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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adrenaline SL

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/03/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hello, sexy thang!
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         `    |_| \_|_/_|_|_|   `.___||_|\_|,_||_|_|\__| \_, |   /__/
    .--------..-------. .--.      .--..---.  .--..--------..--------..-------.
    |  ,--.__||  .--.  \|  |      |  ||    \ |  |'--.  .--'|  .-----'|  .--.  \
    |  '-----.|  | _|  ||  |      |  ||     \|  |   |  |   |  '-----.|  | _|  |
    `-----.  ||  ||___,'|  |      |  ||  |\     |   |  |   |  .-----'|  ||_  <
    |¯¯¯'-´  ||  |  ,---'--'------| .'---'-`----'-. |--'.  |  '-----.'--|  |  |
    `--------''--' /    __________|-|    _________| |   |  '--------|   |  '--'
                   |   |            |   |_______    |   |           |   |
                   |   |            |           |   |   |           |   |
                   |   |            |   .-------'   |   |           |   |
                   |   |__________  |   |_________  |   |________   |   |_______
                   \              | |             | |            |  |           |
                    `-------------' '-------------' '------------'  '-----------'
                                      Xbox console
                            Splinter Cell FAQ / Walkthrough
                                Written by AdrenalineSL
                         Version 1.0: Released October 3, 2004
            The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:
    This is currently [Version 1.0] of Adrenaline's Splinter Cell strategy guide 
    for the Xbox console.
    I haven't bothered to read FAQ related mail for a long time now. I apologize 
    for neglecting nearly everyone who has sent me something regarding any of my 
    FAQs for the past year or so. I mean, who the hell am I to go live my life 
    and take care of far more important matters, such as school and family. My 
    label as an "asshole" was well-deserved.
    If you're desperately seeking an answer (i.e.- your life and the lives of 
    your children are absolutely depending on it), then you may e-mail me. If I 
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    with a stick, or worse: I will completely ignore your e-mail, just as I've 
    been doing--it's hard to break a habit. 
    And to answer your question: no, that blob preceding Tom Clancy in the ASCII 
    art isn't supposed to be the Blair Witch Project. 
    Contact me: tofuNinj4 (at) gmail (dot) com
    -----    VERSION HISTORY    -----
    Version 1.0  | October 3, 2004
    It really has been a long time, hasn't it? I missed me too. This guide came 
    into existence on December 2003 and was later abandoned. I salvaged it in 
    March 2004 and completed it halfway. Then I got hit with the lazy spell. The 
    guide has been in limbo since. Just recently I've mustered the will power to 
    finish it. The CORE walkthrough is complete, as is expected from my Version 
    1.0's. Everything pertaining to the main game is pretty much complete, except 
    for the bonus Xbox Live levels, which I have yet to download and play. I will 
    get to them eventually. Only time will tell whether I will ever update this 
    thing again. And let's hope I do, eh? =)
    This Splinter Cell guide was written using the Xbox version of the game. PS2, 
    GCN, PC and especially GBA players may not fully benefit from using this 
    guide. After having played a bit of the PS2 version, I can safely assume that 
    gameplay differs quite a bit. As always, I strive to bring the best and most 
    accurate information possible, so don't wish death upon me for not providing 
    for you anti-Xboxists (new word).
    C O N T E N T S
    Press Ctrl + F and type in the section (without the digits next to it) you 
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    01.  Introduction
    02.  Newbie Camp
           Game System
    03.  Sam's Stuff
           Other Items
    04.  Playing Tips
    05.  Game Walkthrough
           Training Course
           Police Station
           Defense Ministry
           Oil Rig
           CIA Headquarters
           Chinese Embassy
           Chinese Embassy
           Presidential Palace
           Kola Cell**  
           Vselka Infiltration**
           Vselka Submarine**
    06.  Loose Ends
           Alarm Checkpoints*
           Passcode List*
           Data Stick Locations*
           Game Version Differences
           Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    07.  Outro
           Legal Junk
           Special Thanks
     *  : denotes the section has been started on, but has not yet been 
     ** : denotes the section is in the table of contents, but has not yet
          been created.
    \  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  /
     ||                            01.  Introduction                          ||
    /  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  \
    Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is set in 2004, a time in which terrorist 
    activities run rampant. In an effort to balance military and political power 
    among the world, the National Security Agency (NSA) initiated an autonomous 
    branch of the military dubbed Third Echelon. It is granted a 5th freedom, 
    which allows them to do things that aren't normally sanctioned by the 
    American government. Guided by bleeding edge technology, Third Echelon 
    deploys special units known as Splinter Cells to infiltrate enemy territory 
    and collect Intel without leaving any trace of their existence. 
    You play as lone field operative, Sam Fisher, who is sent out to locate two 
    missing CIA agents and complete what they had failed to do. As the veil 
    slowly unfolds to reveal an underlying sinister scheme, Sam's mission quickly 
    becomes a fight to maintain world order. Sam must now operate in complete 
    secrecy to ensure that America and her freedoms are protected. Yet, no one 
    must know Sam exists, for he is a Splinter Cell. But hey, you probably 
    already knew that. Well, then I guess you're reading this BS intro because 
    either you are A) out-of-your-goddamn-mind bored, or B) a brain-damaged 
    flamingo. Whatever the reason, I welcome you--both of you--to my new FAQ and 
    first FAQ of 2004! Finally!
    I must bestow upon the Splinter Cell staff my highest accolades for producing 
    this smoldering cauldron of wholesome goodness. Many innovative ideas on the 
    gaming market nowadays tend to be rather lackluster, dragging potentially 
    brilliant concepts into a murky pool of mediocrity. Splinter Cell eschewed 
    such a fate and emerged as one frickin' awesome game. It shines not only 
    because of its breath-taking graphics but because of its realistic stealth 
    element. Owing to that attribute, it might remind you of a certain Metal Gear 
    Solid 2. Though lacking a convoluted plot like MGS2, Splinter Cell's gameplay 
    elevates the stealth-action genre to new heights and redefines the gaming 
    experience. This is why I chose this game to be the new target of my FAQ 
    writing fury. Although I'm a bit rusty, I hope you will enjoy this FAQ! ;)
    \  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  /
     ||                             02.  Newbie Camp                          ||
    /  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  \
    Splinter Cell is a heavily stealth-oriented game. As such, Sam's ability to 
    conceal himself in the shadows is his biggest asset. That's why it's 
    imperative that you read through this wildly uninteresting section instead of 
    playing the game. 
      \    CONTROLS
    D-Pad  -  * Activate Night Vision Goggles (left)
              * Activate Thermal Vision (right)
    Left Analog Stick  -  * Control character 
                          * Control rate of fire (press down)
                          * Move cursor
    Right Analog Stick -  Rotate camera
    L Trigger  -  * Secondary Fire
                  * Hold breath in sniper mode (reduces shaking)
    R Trigger  -  * Fire weapon
                  * Melee attack
                  * Use item
    A Button  -  * Action button 
                 * Confirm selections
    B Button  -  * Crouch
                 * Roll
                 * Soften landing
                 * Raise legs while on pipe or zip line
    X Button  -  Use weapon
    Y Button  -  Jump (double tap to perform Split Jump)
    Black Button  -  Quick access to inventory
    White Button  -  * Reload weapon
                     * Lean against wall
    Start -  Access OPSAT
    Back  -  Control map
      \    GAME SYSTEM
    H E A L T H
    - - - - - -
    A health meter is displayed on the right side of the screen. It is a long, 
    vertical bar that reflects Sam's vitality. Health points are deducted as Sam 
    receives damage, whether from a fall or from gunshots. The more he sustains 
    injuries, the more rapidly his health depletes. In order to conserve his 
    health, you must learn how to avoid enemy encounters as much as possible. You 
    can feed Sam a Medical Kit when he's low on health. Try to save them for real 
    emergencies though.
    I N V E N T O R Y 
    - - - - - - - - -
    Sam's bag o' stuff. This is where you can find all of the gadgets, weapons 
    and items that are available at the start of the mission or that have been 
    acquired during a mission. The items and weapons available to Sam are 
    limited, but there are a few staple gadgets that are indispensable for the 
    completion of the mission: the Lock Pick and Optic Cable. In virtually all of 
    the missions, Sam begins with the aforementioned two gadgets already 
    available in his inventory. Anything else he finds along the way will be 
    added to his inventory and can be called out by pressing and holding the 
    BLACK button. Use the D-pad to cycle to the left or right, and press up to 
    highlight the item you want to equip.
     ___/ *NOTE* \_____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | You also can access the inventory via the OPSAT, although it merely       |
    | demonstrates the uses of the equipment. Must use BLACK button to equip    |
    | items.                                                                    |
    S T E A L T H  M E T E R 
    - - - - - - -  - - - - -
    As the reigning king of shadows, Sam's prime weapon of choice is, of course, 
    darkness. He can creep, crawl and slink in the shadows to keep his enemies in 
    the dark (PUN ALERT!! Har har). In order to do these things without fail, he 
    has the aid of a special device called the Stealth Meter. Of all the features 
    in this game, including weapons and gadgets, the Stealth Meter plays the most 
    important role of all and is probably the most useful. This unique meter 
    measures exactly how well Sam is hidden from enemy eyes. 
    A scale will slide to the left, right or center depending upon his current 
    position. If it slides more to the right, then Sam is in danger of getting 
    spotted. If it's on the left, he is nigh-invisible. While you're playing, try 
    to keep the scale no more than 3cm from the left end. Keeping the scale near 
    the left side is paramount to maintaining a low profile. 
    I N T E R A C T I O N
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    Anything that involves interacting with the environment is performed through 
    a separate menu that will pop up in the upper-right corner. Every time Sam is 
    near an object or person that he can interact with, the menu will appear. If 
    multiple actions can be performed on the same object, then you can scroll 
    through the choices. Scroll through them using the D-pad; if you do not wish 
    to do anything, then simply choose Back To Game. Some examples of special 
    actions that can be executed in this nature are opening doors, grabbing enemy 
    personnel, picking up items, and so on and so forth.
    O P S A T 
    - - - - -
    The OPSAT, which is the abbreviated form of Operational Satellite Uplink, is 
    a compact version of the standard civilian PSA designed for military use. 
    Third Echelon uses this to transmit vital mission Intel and objectives. Any 
    additional data that you find are automatically updated into the OPSAT. You 
    can view the following on your handy PDA:
       -][- MAIN MENU -][-
       This is where you can customize your settings, load from the last check 
       point or exit the game to return to the title screen.
       -][- MISSION INFORMATION -][- 
       Here you can peruse all the information pertaining to the mission at 
       hand. Mission objectives may change on short notice. They will be updated 
       accordingly on your OPSAT. Certain supplementary information must be 
       extracted from the mission itself. Goals provides mission objective 
       details; Notes sometimes supplies you with the necessary information to 
       penetrate protected enemy territory; Recon shows blueprints of enemy 
       territory, enemy information, and so on. 
       -][- INVENTORY -][-
       All of Sam's available gadgets, weapons and items can be viewed here.
    E N E M I E S 
    - - - - - - -
    This section is really more of my voicing my gripes about the enemy's 
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than my giving any expert advice on 
    dealing with these enemies. Well, actually it's a little bit of both, so read 
    The enemy's AI in this game is definitely up to scratch, perhaps even better 
    than the AI in other games of the same cloth. As expected, however, a few 
    screwy loopholes in this system sully this otherwise commendable AI. The 
    enemy has been specifically trained to raise the alarm or call for aid if he 
    outright sees an intruder. This means he can SUSPECT someone is there and not 
    alert a whole army of gun-toting scum. It doesn't become a big deal if a 
    sentry gets a glimpse of a strange moving shadow until the perpetrator is 
    actually found. The programmers felt it better to grant you this certain 
    margin of error. 
