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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dead Hero

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                     T   O   M      C   L   A   N   C   Y   '   S
           ****         ** *          **                *****         **  **
          **            **          ******             **    *        **  **
           ****  *****  ** ** * ***   **  **** * ***   **       ****  **  **
              ** **  ** ** ** **  **  ** **    **      **    * **     **  **
           ****  ***** ** **  **  ** **   **** **       *****   **** **  **
                  Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell for the Microsoft Xbox
                         An FAQ/Walkthrough by Michael Lemon
                           FAQ Version 1.4 - June 21, 2003
                        E-mail: xxdeadheroxx[at]yahoo[dot]com
    T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
    I.     Copyright
    II.    Introduction
    III.   Version History
    IV.    Story
    V.     Characters 
    VI.    Controls
    VII.   Gameplay
    VIII.  Pre-Game Tips
    IX.    Walkthrough
    X.     Secrets
    XI.    FAQs
    XII.   Credits
    XIII.  Contact Information  
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    I. C O P Y R I G H T
    This FAQ is copyright 2003 Michael Lemon. All rights reserved. This guide, in 
    it's entirety or otherwise, is all the intellectual property of it's author,
    Michael Lemon, unless otherwise specified by a given credit. This FAQ can be
    viewed in its assured best quality and most recent version on the following
    GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/>
    IGN <http://www.ign.com/>
    If you have a site and wish to host my guide, you may do so as long as you 
    email me beforehand and tell me that you wish to host it. However, you may 
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    This guide is protected by International Copyright Laws and may not be 
    retransmitted or reproduced in any manner without the prior, written approval 
    from me, the author. No part of this guide may be altered, changed, expanded
    upon, or modified in any way without my advanced written consent (note, you 
    will never get my permission to alter my work). Any and all attempts at doing
    so are blatent violations of the copyright. Violators can be prosecuted to the
    full extent of the law.
    Furthermore, this guide is meant solely for private use. Any unauthorized
    public reproduction of this guide is in violation of the copyright. This guide
    may never be sold for profit, given away as a gift to promote anything, or 
    auctioned off for any reason. Thank you. 
    II. I N T R O D U C T I O N
    Welcome to what will be my second full FAQ, this one for a tragically
    underappreciated gem on the Microsoft Xbox being Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell. In
    fact, that is the very reason I decided to write this guide. The Xbox gets no
    love, so here I am to spread it. As always, I hope to make this guide the most
    inclusive you will find anywhere. That is my goal, and I will try my hardest to
    uphold it.
    Coming right out, this game is fantastic. You know it, everyone knows it, even
    fanboys who hate Microsoft won't deny it. Splinter Cell shines in every aspect
    of gameplay, graphics, and sound making it one of the Xbox's premier titles of
    2002. Sam Fisher debuts with a bang, a rather stealthy bang at that. Of course
    that all reverts to the fact that the Xbox gets no love, so what are you going
    to do? Even though many people own and enjoy this game, still that much more
    would rather deny themselves the amazing pleasures that reside in the world of
    Tom Clancy. If you own an Xbox, you must own this game.
    SC was forged from the universe of Tom Clany and Ubi Soft rather capriciously.
    Typically, Clancy games resolve around one-shot kills and squad based combat.
    In SC, you are a one man infiltration unit and will not be disposed of easily.
    You have many gadgets and tricks at your disposal that make you feel like a
    beefed up 007, and the occasional Bond music doesn't hurt either. In any way,
    you are a spy and you excel immensly at your job. And what a job you are going
    to have. But fret not, my lost little gamer. In this guide, I will detail the
    ins and outs, ups and downs, and all of the in-betweens. It is my hope that
    this guide will make the game that much better for you by decreasing the
    frustration, etc. of SC. As always, have fun.  
    III. V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y
    This is the Version History section of the guide which will point out the past
    versions of the guide, hence the name. Any and all revisions, content changes,
    or other addition to this FAQ will be detailed here, no matter how big or
    Current Version
    FAQ Version   | 1.4
    Date Released | June 21, 2003
    Date Started  | June 21, 2003
    New Content   | Changed the terms of my Copyright (see above, Section I)
                    Added an addition to the hut secret area in Abattoir
                    Added a secret area in the Defense Ministry
                    Added an open all levels cheat code for the game
                    Added a strategy in the Oil Rig
                    Added a fun tip in the Training Level
    Past Versions
    FAQ Version   | 1.3
    Date Released | March 20, 2003
    Date Started  | March 16, 2003
    New Content   | Added an alternate strategy for the ending to Abattoir
                    Added an alternate strategy for the CIA Headquarters
                    Found a secret area in Abattoir
                    Fixed an error in the Chinese Embassy
                    Updated the FAQs
    FAQ Version   | 1.2
    Date Released | February 11, 2003
    Date Started  | February 11, 2003
    New Content   | Added an alternate strategy for the Presidential Palace.
                    Corrected an error in Return to the Chinese Embassy.
                    Updated the FAQs section.
    FAQ Version   | 1.1
    Date Released | February 08, 2003
    Date Started  | February 06, 2003
    New Content   | Added some info on the UFO room.
                    Added an alternate strategy on Return to the Chinese Embassy.
    FAQ Version   | 1.0
    Date Released | February 04, 2003
    Date Started  | January 26, 2003
    New Content   | This is the first Version of the FAQ. The guide you are
                    looking at right now, 1.0.
    IV. S T O R Y
    The following story comes directly from the Instruction Booklet that came with
    Splinter Cell.
    It is the year 2003.
    In response to the growing use of sophisticated digital encryption to conceal
    potential threats to the national security of the United States, the NSA
    (National Security Agency) has ushered forth a new dawn of intelligence-
    gathering techniques. This top-secret initiative, dubbed Third Echelon, marks
    a return to classical methods of espionage, enhanced with leading-edge
    surveillance and combat technology for the aggressive collection of stored
    data in hostile territories. When intelligence deemed critical to national
    security cannot be obtained by traditional means, Third Echelon is granted
    clearance to conduct physical operations.
    Denied to exsist by the U.S. government, Third Echelon deploys units known as
    Splinter Cells: elite intelligence-gathering forces consisting of a lone field
    operative supported by a remote team. Like a sliver of glass, a Splinter Cell 
    is small, sharp, and nearly invisible.
    March 10, 2004: The CIA contacted NSA officials regarding the loss of contact 
    with Agent Alison Madison, a CIA operative monitoring widespread communication
    shortages plaguing the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. A second operative,
    Agent Blaustein, was inserted into the Georgian capital T'bilisi to locate
    Agent Madison, only to drop from contact seven days later. Fearing for the
    lives of American agents compromised at the hands of a suspected terrorist
    effort, Third Echelon has activated Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher to
    locate the missing agents and evaluate the situation.
    You are Sam Fisher. You must leave no trace on the physical or political map.
    Remember: Although killing may compromise secrecy, the choice between leaving 
    a witness or a corpse is no choice at all. You do not exsist. You are a
    Splinter Cell.
    V. C H A R A C T E R S
    --- Sam Fisher ---
    Born:   ???
    Height: ???
    Weight: ???
    Sam Fisher is a combat expert from way back. He was involved in several armed
    conflicts around the world, and excelled in them all. Having little left to
    prove to the world, Fisher continues to fight because he is the best at what
    he does. Combat, training, and espionage have ruled his adult life. So now,
    Fisher took a job working with Third Echelon as a Splinter Cell. He fights for
    the cause above all else, but only if he can. 
    Fisher is also an intelligent man. He knows the routines and knows how to get
    results. He is brutally honest and owes much of his success to his insatiable
    curiosity. Well trained and skilled, Fisher oddly possesses a dark sense of
    humor. On occasion, Fisher has been known to let his emotions get to him on 
    the job. Usually, it is because of his attitude.
    On a personal note, Sam is a loving father. His daughter, Sara, is often left
    alone because of his work. Sam does try hard to keep in touch with her and
    will often call her at home between missions. 
    --- Colonel Irving Lambert ---
    Born:   Batcave, NC in 1961
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 270 lbs.
    Colonel Lambert is the Operations Coordinator and an old friend of Sam's.
    Lambert is the man who invited Sam to become a member of the NSA's Third
    Echelon team as a Splinter Cell. Serving as the link between the field
    operative and HQ, Lambert directs the goals and missions of the Splinter Cells.
    Lambert is one to always go after the mission, even at the risk of the
    operative or of hostages. 
    --- Vernon Wilkes ---
    Born:   Baltimore, MD in 1967
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 145 lbs.
    Serving as the Field Runner for Fisher, Wilkes directs and controls all forms
    of transportation of the Splinter Cell deployments. Also under Wilkes authority
    is the equiptment to be used by an operative. Wilkes will explain any and all
    new devices given to an operative in the debriefing. Sam and Wilkes first meet
    after Fisher is newly instated into Third Echelon. From there, they get to be
    good friends.
    --- Anna Grimsdottir ---
    Born:   Boston, MA in 1974
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 128 lbs.
    Anna Grimsdottir serves as the Communications Lead for all Splinter Cell
    deployments. She will keep in touch with Sam during his missions providing for
    technological, cryptographic, and data support. She leads a small team of
    programmers that can help Sam with the high-tech devices and components that
    he will undoubtedly encounter.
    VI. C O N T R O L S
                                 The Xbox Controller
                              L _____     ||     _____ R
                               /_____\    ||    /_____\
                              / __    `--------`       \
                             / |  |       X          Y  \
                            |  \__/ _    Xbox       X  B |
                            |     _| |_       __     A   |
                            |    |_ + _|     |  |      o |
                            | o    |_|       \__/    o   |
                            |  O                         |
                            |     /`---------------`\    |
                            |    /                   \   |
                             \__/                     \__/
    A. General Controls
    X Button           Target
    Y Button           Jump/Split Jump (Double Tap)
    A Button           Interact 
    B Button           Crouch
    Right Trigger      Primary Fire 
    Left Trigger       Secondary Fire/Holding Breath in Sniper Mode
    Right Thumbstick   Free Camera Control/Quick Turn (Press)    
    Left Thumbstick    Move/Rate of Fire (Press)
    D-Pad              Night Vision (left)/Thermal Vision (right) 
    White Button       Back to Wall/Reload in Shooting Mode
    Black Button       Quick Inventory
    Start Button       OPSAT
    Back Button        Controls Map
    B. In-Depth Controls
    X Button
    The X Button is used to unholster your weapon and make Sam aim. You will
    continue aiming your weapon until you hit the X Button again. Sam can walk
    while aiming, although his aim is thrown off. The triangles centering on the
    main reticle reflect your accuracy.
    Y Button
    The Y Button is used to make Sam jump. Jumping obviously allows Sam to reach 
    places that he normally couldn't get to. Sam can also jump off of walls to get
    even more height. This is done by pressing the Y Button a second time while in
    the air. If you are in a hallway or someplace with narrow walkways, Sam can do
    a Split Jump by the same method.
    A Button
    The A Button is used to interact with the enviroment surrounding Sam.
    Interactions range from speaking to opening doors. Any and all interactions
    availiable to Sam are displayed in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
    If there are more than one interactions to choose from at a certain spot, you
    can scroll through them with the D-pad.
    B Button
    The B Button makes Sam drop down into a crouch. This not only helps make Sam
    quieter, but will also allow you to pass under some objects. Sam will step
    lightly or run in a crouch depending on how hard you press the Left Thumbstick.
    Note that Sam does move slower than if he was standing, but he is less visible.
    Right Trigger
    The Right Trigger is used for your primary fire. With a weapon, the Right
    Trigger will make you shoot. With a gadget, such as the Lock Pick, the Right
    Trigger will cause Sam to start picking the door.
    Left Trigger
    The Left Trigger is used with the SC-20K M.A.W.S for your secondary fire
    option. You can only use secondary fire when your weapon is drawn and equipped
    with such a device.
    Right Thumbstick
    The Right Thumbstick is used to control the camera at will. You can swing it
    around to manipulate some corners and see what is on the other side, etc. When
    pressed in, or clicked, Sam will preform a quick turn.
    Left Thumbstick
    The Left Thumbstick is used to move Sam about. When pressed full, Sam will
    run. When slightly pressed, Sam will walk slowly. The stick is pressure
    sensitive. When equipped with the SC-20K, you can click the Left Thumbstick to
    change the rate of fire.
    The D-Pad is used to turn on Sam's goggles. When pressed to the left, Sam will
    drop them down and turn on his Night Vision Goggles. When pressed to the right,
    Sam will turn on his Thermal Goggles. Note that the Thermal Goggles are not
    availiable in the early levels.
    White Button
    The White Button is used to press Sam's back to a wall when standing near it.
    Sam will move with the wall until the White Button is pressed again. Sam can
    aim around corners by leaning around a corner and unholsering his weapon. With
    a gun out, the White Button will reload the gun.
    Black Button
    The Black Button is used for your quick inventory. When tapped, it will switch
    quickly between the last gadget you were using. When pressed again, it will
    revert to the gadget you had. Otherwise, holding will allow you to access all
    of your weapons and gadgets.
    Start Button
    The Start Button is used to access Sam's OPSAT. This will give him all of the 
    details of his mission, his goals, and his inventory. The OPSAT is also the
    equivalent of pausing the game.
    VII. G A M E P L A Y
    This section of the guide will cover all of the basic and advances gameplay 
    aspects in SC. From movements to weapons and everything in-between, if it's in
    the game then it should be in here.
    A. The Basics
    --- Stealth ---
    If asked in a word to define SC, one would almost have to reply 'stealth.' It
    involves every aspect of the game from just trudging through a level to getting
    by an annoying guard. SC is all about stealth, it was even promoted as Stealth
    Action Redefined. If you think you can get by this game with run and gun
    tactics, then you are deadly wrong. SC requires patience above all else. This
    game is based on espionage, infiltration, and the secret collection of data.
    Remember, you do not exsist. You are a Splinter Cell.
    Anyway, stealth gameplay comes in many forms in SC. To automatically make
    yourself more stealthy, simply tap the B button to drop Sam into a crouch.
    Now, in a crouch you can step lightly by pressing the stick gently, which will
    make Sam's footsteps nearly impossible to hear. If you need to quickly change
    your position, you can run in a crouch by pressing the stick harder. The stick
    is pressure sensitive, and the harder you press the louder Sam's footsteps
    will become (which will make you easier to find).
    Shadows become extremely important in staying invisible. While in a dark
    shadow, a guard may not see you even if he is standing right next to you. To
    help make more shadows for Sam, you can shoot out lights and turn them off. To
    be honest, you will actually spend the lot of your time shooting lights
    instead of shooting bad guys.
    To view Sam's current level of stealth, the game has provided you with a
    Stealth Meter in the lower right hand corner of your screen. At it's fullest,
    you are extremely visible even to enemies a good distance away. At it's
    lowest, you are but a mere ghost's shadow. It is at this level that a guard
    may not even see you if he bumps into you.
    --- Basic Moves ---
    Again remember that nearly all of these moves are pressure sensitive. Pressing
    harder or softer will correspond to the degree of force and excecution Sam will
    execute on-screen. Remember, softer is quieter and thus makes you less likely
    to be caught. 
    Crouching allows Sam to duck down under some obstacles and proceed. However, 
    the main use for the crouch is to remain less visible to any enemy in the
    area. While crouched, Sam can step quietly but will move very slowly. During
    the course of the game, you will be crouched for the majority. Press the B
    Button to go into a crouch.
    Mantling can be preformed in a few ways, all required with the Y Button. To
    climb onto a small object, like a dumpster, walk up to the object and press Y 
    along with the Left Thumbstick forward. Sam should jump right onto it. If the
    ledge is even higher, you can get on in the same manner and Sam will catch the
    ledge at the waist and hoist himself up. If you are trying to climb a wall,
    Sam can jump straight up and grab the ledge. While hanging, press forward to
    climb up. 
    Climbing an object is different from mantling in that you will climb directly
    up that object, like a ladder or pipe. To climb an object, simply walk into
    it. To get off, press the Y Button and Sam will jump off. When descending,
    pressing hard down on the stick will cause Sam to slide down a pipe or ladder.
    Close Attack
    A close attack can be preformed only when your weapon is holstered and you are
    in striking distance of an enemy. When you are, press the Right Trigger to
    preform an elbow attack, pistol attack, or rifle butt. An enemy not expecting
    this attack will be knocked unconscience in one hit, but an enemy ready for
    the attack will take two to go down.
