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    Item/Weapon/Enemy FAQ by Kyleman

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 06/26/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tom Clancy's:Splinter Cell Weapons/Gadgets/and Enemies FAQ By: KyleMan
                                 Version 1.10
                                  Last Update:
    7. Items
    8. In-Game
    10.Sam Fisher
    11. Third
      And Legal
    Well, So far Iv'e got Controls, Sam's Movements, Weapons, Gadgets And
    Enemies. In the Near future I plan to add Items, and More Characters and
    so on. If you want to contact me, Contact me at CoolKyleMan@AOL.Com You can
    also put somthing in my FAQ, I will look through what you sent and
    Maybe I will put it in my FAQ. And I will gladly give you credit for it.
    2.Version History
    Version 1.00(1/19/03)-Finally, Ive got the Controls, Sam's Movements,
    Weapon's, Gadgets, Enemies, Credits, Thanks, and Legal stuff. Now to
    submit it for the first time.
    Version 1.02(1/20/03)-Added Intro and Version History.
    Version 1.03(1/24/03)- I had a virus, Thanks to my friend, He sent me a notepad
    version, I had to Re-Correct Spelling errors, And I put spacesbetween the comma's.
    Making it easier to read. Also It was over 79 characters per line, So, That was
    somthing extra to do. It wasen't like that before. But anyways I put it 79
    characters per line. It was a close one to losing my FAQ. :P
    Version 1.04(1/27/03)-I got a FAQ Check response from GAMEFAQ's. They said to
    change some things, so I did.
    Version 1.05(1/28/03)-Man, GAMEFAQ's was right grammer/spelling was BAD well I
    changed the grammer/spelling. Now it's a WHOLE lot BETTER. :)
    Version 1.06(1/31/03)-Now the FAQ looks better, More updates coming soon.
    Version 1.08(2/05/03)-Added Items and In-Game Elements.
    Version 1.10(2/23/03)-Added Sam Fisher Profile and Third Echelon Team.
    Right Trigger: Primary Fire
    Left Trigger: Secondary Fire/ Holding Breath In Sniper Mode
    Right Thumbstick: Free Camera Control/Quick Turn(Press)
    Left Thumbstick: Move/Rate of Fire(Press)
    Black Button: Quick Inventory
    White Button: Back to Wall/ Reload In Shooting Mode
    Back Button: Controls Map
    Start Button: OPSAT(Pause Menu)
    D-Pad: Night Vision(Left) Thermal Vision(Right)
    X Button: Target
    Y Button: Jump/ Split Jump(Double Tap)
    A Button: Interact
    B Button: Crouch
    4.Sam's Movements
    Press the "B Button" to Crouch. Movement is slower, But quieter, and Sam is less
    visible while crouched.
    Press the "Y Button" and push forward into low objects like crates or tables and
    Sam will crawl, or "Mantle" onto them.
    To climb a pipe, ladder, vertical cable, or fence, Simply walk into it. Press the
    "Y Button" to jump off.
    Close Attack
    With your weapon holstered, Press the "Right Trigger" when very close to an enemy
    to hit them with your elbow, pistol, or rifle butt.
    Back To Wall
    Press the "White Button" when standing or crouched to put Sam's Back to the Wall.
    Sam is less visible with his back to a wall.
    Jump by pressing the "Y Button" to grab and hang from ledges above Sam's head.
    Sam can move left and right as well pull himself up if there is room. Pull down or
    jump again to let go of a ledge.
    Jump by pressing the "Y Button" to grab hold of a horizontal pipe. Bring Sam's legs
    up to clear obstacles by pressing the "B Button".
    Zip Line
    Jump by pressing the "Y Button" to grab hold of a sloped wire or Zip Line. Sam will
    slide down automatically. Crouch by pressing the "B Button" to raise Sam's legs.
    Jump by pressing the "Y Button" again to let go.
                                  Advanced Moves
    Press and hold the "B Button" while moving to do a roll.
    Wall Jump
    When standing near a wall, Jump by pressing the "Y Button", Then press the "Y
    Button" again when near the top of a jump to kick off the nearby wall to gain
    extra height.
    Split Jump
    While at the top of a wall jump, if Sam is in a corridor that is about as wide as
    he is tall, Pressing the "Y Button" a third time will allow him to enter the split
    jump position.
    Drop Attack
    If you can get above an enemy and drop directly down on him, You will knock him out.
    Press the "Y Button" to Drop Attack.
    Quiet Landing
    When Falling, Quicly press the "B Button" to do a Quiet Landing.