    Just as a symbol would appear above an enemy's head when aroused in Metal 
    Gear Solid 2, the music will change when the enemy here becomes 
    discombobulated. As long as you continue to defy enemy eyes by using the 
    shadows, you won't have to worry much about dealing with guards. Even with my 
    walkthrough, you will certainly screw up at least once and startle a 
    disgruntled guard, at which point you should haul ass and find a safe hiding 
    spot. Now that would be a completely feasible response to an urgent 
    situation, but the thing is that once the guards spill some blood, they will 
    continue to shower you with bullets no matter where you are. It's as if they 
    have suddenly gained an uncanny ability to see in the dark. 
    Three words. What the shit.
    While it does a fine job of punishing you for betraying stealth, it gets 
    extremely irritating. The only time you can successfully escape death is if 
    you manage to move as far away as possible, or if you thoroughly hide 
    yourself without being seen. For some reason, though, in the second visit of 
    the Chinese Embassy level, the guards will shoot blindly in the dark even 
    after you've been discovered. Why Ubi Soft didn't fashion this more logical 
    approach into the AI is beyond me.
    If the guard barely touches you as he passes, he will go on full alert. It's 
    as though guards raise alarms against you unfairly and arbitrarily. One other 
    thing that continues to amuse me (and also works to your benefit) is that 
    guards can react to even the slightest sound, but won't even notice that 
    their comrades are being taken down one by one. If you hold an enemy under 
    duress, the other guards will hesitate to shoot. However, if they have Frag 
    Grenades handy, they will not shy away from throwing one under your feet. 
    Guards also have a tendency to become restless during their patrol. When you 
    come across motionless guards, you may notice that they sometimes break away 
    from their statue-esque position to scratch their head, look around or do 
    something of similar nature. When they do these things and you happen to be 
    in plain sight, they will see you. They do such actions every 20 seconds or 
    so. Hopefully, by that time you will have found your way to their neck and 
    killed it. Despite all my qualms about their intelligence, the enemies in 
    this game are not, for the most part, complete dolts. Exercise caution when 
    dealing with them.
    A L A R M S
    - - - - - -
    Alarms aren't a force to be reckoned with in Splinter Cell, especially when 
    setting them off in excess of the limit will net you the Mission Failed 
    screen. In all the missions (with the exception of maybe two or three), the 
    number of times an alarm can be sounded is limited to three or four times. In 
    the Defense Ministry level, a single alarm will result in Third Echelon's 
    aborting the mission. The only way as to avoid getting unwanted alarms is to 
    hide those unconscious bodies well. It is common sense, after all. The game 
    frequently makes sure that you do so by placing random checkpoints throughout 
    the level. You will be punished accordingly if you fail. Refer to the Alarm 
    Checkpoints section to find out exactly where the game will slam you for 
    overtly placed bodies.
      \   ACTIONS
    Stealth is the main idea of the game. This means that you should not run out 
    like Chow Yun Fat and take on an overwhelming number of armed enemy 
    sentinels. No, that would completely defeat the purpose of the game. Here are 
    some neat maneuvers Sam has at his disposal to ensure that he remains but a 
    figment of his enemies' imagination.
    M O V E M E N T
    - - - - - - - -
    You can control Sam's movements using the left analog stick. Being able to 
    operate covertly means moving around silently, which is why Splinter Cell 
    implements the pressure sensitive system. The analog stick is pressure 
    sensitive. This means that the more pressure you apply to the analog stick 
    when moving Sam around, the faster Sam will travel. Conversely, when you 
    lightly ease the analog stick to the intended direction, Sam creeps slowly 
    around, just as a silent stalker. Moving as quietly as possible muffles Sam's 
    footfalls. This prevents alerting enemies to his presence.
    C R O U C H I N G
    - - - - - - - - - 
    Crouching is quite possibly the most basic and the smartest way to reduce 
    your chances of being detected. If Sam nonchalantly walks around, then he 
    might as well ask the hostiles to join him for a cup of tea and crumpets. To 
    crouch, simply press the B button. Sam will arch his back (he will be a 
    hunchback in his later years) to get low and move around in this position. 
    The only drawback from using this stance is that Sam moves slower, which 
    isn't so bad.
    In accordance to the pressure sensitive analog stick, Sam travels at various 
    speeds when in a crouched position. The slowest speed--which is comparable to 
    a crawl--is most desirable for bypassing distracted turrets, Wall Mines and 
    stationary guards. The fastest speed is, of course, good for getting to where 
    you need to be fast without causing an infernal racket on the way.
    The crouched position also has other uses that allow greater stealth. While 
    Sam is hanging from a pipe or zipping down a line, he can press B to tuck in 
    his legs so that they don't dangle in front of the enemy's sight. Also, 
    pressing B when falling from heights softens Sam's landing.
    R O L L I N G 
    - - - - - - -
    Just as what the fire safety commercials have you believe, rolling is an 
    effective way to extinguish flames should you ever set Sam's body afire; it 
    also allows Sam to roll right through flames without getting third-degree 
    burns. Press B while moving to tumble forward. Unfortunately, though, 
    attempting to plow right through a guard with this move will only result in 
    Sam getting pumped full of lead.
    J U M P I N G 
    - - - - - - -
    Should not be used unless needed to reach fairly high places or climb over 
    waist-height objects. The real pain about jumping is that if you miss the 
    ledge or object you are to jump onto, you will make create a loud thud on 
    impact, which will alert any nearby guards. Beside jumping onto ground 
    objects, Sam can kick off walls to reach even higher places. That is to say, 
    he jumps onto a wall and uses it as support to jump to a higher place. Not 
    only is this helpful for making it to those normally unreachable places, this 
    opens up the opportunity to perform a very cool move called the Split Jump.
    Essentially, the Split Jump is when Sam uses two close, parallel walls as his 
    support and performs the split motion. By doing this Sam stays suspended in 
    the air. Enemies can walk under him without noticing him. Sam can then exit 
    the Split Jump position and land on top of the unfortunate guard to knock him 
    out cold. This move indeed exudes a serious amount of ownage, but can only be 
    pulled off in narrow corridors. Hence you won't be able to use it as often as 
    you should be allowed to, unfortunately. 
    S H O O T I N G 
    - - - - - - - -
    Although a weapon isn't necessary, it would still be hard to make due without 
    one on hand. Press the X button to draw out the weapon. In this new 
    perspective, Sam will be unable to do anything else except maybe move around 
    and attach secondary ammo to his SC-20K. Move the crosshairs around using the 
    analog stick. Place anything inside the circular crosshair and shoot using 
    the R trigger. 
    In addition, Sam has the extraordinary ability to draw his weapon in any 
    situation. This undoubtedly derives from his years of training and 
    experience. While having his back to the wall, Sam can pop out and shoot 
    around the corner. This is a bit risky, as he is exposing himself (although 
    partially) to the enemy. He can also shoot from precarious positions, such as 
    while hanging from a pipe, rappelling down a wall and even in a Split Jump 
    posture. That crazy guy!
    E L B O W I N G
    - - - - - - - -
    Besides attacking with weapons, Sam can carry out quick and brutal close-up 
    attacks using his trusty, rock-hard elbow. When Sam is close enough to his 
    victim, press R and he will swiftly swing his elbow across the victim's head, 
    rendering the victim unconscious. This can be done from either in front of or 
    behind the victim. If attempted from the front, it will take two blows 
    instead of one; not to mention that the person will most likely be armed and 
    pepper Sam with bullets before he drops. 
    This is useful when you have little time to grab the person; or when the 
    person has noticed you, you can quickly put him out of commission before he 
    switches to attack mode. Bear in mind that it's not a good idea to utilize 
    this move when two guards are in very close proximity to each other.
    T H R O W I N G 
    - - - - - - - - 
    Throwing an object or a grenade often provides a certain degree of tactical 
    flexibility. Create simple diversions to sneak by an enemy or a group of 
    enemies. Pick up an object from the floor--maybe a can of some sort--and 
    press X to enter a perspective that's not unlike when Sam has his gun cocked. 
    Replacing the weapon crosshair is a trail of circular reticle that helps 
    determine the distance the object will travel. Raising and lowering Sam's 
    view will increase or decrease the number of reticles, thus expanding or 
    shortening the distance. Press R to pitch the object in the intended 
    direction. If you decide not to use the object, press R without pressing X 
    prior to drop it. Obviously, it should go in the opposite direction of where 
    you want to go. Grenades are deployed in the same manner.
    B A C K  T O  W A L L
    - - - -  - -  - - - - 
    Flatten against a smooth surface, such as a wall or a waist-height object, by 
    pressing the WHITE button. Then move the analog stick, and Sam will travel 
    along the wall with his back still pressed against it. At the end of the wall 
    or whatever he is leaning against, Sam will crane his neck to scout the area 
    beyond. If you're ever unsure of what's around the corner, you can always 
    peek around without too great of a risk of blowing your cover. This tactic is 
    not necessary when you can rotate the camera.
    If you find it unnerving to confront a guard that's patrolling around the 
    corner, you could carry out something called a jump-out shot. When standing 
    at the edge, have Sam pop his head out and bare his weapon. In this way, he 
    could shoot and quickly retract back to the wall without fear of detection.
    L O C K – P I C K I N G
    - - - - - - - - - - - - 
    At first the lock-picking process can sound complex; once you get the gist of 
    it, it'll be a snap. The first thing of great importance is understanding how 
    to actually use the Lock Pick on the door. Press the R button when the Lock 
    Pick is equipped to bring up a magnified picture of the lock cylinder. The 
    lock itself has six pins in all. Some locks will have you picking at three of 
    the pins, while more prominent doors will have you prying open all six pins. 
    The point is to rattle each one until it loosens up to the next one. 
    Before you get down and dirty into the actual unlocking process, familiarize 
    yourself with the lock quadrants. Quadrants are specific areas in which you 
    should wiggle the analog stick to free each pin. There are four quadrants in 
    total; they are located in the upper-left, upper-right, lower-left and 
    lower-right. They are positioned just exactly as they are on a coordinate 
    plane (math anyone?). Since people seem to learn better with pictures, I'll 
    use this chance to showcase my extreme artistic ability: 
                   \   ---   /                        |
                  -- / (_) \ --                    Q2 | Q1
                   / \  |  / \                   -----+-----
                       ---                         Q3 | Q4
    The correct quadrant in which the Lock Pick will work differs with every lock 
    you encounter. Every lock comes with varying combinations. 
    Now the method for picking each pin is as follows: first make one or two full 
    rotational movements with the analog stick. That is, move the analog stick 
    around the outer edge once or twice, passing through each quadrant. When you 
    see and hear the pins clicking in a specific quadrant, you've just struck the 
    right one. Vigorously wiggle the stick in the respective quadrant and 
    continue doing so until the pin is freed. Repeat the process for every 
    successive pin to unlock the door. Still don't understand? Say the pin moves 
    only when you hit Q2. So, you must continuously move the analog stick back 
    and forth in that quadrant to release it. You cannot, however, unlock doors 
    that are jammed.