    Back to Wall
    To put your back to a wall, stand next to it and hit the White Button. With
    your back to the wall, Sam is less visible than he would normally be. To
    increase your level of stealth, Sam can crouch while his back is to a wall.
    While in this position, Sam can move through narrow passages easily. To exit
    this mode, hit the White Button again.
    Shimmying can be preformed when Sam is hanging from a ledge and has not yet
    pulled himself up. To shimmy, simply press the Left Thumbstick in the direction
    you wish to go. Sam will move in the direction you press. Pull down or press Y
    to jump down, or up to climb up.
    When faced with an elevated horizontal pipe, Sam is able to jump up and hang
    on it by pressing the Y Button. Here, Sam can move along the pipe by pressing 
    the Left Thumbstick in the direction you wish Sam to move. To increase your
    level of stealth, or to clear certain obstacles, press the B Button to bring
    Sam's legs up onto the pipe.
    Zip Line
    When faced with a sloped wire or pipe, Sam can slide down it, or Zip Line, by
    jumping to it by pressing the Y Button. Sam will automatically slide down the
    wire and let go when needed. To let to early, press the Y Button. Also, Sam
    can bring his legs up to the wire when sliding by pressing the B Button.
    --- Advanced Moves ---
    When running, either standing or crouched, press and hold the B Button to
    preform a roll. Rolling allows Sam to safely pass from the shadows without 
    being seen. Also, rolling is critical to help Sam pass fire safely.
    Wall Jump
    When standing next to a wall, Sam can preform a wall jump to increase his
    elevation. Press the Y Button to jump and press it again when you come in
    contact with the wall. Sam will pland a foot and spring off of the wall.
    Split Jump
    When Sam is in a hallway that is about as wide as he is tall, Sam is able to
    preform a Split Jump. To do this, preform a Wall Jump and, at the peak, press
    the Y Button a third time. Sam will stay in this split position until you drop
    him by pressing the Y Button.
    Drop Attack
    If at an elevated position and you encounter an enemy underneath you, Sam can
    do a drop attack on them. Press the Y Button from your elevated position to
    drop down and attack the enemy. The drop attack will knock an enemy
    unconscience every time.
    Quiet Landing
    When falling, you will make noise if you just hit the ground. To prepare Sam
    for the landing, press the B Button while falling. Sam will hit and use his
    legs to absorb the impact, remaining quiet. Note that if you fall from a
    position where you were already crouched, you do not need to do this move.
    Door Peek
    When standing next to a door, press the A Button to interact with it. While
    holding the button, hold back on the Left Thumbstick before releasing. Sam
    will open the door a crack to see and hear what is awaiting. To open the door
    from here, press the thumbstick forward. To close the door here, press the
    thumbstick back.
    Sam can rappell from a building when confronted with a small chimney. To do
    this, press the A Button near the chimney and choose Rappell. Now, Sam can
    walk down the building by pressing the Left Thumbstick down or you can jump
    away from the wall by pressing the Y Button and holding the thumbstick down.
    Rappell Shooting
    While equipped with a holstered weapon and in rappell mode, Sam can bring out
    his weapon by pressing the X Button. Here, Sam can aim and shoot by pressing
    the Right Trigger.
    Hanging Shooting
    When in hanging mode and equipped with a holstered pistol, Sam can bring it
    out by pressing the X Button. Here, Sam can aim and shoot by pressing the
    Right Trigger. Note that this move cannot be done while Sam's legs are tucked.
    Split Jump Shooting
    While mounted in a split jump and equiped with a holstered weapon, Sam can
    bring out his weapon by pressing the X Button. Here, he can aim and shoot by
    pressing the Right Trigger.
    Back to Wall Shooting
    With Sam's back to a wall and at a corner, pressing out over the corner will 
    make Sam peek out. While Sam is looking around the corner, press the X Button
    to unholster his weapon and aim. You can fire with the Right Trigger.
    --- Other Moves ---
    Move Body
    Hiding bodies is critical to your success. Any enemy who has been killed or
    knocked out can be moved, or picked up by Sam, by pressing the A Button and
    choosing the Body interaction. Now, Sam can move the body at will. To set the
    body down, hit the A Button again. To quickly dump the body and take aim, hit
    the X Button.
    To converse with a friendly NPC, stand next to that character and press the A
    Button. Now choose the Talk to interaction and Sam will talk to the character.
    Conversations are mainly availiable at the beginning of the level to help you
    with the briefing.
    While sneaking up on an unsuspecting enemy, Sam is able to grab that
    character. To do this, stand behind an enemy and press the A Button. Now
    choose the Grab Character interaction and Sam will grab the character and
    either choke them or put a pistol to their head.
    Human Shield
    While you have an enemy grabbed, you can use them as a human shield and fire
    enemy's in front of you. To do this, grab a character and press the X Button.
    Sam will bring out his pistol and you can now fire with the Right Trigger.
    Note that the controls revert to the basic when aiming, as in up is up etc.
    Sam will not turn around when you press forward like he would if you were not
    aiming and have a character grabbed.
    While you have a character grabbed, Sam can interrogate him if he has
    important information. To do this, grab that character and press the A Button
    and choose the Interrogate interaction.
    Forced Cooperation
    Some characters can be forced to help you with retinal scanners or computers.
    To do this, grab the character and drag them near the item you need them to 
    help you with. Then press the A Button and choose Force Cooperate. 
    B. Tools of the Trade
    Sam has many weapons and gadgets at his disposal during the course of the game.
    In this part of the guide, I will detail these. Always remember, your inventory
    does not carry across missons so if you don't use them, you'll lose them.
    --- Weapons ---
    SC Pistol
    The SC Pistol is the primary weapon availiable to a SC. A standard lightweight
    firearm, the SC Pistol has a single action trigger and a 20 round magazine.
    The gun is equipped with a silencer/flash suppressor. Ammunition for the
    weapon comes in the form of 5.72x28mm rounds that offer decent penetration
    through modern day body armor. Don't worry, as you will mainly be shooting out
    lights with this gun.
    The SC Pistol is availiable throughout all missions. It can be used in nearly
    every advanced action from the split jump to hanging shooting. As with all
    weapons, the SC Pistol will provide a one hit kill when the target is struck
    in the head. However, the Pistol becomes inaccurate at long range so be
    careful when shooting targets from afar.
    SC-20K M.A.W.S. (Modular Assault Weapon System)
    The SC-20K is availiable only during the later missions. It is availiable to 
    provide a SC with additional firepower when the SC Pistol isn't enough. The
    SC-20K is equipped with a flash/sound suppressor and an all purpose launcher.
    The gun takes 5.56x45mm ss109 rounds and has an adjustable rate of fire
    allowing for full automatic and single shot speeds.
    Equiped with a scope for sniping, the SC-20K is the natural choice for taking
    out long range targets and lights. The multipurpose launcher allows for
    extreme customization in the rounds, from Diversion Cameras to Sticky
    Shockers. With all that's availiable from this weapon, it was a natural choice
    for deployment with a SC.
    --- Gadgets ---
    Ring Airfoil Projectile
    This add-on for the launcher mechanism of the SC-20K is a high impact,
    non-penetrating round that will incapacitate rather than kill. Much like the
    close attack, if the enemy is expecting the attack, they will prepare for it
    and likely not be knocked out in one round. To prevent this, shoot the enemy
    either in the head or in the back.
    Sticky Camera
    This is also an addition to the launcher mechanism of the SC-20K that will
    shoot a camera that will stick to any surface. The camera is equipped with
    zoom capabilities as well as Night Vision and Thermal viewing. The camera is
    sent on a direct feed to Sam's OPSAT. Note that if you shoot a Sticky Camera,
    you can retrieve it and reuse it.
    Sticky Shocker
    Another type of round for the SC-20K's launcher mechanism, the Sticky Shocker
    will discharge a high voltage current through the body of anyone shot by the
    round. The electricity will incapacitate the recipient on contact. The Sticky
    Shocker is coated in an adhesive to make it stick to the enemy. Note that if
    the round is fired into water, it can knock multiple opponents out.
    Gas Grenade
    The Gas Grenade is used with the SC-20K and acts like a modern day smoke bomb.
    The canister contains CS gas that causes respiratory seizure and
    unconsciencesness if exposed. Be careful when using as you can be exposed to
    the gas just as easily as any enemy.
    Distraction Camera
    This camera is a model upgrade to the Sticky Camera. When used with the
    SC-20K, the camera can be used to make noise to draw the attention of nearby 
    guards. When near, the camera can unleash a canister of Carbon Dioxide gas,
    which will incapacitate any enemy caught in the cloud.
    Lock Pick
    The Lock Pick is truely an ingenious development for SC. The Lock Pick is used
    to unlock previously locked doors. The kit comes with a standard set of
    wrenches, picks, and probes that can pass normal cylindar locks. The picks
    cannot be used to bypass any retinal scanners or keypad locks. However, the
    genious behind the pick is the way in which it is used. By rotating the Left
    Thumbstick, you will feel the controller vibrate. When this happens, you are
    in the right quadrant for that pin. Keep the stick there until the pin pops.
    Continue for all of the pins.
    Laser Microphone: T.A.K. (Tactical Audio Kit)
    Your basic syp eavesdropping device, the Laser Microphone uses the SC Pistol
    as a host to direct the device. When aimed, the Kit can read surface vibration
    off of glass windows. Basically, use this to hear what people are saying from 
    a distance.
    Camera Jammer
    The Camera Jammer utilizes microwaves to disrupt the characteristic signals
    used in the microcircuitry of surveillance cameras. The jammer operates off of
    a battery that must be allowed to recharge after a period of time.
    Optic Cable
    The Optic Cable is used to see what's on the other side of doors. By slipping
    the camera underneath of a door, the camera will send a feed to Sam's OPSAT 
    allowing easy vision of the other side. The camera is set on standard Night
    Vision viewing.
    Disposable Pick
    This little device is a variation from normal Lock Picks. Using a
    micrexplosive tipped head, the pick will send an explosion throughout the lock
    mechanism of a door, instantly shattering any and all pins in the door.
    Night Vision Headset
    Sam's Night Vision goggles are essential to his success as a SC. When used,
    the goggles amplify the light on the lower end of the spectrum. This allows
    Sam to see in the dark.
    Thermal Vision Headset
    The Thermal Vision headset is just the opposite of the Night Vision, as it
    captures the upper end of the infared spectrum and reflects it to the user as
    heat. These goggles can be used to see mines hidden below the surface and to
    view numbers recently pressed on a keypad lock.
    --- Items ---
    Wall Mine
    Wall Mines are explosive, motion sensitive devices that are attatched to
    almost any surface. The mine will explode if detected motion crossing it's 
    sensor or if it is tampered with during the red light. To deactivate, wait for
    the green light before trying. Once deactivated, the Mine will become yours.
    Chemical Flare
    The flare is a mixture of chemicals in a tube that, when broken open, will
    combine to glow in a bright light. Useful mainly to distract enemies in the
    Emergency Flare
    This is a basic road flare that, when used, will let off a great deal of heat.
    These flares excel at distracting heat sensoring automated turrets. The flares
    will also distract guards in the area.
    Frag Grenade
    A standard, hand held explosive device. When used, the 6.5 ounce explosive
    core will blow tossing a heavy amound of shrapnel through the air at high
    speeds. Don't be near this when it goes off.
    Medical Kit
    A basic health pack. As Sam gets injured during the course of the game, his
    health bar will lower. If it completely depletes, Sam dies. Use a Medical Kit
    to replenish Sam's health bar.
    Bullet Box
    Ammunition for your SC Pistol or your SC-20K. Comes in either 5.72x28mm rounds
    (pistol) or 5.56x45mm rounds (SC-20K). Ammo in the game is limited, so use it
    VIII. P R E - G A M E  T I P S
    o  Stealth is the key to SC. Always scout out your enemies in the area. Be
       very weary of breaking from the shadows. Remember, lights are your enemy.
       Never hesitate to shoot them. Make sure to step lightly, also. A guard can
       discover you just as easily by hearing you as by seeing you.
    o  So called "innocent civilians" can turn the alarms on you just as fast as
       an armed guard. Try not to kill them, for the majority it will be game over
       if you do. Instead, incapacitate them at any cost.
    o  Always, always hold your breath when attempting a shot in sniper mode. You 
       will be that much more accurate and precise. If you miss, it is likely that
       the guards will be looking for you.
    o  Use the tips the game gives you. If you overhear some guards saying that
       you're standing in the middle of a mine field, then turn on your Thermal
       Goggles and try not to step on one.
    o  Of course, SAVE OFTEN. Saving is the key to keeping your progress going.
       But you already knew that, didn't you?
    o  When dealing with fire, use the roll command to make it through safely. By
       just trying to run through it, you will undoubtedly take damage. Roll
       through to safety, just make sure you have room to get through.
    o  Hide all of your bodies! Any unconscience or dead guards can alert other
       patrolling guards. Even when you advance to a new area, a body left in the
       open can be found even if there were no other guards in the area. This will
       cause them to boost security, making it tougher for you.
    o  Don't bother conserving your ammo for later missions as you are resupplied
       between all missions. If you don't use what you have, you will lose it
    o  Killing a guard makes more noise than knocking one out does. Any area with
       multiple guards will take this into effect. If you kill someone, it is
       likely that the rest will hear.
    o  Memorize that ominous note that signifies that you are being tracked by
       guards. When you hear it, find or create a shadow and lay low for a while.
    o  Shadows do nothing when confronted by dogs. Dogs will smell you instead of
       trying to see you. Use water to you advantage as it will mask you scent.
    o  Use the Sticky Shocker in water to incapacitate multiple enemies in one
       shot. Works wonders with low ammo.
    o  Unlike some other super spy's in the video game industry, Sam is normal and
       thus does not have perfect aim from many yards out. Be careful when taking
       those long shots, especially with the SC pistol.
    IX. W A L K T H R O U G H
    This is the Walkthrough section of the guide. In here, I will detail everything
    needed to beat the game. Note that this Walkthrough is based on the hard mode
    of the game. The versions are alike, however, so you will have no problem using
    this guide while playing the game on normal. Also take note that all the
    mission briefings are taken directly from the game and were in NO WAY created
    by me.
    After you select your profile and start the game, you will view a cut scene 
    depicting a suicide bombing in Georgia (no not the state) that killed the
    country's President. Later, a man by the name of Kombayn Nikoladze seized
    power in a bloodless revolution. It is shown how Nikoladze is a man of
    industrial vision and has brought Georgia into a seed of power. Nikoladze has
    hopes to build friendly relations with America and the West.
    A. Training Course: Welcome to the NSA
    Prove you are the right man for the job.                                   
    As agent Sam Fisher, you have been recruited to spearhead the operational arm
    of the National Security Agency's Third Echelon initiative. Before being sent
    into the field, you must show you possess the skills to preform dangerous and
    covert solo missions. 
    -Complete the course
    Random Gadgets
    --- Assault Course ---
    Sam will now meet with Colonel Lambert, who will fill you in on what's going 
    on. Here, you are basically proving yourself to the NSA. In any case, you have
    to run an assault course before you are initiated into Third Echelon.
    |                                                                             |   
    | This is a neat little trick in the beginning of the training course. When   |
    | Lambert lets you go after testing the lights, run to the right instead of   |
    | going for the wall ahead. You see the walkway up there? You are going to    |
    | jump up to it. Use the wall jump and you will get there. The door up here   |
    | is unlocked so you are free to head inside. On the shelf, there is a        |
    | Lock Pick. Grab it and head throughout the rest of the course. When you     |
    | reach the end of the assault course part of the training, don't go through  | 
    | the big sliding door. Instead, you will see a door to the right. Use the    |
    | Lock Pick to get in. Use the computer to get a data stick which contains a  | 
    | keypad password. Make your way back to the beginning of the course. Now,    |  
    | wall jump up to the walkway on the opposite side. Here, you will see the    | 
    | door with the keypad. Enter the password and go in to meet Anna             |
    | Grimsdottir. After talking to her, feel free to knock her out for a funny   |
    | rant from Lambert.                                                          |
    To start out, listen to Lambert and follow his instructions. Look at the red
    lights on the wall to your right, left, above and below you. When you get the
    go-ahead, run forward to the wall. Jump up and hang from the ledge, shimmy to
    the right and pull yourself up. Use this assault course wisely. Take the time
    to get used to the controls and gameplay. Anyway, when you're ready, jump down
    off of the wall and run over to the ladder. As you can see, the course is laid
    out with yellow indicators and arrows to show you where to go. Climb up the
    ladder to the platform above.
