front left), so 
    climb over it and into it. Jump onto that platform thingy, and looking 
    at the building. There's 2 shafts, one to the left, one to the right 
    (doesn't matter which on to take), so jump to the platform in the 
    middle of it (over the light), and then, either to the left or right (I 
    went left) platforms. Explore around the ledge of it until an 
    interaction button occurs - that would be to open the shafts. Do it, 
    and climb inside. Checkpoint. 
    Time to use your thermal vision. Turn it on (d-pad right). See the 
    patrolling guard, or janitor I should say? He won't do anything, except 
    trigger the alarm. So take the janitor out (or simply jump on him, 
    right trigger in mid air, knocking him out) and place him in a dark 
    corner. Now, take a turn around the corner, while staying in the 
    shadows, crouched. Take another turn, this time left, into a long 
    hallway with a camera just down the end of it. Follow my advice 
    (staying in shadows, crouched), and walk down until the camera. Wait 
    until it turns left, and quickly walk over to the base of stairs. SLOW 
    DOWN and look up. See that guard? Wait until he leaves his post and 
    then walk up the stairs. The guard is looking into the middle of 
    nowhere (he must really hate his job), surprise him there. If you made 
    a loud noise another guard should come and check what just happened. KO 
    him as well. Hide their bodies under the stairwell and progress after 
    the base of this next set of stairs. 
    See that camera? Be careful, and enter the first door on your right in 
    the hallway. You're in a conference room. Check the computer for a data 
    stick and head out through the other door. Now this may be a little 
    hard, and take a few attempts, but here it goes. The guard is 
    patrolling on your left. We have to go to the far right as soon as you 
    open your door, but there's a different guard in his booth, just right 
    in front of the door we have to go into. Pass him, slowly (he shouldn't 
    see you) and run through the metal detector, and into that door. Turn 
    right, and run down for a checkpoint.
    Tense music? If so, await the guard (if your lucky, he won't pass the 
    metal detector). If not, listen to this conversation of another CIA 
    agent talking on his cell phone. Wait for him to enter the elevator and 
    enter (literally) this next section. There's on guard on station. If 
    you want to avoid him like I did, make some noise (i.e. jump) and wait 
    for him to come and see what the fuss is about. He should walk around 
    slowly, and go into the previous room of where you've just been, but on 
    the way, he should pass on either the left or right side of this big 
    sign. You be on the opposite side. Once he leaves or is a good distance 
    away, call the elevator, walk into it, press the button, and take it 
    Is it hard already? Well, it's just beginning. Lombert calls in, and 
    tells you that you need to fetch your SC-20ks! Yea baby! Anyways, start 
    this brand new section out by turning around the corner, and walking 
    down this hallway slowly. Shortly after, a sleepy agent/reporter opens 
    his office door, and walks over to the scanner room across his office. 
    KO him for safety reasons. Now await this patrolling guard, and KO him 
    as well so he doesn't get in our way. Take a right at this 
    intersection, and a left shortly followed. 
    Down this hallway, we have a guard on station to your left, and further 
    down another agent in his room across the keypad door we have to go 
    into. Oh, and there's a janitor room where you can hide your bodies, 
    heh. Now, sneak pass this security guard to your left, this agent in 
    his room, and run into the janitor's closet. Turn off the lights in it, 
    and await the janitor. Now, this janitor is going to scream one way or 
    another when you KO him, so be prepared for another guard to come 
    running.  After you KO the janitor, run into this agent's room, and KO 
    him as well (you MUST KO him). Quickly turn off the lights in his room 
    and await the guard. KO him, and hide all their bodies in the janitor's 
    closet. Check the guard/agent's slouch for a data stick (or door code 
    for that keypad door). Enter the code and enter this next room. 
    Wow, a janitor who may run to trigger the alarm or an agent who may 
    kill you. Who to take out first? The janitor! Sneak to him when his 
    back is turned, grab him, and KO him. If you're lucky (I already did 
    this twice, and it worked), the agent won't here it. Now sneak towards 
    the agent's back through the right side of this equipment. KO him as 
    well. Hide their bodies behind the equipment or the place that's most 
    clever to you. This room located after contains a health kit. Use it 
    wisely, and a computer in which a data stick remains in for the door 
    code of the door to the right of the computer. Freaky, huh? Enter the 
    door for a checkpoint. 
    Heh, this next section contains 2 janitors, an alarm, and a guard with 
    a gun. It will be a piece of cake with the excellent strategy I tell 
    you. Quietly, crouch and walk down the stairs. There's a janitor who 
    will hear you, and be brave enough to explore to find out what that is. 
    The second he sees you he will run, KO him around the corner. Now you 
    see yet another janitor run right to you, and cry in front of you (what 
    a bum). KO him as well. Here comes the real superman! The guard 
    explores to see what happened, and on the way he will see the knocked 
    out janitor. He will crouch, put his gun on the floor, and check to see 
    if his OK. The funny thing is, he will have his back to you the whole 
    time. KO him and proceed into this long hallway.
    Walk down the hallway, and make a left. Walk up the stairs, and turn 
    left. A checkpoint should occur. Now look forward. IT'S YOUR SC-20K... 
    not to mention, a 'Ring Airfoil Projectile', a 'Sticky Shocker', and a 
    'Sticky Camera'. Ain't life grand?  Anyways, turn off the lights in 
    this room, and walk out. 
    Creep down this hallway, and take a turn left. See this guy on his cell 
    phone? You have seconds before he hangs up, so KO him, and hide his 
    body in a dark corner of the hallway. Walk back into the 'snack room' 
    he was in, and grab the health hit on the table, and one diet Pepsi. 
    Exit this room, and make a turn to the left. Quickly, walk down in this 
    hallway, and face right, and await this hard part to come. Two guards, 
    maybe three, if I remember correctly, and two reporters. One reporter 
    shall go back into his booth, while another is already there. Once a 
    guard comes close to you, KO him. The next guard should come running. 
    Get behind the corpse of the first guard, and suddenly the second guard 
    will check up on him. Here's your chance, BOOM! Hide their bodies in a 
    dark corner of the hallway if you haven't already done so. Now, gaze to 
    the left. That's the main server room, but before we enter it, look at 
    the right. Reporters in the CIA? Yea, right. KO both them out (they 
    should be in their cubical), and gather data sticks from the 4 
    computers. Now enter the main server room, and save. 
    Take the door on the right, enter the keycode, and slowly walk into 
    this section. There are two janitors in all. Walk forward and down the 
    stairs, and to the right. After a while, the janitor should come into 
    this room. KO him, and enter the bright door on your left. Quickly run 
    and KO this other janitor. See that glass window? That's the agent that 
    would have seen you, but you knocked him out, thanks to my superb 
    walkthrough. Anyways, wait forward to the main server computer (doesn't 
    look a thing like from the movie Mission: Impossible), and press A next 
    to it. Lombert should call you in and tell you we now have to find the 
    mole's (also known as Mitchell Dougherty) computer. Backtrack 
    completely out of the server room. 
    Take a left from the exit of the main server room, and around the 
    corner you come across a checkpoint. See the metal detectors? That's a 
    no-no. The guard's station to the left contains a guard inside. Make 
    some noise (i.e. jump), and the guard should leave his booth. That's 
    where you come in. Enter his booth through the empty 'window', and 
    shoot the lights out with your SC-20k. Now shoot the TV screens out as 
    well. The guard will be dazed by what happened. Pop him with your fists 
    when he comes in. Exit his room through the corridor he returned 
    through. Shoot the lights out in the corridor as well and open the 
    Wow, sure are a lot of lights in this big room. Hehe, destroy them all 
    with the SC-20k's zoom feature. If you miss, a guard will come and 
    check the noise. Now, after the room is as dark as a rat's cave, slowly 
    proceed forward (don't go up the stairs but into the next corridor), KO 
    the janitor, and run into the next hallway. See the guard? KO him as 
    soon as he reaches this big room. Enter the hallway now, and take a 
    left. If you took the janitor out already, then there shouldn't be 
    anyone here. If you didn't take him out, KO him and hide him in a dark 
    corner. Now run down this hallway, and take a left. Walk down the 
    stairs, and take the lights out with your SC-20k. The cameras don't 
    have night vision, but they sure have motion sensors, so walk slowly. 
    You already should have the keycode, if not backtrack, or scroll up to 
    where I give them to you. Open the door and mind the agent.
    Taking on his cell phone, he is. Walking over to the food machine, he 
    goes. Knock him out Yoda style, and destroy all the lights in this 
    room. Enter the next room, that's to the left of the food machines. 
    Visit the computer for a data stick, and a flare. There are 2 more 
    flares next to the gun turret. And for some fun, switch the IFF system 
    of the gun turret off >:^) 
    Now run in front of the gun turret and destroy it in a duel... Just a 
    joke! Anyways, lock pick the door in back of the turret, and then enter 
    the elevator and take it up.  
    Whoa, talk about a long mission; our most difficult part awaits us. 
    Getting off the elevator, turn right. Open this door for 2 agents 
    talking about and analyzing Nikoladze's speech. Anyways, crouch down 
    and walk right behind the operations computer their working on. Walk 
    all the way to the end of it. In front you see a CIA editor copying his 
    papers, and another CIA agent (one from the previous convo), pass just 
    right in front of you. Follow him, silently. Don't brother knocking him 
    out; let him walk his lazy ass down the hallway. Now, we need to find 
    Mitchell Dougherty's office. His office number is 508. It's to the 
    right, of that long hallway. Enter it, and check out his computer. 
    Lombert now wants you to bag him. So leave this room, and start walking 
    down the hallway. 
    At first, this seems impossible - 2 guards, and a camera, and keep in 
    mind we need a good amount of health for the last part. But don't worry 
    - cameras can't see the dark, and one guard wants his break now, heh, 
    heh - fun time. At the base of the hallway, if the coast's clear shoot 
    out the first 3 lights leading into the hallway, and later the last one 
    (he heard me right). The guard walks down the hallway to check out what 
    happened. You know what to do now :^) - KO him, and hide him in 
    Mitchell's office. Now shoot out the last light(s) left in the hallway, 
    and turn left at the end. 
    This next part has several ways of being done: One you can alarm the 
    guards, and speed up the progress by making Mitchell run outside, or if 
    you have patience, wait for Mitchell to walk outside (which might take 
    awhile), and surprise him there. Anyways, there's Mitchell at the 
    coffee machine getting some decaf. Wait until he moves on. 
    On the left side of this new hallway is a locked door (don't brother). 
    On the right section is a movie of Good Burger and later ahead another 
    door with one guard inside. Now, since the guards totally love the 
    movie Good Burger, they won't even see you run by, but let's just 
    crouch and walk slowly for obvious reasons... Follow Mitchell to the 
    door, and wait until he opens it (which might take awhile). If you 
    chose the alarm path, simply lure the guards back down the dark 
    hallway, where you can pick them off one by one (sorta like Pitch Black 
    the movie). Anyways, if you need the door code, it's to the right of 
    the door Mitchell ran too. There's a guard inside. Take him out, get 
    the code, enter it on the keypad, and walk through. Take a right, 
    through some doors for a checkpoint. 
    [Easer Egg (NOT REQUIRED)]
    To the left of the door, however, is a room. Lock pick it and walk 
    inside. Access the computer to get the key code for the locked door in 
    this door. Enter it and walk inside. Three sticky cameras, and three 
    sticky shockers await you. And if you didn't know, this room is called 
    the UFO ROOM! Exit back out as the alarm sounds (ignore it)
    See the patrolling guard outside, KO him and now find Mitchell. He 
    should be crying by now, so sneak up him and bag him. Wait for Lambert 
    to call in, and then knock Mitchell out, and carry his body the rest 
    off the way. Start walking to the left side of the fence in front of 
    you. Take a couple of steps and turn left down this walkway. Turn left 
    at the intersection, and later right at the end. Checkpoint. 
    There ain't gonna be a single checkpoint until the end, and we have a 
    long wait to go. If you have anywhere over 1/2 health, then you won't 
    have much trouble, but your warned, this part is hard. Anyways, open 
    the door in front and carry Mitchell's body down the stairs, slowly, 
    while crouched. Look around the corner to the right of these two doors, 
    and wait for the janitor to leave his post. Drop Mitchell's body in 
    front of the door, and run out and jump onto the first platform thingy. 
    Now, one of two things should happen. The janitor should continue his 
    normal route, whom you could jump on top of (right trigger with no 
    firearm equipped, in the air). Or the janitor will race of and see what 
    happened to Mitchell. Either way, surprise him, and KO him (watch out, 
    one wrong move and he could pull the alarm). Now, if you didn't use a 
    sticky shocker, now would be the time too. Find the other patrolling 
    guard, and KO him or use a sticky shocker on him into his head (equip 
    it, take out your SC-20K, and left trigger to fire). Now grab another 
    sticky shocker on the shelves right of this new door, and equip it. 
    Peek out and fire the sticky stocker into the patrolling guard (which 
    could have been your third patrolling guard around this area). Grab 
    Mitchell's body and slowly creep down the stairs. Make a U-turn and 
    another right when you reach the corner. See that patrolling guard. 