    O T H E R  A C T I O N S 
    - - - - -  - - - - - - -
    These so-called other actions are actions that involve interacting with the 
    surrounding environment. They can be performed only when a small menu to the 
    upper-right appears. Use the D-pad to highlight the desired action if 
    multiple choices are presented. For example, when Sam is near a door, he can 
    select "Open door" to push it open. Other important actions, such as grabbing 
    enemies from behind, striking up a conversation with a NPC, and using 
    machines can also be performed this way. Keep a sharp eye out for anything 
    that can be handled physically.
    \  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  /
     ||                             03.  Sam's Stuff                          ||
    /  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  \
    A variety of high-tech gadgets and weapons abound the unstable world of 
    Splinter Cell. Getting to know how, when, and where to use them is the mark 
    of an experienced and successful field operative. While the overall number of 
    items available in the game pale in comparison to that in maybe Metal Gear 
    Solid 2, they actually carry more tactical weight than in most other stealth 
      \   WEAPONS
    ( SC Pistol )
    A standard light-weight pistol that comes equipped with a silencer and flash 
    suppressor. This practical hand weapon is ideal for covert operations since 
    its weight, size and recoil do not make this gun any bit unwieldy. Its 
    5.72x28mm rounds can pierce through flak jackets and injure--even kill--the 
    target. Compared to the SC-20K assault weapon, this semi-automatic weapon is 
    much weaker and offers only 20 rounds per magazine. Unlike the other standard 
    military-issued guns, this one was not designed for assault purposes. The 
    weapon can be used to disable lights and cameras. Use this only if you really 
    have to. 
    ( SC-20K M.A.W.S. )
    The SC-20K Modular Assault Weapon System is known for its hitting power, 
    reliability, and precision. It is a two-fold weapon: a standard assault rifle 
    and a sniper rifle in one. It has been modified to adapt to Sam's mission 
    settings: the muzzle is fitted with a silencer and flash suppressor, making 
    this a quiet but deadly weapon. While it may seem like an unlikely candidate 
    for use in stealth-based missions, the sheer size of the weapon does not 
    detract from its usefulness. Using 5.56x46mm size ammo, the SC-20K is a hard-
    hitting gun while remaining a small burden to carry around. 
    As mentioned earlier, it can be used interchangeably as a sniper rifle. With 
    the SC-20K equipped, press the Y button to zoom into the sniper mode. The 
    problem is that Sam is incapable of holding it still. To remedy this, press 
    the L trigger to hold Sam's breath and steady his aim. Sam is able to hold 
    his breath only for a very limited time, as evidenced by a fast-depleting 
    bar. Once the bar is empty, he will start shaking again and ruin your chance 
    of getting a clear shot at the enemy in that instant. Thankfully, it refills 
    almost as rapidly as it empties.
    You can change the rate of fire by pressing down on the left analog stick 
    while the weapon is cocked. This way you can release a maelstrom of bullets 
    at the enemy. Depress the analog stick again to revert to single shot bursts. 
    The Rate of Fire is symbolized by the number of bullet icons. 
    In addition, this versatile weapon is built with a launcher that fires other 
    types of projectiles, such as Sticky Shockers and Ring Airfoil Projectiles. 
    Attach the secondary ammo to the weapon by selecting it in the inventory and 
    press L to fire it. Don't get the primary and secondary fire confused. You 
    cannot use secondary fire while in sniper mode. On another note, sniper mode 
    is extremely useful when you want to get precise shots.
     ___/ *TIP*  \_____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | It is a good idea to always reload after expending some bullets. Things   |
    | won't look very pretty if Sam is forced to reload amid a gunfight. To     |
    | manually reload, press the WHITE button while the gun is drawn.           |
    ( Ring Airfoil Projectile )
    A soft, non-lethal projectile that aims to bedazzle its target. When fired at 
    an individual, the Ring Airfoil round instantly stuns on impact. The target 
    will be left dazed for a few short seconds, buying you enough time to run up 
    to the target and finish him off with an elbow blow. A direct hit to the head 
    instantly knocks out the target. A headshot requires you to aim the crosshair 
    slightly above the head to compensate for the arc trajectory and the variable 
    distance between you and the target.
    ( Sticky Shocker )
    Intended to incapacitate rather than to kill. The Sticky Shocker is to be 
    used in conjunction with the SC-20K assault rifle; this high-voltage 
    discharge device injects a powerful jolt of electricity into the victim's 
    body on impact and renders him unconscious. It does not matter where it hits, 
    as the effect is nearly instantaneous. If fired into a pool of water, the 
    result can neutralize multiple enemies.
    ( Sticky Camera )
    The Sticky Camera is incredibly awesome. It's a miniature camera but can also 
    be used as a weapon on stationary targets. It is to be fired from the SC-20K 
    assault rifle. The Sticky Camera is designed to firmly adhere to organic 
    material and feed its images directly to Sam's OPSAT. Because he needs to 
    concentrate on the OPSAT, Sam will be unable to move while he plays with the 
    camera. The Sticky Camera is perfect for reconnaissance.
    Once ejected from the launcher, you will immediately switch to the camera's 
    perspective. Use the D-pad to switch to thermal or night vision and zoom in 
    and out of things. The camera can pan only so far to the left or right, so 
    choose the location wisely. Best of all, the camera is reusable. Simply go 
    pick it up again after you're done with it. If it's out-of-reach, shoot it 
    ( Diversion Camera )
    A variation of the Sticky Camera that is outfitted with a built-in noisemaker 
    and a CO2 gas canister. They replace the vision enhancements and zoom 
    features. It is intended to divert the attention of and neutralize enemy 
    sentries. By pressing B, the camera lets out a loud whistle that will bring 
    the guards closer to inspect it. Once within range, press Y to release the 
    knock-out gas, which if inhaled will paralyze the victim. During air time 
    with this camera, Sam cannot move and may become vulnerable to enemy 
    encounters. The Diversion Camera may also be reused so long as the gas has 
    not yet been wasted.
    ( Smoke Grenade ) 
    Smoke grenades are portable canisters filled with a type of knock-out gas. 
    Once evacuated from SC-20K launcher, it dispenses a cloud of smoke that will 
    render the victims within the destruction range unconscious. Prolonged 
    exposure to the gas may induce acute respiratory seizures and thus put the 
    victims out of commission.
    ( Frag Grenade )
    This high-explosive grenade proves to be very useful for dispatching hordes 
    of enemy personnel. The damage from a Frag Grenade is caused by the potent 
    force of the explosion, which demolishes objects and persons within blast 
    range. The strength of the effect depends on how far an individual is from 
    the center of explosion. If the enemy force is at a number that's too great 
    for you to handle, toss this grenade near their feet. Don't make the 
    deployment of the grenade so obvious; otherwise, the enemy will just sight 
    the grenade and warn the others to scramble.
      \   GADGETS
    ( Night Vision Goggles )
    These particular Night Vision Goggles (hereon dubbed NVGs) emit low infrared 
    light that offers the bearer increased visibility in the dark. Press left on 
    the D-pad to strap them on. Since you will be passing through a lot of dark 
    places, it wouldn't hurt to constantly switch them on and off.
    ( Thermal Vision Goggles )
    When watching the world through these special vision goggles, everything you 
    perceive will appear in four colors: blue, orange, yellow, red and green. All 
    inanimate materials, such as a desk or a chair, will be blue. Anything 
    radiating a certain degree of heat will be picked up as orange, yellow, red 
    or a combination of all three, depending upon the strength of the heat source 
    and Sam's distance from it. Of course, orange and red indicate intense heat, 
    usually meaning that these heat signatures belong to an enemy sentry or some 
    other thermal device, such as a Land Mine. The Thermal Goggles can sometimes 
    see through solid objects. Note that you won't be seeing these goggles until 
    later (CIA Headquarters to be exact).
    ( Lock Pick )
    This primitive set of picks permits the user to open previously locked doors 
    (cannot open JAMMED doors, though). The Lock Pick fits any standard lock 
    cylinder. Refer to Lock-picking in the Newbie Camp section to learn how to 
    use the Lock Pick.
    ( Disposable Pick )
    A modernized version of the Lock Pick. Unlike the Lock Pick, which can be 
    reused indefinitely, each Disposable Pick can be used only once before being 
    automatically discarded (hence the name "disposable"). While they're both 
    picks and were made for the purpose of bypassing locked doors, the major 
    difference between the two is that the Disposable Pick accelerates the lock-
    picking process by several folds. It discharges an explosive pulse to the 
    lock cylinder that dissolves the pins and instantly unlocks the door. This is 
    especially useful when you need to unlock a door in a jiffy.
    ( Optic Cable )
    The Optic Cable is an attachment for exclusive use with the OPSAT. The wire's 
    flexibility allows for it to be slid easily under doors. Enhanced with night 
    vision technology, this gadget provides a visual display of what is on the 
    other side of the door regardless of whether the lights are on or not. Bend 
    the analog stick to the left and right to pan the miniature camera around. 
    This stratagem of advance scouting is key to minimizing unnecessary enemy 
    ( Laser Microphone )
    A precision microphone that's integrated in the SC pistol. It intercepts even 
    the tiniest of sound waves, amplifies and transmits them through a connecting 
    earpiece. This gives you the freedom to eavesdrop on private conversations 
    among terrorists from a distance, even if some kind of barrier separates you 
    from the target. With the item equipped, press X to bring it out. A square 
    located in the middle indicates the strength of the sound signal. Direct the 
    microphone at the sound source. When the square in the center turns red, the 
    mic has successfully picked up the signal. If the target is moving, you will 
    need to frequently re-adjust the mic.
    ( Camera Jammer )
    As the name implies, it jams cameras. The Camera Jammer causes no injury to 
    people. It only impairs the camera's ability to monitor the area in front of 
    it. It emits microwave pulses that temporarily disrupt the surveillance 
    camera's signal. Equip it by selecting it in Sam's inventory and press X to 
    bring it out. Almost as if you were firing a gun, press the R trigger to use 
    it. The meter that appears will gradually deplete as you continue to use the 
    device. Since the device runs on batteries, the Camera Jammer will need to 
    recharge once the bar has been emptied.
      \   OTHER ITEMS
    ( Chemical Flare )
    A type of glow stick designed for use in emergency situations. To use it, 
    equip it from your inventory and press X. Then press R to throw it. Once 
    equipped, the tube will be snapped. The chemical agents in the tube will mix 
    and create an intense glow. The circle of light surrounding Sam dilates 
    depending on his position. This item is a double-edge sword: it can be used 
    to create diversions, but it can also give away Sam's position in the dark 
    once it is lit. After a while, the stick will lose its radiance and dull. 
    When that happens, you are just left with a throw object.
    ( Emergency Flare ) 
    Similar to the Chemical Flare, this standard road flare can distract enemies. 
    Since it can emit both heat and light, it can distract heat-sensor systems, 
    such as turrets. The only drawback is that when you first ignite the spark, 
    you will be exposed to the enemy for as long as you hold the flare in your 
    hand. Or, the turret may pre-fire if you are within its sight before the 
    flare is thrown. There is also a limited time before the sparks go out. After 
    a while, the sparks will die out, leaving you with a dud flare that can still 
    be re-used over and over again as a throw object.