    Take a look around here. See the horizontal wire running downward? That's a Zip
    Line. To use it, walk under it and jump. Sam should grab it and slide to the 
    bottom. When you land on the next platform, look for the next yellow arrow on
    the ground to the right. Walk over and climb down the pipe here. Turn around
    and crouch down to pass under the obstruction. In this narrow passage, you can
    practice the Split Jump. To do this, jump up (Y) near a wall. Hit Y again to
    make Sam spring off of that wall. When you reach the peak of that jump, hit Y
    again to go into a split.
    When your done there, run out of the passage and to the right. You will see a 
    horizontal pipe running to the wall. Run over and stand near the yellow X on 
    the ground and jump up to the pipe. Practice your hand-over-hand until it
    tells you to tuck your feet. You can do this by pressing the B Button.
    Continue through the hole in the wall and drop down. Climb over the fence to
    your right. Here, you have to run around the corner to your left. You may have
    to swing the camera to see the yellow arrow. When you see it, press the White
    Button to put your back to the wall and navigate through this passage.
    Now, all you have to do is climb up the pipe to the left and go back down the 
    ladder up there. When you pass this, Lambert will chime in telling you that
    you will be moving on to covert ops training when you clear the wall. You
    should see the yellow arrow pointing up on the wall. To clear it, run to the
    wall adjacent to the one you need to pass and do a wall jump off of it. Climb
    over the wall and head towards the sliding door.
    --- Covert Ops ---
    You have now moved on the the covert ops part of your initiation. Your goal
    here is to sneak through the course undetected. There are live bodies in here,
    as well as some cameras and other fun stuff. Basically, just don't get too
    careless and you should be fine. 
    After the chat with Lambert, head through the first door. You should be moving
    in a crouch throughout, well...basically the rest of the game. Anyway, pull
    out your Lock Pick and start on the door. Rotated the Left Thumbstick until
    you pop the first pin. Continue through the next three pins and head through
    the door. Be careful in here, there is a guard. The door is keypad locked so
    you have to get the guard to talk. Stay in the shadows and step lightly. Creep
    up behind the guard and grab him. Press A to interrogate him. Sam has a way
    with words, so the guard will spill his guts. Knock him in the back of the
    head and input the code he gave you in the keypad (you can view the code on
    your OPSAT by pressing the Start Button in case you forgot).
    Move through quietly to the next room. The guard in here is certified to pass
    the retinal scanner, so sneak up and grab him. Drag him over to the scanner on
    the wall beside the door and force him to use it. When the door opens, knock
    out the guard and pass through the next door. You are faced with a plated
    camera over the door you need to pass. To get through here, pull out your
    pistol and shoot out ALL of the lights. Make sure not to expose yourself to
    the camera when shooting the light near it. When the room is pitch black, turn
    on your Night Vision and head through the door.
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: Rafe Flowers                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    | After you use the guard to unlock the retinal scanner, drag him over to the |
    | door of the next room and knock him out. Now open the door and stand there  |
    | so that it will not close. After Lambert finishes talking about the lights, |
    | you will be able to access Sam's pistol. If you held the door open right,   |
    | you can draw his weapon and kill the retinal scanner guard. Of course       |
    | Lambert throws you out of the program after that, but it's still fun.       |
    In this room, all you have to do is shoot the camera to pass. So corner shoot
    the camera from the wall that the door is on and move through. In the next
    room, you have no option but to sneak past the camera, which is located behind
    the fence on the right wall. Wait for the camera to turn the opposite way and
    then run behind the box in the middle of the room. When the camera passes you
    again, run to the door and throw in a roll for good measure.
    Now, you have to practice up on hiding those bodies. Sneak up on the guard to 
    the right and grab him. Before you knock him out, drag him around the corner
    into the shadows by the shelf. Now you can knock him out. When you do, Lambert 
    will cue another guard to come in and survey the area. Stay in the shadows
    until he leaves. Now head through the room and out the door. 
    |                                                                             |
    | Here is something of interest. When the guard goes back into his room, you  |
    | are free to move into the next. However, you don't have to right away. When | 
    | the guard goes back to his station, follow him. Stay in the shadows in the  | 
    | rear of the room. You can now sneak up and knock this guy out for the heck  |
    | of it.                                                                      | 
    You are now faced with a sound test room. There are hidden microphones hanging
    from the ceiling (hidden?) that are sensitive to the slightest sound. Go slow,
    and step light. Creep forward and drop off of the ledge. Make sure you land 
    quietly, which you should if you were previously crouched. Jump up to the next
    platform, crouch, and then jump up to the next. You should see three heavy
    chains hanging from the ceiling. Make sure you don't come into contact with
    them or Lambert will hear you. Maneauver around them and continue around to
    see that the floor is coated in glass shards. Don't worry, just take this
    easy. Step softly and make your way to the end.
    Now that you have passed the training course, you will meet up with Lambert
    who introduces you to Vernon Wilkes. Wilkes is to be in charge of your
    transportation and weapons.
    End Briefing
    Congratulations Fisher, you have demonstrated yourself to be the right man to
    spearhead the NSA's Third Echelon initiative. The ONVS will be on you to prove
    the worth of deploying solo covert operatives by gathering intelligence in the
    field and taking action based on that intelligence...Welcome to the NSA.
    B. Police Station
    Locate Agents Blaustein and Madison.
    Agent Alison Madison worked covertly in the Georgian political arena for two
    years securing a role in President Nikoladze's cabinet after his coup d'etat.
    She vanished on October 3rd. On October 7th, Special Agent Robert Blaustein
    was sent to find her. He vanished on October 11th.
    -Meet with Blaustein's contact
    -Killling a civilian will end in mission failure
    -Touching the street will result in mission failure
    SC Pistol
    Lock Pick
    Optic Cable 
    --- The Contact ---
    When you gain control of Sam, head to the right and climb onto the porch of
    that building. Watch out for the cops and civilians on the street here as they
    can spot you (they are located behind the gate). Directly in front of the
    stairs you will see and elevated ladder. Jump up to it and climb to the roof.
    The shingles here are noisy, so watch your step. Creep to the top and open up
    the trap. Drop down and make your way to the end of the passage. Climb up the
    pole to find yourself looking out over a burning building. You will see a zip
    line above you but don't take it just yet. Walk to the edge to initiate a
    conversation with Lambert. When that's over, feel free to zip line down to the
    When you reach the flaming building, Grimsdottir will chime in and give you 
    directions. She will first tell you to head to the room directly across the
    hall. Be warned though, this room will explode and the floor will collapse
    upon your entering. To avoid death here, take a step in the room and
    immediately turn around and exit. Grimsdottir will offer a much deserved
    apology and now tell you to make your way to the stairwell at the end of the
    hall. Cut through the room to bypass the fire and get to the stairs.
    Of course, the stairs are also aflame. To avoid becoming a flaming super spy,
    hop over the railing and drop to the stairs below. You can now find the door
    to the right of the stairs. In the hallway that follows, you will see that the
    fire has destroyed the floor. Passing this obstacle, however, is easier than
    you might think. Look up to see a pipe running the distance of the floor. Jump
    up to it and hand-over-hand your way to the end. You don't have to worry about
    tucking your feet here, either. Take the next left and cut through the room
    that follows. You will find another stairwell at the end, take it to the top
    floor. Head into the first room to find the contact pinned down and dying
    under some wreckage. Before he dies, he will mention a big find made by
    Madison that Blaustein must have figured out. You are told to look for
    Blaustein's Black Box. Now, turn around and head out that door. You will see
    a room right across the hall with smoke pourring out of it. To pass through
    without choking to death from smoke inhalation, shoot out the skylight. Now,
    as long as you're crouched, you can pass the room safely.
    --- Blaustein's Black Box ---
    You exit the flame engulfed building onto an upper balcony on the back of the
    complex. Watch what you do here because there is a guard patrolling below you.
    Talk to Lambert and then creep your way around the catwalk. When you reach the
    opening, you must jump across to the other side. Make sure the guard is not
    below you and remember that touching the street results in a failure of the
    mission. Stand up and take a running jump at it, making sure to preform a
    quiet landing upon your descent.
    Quietly make your way around the fence. You will hear a guard talking on his 
    radio, yelling at an uncooperative comrade. Anyway, wait for him to finish his
    conversation and then take the opportunity to strike. Drop down into the
    bushes and then to the deck. Be very quiet upon your approach as to not alarm
    him. Grab him when you can, but don't knock him out just yet. There is another
    guard patrolling inside the house. To make this easier for you, drag your
    newfound hostage up to the doorstep. Pull out your gun and then cross the path
    of the window. When the guard notices you, move back and aim at the door. Take
    him out when he opens it. Now dispose of your hostage. Hide the bodies in the
    shadows of the living room.
    See the computer by the window? Go on over and use it to receive a data stick.
    Make your way to the back room of the house, making sure to stop of in the 
    bathroom to grab the medical kit off of the wall. When you reach the back
    room, Lambert will chime in telling you that Blaustein's heart stopped beating
    some time ago. That's news to you, but of course Sam already figured they
    would be dead. Upon scanning the room, you will see a keypad locked door to
    which you do not have the code for. However, Blaustein was a spy which usually
    translates to some cool hiding spots. Right beside the lightswitch you will
    see a giant painting. This is the hiding spot. Walk over and slide it open to
    reveal a computer terminal that, when used, will provide you with the door
    code. Use it and head out onto the balcony.
    --- The Dead Drop ---
    Hop up onto the railing on the left side of the overlook. There is a zip line
    running to the building across from you directly above you. Use it to land on
    the roof, which is covered in noisy shingles. Watch out for the guard opposite
    of your position. Head quickly to the door. When you enter, you will need to
    walk around the corner to overlook an elevator shaft. Jump out onto the cables
    and slide down. Open the trap at the bottom and drop into the elevator and
    head into the room. Lambert will again call you, this time to rescind his
    street level restriction. Get out your lock pick and open up the door ahead of
    Go forward to reveal two corrupt cops badgering a sleepy civilian, a rather
    interesting scene. Anyway, getting by the cops can be tricky if you don't know
    what you're doing. If all else fails, you can always blast your way through.
    Instead of that, however, we are going to sneak by them rather easily. If you
    notice the side of the building, the one the bum is sleeping under, has
    ledges that you can hang from. Head over to the corner of the building while
    you are still atop the stairs. Preform a wall jump to grab onto the upper
    ledge. Now shimmy your way across the far end of the building. Notice the
    guard on the balcony beside you. Wait for him to stop looking your way before
    you make the turn on the building. Get close to him so that you are hanging 
    right across from him. He will turn the other way and not notice you. There is
    another guard patrolling the streets below, so be careful when you drop. Hide
    in the spaces provided by the building to pass the guard. Watch out for the
    civilian up here (if you get spotted it's no big deal) and head upstairs and 
    through the door into the park.
    The dead drop is located in a hiding spot in the bushes. Head into the
    northeast corner of the park (relative to your enterance) and jump in the
    bushes. Crouch down and head through the passage. In here, you will find a
    computer with a data stick and two medical kits. If you were spotted by the
    civilian, then there will be alot of guards patrolling the park when you make
    your exit.
    --- Police Station ---
    Sneak through the gate to the right and turn the right corner. Prepare to take
    out the civilian with an elbow before he can run and squeal on you. Hide his
    body by the dumpster and continue up the street. When you reach the dead end
    heading to the right, watch out because a guard is patrolling that street.
    If he is up a ways, go on and head up into the shadows. If not, wait for him
    to pass before starting up. Hide in a space on the right side of the building
    and wait for him to pass going the opposite way you are trying to go. Be
    careful when running up to the top of this street as a grunt will walk back to
    his position as you near. Follow him into the gate and stop about halfway
    through. When he stops ahead and turns, take aim and lay him out with a bullet
    to the head. Hide his body behind the dumpster. Now run over and jump ontop of
    the dumpster by the wall and wall jump to the top. Climb over to enter the
    inner walls of the police station.
    Use the code you got from the dead drop to open the keypad lock of the
    basement. When you get in, you will see a guard walking back to his station. 
    Follow him, dragging behind a ways. Shoot out every light you come by in this
    hall, including the light bulb over the precinct emblem. If the guard freaks
    out and comes out of his station (like he should), then sneak into his office
    and turn off the light. Now, wait for him to return and go for the light
    switch. Lay him out with an elbow. Use the computer in this room to obtain a 
    data stick. You would also do well to shoot out the light in this room so that
    the body you leave doesn't get found (which it will if you don't).
    |                                                                             |
    | When you first enter the station, the first cell you come by is occupied by |
    | what appears to be a drunken criminal. You can mess with him by letting him | 
    | see you and then immediately hiding. He will ramble on, doubting what he    |
    | thought he saw, asking if anyone else has seen a "bionic commando."         |
    As you proceed down the hall, you will pass another locked door and see a room
    through a window. Ignore the locked door. All it has is a guard in it, there
    is absolutely nothing else. Head into the room with the window instead. Creep
    over and hide behind the station in the middle of the room. When the guy here
    walks to one part of his station and stops, feel free to creep up and grab
    him. You'll want to interrogate him instead of knocking him out. He will
    reveal the location of Blaustein and Madison, well, their corpses at least.
    Knock the guy out and search both computers to find a data stick. It will warn
    you of a security camera in the morgue. Go through the door and stay close to 
    the wall. Scan the room. See the camera on the opposite wall (overlooking the
    two corpses in the middle of the room)? Put a bullet through it. Go back and 
    grab the body of the guy you just knocked out. Hide him behind the screen on
    the right side here in the morgue. Now go over to the bodies. Lambert will
    chime and and ultimately your next goal is to reach the computer station
    monitoring the security cameras.
    --- Security Room ---
    The security room will be located in one of the upper rooms of the building.
    Head back into the hallway and follow it up to the stairwell. Climb up. If you
    did not hide your bodies like I told you to do, then it is here where they 
    be discovered. Anyway, open the door and creep through. If you want, you can
    sneak around this part by following the shadows of the wall all the way
    around. Instead, I say shoot the guard and knock out the civilian. Walk back
    into the guard's station and the civilian should see you. Shoot the guard and,
    if the civilian runs out the door, let him go. Use the computer to get a data
    stick. Grab the medical kit and turn off the lights. Head through the door to
    the left of the front desk.
    |                                                                             |
    | If you don't mind eavesdropping, the guard and the civilian here have quite |
    | a nice conversation. If you sneak by them instead of blasting, you will be  | 
    | able to hear it. When you come back down from your work above, the two will | 
    | continue to talk.                                                           | 
    Be quiet when ascending the stairs, there are two workers at the top typing in
    the dark. These guys are easy enough to sneak by, but I say just knock them
    out. Hide the bodies in the shadows. The computer terminal near the middle of
    this room holds a data stick. Unlock the first door on the wall there. In it,
    you will see through a window a torture victim. You can flip the lights in his
    room with a switch on the wall. Grab the ammo and head out. The second door 
    obviously leads to that man you were looking at, and there is nothing of
    interest awaiting. So go on through the third door, into the security room.
    You can see the shadow of a man very clearly on the padding here, but don't 
    worry because he has his back to you. Creep through the pads, being careful
    because they make a noise when you walk into them. Knock out the guard and use
    the computer. Lambert will chime in telling you to head to the evacuation
    spot. Go out and back down the steps. In the lobby where you saw the guard and
    the civilian, head out the main doors and run forward to see Wilkes tear up in
    a van.
    C. Defense Ministry
    CIA agents Blaustein and Madison were killed for getting to close to
    information Georgian President Kombayn Nikoladze needed to protect. Vyacheslav
    Grinko, a Russian mercenary, is closely tied to Nikoladze's secret; they 
    arranged to meet at the Ministry of Defense. 
