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    Vselka Missions Walkthrough by livetnediser

    Version: 1.75 | Updated: 09/29/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    =--------------Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell--------------=
    =---------------Vselka Missions Walkthrough------------=
    =-------Written By: Kevin Zuehlk (livetnediser))-------=
    =-----This document copyright 2003 by Kevin Zuehlk-----=
    =---------------------Version 1.75---------------------=
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Updates
    3. Vselka Infiltration
        3.1- Locate the Russian soldier being held captive and talk to him.
        3.2- Locate the Vselka Submarine
        3.3- Deactivate the compressor in the control room to force the submarine
             to surface.
    4. Vselka Submarine
        4.1- Unlock access to the lower decks
        4.2- Tap into the Vselka's central server
        4.3- Initiate a launch sequence for a torpedo
        4.4- Exfiltrate the submarine through a torpedo hatch
    5. Thanks/Legal Crap
    6. Contact Me/My info.
    Section 1:
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell was released on 11/17/02 in North America and met
    with widespread approval. Gamecube and PS2 ports were released in 2003,
    however, these versions lack the downloadable content that the XBOX features.
    At this time, there are currently 3 downloadable levels: Kola Cell, Vselka
    Infiltration, and Vselka. This walkthrough will get you through the Vselka
    Infiltration level, and the Vselka Submarine level. In the future, I plan to
    expand this walkthrough to cover the Kola Cell mission as well.
    Section 2:
    9/26/03- Started work on first version covering only Vselka Infiltration,
    9/29/03- Version 1.75
             Walkthrough now covers both Vselka Infiltration and Vselka Submarine.
             Patched up a few errors, changed name to fit content now included
             within walkthrough. Added Table of Content to fit new content. New
             mission walkthrough format.
    Now, on to the walkthrough!
    Section 3:
    Vselka Infiltration
    Mission Start
    Check Point.
    1. Locate the Russian soldier being held captive and talk to him.
    2. Deactivate the compressor in the control room to force the submarine to
    3. Locate the Vselka Submarine
    3.1- Locate the Russian soldier being held captive and talk to him.
    As soon as the level begins, jump up onto the raised platform to your right.
    Look directly in front of you (towards those train/oil tanker looking things.)
    Wait a few seconds, and a guard will come out. Pick him off with a nicely
    placed shot in the head. Most of the time, this will alert the other guard,
    who will come to the aid of the fallen guard. When he reaches the dead guard,
    snipe him as well. Now, this is the part that can get tricky. Occasionally, the
    third guard will be alerted by the second guard's death, and run over to
    investigate. If this happens, snipe him, then find the two dogs (they're
    usually hiding right behind you, and you can pick them off from above so they
    can't get you.) Kill them. If the third guard was not alerted, then you'll
    have to find him. You can jump up onto each raised platform and look for. He
    usually makes his rounds around the train/oil tanker things. Once all three
    guards are dead, run over to them and collect their satchels, in which you
    will find a frag grenade and a medical kit. Hide the bodies near where you
    started the level. (Hint/Tip: If you edge close enough to the water's edge
    near the beginning of the level while carrying a guard, you can draw your
    weapon. That will drop the guard, and if you're close enough, he'll fall into
    the water. Be careful not to fall in yourself while trying this, though.)
    After this, look towards the first tanker. Run over and jump onto the raised
    platform directly behind the tanker. Now, jump to each succesive platform
    until you reach the wall that allows you to hop over into the fenced in area.
    Snipe the guard through the window as he's making his rounds. Hop down, run
    over to one of the windows, slide it open, then enter. In here, grab the
    satchel containing a flare from the guard you just killed, then hide his
    body in the darkened area near the very end of the hallway (near the first
    window). Now, run down the hallway, stopping at the corner where the hall
    turns. Peek around the corner and shoot out the camera. Enter through the door.
    Check Point.
    As soon as you enter the room, look to the second pillar in the floor. Shoot
    out the camera on this pillar. The noise from shooting the camera should alert
    a guard in the other room. As soon as he enters the room, snipe him before he
    sees you. Now, either use a flare to distract the turret to your immediate
    right, or simply run in front of it when it's turned away from you. Run towards
    the black box that deactivates the turret gun and turn it off. Sneak right
    through the hanging sheet and turn off the second turret. Now, run over to the
    guard that you killed earlier and grab his satchel, which contains another
    flare. Hide his body in any dark area around the room and switch off the lights
    near the entrance to this room. Pick the lock in the door leading out of this
    room, then enter it. Pick the lock on the door directly across the hall.