    ( Wall Mine )
    The Wall Mine is first introduced in the Kalinatek level. It was developed 
    primarily for ambush situations and is highly effective when several are 
    clustered around one another. The motion-sensor mine detonates once the 
    sensors register quick movement. It detects motion by emitting an infrared 
    pulse every half second. A frantic beeping noise usually precedes the 
    impending explosion. The explosion projects shrapnel in a fan-shaped 
    destruction zone. These Wall Mines can pose an extraordinary threat to 
    intruders, but can also be easily bypassed if one walks by it slowly. It can 
    be disarmed and retrieved only when the blinking light stops at green at the 
    moment of deactivation. Wall Mines can easily be identified by the unique 
    beeping sound it emits. 
    ( Medical Kit )
    There will be times on the field when Sam will get fatally wounded, and his 
    life teeters on the fine line that separates life and death. It is for this 
    very reason that these life-restoring kits are profusely littered throughout 
    each level, giving Sam ample opportunities to patch up his wounds if needed. 
    Using these restores a small portion of Sam's health bar. He can carry only 
    five at once.
    \  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  /
     ||                             04.  Playing Tips                         ||
    /  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  \
    This section is here because I want to instill in the player an undaunted 
    confidence that he or she will be able to tear this game apart as if it were 
    time for cake at a 5 year old birthday bash. Honestly though, if you are 
    reading this, I doubt that you have anything else better to do, so read up. 
    The outside world is a horrible place.
    I hate repeating things, but repetition will get things into your head. I 
    will reiterate from before: it's better to travel slowly and silently than to 
    run loudly and stupidly around. Additionally, if you are trailing behind a 
    moving guard, it is better to match his traveling speed than speed up to 
    catch up to him. If you move faster in an effort to reach him and grab his 
    neck, he will turn around and discover you.
    Even though you'll be spending most of your time bathing in complete 
    darkness, that's still no reason to leave the brightness of your TV at the 
    lowest or average setting. If your TV displays dark pictures, I highly 
    recommend upping the brightness until you can at least make out the objects 
    in dark areas during normal perspective (i.e.- without NVGs on). It would 
    help your game somewhat.
    You've heard that maxim enough times already that you just want to strangle 
    yourself with your own intestines, but have you really taken it to heart? 
    Sometimes being a pseudo-intruder entails some degree of patience. There is 
    no point in rushing out into the open and flapping your arms like a  
    mentally-ill monkey on speed. As anxious as you are about thwacking some 
    guard, you still need to be discreet about it. The best way to achieve that 
    is to slowly sneak up when the moment is ripe. Take the time to know your 
    enemy and study his behavioral patterns. As they say, keep your friends close 
    and your enemies closer. Or something.
    Sometimes it isn't all about the human senses. While they are all-dominating, 
    they are extremely limited: the sight, especially. Unless Sam could see 
    through doors and I don't know about this incredible ability, use the Optic 
    Cable to get a taste of what's ahead (Thermal Goggles may work sometimes as 
    well). Use the Disposable Pick to quickly get through doors that normally 
    take longer to unlock. Toss those Frag Grenades to flush out a slew of enemy 
    sentries or take out a whole bunch at once. Sam is equipped with all kinds of 
    gadgets for a reason. So, use them!
    Never underestimate your enemies. Your foolhardy manner can lead to your own 
    demise. When aiming to debilitate a guard, make as little noise as possible, 
    as the guard can always turn around at the slightest sound and shoot faster 
    than you can assimilate with the shadows again. 
    I can't stress enough about how utterly important it is to clean up after 
    yourself. Unconscious bodies won't hide themselves, so you have to make sure 
    that they do. Besides, passing guards will revive the fallen, so your efforts 
    will have been put in vain due to your combination of carelessness and 
    Even if you think there won't be anymore guards passing by an area, think 
    again. The enemy sometimes conducts random scans at certain checkpoints to 
    check in with the guards in the areas you've just visited. If they happen to 
    find a body lying around, they will increase the alert level. In some levels, 
    where stealth is unduly emphasized, raising an alarm will force Lambert to 
    drop the curtain on you. It's bad karma; these unhidden bodies will come back 
    and bite you in the ass. Hide those bodies!
    On a side note, it is much faster to seize someone by the head and bring him 
    with you than to knock someone out and then carry his unconscious body 
    (unless Sam is standing). On the same token, it is also a little risky to 
    take someone hostage when he is in close proximity to other still guards.
    It's common sense to kill the lights and thus increase invisibility, but most 
    people tend to forget that important concept. Make things easier for 
    yourself. Certain lights are indestructible, but others can be destroyed. 
    Try to develop a good habit of alternating among the different views: normal, 
    thermal and night vision. There are some things you can see only in specific 
    viewpoints. The NVGs will probably be more commonly used. It's especially 
    good for finding your way around pitch black darkness. The Thermal Goggles 
    can seek out heat patterns radiating off of bodies and "hot" devices. Normal 
    view is important for maintaining a good level of stealth. Since neither the 
    NVGs nor Thermal Goggles is able to accurately make out light patterns, you 
    need to occasionally revert to normal view to make sure Sam is still drowned 
    out completely by the shadows. 
    Splinter Cell features a free-roam camera, which means that you can rotate 
    the camera angle to view everything around Sam. Correctly utilizing this 
    throughout the game is one way to insure mission success. So, familiarize 
    yourself with everything in the immediate area to give you the confidence to 
    develop better stratagems.
    Since Splinter Cell is somewhat rooted in realism, a shot to the head is an 
    instant kill. Ya heard?
    \  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  /
     ||                          05.  Game Walkthrough                        ||
    /  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  \
    Here we are, finally, at the proverbial tender meat and flaky potatoes 
    portion of the guide. I cannot guarantee that the following methods of play 
    are the best or smartest, but they should get you through the damn game and 
    gosh darn it, that's good enough for me. Please remember that this 
    walkthrough was written under the assumption that this is your FIRST TIME 
    through the game unless otherwise noted. It covers the NORMAL difficulty. It 
    is not adequate for the experienced player who feels impelled to beat the 
    game with minimal weapons, with no kills, as quickly as possible, or naked. 
    You should probably consult the message's guide for such quirky ways (mind 
    you, it is EXCELLENT).
    As always if you detect any stupendously inaccurate information, such as "An 
    unconscious guard can be revived any time by Sam's sloppy kiss," notify me 
    immediately. After all, I am only human. Most importantly, you aren't obliged 
    to follow the walkthrough exactly. Often times your own strategies can help 
    you weasel out of predicaments better than mine can, so keep your options 
    open. A caveat: sometimes--probably due to the gravitational pull of the moon 
    or the alignment of the planets--guards won't behave as I describe them in 
    the walkthrough; expect to improvise. 
    For ease of navigation, I've divided each level walkthrough into sections 
    based on the major objectives presented in each mission. To figure out which 
    objective you're currently undertaking, simply idle in the game for about 
    four seconds or less. A bar at the bottom will eventually come up with your 
    current objective listed.
    Also, NVGs = Night Vision Goggles
     ________________________  _  ___________________  _  ______________________
    (________________________)(_)(  TRAINING COURSE  )(_)(______________________)
    After calling it quits, Sam Fisher is summoned once again to help preserve 
    the freedoms of the American people. Even as a seasoned war veteran, Sam has 
    become a bit rusty (kinda describes me here, except I'm talking about FAQ 
    writing and you're probably confused...HEY, SHUT UP!). Before he can be fully 
    entrusted with vital mission objectives, he must first prove that he is still 
    the sharpest tool in the shed. This first segment serves as a tutorial to 
    acquaint those who are new to this game to Sam's complex arsenal of moves.
    Lambert stays in contact via the implanted radio transmitter in Sam's suit to 
    supervise his training. Before you are allowed to get into the nitty gritty 
    of the training course, you will learn how to make use of the right analog 
    stick, which pans the camera angle around. Use the right analog stick to turn 
    to the left, right, up and down in that order. 
     ___/ *BONUS*  \___________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | For those who have already gotten the concept of wall-jumping down, head  | 
    | right before reaching the empty pool and kick off the wall that's         |
    | perpendicular to the higher ledge to grab onto it. There you will find a  |
    | door. Inside is a [LOCK PICK]. Finding this Lock Pick won't do you much   |
    | good if you're reading this walkthrough, but hey, it's for the sake of    |
    | perfection. If you don't care about such things, then you've just wasted  |
    | your time! Hahahahahaha!                                                  |
    |                                                                           |
    | Now atop the opposite ledge is a locked door protected by a security      | 
    | keypad. Input the code 5656 to enter the "Briefing & Observation" room.   |
    | Normally you'd need to have gone all the way to the end and pick the lock |
    | near the garage door to get this code, but since I'm quite possibly the   |
    | most awesome person in the world, I saved you all that trouble. You're    |
    | welcome. Inside is Anna Grimsdotter. Feel free to strike up a conversation|
    | to learn about some of Third Echelon's history.                           |
    From the edge of the pool, jump to grab hold of the ledge and then shimmy to 
    the open space. Once over, climb the ladder on the right. Start climbing on 
    the side that has the yellow arrow pointing toward it. There will be a zip 
    line hanging above the scaffold; use it to zip down to the next platform. 
    Slide down the vertical beam and crouch under the horizontal beams. 
    In the narrow corridor, you are instructed to perform a split jump. Simply 
    hug one side and press jump (Y button) three times. Press Y again to drop. 
    Make your way down the beam, then tuck in your legs by pressing B as you near 
    the narrow tunnel. On the other side of the fence, flatten against the wall 
    near the yellow starting line and scuff through the tight walkway. In order 
    to overcome the huge wall separating you and the exit, you must use the kick 
    jump, a variation of the split jump.
    Face the wall that's painted with the yellow arrow and press jump twice while 
    tilting the left analog stick to the upper left. This helps Sam kick off the 
    wall and onto the higher wall. Sam's presence in front of the gate will 
    prompt it to rise. Now the real training begins.
     ___/ *BONUS*  \___________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | Remember the lock pick you retrieved earlier on in the course? If you have| 
    | some knowledge of the lock-picking process, you can break into the room   |
    | on the right before advancing to the next area. Inside, check the computer|
    | to upload your first Data Stick into the OPSAT. The data reveal the code  |
    | to gain entry to the observation room (which is useless to you since I    |
    | already gave you the code earlier). =)                                    |
      << COVERT OPS >> 
    You will be prompted to save at this point. I highly recommend that you save 
    whenever you get the chance now and from now on. Continue through the door 
    only to be halted by a locked door on the other side. Skillfully pick the 
    lock to move on. Use the Lock Pick by pressing R. Standing beside the next 
    exit is a single guard. Quietly go around to the left of the shelf and grab 
    him. Some hostile interrogation will reveal the code to the exit. Put him to 
    sleep and punch in the numbers: 28469. 
    The next security device cannot be easily fooled, but this problem can be 
    circumvented by grabbing the guy nearby, dragging him to the retina scanner 
    nearby and shoving his face into it. In the next three areas, you will be 
    introduced to security cameras. They can be a real nuisance. There are three 
    ways to evade them: disabling them by destroying the lens, creating complete 
    darkness to obscure their vision, and using the classic method of moving only 
    when the lens is pointed in the other direction. You will be taught to apply 
    all of these tactics.
    To combat the first security camera, the tutorial suggests shooting out the 
    lights to make Sam less visible. Take heed to this advice. Equip the weapon 
    by first accessing the inventory, then destroy the ceiling lights. Don't 
    bother shooting the camera, for it is indestructible. In pitch black 
    darkness, Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) come in real handy. The next camera is 
    easily disposed of using the handgun. Find a good vantage point; one where 
    you can keep yourself hidden while aiming at the camera. 