    -Infiltrate the east wing of the Georgian Defense Ministry
    -Discover Vyacheslav Grinko's whereabouts by interrogating his driver
    -Tripping an alarm will result in mission failure
    SC Pistol
    Lock Pick
    Laser Microphone
    Disposable Pick x 1
    --- Grinko's Driver ---
    When the level opens, Sam will receive a briefing from Lambert. You are atop
    of a building with seemingly no place to go. However, if you take a look, you
    will see a small chimney near the edge of the building. You can rappell down
    off of this. As you climb down the wall, you will soon see an open window
    below you. Swing into it and creep to the end of the first bookcase. Wait for
    the guard to grab himself a book and return to his chair. When he does, sneak
    up and grab him. Knock him out and hide his body between the bookshelves. You
    will also see a camera located over the door. Stand near the chair and shoot
    it. Now you can head over and use the computer. Get the data stick and go to
    the door. 
    Open the door and hide behind it. Wait for the guard patrolling the hall to 
    turn around before running to the shadows. When you reach them, creep towards
    and through the door across the hall. Inside, you will find a staircase. If
    you head up to the top you can get a medical kit. The parking garage is
    located on the bottom floor, so head down. Each floor on the way down, with
    the exception of the last, has a camera on it. You can shoot them to pass.
    When you reach the bottom, save and head through the door.
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: Joe Sack                                                    |
    |                                                                             |
    | By climbing to the top floor of the staircase here, near the medical kit,   |
    | you can jump up and grab a beam. From here, you can climb your way to the   |
    | top and find some ammo, a medical kit, and an explosive lockpick.           |
    Straight ahead is another camera. Walk under it and shoot. Now head for the
    shadows along the wall and follow them around. When you turn the corner, a
    guard will enter the garage back where you entered. Continue forward and shoot
    out the camera located across from the car with headlights on (that is
    Grinko's car). If you got the attention of the driver and the guard, hide in
    the shadows until they part (shoot the guard if you wish). Now sneak up, grab
    Grinko's driver and interrogate him.
    --- The Conversation ---
    You now have to get into position to listen in on Grinko and Masse's
    conversation. To do so, however, you must first deactivate the laser grid on
    the courtyard. Head out of the garage and run back up the steps. Exit back
    into the hallway, only to find that the once patrolling guard is long gone.
    His buddy ahead is an easy enough target, just creep up on him and knock him
    cold. Hide his body back in the shadows. Go down the hall look towards the
    door on the right. Open the door but be careful, there is a camera directly
    above you. Shoot it and then enter the room. In here, there are two computers
    each with it's respective data stick. Head over and use the lock pick on the 
    door and go out. 
    You will be on a second floor balcony overlooking the courtyard. A man across
    from you will open his window. Yep, you guessed it, that's where we are going.
    Hop up onto the railing and face the building. Jump up and grab the ledge. You
    are free now to shimmy to the open window on the right. Drop down into it
    quietly, as to not alert the cooks or the guard that will enter. Hide behind
    the counter and listen to this quite funny dialog between the cooks and the
    guard (yes, he spit in the food). After the guard departs, you have to get
    around the cooks. Sneak on the right side of the room, in front of the cooks,
    right up to the light switch and hit it. Turn on your night vision and wait
    for the cooks to run for the switch. Knock them each out with and elbow. Hide
    their bodies in the freezer, make sure to turn off the light in the freezer
    before you leave.
    Head through the next door and immediately run to the back of the counter on 
    your right. A guard passing by will come in and flip on the lights. When he
    leaves, run over and hide behind the open door. Sneak up behind him and give
    him an elbow. Don't stomp around too much up here because there is a guard
    down below. Hop over the railing and position Sam directly above the
    unsuspecting guard below. Drop down to knock him flat. On each floor, there
    are plenty of shadows to hide bodies. There are two more guards down below.
    One standing by the computer can be hit with another drop attack. Don't worry,
    this will not alert his buddy. The other guard poses no real threat, so if you
    are feeling merciful, you can let him go. I just knocked him out for the heck
    of it. When your done, use the computer at the main desk. Watch out because
    there will be a Colonel coming down the steps. Run back behind the screen and 
    over near the gate on the right. When the Colonel comes by, grab him. Drag him
    over to the retinal scanner near the other gate. Knock him out and hide his
    body under the steps.
    Head through the door and put your back to the wall. Follow it to the left to 
    see a camera above the door. When it turns, lean out and shoot it. If you
    failed to hide the bodies well enough, here is where you will find out.
    Anyway, equip the laser mic and head out the door. Run to the right side of
    the bushes and stop at the first corner. Crouch down and laser mic the
    conversation. When it ends, immediately run towards the building opposite the
    one you exited. Climb up the grating on the building and into the open window
    --- Nikoladze's Computer ---
    One thing you should know about this part of the game is that the guards are
    heavily armed, each carrying a high impact assault rifle that will tear you to
    shreds if you get caught in a firefight. Basically, you don't have a chance in
    a shootout unless you can rattle of headshots like nobody's buisness. When you
    enter the building, you will see an elevator descending to your floor. Well,
    you are going to be found and shot unless you can find a hiding spot, and
    quick at that. Look up to the right to see a beam. Do a wall jump to get up 
    there and hang. When the guards come out, continue hanging. Wait for the guard
    under you to turn and walk the other way. Drop down quietly and sneak into the
    elevator, taking it to the top floor. 
    When you come out here, you are in a hallway with locked doors at each end.
    There is a guard ready to come into the hallway on the left side of the hall
    (relative to your position in the elevator). Run to your left when you exit
    the elevator to find a door. It is locked so you need to pick it to enter. Go
    in and access the computer to get a data stick. Now look up. How convienient,
    an air shaft. Jump up in and go in the direction you were running down the
    hall (left). Drop down into the hallway and hide behind the stuff there.
    Leaning out you will see a camera. Shoot it and move forward, into the door on
    the left. Grab the pistol ammo and the medical kit and climb the ladder to the
    roof. Run to the right side and you will see a small chimney from which you
    can rappell. Walk down the wall and go below the window. Line up a head shot
    on the guard and take it. Enter the room and use the computer that the guard
    was nearest to (at an angle to you). Get the data stick and pick up the body. 
    Take it over and throw it out the window (walk near the edge, turn around and
    press X). You can also get a frag grenade from the guard's satchel. Now access
    the main computer in here, Nikoladze's computer.
    When you do, Lambert will chime in and talk for a bit. You will then overhear
    the radio conversation of the enemy, saying they are going to storm the room
    you are in. If you wish to get by this easily (like all spies should), then go
    back to the window and drop out, hanging on the ledge. If that sweet spy music
    gets to you and you feel like blasting someone, then have at it. Either way,
    you have to access the computer a second time to finish the transfer. Now you
    are to head to the extraction. 
    Go into the hall to the left. The door that was previously jammed is now wide 
    open. Run through and down the steps. Grab the medical kit on the wall and go
    through the door. Run around the structure and jump onto the pole. Slide all
    the way down to the parking garage. Run around the corner to see Wilkes shoot
    a guard for you. Talk to him to end the mission.
    D. Oil Refinery
    Nato and US intervention has pushed most of the Georgian commandos from
    Azerbaijan, with only a few well-hidden cells remaining. One of those cells, 
    entrenched in an oilrig on the Caspien Sea, is exchanging data to the 
    Presidential Palace in Georgia via a secure network. 
    -Infiltrate the oil refinery by the main pipeline
    -Trail the mercenary techninian
    SC Pistol
    Lock Pick
    Optic Cable
    --- Infiltration ---
    You start out below the oil refinery itself, on a pretty wrecked platform. Head
    on over and climb up the ladder. The left path is blocked, so head right. When 
    you reach the main pipeline, you will see ahead is blocked off. Look down to
    the right to see two pipes running the length of the blocked off section. Jump
    down on them and head to the end. When they deadend, jump back up to the main
    pipeline. You will overhear an enemy radio transmission saying they are going
    to blow the bridge. Anyway, there is a wall here blocking your passage. To get
    around it, turn to the right and see a steel beam. Run and jump over to the
    ledge on the beam and shimmy to across the length of the wall. When you near
    the next wall, Sam will change directions and shimmy towards the main pipeline,
    so drop onto it. Duck under the wall and turn to the right. Over the ledge is a
    zip line that you need to take. When you do, they blow the bridge.
    Now, Lambert will come in and tell you that there are American Fighter Planes
    on the way to bomb the rig. Duck under the pipe to the other side. Climb up the
    pole there. The explosion a moment ago knocked a hole in the pipeline. How
    convienient. Hop in and crawl through for a ways to hear a radio call from the
    enemy announcing the arrival of the technician. Keep going through the pipe to
    enter the rig.
    --- The Mercenary ---
    Head forward and climb up the ladder. When you reach the top, you will see the
    mercenary technician and his band of soldiers getting off the plane. Your job
    here is to tail them. If you look to either side, you will notice ladders
    running up the pipes. Ignore them. Instead, head to the right to see a steel 
    beam hanging out over the edge. Jump over to it and hoist yourself up on it.
    Follow it over to the platform where the technician passed. You cannot climb up
    on this side, so drop off the edge and hang. Shimmy to the other side and climb
    over the railing.
    As the technician continues, one of the soldiers is left guarding the landing
    above. Equip your pistol and run up the steps when he moves away. Shoot him
    dead where he stands. Unlike all other levels in SC, this is the only one where
    you don't have to worry about hiding bodies. To find out why, continue up the
    steps, but don't go all the way. The Fighter Planes will now fly in. Stay 
    around the middle of the top flight of stairs to stay out of view of the guard
    who turns around. When he continues, run up and hide behind the first wall. The
    planes will have bombed the rig. 
    When the mercenary changes his course (he goes to the left), don't be too quick
    to follow. He is very hard to see because of the flame, but there is a 
    crouching soldier right in front of the turn. Shoot him dead and take his
    satchel. Now go to the left and then right at the intersection. Take it slow 
    here and let the two guards pass. Also, watch out for the oil here because it 
    will cause you to leave footprints. Head up and see the water pressure system
    on the right. Flip the switch to make it spray everywhere, attracting the 
    attention of the guards. Run back and wait behind the pole. Kill them when they
    near. Grab the satchel from one of the soldiers and hurry to pick up the trail
    of the technician.
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: Zockett                                                     |
    |                                                                             |
    | After you hit the switch on the water pressurizer, run around the corner    |
    | and fire a couple of shots into the nearby oil barrels. Wait until both     |
    | guards come near them, then shoot the puddle and watch both guards fly away |
    | in a ball of flame.                                                         |
    When you reach the entrance to the complex they entered, don't go in. They will
    find themselves caught at a locked door and turn around. Wait, hidden at the
    entrance, until they pass again. When they do, go in to the left. Back by the
    locked door you will find a medical kit. Lambert will also chime in here and 
    change your objective. You are now to get the briefcase chained to the 
    technician's wrist.
    --- The Briefcase ---
    The room that the mercenary entered is sealed, so you have to find another way
    around. Go out of the complex and continue forward. You will hit a save point.
    Roll to the left side to avoid the fire. When you do, the glass on the window
    above will shatter. Jump up on the machine to your right and look up for a
    pipe. Jump up to the pipe and pull your legs up to enter the building. When you
    get in, you will see the technician and one more guy run off, leaving another
    to destroy the equipment in the room. Let your feet hang down and pull out your
    pistol. Line up a head shot and take it. Now drop and head to the left side of 
    the room to find two medical packs on a shelf. On the other side there is some
    ammo for your pistol on top of a filing cabinet. Start to head up the stairs to
    see a helicopter and some soldiers get destroyed by an incoming missile.
    Don't go all the way to the top of the steps. Instead, go about halfway up and
    look up to the left. You should see a platform up there. Well, there is a 
    soldier up there, too, who will shoot you if you go too far. To rid him from 
    this world, shoot the barrel by the edge. It should explode and fry him. Head 
    forward and another soldier will attack, so go ahead and kill him. The soldier
    you fried atop the platform was carrying a satchel with a data stick, so head 
    up and get that. Now go back down and to the right of the stairs. Go into the
    door there and duck under the pipes to get yourself a medical kit. Now go out
    and around the corner. You will see the technician run through a door down 
    Go down, but stop on the middle platform. Shoot the soldier from up here. Now
    you are free to head through the door, following the technician. There are two
    ways to go in here, but go to the right. The room will explode behind you so
    pick the lock quickly. Go through the next hall and out. As you head forward, 
    the path before you will explode with debris, so veer off to the right. Here,
    you will catch up with the technician and it's an all out sprint to catch up
    with him. Don't worry, though, even if you're not fast enough he will just stop
    at the docks below. When you get near him, grab and interrogate him. After 
    that, knock him out and grab his satchel. Now pick up the briefcase to end the
    E. CIA Headquarters
    Track down the mole in the CIA.
    Hours after the attack on the oilrig, Georgian President Nikoladze launched a
    devastating wave of remote, technology based terrorist attack as retaliation 
    against the U.S. The only lead to Nikoladze's whereabouts is a mole thought to
    be operating out of teh Central Intelligence Agency.
    -Access the CIA central server to identify and locate the information leak
    -Any agency fatalities will result in mission failure
    Disposable Pick x 2
    Lock Pick
    Optic Cable
    --- Infiltrate ---
    You are dropped on the Central Intelligence Agency's front lawn, near the rear
    gate. You objective is to access the CIA central server, but to do that you 
    must first infiltrate the building. After Lambert finishes speaking you, he 
    tells you of the gap in the ventilation system. Head to the left, staying back
    by the fence. Stay in the shadows and run towards the building. There are
    agents near the main enterance, so don't be too noisy. The fence is you target.
    You need to climb over it, and luckily the barbed wire is cut in front. Climb
    up the fence and over. The first window here is the ventilation shaft. To get
    there, do a wall jump off of the small wall near the larger wall. Pull yourself
    up and open the hatch to enter.
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: Tim B                                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    | An alternate method of completing the infiltration into the building (and   |
    | skipping one of the most annoying parts of the level!) is to go in ABOVE    |
    | the main entrance...There is a pipe on the wall just to the left of the     |
    | main entrance (towards the fenced in section); if you are cautious and      |
    | quiet, you can sneak around from the left side (coming from the fence area  |
    | works well) and climb the pipe to access an open vent, past which is a trap |
    | door. The trap door drops you into the large entrance hall, with the one    |
    | patrol guard, one desk guard, and one guard in the room at the far end past |
    | the metal detectors.                                                        |
    --- The Central Server ---
    Drop out of the shaft quietly, as there is a worker wandering about. Have 
    yourself a running start and then jump over the fence. When the worker comes
    looking around, feel free to lay him out with an elbow. Continue down the 
    darkened corridor to be met by a security camera. There is a shadow in front 
    here that extends to the right, behind a white piece of machinery. Do not get
    next to the white machine or you will be spotted. Instead, hang back in the
    shadows until the camera looks the other way. When it does, run by it to the
    right and under the staircase. Wait here, looking up through the steps. You
    should see a guard come into view, looking down over the rail. When he turns,
    run up the first set of steps, stopping in the corner shadow here. Wait for him
    to make another pass and come up behind him when he turns. Grab him and knock 
    him out. 
    Now head down the next set of stairs. Sneak and take a look around the corner.
    You will see a man enter the first room on the right. Follow him in quietly and
    use the computer there. Grab the medical kit, sticky shocker, and the ring 
    airfoil projectile. Now go through the next door. There is a guard in the room
    opposite of your position who can spot you out the window, so hurry to the
    right and go through the metal detector. Creep up and hide by the wall to 
    listen to a conversation between an agent and someone on the end of his cell 
    line. When he finishes, sneak into the right side of the room and behind the 
    wall. There is a guard stationed near the elevator here, so you'll need to get
    by him. To do so, sneak up to the right, near the bench. On the end of it, 
    there is a pop can. Throw the can to the far end of the room and let him go 
    look for it. When he turns his back, hop over the bench and call the elevator.
    Jump in and take it to the top floor.
    When you reach the top, sneak forward until you reach the doors opposite of 
    each other. Lambert will have chimed in, informing you that your SC-20K is in
    place. Anyway, stop short of the two doors and wait for the office worker to
    walk across to the other room. When he does, head into the room he left and 
    access the computer for a data stick (make sure not to turn out the light if 
    the door is still open or you will be seen). Go back into the hallway and creep
    down the left hallway when it splits. The hall will come to a door, inside is
    a guard who will converse with another patrolling guard. Sneak in and go to the
    door on the left side of the room. Use your lock pick to pick the two-pinned 
    lock. Inside, there is a medical kit and two sticky shockers waiting to be 
    taken. Head back out of this room and into the hallway.