    Enter this room and you will find a computer, which you should use to get the
    data stick. Exit the room, and enter the next room on your left. This is a
    bathroom. When you enter, either switch off or shoot out the lights. After,
    listen and you should hear some guards walking down metal steps. After a while,
    the sound will get closer, and you should make some noise to alert them. To do
    this, you can just run around the bathroom. As soon as they're alerted, just
    run over to a spot with an easy vantage point of the door, and snipe the first
    guard that comes in. As soon as the second one comes in snipe him, too. Hide
    their bodies in the dark spot near the last urinal. Exit the bathroom, and
    go through the door across the hall. This leads to a stairwell. Head up the
    stairs, and go through the first door you see. Turn to your right and shoot out
    the camera directly in front of you. Quietly sneak down the hallway until you
    reach some double doors that are open. Press your back against the wall and
    peek in. Inside, you should see a cafeteria with three guards chatting at a
    table. Listen to their conversation, and as soon as they finish, run to the
    dark area near where you entered this room. One of the guards will exit the
    room. Let him pass, but snipe the second guard that comes through. Quickly
    (but quietly) run over to the guard you just killed. Take the satchel
    containing a data stick, and wait for a minute, aiming down the hallway towards
    where the first guard went. You'll see him come around, so snipe him. Now, turn
    around and walk down the hallway, then turn left when you reach another hall.
    Stop at the entrance to the doors, and you will see the third guard by the food
    lines. Kill him. Both this guard and the other guard have satchels, but they
    are empty. Use the bottles or your pistol to shoot out some lights to make a
    dark area in the cafeteria, and hide all three bodies in it. Read the data
    stick you just obtained, and you'll find the code to get into the freezer is
    310. Enter the passcode at the freezer (it's near where the third guard was)
    and enter it. Here, you will find the captive Russian sailor. Talk to him, and
    he'll eventually give you another passcode (8027).
    Check Point.
    3.2- Deactivate the compressor in the control room to force the submarine to
    Head back to the stairs, and head up farther. Enter the code you just got
    (8027) to enter the door. Walk down the hallway until you see a guard entering
    a password to get into another room. Wait until he passes, then pick the lock
    on the door on the right of the hall. In this room, snipe the three guards
    (they're all gonna be near or behind the curtain), but watch out for the
    camera that is almost directly above you. This camera is armored. Taking care
    not to be spotted by it, run over to the guards. Take the satchel from one of
    them containing a data stick. Walk through the curtain, shoot out the TV, and
    hide the three bodies near there. Run over to the vent on the opposite side of
    the room. Slide it open, walk through the crawlspace, then slide open the other
    vent. Instead of going through the control room head left through the sliding
    door. Enter this hall, and go through the other sliding door on your right. You
    will see two guards sitting here. Quickly snipe one then kill the other before
    he can shoot at you. Pick up their satchels to find a data stick and a medical
    kit. Use the computer to find another data stick. Don't bother moving the
    bodies. Exit the room. The door you came through is now retinally locked from
    this side, so you'll have to go the other way. Head down all the hallways (you
    should see big flags on the walls and a dead sailor while walking) until you
    reach the room that had the 3 guards and the armored camera. Again, avoid the
    camera, and make your way back to the vent. This time, at the other end of the
    vent, go into the control room. There is an armored camera directly in front of
    you, so avoid, and when it's not looking, head to either side of the room. Flip
    on your night or thermal vision to see the lasers. Either duck under or jump
    over the lasers (depending on which way you went while avoiding the camera).
    Slowly make your way behind the mainframes. When you see the laptop computer,
    look directly across from it on the wall to find another camera. Shoot it out.
    Use the computer. This will activate the decompressor, completing one of your
    Check Point.
    3.3- Locate the Vselka Submarine
    After using the computer, you will see a short cutscene and hear some dialogue
    about some advancing soldiers. Head over to the dark area near the lasers (make
    sure you stay behind them so you don't trip them). Draw your weapon, and point
    it towards the door. Snipe both guards that enter the room. Get up, get over
    laser, and exit the control room. When you exit this room, go down to the door
    that you originally went when you got out of the vents. There will be a third
    guard. If you get close enough, and are in a dark enough area, he probably
    won't even see you, so kill him. Run through all the halls to reach the stairs
    again. There are now two guards walking up and patrolling the stairs. You are
    probably running low on ammo with your SC-20K, so either use your pistol,
    sticky shockers, or whatever you have left to kill them. Don't bother to hide
    their bodies. Head through the door at the very bottom of the stairwell.