    Wait for him to leave his post, and rush forward and dump Mitchell's 
    body next to the air ducts (where you have some hiding space). Destroy 
    a over head light to the left of the walkway, and the patrolling guard 
    gets into his 'explore' stage. He comes to check out what happen, and 
    finds Mitchell. He checks to see if his okay, now's your chance, pop 
    out, and KO him. YAY! The hard parts over! But there's still one more 
    Grab Mitchell's body and head down the stairs the guard whom you 
    knocked out a second ago, was patrolling. Let go of Mitchell's body, 
    and slowly, while crouched, creep up to the ONE security guard talking 
    to your friends. He shouldn't be too hard to spot, he is the one with 
    the 'security' t-shirt. KO him, and go back for Mitchell's body. Grab 
    him, and dump him in front of your friends. Mission Accomplished (now 
    would be a very good time to scream "HECK YES"). 
    [F. Kalinatek]
    Mission Overview: Recover Encryption Key.
    Mission difficulty rating: 6/10.  
    [Door codes] 
    1st door: 97531
    2nd door: 33575
    3rd door: 1250
    This mission is very, very easy except the last couple of parts, where 
    you're low on ammo, but high on health. Also, remember that you don't 
    have to hide any bodies, horray! Start out by running in a straight 
    line, until you see a door open. Equip your SC-20k, and kill the two 
    guards that come out. Check in the station left of the door they exited 
    from, for a health pack, and run up the stairs through the same door. 
    In front of you now is a guy whose head is only visible. Take him out 
    with a headshot, and the two other guards who race down to the rescue, 
    but end up getting killed. Check their satchel for a data stick. Now 
    check the station, left of the door you exited from, for yet another 
    health pack. Exit now. Take a couple of steps on the left side of the 
    car in front of you. Now turn right. See those crates? Pull yourself up 
    and precede a couple of steps for a checkpoint. Crouch now. 
    Run forward onto that crate that's hanging over the street. Now pull 
    your self up on the horizontal cable line, and climb all the way 
    forward, until the line becomes a zip line, and you slide down. As soon 
    as you drop, face the building. Take a running start and jump over 
    there. Once you reach there, on your left side should be hook to where 
    you can grapple down. Do it. See them guards talking? Take them out, 
    with either your SC Pistol or your SC-20k gun, and rappel down to the 
    end. Now you're on glass. Instead of wasting two bullets, just jump, 
    and you will fall through, unhurt. If you made any noise, a guard 
    should come running out. Kill him, and check his satchel for a data 
    stick, and then enter that door. 
    In front of you are 2 metal detectors. To the right is a door with a 
    keypad. You should have the code to it. Check your OPSAT for that code, 
    and enter it. Proceed inside, and through the next door. Turn on your 
    night vision goggles, and turn left. Walk down, and find the air 
    conduct. Jump up and enter it. Move all the way to the end of it, and 
    drop out of it. Checkpoint. 
    You should witness a cutscene of two workers run out, but later two 
    Russian soldiers kill them, and plant a wall mine. Open the door next 
    to the glass (not the locked one), and go for a head shot on the wall 
    mine, heh heh. Await the third Russian soldier and take him down with a 
    headshot as well. Now enter this area. There's nothing you can do with 
    anyone now, and stay away from the wall mine planted on the wall if you 
    haven't destroyed it. Its motion sensitive and set to go off any minute 
    now. If you simply want one, approach it slowly, and deactivate it when 
    it's glowing green (just press the A button when you see the 
    interaction menu pop up, and the mine glow green). Anyways, proceed 
    down this hallway, and around the corner. Enter the elevator shaft, and 
    you should fall down onto the elevator. Checkpoint as well...
    Crouch down, and run forward, and go into wall mode just left of the 
    glass. The Russian soldiers will be shooting all the computers in that 
    room. Don't worry, and wait until there done. Make some noise, and move 
    behind the plant. Pull out your SC-20k, and sniper the Russian soldiers 
    that come around the corner. Now walk down the hallway, and make a 
    left. Walk down this hallway, until you reach the bright area. Equip 
    your SC-20k, and wait for the Russian soldiers just down the hallway to 
    come. Head one, and the another will be scared to death, and stupidly 
    run into a wall mine he planted, himself. Wow, such intelligence. 
    Anyways, move to your 10 o'clock into a room that's on fire. Slowly 
    walk inside crouched, and talk to the scientists. Two wall mines are 
    right there. They tell you not to move, but it looks like your going to 
    have it. Slowly walk up to the first wall mine (either or), and when 
    the interaction screen pops up, press the A button the EXACT moment the 
    green light is glowing on the mine. Its disarmed. Repeat this step for 
    the second one, and talk to the scientists. They don't have the 
    encryption key, but there's a bomb. Save now.
    As soon as they tell you the door code for the archives, run out of the 
    run even when Lombert is talking. Make a u-turn left and down this 
    hallway. Enter the code (if you forgot it, its in your OPSAT), and walk 
    in. There's a million wall mines in here. Now, we have several ways of 
    doing this. Either you can run all the way down, or you can walk all 
    the way down. I don't think its possible walking, so we're running (I 
    lost a bit of health for a stupid mistake, but you may be lucky). 
    Face the fire, run down, and turn right just before it. To your 11 
    o'clock is a door. Run into it. Across this door you entered, is 
    another one. Run across it and into that door. To your 10 o'clock is 
    the door back to the main hallway. Run there. Now grab your lock pick, 
    and walk over to the door marked archives. Open it (it's a complex 
    lock, so it'll take you around 20-30 seconds). Make a u-turn left once 
    in that room, and climb upon these boxes. Simply disable the bomb (A 
    next to it). I finished this with 34 seconds left, and 1/5 health lost. 
    Now would be a good time to save, when the checkpoint pops up. 
    Go back out into the main hallway, and look into the new one. Head shot 
    this soldier in sight. Another guard runs out. I think you own what to 
    do. Anyways, take the first left you see. Run all the way down this 
    hallway. You see that door? That's where we have to be, but we don't 
    have the code for it, so run down to the speaker stand in this 
    auditorium. Face the opposite way away from the speaker stand and take 
    the right. Walk forward, and you should see stairs going down, but, 
    your over the steps. A chance to surprise to your guests, hehe. Now 
    drop down into the steps, but while hanging. You witness a cut scene of 
    troops running down for backup. Take them out while their standing on 
    top of the stairs, right in front of you. If you miss this chance, peek 
    around the previous corner for another opportunity. Now jump down, and 
    walk to the base of the stairs. Take a right, and run down this big 
    hallway, or dry cleaning one I should say. Make another right, followed 
    by one more right, and right down this hallway. See the desk? Grab the 
    bullets for your SC-20k/Pistol, a health kit, and frag grenades. Also, 
    pull the switch across the desk. Exit back to the top of the stairs.
    More troops are hunting your ass. Take out your SC-20k, and go for a 
    headshot. Remember to make some noise if you don't see your victims. 
    There's 2 guards in all. After the tense music ends, proceed and rob a 
    guard's satchel. There should be a data stick inside for the combo of 
    the keypad door. Enter the code and enter inside. 
    Above you are two guards talking about their dating problems (don't 
    brother shooting them from the glass its bullet proof. Anyways, crouch, 
    and walk up the stairs. There's a small space to where you can see 
    their heads. Put them out of their miserly. Anyways, from the top of 
    the stairs, walk forward, take a right, walk some more, and take 
    another right. Once again, let's walk some more, this time to all the 
    way down the hallway. Turn left there. To your right, there's a room 
    where two health kits, but don't go there yet. Equip your SC-20k, and a 
    guard should be patrolling the area, and come into you. Do him in, and 
    take the health kits. Walk back out, and take a right u-turn from that 
    room's exit. Walk down this hallway slowly, and take a left. Find a 
    crack in the glass, take your SC-20k out, and go for another headshot 
    on this guard who thinks he's cool. Run in further down this hallway, 
    and see both of his computers for a data stick, and to open up that 
    locked iron door. Exit this 'little area', and enter that door. Lambert 
    will call in, and tell you that you need to get to Ivan with the 
    encryption key, before the Russians get to him and kill him. 
    Open this door, and walk up the stairs, and open the next door. Some 
    guard had too much coke and will run off to the bathroom. Another guard 
    will walk in front of you and look out into outer space. Here's your 
    chance, to KO him, and spare some bullets. Now walk to where the guards 
    were talking, turn around the corner, through the door, and KO this 
    guard that's 'in the process'. Now move towards the air ducts. Climb 
    in, and move left. Equip your SC-20k and go for a headshot of this 
    Russian guard ready to do in Ivan. Talk to Ivan now.  
    After a couple of minutes, Ivan will decide to finally give you the 
    key. Now, open the exit, and you see that you were in the ladies room. 
    Why was Ivan in there? Nevermind that (me and my lame jokes)... Take a 
    right, and walk down this hallway. Call the elevator, and take it up...     
    You're now on the roof with Russian soldiers as well. Walk a little bit 
    further, and take out a frag grenade. Throw it in that little 
    unfinished area. Taking out a Russian soldier. Two more will run in. Go 
    for a headshot on them as well. Now, after you did all three of them 
    in, walk forward to where they were, and face left. Open that door, if 
    it's locked, and face left again. Walk into this room, and jump up, 
    onto the crates. Pull yourself up, and face to your 9 o'clock. Drop 
    down, and face to your 11 o'clock. Enter this next area and a half to 
    spot some crates. A patrolling guard wonders into your sight. I think 
    you know what to do. Now, another guard wonders into your sight! Do to 
    him, what you did the first guard. Oh, and don't forget that box of 
    frag grenades on the crate, a little bit further on your right. A 
    health pack rests as well, right of the door. Now enter that room the 
    guard was in. 
    Turn right, and walk into the next area through the doorway. There are 
    three Russian guards in here. Do them in, and walk to your 1 o'clock 
    from the base of the door. See that door? Enter it. Walk down this 
    hallway, and face right. Walk down that hallway as well, and face left 
    at the door all the way to the end of it. Walk up the stairs. 
    This new area should be the most difficult part of this level. Two 
    Russian guards are throwing grenades at you through windows above, 
    while another Russian guard prepares to kill you with his Ak. If you 
    have any frag grenades use them on the Ak guard. If not, sniper him 
    like you would do later on to the two Russian guards above. After they 
    fall, and the action music ends, walk to your 10 o'clock from the base 
    of the door you just entered. Walk up the stairs, and to your left. 
    Walk down this short hall-like maze, and face left at the end of it. 
    You see some crates. There's some ammo on top. There's also a door to 
    your 1 o'clock, with some guards at the end of that hallway. Pull out a 
    mine (you should have at least one), and place it to the left of the 
    door, and move back. Fire one bullet in that crowd of three guards, and 
    hide (I advice you not to take them on, because they have damn good 
    accuracy). Now watch the show, as the first guard runs in, and the wall 
    mine explodes just as two other guards run in. Wait for the fire to die 
    down, and at the base of the hallway, turn right. Some ammo awaits you 
    on some crates. Grab it, and exit back into the hallway. 
    Run down this hallway, and face left in this next hallway. Face left 
    again, and you should see a wall mine in a bathroom, or what looked 
    like a bathroom, through a crack in the wall. Take out your gun, and 
    fire into it (if you want to, grab it, but we don't need it), and run 
    down the rest of this hallway. Face left, and this door, and walk 
    forward. Spot the wall mine on the support beam, and just as a guard 
    walks in this room, fire into the wall mine. Boom! Enter the room he 
    was just in. Run down this short hallway, and face right. Run down this 
    next short hallway into an open area. 
    Shoot the lights out, and wait for the guard to wonder what happened. 
    Go for a headshot on him, and wait a few more seconds. A second guard 
    should come into your sights, do him in. And yet a third guard should 
    join them, with a headshot from yours truly. Anyways, run down into 
    this open area, and face right. Run down this next area, and face right 
    again. Run down this new area, and face left. Do the same once more, 
    and you should get a checkpoint, as well as a sad cutscene, which I 
    won't spoil for you. 
    To get revenge, jump down and walk forward. Sniper the guard all the 
    way down this area, and try to find the next guard. If you're low on 
    health, use sticky shockers, or whatever else you may have. You should 
    have around 3 health kits - use them up, if needed. Now, walk over to 
    the crates on your right, a little bit further ahead. Grab onto it, and 
    jump up onto it. See that ladder to your 10 o'clock? Jump over there, 
    and climb it. Sniper the guard out if you already haven't done so, and 
    move forward. Pull yourself up on this support beam, and walk over to 
    your left to finish this level.     
    [G. Chinese Embassy]
    Mission Overview: Find the Chinese/Georgian Connection.  
    Mission difficulty rating: 8/10. 
    Back to hiding bodies, and staying on probation (AKA not being able to 
    kill). Also a great tip of you, if you're playing on your own: Kill 
    when you have to kill, KO when you can't kill, and pass by when all 
    else fails. Basically, it means you don't have to KO everyone in this 
    level, and you could simply run by. One more thing, do not use any of 
    your special gadgets until the last part. Trust me on this. 
    Start out by facing the opposite way of the Van's headlights. Walk down 
    this friendly neighborhood, and take the first right you have. Walk 
    down this ally, and jump on a dumpster. Pull yourself up, and silently 
    drop down into this next area. Two guards, there are. You can either 
    pass them by, or KO them. Once you've done your method of choice, at 
    the end of this ally, turn left. Run down this next ally, and find the 
    trashcan that's on fire. Walk to the right of it, and climb the stairs 
    for a checkpoint.
    This is the area where most people have trouble. There are about three 
    Chinese guards, with damn good ears. Walk forward onto the wooden 
    structure, forgetting they're even there. Climb this ladder and walk a 
    bit further. Jump up onto the horizontal rope, and climb forward to the 
    balcony of this house/apartment. There's a health kit, and a 
    checkpoint. Remember to shoot out the light. 