    There is a guard on patrol in this hallway, so be careful as you are making 
    your way around. To help you, stay hugged against the inner wall of the hallway
    and roll from shadow to shadow. Be quick and quiet. When you see the guard, 
    just stop and wait for him to pass. Anyway, you're heading to the other side of
    the fork. Keep following the hallway around until you get under the window of 
    the guard's station (you were just sneaking around in there). The patrolling 
    guard will go up and down the hall and into the space with the pop machine. 
    Watch his patrol route. Ahead, there is a technician working near the keypad
    (switch on your night vision) and a bright room with a guard. Sneak up by the 
    technician and take him out. The furthest room down is a storage room, ideal 
    for hiding those bodies. Just don't forget to turn out the light. You can also
    find a disposable pick on the shelf in here.
    Now your goal is to get through the keypad locked door. In the bright room, 
    there is an agent walking back and forth. Watch for the patrolling guard before
    you make your decision to go here. When the agent turns, immediately enter the
    room and follow him up. Be extra careful because of the loud floors. Give him 
    an elbow and take his satchel, of which contains the data stick with the door
    code. Hide his body and enter the code into the keypad. Equip the optic cable
    and have a look on the other side. You should see a technician. If you don't 
    then just wait a bit and you will. Wait for him to walk out of view before 
    entering. When you do, flip off the light to your left and hide behind the case
    also on your left. When the agent and the technician come to flip it on, knock 
    them both out and hide the bodies behind the case.
    Continuing through to the next room you will find a computer. Access it to 
    receive the door code for the next room. Enter it and go in to find yourself
    amidst a great amount of machinery. Head over, down the stairs. You will 
    overhear a worker rambling off some digits and letters. Run around the corner
    quickly (and quietly) and hide in the shadow, careful to stay in the back. One
    of the two workers here will come back and stop right in front of you. Grab him
    and drag him quickly up the steps. You must go quickly because the worker could
    see you dragging his friend through the shelfs. You also cannot knock him out 
    near the second technician or else he will run and set the alarm off. So drag 
    him up top and knock him cold. Now head down and do the same to the other, 
    although you will have to go get him.
    You are free now to pass into the next room and up the stairs. Here, you will
    obtain (drumroll anyone?) your SC-20K! Also make sure to pick up the sticky 
    shocker, sticky camera, and the ring airfoil projectile on the shelf beside the
    SC-20K. Go through the door and into the hallway. Heading down the hallway you
    will see an agent ending a conversation with someone on his phone. Wait in the
    shadow towards the inner wall and let him pass you. Go into the lobby and grab
    the medical kit off the table. Continue down the darkened hall to hear Lambert
    tell you that you are in range of the central server. There are a ton of people
    abound, so don't go stomping around by any means. Take out the guard patrolling
    the opening to the main room on your right. If you don't, he will make exiting
    the server room difficult. Hide his body in the cubicle to the right. The one 
    on the left has a computer with a data stick in it. 
    Across from the opening of the main room here you will see a brightly lit 
    doorway. You need to go through there. You will see a door on either side of
    you in here, but take the one on your right. Input the code from which you 
    gathered in a data stick a while ago. Now, there is a technician working in the
    server room and one who will enter the room you are in. Run over and head down
    the steps. Hide in the shadows and wait for him to near you, then take him out.
    Taking out the next is as easy as sneaking up on him. Hide their bodies in the
    darkened room. Now, in the bright room, you will find a computer, the central 
    server. Access it. Lambert will come in and Grimsdottir will uncover the leak,
    traced to a man named Dougherty. You now must access his computer. 
    --- Dougherty's Computer ---
    Head out of the server room, back into the main hallway. Patrolling down the
    left hall is an agent, which you can easily sneak by. Head down this hall, 
    quietly past the open door to the right, past the bathrooms, up to a guard 
    post. The only way to get by here safely is to distract this guard, which you
    can do by either throwing a can (located near the bathrooms) or simply jumping
    in the air and not landing softly. When the guard turns around to head out, 
    jump through his window and knock him out. Shoot out the light and monitors in
    this room and the light in the hallway as well. Now head through the door down
    the hall.
    You come to a big main room with rotating plated cameras on the ceiling. To 
    easily pass this room, shoot out every one of the ceiling lights (hey, you have
    nothing better to waste your ammo on) and head over to the other side. Go 
    through the doorway and wait at the corner. An office worker will look out the 
    window. Sneak by when he turns around. Now head down the flight of stairs to 
    find a small floor with a plated camera. Shoot out the light to plunge the room
    into complete darkness. Now input the code into the keypad and head through.
    Equip yourself with a sticky shocker or something of the like and wait by the 
    doorway to eavesdrop on a phone conversation. When the agent comes out of his 
    office, shoot him with the sticky shocker to knock him out. Drag his body back
    into the office and shoot out the light. Now go into the room next to this one
    to find an automated turret, armed and aimed in a target range. Access the 
    computer for a data stick and grab the flares on the desk and floor. Pick the 
    door and move through. Take the elevator up.
    Lambert will now send you Dougherty's file. Go down the hall and into the door
    at the end. Stay near the wall here and listen to the agent's reviewing 
    Nikoladze's webcast. When the one agent leaves, head to the right of the room.
    Here, you can sneak behind the desk to avoid the people here. When you come out
    on the other side, make sure the office worker is turned the other way before
    you sneak into the next room. You will notice a man leaving his office. That's
    Dougherty. Sneak over and get into his office. Use his computer to allow 
    Grimsdottir access to his server. Lambert will now give you a new objective, to
    bag Mitchell Dougherty.
    --- Bagging Dougherty ---
    Heading down the hallway, you will notice a guard sitting on a bench at the end
    with a plated camera above his head. That just about leaves no chance of 
    getting by that way, so veer off into the room on the left. Inside, you will
    find yourself amidst a briefing of CIA agents. Sneak down about halfway and cut
    through the middle aisle. Sneak under the projection to the other side, only to 
    see the exit blocked by an agent. Wait and listen to the briefing for a moment 
    until the speaker is interrupted by a call. They will break. This leaves you a
    chance to get out, so go for it. Sneak up the ramp and to the door. Pick it and
    You will now overhear a dialog between Dougherty and another agent. Listen in 
    and follow Dougherty when he departs. Sneak by the break room carefully and to
    the end. In the room to the right, you will find a technician and an agent, but
    the computer in here has a data stick. Note that you do not have to go in here,
    but you will get the code to the Information Retrieval Service door. Follow 
    Dougherty out of the hall and to the smoking area. Grab and drag him outside.
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: Ryan Duke and Dark Sim 905                                  |
    |                                                                             | 
    | When following Dougherty through the first door that he unlocks, instead of | 
    | following him to the right, go to the left. You will find a door that needs |
    | picked. Do so and enter. This is the UFO room. If you use the computer, you | 
    | can get a data stick, which is coded. Inside the code is a string of numbers|
    | which will open the keypad lock to the door. Inside, you can find several   |
    | cameras and two sticky shockers.                                            |
    Anyway, continue to drag Dougherty to the left. Follow the railing when you hit
    it and drag him out onto the catwalk. From there, take him down the main 
    walkway to hit the door. There, Lambert will tell you that Wilkes has been 
    confronted by an agent and needs you to get rid of him. Knock Dougherty out if
    you haven't already. Leave him here for the moment. Enter the door and sneak 
    down the steps. Heading around the corner, you will see a technician. Sneak 
    over and hide behind the pillar. When you get a chance, knock the technician 
    out and hide his body by the pillar. Now go over and wait in the shadow beside
    where the agent is patrolling. When he comes into view, shoot him with a ring 
    airfoil projectile and hide him with the technician. Hopefully, you have at 
    least one sticky shocker left. Head over to the shelf near the next door and 
    grab another. Sneak out the door and see an agent on the platform immediately
    below you. Shoot him with a sticky shocker. Now look farther down to see 
    Wilkes. The man farthest right is the agent (use the scope if you're unsure) so
    shoot him with a sticky shocker. 
    Now go back and grab Dougherty. Bring him back and go down the steps. Do not
    try to shortcut the walk down by throwing him off of the building because he 
    will die (although it is funny). Walk around to the right and down the path. 
    You will encounter an agent, so shoot him with whatever you have left. Take
    Dougherty to Wilkes and set him down.  
    F. Kalinatek
    Recover the encryption key.
    Russian mercenaries have begun to destroy evidence of Georgian activities at
    Kalinatek. Before her detection in  the network, Grimsdottir discovered that a 
    technician named 'Ivan' is hiding in the building. Ivan possesses an encryption
    key that would help Third Echelon find Nikoladze.
    -Infiltrate Kalinatek
    -Access Kalinatek's fire emergency system to open the fire doors surrounding 
    -Find Ivan before the Russian Mafiosos kill him
    SC Pistol
    Lock Pick
    Optic Cable
    Sticky Shocker x 5
    Sticky Camera x 5
    Ring Airfoil Projectile x 5
    --- Infiltrate ---
    Listen to Lambert's briefing and then walk to the fence and talk to Wilkes. 
    When Jr. leaves, run forward and hide behind the car on the left. The door 
    ahead will have opened and two Russians will have came out. One will come over
    and stand near the car. Sneak around the front of the car and grab him (he will
    see you if you go around the back). When you have him, hold him hostage and 
    wait for the other mercenary to see you. When he does, shoot him and knock out
    your hostage. Hiding the bodies here is not too important. Go forward into the
    guard station and get the medical pack off of the wall. Now go through the door
    next to this station.
    Head up the stairs quietly to here some Russians talking. If you look over, you
    will see a lone mercenary standing between the cars. Sneak behind and grab him.
    Now, drag him out into the view of the other two mercenaries and shoot them. 
    Knock him out and take his satchel. You now have to get into Kalinatek. To do
    so, climb up on the box and out the window behind the van. Run forward (no need
    to jump) to grab onto the suspended box. Looking up, you will see a beam that 
    you can hang on. Do so and hand-over-hand across, until the line turns into a
    zip line. You will zip to a platform, overhearing a radio transmission. Turn 
    around and jump to the building across from you. Now, run over to the left edge
    and rappell down off the chimney. Listen to the Russians talk and then bust the
    glass below you to enter Kalinatek.
    |                                                                             |
    | If you're looking for a better way to infiltrate Kalinatek, then nothing is |
    | more fun than taking a flying Bonzai jump off of the metal crate onto the   | 
    | glass ceiling below. Odds are, however, that you will alert the mercenaries | 
    | in the window to the left. Also you are bound to take some damage. Still, it|
    | is quite interesting. Note that you will die if you shoot out the glass     |
    | before you land.                                                            |
    --- Fire Doors ---
    Wait for a mercenary to walk through the door to the opposite end. When he 
    does, feel free to kill him. Run over and grab his satchel. Now, go through the
    main doors and enter the code to get into the security room on the right. In 
    here, there is ammo for you SC-20K. Head through to the next room and be very
    quiet in here. Not only are the floors metal (noisy) but there is also broken
    glass on the floor. Make your way across and jump into the ventilation shaft.
    Crawl through to the end as you overhear another radio broadcast from the 
    enemy. Jump out and save.
    As you head to the next door in here, you will see a band of mercenaries 
    shooting some of the technicians. Open the door and stay in the hall, listening
    to their conversation. It seems that these guys are planting wall mines all 
    over the building. When they part, and one walks towards you, shoot him in the
    head. Now exit through the door you came into the hall, or you will be shot by
    a third mercenary behind the far wall. Wait for them to open the door and then
    kill them. Odds are that they will run through the path of the wall mines they
    set and blow them up. After you deal with them, grab the two satchels and, if 
    you want, hide the bodies in the closet next to the office. Turn off the light
    in the hallway and enter the open elevator shaft at the end.
    Equip your pistol and stay in the elevator. Listen to Lambert and shoot out the
    Kalinatek sign across from you and on the left wall. This will get the 
    attention of a mercenary. Switch on your night vision and wait for him to enter
    your sight. Take him out with a head shot. Now, exit the shaft and run around 
    the corner. The light will turn on and you will hear the alarm. Enter the room
    out of the shadows and turn off the light next to the door. When the Russian
    nears the light switch, take him out with a head shot. Grab his satchel and 
    leave the room, heading down the hall. Stop at the end and equip your SC-20K.
    You will see two mercenaries walking down the opposite hall. Take them out. 
    Now, head to the room on the left.
    Here you will find the technicians trapped behind the wall mines. Sneak towards
    one of the mines. Get in range where you have an action availiable (stand 
    beside it, not in front of it) to deactivate the wall mine. Wait for the light
    to blink green before hitting the button. Sam should stand up and take the 
    mine. If you hit the button on red, the mines will blow, killing the 
    technicians. Anyway, do the same to the next. When the two are disarmed, Sam 
    will talk to the programmers. They will tell you of a bomb on this floor and 
    give you the door code to get to it. Run out of the room.
    Go down the hall where you shot the mercenaries. There is a wall mine, but 
    don't worry about it. Run past it and enter the code into the door ahead of 
    you. Go in to find the hallway is set ablaze. There are also wall mines around
    the fire. Screw it, just run and roll through the flame. The doorway you want 
    is the one directly across from you (has the window). When you enter, turn and
    climb over the filing cabinet to the back of the room. Here you will find the 
    bomb. Disarm it and head back over the cabinet. Grab the medical kit on the 
    ground in front of the door, now you can leave.
    Listen to Lambert talk and then head further down the hall. Into the shadows 
    ahead, you are able to safely snipe the mercenary directly in front of you. 
    Take out the second when he comes to investigate. Now go down the stairs and to
    the left of the podium. Head down the stairs to see three mercenaries about to
    discover you. Take out your SC-20K and take them out as they round the corner.
    Grab the satchel dropped from one of the men you just killed. On the desk here,
    grab the SC-20K ammo, frag grenades, and the medical kit. On the wall behind 
    you is the switch. Flip it and save.
    Now head back up the stairs and stand by the podium. Snipe the guard on top of 
    the balcony in front of you. Head up and snag his satchel to get the door code.
    Enter the code into the door behind this glass box. Sneak up the stairs to find
    a frag grenade on the table. In a glass room across from you, you will see two
    more mercenaries. Snipe them and head into the room to the left of that room. 
    Talk to the dying programmer on the ground. Continue down the hall and enter 
    the clinic. Take the two medical kits off the wall. A guard is patrolling the 
    hall outside of this room, so take him out when he enters your view.
    As you proceed further down the hallway, you will see a big glass room. Head 
    around the corner and enter it quietly. Kill the guard in front of the computer
    and take his satchel. Use the computer he was on to open up the fire doors.
    --- Ivan ---
    Now that you've cleared the path to Ivan, you must get to him before the 
    Russians do. Go through the door and up the stairs. Lambert will tell you that
    Third Echelon had to turn Ivan over to the feds, so your job is to retrieve his
    encryption key. Enter the room and overhear the conversation. When one heads 
    off to the bathroom, wait in the shadow near the door. The other will walk 
    around and then settle by the counter. Sneak past (or kill him) and head into 
    the bathroom. Of course you know, the mercenary who had to go is in here doing
    his buisness, so give him the appropriate treatment. Jump into the vent shaft
    and SLOWLY and QUIETLY creep to the left. Don't go too far, just enough to see
    the top of the Russians head. When you do, the Russian will be yelling at Ivan.
    Now you get the very dramatic countdown to save Ivans life. Before he reaches 
    zero, shoot him in the head and drop out from the shaft. Take his satchel and
    talk to Ivan. After a very persuasive conversation on Sam's behalf, Ivan will
    hand over the encrytion key. Lambert will chime in telling you to get to 
    extraction, but you will have to do some "cleaning" on the way.
    --- Firefight to the Finish ---
    Exit the bathroom and head up the elevator at the end. When you go to exit, 
    shoot out the bright light on the left wall. Now creep over and look in on the
    mercenaries through the fence. You will notice near the back wall, opposite the
    forklift, is an explosive barrel. When they finish talking, shoot the barrel 
    quickly until it explodes to kill them all (you will have to shoot it multiple 
    times). Take the satchel from the wreckage and climb the crates in the next 
    room. Jump ontop of the wall. Shoot out the light bulb to the lower left. Jump
    down and go over there. Directly ahead you will see a door. Equip a grenade and
    throw it through the doorway (hold L trigger). This will alert the two guards
    here. Snipe them when they come into view. Head over and grab the medical kit 
    from the wall and head through the door.