    You know a camera has been destroyed when a bunch of sparks fly out and you 
    no longer hear the mechanical noise it emits. Remember this for future 
    reference in identifying the presence of cameras. The camera in the following 
    room cannot be touched. You need to rely mainly on the shadows. Watch the 
    camera's movements and travel swiftly to the shadowy area when the lens looks 
    Lambert now instructs you to take out a guard and stash his body somewhere so 
    that the other patrolling guard won't find it. Begin by placing the guard in 
    a deadly headlock, dragging him to either of the dark places and then 
    knocking him out. As soon as the body hits the floor, a guard is sent in to 
    evaluate your work. While he does so, stay clear out of sight. When he is 
    satisfied, you may follow him into the room to take him out as well...heheh.
    So far, so good. Moving on to the sound test. This one ensures that Sam 
    travels around noise-inducing environments as quietly as possible. Lightly 
    cross the metal grates ahead and drop down. Quickly press B to stifle the 
    sound of your landing. When you reach the wooden floor area, watch out for 
    the dangling chains. Adeptly maneuver around them; moving the camera around 
    helps a lot. Exercise even more caution around the glass shards. The key is 
    to crouch and walk as lightly as possible.
    Congratulations! You've finished the training course! Time to head out into 
    the real world and apply these moves to thwart terrorists around the globe. 
    Now keep in mind that the actual sentries that you will soon encounter don't 
    stand nearly as still as these kind volunteers. Just a caveat.
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)(  POLICE STATION  )(_)(_______________________)
    The CIA has really been going on a downward spiral lately. Two CIA agents, 
    Agent Madison and Agent Blaustein, are missing in action (or MIA) after being 
    sent to investigate Kombayn Nikoladze. It's Sam's job to locate them and 
    report their status back to HQ.
      << MEET THE CONTACT >>
    Sam begins in a small yard surrounded by apartment complexes. Find the ladder 
    located along the wall at the top of the steps. It leads to the tiled rooftop 
    of a cozy Georgian home. Open the trap door and drop in. Worm through the 
    passage and up the pipe to another rooftop. Take the zip line to the burning 
    building across the street.
    Count on Grimsdotter to tell you where to go. As they say, never argue with a 
    woman. Follow her directions and...HOT HELL! Is it me or is she secretly 
    plotting to kill you? Move toward the blazing fire, then dart through the 
    door on the left and out the other to emerge on the other side of the fire. 
    Flames have taken over the stairwell, too, so avoid passing through them if 
    you love Sam.
    It appears that all hope is lost since the floor has caved in and is being 
    swallowed by the fire. Alas, the pipe that runs along the ceiling serves as a 
    nice, alternate medium to traverse these fiery pits of hell.
    Grimsdotter's directions lead you to yet another burning stairwell. You will 
    find the informant in the room at the top. He's pinned under some fallen 
    debris. Unfortunately, the informant has exhausted his last breath and will 
    now be left for the fire. The room directly across from this one is 
    completely enveloped in smoke. Sam can't breathe in too much of it, or he 
    will lose health. The only solution is to shoot out the skylights to let the 
    smoke escape. Wait for the smoke to disperse, then enter the room and leave 
    it again via the closed door.
      << FIND THE BLACK BOX >>
    Continuing on to the next objective, which is to locate Blaustein's black 
    box, Sam finds himself back outside. Out of the oven and into the streets. =)
    The innocent Georgian citizens are inherently jumpy and will react to any 
    strange noises. So, do them and yourself a favor by keeping things on the DL. 
    Follow the balcony around until you come across an opening. Make a daring 
    leap to the opposite balcony. As you cross the floorboards behind the lattice 
    in Blaustein's front yard, you overhear a conversation between a Georgian 
    crook and a mystery person. 
    While this faceless cretin is preoccupied with the phone, take this 
    opportunity to execute cruel and painful punishment. Leave his body where it 
    drops and head toward the left window of Blaustein's apartment. Quickly slide 
    it open and wait next to the wall. The goon inside will come out for some 
    fresh air shortly. Watch as he walks to the front doors. Hop in through the 
    window when he disappears from sight. Be forewarned that he is still 
    technically in the apartment. Stay on the desk until he cries out in surprise 
    at his comrade's dire condition, then proceed as soon as he steps outside. 
    You can access the computer to glean a Data Stick from it. 
    Blaustein must not have been very tidy, as there are empty cans, overturned 
    furniture and bottles strewn all over the place. Quickly make your way up the 
    steps, through the waving curtain and into the hallway. Extract the [MEDICAL 
    KIT] from the bathroom and move on to the bedroom. The bedroom shows obvious 
    signs of a struggle. In fact, Blaustein's entire house has been ransacked, so 
    there aren't many items left to procure. Check the suspiciously intact 
    painting to reveal a fully functional computer sitting in the small space 
    behind it. The crooks were not quite smart enough to avoid being outwitted by 
    a CIA agent. Rock on!
     ___/ *ALTERNATE STRATEGY* \_______________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | If the crook inside is alerted, he may or may not leave the apartment     |
    | depending upon where you are at the time. If he does decide to leave the  |
    | apartment, crouch among the plants and wait until he casts a cursory      |
    | glance around the area and returns inside. When things have settled down, | 
    | lift the window and hop inside.                                           |
    |                                                                           |
    | Gingerly walk toward the dining room. Just inches behind the waving       |
    | curtain is the remaining crook. Take the bottle near the sofa and throw   |
    | it at the front door. Then quickly flatten against the wall behind the    |
    | slanted sofa. When the crook bites the bait and passes you, quietly enter |
    | the hallway and pick up your speed once you're past the kitchen.          |
    Hack into the computer to acquire a Data Stick. Enter the code required to 
    gain access to the balcony (091772). Find the zip line on the left and use it 
    to reach the opposite rooftop. Head through the door and SLIDE down the 
    cables. If you choose to jump down without regard to Sam's well-being, Sam 
    will haunt you in your sleep. Open the elevator hatch and drop in.
    The door spits you back out onto the streets. Just ahead you will witness two 
    civil police officers harass a drunkard. Poor guy. All he wanted was tah 
    drink some booooooze...and maybe drop dead afterward. While they're busy 
    badgering the guy, tumble down the stairs and creep down the well-lit stairs 
    while staying close to the wall. Descend enough steps so that when standing 
    up Sam can jump up, grab the top of the wall and hang from it. In order to do 
    this correctly, you must estimate the maximum height at which Sam can jump at 
    a standing, upright position. 
    It's actually a bit tricky for the inexperienced. It must also be done in a 
    way that Sam doesn't alert the guards to his presence. Assuming that he's 
    already hanging from the wall, shimmy over to the right until he can safely 
    leave the scene. Ahhh...darkness.
    If, for any reason, the guards are alerted, quickly dash down the stairs and 
    hide under them in the shadows. If you find that the described method is too 
    difficult for you to successfully execute, then use a can to distract their 
    attention and incapacitate them. The only problem with doing this is that 
    there is a civilian watching the area from the balcony ahead. Any suspicious 
    activity will urge the benevolent civilian to raise an alarm. If you do 
    choose the more aggressive approach, try to keep things under-wraps. The dark 
    area near the dumpster is an ideal location for a serious beat-down.
     ___/ *WARNING* \__________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | There will be many citizens jumbled in with the guards. Although unarmed, |
    | these citizens can become a threat to your mission. They are akin to      | 
    | security cameras: if they see you, they immediately get the entire police |
    | force (or whoever is available in the area) on your ass. These do-gooders |
    | can often be found wandering the empty streets along with the guards or   |
    | spying from buildings. Utilize more caution when dealing with the         |
    | insomniacs peering out of windows. There are a lot of them.               |
    Don't rush to the conclusion that you're safe just yet. There is one more 
    patrolling cop, whose patrol route happens to cover the whole extent of the 
    bright street in front. Rush out of the bushes once he turns his back and 
    starts making his way back up the street. Quietly tail him, albeit not too 
    closely, as he can use his acute spider senses to spin you in a web. Take 
    shelter in the left alcove if necessary. This sentry may occasionally check 
    behind him, so be cautious. Continue up the street and conceal yourself in 
    the shadowy area next to the stairs. Let the cop pass you by. Take note of 
    the civilian peering out of the window above, then make like Bruce Lee and 
    split up the stairs and into the next area.
    You arrive in an expansive courtyard. Keep a move on until you reach the gate 
    up ahead. It's closed for now. Make a detour into the bushes located to the 
    right of the locked gate. In the corner is a crawling space that ushers you 
    into the dead drop. There are quite a few goodies to be in this area: 
    [MEDICAL KIT] x2 and [5.72MM AMMO]. Above all, there is a computer from which 
    you can obtain an important Data Stick. At this point, you should hear the 
    sound of a gate opening. That's your cue to head back outside. A guard 
    emerges from the gate to start his patrol around the fountain. Subduing him 
    is totally optional.
    In any case, enter the area beyond the gate and stop before reaching the 
    light leaks of the window. Even at this time of night, the citizens of 
    Georgia enjoy taking long jaunts through scary streets. Expect to see one pop 
    out from the right, so stay along the right wall to avoid getting seen. Don't 
    startle him, or he will run for dear life; not to mention alert the guards in 
    the process. The civilian continues his stroll along the street, so follow 
    As you follow him, disable the street lights. Naturally, the civilian will 
    get freaked out by the sudden loss of brightness, but not quite enough to 
    report this abnormality to the local police. Keep shooting the streetlights 
    as you come to them. Moving past the dumpsters, you may encounter a 
    patrolling guard. Wait for him to finish examining the area and follow him up 
    the adjacent street. Again, don't follow too closely. As an additional note, 
    if you fell this guard you can snag a Satchel from him.
    When you near the end of the street, another guard will just swagger by from 
    the left and enter the gate on the right. Enter the gate, as well, only don't 
    attempt to walk across the floorboards. Opt to climb to the top of the canopy 
    and walk to the edge. Peer over and notice the guard under you. (Note: if 
    he's not there, just wait.) Disable the light on the left using your gun. 
    (This is so that the civilian in the adjacent building isn't alarmed.) Then 
    simply fall off the canopy to land on top of him and knock him out. If you 
    miss, then you will obviously have to improvise. 
    You are now in front of the police station, but without a way in. Fear not! 
    Sam is a man with a plan. Locate the dumpster in the corner and climb atop 
    it. Kick jump to grab onto the wall and haul Sam over the wall. Input the 
    code 5929 into the keypad at the bottom of the stairs to open access into the 
    police precinct.
    It just so happens that a guard is conveniently returning to his office when 
    you enter. Before you scramble after him, keep in mind that it is lights out 
    in jail. The incarcerated criminals are sleeping soundly in their cells. If 
    you make a ruckus crossing the row of jail cells, you will undoubtedly draw 
    attention to yourself. Plus, if you happen to be skipping down the center, he 
    will notice you. It is possible to follow him without his seeing you, but 
    it's risky work for first-timers. Your best bet is to wallow in the dark at 
    the entrance and wait for him to head into his office. 
    Once he's inside and at his computer, you may start moving toward him. Go 
    directly to the light switch in front of the sliding door and switch off the 
    lights. Without making a sound, find a suitable position near the switch. 
    Uncertain as to why the lights have failed, the guard leaves his spot and 
    goes to turn the lights back on. Plant an elbow in his pasty face as he flips 
    the switch, then check the computer for an additional Data Stick.