    Walk over to the edge, and go into wall mode. Walk down this edge, and 
    go out of wall mode. Turn right, and climb down this ladder, and 
    suddenly run behind the dumpster. Crouch, and wait for this guard (in 
    front of the trashcan to leave his post). Follow him, and KO him if you 
    want. Avoid him, is what I did. Finish walking down this ally to find a 
    huge courtyard with spotlights, and guards. Study the guard's movements 
    and when the coast is clear, run down in a straight line, between the 2 
    spotLIGHTS. When you reach the gate, walk a little to the right, and 
    out onto the street. Face left again, and find the manhole. Climb into 
    it as fast as you can. Checkpoint.
    We have to be quick if we want to take out three guards here. Face the 
    light bulb, and run down this hall. Turn left, and run down all the 
    way. There are three Chinese guards taking about Pokemon. Equip your 
    SC-20k, with a sticky shooter, and fire it (Left trigger) into the 
    water where they stand. All three of should go in la-la land. If not, 
    KO whoever is still alive. We just saved a great deal of health. 
    Anyways, turn right, and run down this hallway until coming to an 
    intersection. Take a left, and grab a health kit down there, and exit 
    back to where the Chinese guards where. 
    This part should be a little hard to explain, but we can best it. From 
    where the guards lay, run ALL the way down this hallway until to starts 
    to go right. Once the hallway turns all the way back to the direction 
    we came from, look up. A ladder! Climb up it, and save.
    Don't move, not.even.an.inch. A Chinese guard should stop right next to 
    the manhole, and his shadow should occur in your sight. Wait until it 
    disappears, and wait three more seconds. Climb out, and turn right. 
    Here's a guard whose back is to you. KO him, and hide in the shadows. 
    Equip your SC-20k with a diversion camera, and fire the camera next to 
    the guard's body. The guard who you saw a second before should come 
    over to wait him up. Gas (press Y button in Diversion camera) him. Hide 
    their bodies. 
    Make your way over to the ladder next to this wooden platform. Climb it 
    and move a little forward. Jump up onto the horizontal pipe, and climb 
    all the way over to the next wooden platform. Drop down, and face left. 
    Jump up there. Once there, spot the vertical pipe. Climb it, and face 
    left. There's our destination, a guy who resembles a guard. Talk to 
    him. Now, once done, move forward. There should be a health kit on this 
    bench. Grab it, and step up on this other wooden platform in front of 
    you. Rappel down.
    This part is one of the hardest parts in the level/game. It should take 
    you a couple of attempts to perform, but here it goes. Start out by 
    taking out this light bulb, and turn around. Enter this building, and 
    hide behind the trashcan on the left side. A guard should come in. 
    Don't move. He shouldn't see you, and walk by. Run into his back, so he 
    sees you, and alerts the other guards. KO him, remembering your not 
    Superman. Hide behind the trashcan again. If the action music is still 
    playing, you've done everything right. Another guard should run into 
    this room, and spot his friend. KO him once he is bending down to save 
    him. Repeat this process for the next guard. Head out through where 
    they came in. 
    Run forward, and turn right around this corner. Stick to the left wall, 
    and run all the way down. The first left hallway you come across, turn 
    there (it will take you a while to get there)... Destroy this light, 
    and move forward. Wait until this guard climbs the ladder in front of 
    you, before proceeding. After he climbs the ladder, and leaves your 
    sight, walk down this ally, and turn left. Equip your SC-20k with your 
    Ring Airfoil Projectile. Wait until the guard turns the corner (should 
    take awhile), and when you're at point blank range - Fire it into him, 
    and quickly run up in front of him, and hit him once. He's down. Hide 
    his body, and climb the ladder. There's some ammo next to the window. 
    Grab it, climb down the previous ladder, and turn the corner. A truck 
    pops up in your sight. We have a few minutes (not that many), during 
    which, we need to enter the embassy. Grab your SC-20k with your 
    diversion camera, and fire it into the patrolling guard's feet. Press 
    the Y button to gas him to sleep. Now while staying in the shadows, 
    approach the van. Checkpoint. 
    Cross the street via Shadows, and turn right. Walk forward, and turn 
    the corner. There's the truck, and the gate opened. Run into the 
    embassy, and listen in the convo with the guard, and driver. When the 
    guard goes in to check the driver's ID (and turn his body to you), 
    enter his booth, and KO him (forget the driver). Turn out the lights in 
    it, and exit the booth. At the booth's base, turn left, and run down to 
    the other side past the gate. Turn left again, and run under to the 
    truck. See this guard? Use your sticky shooters to do him in. Now run 
    underneath the second truck. Go for a headshot on the doggie (I know, 
    its sad). The patrolling guard goes to see what it is. Wait a few 
    seconds, until he returns back to his post. Run to the ally he is 
    guarding, wait for him to walk down, and while staying to the right 
    side in the shadows, run all the way down. 
    Here's the main part of the embassy. Face the red building, and run 
    past the wooden bridge, and hide in the garden. Quickly equip your 
    Laser Mic., and point it at the window (top floor, red building). 
    Yada, yada, yada. The general decides to continue his convo in his 
    limo.  Wait for him to exit, and get inside his limo. Point the laser 
    mic. at his limo's window. Yada, yada, yada. We find out the truth. 
    Time to get the heck out of there. Take the two guards out near the red 
    building with anything you've got left. Now face the gate. To the left 
    of it is a guard in his booth. Fire your smoke bomb into it. He's out 
    cold. Now, take aim to the camera, right of the booth. Take it out, and 
    head over there. Behind the booth is a ladder (to your left of the 
    gate). Climb it, and drop down. Mission over.  
    [H. Abattoir]
    Mission Overview: Rescue the American soldiers. 
    Mission difficulty rating: 9/10.
    Oh yes, you'll have loads of fun with this mission *grin*. A thing to 
    remember - there are around 5-6 health kits, and ammo only appears 
    once. Save some of your SC-20k ammo for the last part, which you will 
    need. Start out taking out your SC-20k and using the zoom feature to 
    take out the guy directly in front of you. Peek around the corner and 
    take out both Mr. Bad Guy 2 and 3. One of them will drop a satchel. 
    Pick it up. Now, run into this Shaq all the way down this walkway. 
    Enter it. You will be prompted to save as soon as you reach the 
    opposite door. Take note of that health kit in the corner as well. Now 
    get your game going for this next part will be really fun (or hard). 
    As soon as you open the door, take out the guard sitting on the box to 
    your 2 o'clock. Now, from the door look left and up. There's a walkway. 
    A guard's head comes into view. Put him out of his misery with a 
    headshot from the SC-20k. Now look a little bit to the left from the 
    walkway. Yet another walkway in the distance and another guard. Go for 
    the headshot. Also, I need to remind you here - If you miss, these 
    guards, a.k.a. ruthless snipers will take you out in 3 clean hits as 
    they do go for headshots as well. Before proceeding, there's a guard 
    that's sleeping that's impossible to kill unless he is awake and in the 
    open. Walk into the beginning of the minefield and grab the attention 
    of the searchlights so the alarm will go off. This will wake up Mr. 
    Sniper or should I say Mr. Grenade holder number 4. Take him out from 
    the first walkway with a headshot. Now onto the minefield.
    I can't really help you here or give you detailed directions, but I'll 
    try. There's really nothing to it. Turn on the thermal goggles and look 
    on the ground. Those 'blinking' dots are the mines. Step on it and you 
    won't live to kill another guard again. From the entrance to the 
    minefield, take a right (from the trash bin) and jump onto the sets of 
    boxes. To your 11 o'clock is another set of boxes. Running leap over 
    there should do the trick. If not, just walk and climb back on. Now 
    once you're on the second pair of boxes, look to your 9 o'clock (or 
    left) and at the gate. Jump over there. Move along with the gate down 
    for 1/4 of the minefield. This next part will be more of a challenge to 
    explain, but simply walk to your 1 o'clock until you see a mine in the 
    middle of 2 boxes. Blow it up with a bullet from your SC-20k (or 
    pistol). The noise should get the attention of Mr. Guard number 5 (the 
    last one). He is on the walkway in front of you, not to be mistaken 
    with the one where Mr. Grenade holder was. Anyways, deal with him. And 
    pass the blown up mine. Jump on the last pair of boxes and then jump to 
    your right. Move along the wall and into the room. Health kit in the 
    corner. Grab it, jump on the trash bin nearest to the lights, and wall 
    jump into the vent. Save.
    Make your way through the vents until you reach the end. Now, this may 
    get a little tough, but try and come out of it with full health. First 
    thing you gotta do is make some noise. So go out, onto the roof and 
    simply jump. The guards below assume it was just a rat. So wait some 
    more and jump again. Now they get pissed and come out. Run back into 
    the vents, and wait a couple of seconds or simply take them out from 
    when they open the door directly to your left. If you didn't take the 
    risk of killing them, the first guard ends up by the satellite, and the 
    second in the middle of the roof. Take them both out. Now head over to 
    the satellite and interact with it by turning it off. The guards 
    downstairs notice this, and send a team out to eliminate you. Save, and 
    quickly run underneath the wooden walkway. Snipe both that come out. 
    Now head up onto the walkway, and instead of opening the door head 
    further and take a right. Remember the guards you sniped? One has a 
    health kit in a satchel. Grab it. Head back to the door, lock pick it, 
    and head in. 
    Two doors. Take the right one and head down the stairs, and open the 
    door to the left. Now, in here you may loose some health, but you've 
    already have enough health kits, and you will get some more. There are 
    several ways of killing these three guards. One - Make some noise 
    (a.k.a. jump) and the guard comes to check it out. Snipe him, or better 
    yet, equip a sticky camera and toss it directly into his head. Repeat 
    this with the second guard that comes in. Two - Jump up onto the pipe 
    above your head (to the right of the barrels), climb forward, and equip 
    your pistol. Now, take out the first guard with a headshot, and the 
    second that comes and sees what happens. The second way is for experts 
    only. Now wherever you are, jump up onto the pipe anyways, and climb 
    forward until you reach the locker underneath you. The fall won't hurt 
    you unless you jump directly onto the locker. Quickly turn around as 
    the third and final guard comes into the room. Kill him. Now, check the 
    computer, and to the right of where you came into this room is a health 
    kit. Grab it, and move out to the left. Shoot out the lights further 
    ahead in this hallway (so the guards can't see you pass) and take a 
    left at the end. There's a room to your left with a guard inside. Take 
    him out with your pistol and check the computer. Now, this part took me 
    a while to figure out where to go next since your 'boxed' and 'locked' 
    in, but look down to the left of the door you just entered. You see the 
    grating? Jump in there, run forward and save. 
    Make your way through the entire vents until you get to a vertical 
    pipe. Climb onto it and up. Up here, you are directly over the ceiling 
    with 3 nasty guards below it. The first one that comes into view you 
    can snipe. Repeat this with the second and third. One of them drops a 
    satchel. Pick it up to find a med kit inside. Now, proceed into the 
    next room. Here, you will have to use your thermal vision or what I 
    call heat vision. Turn it on and go to the direct 2 o'clock in this 
    room. Equip your sticky camera and throw it into the patrolling guard's 
    head (that comes around the corner) for an instant KO. Move into the 
    room he was patrolling and snipe the guard in the distant. Remember to 
    pick your sticky camera up (and use it again later, hehe), and a 
    satchel from one of the guards. Walk down this 'hallway' but before you 
    enter the next room - STOP. There's a pretty nasty turret to your left 
    however, it can be turned off really quick. As soon as it moves to the 
    other part of room (or all the way to your right), run to its control 
    center or 'box' to the left of it. Disable it and proceed to the next 
    room or hallway. 
    The next part will be hard seeing as there are 3 guards - one of which 
    has a grenade. But we can fix that all. Throw your just recently found 
    grenade into that room's wall so it bounces off and lands right next to 
    both of the guards. They run, but die. I've noticed that this trick 
    works and ends up killing both of the guards, or just one. If that is 
    the case, the second guard runs in, kill him with the SC-20k. Now, peek 
    into the room (be careful and watch for any grenades that might be 
    thrown at you), and kill the last guard. Check his satchel as well. 
    Now, walk all the way left from the way you just entered this room. 
    Walk all the way down (hugging the left wall). There's a guard that 
    comes into view. Kill him with the SC-20k. By now if your ammo reads 
    low 20s, you're right where I am. Walk into the center of the room, 
    where you killed the two guards. There are two machines to your left 
    with a couple of boxes in the middle where you can jump onto. Do so, 
    and jump onto the overhead pipe. Bring your knees up, and climb all the 
    way down, past the turret and next couple of machines. Drop down and 
    face right. Move all the way down, and you'll see a table with a med 
    kit. Grab it, and walk into the next room. Here, turn left and walk 
    down even more. Finally, a save point!
    Slowly walk down this hallway and turn to the right. There's a guard 
    with his back to you. Wait for the timing (make sure the 2 guards both 
    left and right to him aren't close to him). Grab him and use him as 
    body armor </another lame punt>. The guard to the right of him comes 
    first. Head or body shot is fine. Repeat with the guard to the left of 
    him. Now KO him and don't brother killing him unless you have to. 
    Remember watch your ammo. Now, move to the northwestern part of this 
    room. Another grating open. Jump in, crouch, and move to the right. 