    Now go through this room into the next. You will have to fight three 
    mercenaries when you enter. Snipe the one near the ladder first and then the 
    next one near him (may have climbed the ladder). Now kill the last one who 
    should be by the forklift or the crates to the right of it. When you clear 
    this, climb the ladder and jump down over the wall. Grab the medical kits off 
    the wall and go through the doorway to the right. Now up the stairs in the room
    to the right. Here, you face three more mercenaries. This can be tough as these
    guys throw grenades and have a sniper. Up to the left is the sniper. Stand by 
    the back wall and kill him first. There is another right below him, on your 
    floor. Kill him and the third is to the right of him.
    When you prevail, head to the left of the room to find a set of steps. Go up 
    and down the hall to the left. Go into the room to the left side and through to
    see three mercenaries arguing over cigarettes. While they are talking, go into 
    the first room on the right. Take the medical kit off of the wall and shoot out 
    both lights in here. This will get the attention of the Russians. Hide in the 
    back of the room and shoot them as they enter. You can also find some pistol
    ammo in here. Go out and to the end of the hall. Enter the second room here. 
    Kill the guy in the rear of the room. Be careful when passing, don't go through
    the pillars because there is a wall mine on them. Stay to the right to be safe.
    Pass this room and into the next.
    To the right you will find a caged room. Enter it to get a medical kit and some
    SC-20K ammo. Continue out onto the roof. Walk out, ignoring the passage to the
    right, to come into view of two mercenaries. Stay to the back so they only get
    a glance of you. Shoot the one across from you and then run around the corner. 
    The second and third should be nearing a set of explosive barrels. Fry them and
    head down the path. Here, you will see Wilkes fighting off two mercenaries. 
    Hurry on your way because Jr. just got shot. Jump down and sneak over to the 
    ladder at the base of the red structure. Climb up and snipe the mercenaries. 
    Now, climb the rest of the way and jump across to your ride.
    G. Chinese Embassy
    Find the Georgian/Chinese connection.
    Using intelligence gleaned from the pickett gap program, Third Echelon has 
    traced communications between Nikoladze and the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar. Any
    suspected connection between Nikoladze and the People's Republic of China must 
    be proven before any action can be taken.
    -Rendezvous with the agency contact
    -Collect intelligence from the Embassy with the laser mic
    -Any Embassy fatalities will result in mission failure
    SC Pistol
    Camera Jammer
    Laser Mic
    Optic Cable
    Ring Airfoil Projectile x 3
    Sticky Camera x 10
    Sticky Shocker x 3
    Smoke Grenade
    Diversion Camera x 5
    --- The Contact ---
    Listen to Lambert's briefing and then talk to your new field runner. When they
    finish, turn around and head down the right alley. Jump onto the dumpster and 
    over the wall. Sneak down the ally hide by the dumpster. Wait for the 
    patrolling guard to pass and then sneak up and grab the soldier here. Drag him
    to the back of the ally and knock him out. Take the satchel and go hide behind 
    the dumpster. When the patrolling soldier passes again, sneak out quickly and
    head to the left. Continue on into the opening. Go to the right and climb up 
    the ladder.
    There are now alot of guards patrolling below you. Sneak over and jump to the
    platform. Climb up the ladder and go forward to see a line running between the
    buildings. Jump onto it and shimmy to the other building. On the ground to the
    right you will find a medical kit. Step out onto the narrow path and continue
    across this building. Ignore the ladder to the right and jump across to the 
    next complex. Sneak across here and down onto the next roof. Follow the roof 
    around to the right and wait. You should see two guards walk past. When they
    do, jump down and head into the opening of the fence across from you. In here,
    sneak to the left and go down into the sewer.
    Lovely, the sewer. Run forward and take the path to the left. Follow this up
    and see three Chinese soldiers patrolling the area. Don't mess around here, 
    these guys pack massive heat and have flashlights. What you need to do to get
    by here safely is take out the last two soldiers, at the least anyways. To do
    this, you can shoot them here with a sticky camera (yes, sticky cameras can 
    knock people out when shot in the head), use your smoke grenade, or take them
    out as you are walking. If you choose this, watch out because the last soldier
    will turn around a ways down and stop. Don't let him see you. Get the satchel 
    dropped by one of the soldiers. You need to follow this path down and climb the 
    second ladder you see. That would be the first ladder after the bright part of
    the sewer. 
    When you reach the ladder, climb up and wait at the top before climbing out. 
    Look to the left and make sure the soldier has turned around before coming out.
    Sneak here because there's another soldier right behind the manhole. Climb up 
    the ladder on the red structure. Sneak across and shimmy over the gap. Now 
    climb in the window of the abandoned building. There is a pipe in here that you
    need to climb. Do so and head to the doorway on this floor. Here you will see
    the contact. Talk to him. He will give you a map and some intel. Now head over
    and up the stairs. Rappell down off the chimney.
    --- The Embassy ---
    Sneak forward in this alley and stay outside of the complex. Sneak around the 
    left and hide under the structure. When the guard returns to his station, sneak
    up and grab him. Knock him out underneath the structure and take his satchel. 
    Now wait for the patrolling guard to walk offscreen before attempting to cross.
    When he does, quickly sneak over to the opposite side of the street and climb
    the ladder on the red structure. Climb to the next platform and enter the 
    building. Sneak forward to find a pile of bottles and papers on the ground. 
    Grab a bottle and throw it against the opposite wall. When the guard comes to 
    investigate, knock him out. Now head out the door.
    Jump on the crate and zip line over to the building across the street. Drop 
    down to the street and stay in the shadows. Take the first street going left.
    Run and hide in the left corner. Lambert will call and a guard will pass with
    a flashlight. When the guard is climbing the ladder, shoot him with a sticky
    shocker. Shoot out all the lights around here instead of dragging him to a 
    shadow. Grab the satchel and head around the corner to save your game.
    The truck has entered and now is your only chance to infiltrate the Embassy 
    grounds. Sneak quickly over to the sidewalk on the inner wall and follow it
    around. If done right, the guard should not have noticed you. Sneak passed the
    gate and the guards station. When the guard goes to verify the drivers papers, 
    sneak behind him and give him an elbow. Take his satchel and flip off the 
    light. In doing so, the driver will take off normally. This part can be really
    tricky so don't bother saving any of your gadgets. If you have them, use them.
    Sticky shockers and ring airfoil rounds work well. Use one to take out the 
    guard patrolling behind the trailer. Now lean out and follow the movements of 
    the other guard. It is okay to kill the dog. Actually I recommend it. Also note
    that the diversion camera will not incapacitate either the guard or the dog. 
    When you have cleared the way, head on down the path. Cross the bridge when you
    get there and go through the creek. Sneak forward on the lawn until you see the
    phone call being made. Laser mic it.
    When he heads to the car, do not panic. He will not drive off so you can gather
    your intel there. Laser mic the rear or front window to hear the conversation.
    Now you have the intelligence and are to get to the evacuation. Sneak over into
    the shadows next to the Embassy. Sneak into the red lighting and wait for the 
    two guards to walk away from the Embassy. When they do, sneak across to the 
    wall. Follow the wall away from the building to locate a pipe. Climb this and
    run to the right to find your ride. 
    H. Abattoir
    Rescue the captured US troops.
    In a desperate act of defiance against the US, Nikoladze arranges the 
    immediate, live web-cast excecutions of the captured US soldiers. Vyacheslav
    Grinko will direct the soldiers' deaths. The excecutions must be prevented to
    preserve any hope of stabilizing political relations with the Chinese.
    -Access the antenna on the abattoir roof and destroy it's broadcast ability.
    SC Pistol
    Disposable Pick x 2
    Optic Cable
    Lock Pick
    Smoke Grenade
    Sticky Camera x 12
    Diversion Camera x 3
    Ring Airfoil Projectile x 4
    Sticky Shocker x 2
    --- The Antenna ---
    When you start out, listen to Lambert's briefing and climb over the fence to 
    your right. Sneak around and hide near the fence, directly across from the 
    soldier patrolling on the other side. When the soldier on your side turns his
    back on you, sneak over and knock him out. Take the satchel and hide his body
    back where you started the level. Now go back into the fenced in area and look
    to the patrolling guards across from you. When the guard directly across from 
    the opening turns, sneak up quickly and grab him. Drag him around to the left 
    into a small opening. Knock him out and flip the switch. Now, when the next 
    guard walks back towards the fence, sneak quickly to the door and enter. 
    Take the medical kit on the ground and access the computer. Now head out into
    the courtyard. Sneak forward on the path outside the fence. Wait in the shadows
    until the guard passes. That guard has a satchel with a data stick, but it is
    up to you if you want to get it. You should have overheard that there are mines
    in the courtyard. Turn on your thermal goggles, you can see the mines flashing.
    Anyway, enter the courtyard and jump onto the dumpster right by the opening. 
    Snipe the two guards up on the balcony across from you (one is walking back and
    forth on the walkway across the courtyard).
    To cross the courtyard safely, wait for the light to pass and then look to your
    left. You should see a white block that you need to jump to. Climb up the next
    one and jump straight off and run to the fence. Hide behind the wall until the
    light passes again. Follow it out, staying close to the fence on the left. You 
    will come to a structure with a overhanging to your right. Watch the patterns 
    of the lights. Your target is the tan box across from you (the one across from
    the door). When you are clear, run out and jump ontop of the box. Run across it
    and jump to the next box. Now jump off and run to the right, behind the wall. 
    You will have come to a dumpster. Grab the medical kit and jump on. Now look up
    to see an opening that you need to wall jump to reach. Crawl through to get to
    the roof.
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: CyberJedi & Lumpy                                           |
    |                                                                             |
    | CyberJedi Contributes:                                                      |
    |                                                                             |
    | In this level, there is a small hut looking structure above you. It is      |
    | possible to get in there, actually. Head to the back of the level near the  |
    | wall and climb up the saw-looking peice of wall as high as possible. Now,   |
    | preform a running jump to the metal tops right under the windows, jumping   |
    | to the closest top to the hut itself.                                       |
    |                                                                             |
    | Now, run towards the watchtower's wall and do a double jump to get yourself |
    | onto the guardsman's platform. Now that you are up here, you can find a     |
    | load of ammo, gadgets, etc. inside the hut. Note that this is very hard to  |
    | get to, but the rewards are worth the effort.                               |
    |                                                                             |
    | Lumpy Contributes:                                                          |
    |                                                                             |
    | In front of the shed on the ground, is a large metal, square rectangle next |
    | to a stack of barrels. Climb the rectangle, then climb onto the barrels.    |
    | Get a running jump and leap towards the guard tower, where you will grab    |
    | the edge and hang. Then climb along the edge to either side where there is  |
    | no railing, and climb up. Most likely, the guard will not notice you, so    |
    | you can use the thermal goggles and take a nice headshot through the        |
    | curtain. Inside, you will find many extra items to help you on your mission.|
    Getting across the roof safely can be tough if you don't know what you are 
    doing. There are two guards waiting right behind the door to the left and 
    Grinko and his men are down inside the building. Generally, you have one 
    opportunity to make noise before the guards will come out shooting. Staying off 
    the roof tiles is crucial because they are exceedingly loud. The lights will 
    also flicker on and off giving you a chance to get by the windows without being
    seen by Grinko.
    To get across the roof, sneak out to the second beam. When the light flickers 
    off, follow this around the window quickly. Follow it to the wall and look up 
    to see a steel pipe. Jump up and grab it. Now shimmy across to the next beam.
    Drop down and sneak over to the wooden platform. Follow this around until you 
    get to the wire running to the wall. Grab onto this and hand-over-hand to the
    beam nearest the wall. Now sneak over and climb the fence when the light goes 
    out. Sneak to the front of the antenna and flip the switch to kill the 
    antenna's broadcast ability.
    --- Preventing the Excecutions ---
    Listen to Lambert and run across the roof and up the steps. Crouch and wait in
    front of the door (enough so it will open) with your SC-20K aimed. When the 
    guard comes through, kill him dead. Now go through the door and wait likewise 
    at the door to the right. Kill the next soldier to come through. Hide their 
    bodies down the steps. Be careful down here because there is a wall mine behind
    the barrel. To get to it, head up the stairs and drop down quietly from up 
    there. If you go to fast, the mine will blow. The computer has a data stick.
    Anyway, go up and pick the lock to the door leading outside. Follow the walkway
    around to the right to find the soldier that you sniped earlier. Take his 
    satchel and shoot out the lights surrounding him.
    Go back inside and through the door on the right. Enter the door down the 
    stairs and immediately shoot out the light bulb above your head. There are 
    three guards waiting down there, all of which are easy to snipe. Kill the first
    you see and wait for the second to come investigate. When he does, kill him. 
    The third might not notice, and, if that's the case, you'll have to drop down.
    He will be patrolling the hallway outside the bathroom. Kill him and turn out
    the lights. Hide their bodies around by the sinks. Access the computer and take
    the medical kit from the bench. 
    Into the hallway outside the bathroom, you will find the door you need to go 
    through to the left. You will start to overhear radio conversation saying to 
    proceed with the excecutions. If you turn the corner, you will see an open vent
    cover on the ground. Ignore it for now and go through the door beside it. Sneak
    up, grab, and interrogate the soldier. Knock him out and listen to Lambert.
    Take the SC-20K ammo from the desk and use the computer. Now you can go through
    the vent shaft. Follow it through, climbing the pipe, until you reach the 
    opening in a wide space.
    Here you will hear some soldiers talking about the excecutions. Stay in the 
    shaft above and make some noise. When you get one in sight, kill him. Shoot 
    them all as they enter your view. If you need, you can use a distraction camera
    to bring them in range. This will not, however, knock them out. You'll still 
    have to shoot them. Now drop down and collect the satchels. To your side you 
    will see a giant cloud. Well, that would be the entrance to the meat locker. 
    That is also where you need to go. Use your thermal goggles to safely navigate
    in here. Also note that being in a freezer cloud does not render you invisible
    to guards. Always rely upon your stealth meter rather than your own vision.
    Upon entering, sneak to the right. In this locker, it doesn't really matter if
    you want to sneak by everyone or kill/incapacitate everyone. Since Abattoir is
    a generally frustrating mission, take no shame in killing everyone. But it is
    unnecessary. Anyway, hide behind the wall to see a guard on the other side. 
    When he turns around into the next room, you can sneak by easily to the right.
    Or you can sneak up behind and grab him. Knock him out in the previous room. 
    Continuing into the locker, you will see the second guard. Snipe him and head
    up to see a turret by the door. When it turns towards the door, run to the 
    inside of it and deactivate it with the controls.
    Sneak into the next room and to the right. Peeking around the corner, you will
    see a guard standing next to the wall. When he turns, knock him out. Now line 
    up and snipe the two other guards farther back in the room. Go take their 
    satchels. The next room is again farther back into the meat locker. There is a
    guard next to the wall in the room with a turret aimed near the doorway. Shoot 
    the guard. When the turret turns to the left, run out to the right quickly and
    roll past the crate. You should only take minimal damage. On the shelf to the 
    right is a medical kit. Around the corner of the room, you can find the 
    controls for the turret. Head through the door on the right side of this room.
    Head around the hallway and save your game. In the room ahead, you will find
    three guards. The first is standing with his back to the entrance. Sneak over
    and wait before grabbing him. The second is patrolling right beside him. Make
    sure he has walked back into the room and is not looking your way when grabbing
    the first guard. Drag him back into the hallway and knock him out. When the 
    guard is not looking, sneak into the left side of the room. Follow this, 
    sneaking all the way up the left side and past the third guard. In the back of
    the room, you will find an open vent cover in the ground. Hop in and crawl 
    through. Jump out at the end and sneak past the window to get the medical kit
    on the ground. Now sneak down the stairs and wait by the wall. When the guard
    walks back out of sight, sneak out quickly down the side closest to you and 
    flip the switch on the end. Jump down into the pit and sneak into the shutter.
    You are now in a narrow hallway near the scene of the excecution. Needless to 
    say, the area is heavily guarded. Sneak forward quickly and settle in the 
    shadow just past the opening. Make sure you are able to aim out of the opening.