    Make sure you are really quiet and stick to the dark areas as you advance to
    the open doorway on your right. You should be able to get the jump on the two
    guards that are waiting. Kill them, and run down the hallways until Lambert
    gives you the heads up.
    Mission Complete!!
    Fantastic Work!!
    Section 4:
    Vselka Submarine
    Missin Start
    Check Point.
    4.1- Unlock access to the lower decks.
    4.2- Tap into the Vselka's central server.
    4.3- Initiate a launch sequence for a torpedo.
    4.4- Exfiltrate the submarine through a torpedo hatch.
    4.1- Unlock access to the lower decks
    From the start of the level, go through the doorway directly in front of you.
    Turn left and walk down the hallway. Enter the door and stop as soon as you
    can see the guard by the computer. Snipe him. This will alert the other guard
    in the room, who will head over to investigate the dead body. Snipe him as
    well. Use both of the blue computers in the room to collect two data sticks.
    Use the red computer to unlock access to the lower decks (mission 1 completed).
    4.2- Tap into the Vselka's central server
    This will also net a you a data stick. Exit the room and go straight down the
    hallway. Turn left at the end, then turn down the short hallway to your right.
    Enter the medical room to find a medical kit. Exit this room, then turn right
    at the end of the hall. Quietly sneak towards the door. Look through the
    doorway and snipe the guard when he comes around. Run through the room to the
    opposite end and go through the door. Turn left, look through the next door,
    and snipe whatever guards you can see. There will be a guard in each of the two
    next rooms here. Sometimes you can pick off both without entering the first
    room, other times you will have to enter the rooms and look around to find
    the guards and kill them. If you need them, there are cans in the first room
    that can be used for distraction. Turn out the light in the portal to the
    second room before you leave. Go to the end of these two rooms, and go right
    down a the stairs. When you reach the bottom, stop at the entrance to the next
    doorway. There are two guards in these next rooms. Like above, sometimes it is
    possible to snipe them, other times you will have to rely on your sneakyness to
    get around the rooms and kill them. Whatever the case, kill them both. Walk
    through this room until you see the small kitchen.
    Check Point.
    In the kitchen, walk through the curtain leading into the next room. Go through
    this room and enter the doorway on the other side. Walk through this next room
    (you should see a dead sailor in the bathroom on your left. I wonder what he
    ate:) until you reach the doorway on your right (the stairs are blocked off).
    Enter this room, and walk straight through to the next doorway on the opposite
    side. Now, sneak through the door and into the darkened area. If you are too
    loud, you will alert the guard, and that will make things much harder. If you
    look through the door, you will see a guard patrolling the hallway. When he
    turns his back on you and heads away, sneak through the first curtain on your
    left. Knock out the guard at the desk. Turn out the lights, turn on the thermal
    vision, then look through the curtain. Wait for the guard to come again, then
    when he turns around and heads down again, exit the room and go through into
    the room 2 curtains down. You can use your thermal vision to see the guard
    you're looking for if you don't know where to go. Knock this guard out. If you
    alerted the guard in the hallway, turn out the lights and wait until you can
    see him, then kill him. If not, sneak around or peak through the curtain and
    kill him. Grab the satchel from the second guard that you knocked out, then use
    the computer in the room. Both of these will get you a data stick. Head to the
    end of the hallway and go down the stairs on your left. Sometimes you will see
    a guard through in the next room, and other times he will be in the other room.
    He walks between the rooms, so as soon as you see him, kill him. Enter the
    keypad locked door on your left (the code is 20387, which you should have
    gotten from a data stick.) In the armory room, grab the wall mines X3, the frag
    grenade, 1 box of 5.56 mm ammo, and 1 box of 5.72 mm ammo. Exit the room, turn
    left, go through the door and grab the medical kit laying in the hall. The
    guard will be in the next room if you didn't kill him before. Once the guard is
    dead, walk through this room and enter the next. Walk through quietly until you
    see a guard talking to another guard that you can't see at the moment. Listen
    to the conversation. When they are finished, snipe the guard that you can see.
    This will alert the other guard, who will come out from between the two box
    piles on the right. Kill him as soon as you see him. Run to the end of this
    room until you come upon the trap door.