    Once out of the grating, you find yourselves in an upstairs room. 
    First, take out your pistol and take only 2 lights opposite of the 
    stairwell. You see that mid kit. Don't pick it up just yet. Make some 
    noise (jump up), and a guard comes to see what happens. Take out your 
    stick camera and fire it into his head (keep trying if you don't get 
    it. Now, pick your sticky cameras back up, as well as the med kit, and 
    move down the stairs. Take a right. This room contains an 'ally' down 
    below where the poor cows use to be killed *tear*. Take another right 
    and walk down and activate the switch. Drop down below, and head 
    forward. Loading Zone. Save. 
    About half way down (a little less), yet less than half ammo. Walk all 
    the way down, crouch, and take out your pistol. Turn right and look 
    through that opening. Patrolling guard that passes - shoot him in the 
    head or body. Walk out and pick up all the flares in this room. Now, 
    head into that next hallway. There's another patrolling guard - shoot 
    him in the head with the pistol, or hit him with a sticky camera from 
    the SC-20k. Walk down this hallway and turn right. Walk into this cow 
    killing room and jump to make some noise. A guard comes and sees what 
    happens. Kill from the pistol, KO with the sticky camera from the SC-
    20k. Walking down the hallway, take note of that turrent to the right. 
    I haven't still found a way past him except throwing a flare right next 
    to the turret, and running. Take cover near that small wooden wall in 
    the middle, and run the rest of the way out. Regain your health if you 
    need, and take a left. Walking down this hallway, take a right. See 
    those guards? It's very possible to take them out with a headshot from 
    the SC-20k, and not lose any health. However, you've still got 1 smoke 
    grenade. Your choice. 
    After you've done with them, walk all the way down this hallway for a 
    med kit. Enter the same cow killing room again, and enter the first cow 
    'den' on your left. In the back, there's a small pathway for you to 
    grab on, and walk all the way down. Exit next to the turrents and 
    disable them both. Resume your path down this hallway, and take notice 
    of yet another turrent to your left. Again, I haven't the best solution 
    for this, so all you will have to do is run past while throwing a flare 
    to grab its attention. Take cover near that wooden wall. And run again. 
    Take a right once you're out of this room and save.  
    Move forward past the curtain, and shoot the 2 guards in the head. Move 
    all the way down, and take a left and another left. We are nearing the 
    end right now. Take a right into this cow killing room. To the left 
    from where you entered is some ammo. Also, if you didn't hide any 
    bodies like I did, 2 alarms will go off and Lombert will threaten to 
    cancel the mission, but he won't. Now, go into the rear part of the 
    room. The left turret - disable the IFF system, but keep it on. The 
    right torrent - disable the IFF system and turn it off. Now enter the 
    room on the right. Take to the guy for a long cutscene and get ready 
    for one hell of a battle. 
    If you're well equipped, you can easily win this thing. Run out and go 
    into wall mode. Also take note of that health kit on the bench to the 
    right of the walkway. Now, shoot anyone that comes down this way, which 
    are about 3-4 guards. Your main concern is the grenade guy. Take him 
    out, and the 2 guards that run down this walkway. The turrent should 
    take care of another. This is the way I did it. Yes, sometimes the 
    guard ended up throwing a grenade into the American soldiers room. 
    Sometimes they didn't. It's a risk. After the first battle is over, 
    Grinko decides to take you on with one more guard. Your objective is to 
    kill him. You should have lots of stuff to waste. Do it. Smoke 
    grenades, frag grenades, whatever you need. Use it. Grinko has a little 
    more health then the guards did. Okay, he has a lot more health. Try 
    and move up all the way where Grinko is, while having some cover. If 
    you have a lot of health and ammo, just run in and kill him. Remember 
    to take note of the second guard. However, if you barely have any 
    health and ammo, memorize the movements of Grinko, and snipe him out. 
    That's it. This battle is over.   
    [I. Chinese Embassy 2]
    Mission Overview: Discover President Nikoladze's secret. 
    Mission difficulty rating: 8/10.
    [Door Codes]
    1st Door: 1436
    2nd Door: 9753
    3rd Door: 1456
    4th Door: 1834
    5th Door: 7921
    Here we are in this beautiful alleyway. Turn to your left and you 
    should see what looks like the back door to a Chinese restaurant. Enter 
    it. Quickly run up to the cook (on the right side) and knock him out. 
    Run behind this table or 'island' and wait for the Chinese guards to 
    enter. As soon as they do, shoot them with your pistol. There are two 
    of them (remember their satchel). Now, hide their bodies in the 
    bathroom (to the left of the door the guards came from). And make it 
    the women's bathroom, hehe. Now, head back in the kitchen, and from 
    where you original entered this place (from the outside), to your 2 
    o'clock is a ladder in the corner. Climb it. You'll now get a message 
    from Lambert saying that we will have a problem with the door codes. 
    Tsk, tsk. Ignore him and climb the second ladder. To your left is a big 
    wood connecting the restaurant to an empty hotel. Cross into it. Equip 
    your pistol and kill the guard around the corner. Watch out, he can do 
    some pretty rough damage. Head to where he came from, which should be 
    the further hallway from the wooden walkway. Down that hallway and to 
    the left of it is a balcony. Once on that balcony, turn right and you 
    should see a pipe. Climb up onto it, and onto the zip line. Head all 
    the way down, and Sam will grab the ledge. Shimmy across it. Watch out 
    - in the windows is a guard. Don't let him see you. After all those 
    turns, you cannot head further. Drop down to the ledge below you, and 
    grab a hold of that vertical pipe. Climb onto it, and into the 'vent'. 
    Look down to find a room below you. Drop down there, and save. 
    Head forward into this small hallway and into the opened room. To the 
    right is a crack in the wall (also in front of you is a health kit). A 
    big one. Big enough for you to slip into. Do it. Inside, go into wall 
    mode and walk down to the very end. Exit wall mode, and slide down the 
    pipe. Now go into wall mode again, and start moving. You will hear 
    gunshots, but they are not at you, so don't worry. The Chinese guards 
    are destroying the harddrives. Ignore them, and walk all the way down. 
    Do NOT grab the guard. Instead let them all leave. Right before they 
    actually open the door to leave, stick out of there and throw a 
    grenade. Bye bye! Heh. Go to where they WERE opening the door, and open 
    it. To the right is the computer you need to access. Do it. Now turn 
    around and open the door across from the computer. Move forward for a 
    Before you go anywhere, to your right is a door with 2 health kits 
    inside. Grab 'em and turn left to where the checkpoint was. Enter that 
    door to see a staircase. While crouched, slowly go up it. Take out your 
    SC-20k and look around for that patrolling guard. If he is not near the 
    first guard, shoot him in the head. He will eventually gasp and move 
    toward him to find out with happen. Don't kill him. Instead wait for 
    him to leave. Now, take 2-3 steps forward and 2-3 steps to the side. 
    There's a camera directly ahead (a little left) and up - destroy it. 
    Now, kill the last guard that goes back around the corner. Now hide the 
    bodies anywhere (I did it in that little dark area to the left of the 
    door and precede ahead. From the door you just entered, take a right, 
    walk down, and take another right. Enter that door in front of you. 
    Here, shoot out the lights, and the guard that comes to investigate it. 
    Move to where he was, and kill that second guard. This would be a good 
    time for a nap but Sam can't take one ;_;. Also, take note of that 
    health kit to the left of you on that bed. Now move to the opposite 
    side of the bedroom, and a small left.  
    Some people might do this differently, but I found, the best damn way 
    through this. Actually my friend did, but who's counting? Slip your 
    Optic Cable under the door (ignore Lombert and that other girl), and 
    move it to the left. The second* the guard punches that last key (4 
    keys in all), open the door, wait one second, and throw a grenade out. 
    If the timing is right (work on it), this kills both the guards (saves 
    a lot of health), and doesn't require you to do that trick. Quickly run 
    into the room and STOP next to the door. There's a turrent to your 
    right. So turn right (facing the door), and jump up and get a hold of 
    that ledge. Jump over the vases (3 in all). The last vase I want you to 
    jump ONTO. This will help you reach the ledge above you. Pull yourself 
    up, and turn the IFF recognition system off on the turrent. Watch as 
    the two guards die in front of you, a laughable death. Ha! Now, turn 
    the turrent off, and grab their satchels. Go back to the turrent, and 
    take out your SC-20k. You see that opposite hall down there? Shoot all 
    the chandlers out including the main one (big one in the center of the 
    room). Now grab ahold of the horizontal pipe above you, and shimmy down 
    there. Pause right before the railing and watch for the colonel. 
    The second guy will go in the door, and watch as it closes. This may be 
    a little tough, but here it goes. Let go of the railing right behind 
    the colonel and quickly press the B button for a silent land. Now tap A 
    as fast as you can because the grab character icon pops up. Yay. Easier 
    than we tough. Force cooperation to open the door. Now use him as a 
    human shield and take out the second guard in there. Knock out the 
    colonel, shoot out the lights, and slide the left window out. Don't 
    worry about the fall, as it triggers a loading zone and a checkpoint.
    Whoop out your SC-20k, and shoot out the lights on your right next to 
    the entrance. Quickly go over there, and shoot the guy in the distance. 
    Now, watch out for the dog on your left. Don't kill him ;_; but do what 
    you must in order to save your own hide. Two other guards come running 
    from the left. Watch for it as they run onto the bridge for a perfect 
    headshot! Do so. Now, making sure all enemies are KOA (Killed-In-
    Action) or rather TBS (Taken-By-Surprise), look all the way forward 
    until you reach a wall. Move to your right to see a gate. Go there. 
    Open it, walk inside, and open the next gate. Slowly move forward still 
    in the shadows, and find the guard. See the camera above and to the 
    right of his head? Wait for it to move to the right, shoot the guard in 
    the head, and then take out the camera. Hide the corpse in the gate 
    room (where you just were), and move to the door he was guarding. Open 
    it for a checkpoint. 
    Health kit next to the water jug. Now open the next door in this room, 
    and go down the stairs - slowly and crouched. At the base of the stairs 
    turn right (if haven't) and move forward. There's a space for you to 
    fit (thanks missing box). Next jump up, and down. And repeat the 
    process. If you're quick enough, the door will just be opened for you. 
    If your not - ha. Use the thermal goggles trick. This is it:
    Red (press last) < Orange (second last) < Yellow (third last) < Light 
    Green (fourth last) < Green (if you are very slow) < Light Blue (if 
    your slower than slow). Blue is the regular color of the buttons that 
    hasn't been pushed. If the whole keypad is blue - you're TOO slow. 
    Proceed inside. Checkpoint. Grab the health kit on the right side of 
    the wall or in front as soon as you enter. Also, plenty of ammo for 
    you. You're back on your left. Start by head shooting the guard 
    guarding the door. Take note of the camera ABOVE his head at the other 
    side of the door and a little to the right. 
    Walk out of the room making sure the coast is clear. If it is, take out 
    the camera. The guards become on alert. Kill the one in the distance if 
    you see him. The other guard will run at you. Walk back into the room 
    and wait him out. He will rush into the room, and you will kill him. 
    Now, hide the bodies in this room, shoot out the lights, and grab the 
    addition ammo (on the table or next to it). Head back out. At the base 
    of the door, head to your 1 o'clock. You should come to a garage door. 
    Turn right and destroy that camera. Head directly below that camera and 
    turn around. You see that crate?  Jump onto it (little one first). Then 
    onto the big one, and then onto the ledge above you. Run down this 
    walkway for a cutscene. The trucks are leaving and you have very little 
    time. If you're crouched, go 'uncrouched' and run down this walkway. 
    Take a right, and another at the end. Run down the stairs (quickly take 
    note of that trap door to the left (and back) of the stairs). Keep 
    going forward from the base of the stairs, and take a left. There's a 
    small window. Now - all you gotta do is send one bullet into the gas 
    tank of the truck nearest to you (don't worry about the explosion). If 
    the second one leaves, you still have a chance to snipe it in the 
    distance. Funny Cutscene. The guards know where you are. Clumsy guards. 
    Run to the trap door (back of the stairs you came from), and go down 
    it. Checkpoint. 
    This mission is basically done. The hard stuff is over. In this narrow 
    hallway, wait for the guard to turn around, then snipe SOME of the 
    lights in the middle of it. Sniped the guard out too. Move to where he 
    was (the middle hopefully) and wait for the colonel to come around the 
    corner. He stops almost right next to you as he gets an important 
    message. Let him put some time in between you and him. No walk down 
    this hallway and make a left. Open the door, and make a right. Wait for 
    the door in the distance to close and use the thermal trick or just 
    type in 1456. Walk inside and call the lift. When it comes, head inside 
    and simply press the up key. Once you arrive, and the doors open, head 
    forward. Use the thermal trick again or 1834. As the door opens, you 
    hear gunshots. Quickly take a right, and run forward. Use the thermal 
    trick one last time or 7921. And head inside. 
    Head around the corner (2 rights) to meet the drunken general. A 
    cutscene occurs where you and him have a little chat. He eventually 
    gets up and tries to shoot you (don't worry, he'll do little damage). 
    Wait until he takes another slip of his beer to run up behind him and 
    grab him. Now interrogate him a couple of times. After he goes "Do your 
    worse", force cooperation with him on the computer. Just go up to the 
    computer and make him use it. Because he had way to many beers - he 
    falls over. Lambert reports in and congratulations you, yet again, and 
    starts the party without you (again). But you have a party of your own 
    - the building is on fire, literally. Head to where you came from as 
    the door is sealed up. However - another passage emerges (to the right 
    of the door you came from) - take it. Head forward to bump into the 
    door. Open it, and head left. There seems to be a small fire in our 
    way. However, there will be some space to jump through (the middle). 