    Equip a sticky shocker and wait for the guard to walk across the screen. When 
    he does, zap him. Grab the flare on the shelf and the other on the floor next 
    to the shelf. Sneak next to the doorway and turn the camera to see into the 
    hall. You will see a guards shadow and then he will step into the hall. When he
    turns, sneak over and snipe him as he is walking back. Take the flare on the 
    ground in the shadow of the hallway. Now head into the room across from this 
    Upon entering, you will hear an automated turret. There is a guard who will 
    look in from across the hall. Run into the right stable and grab the flare on
    the ground. Now run across into the right stable and take the flare around in
    the shadows. Shoot the wall to get the attention of the guard. When he comes 
    around, shoot him in the head. Take his satchel and head up the hall. The 
    turret is in the stable to the right. When it turns to the outer wall, run into
    the stable on the left. Take the pistol and SC-20K ammo on the barrel. When the
    turret faces out again, run back to the wall before the stable. Run to the 
    middle wall on the right when the turret is turned the other way. Now, throw a 
    flare to the left of the turret (towards the outer wall you are facing but in 
    farther) and then run into the next hallway going left. 
    Run down this hall and get the medical kit past the door. Now, sneak in the 
    door to see two guards talking. Here, you can do one of two things. Either 
    snipe them from where they stand, or do this. Sneak into the stable on the 
    left. Looking up, you will see an opening. Jump into it and sneak forward, 
    coming out into a stable with two turrets. Here, you can access their controls.
    Disable the friendly fire feature and make some noise. When the guards come 
    about, the turrets will shoot them. Head down the hall and you will encounter
    yet another turret in the left stable. Wait until it turns to the far wall and
    then run to the small, middle wall. When it aims behind you, run through the 
    leather flap.
    Turn to the right and go through the flap here. As you are walking, you will 
    see two soldiers come into view, carrying on a conversation. Immediately turn
    to the left and enter the hole in the wall. They will walk over and stop right
    in front of you. Listen to them talk and sneak out when they leave. Continue
    down and around the hall. Enter the flap ahead. If you have the wall mine, 
    plant it at this entrance. Otherwise, head straight and turn in the last 
    opening. Around on a shelf, you will find some SC-20K ammo. Now go further into
    the room, taking the middle path. You will see two automated turrets aimed at
    the doors. Disable the IFF only on the left turret and disable the turret on 
    the right. Now enter the room on the right to talk to the Chinese dignitaries
    (the American soldiers are in the room to the left). When you finish the 
    conversation, save your game and get ready to fight.
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: David Fair                                                  |
    |                                                                             |
    | After you turned off the antenna, you have to run up the steps, pick the    |
    | lock and enter a steel door. To the right you will see a set of steps       |
    | leading down to a basement where you will find a live wall mine, two safe   |
    | wall mines, a frag grenade and a computer. Disable the live wall mine and   |
    | grab the other stuff as well. When you work your way through the game and   |
    | get to the stables where the hostages are, you should still have all three  |
    | wall mines.                                                                 |
    |                                                                             |
    | 1) Place one right at the entrance after the leather curtain.               |
    | 2) Go all the way down the hall into the opening. Grab the ammo from the    |
    |    shelf, turn around and  place a second wall mine.                        |
    | 3) Go into the stables through the first opening. You’ll see a half wall    |
    |    right in the center where you have to go right or left. Place your third |
    |    wall mine here.                                                          |
    | 4) Go down the center of the stables. Disable the IFF on the left turret    |
    |    and completely disable the right.                                        |
    | 5) Go to the right where the Chinese men are and speak to them. Afterwards  |
    |    you’ll hear a  message that Grinko is aware of your presence and is      |
    |    sending everyone down to get you.                                        |
    | 6) Run out to and into the stable on what is now your right. Post facing    |
    |    outwards and to the left.                                                |
    |                                                                             |
    | Here’s what happens.                                                        |
    | - Wall mine #1 takes out the first wave.                                    |
    | - Wall mine #3 takes out the Col. that comes down to the site.              |
    | - Wall mine #2 takes out Grinko                                             |
    | - You are in a perfect spot to snipe any one that makes it through. Should  |
    |   they make it past you, the turret gets them.                              |
    Grinko has got word that you are in the basement and has sent all available 
    troops to kill you. Run out to the front of the room and hide behind the first
    wall. If you had a wall mine, it will take out the first troops to cross into 
    the room. If not, stay to the left, you should see a soldier croching across 
    the gap. Snipe him. When soldiers start coming across (should be three here), 
    shoot them quickly or they will start throwing grenades. Grinko will demand a 
    report from a Major down here (guy with the red beret), and, when you kill him,
    will come down himself. Here, Lambert will give you specific orders to kill 
    Grinko. Head to the right of the room and peak out the farthest opening down 
    that way. Grinko may already be in the room, so kill him when you see him.
    |                                                                             |
    | When in the final confrontation of this level, it is possible to fail this  | 
    | mission after you have already won. When protecting the soldiers, if you    |
    | charge forward and kill Grinko then his soldiers will supposedly scatter.   |
    | However, if you leave any soldiers in your range that are shooting at you   |
    | alive, and then you kill Grinko, then that soldier will continue shooting.  |
    | If you are running out of health, it is possible for him to kill you while  |
    | Lambert is speaking at the Mission Completed screen. The screen will then   |
    | turn to Mission Failed.                                                     |
    I. Return to the Chinese Embassy
    Discover President Nikolazde's secret.
    Following the rescue at the slaughterhouse, Feirong prepares to flee the 
    Embassy with a near-complete nuclear device. The only hope to prevent war 
    between the US and China over alleged Chinese support of Kombayn Nikoladze is
    for Third Echelon to find proof that Feirong is acting alone.
    -Infiltrate the Embassy via the upper floor
    -Access Feirong's communications archives from the Embassy's server in the 
    -Killing Kong Feirong will result in Mission Failure
    SC Pistol
    Camera Jammer
    Optic Cable
    Diversion Camera x 5
    Ring Airfoil Projectile x 5
    Smoke Grenade
    Sticky Camera x 15
    Sticky Shocker x 5
    --- Infiltrate ---
    You start out near a restaurant by the Embassy. Listen up to Lambert's briefing
    and then talk to your runner. The restaurant has two entrances, the main and a
    back. I recommend going in the front as you will overhear a conversation 
    between soldiers. So head down the street and enter the doors on your left. 
    Sneak in here and listen to the soldiers. When they finish, sneak to the right
    side of the room and behind the wall. One of the soldiers is carrying a data 
    stick but getting it obviously involves a firefight. Creep up to the door but
    do not go through. A cook is working on the other side. Move the camera so you 
    can see through the circle-glass window. When he turns around from the cutting
    board, sneak through. Go along the left wall to the back to find a ladder. 
    Climb up.
    Good old Lambert will chime in again informing you this time that you have alot
    of keypad locked doors ahead of you. The catch is that you will not be able to
    rely upon captured intelligence. Anyways, head up the next ladder and cross the
    boards leading to the abandoned building. Take one step inside the door and get
    out. Flatten your back against the wall and make sure your standing while doing
    so. A guard with a flashlight helmut will come in patrolling. When he passes 
    the door and goes down the hall, sneak by him and head to the far side of the 
    room. Go out the door to the right. Up, to your right, you will see a zip line.
    Climb the pipe to reach it and slide over to the Embassy. Now, shimmy over to 
    the opposite side of the Embassy. Be careful of the man looking out the window
    when you cross. When you reach the end, drop down to the ledge. Climb the pipe
    and drop into the Embassy.
    --- The Communications Archives ---
    Now that you've successfully entered the Embassy, you now have to access the
    communications archives. Head around to the left and into the room. Take the
    medical kit from the wall. Now, you must enter the wall. Press your back up to
    the inner wall and head through. When you reach the end, let off and jump out
    to the pipe. Slide down and jump off. Now do the same to the wall here. As you
    are going through, an alarm will go off and shots will be fired. However, they
    are not shooting at you. It is just the soldiers destroying the computers. So
    head to the end and lean out. Take out your pistol and shoot the soldier in the
    head. This will get the attention of the others. The problem is that they are
    out of range. Aim as close to the first soldier as you can and fire. He should
    run across the room into your range. Shoot him dead. This won't work for the 
    other, so shoot out all the lights and computers around you. When the alert 
    dies down and he comes searching, shoot him.
    Now you can go out and collect the satchels. Have no worries about the 
    computers that were smashed and destroyed during the conflict because there is
    no infomation to be collected in this room. The server you want is in the next
    room. Enter the room and use the computer. Now, Lambert will chime in and 
    Grimsdottir will analyze the data. You will be given a new objective. It seems
    a convoy of trucks is transporting some important stuff and they need to be
    stopped. Plain and simple, you have to blow up some trucks.
    --- Destroy the Convoy ---
    Go through the next door into the hall. Enter the closet on the right and take
    the two medical kits off the wall. Kong Feirong will come over the radio and 
    advise all troops to go to highest alert and the convoy must go through. Well,
    you'll have something to say about that. Back in the main hall, save your game
    and go through the next door. Sneak up the stairs here to find a reception 
    room. Two guards and a camera are in here. Use a ring airfoil round to take out
    the first and the second should be walking into sight. Snipe him and do the 
    same to the camera up to the left. Grab the satchel from the first guard and 
    hide the bodies in the shadow to the left. 
    Now head out the right side of the room and enter the door straight ahead. This
    is a guardroom and there are two guards sleeping in here. Be quiet and sneak 
    into the room. On the bed next to a sleeping soldier is a medical kit. Be extra
    careful of the broken glass on the ground. Also, do not try to kill these 
    guards because upon doing so you will wake the other. Now, use the optic cable
    on the door at the end and wait for the guards to enter the room.
    |                                                                             | 
    | Now, a word on reading heat signatures with the Thermal Goggles. To do this,| 
    | access a keypad and turn on your thermal goggles. The heatwaves are as      |
    | follows:                                                                    |
    |                         Light Blue  -  First button pressed                 | 
    |                 Teal (Darker Blue)  -  Second button pressed                |
    |                              Green  -  Third button pressed                 |
    |                      Redish Orange  -  Last button pressed                  |
    |                                                                             | 
    | The distinction between the first and second buttons shade of blue is slight|
    | at best. You will have to look for the first button. It is an extreme light |
    | blue and seemst to glow a bit. The others are easily recognizable.          |
    In all honesty, you will not need the keypad trick here. It is very easy to run
    up to the door before it closes. If you need it, that's fine. When you open the
    door, do not enter the room. Wait behind it to keep it from closing. There is a
    turret and a guard to the right of the door. Shoot a distraction camera out and
    and get the guard's attention with a beep. Gas him when he nears and then shoot
    him. Above you, shoot out the main light in this room. A guard will come down 
    the main steps to the right. When he does, shoot him. Now, the turret to the 
    right. You will notice that it turns somewhat behind the door when going that 
    way. That is your opportunity. Stand up and prepare to run. When it comes to 
    aim on the door, run out and roll to the controls beside the turret. Deactivate
    it and go get the satchel from the first guard you shot. Now, hide the second's
    body in the shadow. 
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: FireBat                                                     |
    |                                                                             | 
    | When you get by the keypad lock and enter the door, instead of hiding behind|
    | the door you can jump to the ledge above. Pull yourself up and flatten your | 
    | back against the wall, heading to the end of the shelf. Now, you can shoot  |
    | the guard here or drop down and knock him out. Turn off the IFF on the      | 
    | turret and make some noise to attract the second guard.                     |
    Above the turret you will notice a shelf. Take out your pistol and shoot the 
    first piece of pottery on the shelf. Now, jump up onto it. Above, you will 
    notice that part of the railing is destroyed. Jump and climb up to the floor.
    Access the turret's controls and deactivate the IFF only. Two guards will walk
    down the hall. When they do, well, the turret will destroy them. Now, 
    deactivate it and go to the bodys. Take the satchel and hide the bodies around
    the corner, shooting out the light overhead. Run back to the turret. Take out
    your SC-20K and shoot out the light on the other balcony. Note that you can 
    shoot out the spotlights by hitting the black section of the light, not the 
    bulb itself (thanks Gixah). Behind the turret you will find a pipe running 
    across to the other side. Jump up, tuck your legs, and shimmy across. Watch 
    your stealth meter when crossing. Two guards will come by and open the door. Do
    not kill the guard here. Instead, shimmy across and drop to the balcony right 
    behind him. Use the scanner and knock him out. Sneak in the door and knock out
    the guard. Get the data stick from the computer and exit through the window in
    this room.
    You are now outside the Embassy. The courtyard ahead is stock full of guards 
    and one dog. Sneak forward and shoot out the lights on either side of the 
    frame. Stay around here and wait for the dog to pick up your scent. When he 
    does, turn and run to the wall on the far side. When the dog walks in and 
    starts walking directly towards you, shoot it in the head. If his guard follows
    him in, do not spare him. Now, head back to the doorway. When the guard 
    patrolling over the step-bridge turns away, sneak quickly down to the waterline
    on the right. In here, if it gets hairy, you can shoot a sticky shocker in the
    water. Anyways, avoid the guards and sneak to the far end. Enter the small 
    door and go through.
    Coming out the other end, use a sticky shocker to incapacitate the guard here.
    Above the door, you will see a camera that you can snipe. Do so and enter. Take
    the medical kit off the wall to the left and enter the door here. This is 
    another area where the keypad trick is required. If you are quick enough, you
    can catch the door before it closes but it's best to learn the trick now. You
    will need it later. Duck under the first shelf and jump through the gap in the
    second. Head around and up to the door. Use the thermal goggle trick to get the
    code and go through. You will see the guard standing at the next door. Sneak up
    and grab him, knock him out back into this room. Take the SC-20K ammo, pistol 
    ammo, and the medical kit.
    Sneaking out the next door, look up to your right to see a camera. Shoot it and
    fall back into the last room if the guard heard the shots. Turn off the light 
    and kill the guard when he nears. Now, there is another guard in the back of 
    the room. Go there and shoot him with a sticky shocker or something of the 
    like (might as well use them). Follow this back wall to the right. Equip your
    night vision goggles to see a camera above in the dark. Shoot it. Now go down
    the hall it was aimed at. Jump up on the cart to the right and jump up to the
    walkway. Head forward to find the convoy being fueled.
    Follow the walkway to the end of the platform but don't go down the stairs. 
    Instead, take out your SC-20K and aim at the trucks. See the gas tank? It is 
    the cylinder underneath the door. Shoot it and watch the fireworks. You will
    now hear Lambert speaking to you and should vacate the area. Heading down the
    stairs, you will see a trapdoor on the ground. Open it up and head down.
    --- Kong Feirong ---
    Descend the ladder and aim down the hall. Snipe the guard walking the other 
    way. Run down a ways and hide in a shadow. When a second guard comes walking
    down, he will be hailed by another guard. It seems the Feirong is trying to
    kill himself. Here, you are really going to need the keypad trick down to a 
    science. Follow the guard as he dashes back down the hall. Take the medical kit
    from the wall and keep following. If you are amazingly slow, you will need to
    use the keypad trick on the door before the elevator. If you can breathe, 
    however, you will probably be able to get by without it. Just don't get too 
    close as the guard will see you when going up the elevator.
    Flip the switch for the lift and wait for it. When it arrives, take it up. Run
    down the hall and use the thermal goggles to see the code. Open the door and 
    run to the door on the right. Use the code here as well. Now, go through to 
    find Kong Feirong drunk as a bum. When he comes up from his seat, run over and
    jump over his desk. Grab and interrogate him. When that falls through, force 
    him to use his computer. Unfortunately, Feirong will die after using the 
    terminal. Listen to Lambert and get ready to head to the extraction point. 
    When the room explodes, run out and into the room on the right. This room is 
    engulfed in flame. You are going to have to roll through to the right. Do so
    and head through the next door when it explodes. Down one platform, open the
    window and jump out. Run across the lawn to the extraction.
    J. Presidential Palace
    Find Kombayn Nikoladze and the Ark.
    Kombayn Nikoladze has returned to the Georgian Presidential Palace in order to 
    retrieve a weapon known only as 'the Ark.' The great risk involved in 
    Nikoladze's personal return to T'Bilisi suggests its enormus value. Any threat 
    posed by Nikoladze or the Ark must be dealt with.
    -Recover the Ark interrogation file, the record of an interrogation conducted 
    by Georgian agents representing current Georgian President Cristavi. The file
    details an interrogation of one of Nikoladze's high-ranking mercenaries, 
    possibly revealing the identity of "The Ark."