    Door Peek
    To peek through a door before entering, select the "Open Door" interaction.Then hold
    back the "Left Thumbstick" before releasing the "A Button". Push forward on the "Left
    Thumbstick" to go through the door or pull back to close it again.
    To rappel from a small chimney, stand close to it and select the "Rappel" interaction.
    Sam can move up and down the rope. Press the "Y Button" to kick off the wall.
    Rappel Shooting
    Sam can equip and fire his weapon while rappelling. Press the "X Button" to equip the
    selected weapon.
    Hanging Shooting
    Sam can equip and fire his weapon while hanging from a pipe, But only if his legs are
    not tucked. Press the "X Button" to equip the selected weapon.
    Split Jump Shooting
    Sam can equip and fire his weapon while in the Split Jump position. Press the "X Button"
    to equip the selected weapon.
    Back to Wall Shooting
    When Sam approaches a corner with his back to the wall, He will automatically peek around
    the corner. Press the "X Button" while peeking to equip the selected weapon and he can shoot
    around the corner.
                         Non-Player Character-Linked Moves
    Move Body
    Sam will need to hide Dead or Unconcious bodies in order to prevent them from being discovered.
    Select the "Pick Up Body" interaction to carry a body. Press the "A Button" to put him down quietly,
    or simply equip a weapon to drop the body in a hurry.
    Some Freindly NPC's will talk to you. Simply walk up to them and select the "Talk To" interaction
    by pressing the "A Button".
    Grab an enemy by sneaking up close to him undetected and selecting the "Grab Character" Interaction.
    Press the "A Button".
    Human Sheild
    While holding an enemy, You can equip your sidearm and fire at other enemies while using the enemy
    you are holding as a human shield. Press the "X Button".
    Some NPC's can be interrogated for useful information. While holding an NPC, select the "interrogate"
    interaction to make him talk. Press the "A Button".
    Forced Incooperation
    Some objects in the world can't be used by Sam, But there may be NPC's that can use objects for him.
    To force an NPC to cooperate, grab him then drag him to the object you want him to use, and select the
    "Force Cooperation" interaction. Press the "A Button".
    SC-20K M.A.W.S.(Modular Assult Weapon System)
    The bullpup configuration of this assult rifle makes it light and compact without
    sacrificing firepower(5.56x45mm ss109). It's modular configuration allows it to be
    customized to fit any mission profile. Equipped with a flash/sound suppresser and
    combined with a multipurpose launcher. The SC-20K the obvious choice of weaponary
    for Sam when infiltrating enemy territory.
                             How to use the SC-20K
    Note: Because of the more overt nature of the SC-20K, it will only be required
    after a few missions when the situation requires it.Sniper Mode: Sniper mode is
    only available with the SC-20K: Equip SC-20K, press the "Y Button" to enter Sniper
    Mode, press the "Left Trigger" to hold Sam's breath and steady his aim (For a limited
    time), press the "Right Trigger" to Fire. Manual Reload: Pressing the "White Button"
    with the SC-20K or pistol selected will reload the weapon. Sam will automatically
    reload when out of ammunition. SC-20K's Multipurpose launcher: Pull the "Left
    Trigger" to fire with the launcher. The Launcher canot be fired in Sniper Mode.
    Ring Airfoil Projectile
    A High-Impact, zero penetration projectile designed to incapacitate rather than kill.
                       How to use the Ring Airfoil Projectile
    The Ring Airfoil is much more effective if it hits the head.Hit an enemy in the body
    a couple of times to knock him out.This weapon is very usefull since it is silent. But
    you do not want anyone hearing the "Groan" from an enemy when you knock him out. If you
    do the enemy nearby will rush toward the spothe heard the sound, and that will leave
    another enemy you have to take care of.
    Sticky Camera
    A miniature camera with full pan and zoom functionality, Plus night and thermal
    vision modes. The Sticky Camera feeds it's signal directly to Sam's OPSAT(Pause
    Menu). Ideal for for advance scouting and intelligence gathering. Sticky cams
    are reusable.
                             How to use the Sticky Camera
    If fired into an enemies head it will be an Instant Knockout.They are also very
    useful to use around corners to see what's goingon. Zooming would be a good idea
    to see down a hall clearer. Also,Try to make sure no other enemie's around while
    hitting your target if they hear a "Groan" from the other guard, He would rush to
    where they heard the noise. Making you have another enemy to take care of.
                           More info on the Sticky Camera,
                                       By: Syph
    You can shoot them off the walls or wherever you can't reach them. Also, you can
    stick them onto the helmets of the guy's on the Presidential Palace board the same
    goes with the diversion cam. If you don't relase the gas you can shoot them off the
    wall and pick them back up to use later.