    Once on the other side, head to your 10 o'clock (or the window) and the 
    boarded up door explodes. Head through it. Walk down the stairway and 
    crouched near the window. Slide it open and jump down (the fall doesn't 
    hurt). Now walk towards the airplane directly ahead of you and up on 
    the platform through the stairs. We're done. One last mission to go.     
    [J. Presidential Palace]
    Mission Overview: Find the Kombayn Nikoladze and the Ark.  
    Mission difficulty rating: 9/10.
    [Door Codes]
    1st door: 2126
    2nd door: 70021
    3rd door: 66768
    The last mission (next to Kola Cell) and it doesn't disappoint (in both 
    the coolness factor and difficult rating). Here, we will have to use 
    all of our knowledge gained from the previous missions to complete it. 
    Are you ready? Let's go. 
    You start out on a cliff approximately 2,000 feet from the bottom. Move 
    forward, hugging the wall in front of you, while staying in the corner. 
    Wall jump up there, and grab the ledge. Move forward and stop. Turn 
    around and look down. See those ledges? That's how you will get down 
    there. Slightly walk off and Sam will grab the ledge. Let go and grab 
    the one below it. Let go again, and grab the one below it. And this one 
    more time. And just let go and touch the ground. Turn around and run 
    forward. Jump up onto this ledge. Now head to the corner next to the 
    vertical pipe. While facing the corner next to the pipe, jump up onto 
    it. Climb all the way to the top (making sure your as high as it gets), 
    jump to the right, and grab this ledge. Pull yourself up. Jump up onto 
    the horizontal pipe, and shimmy all the way down. Drop down on that 
    ledge (fall doesn't hurt), and jump back up onto the second horizontal 
    pipe. Shimmy all the way down and - what's this? No way to go. Except, 
    look down. See that ledge (almost impossible to see)? Let go off the 
    pipe, and drop onto the ledge (as Sam is falling down).  Shimmy and the 
    way down (around the corner). Now, when you can't go any further jump 
    off, and grab that ledge. Pull yourself up, and perform a running jump 
    to the next ledge (don't jump too late or else you become pancakes). Do 
    yet, another running jump to the next ledge. Nowhere else to go. What's 
    this? A ledge? Fall of just like you normally would, and grab the ledge 
    (to your right of the big tall, tall wall). Shimmy down. Pull yourself 
    up whenever you can, and save. Whoa! That took me nearly 20 tries to 
    finally get right. If you did it on your first, give yourself a pat on 
    the back! 
    Grab a hold of that vertical pipe, and climb up. We're out of there! 
    Yay! Making sure the spotlight doesn't see you, pull yourself up, and 
    run down to your right. That's the perfect snipering spot. Take out the 
    guard first, and then the guard that comes over. The dogs should pick 
    up your smell by now, however, they won't be able to bite you thanks to 
    the railing. Snipe out the third guard that comes around the corner. 
    The fourth guard may or may not start shooting. If that is the case - 
    wait him out. He too will come around the corner - kill him. Sadly, the 
    dogs (two of them) must take the bullets. Kill them in the head. Now 
    head all the bodies in the corner of the railings. Forget the dogs, and 
    don't brother taking out the searchlight. Now, jump over the railing to 
    the other side, and make your way all the way down (not being seen by 
    the searchlight). Take a right and go forward into the maze garden. If 
    you only killed three guards, there will be a guard in the garden. Take 
    him out if necessary. From the base of the garden, take a right, walk 
    down there, and take two lefts. Walk down there too as well. Take out 
    the SC-20k and snipe the patrolling guard, just right of the gate. Walk 
    up to the gate, and enter the code in (2126). From the gate, take a 
    left. Watch all the way down towards the basement door. It's jammed. 
    But turn right. Slide the vent out (while crouched), and enter for a 
    Is it hard? Its about to get a whole lot worse. As soon as you enter, 
    to your 10 o'clock is a health kit, and a disposable pick. Grab it and 
    head up the stairs. Once in the room above the basement, another health 
    kit awaits on the table, to the back of the stairs. Grab it and enter 
    'The Art Museum'. We have to get to your 3 o'clock. See that door with 
    all the lasers? No? Turn on your heat vision. There we go! Instead, 
    take we get to our 11 o'clock by taking a left. We will go down the 
    left part of the art museum. Jump over the first lasers, crouch over 
    the second, and pass both lasers 3 and 4. By the time you get in the 
    corner (the darkest place), the lights turn on. Four heavy armed guards 
    with AK's come inside and split up by 2 pairs of 2. Snipe the guard all 
    the way to the left of the group and the second that comes to 
    investigate with happens. Guards 3 and 4 however are smarter. They come 
    in pairs so if you shoot one, the other shoots at you. Wait until they 
    split up (what happened guys), and snipe one. The other comes to 
    investigate, but gets a bullet in his head. Now, lock pick the door to 
    your left (the one without the lasers, and hide ALL four of the bodies 
    in there. Also grab the disposable pick, and shoot out the lights in 
    that room. Thanks to those dumb guards, they left a part of the lasers 
    off. Go to that door I told you (the 3 o'clock one), and enter it (the 
    lasers across it are opened). 
    STEALTH STRAGETEGY for dodging the guards - from 
    bigassballer69@yahoo.com: Actually you can get past the lasers without 
    getting detected. But first you don't have to kill any of the four guys 
    and get past them without their notice. When two guards get past you 
    and your standing in the left hand corner of the lasers, then when they 
    pass you, you jump over the laser in front of you. From there crouch 
    and go through the door. They shouldn't see you at all. 
    Once you enter the room, stop at the base of the stairs. This may sound 
    a little silly, but simply run through the lasers (you have several 
    alarms to spare) and stop at the top of the stairs. 
    ALTERNATE STRATEGY for getting up the stairs - from 
    eero1212@luukku.com: In the last mission (The Presidential Palace), 
    just after the museum part, you don't need to run over the lasers in 
    the stairs. You can get past them by jumping on that radiator and 
    jumping again to grab hold of the little ledge above it. You can then 
    shimmy to the left just enough to cross the lasers, and from there you 
    can just climb over the railing to the floor above.
    Thanks about that. Knew there was some other way rather than going 
    through the lasers. Anyways open the door to the right of the top of 
    the stairs and save. 
    There are 4 guards in here. Two Elites, and two regular guards. First, 
    way until the elites both upstairs, and the level your on get to the 
    right. Take the elite out on your level. The one from the top runs to 
    see what happens and so does a guard from the bottom. Wait until they 
    leave. The regular guard should be patrolling and right when he turns 
    around the corner looking (but not seeing) you, shoot him in the head. 
    Now, take out the elite upstairs, and pick downstairs. There's another 
    guard just standing there. Easy headshot. Hide all the bodies in a nice 
    dark corner. I did it to the left of the main (big) staircase. I also 
    shot out a couple of lights (like the main chandler) with my pistol. 
    Precede upstairs to where the elite was. The light switch is left of 
    the door. Turn it off and open the door. Checkpoint. 
    There are 4 more guards in here. Two Elites and two regular guards 
    (just like last time). However, the elites have head armor, making it 
    almost impossible for headshots. Here's how I did it. I waited until 
    the elites were nowhere to be seen, and then I took out one regular 
    guard, the guard that came to investigate. If both of the elites come 
    there at the same time, don't take them out. Too risky. If they should 
    happen to see you kill a guard, run back into the room you just were - 
    in fact, you should be in the room you just were. If things get heated, 
    wait for the door too close, and take out your optic cable. Look around 
    for one elite to leave, while the other begins to. Peak out, equip a 
    sticky shocker, and nail him. Switch to full burst from your SC-20k as 
    the other elite guard runs over. Shoot him several times. There we go - 
    all four guards dead. Also, there's a health kit down the stairs that 
    were on your left from when we came in. 
    For some strange reason, I got a checkpoint (maybe it was because I ran 
    back and forth taking cover) - Your checkpoint will come soon enough. 
    Hide the corpses in first hallway on your right (towards the end). 
    Remember to grab their satchels and shoot out the lights in that 
    hallway. Now run all the way down towards the French doors. Shoot out 
    the lights in front of it. This will make things easier for later. 
    Right now, you need to go to the second hallway on your left (from 
    where you just entered). There's a camera in there and a light. Shoot 
    the light out and the camera won't see you. Lock pick the door (put 
    those disposable picks to work) and enter it for a checkpoint.
    As soon as the lasers go off, run through it while crouched. Turn right 
    and watch for these lasers to go off. Jump over them. Move to your 1 
    o'clock and shoot the guard that comes through the door. Hide his 
    corpse in any part of the library. Also shoot out the lights. Go to the 
    computer in this room, and interact with it. Bah, bah. We now find out 
    what exactly the Ark is. However I'm not going to spoil it for you. 
    Before we leave, go to the room where the guard came from. There's a 
    med kit in there as well. Head out of this room, and the library. Head 
    down the hallway, and look left. A guard with an AK walks down the 
    hallway. Kill him, and hid his corpse. Enter the door he came from. A 
    camera is in the middle of this room. Peek in, shoot out the lights, 
    and walk down this room. Turn left towards the door and open it. 
    Loading zone and a checkpoint. 
    How is it so far? Hard? Its about - not that hard, however, the real 
    challenge awaits us. Think of it as lobby shooting spree from the 
    Matrix without the actual slow-motion thing.  
    Ok, head down this hallway, taking note of the dead guards (guess they 
    were caught sleeping on the job), and type in 66768 on the keypad. The 
    door opens. First, shoot out the lights in front of you. Next grab the 
    ammo and health on your right. This is going to be a tricky part. Equip 
    a smoke grenade and toss it next to the elevator. Shoot a guard and 
    head back into the room. If you didn't kill all of them, equip your 
    thermal vision, full burst from the SC-20k, and kill anyone who runs 
    past this door. Check one of the guard's satchels, and hide their 
    bodies in this room. Next, pick up the rest ammo, and head towards the 
    elevator. Enter it, save, and be prepared the one hell of a battle. 
    Okay, I have one hell of a way of beating this part without losing any 
    health. First, turn around facing the elevator, and move to your right 
    as quick as you can. Now throw a frag grenade behind the bookshelf 
    (right of the staircase). One elite dead. Snipe the other that takes 
    cover behind the bookshelf. Second elite dead. Now move to the left 
    side of the elevator. Switch to burst and take out both guards three 
    and four. Boom. Note: This may take some time on your part. Check their 
    satchels. Now, there's a passageway on the left and right of the 
    stairway. Go down any one (I took the right). Go down there, and take a 
    left (if you want in from the right one). Take another left to go even 
    further down it. Another great plot leap, which I won't spoil for you. 
    Keep going forward through the boxes and crates to find Nikoladze.  
    Nikoladze assumes you were killed, but he is dumb and needs glasses. Go 
    up to him and he finally sees its you. He runs away and hides next to a 
    box. Grab him, interrogate him, and force cooperation on the retinal 
    Perhaps one of THE best moments in a video game, THE best moments in 
    the game. As Sam is ready to find out about the Ark, 7 count then SEVEN 
    elites enter the basement and are ready to kill both Sam and Nikoladze. 
    However Nikoladze blurts it out like a pig, and his safely is insured. 
    Yours however, is not. Whatever you do, DO NOT move, or take our your 
    SC-20k. Two elites leave with Nikoladze, while five are ready to kill 
    you. The elites proceed to do so, however thanks to Lombert the lights 
    go out. Close timing, eh? Whoop out your SC-20k, switch to burst, and 
    kill this guard in front of you. Take cover behind this pillar to your 
    left. Equip your last Smoke grenade and toss it a few meters in front 
    of you to the advancing elites. If worked correctly two elites will 
    fall over leaving two more left. One is behind a pillar on your right. 
    Shoot any one of his body parts 3 times and he will fall over. The last 
    elite is guarding the entrance. Snipe him out. And head back up to the 
    elevator room. This is a great time also to use your med kits. 
    In the library, a door is opened showing a large courtyard. 4 Elites 
    are in here. 2 on the left, and 2 on the right. First take out the guy 
    on the right, and the one on the balcony. Another elite proceeds to 
    advance while the balcony one snipes. Kill the advancing elite, wait 
    out the one on the balcony, and later kill him. By now, you have very 
    little ammo. Head to the opposite side of the courtyard, and grab a 
    hold of the pipe to your right. Climb up there, and grab the ledge. 
    Pull yourself up, and turn left. There's some ammo for you. Nikoladze 
    is on the right side of the courtyard with the open window. You just 
    barely see his head. His head. Put him out of his misery. Almost done. 
    Behind you a door opens open. You have about three seconds to switch to 
    burst and kill this elite. Save.
    We are so close to being finished. Very close. Head into the room the 
    elite came from. All the way down the stairs. To the right is a dining 
    room. To the left is a kitchen. Head inside the kitchen and take cover 
    behind the table. One guard will run inside. Kill him, and the two 
    others that follow. Now, head into the dining room. In the distance is 
    a balcony. Your goal is to get up there. To the left of it is a 
    dresser. Jump up onto it, and then jump up onto the balcony. Open the 
    door, and slowly move forward. Beneath you are four more guards. These 
    are the last you will encounter. What I did was shoot one in the head 
    and the back up behind the railing. Then I equipped my ring-airfoil and 
    fired it into the first guard, killed him with three bullets. And 
    repeated for the two more guards to come. That's it. Run down the 
    stairs and to the door for this game to come to an end. Enjoy the last 
    cutscene like I did, because that's the name of the game!  