    Check Point.
    Open the trap and head down the ladder. In here, knock out the guard that is
    using the computer. Watch for the other guard to come around by the stairway.
    Watch out, because this guard is packing a flashlight. Snipe him, or if he
    sees you, hurry and kill him. He'll go down with a quick spray of bullets.
    Use the computer to get a data stick. Go up that short flight of stairs and
    all the way to the end of that hallway. Turn left, and go down the short flight
    of stairs. Go through the door, through that room and into the next. Here, you
    will see three guards. One of them is using the computer while two others
    watch. Throw a frag grenade in here, then quickly run into the previous room
    so you don't blow up along with those guards. The grenade should have killed
    all three of those guards, but occasionally, one or two of them won't go down.
    If this happens, sneak through and kill them. Anyway, the blast will alert a
    fourth guard, who will be in the room where the first three guards were. Snipe
    him. Use the computer in that room to get a data stick. Go through the exit in
    this room. This takes you into a dark hallway, which leads to a room with a
    torpedo holder on either side. Go through these rooms, and go all the to the
    end of the next room (it should be the server room).
    Check Point.
    Use the red computer to tap into Vselka's central server.
    4.3- Initiate a launch sequence for a torpedo
    Turn around and run straight as far as you can until you reach a wall near
    a steamy thing while listening to Lambert and Grimsdottir. All the lights in
    this room will shut off. Turn to your left, draw your weapon, and wait. You
    will hear two guards talking. Watch out for them when you see them, because
    these guards have flashlights. When you see them, just kill them to the best
    of your ability without getting hit. It helps if you wait until one of them
    goes down where the computer is. If you snipe him, you'll alert the other, but
    a quick spray from your SC-20K will take him down no problem. Exit this room,
    back through the room with the torpedo holders, all the way back into the room
    where those three guards were. Use the red computer again to start a timer and
    complete another objective.
    4.4- Exfiltrate the submarine through a torpedo hatch
    You now have 2:30 to finish the mission. Immediately run into the room that
    came before this one. Crouch and throw the guard who is throwing a gas grenade
    into your room, then peek around the corner and kill the other one. Grab the
    second guard's satchel to find a medical kit. Go to the end of this room and
    enter the door on your left. Kill the two guards at the end of this room (past
    the beds) after they appear. Go to the end of the room, turn left, and look
    through the two doorways in front of you. Kill the guards in that room (don't
    be afraid to use automatic mode, there's no point in conserving ammo now).
    Run into that room and go to the end where the torpedo hatch is. Jump into it,
    move to the end.
    Mission Complete!!
    Fantastic Work!!
    In the future, I wish to include a full walkthrough for the Kola Cell
    downloadable mission, as well as the text in the data sticks.
    Section 5:
    Thanks/Legal Crap
    I would like to thank some people in this guide. To name a few:
    1. www.gamefaqs.com- the best gaming site on the net. Without them, this
                         guide would not be possible.
    2. gameFAQS users- to everyone on the message boards who helped give me advice
                       to put together this guide.
    3. You, the reader- you are my inspiration to keep creating guides. If I know
                        that I helped one person, then I've achieved my goal.
    Thank You Everyone!!!
    =Legal Crap=
    This document is copyright material and is intended for private use
    only, and any reproduction without full permission from the owner is
    plagairism and is punishable by law. Should you like to use this guide on
    your site, send me an email at kzuehlk@hotmail.com, and I'll see what I can
    As of right now, there are only 4 sites with permission to host this FAQ.
    These sites are:
    1. gamefaqs.com
    2. www.cheats.de
    3. faqs.ign.com
    4. http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/livetnediser
       My personal website, where all my FAQs and Guides can be found.
    Section 6:
    Contact Me/My info.
    =Attention!! If you saw anything in this faq that I did wrong, or======
    =something I missed, or some strategies you want to add, please drop===
    =me an email at kzuehlk@hotmail.com. Please put "Splinter Cell" in the=
    =title, or else I probably won't read it (too much junk mail). Thanks==
    =for reading my Guide, and I hope it helped you in some way============
    Hey, as of this moment, I have 2 other FAQs posted. Please check them out:
    1. Hunter: The Reckoning- Boss Guide for GC and Xbox.
    2. StarTropics- Weapons and Items Guide for NES.
    This document copyright 2003 by Kevin Zuehlk.

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