    Sticky Shocker
    A High Voltage discharge coated in adhesive resin. The Sticky Shocker will adhere
    to an enemy and give him an incapacitating shock.
                            How to use the Sticky Shocker
    Fired into pools of water, the Sticky Shocker can neutralize multiple opponents. All
    the Sticky Shocker does is knock out opponents it will not kill them. When there is a
    single enemy, Shoot the Sticky Shocker at him and it will electrocute him. Just make
    sure there is not another guard around, or they will hear the "Groan" of the enemy
    getting electrocuted. And they will rush toward the spot they heard the noise from,
    and that will leave you another guard to to take care of.
    Gas Grenade
    Standard CS Gas Canister grenade can incapacitate groups of enemies. exposure to CS Gas
    causes violent respiratory seizure. Prolonged exposure causes unconsciousness.
                            How to use the Gas Grenade
    This is a powerful gas that will quickly knock out enemies. Try not to step in the gas range.
    If you do, your Health Meter will gradually decrease. This is best to use when enemies are in
    groups. It would really be a waste of a Gas Grenade to use it on one enemy.
    Distraction Camera
    An adaption of the Sticky Camera. The distraction camera has had it's pan and zoom motors as
    well as its vision enhancement appratus replaced with a noisemaker and a CO2 gas canister.
                         How to use the Distraction Camera
    This device can be triggerd to attract enemies with sound and then dispence a cloud of
    incapacitating gas when they are nearby. This is a one-time-use camera if you use the gas.
    You can pick it back up if you don't use the gas. The gas is like the gas canister(Above)
    it will only knock out, but still leaves you plenty of time to hide the body and get out
    of there.
    SC Pistol
    The SC Pistol tactical with single-action trigger and a 20-Round magazine comes
    equpped with a Silencer/Flash suppressor. It's 5.72x28mm rounds offer a good
    penetration against modern body armor,while keeping the weapons weight,
    demensions, and recoil at reasonable levels.
                              How to use the SC Pistol
    This is good for taking out lights, cameras, ect. But it is not that good for
    taking out enemies, because it is a pretty weak pistol. In the later missions I
    would prefer using the SC-20K(Above in Weapons section)for taking out enemies.
    Not the SC Pistol. When you kill an enemy make sure there are no other guards
    around, Because if you kill an enemy when another guard is around they will hear
    the "Groan" of the guard you killed dying. Then he will rush toward the spot he
    heard the noise. And that will leave you another guard to take care of.
    Lock Pick
    Standard set to picks, wrenches, and probes for bypassing standard cylinder locks.
                             How to use the Lock Pick
    Slowly rotate the Left Thumbstick around the outer edge of it's range until you see
    and hear the first pin begin to move. This means the Left Thumbstick is in the correct
    quadrant. Keeping the Left Thumbstick in the correct quadrant, wiggle the thumbstick
    very gently to release one of the pins in the lock. Repeat until all pins are released.
    Laser Microphone T.A.K(Tactical Audio Kit)A Laser Operated microphone integrated in the
    SC Pistol that enables the user to read the vibration off of certain surfaces(Mainly Glass
    Windows). Used to listen in on conversations.
                       How to use the Laser Microphone T.A.K
    It is attached to the pistol, You will need it to listen in on conversations. It turns the
    vibration into sound so you can listen inon conversations. Point it toward the location you
    need to listen in on.
    Camera Jammer
    The Camera Jammer emits microwave pulses that disrupt the characteristic
    signals used in the microcircuitry of surveillance cameras. The Camera
    Jammer operates off a capacitor that must be allowed to recharge from
    it's battery after a short time.
                           How to use the Camera Jammer
    This device jams cameras. When it is not in use it will recharge.This is
    better to use than a weapon because it will save a couple of shots(And if
    you miss a few shots). Then you don`t have to worry about wasting ammo on
    a camera shot.
    Optic Cable
    This flexible Cable/Camera can easily be slipped under doors to veiw the
    other side. Complete with night vision enhancement.
                           How to use the Optic Cable
    This is good for seeing on the other side of doors. If you see an enemy
    on the other side, grab your gun, and if he is turned around try to get
    a head shot. If he is not turned around shoot him anywhere because if
    you don't, you will be laying down in your own pool of blood.
    Disposable Pick
    Unconventional Lock Picks, these Microexplosive-Shaped charges
    deliver a quick impact to any standard lock cylinder that will shatter
    the pins and unlock the door.
                          How to use the Disposable Pick
    These are very good if you are trying to get a quick escape or in a
    hurry. Since you don't have to mess around picking the pins it will
    just shatter them. But they are only one-time-use. So you won't be
    able to use them multiple times.