    [K. Kola Cell]
    Mission Overview: Neutralize Philip Masse and his computer codes. 
    Mission difficulty rating: 6.5/10.
    This is a simple mission really. There's only 1 med kit to come across, 
    and 2 saves points so it is going to be short. However no one said this 
    was going to be easy. 
    You start in front of an operating truck. Turn right, find the air 
    duct, crouch, and run in. At the end turn right, and move down this 
    passageway. Stop. There's a soldier right there talking on his cell 
    phone. Equip your SC-20k with the sticky camera and fire it at his 
    head. Instant KO. You don't have to hide the body. Continue up the 
    Turn your night goggles on, and run directly into the next hallway. 
    Stop at the head of it. Look down. See that? There's a trip sensor only 
    seeable with the night goggles. Do a running jump over it (You don't 
    want to trip it. Trust me. The game will still be playable, only it 
    will be hard as hell. Take a left down the end of the hallway. Take 
    note of that retinal scanner, however still keep on going in the 
    original direction. You will know be in a huge room with a computer 
    upon a platform above of you. Jump up onto it, and see the computer for 
    a data stick. Now, turn around and run all the way forward (still on 
    the platform) until the passageway comes to an end. Take a left and 
    walk upon the stairs. 
    A small room with 2 guards patrolling outside of it. Open the door to 
    your left, and sneak around the corner. There they are. Don't bother 
    turning off the lights since they will notice and just turn it back on. 
    There's no real point in beating them. Just go for a headshot (I used a 
    smoke grenade) and hide them in the closet to your left. Also take note 
    of that health kit. Put it to good use since it's the only one. Walk 
    down this hallway and take a left and another left down at the end of 
    Wait for it. A guard is down there patrolling. Equip the SC-20k and go 
    for another headshot. Hide the body if you please. Now walk all the way 
    down these stairs if you already haven't so and look to your left. 
    There's an air duct. Open it, but don't go in. Now, jump over those 
    boxes in front of you. To the left (if you go into wall mode) you will 
    find some ammo for your pistol, which we will begin to use.    
    Use your Optic Cable for the door on the left. There's a guard 
    patrolling and another guard in the back. Check and make sure you know 
    the patrolling guard's route. Now when he walks to the right, quickly 
    open the door and run to the left. Wait for him to come around and get 
    a headshot on him. The other guard notices and comes running (or 
    walking for that matter). Headshot him too (don't hide the bodies if 
    you don't want to. Make your way around these boxes until you find 
    another door. Open it.
    A hallway with a camera at the end of it. Don't worry about tripping it 
    since all the current guards are dead/KOed. If they are not, use your 
    Camera Jammer on it while hiding behind these boxes for cover. When you 
    make it to the end of the hallway, take a left and down these stairs.
    Door locked? Yes. Air Duct? Of course. To your left. Make your way 
    through the long duct and jump into the room when you reach it. This 
    room is being flooded and you will too! No, just kidding. The water 
    isn't going to go anywhere anything soon. From the locked door, go all 
    the way down this hallway and turn right to find the computer. See it 
    and you will be prompted to save. 
    The next thing you notice is an announcement go off, telling everybody 
    that you've been find. Nice, you stealthy agent you! The lights go off 
    and in a couple of seconds 3 highly armed guards make their way into 
    your room. You have 3 choices at this point (Suicide is not an option) 
    - 1. Climb upon these boxes, equip the sticky shocker into your SC-20k, 
    and fire it at the guard's feet, electrocuting them. 2. Go into wall 
    mode and take them out with your pistol. 3. Fire a smoke bomb at them, 
    picking off the rest with your SC-20k. I found option 1 to be useless 
    seeing as they don't even go into the water because you ARE on top of a 
    box. Option 2 is kind of dumb too seeing as the make their way around 
    the boxes and might jump you from the front and rare. Option 3 works 
    best if you have a smoke bomb. Whatever it is, do them off, make your 
    way out of this room (from where they came in), and up the stairs. 
    Ignoring the camera once more, slowly move forward. A wall mine lurks. 
    On your right behind the first box. Disarm it when it beeps green for 
    you shall need it.  Keep on doubling back, going pass the room with all 
    the boxes and back into the first one. There's the colonel we need to 
    get (Reminder: Forward is the pistol ammo if you haven't already 
    grabbed it). Quickly go for a head shot on his 'protector'. Now, jump 
    over the boxes and run into the air duct we've opened. Simple process 
    once more. Make your way until the end of it. You will also need a 
    double wall jump to get past one point. 
    This is the hardest point in the game. If the colonel heard you, he 
    should be running like crazy. Wait for him to stop and take back his 
    regular patrol. Alright, ready? There's a point where he stands for 
    about 10 seconds (give or take 1 or 2 seconds). There's your time to 
    grab him. Jump down and come from behind and grab him (Do it slowly or 
    otherwise he turns too soon and sees you and start putting bullets into 
    your ass). Simple no? This took me a while to figure out. Now, start 
    walking back all the way to the retinal scanner, however I will guide 
    you through this. Right when you grab the colonel, make your way into 
    the long hallway (the one with the room that had the health pack in 
    it). A guard from a room comes out; you will need to shoot him still 
    holding the colonel. You health is either: good or not so good. 
    Continue making your way into the really big room with the platform. 
    Out of nowhere are two guards and they are totally badass. They will 
    kill you in seconds with their really good headshot skillz. First, at 
    the base of the stairs into the room, wait until the guard turns around 
    and you cannot see his flashlight. Go for a headshot on him (don't miss 
    please). The other guard hears you and starts walking slowly to see 
    what is happening. Go for a headshot on him as well. Simple no? (NOTE: 
    If you cannot do this, then simply shoot at the stairs, and wait until 
    both guards (one at a time) come up and see what happens. There's 
    another headshot point for you). 
    Finally make your way to the retinal scanner, force this colonel to 
    make him use it, and then knock him out. Climb up the stairs for your 
    second (and final) savepoint. 
    I like to call this room the dinning room (no reason). There are 2 
    doors - the French doors (or double doors) and the regular (single) 
    door ahead of you. You will want French doors. Open it for a cutscene. 
    Yada, yada, yada, Philip is having a bad day, and tells the guard to 
    leave him be. Here comes the guard. Headshoot him with your SC-20k. 
    Don't worry about Masse since he wets his pants and hides like a little 
    girl. Take a left, run down this passageway, and down the stairs (don't 
    grab Masse just yet), and run into the 'computer center'. Behind you 
    are two good wall mines. Grab them and put 2 of them next to the door. 
    Also put one at the top of the stairs and another at the opposite side 
    from it. Yes, a battle! Grab Masse now, and force him to use his 
    computer. Suddenly, action music starts playing. Go hide. Half the 
    guards are dead at this point. The other stupid guard is still running 
    at you. The last two mines should take care of them. That's that! KO 
    Masse if you haven't done so, and shoot him in the head. Let's get out 
    of herre. Go back into the single door room from the dinning room. 
    Open the air duct and fall down it. Now its time for you to work on 
    your basketball skills! Grab the ball and shoot it by throwing it at 
    the net. Funny little game I have to say - entertained me for a while. 
    Now, open the door and there's a guard with his back to you. Grab him 
    from behind and KO him or just throw a frag. Here comes another 
    (possibly even 2) guard(s). Throw another frag or use your SC-20k. Peek 
    around the corner from where they came and use your SC-20k's sniper 
    mode to take out the guard in the distance. That's it. All guards 
    killed. Run back to where you originally came from (at the beginning 
    with the truck). For some freakish reason, I wasn't down my mission 
    until I opened an air duct from where the point is point at you (near 
    the glass). I guess that's where you should have come from. Oh well. 
    Mission over.  
    [L. Vselka Infiltration] 
    Mission Overview: Locate the Russian sailor/soldier being held captive 
    and talk to him.
    Mission difficulty rating: 7/10.
    [Door Codes]
    1st door - Freezer: 310
    2nd door - 4th floor: 8027
    After that little conversation with Lombert, face the wall to your 
    right. Jump onto it and equip the old SC-20k. Snipe the front of the 
    guard's head (he is wearing a helmet) in the distance parallel to the 
    wall your standing next too. Now the two other guards realize that 
    something is wrong. They begin scanning the area and their attack dogs 
    as well. Since you are on a big rock, the attack dogs can't get to you, 
    and therefore can't hurt you. Find the next guard who should be in the 
    middle of all those maze like rocks. Snipe him, and proceed to snipe 
    the advancing guard as well. After you complete this, move forward 
    close to the ledge. Spot the dogs, and sadly - kill them. Go for a 
    headshot to conserve ammo. 
    Jump off the big rock and walk to the middle. Grab the 3 guard's bodies 
    (and satchels) and carry them to where you started the game. Now, go 
    back to the middle of the maze like rocks. There should be a very tall 
    rock with a zip line that you should see. Jump on top of all of the 
    rocks, and grab the zip line. Boom. You land on a boxcar (reminds me of 
    the boxcar children, heheh). Anyways climb down and slowly move 
    forward. In the distance, there are two windows. Peek inside and check 
    to see if the coast is clear. Now, quickly jump inside, equip the SC-
    20k, and snipe the guard. Two other guards will charge you (it may be 
    one), snipe them as well. Hide the bodies in the corner. Proceed just 
    around the first corner to where they came out from and spot the 
    camera. Destroy it with the pistol ammo, and proceed to the checkpoint. 
    This next room has two turrents and a camera inside. Now, you can skip 
    my expert opinions and just run across the room and hope that you will 
    still have 1/2 health before reaching the door and dodging the camera, 
    or you could just look forward. Snipe the camera and now look to your 
    right and up. See that pipe? You can simple climb over the turrent via 
    that pipe (you need to wall jump to reach it). Do so. Deactivate the 
    turrents if you prefer (I did so), and find the door which was across 
    the door you entered. Lock pick it and head inside. Now enter the door 
    across you or near you. See the computer for a data stick. Continue 
    down this hallway and enter the door on your left. Here you find one of 
    the most beautiful bathrooms in the world (no doors too). Hurry as you 
    have only a limited time before the guards enter to take a dump. Turn 
    off the lights, and head to the toilet the most far from the door. 
    Equip the SC-20k (or a sticky shooter if you prefer) and wait until the 
    guards open the door. NOTE: Since I was so cocky about this, I waited 
    for only five seconds, I went to the door, and the two guards opened it 
    for me with their AK-15 equipped. I got my ass handed to me. After you 
    dispose of them, hide their meaningless bodies in the toilet, turn off 
    the lights (if they turned it back on) and proceed to the door across 
    from the bathroom.
    Reach the second story and enter. This level is the cafeteria level. 
    Head down this hallway, and take a right. Peek inside and listen to the 
    talking guards. NOTE: I kind of screwed up on this as well. I rushed 
    them and lost my full* health down to 50%. You may want to wait until 
    they resume their patrols to pick them off one-by-one, but the choice 
    is yours. Now, hide their bodies, grab their satchels and enter the 
    cafeteria. Nice music, eh? Find the one door (across the boombox) which 
    leads to the freezer and the Russian sailor. Enter 310 as the code and 
    walk inside. Have a little chat with the guy whose soon gonna freeze to 
    death, and save.
    Head back to the stair room and run to the top floor (4th floor). Enter 
    the code 8027 and head inside. Quickly run behind the coke machine and 
    watch as the guard starts entering the key code. After he finishes, 
    face the room he came out of. Use your optic cable to see if anyone is 
    by the door. If not, head in. If so, wait a bit. In this room get ready 
    for a pretty good fight. Head in the corner, and sticky shock the 
    guard. If a second guard rushes you, sticky shock or kill him. If not, 
    get him to come over by destroying a beer bottle. When you are done 
    killing the second guard, the third guard behind the curtains will be 
    trying to snipe you. Snipe him back... harder. If he isn't, take this 
    opportunity to snipe up on him. When all three guards are head. Hide 
    him. Oh yes, and the camera - if you need to sneak by the camera, 
    simply run when it is facing the other way or use your jammer on it. 
    When you are done, find the vents at the left side of this room. Slide 
    it open, walk down, and slide the second one open as well. To your 
    right is a camera in the distance. When it is facing all the way to the 
    left, or right, run to the desk and hide next to it. The camera can't 
    see you. Now, destroy all the lights in this room with your pistol. 
    Once it is dark enough, equip your thermal (black&white) goggles and 
    run to the back of the room by walking to the right. Make sure you are 
    crouched because there are lasers in here. The right one on the right 
    side of the room you can sneak under, the left one on the left side of 
    the room you can jump over. Whatever the case is do it, and finish 
    destroying the lights. Walk over to the computer in the back and see 
    it. Checkpoint. 
    Here comes the hard part. There are six guards total that you must 
    defeat. They come in pairs of two. The first pair will meet you in the 
    room. Defeat them with a smoke grenade. The second pair are a mind of 
    its own. They may sometimes await you by the stairs or they may charge 
    you. Best them and move back down to the first floor. Open the door and 
    look to your right to get their attention. Run back up the stairs and 
    waste them with anything you have left. If you don't have anything 
    left, hide and hope for the best. Now, after the 3 pairs are died, move 
    to the right of the stair's door where they originally came from. Now 
    run down the hallway to your left. Now run down to the hallway in front 
    of you. Once again, run down the hallway to your left. You've reached 
    the outside and the sub. Congratulations.  Turn on some Beatles - 
    Yellow Submarine and prepare for one of the best levels in the game!