    The room up ahead is occupied by an obese scientist, who moves to and fro in 
    front of the counter. Crouch under the glass window and slither across the 
    wall to avoid prematurely alerting the guy. Enter the room through the 
    sliding door and pause behind the center cabinet. Observe the man's movements 
    and strike once he pauses. Be sure to keep him conscious, so you can wring 
    out vital information from him. According to the info he uttered, Madison and 
    Blaustein are being kept in the morgue in the neighboring room. The computer 
    near the morgue entrance supplies a Data Stick.
    If you listen carefully, you should hear the familiar mechanical sound of a 
    security camera. It's not safe to move further into the room to inspect the 
    bodies with the camera keeping a close eye on things. The camera is mounted 
    on the ceiling in the upper left. Stand next to the translucent curtain on 
    the left and aim at the lens to disable the camera. You can now safely 
    examine the bodies. There's also a [MEDICAL KIT] to be found behind the 
    curtain. Sam cleverly deduces that since there is a security camera in here, 
    there must also be a surveillance room somewhere! So, that's where we are 
    going next. 
    Go to the stairwell located at the end of the corridor. Take the stairs up to 
    the main lobby, where a civilian will come in to file a complaint. Watch as 
    the officer provides some excellent public service. Once the civilian is 
    seated, go behind the blinds. Using the blinds and the dark areas to obstruct 
    both the civilian's and officer's sights, you can reach the door behind where 
    the civilian is ensconced.
    In the dimly lit office, two officers are working overtime to finish up a few 
    things. How and why they can manage to work in such darkness is really a 
    mystery and amazing. The surveillance room is just behind the last door on 
    the right. There is a single guard in there. Watch the enlarged shadow on the 
    drapery to make sure he isn't being a little fidgety and moving his head 
    around. Take the Satchel from his downed body and access the video files on 
    the computer.
      << GO TO EXTRACTION >> 
    If you feel like collecting some extras around the room, choke the two guards 
    who are pouring over their work into unconsciousness. Doing so will make 
    gathering the goodies a lot easier. The computer in the center of the room 
    yields a Data Stick. You can glean one more Data Stick from the computer in 
    what I assume to be the captain's office. If you're wondering what's behind 
    the other locked doors, there's nothing special in there. The one on the left 
    features some [5.72MM AMMO], but that's it.
    The extraction point is just outside the precinct. That means going back to 
    the lobby and ninja-ing by the obedient civilian. If, and only if, you are 
    the perfectionist and want to grab one more Data Stick and an extra [MEDICAL 
    KIT], you can find them in the Public Relations office (the one in the 
    lobby). Head toward the entryway to the office. Stand up and jump to grab the 
    officer's attention. When he comes out, strangle him. You really don't need 
    to worry about whether the civilian is frightened or not because it doesn't 
    matter at this point.
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)( DEFENSE MINISTRY )(_)(_______________________)
    Based upon current intelligence, it seems that Kombayn Nikoladze is involved 
    with some shady business. Apparently, Madison and Blaustein were snuffed out 
    by Nikoladze in order to prevent some inside information from leaking to the 
    U.S. and the general public. This mission is to find out exactly what Madison 
    and Blaustein had sacrificed their lives to uncover. They will not have died 
    in vain.
    On an important note, there is no room for screw ups; you are not given any 
    room for error. Sounding the alarm even once results in a mission failure.  
    Normal confrontation is acceptable to a certain extent--until they smash the 
    Sam is inserted on a rooftop overlooking the ministry's courtyard. Rappel 
    down the wall, but not all the way down. If you touch ground level, you will 
    set off the alarm and automatically fail the mission. Instead, ease down 
    until you reach the last window (third window down). Slip in through the open 
    window. A security camera is resting just above the door on the far right 
    corner. As soon as you make your dramatic entrance, a sentry casually 
    saunters into the room. 
    Wait patiently in the shadows near the insertion point for the sentry to take 
    a long pause at the bookshelf. This provides you with ample time to sneak up 
    to him and bash his skull in. Scale along the wall, past the metal door and 
    into the dark corner, next to the plant and computer. Destroy the camera from 
    this position and look up a Data Stick on the computer. Use the Optic Cable 
    to insure that no one is nearby. Then slowly proceed out the door, which 
    takes you to the hallway. 
    Two sentries monitor the hallway. One is standing motionlessly, and the other 
    ambles back and forth. Move to the shadow area and stay along the left wall. 
    Find the door hidden in the shadows and enter it when the patrolling guard is 
    not near. If you are in the mood to take on these two soldiers, then do so to 
    make your return trip easier.
    A gut feeling tells you that Grinko's driver is chillin' in the underground 
    parking garage located at the very bottom of these stairs. That means the 
    only way to go is down. Before starting your excursion down the steps, take 
    the short stairs up first to add a [MEDICAL KIT] to your inventory. Gotta 
    have those kits. En route down, you will encounter two security cameras. As 
    per dealing with these troublesome devices, you can either shoot the lens or 
    the light bulb hanging in front of them. The bulb may be harder to hit.
    There should be one other security camera near the entrance of the parking 
    garage. Ignore it and keep to the shadows on the left. Follow the wall around 
    the entire garage. Grinko's million dollar car is parked just ahead with its 
    headlights left on. Grinko's driver should be somewhere around here. Keep 
    following the shadowy area around the corner and you may catch him just about 
    ready to relieve himself in the corner. As he goes about doing his personal 
    business, grab the unsuspecting driver and make him piss out the information.
    It shouldn't pose too much of a problem even if he's not where I described he 
    would be. Just stay away from the second camera of this area. There are 
    objects lying around the area if you need to devise some impromptu strategy 
    to capture this guy.
    Acting on the driver's tip, Lambert orders Sam to eavesdrop on the 
    conversation that will take place between Grinko and Masse. Head back to the 
    stairwell. The patrolling guard on the hallway from several floors up felt 
    that he needed to hinder your objectives by standing at the exit. That's OK 
    because he's easy to overtake. Don't forget to clean up your own mess. 
    Revisit the East wing. The remaining stationary guard should still be there, 
    but won't be any longer once you've taken cared of him. It should be safe to 
    sneak up to him, as long as he doesn't happen to turn his head while you do 
    This time go to the door on the opposite side. Do not attempt to rush into 
    the room. A security camera is situated right above the doorframe. Look up to 
    find the camera. You can either shoot the lens or flip the light switch on 
    the right when the camera looks away. When it's safe to roam around, hack 
    into the two computers in the office to pick up some Data Sticks. The exit 
    requires that you unlock it first. So, use the Lock Pick, sucka.
     ___/ *WARNING* \__________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | Be absolutely sure that all the bodies you've dropped up to this point    |
    | are blended in with darkness. A quick sweep of the region will take place |
    | once you step foot on the balcony. If a body is found, the alarm will     |
    | sound. Lambert will not tolerate that and will scotch the mission.        |
    This door drops you off at a balcony located above the courtyard. Outside you 
    learn from some soldiers, who are flagrantly exercising their right to free 
    speech, that a top-ranking official is needed to bypass the retina scanner. 
    That won't come 'til later. You still can't just jump off and land on the 
    ground. As shown in the earlier cutscene, the chef has just kindly given you 
    a window of opportunity (hyuk) to infiltrate his top secret kitchen. You can 
    reach the window by hopping up to hang from the pipe above and shimmying over 
    On your entrance, take the bottle resting atop the counter on the right and 
    duck behind the counter. A guard raids the kitchen; he discovers that food is 
    being prepared for the colonel. To show his gratitude, he leaves a nice, wet 
    surprise for him. 
    Once he departs with the door slammed behind him, aim the bottle at the 
    pantry to the left. The chefs will drop what they're doing to go investigate 
    the source of the noise. One of them makes a roundabout trip around the table 
    and cuts across to join his partner. Wait until he nearly passes, then make 
    for the door on the right. Make an immediate right to take cover behind the 
    counter and head all the way to the end. The altruistic guard from earlier 
    will enter the mess hall solely to turn on the lights. He will spot you if 
    you're in plain sight behind the transparent display counter. So, be sure to 
    press your back against the far corner.
    After he nods in approval at the status of the room, he will return to his 
    assigned patrol route, which covers a very short distance outside the mess 
    hall. One way to overpower this guy is to switch off the lights, at which 
    point he will come in to turn them back on (I suppose because he is deathly 
    afraid of the dark). By then you can get yourself in position and put him out 
    of commission. More importantly, you must hide his body somewhere (like 
    behind the counter) after he's been dealt with. Alternatively, wait until he 
    walks away from the mess hall doors and switch off the lights. Then quickly 
    hide behind the right-hand door. When the guard proceeds to restore the 
    lights, quietly sneak out of the mess hall.
    Descend the steps to the right to find another guard stationed next to a 
    pillar. You know what to do with him. If you don't, then I'm not sure how you 
    got this far. Well, actually, it's better that you knock him out and carry 
    his body into the shadows than grabbing him and dragging him there. Take the 
    left set of stairs down. Two guards were assigned to this bottom floor. One 
    of them is facing the computer desk, just beneath the stairs. Prioritize this 
    guy as a target and stash his body under the stairs after he's down. Then 
    deal with the remaining one as well. 
    Check the computer on the desk to initiate the next event: Lambert reports 
    that a colonel is on his way down. If you hid all the bodies you had dropped 
    on the way down, then the incoming colonel won't freak out and wander 
    aimlessly around. Wait under the left stairs until you see the colonel take 
    his seat in front of the computer. If he neglects to sit down, then you will 
    have to capture him while he walks around inspecting the level. Bring the 
    colonel to the retina scanner in the back of the room and have him open the 
    door for you. He will comply since he's feeling a migraine coming on because 
    of that gun wedged into his temple.
    This opens access to the courtyard. The laser grid sensors have dissipated as 
    well (you deactivated them when you checked the computer earlier), so 
    everything is falling according to schedule. Give the colonel a good thrash 
    on the head as thanks and take the Satchel he drops. Before you can reach the 
    courtyard, you must first bypass the security camera. Stay behind the wall 
    and lean on the edge. When the camera starts turning away to monitor the 
    other half of the room, swiftly move toward the double doors while favoring 
    the right side.
    Just as you enter the courtyard, Grinko and Masse enter the elevator to 
    initiate the scheduled conversation. As it begins to ascend, equip the Laser 
    Mic (found in Gadgets inventory) and move closer to the statue. If you're not 
    picking up anything, you're not close enough. Aim the center square at the 
    elevator. Make sure the square is red, which indicates that the mic is 
    working correctly. Continue to adjust the mic until the elevator reaches the 
    As soon as the conversation is finished and you regain control of Sam, 
    immediately head toward the upper right while Lambert stresses over what he's 
    just heard. A handful of guards now enter the courtyard, so make yourself 
    scarce if you haven't done so already. The guards will begin to stroll around 
    the courtyard, so if you plan to explore do so in a stealthy manner (as 
    always). The second one that had entered is holding a Satchel.
     ___/ *WARNING* \__________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | The gravel path in the courtyard makes highly audible crunching noises.   |
    | Tip-toe over them or roll when crossing.                                  |
    Interested in getting an additional [MEDICAL KIT]? Well, it's inside the now 
    locked double doors the guards just came through. Shoot out the lamp on top, 
    as you will need to perform some slightly time-consuming unlocking. Equip 
    that Lock Pick and go at it. If you're feeling mischievous, you can cut all 
    electricity going to the courtyard just to cause some grief for the guards. 