    Night Vision Headset
    Night vision goggles amplify very low existing light, especially at
    the lower end of the infrared spectrum.
                       How to use the Night Vision Headset
    Simply press the left direction on the D-Pad, Sam will put the night
    vision on letting you be able to see alot better in very dark places.
    It is also ideal to turn them on when it is dark inside to see very
    shadowy places so you can place a body there. Making it impossible to
    see without night vision.
    Thermal Vision Headset
    Similar to Night Vision, thermal vision is an essential tool in low light
    situations. The technology differs from night vision in that it captures
    the upper level of the infrared light spectrum, which is emmited as heat
    rather than reflected as light.
                      How to use the Thermal Vision Headset
    The thermal vision headset is not available in the few first missions.This
    will also let you see through thin objects. This also helps when it's dark
    and hard to see enemies. It shows out heat that come off of other body
    tempatures. And your characters.
    7. Items
    Some objects, like grenades, flares, or other miscellaneous objects in the world,
    can be thrown. To throw an object, equip it and press the "X Button". A series of
    reticles on screen will show your aiming trajectory. Use the Right Thumbstick to
    aim and the Left Trigger to flatten or arch the trajectory. Pull the Right Trigger
    to throw the object or the "X Button" again to abort the throw.
    Wall Mine
    The wall mine is a motion-sensitive explosive device that can be attached to almost
    any surface. To deactivate and pick up a wall mine, wait for the green light.
                             How to use the Wall Mine
    If there is a red light on, don't walk through, wait for a green light. Once it's
    deactivated you can pick it up, and the wall mine is yours.
    Chemical Flare
    Chemical flares are lightweight plastic sticks filled with a binary chemical agent.
    When the inner containers are cracked, the chemical agents mix, causing the stick to
    glow. Useful for attracting and distracting enemies.
                            How to use the Chemical flare
    This is good for attracting enemies, throw it in a dark area, then if he is turned
    around, grab him. And you have him right where you want him, Around your characters
    arms. Take him to a dark place knock him out, and get out of there.
    Emergency Flare
    Similar to the chemical flare, these standard road flares also emit a great deal of
    heat, making them useful for distracting heat sensors such as those found on automated
                            How to use the emergency Flare
    These are good for distracting the heat sensors on the automated turrets. Simply throw
    one on the ground to the left or right and it will shoot the flare and not your character.
    So your character can sneak past the turret on the opposite side of where it's shooting.
    These are also good for distracting gaurds, just use it like the chemical flare. Throw in
    a dark area, if he is turned around grab him, take him to a dark area and knock him out.
    Frag Grenade
    The 14-oz M67 fragmentation grenade consists of a 2.5" steel sphere surrounding
    6.5 ounces of high explosive. Apon detonation, the steel sphere shatters,emmitting
    a burst of high-velocity sharpnel.
                              How to use the Frag Grenade
    Don't be near when this explodes, when it does it emmits little metal peices
    from the grenade.
    Medical Kit
    Standard feild first-aid kit
                              How to use the Medical Kit
    You get these off of the wall in sertain places, these don't bring your health
    points very high, But their good if you have low health. It's better than nothing
    to use.
    Bullet Box
    Find it to retrieve some ammo
                              How to use the Bullet Box
    It will be for your Pistol or SC-20K, the SC-20K you will get later in the game.
    It provides a pretty good amount of ammo, but not infinite, So use your ammo wisley.
    8.In-Game Elements
    Enemy static defenses present a wide range of potential obstacles to overcome
    from simple keypads that control doors, to automated turrets that detect heat
    and movementand fire on intruders.
    Alarm Panel
    Standard alarm switches that can be triggered by enemies to alert nearby comrades.
    Because of the extremely covert nature of Sam's operations, indcretion with alarms
    can lead to third echelon aborting a mission.
    Automated Turret
    Heat and motion sensing turrets with an indipendent friendly fire(Iff) recognition
    system. Turrets can be hacked from their attached control computer. Either deactivate
    a turret entirely, or disable it's IFF system. With IFF disabled, it will attack Sam,
    but it will also attack enemies. Use the D-Pad to navigate in the attached control
    Surveillance Camera
    Standard, off-the-shelf surveillance cameras that detect movement and have the ability
    to directly trigger alarms. This type of camera is fragile and can be destroyed.
    Armored Camera
    Exept for the bulletproof casing, these cameras are identical to the standard surveillance
    camera. Shoot down lights to get past these.