    [M. Vselka Submarine] 
    Mission Overview: Tap into Vselka's central servers to determine 
    whether or not it carries nuclear warheads. 
    Mission difficulty rating: 8/10
    [Door Codes]
    1st door - Armory: 20387
    "We all live in a yellow submarine..." - Great song to a great level. 
    You start in a submarine (well duh). Our first goal is to visit the 
    infirmary. Slowly walk out of this compartment and hang a left. To the 
    right of a door (our original destination) is the infirmary (that was 
    quick). Walk inside and put that health kit on the counter up. Now 
    since the door that holds our destination is locked we have to go one 
    other way - the right hallway from our point of arrival. Head down 
    there to find the bridge. Inside the bridge are two guys - on is on the 
    internet and the other is making it look like he is doing work. Find 
    the guy across the door and slowly sneak up on him. Don't brother 
    interrogating him as he begs for his life. Either use him as a shield 
    to head shot the other guy or KO him, and surprise the second guy. Hide 
    both their corpse and visit the 3 computers for a data stick and to 
    unlock the door next to the infirmary. Go there now. 
    Another guard is patrolling the area. Wait until he gets close to you 
    and stick shoot him to death. Hide his corpse in the next room which 
    reminds me - a guard is patrolling the next room (bedroom I should say, 
    bravo). In the 'bedroom' or whatever you want to call it, stick shoot 
    the patroller and hide him next to a bed. Grab a coke bottle (just 
    before the door) and throw it into the next room. The guard should see 
    what happened while you stick shoot him as well. Hide their bodies, run 
    down the bedrooms and face the right at the end. See that guard at the 
    bottom of the stairs? While until he goes into the next room and shoot 
    out the light. Slowly progress down the stairs and head shot this guy. 
    Hide him with the others. Hang a right at the bottom of the stairs, 
    followed by a left. Checkpoint. 
    Just to the right of you is a guard. Turn off the lights, and hide next 
    to the refrigerator as the guard hears the noises and walks into the 
    room. Headshot him and hide him next to the fridge. Walk into the room 
    he was patrolling, to walk even further down into the next one. To your 
    left is a bathroom with a dead guy inside (I do NOT want to know what 
    happened in there), to your right is a stairs - blocked, and forward is 
    the first big room we've run into. Run down the catwalks into the next 
    room. This next part may be a little hard, but hang on. Snipe the guard 
    walking back and forth down the hallway, and take a few steps back. Two 
    move guards jump out of their rooms only to get sniped by your SC-20k. 
    Hide the bodies, and proceed to the end of the hallway. Take a left 
    down the stairs, followed by another left. Halfway through this hallway 
    is the armory. Enter the code 20387 and cruise inside. Pick up all the 
    ammo, grenades, wall mines, ect... and head back out. Finish running 
    down this hallway and you should emerge onto some more catwalks. Run 
    down and talk a right. Now slowly, move forward, and hang a left. This 
    room is pitch black but yet the two Russian soldiers keep talking to 
    each other. You could use a grenade on them or just burst fire. 
    Whatever you prefer. After you've done with them, their should be a 
    manhole at the end of the room and a save point right before. Save and 
    climb down it.
    This room is dark as well. When you climb down, there's a guard to your 
    right, and a patrolling guard that shines his flashlight on the first 
    guard every 15 seconds or so. Once the flashlight guard disappears, 
    grab the guard at the computer and use his body as armor to take down 
    the flashlight guard. Now access his computer, turn around, and hang a 
    left down this catwalk. At the very end there should be a big door with 
    several catwalks you've passed on (remember). In this room, head to 
    your 2 o'clock. This is part of the central server room. Simply throw a 
    grenade in there and the 3 guards fall like mouse. A fourth runs into 
    the room to check with happened - take him out with your pistol or SC-
    20k. Progress further into the rooms to find some vents and another big 
    room (just keep going until you reach the end). Save. 
    There's the computer on your right, but don't access it just yet. Head 
    back out into the big catwalk room. Just before entering the door with 
    the guys you grenade, set up a wall mine to the right of the door and 
    another one inside the room. Head back to where saved. Just before you 
    enter that room, place a wall mine there as well. Now, access the 
    computer. Several convos occur, some lights go out, steam pipes are 
    destroyed, and a pair of guards enter the room you are in. Start firing 
    at the first guard, and the land mine should take care of the second 
    (and finish off the first). Retrace your steps to the room where you 
    grenade the first 3 guards. Access the second computer to start the 
    The fun has just begun. You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to make it to 
    the torpedo room, and launch yourself out of the submarine. However, 
    you have to kill about 6 guards with shotguns before you can. Nice, 
    huh? But I allow you to use whatever you have left - full burst on your 
    SC-20k, grenades, and any weapons you have left. Just now, a pair of 
    guards will rush the room you are in. But first, they will throw a 
    smoke grenade inside your room, and then charge you. So you have to 
    back up into the previous room and let the wall mines take care of the 
    rush. On a side note, I don't know how he does it but one guard always 
    manages to get past before the wall mines go off. It only takes him 3 
    shots to kill you (even if you are at full health) so be EXTREMELY 
    careful. Wait for the flames to die down, and exit to the catwalk room. 
    There's three doors in here - one where you came from just now, another 
    where you came in altogether, and a third to the torpedo room you've 
    opened up. Head into that torpedo room. Equip the SC-20k and snipe the 
    two other guards that charge you. Head to where they came from, hang a 
    left, and then a right. There's the torpedo room with two guards and 
    their shotguns. These are the last two guards so use the SC-20k's burst 
    mode, or sniper mode to dispose of them. Run inside and all the way 
    down to the end. There should be a huge torpedo hatch - closed. To the 
    left of it is a smaller one, but opened. Jump into it to end the 
    mission.  Congratulations! You've completed Splinter Cell 110%. 
    III. General Tips, Hints, & Strategies  -
    A. Profiles
    Third Echelon Team -
    Fisher has been on the front lines of espionage in several defining 
    conflicts throughout the past decades. He has not only survived, but 
    also excelled in the field of covert operations through hard work, 
    insatiable curiosity, and brutal honestly. He has little time for 
    polite niceties and even less for lies.
    Though fully aware and confident of his abilities, Fisher understands 
    that his survival has often been a gift of chance. He knows he is human 
    and fallible, and he does not want to die. He has a strange and 
    slightly dark sense of humor.
    He is quiet, instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from the 
    outside. Combat, espionage, and constant training have defined his 
    adult life; his tactical experience has become part of his instinct. 
    Now, even outside of work he is most comfortable on the fringes of 
    society, keenly observant but still removed. 
    Fisher has acquired on admirable collection of scars and secured his 
    place in Vallhalla; he has little left to prove to the world. Now older 
    and wiser, he has no interest in glory. If he fights, it is because he 
    believes the cause is necessary and he is capable. 
    Born: 1961 in Batcave, NC
    Height: 6' 2"
    Weight: 270 lbs. 
    THIRD ECHELON Operations Coordinator
    Lambert is the link between the field agent, (or agents) and Third 
    Echelon's team of researches, hackers, strategists, and commanders. 
    While Fisher is in the field, he is in constant contact with Lambert 
    via subdermal microchips and a cochlear implant. 
    Born: 1967 in Baltimore, MD
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    THIRD ECHELON Field Runner
    Field Runners are mainly responsible for coordinating the 
    transportation and equipment for field agents. Transportation is 
    usually procured (stolen) from an area of operation and abandoned 
    afterwards. Wilkes will debrief Fisher on any new equipment or weaponry 
    as it becomes available. 
    Born: 1974 in Boston, MA
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 128 lbs. 
    THIRD ECHELON Communications Lead
    Grimsdottir heads a small team or programmers responsible for providing 
    technological, cryptographic, and data support for the Field Operative. 
    Grimsdottir will assist Fisher in his interface with high-tech 
    components of his missions. 
    Terrorists -
    Using his political, technological, and financial influence, Nikoladze 
    has become the newly elected President of Georiga. His ambition is 
    matched only by his industriousness. 
    Ex-Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces), Grinko is now Nikoldze's 
    "lieutenant" of the Russian Mafia.
    Grinko's personal driver. 
    The leadership for Nikoladze's worldwide military/mercenary forces. 
    Several colonels can be found in each cell of the Georgian mercenary 
    army. They also have security clearance areas that normal soldiers 
    don't have. 
    Hired for his vast computer knowledge, Philip Masse is the man directly 
    responsible for the Georgian information crisis. 
    The leadership behind the People's Liberation Army of China. These 
    officers can use to accomplish his missions. Eliminations might be the 
    best option when first encountering them. 
    [B. Weapons/Gadgets]
    1. SC-20K M.A.W.S. (Modular Assault Weapon System) - 
    The bullpup configuration of this assault rifle makes it light and 
    compact without sacrificing firepower (5.56x45mm ss109). Its modular 
    configuration allows it to be customized to fit any mission profile. 
    Equipped with a flask/sound suppresser and combined with a multipurpose 
    launcher, the SC-20K  becomes the obvious choice for Sam when 
    infiltrating enemy territory.  
    Sniper Mode: Sniper Mode is only available with the SC-20K!
    -Equip SC-20K.
    -Press Y button to enter Sniper Mode.
    -Press the left trigger to hold Sam's breath and steady his aim (for a 
    limited time, around 10 seconds).
    -Right trigger to fire.
    Manual Reload: Pressing the white button with the SC-20K equipped, will 
    make Sam reload his weapon. Sam also automatically reloads his weapon 
    when he runs out of ammo. 
    SC-20K's Multipurpose Launcher: Pull the Left Trigger to fire with the 
    launcher. The Launcher cannot be used in Sniper Mode.
    NOTE: Sam does not receive this firearm only until further into the 
    2. Ring Airfoil Projectile -
    A high-impact, zero penetration projectile designed to incapacitate 
    rather than kill. 
    Note: The Ring Airfoil is much more effective if it hits the head. 
    3. Sticky Camera -
    A miniature camera with full pan and zoom functionality, plus night and 
    thermal vision modes. The sticky camera feels its image directly to 
    Sam's OPSAT. Ideal for advance scouting and intelligence gathering. 
    Sticky Cams are reusable.
    4. Sticky Shocker -
    A high-voltage discharge device coated in adhesive resin. The Sticky 
    Shocker will adhere to an enemy and give him an incapacitation shock. 
    Hint: Fired into pools of water, the Sticky Shocker can neutralize 
    multiple opponents.  
    5. Gas Grenade -
    Standard CS (0-chlorobenzalmalononitrile) gas canister grenade can 
    incapacitate groups of enemies. Exposure to CS gas causes violent 
    respiratory seizures. Prolonged exposures causes unconsciousness. 
    6. Distraction Camera -
    An adaptation of the Sticky Camera. The Distraction Camera has had its 
    pan and zoom motors as well as its vision enhancement apparatus 
    replaced with a noisemaker and a CO2 gas canister. The device can be 
    triggered to attract enemies with sound and then dispense a cloud of 
    incapacitating gas when they are nearby. 
    7. SC Pistol -
    The SC Pistol tactical model with single-action trigger and a 20-round 
    magazine comes equipped with a silencer/flash suppressor. Its 5.72x28mm 
    rounds offer good penetration against modern body armor, while keeping 
    the weapon's weight, dimensions, and recoil at reasonable levels. 
    8. Camera Jammer -
    The Camera Jammer emits microwave pulses that disrupt the 
    characteristic signals used in the microcircuitry of surveillance 
    cameras. The Camera Jammer operates off of a capacitor that must be 
    allowed to recharge from its battery after a short time.   
    9. Optic Cable -
    This flexible cable/camera can easily be slipped under doors to view 
    the other side. Complete with Night Vision enhancement.
    10. Disposable Pick -
    Unconventional lock picks, these microexplosive-shaped charges, deliver 
    a quick impact to any standard lock cylinder that will shatter the pins 
    and unlock the door. 
    11. Night Vision -
    Night Vision goggles amplify very low existing light, especially lights 
    at the lower end of the infrared spectrum.
    12. Thermal Vision Headset -
    Similar to Night Vision, Thermal vision is an essential tool in low 
    light situations. This technology differs from Night Vision in that is 
    captures the upper level of the infrared light spectrum, which is 
    emitted as heat rather than reflected as light. 
    NOTE: Thermal Vision is not available in the first few missions. 
    13. Wall Mine -
    The Wall Mine is a motion-sensitive explosive device that can be 
    attached to almost any surface. To deactivate and pick up a wall mine, 
    wait for the green light.  
    14. Chemical Flare -
    Chemical Flares are lightweight plastic sticks filled with a binary 
    chemical agent. When the inner containers are cracked, the chemical 
    agents mix, causing the stick to glow. Useful for attracting and 
    distracting enemies. 
    15. Emergency Flare -
    Similar to Chemical Flare, these standard road flares also emit a great 
    deal of heat, making them useful for distracting heat sensors such as 
    those found on automated turrets. 
    16. Frag Grenade -
    The 14-oz M67 fragmentation grenade consists of a 2.5" steel sphere 
    surrounding 6.5 ounces of high explosive. Upon detonation, the steel 
    sphere shatters, emitting a burst of high-velocity shrapnel. 