    SC Pistol
    Lock Pick
    Laser Mic
    Camera Jammer
    Optic Cable
    Sticky Camera x 3
    Sticky Shocker
    Ring Airfoil Projectile x 3
    Diversion Camera x 2
    Smoke Grenade x 2
    --- Interrogation File ---
    Here we are, after making a blind halo jump to the palace. You even get a cool
    piece of spy headgear. To start out this mission, you get to do a bit of 
    platform jumping. Listen to Lambert and head forward. You must wall jump up to
    the next platform. If you miscalculate, Sam will spring off the side of the 
    cliff. When you get up, drop and hang off the other side. Continue to drop down
    onto all of the ledges to the ground. Run over and jump up to the next level. 
    Wall jump onto the pipe above you and climb up. Drop onto the next ledge and
    shimmy across the beam. Drop to the platform below and shimmy across the next
    beam. Drop to the ledge and grab it. Follow this around. Now jump across the
    next platforms until you reach the pipe. 
    Climb up the pipe and stop before pulling yourself up. Wait for the guard to 
    move to the left and the spotlight to pass. Now pull up and run to the right,
    staying on the outside of the gate. Look up to the spotlight. Snipe the sniper
    up here. If at anytime you get spotted here, just hang off the ledge until they
    halt their search. Your next target is the dog patrolling with the guard near
    you. When it walks towards you, shoot it in the head. If the guard allows for 
    it, shoot him, too. Now, run to the other side, staying outside the fence as 
    well. Snipe the other dog across the courtyard and his guard. Hop the fence and
    collect the satchel. Now, follow the wall into the hedges. When the guard in 
    here turns, kill or knock him out. Take his satchel. You want to go to the 
    right path through the hedges to come to a fountain area. To the rear of this
    is the gate. When the guard patrolling on the outside walks away, run forward 
    and enter the code. Go through to the left. Down the small flight of stairs you
    will find a shutter to the right. Open and jump in it.
    You are now in the basement of the Palace. Go to the back and take the medical
    kit from the wall and the disposable pick from the table. Now head up the 
    stairs. Take the medical kit from the desk and head to the next room. All of
    the doors here are laser guarded, that is, except for the one across the hall.
    This is also the only safe path. Just run straight through the center to the
    doors at the end. Use the disposable pick on the door because two guards just
    came in the room behind you. Take the disposable pick from the table use the
    optic cable on the door you entered. When they pass, open and sneak out 
    quickly. Head to the left, staying in the center though. Turn on you thermal
    goggles to see the beams. Head through the center to the door.
    In here, go towards the steps. Nikoladze has good taste, nice place here. The
    first three steps have lasers on them, so you will need to wall jump up the 
    steps. The top of the steps is also protected by a laser grid. To get around 
    this, jump onto the railing and pull yourself up. Go through the door on the 
    right. In here, you have your first meeting with the Georgian elite. Lambert 
    will call and assure you that lethal force is acceptable. Exercise it. Simply
    put, kill everyone in here. There are two elites and two guards downstairs. 
    Shoot the elite on the balcony above you first and then the second. If you 
    need, you can retreat out the door. When you have cleared the room, hide their
    bodies in the corner and collect the satchels. Head to the door up top, enter
    the code and turn out the light.
    In this long hallway, sneak down the stairs to the left. You will find a 
    medical kit at the bottom. Now sneak back up and hide in the shadows by the 
    door. When the two guards patrolling the hallways near you turn, run down the
    hallway (making sure the elites are down there). When the elite on the left 
    looks down another hall, wait for him to move and then sneak down that hall. 
    Run under the rotating armored camera. Shoot out the light and use the 
    disposable pick on the door to the library.
    Equip your thermal goggles to see the beams. Duck down and run under when the
    bottom row turns off. You have to jump through the second set when the middle 
    two flash off. In the room, head to the left and hide behind the far bookshelf.
    The guard will turn on the light and stand with his back exposed. Sneak up and
    destroy him (evil laugh). Anyway, take his satchel and use the computer. 
    Lambert will analyze the data and find that the Ark is a nuclear suitcase bomb.
    Not good. Head into the next room and get the medical kit off the table. Now
    Lambert should have gotten back to you and given you more instructions. 
    Basically, you have to get Kombayn Nikoladze to help you get the ark.
    --- Nikoladze ---
    Navigate through the laser grid and exit the library. You want to head to the
    left in the hallway here, so wait until the guards pass going to the right 
    before running out. Enter the door at the end. In here, you have got another
    spinning armored camera. Use the camera jammer or simply shoot out the lights.
    Enter the door on the left. 
    Now, run to the end of the hall and enter the code. Open the door and shoot the
    light right across from you. On the desk to the right you will find a medical
    kit and some SC-20K ammo. Turn around and shoot out the light on the left. Now,
    shoot out the next light on the right. With the guards looking, be careful when
    sneaking up. Shoot out the final light behind the pillar to plunge the room 
    into a complete darkness. Wait for them to continue their normal patrol routes.
    When they do, sneak into their patrol route and follow them as they circle the
    elevator. When you reach the door of the lift (on the side with the stationary
    elite), open it and take it down. SAVE YOUR GAME!! If for some odd reason you 
    haven't been saving, save now. This part can be very tricky and really 
    unforgiving. So I will say it again, save your game.
    As you are coming down the elevator, you will overhear an enemy radio 
    transmission warning of an intruder. An intruder? Wait, you're an intruder! 
    Yep, you now have a face-off against four heavily armed Georgian elites. When
    the music hits, run out of the elevator to the right. Run all the way to the
    first bookshelf and position yourself to the left of it so the elites to the
    side can't hit you and the elite behind it can't hit you. Shoot a smoke bomb
    behind this bookcase to gas the guard behind. When he is gagging, shoot him. 
    Look to your left to see an opening. This is where they came out of. Now use it
    against them. Stand in it and shoot out all the lights over the main staircase 
    and the bookcase. Now run into the opening and follow it to come out on the 
    other side of the room. Shoot out the lights here. There should be a guy on the
    stairs, so run behind the first bookcase to the left. Lean out and kill him. 
    Now, run through to the other side. A guard will be shooting from above, right
    in your sight. Lean out and snipe him. Head to the other side to find the last
    elite in perfect sniping range through the bookshelf. Standing up, you should
    see him through a slit. Now, mop up and take their satchels.
    Head down into the middle passage back through those openings. Continue forward
    to meet Kombayn Nikoladze himself. Well, run over and grab him. Interrogation 
    will get you next to no where, but do it anyway. When that's through, drag him 
    to the retinal scanner and use it. Upon opening, you will be held up by a 
    militant force under President Cristavi. Stay still, as any sudden movement 
    will be reason enough to kill you. Don't even think about drawing on these 
    boys, you'll be dead before the though registers. Do, however, make sure you
    have your SC-20K armed. Lambert will radio in and has arranged for a black-out
    in five seconds. Flip on your night vision and listen to the ever dramatic 
    Lights out, time to die. Whip out your SC-20K and put a hole through his eyes.
    Run around to the back corner behind the crates. When another guard comes 
    around, make him wish he hadn't. Lean out a bit to find another soldier hiding
    behind a pillar. Waste him. Now, if it hasn't been shot to death, use the 
    laptop. Crouch and head to the front of the room. Grab some cover and shoot the
    final guard waiting by the doors. Grab the satchels and head back up to the 
    library. To your left, you will find the exit Nikoladze took. 
    Wait for the guard on the right to turn and then follow him. Incapacitate him
    with whatever you have left. Now, head to the end to find a pipe. Climb up and
    jump over to the window. Climb through to get an order from Lambert. A real 
    tough one at that: Snipe Nikoladze. See him through the right window? Blow his
    head off. Now, wait behind the door here for a guard to come out. When he does,
    go through and head down. Run past the opening and to the back of the kitchen.
    Listen as everyone goes nuts at your doings. Soon, three guards will come into
    view, one at a time though. When the first comes up, snipe him. Follow suit for
    the next two. 
    Now, head through the dining room door to the branching hallway. Use the optic
    cable to peek through the doors. See two guards ready and aimed at the doorway.
    Well, it's like that one either side. So, to get by this, take out your pistol
    and shoot the door. The guard will hear it and open it. Shoot him and shoot a 
    smoke grenade into the room. Kill the second guard and run by to the door.
    Once the first guard is shot, the two guards from the other side will come 
    through shooting so be quick. Once you make it to the door, a cut-scene will
    initiate and you will escape the palace. The tyranny of Kombayn Nikoladze has
    been defeated. Congratulations, you have just beat Splinter Cell.  
    |                                                                             |
    | CONTRIBUTED BY: Cyphe                                                       | 
    |                                                                             |
    | Here is an alternate strategy for beating the game in a quieter manner. In  |
    | the dining room, there is a cabinet on the left wall. If you jump up on it, | 
    | you can jump over to the balcony across from you. This will put you on the  |
    | second floor, which overlooks the main room. Sneaking ahead, you will come  | 
    | to the staircase leading down into the main room. Since the guards in this  | 
    | room are fixated on the doors, you can sneak down the main stairs and up to |
    | the door to beat the game without a fight.                                  |
    X. S E C R E T S
    This section of the guide was made for an easy reference to many of the
    in-game secrets. From glitches to hidden areas, if I've found it, I put it in
    here. As for basic cheats, SC has none (ex. button cheats). 
    A. Training Course: Meet Anna Grimsdottir
    This is a neat little trick in the beginning of the training course. When  
    Lambert lets you go after testing the lights, run to the right instead of  
    going for the wall ahead. You see the walkway up there? You are going to jump
    up to it. Use the wall jump and you will get there. The door up here is
    unlocked so you are free to head inside. On the shelf, there is a  Lock Pick.
    Grab it and head throughout the rest of the course. When you reach the end of
    the assault course part of the training, don't go through the big sliding
    door. Instead, you will see a door to the right. Use the Lock Pick to get in.
    Use the computer to get a data stick which contains a keypad password. Make
    your way back to the beginning of the course. Now, wall jump up to the walkway
    on the opposite side. Here, you will see the door with the keypad. Enter the
    password and go in to meet Anna Grimsdottir. After talking to her, feel free
    to knock her out for a funny rant from Lambert.
    B. CIA Headquarters: Glitch
    When near the end, where you go down the flight of stairs to rid Wilkes of the
    agent, you will encounter a technician and an agent. If you knock them out and
    hide their bodies behind the big pillar, you will be able to see their body 
    parts hanging out from the other side of the wall. You can still shoot them and
    damage is done. Generally, you can do this just about anywhere you are given
    this situation.
    C. CIA Headquarters: UFO Room
    Contributed by: Ryan Duke & Dark Sim 905
    When following Dougherty through the first door that he unlocks, instead of  
    following him to the right, go to the left. You will find a door that needs 
    picked. Do so and enter. This is the UFO room. If you use the computer, you 
    can get a data stick, which is coded. Inside the code is a string of numbers
    which will open the keypad lock to the door. Inside, you can find several  
    cameras and two sticky shockers. 
    D. Abattoir: Hidden Area
    Contributed by: CyberJedi
    In this level, there is a small hut looking structure above you. It is      
    possible to get in there, actually. Head to the back of the level near the  
    wall and climb up the saw-looking peice of wall as high as possible. Now,   
    preform a running jump to the metal tops right under the windows, jumping   
    to the closest top to the hut itself.                                       
    Now, run towards the watchtower's wall and do a double jump to get yourself 
    onto the guardsman's platform. Now that you are up here, you can find a     
    load of ammo, gadgets, etc. inside the hut. Note that this is very hard to  
    get to, but the rewards are worth the effort. 
    E. Abattoir: Glitch
    When in the final confrontation of this level, it is possible to fail this 
    mission after you have already won. When protecting the soldiers, if you charge
    forward and kill Grinko then his soldiers will supposedly scatter. However, if 
    you leave any soldiers in your range that are shooting at you alive, and then 
    you kill Grinko, then that soldier will continue shooting. If you are running
    out of health, it is possible for him to kill you while Lambert is speaking at 
    the Mission Completed screen. The screen will then turn to Mission Failed.
    F. Unlock All Levels
    CONTRIBUTED BY: Tony Kaeding
    If you enter "!lamaudite!" as your name when you first start a new game
    (without the quotes), you will be able to access any part of any level by going
    to the level select part.
    XI. F A Q S
    This is the Q&A part of the guide. Here, I will try to answer some of the more
    common questions you would have about the game. Note that the questions are in
    no particular order.
    Q: Please, I don't know how to make Kong Feirong use his computer. All it does
       is interrogate him. What do I do?
    A: I can't believe the amount of people having trouble with this. When near his
       computer, hold down A and hit up with the D-pad. Yes folks it's just that 
    Q: Help me, I keep getting an alarm turned on me at <insert random point>.
    Q: How do I use the Thermal Goggles to read the keypads?
    A: Generally, the order of the button presses is characterized by a color. In
       order from first to last, light blue, blue, green, red.
    Q: Help me! I'm stuck in the CIA Headquarters! It keeps on telling me that the
       elevator has no power! What do I do?
    A: Well, first you might want to complete your primary objective. You have to
       access the central server before you can move on to find Dougherty.
    Q: I always get shot by those dang turrets. How do I avoid this?
    A: Try throwing a flare in front of the turret. It will distract the gun long
       enough for you do get by.
    Q: I keep getting the alarm turned on me whenever I try to open the door to the 
       door to the courtyard in the Defense Ministry. What's wrong?
    A: Well, one of two things. Either one, you didn't hide your bodies well enough
       (here's a hint: go turn off the light in the freezer), or two, you didn't
       access the computer to turn off the laser grid.
    Q: What's the deal with the UFO room?
    A: Yes, there was supposedly a secret in there, but it was most likely in 
       reference to the door code to get the items. That's it, no more, no less.
    Q: What's the difference between Hard and Normal modes?
    A: From where I stand, not a whole lot. 
    Q: I heard Rayman is in this game. Where can I find him?
    A: You are correct, you can find him on vending machines, bags, and things like
    XII. C R E D I T S
    First, I would like to thank Ubi Soft for developing this wonder of a game.
    Without them, of course, we would not be able to experience such a superb 
    gaming experience. I would also like to thank them for the Instruction Manuel
    from which I gathered alot of information including the story. This guide would
    have been hard to write without it. Thanks!
    I would also like to thank GameFAQs and CjayC for the absolute best game 
    website ever. Thanks for hosting my guide!
    Thanks to the contributors:
    Ryan Duke - For info on the UFO room   
    Dark Sim 905 - For more info on the UFO room
    FireBat - For an alternate strategy in Return to the Chinese Embassy
    Cyphe - For offering an alternate strategy in the Presidential Palace
    Gixah - For correcting an error in Return to the Chinese Embassy
    David Fair - For adding an awesome tip for the ending of Abattoir
    Tim B - For adding an alternate way to infiltrate the CIA headquarters
    David - For fixing a mistake I made with a direction in the Chinese Embassy
    CyberJedi - For finding a secret area in Abattoir
    Lumpy - For adding to the hut secret in Abattoir
    Joe Sack - For adding a secret area in the Defense Ministry
    Tony Kaeding - For adding a cheat code to access all levels
    Zockett - For adding a strategy in the Oil Rig
    Rafe Flowers - For adding a fun tip in the Training Course
    Again, without the contributors, this guide would not be what it is. Thanks a
    XIII. C O N T A C T  I N F O R M A T I O N
    Any and all questions, comments, concerns, or other FAQ related messages should
    be directed to:
                      >>>>> xxdeadheroxx[at]yahoo[dot]com <<<<<
    I ask only the following. Please do not send me questions that are answered in
    the guide. Please take the time to read it. After all, I took the time to write
    it. Also, make sure you put Splinter Cell and something related to what your 
    sending to me in the title. That way, I know what you're talking about and 
    don't just delete your mail. I will not even attempt to read something that 
    looks as if it was written by a two year old, let alone respond to it. Make 
    sure it is readable. If you have something that you wish to be put in this 
    guide, that's fine. Send it and I will review it. If I decide to put it in, I
    will notify you and give you full credit both in the body of the guide and in
    the credits section.
    Please see GameFAQs.com for the assured latest version of this guide.
    For all of my past, present, and future guides, please see:
         >>>>> http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/30448.html <<<<<
                                                                Thanks for Reading!
                                                       Copyright 2003 Michael Lemon
                                    [End of File]

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