    One of them will restore everything to normal, but by then you would be outta 
    Find the lattice on the wall (where the vines are tangled) and climb up into 
    the window that's been left ajar. Sam notices that the elevator is on its way 
    down. That smells like trouble. Dart into the storage room nearby and stay 
    put until you hear both guards march by. Nudge the door open slightly to peek 
    out to check if the coast is clear, then dash for the elevator the guards 
    just stepped out of. Jam the call button to open the elevator doors, enter 
    and choose to go up. When the elevator doors open again, a burst of sunlight 
    leaks through. Ah...sweet, sweet light. Wait a minute... WHAT. THE. HELL. Be 
    afraid. Be very afraid.
    Behind the vending machine is another one of those pesky cameras. I think you 
    know what to do here. Position yourself near the plant to take care of it. 
    Now recede into the dark corner and wait for a guard to come out shortly. He 
    will stop to input the keypad code; neutralize him at this time. Or, if 
    you've learned to pick locks at a lightning speed, pry open the office door 
    next to the elevator and slip in before the guard even notices you. Take the 
    Data Stick from the computer; then heave onto the desk and jump into the vent 
    in the ceiling. 
    One way leads to a break room filled with guards and funky cheery music, but 
    you can't actually drop down. The other way carries you to a hallway that is 
    inaccessible by normal means.
    Shoot out the light next to the storage room door and get closer to disable 
    the camera. Follow the U-shaped hallway to a room with the said funky cheery 
    music playing in the background. Strangely, this room requires three guards 
    plus the other one you previously dispatched. The computers in the room must 
    contain some ultra top-secret info about Nikoladze's fetish for big boy 
    There is no way (that I can think of) to get by them without spilling some 
    fresh Georgian blood. You can try making some loud footfalls for one or two 
    of them to leave their posts--whatever you think is best. The more efficient 
    way is to take one of them hostage and use him as a human shield while you 
    gun down the other two. For your efforts, you will be able to acquire Data 
    Sticks from both of the computers on the desk. Delicious.
    Head into the storage room this time and ascend the prongs up to the rooftop. 
    Before doing so, be sure to grab the [MEDICAL KIT] from the wall and a box of 
    [5.52MM AMMO]. Now it's time for some rappelling! Affix the bungee cord to 
    the rappelling object on the edge and slowly descend. The first office window 
    you look into is Nikoladze's office. A single sentry has been assigned to 
    keep a tight watch here. Even as a crooked president of some third world 
    country, Nikoladze is sure lax on security; but don't give him any ideas. 
    Train your crosshairs on the guard's head and let 'er go. Two bullets in the 
    window will shatter the glass. 
    Pull out a Data Stick from the other computer and a Satchel from the fallen 
    soldier before examining Nikoladze's main computer. Lambert will cry holy 
    jeebus when the first batch of information is transmitted to HQ. Before Sam 
    can upload the rest of the data, the enemy dispatch sends some soldiers to 
    Nikoladze's room to eradicate the potential intruder. Sucks for that guy, 
    doesn't it? Anyway...hold on a minute...they're talking about you! The only 
    hiding place is just outside the window. No, don't actually jump out to your 
    death. Instead, lightly drop down the window and hang onto the ledge. Sam is 
    a beefy tyke, so he can hold that position for the duration the guards are 
    searching the room.
    When the three soldiers come up with nothing and leave, transmit the rest of 
    data from Nikoladze's computer. Sounds like bad news. Some of the acts by 
    Nikoladze described in Lambert's hysterical blabbering make Nikoladze sound 
    like the reincarnation of a certain historically ruthless dictator.
    The extraction point has been predetermined to be in the underground parking 
    garage, where you visited Grinko's driver earlier. Since you'd already taken 
    cared of the three guards in the break room (hopefully you did), it will be a 
    merry little trip to the west stairwell, which is now un-jammed and already 
    open for you.
    Head down the stairs and snag the [MEDICAL KIT] on your way out. Much thanks 
    to the earlier skirmish, you've been tagged with a red flag. The enemy is 
    hell-bent on catching you. Once outside, quickly slink into shadows, for you 
    have a pair of militants hot on your tail. Hang over the edge and shimmy your 
    way to the malfunctioned elevator to the left. When the coast is clear, make 
    for the elevator. Leap to the cables and slide down.
    The elevator at the rooftop is directly connected to the one at the garage. 
    Meanwhile, an intrepid guard decides to take on Wilkes himself; but as you 
    will soon discover, Wilkes can handle himself very well. Poor soldier--the 
    guy basically flung himself into the mouth of death. Accost Wilkes to end the 
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)(      OIL RIG     )(_)(_______________________)
    NATO and US troops have cornered some of Nikoladze's men in an off-shore oil 
    refinery located in the Caspian Sea. Intelligence reports say that some kind 
    of important exchange is going to take place there, and Third Echelon wants 
    to be in the center of it all.
    It's just like Lambert to drop Sam off on the most isolated location of the 
    refinery. The situation is further exacerbated when we discover that badass 
    Sam Fisher can't seem to swim! This means that once he falls in, there's no 
    getting back up. Note that there's no need for any kind of stealth here.
    Start by finding and climbing the ladder to higher level. Weave around the 
    barbed-wire fence and grasp the horizontal pipe. Pull over to the container 
    waiting on the other side. Remember to tuck in Sam's legs to get over the 
    protruding barbed-wires. The container appears to be the end of the road, but 
    if you look to Sam's right you should see a metal beam. Make a running jump 
    to it and use it to shimmy around the container to the other side. Drop only 
    when there is some solid surface below and crawl under the panel.
    Next, move to the plank on the right, where a zip line is suspended above. 
    Take it to the level below. An explosion will occur as you zip across. Don't 
    throw your controller into the air in fear; no harm will come to you. The 
    massive pipe here is the central pipeline. Get under it to the other side and 
    climb up the vertical pole and onto the loosely hanging wooden plank. Lambert 
    drops in to update you on NATO's imminent arrival. 
    Part of pipe has been blown open so that you can fit in. From here just 
    trudge through the rapidly flowing current. On your way, you intercept a 
    message from the enemy, saying that some men are needed to greet and escort 
    the incoming technician, whose name is Piotr, by the way.
    Climbing out of the hatch from the turbine room, Sam watches Piotr and his 
    escorts as they step off the boat. They start walking on the catwalk toward 
    the stairs at the top. They will be continuing on their way to the rendezvous 
    point to complete the scheduled transaction. The primary objective is to keep 
    a tab on them: find out where they're going, what's going down, and whom the 
    data is going to. Before any of that can be revealed, you first need to find 
    a way onto the catwalk.
    If you trail too far behind or dawdle in an area for too long, you will lose 
    track of Piotr, forcing Lambert to lambaste you and abort the mission early. 
    Before doing anything, wait until the men are halfway up the stairs to the 
    upper catwalk. These guys are brandishing some heavy firepower--galils, I 
    believe--so avoid ever falling into their line of fire. 
     ___/ *WARNING* \__________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | The nature of this first part of the mission calls for complete,          |
    | unadulterated stealth. If you are ever blatantly discovered by the        |
    | escorts, the mission is over. Therefore, stay out of the way!             |
    Move to the far left and jump across to the support beam. Sam should grab 
    hold and pull himself up on it. Skillfully and carefully travel along the 
    connecting support beams to the lower catwalk, near the stairs. Hop over the 
    rail and make your way up the steps. Throw caution to the wind and exchange 
    fire with the lone guard at the top (or if you are able to, knock him over 
    the head). Time is an issue. Stealth should be the last thing you'd have to 
    worry about. 
    At this point, U.S. fighter planes arrive and begin to lay waste to the oil 
    rig. Be wary when heading up the stairs. When you reach the top, do not be so 
    hasty to follow them. They won't be too far from you, so any swift movements 
    will catch their attention. A stray missile will hit the area ahead, causing 
    a random explosion. One of the escorts will remain behind to take on the 
    incoming enemy forces. Aw, the brave lad. You won't be able to see him 
    clearly because he's crouching and is partly camouflaged by the fire. His 
    bravado is admirable, so let's just give the guy a nice concussion.
    When he starts to head to the path on the left, quickly advance forward and 
    retreat into the second left alcove, between the electric panels and pipes. 
    Flatten against the wall while standing upright and squeeze into the small 
    space behind the panel. Shuffle out from behind the panel, but not so close 
    to the edge of the wall. The guard should scuttle by again; take this chance
    to bash his bloody skull in. The Satchel he drops contains a [MEDICAL KIT].
    Again, do not fear losing the technician. If you ingress too far too soon or 
    move too rapidly across the grates, you might get noticed by one of his 
    babysitters. Keep tailing Piotr. Avoid the messy puddle of oil. Stepping in 
    puddles of anything will get your feet dirty, thus causing you to leave a 
    long trail of footprints everywhere you go. 
    Piotr and his highly-skilled ninja lackeys enter a building with two other 
    guards closely watching the entrance. There is no possible way to sneak by 
    unnoticed, so something needs to be done. If you ever bothered to take a 
    gander at your Data Sticks, one of them reveals that the red piping is liable 
    to combust if punctured. There are actually some red pipes running along this 
    area. If you head back to the passageway you just emerged from and face 
    forward, you'll notice the red pipes and on it a sign that reads: DANGER. 
    EXPLOSIVE OIL. Time to test this stuff out. 
    Head to the reservoir ahead and switch it on. The reservoir will begin to go 
    wild and spurt water. Upon seeing this mess, the guards reprimand each other 
    for leaving it unattended. Ragging on each other won't solve anything, so 
    they decide to investigate. Quickly hide in the passageway and face the red 
    pipes. Eventually, the totally perplexed guards will be bunched together near 
    some oil drums. Now put a bullet through the red pipe and watch the fiery 
    chaos ensue. Muahahahahaha!!!! Pick up the Satchel the guard drops as he 
    falls hilariously to his death and move on.
    It seems that the door fails to open for Piotr, so they try another. Stay 
    next to the refrigerator and wait for them to pass. A [MEDICAL KIT] is lying 
    on the ground where the three stooges previously stood. Go fetch it before 
    continuing your pursuit.
    Plans have made a turn-around for the better. You are no longer required to 
    follow Piotr and hide from him. Lambert now wants you to pry the briefcase 
    the technician has cuffed to his hand from his cold, dead fingers. In order 
    to achieve that, anything goes. Yay!
    Since you cannot go through to the next room the same way the technician did, 
    you'll have to go back outside. Roll through the blaze to the left. The 
    windows will suddenly shatter due to some gunfire. The open window presents a 
    chance for you to take down that technician, whoo! Climb atop the machine and 
    grab onto the pipe above. Pull your feet up to fit in through the window. 
    Cued on your arrival, the soldiers begin tearing up the place and destroying 
    all the evidence while Piotr and his last, faithful lackey flee in haste. He  
    has an escape plan in mind. He's planning on returning to his drop-off point. 
    Land softly behind the trigger-happy henchman. His constant gun firing will 
    drown out any noise you make, but be sure to be discreet about approaching 
    him. Give him a good boot to the head and pursue Piotr, but not before 
    collecting the two [MEDICAL KITS] from the shelf on the left and a pack of 
    [5.72MM AMMO] from the top of the tool cabinet. 
    The American warplanes are seriously giving these renegades some hell by 
    relentlessly hitting them where it hurts the most...with crazy missiles! The 
    Guy continues to escape while his lackey decides to stay and battle the 
    invading Americans. Do not ascend to the very top of the stairs. Instead, 
    look to the upper-left to find a soldier on the platform fruitlessly trying 
    to fend off the assailants. He may be brave but not very bright, as he is 
    taking cover beside a highly volatile oil barrel. Shoot the barrel to blow 
    this guy into oblivion. Laugh maniacally while he screams in agony. 