    17. Medical Kits -
    Standard field first-aid kit.
    18. Bullet Box -
    Find it to retrieve some ammo.
    19. Alarm Panel -
    Standard alarm switches that can be triggered by enemies to alert 
    nearby comrades. Because of the extremely covert mature of Sam's 
    operations, indiscretion with alarms can lead to Third Echelon aborting 
    a mission.  
    20. Automated Turret -
    Heat and motion sensing turrets with an Independent  Friendly Fire 
    (IFF) recognition system. Turrets can be hacked from their attached 
    control computer. Either deactivate a turret entirely, or disable its 
    IFF system. With IFF disabled, it will still attack Sam, but it will 
    also attack enemies. Use the D-pad to navigate in the attached control 
    21. Surveillance Camera -
    Standard, off-the-shelf surveillance cameras that detect movement and 
    have the ability to directly trigger alarms. This type of camera is 
    fragile and can be destroyed. 
    22. Armored Camera -
    Except for the bulletproof casing, these cameras are identical to the 
    standard surveillance camera. 
    23. Key Pad Lock -
    Standard push-button security pads linked to electromagnetic locking 
    systems in a door. Only the correct code will allow a keypad locked 
    door to be opened. Multiple failed attempts to enter a code will sound 
    an alarm. Select the numbers with the left thumbstick.
    IMPORTANT: Once you find a keypad code, it will automatically appear in 
    your inventory in the Notes section.  
    24. Retinal Scanner -
    A locking device that reads the unique imprint of a person's retina 
    before unlocking a door. No one without access can open a retinal 
    scanner-locked door, but those with the correct retinas can sometimes 
    be "convinced" to open them for you. An incorrect retinal scan 
    automatically triggers an alarm. 
    [C. Gameplay Hints & Cheats]
    Hints - 
    *Think twice. Act once. 
    *KO for your first resort.
    *Pass enemies by, as your second resort.
    *Kill as your last resort. 
    *You can shoot out lights. 
    *Check your OPSAT often! 
    *Hide bodies in rooms/closets.
    *Destroy lights in rooms, where you hid your bodies.
    *While in Sniper mode, hold the left trigger for Sam to hold his 
    for a more precise shot. 
    *Headshots! = Direct Kill.  
    *If action music is still playing, there's still an enemy in the area.
    *Anyways sneak while crouched!
    *Dogs can smell you. Go for a headshot of them, or they will go for a 
    'headeat' on you. 
    *Wall mines are motion-sensitive.  
    *Thermal Vision allows you to see through thin or lightweight material.
    *Knocking out an enemy is always quieter then killing him. Comrades 
    a dying gasp of their friends. 
    *Colonels can open retinal scanners.
    *Technicians can operate computers. 
    *Enemies might hesitate if you are holding your gun to their friends as 
    a human shield, and are not pointing your weapon at them. 
    *Enemies notice destroyed lights/cameras or bottles being thrown in the 
    *A rolling maneuver allows Sam to go through flames without damage. 
    *Listen to the music. Claim = No enemies near by. A twist = Enemies 
    patrolling the area. Action = Enemies chasing you/gun fight. 
    To unlock all levels type "!lamaudite!" as your name in the entry 
    IV. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    Some basic questions that I've spotted over the board these past few 
    Q: I'm a noob. 
    A: That's what my guide is for (and that wasn't a complete question) - 
    to help you get better.
    Q: Alarms go off, and I failed the mission! What is wrong?
    A: You didn't hide a body(s). ALL bodies you killed/knock out must be 
    Q: I hid a body, but alarms still go off!
    A: I'm guessing you hid the body in a dark room. The first thing guards 
    do is turn on the lights when they enter a room, so you must destroy 
    all lights in that room.
    Q: Okay, I hid ALL the bodies I've killed, and destroyed the light in 
    that room. Alarms still go off.
    A: I'm guessing you did everything right, but cameras spot you, and 
    alarms go off from there.
    Q: I can't destroy this camera! What the heck?
    A: It's a bullet-proof camera. Don't even brother. Your best bet is to 
    sneak by or to take a different route.    
    Q: How do you throw bottles/cans/ect?
    A: Press the A button to pick it up, followed by the X button for aim. 
    Right Trigger to throw it.
    Q: I need to sneak past this guy, but he sees me!
    A: Remember to crouch! People often forget this. Crouch down, and walk 
    Q: I NEED AMMO!!!
    A: You have more then enough ammo for a level. You will rarely get 
    ammo, around 2-3 times in a level. You only need your gun to shoot out 
    lights and cameras. Use your weapon only as a last resort, stick to the 
    shadows crouched down, and when baddies get near, charge them and knock 
    them out.
    Q: In CIA HQ, "Elevator not Powered". 
    A: After lots and lots of studying, I realized that the most common 
    error is that you FORGOT to pick up the SC-20k. If you followed the 
    guide, it could have been avoided, and all this time as well.  
    Q: I heard you could play custom music from the Xbox's harddrive?
    A: Sorry, you can't. 
    Q: When can I download additional levels and is it ONLY with Xbox Live? 
    A: There's 3 ways - The most common way is to get Xbox Live (all three 
    levels are available); the second most common way is to get the levels 
    is Tom Clancy Comparison Demo which includes a Ghost Recon demo, A 
    Ghost Recon: Island Thunder demo (plus maps), a Rainbow Six 3 demo, and 
    a Splinter Cell demo (plus the 3 levels) all for just 5 bucks; and the 
    rarely used method is the OXM - Official Xbox Magazine which includes 
    just Kola Cell (and various other demos) for 10 bucks.  
    Q: In Defense Ministry, when I was climbing over the gutter pipe, 
    alarms go off, and I hid all the bodies...
    A: Except the driver, Hamlet, which I'm sure you left him laying around 
    the middle of the garage. Thank m-ko@terra.com (Alex) for this major 
    Q: In Defense Ministry, alarms go off after I get the colonel to the 
    retinal scanner.
    A: Hide the cook, the guards, and the colonel as well. It's not that 
    Q: The dogs sniff me out in the Chinese mission level...
    A: You can trying killing them or wearing your scent off, by finding a 
    water source.
    Q: Help in [random level]...
    A: Be more detailed.
    Q: When do you first get the 'thermal goggles', I think my game is 
    A: Your game isn't broken. You first get the thermal goggles in the CIA 
    Mission (level 4).
    Q: When do you get the SC-20K?
    A: CIA mission (level 4).
    Q: Is Rayman in the game?
    A: No. 
    Q: Who does the voice of Fisher?
    A: Michael Ironside who played in some popular movies such as StarShip 
    Q: What's the last song in the credits page?
    A: The Name of the Game by Crystal Method. 
    Q: How do you rapid fire the SC-20k?
    A: Right Thumbstick Click in. 
    Q: My PC can't run Splinter Cell.
    A: Considering this guide is for Xbox, I think your PC doesn't make the 
    minimum requirements, or you could try changing the 
    graphics/sound/speed to a minimum.
    Q: How far are you in the game?
    A: I beat all the levels, and the downloadable ones. 
    Q: I found a mistake in your guide...
    A: You're a cruel heartless little person. This is a 150KB+ document. 
    You trying writing one without making a single mistake. 
    Q: I have another question...
    A: Email me - link21k@hotmail.com
    V. Downloads via Xbox Live 
    Alright, since a couple of people emailed me with this, I'll give you 
    the 411 of how to go Live with your Xbox </lame punt>. Remember, modded 
    Xboxes WILL NOT work. 
    Step 1: Connecting
           We have two ways of going about the first step: 
           The first way is to go through a 'direct connect' with Xbox to a 
    broadband modem. This is done by connecting an Ethernet cable (The RJ-
    45) required, from our Cable or DSL modem to the outlet of out Xbox 
    (bottom right). Now, obviously, if you have no more outlets in your 
    Cable or DSL modem, the second way would be for you. 
    	The second way is to simply connect our Cable or DSL modem to 
    Cable/DSL router. Now this router has 3 (or more) LAN ports - one for 
    the Cable/DSL modem, the other for our PC, and the third is free 
    (you'll want the third one to connect to Xbox). An Ethernet cable (The 
    RJ-45) is required to connect Xbox to the Cable/DSL router.  
    Step 2: Go Live
           Before we continue on with this, you'll need 'The Xbox Live 
    Starter Kit' which can be found at any major electronics store for 
    $49.95 (plus tax). You'll also need a subscription code to set up an 
    Xbox Live account. If you want more information on this, visit 
    Here's how to step up your Xbox Live account:
    1.	Insert your Xbox Live Start Kit disc into your Xbox DVD tray. 
    2.	Within this disc, select the option for Xbox Live. 
    Here's the moment of truth. If everything works, your Xbox will 
    officially be online. Party. Now, create your Xbox Live account, and 
    wait until there's downloadable levels for Splinter Cell. 
    If your Xbox did not connect, go on to Step 3.
    Step 3: Configure (if needed)
    	If you can't go online, obviously something is wrong. Remember, 
    modded Xboxes do NOT work. So first use Network Setup in the Xbox 
    dashboard for network settings. You may need to enter some information 
    such as a host name, a MAC address, or an ISP user name and password. 
    If at this point, Xbox still does not connect or you may need 
    additional information in network settings, contact your broadband 
    service provider. Once you obtain the information, enter it in the Xbox 
    dashboard and keep your fingers crossed!
    For additional assistance see www.xbox.com/live or call (United States 
    and Canada): 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269). 
    VI. Updates  
    Pretty easy to understand what this section is about ... My FAQ 
    Version 3.0 (FINAL) - Vselka levels done. The entire guide was 
    reformatted. I also added some reader responses, updated the FAQs, and 
    profiles. Basically I went all out on this guide. Unless Ubisoft 
    decides to include more levels, this is the last update. It's been fun 
    with you guys.
    Version 2.0 - Everything done and mostly edited. Sorry for the LONG 
    wait. I'm extremely sorry. A thousand pardons for not answering your 
    emails as well. This is the LAST update this guide will have until 
    September and October when UbiSoft finally makes the two new levels! 
    Anyways, its 100% done. Enjoy! ^__^
    Version 1.30 - Sorry for the delay. I receive so many emails of 
    Splinter Cell FAQs... They are mostly asking about Defense Ministry 
    alarms, and why the alarm goes off when you're climbing over the gutter 
    pipe. Please, remember to hide the driver. If I get one more question 
    about DM alarms, I'm going to scream. Anyways (I love that word), I 
    reformatted this document making it easier to read, added 2 missions 
    (Its amazing how fast I update my guides), and the gameplay hints 
    section is FINALLY updated as well. This is a major update. Expect the 
    next one - 1.40 to be updated during these weekends.   
    Version 1.15 - As promised I deliver, the CIA level, and all door codes 
    for it as well! Sorry for the delay, Windows kind of froze on me, 
    deleting half the CIA level. I also got my email box stuffed with 
    questions, which I'll bring over to the FAQs. Expect the next FAQ 
    version in a couple of days with the next two missions, and a major 
    grammar/spelling check for I'm going to take a long break.   
    Version 1.10 - Completed missions 2 and 3 (Defense Ministry, and Oil 
    Rig). CVXFreak helped out with the ASCII art you just saw, and I 
    completed the 'Downloads via Xbox Live' section. Work on mission 4 (CIA 
    HQ) is being conducted as we speak, and I hope to get that posted by 
    Wednesday at the latest, for a number of people are having trouble with 
    it at the boards, and that's my main concern as of now. Expect just 
    that in my next version (1.15).  
    Version 1.00 - Started the FAQ guide. First level - Training is 
    complete. I also completed the weapons/gadgets part, basic movements, 
    controls, terrorist profiles, and FAQs. My next update will focus 100% 
    on the walkthrough only in which I hope to accomplish mission 2, and 3 
    possibly even 4, but since the demand for mission 2, and 3 on the 
    boards are high, I will try to get that in as soon as possible (around 
    2 days).
    VII. Legal Junk & Acknowledgements  
    Legal Junk -
    Let me quickly skip forward to 411.
    Things you CAN do with my guide:
    -Read it (obviously),
    -Print it,
    -Save it on your HDD,
    -Give it to friends,
    -Recommend it,
    -Link to it,
    -Have fun with it,
    -Yell at it because you simply can't beat the game.
    Things you CANNOT do with my guide:
    -Save it on your HDD and turn it in to ANY website under your name,
    -Turn it in to other websites even in my name,
    -Copy & Paste it, and put it on your site (Just email me, I'll agree if 
    you link me to it),
    -Go around saying you made it,
    -Try to hack and delete it (please don't).
    If any of these special requests - 'Things you CANNOT do' by me are 
    broken, actions will be taken place. Please, please don't make me do 
    this. If your not sure of what you can/cannot do, just email me. 
    Acknowledgements -
    I'd just like to thank the following people who made this guide 
    possible here today: 
    CJayC - For making one helluva site - GameFAQs and accepting my guide,
    CVXFREAK - for the ASCII and the formatting,
    Myself - For making ...myself convict me to make this guide,
    Ubi Soft - For making one of the best damn games ever,
    Ubi Soft manual - Whom I'd borrowed the story, weapons, and terrorist 
    profile section from.
    The Readers - For reading this guide and for all your tips. 
                        A guide by Vlad Danilchuk - AllYourBaseBelong2Us. 
                            Copyright (c) 2002-2003. All Rights Reserved. 

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