    Key Pad Lock
    Standard push-button security pads linked to electromagnetic locking systems in a door. Only
    the correct code will allow a key pad locked door to be opened. Multiple failed attemts to
    enter a code will sound an alarm. Select the numbers with the Left Thumbstick. Once you find
    a key pad code it will appear in your inventory(Pause Menu) in the notes section.
    Retinal Scanner
    A locking device that reads the uniqe imprint of a persons retina before unlocking a door. No one
    without access can open a retinal scanner locked door, but those with the correct retinas can
    somtimes be "convinced" to open them for you. An incorrect retinal scan automatically triggers
    an alarm.
    Kombayn Nikoladze
    Profile: Using his political, technological, and financial influence, Nikoladze
    has become the newly elected president of Georgia.His ambition is matched only
    his industriousness.
                             How to find Kombayn Nikoladze,
                                       By: Syph
    Once you have eliminated the guy's down in the basement on the Presidential Palace
    go back up to the library and go up the elevator instead of going out the door
    to go snipe Kombayn Nikoladze. You will see two guy's once up to the second
    floor. You can simply run past them or kill them. It's a glich in the game
    so they won't notice you. Once you come out of the elevatorgo to your right
    down the hall where the ammo was on the table. Go through the double doors
    in the hallway where the two dead guy's are with the grandfather clock.
    Kombayn Nikoladze will be standing there. He won't notice you because
    it's a glitch in the game again. You can kill him but you still have to
    finish the gameby sniping the real Kombayn Nikoladze.'
    Vyacheslav Grinko
    Profile: Ex-Spetnaz(Russian Special Forces), Grinko is now Nikoladze's "lieutenant"
    of the Russian Mafia.
    Profile: Grinko's personal driver.
    Georgian Colonels
    Profile: The leadership for Nikoladze's worldwide military/mercenary forces. Several
    colonels can be found in each cell of the Georgian mercenary army. They also have
    security clearance to certain areas that normal soldiers don't have.
    Philip Masse
    Profile: Hired for his vast computer knowlage, Philip Masse is the man directly
    responsible for the Georgian information crisis.
    Chinese Officers
    Profile: The leadership behind the people's liberation army of China. These officers
    somtimes hold key information that Fisher can use to accomplish his missions. Elimination
    Might not be the best optionwhen first encountering them.
    10.Sam Fisher Profile
    Sam Fisher(The Character you play as)
    Fisher has been on the front lines of espionage in several defining conflicts throughout
    the past decades. He has not only survived, but also excelled in the field of covert
    operations through hard work, insatiable curiosity, and brutal honesty. He has little
    time for polite niceties and even less for lies. Though fully aware and confident of
    his abilities, Fisher understands that his survival has often been a gift of chance.
    He knows he is human and fallible, and he does not want to die. He has a strange dark
    sense of humor. He is quiet, instinctive, and observant: somebody who watches from the
    outside. Combat, espionage, and constant training have dfined his adult life; his tactical
    experience has become part of his instinct. Now, even outside of work he is most comfortable
    on the fringes of societ, keenly observant but still removed.
    11. Third Echelon Team
    Third Echelon's specialists have been recruited from every branch of intelligence and the armed
    forces, some even culled from civilian life. They are the elite of America's strategists. Hackers,
    and operatives. Each field operative works with a remote support team of roughly a dozen members.
    Sam Fisher's Support Team is Headed by Three Primary Members:
    Colonel Irving Lambert
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 270 lbs.
    Third Echelon
    12.Credits, Thanks, and Legal Stuff
    Credit goes to me for writing this FAQ.
    Credit also goes to AsdfgA3 for giving me some tips and hints for
    writing FAQ's.
    Credit will go to anyone who will help me(If they Do).And I will gladly
    type their name Down.
    Credit goes to Syph for showing you how to find Kombayn Nikoladze and
    for the Sticky shocker info. Thanks again!! :)
    Thanks goes to GAMEFAQS for a wonderful site.
    Thanks goes to you for reading my FAQ.
    Thanks goes to UBISOFT for an exelent game.
                                  Contact Info.
    Questions? Comments? Want to put somthing in my FAQ? Also if you see any spelling/grammer errors
    contact me at CoolKyleMan@Aol.Com and I will correct them or respond if the situation requires it.
    I'm also found on the Tom Clancy's:Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance(XBOX),or HALO boards.
                                  Legal Stuff
    Ok, This is MY FAQ do not steal it, publish it, or put it on a Website WITHOUT my permission. That is
    commiting a crime and you can be arrested for it. So Please, ask me before you Put it on a website or
    magazine.Thank You.
    Copyright 2003: KyleMan(Real Name: Kyle) All rights reserved.

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