    (Waaaahhh!! It burns!!) Don't forget to procure the Satchel he drops.
    The remaining soldier may or may not have been confused by the blast, 
    depending upon where he was at the time of the explosion. If he was, then 
    just stay put until he gets a grip on himself. When he's not looking, briefly 
    pop out from the stairs and fire at one of the red pipes above the Oil Flow 
    Regulator to the left (near the platform). The succeeding chain of explosions 
    should send the poor guy up in flames--should take care of him no matter 
    where he is. Hahahahaha...this is too funny! 
    Once you're done laughing at their misery, continue chasing after Piotr. You 
    can find a [MEDICAL KIT] stowed away in the back of a room that's located 
    near where the soldier would have stood if he were still alive (hahaha!). 
    Opposite the stairs Piotr sped down are a row of doors. The first one houses 
    a corpse and a [DISPOSABLE PICK], which will prove useful soon. The other 
    rooms yield nothing particularly special unless unmade beds strike your 
    Return to your main goal: retrieving the briefcase. Take the stairs down. 
    Piotr passes by another warring soldier, who's keeping an eye on two fronts. 
    Whip out your trusty pistol and plant a bullet in his head. Ammo conservation 
    isn't really a concern at this point, so you can shoot as wildly as possible. 
    Piotr is nowhere to be found in the room he entered. If you shoot the gray 
    canister in the center that's labeled HEAT WATER SUPPLY, water will come 
    spraying out. Grab the [MEDICAL KIT] from the wall and approach the door on 
    the right. As you draw closer, a device combusts nearby and sets a third of 
    the room ablaze. Since you shot open the canister earlier (if not do it now), 
    the water will douse out the flames almost instantly.
    Even in this time of exigency, the technician still had the balls to cook up 
    this devious plan to shake you off his tail. Use the Disposable Pick on the 
    locked door and be on your way. Yes, you essentially just circled the entire 
    area, but you needed to activate the explosion sequence to find Piotr again. 
    He runs as fast as his stout legs can take him to the docking area. Forget 
    about crouching. Just run at full speed.
    Even if you don't catch up to him in time, you will find him marooned on the 
    dock, since it appears that a stray missile completely decimated his only 
    method of egress. He will do nothing to resist; seize him and make him cough 
    up Intel. When he slumps to the floor, he drops a Satchel and the briefcase. 
    Picking up the briefcase ends the mission.
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)( CIA HEADQUARTERS )(_)(_______________________)
    The data retrieved from the skittish technician showed evidence of a leak in 
    the U.S. intelligence community. There was no way the Georgians could have 
    obtained such confidential information. Based on these concrete details, 
    Grimsdotter suggests that there may be an inside man in the CIA. He must be 
    found and apprehended ASAP for the sake of upholding national security.
    Because the CIA is rooted in U.S. soil, Third Echelon expressly prohibits any 
    killing. It's only logical--you don't want to be killing your friends, do 
    you? You sick, sick person!
    Fortunately, the front yard is lacking tight security--not what you'd expect 
    from the U.S.'s most esteemed intelligence agency. A van is parked just 
    outside the building's entrance. Behind it are two security guards and a 
    office worker prattling off about Arabic mothers. There is an additional 
    hard-working security guard patrolling the lawn area. None of them pose much 
    of a threat in this large area.
    Even if the NSA and CIA do walk hand-in-hand, you can't expect to waltz in 
    the front door and expect the CIA to kindly let you impose on them. You are 
    left no choice but to find other ways in. There are actually two. One is 
    through the vents, and the other is through the roof. Both eventually carry 
    you to the same place. Personally, I prefer the latter method, as it is much 
    less of a hassle. Either way, I will be providing strategies for both.
     ___/ PATH 1: VIA VENTS \__________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | During the mission briefing, Lambert informs you that you have been given |
    | a window of opportunity to sneak in via the vents. The ventilation fans   |
    | have been deactivated but only for a short period of time: 1 minute and 40|
    | seconds to be exact; maybe 2 if you count the time Lambert uses to babble.|
    |                                                                           |
    | Quickly switch to the left side of the yard and run up toward the         |
    | building. A fenced-in area should loom into view. Cling to the fence and  |
    | scale the part where the barbed-wire is torn down. Heave onto the box and |
    | onto the ledge above the lamp. Jump to the left vent covers. Slide it     |
    | open when given the option to. Hopefully, you've done all this within the |
    | given time limit. If time expires, you will be forced to follow the       |
    | alternate route.                                                          |
    |                                                                           |
    | In the turbine room, a maintenance worker is testing the machinery on     |
    | the other side of a fence. Drop quietly down once he leaves and climb up  |
    | the fence and over the space. You can now choose to do one of two things: |
    | wait for him to return and drop on him when he passes under you, or just  |
    | leave the room immediately and snoop around while he's live. It works     |
    | either way, except the latter requires some tactical espionage finesse.   |
    |                                                                           |
    | Being unarmed has its steep disadvantages because at the end of the long, |
    | dim corridor is a surveillance camera. You have to bypass it purely with  | 
    | quick movements and the right timing. Avoid the sporadic splashes of light|
    | in the corridor, as they make it easier for the camera to spot you.       |
    | Continue down the corridor until you reach the panel on the right. Stay   |
    | near it and in the shadows. Observe the slow-moving camera; dash out and  |
    | bear right when the camera looks to the left. Do not stop moving until you|
    | reach the safety of the shadows by the stairs. Do not rush up the stairs  |
    | stairs as well, as there is possibly a sentry up there looking down at    |
    | the moment.                                                               |
    |                                                                           |
    | Before ascending the stairs, adjust the camera angle to see the floor     |
    | above you. Check if the sentry is standing over the edge. If not, then    |
    | move up the first set of stairs. Wait in the dark area while the sentry   |
    | performs his patrol duty. Observe his patrol pattern, and go for the      |
    | takedown. I recommend going the minute he turns his back at the stairs.   |
    | Remember to hide body. Take the Satchel he drops and head down the next   |
    | flight of stairs.                                                         |
    |                                                                           |
    | At the bottom, you may notice a CIA agent enter a door. It's safe to      |
    | follow him into it because he'll just leave through the other door.       |
    |                                                                           |
    | Skip the next boxed-in text to resume the appropriate playing strategies. |
     ___/ PATH 2: VIA ROOF  \__________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | If you search carefully, you will find a vertical pipe stretched upward   |
    | along the wall directly facing the van's headlights. It is located to the |
    | left of the main entrance. Take the pipe up to the rooftop to find one of | 
    | the vent covers removed from its place. The trap door at the end inserts  |  
    | Sam in the lobby.                                                         |
    |                                                                           |
    | The main lobby is home to two guards, plus a third one that has locked    |
    | himself in a room. Land on the right-hand side of the lobby. Creep along  | 
    | the walls until you reach a locked door. When the patrolling guard is not |
    | in the vicinity, quickly pick the lock on the door and head through it.   |
    |                                                                           |
    | The door connects to a dimly lit corridor--the very same one you'd end up |
    | in had you entered via the vents. To your immediate right is a camera.    |
    | It's all right. The huge pipes running around the door will obstruct the  |
    | camera's view of you. Stay there until the camera looks away, then head to| 
    | the left. Further down the corridor, you might see a CIA agent staring    |
    | blankly at a control panel. (Ohhh...look at the pretty buttons.) Sneak up |
    | on him and give him a karate chop to the neck. If he's not there, he may  |
    | already be in the lobby. Chances are he'll be there, though.              |
    |                                                                           |
    | Now enter the door on your left. See, wasn't this method of infiltration  |
    | a lot shorter and easier? Read below for the next steps.                  |
    In the dark meeting room, you will find a Data Stick locked away in the 
    computer and a sundry items on the table: a [MEDICAL KIT], [RING AIRFOIL 
    ROUNDS], and [STICKY SHOCKER]. The Ring Airfoil Round and Stick Shocker can't 
    be used until after you've acquired the SC-20K later on. 
    Slide the Optic Cable under the door and inspect the area outside. On the 
    opposite wall should be two large, transparent windows with a guard on the 
    other side floating past them and stopping to view through each one. (Or he 
    may still be working at his desk.) When he moves past a window, burst through 
    the door and bolt to the far right, through the metal detector. Don't worry 
    about its going off, as you currently do not have anything metallic in your 
    possession. If someone suspects you are there, just kick back in the dark for 
    a while.
    Careful when passing through the small pool of light. Proceed to the next 
    large room. The enemy sentry closer to you seems to be quite distraught. When 
    he ends his conversation, he will make his way to the elevator and head up. 
    The security guard next to the elevator is poised as still as a statue. Well, 
    actually he may occasionally move his head a bit. On the bench next to him is 
    an empty can. Use the can to create a diversion to take him out in a clean 
    and surreptitious way. It's not smart to go out into the light, especially if 
    you infiltrated the compound via the roof. A guard safely tucked away behind 
    a viewing window up top will occasionally peer down at this room. Press the 
    elevator call button and hop in. Do the funky muffin dance with me!
      << RETRIEVE THE SC-20K >>
    There's lots of activity on this floor, so exercise caution. Allow the 
    friendly office worker to leave one room and enter the next when you come to 
    the first doors. If you fail to leave his sight, quickly make short work of 
    this worm. Nothing should happen, granted his ringing voice hadn't already
    caught the attention of the patrolling, armed guard further up.
    At the T-intersection, opt to go left and enter Security Station A, where a 
    worker complains to his co-worker about working overtime. After they both 
    reach a consensus about the cruddy work hours and his co-worker leaves the 
    scene, switch the lights in the office off. Befuddled by the sudden darkness, 
    the worker arms himself and goes to restore the lights. When he comes to turn 
    them back on, you should be there to make sure he doesn't. Permanently. The 
    fallen worker relinquishes a Satchel. 
    Unlock the door to the storage room to find an extra [MEDICAL KIT] and some 
    [STICKY SHOCKER] x2, then return to the winding hallway. Prioritize 
    neutralizing the patrolling guard, as it will make roaming around and taking 
    care of the other guys on this floor more easy. 
    On the east side of the floor is a maintenance worker who alternates between 
    going to the storage room and going to ogle longingly at the keypad on the 
    right. You'll find the sociable co-worker from earlier occupying the second 
    room on the left. He likes to observe both the hallway and the Main Server 
    Room below, which makes it imperative that you take him out for later 
    convenience. But first, set your eyes on the maintenance worker. 
    The light in the guy's office isn't strong enough to illuminate the ground 
    more than 5-feet in front of the window. Therefore, hugging the wall will 
    decrease your visibility. Follow the maintenance guy into the storage room 
    and punch his lights out. Switch off the lights while you're at it. Besides 
    being a great place to store bodies in, the storage room supplies you with an 
    additional [DISPOSABLE PICK], which can be nabbed from the shelf.
    Time to tend to the final guard. In the safe confines of his office, the 
    agent enjoys sauntering back and forth and stopping at both windows. When he 
    goes on his way back to watching the Main Server Room, slither up to him and 
    plant one in the head. The Satchel he drops reveals the code to the Technical 
    Services Room, which is the keypad protected door the maintenance guy was 
    fiddling with prior to his sudden loss of consciousness.
     ___/ *RANDOM REMINDER* \__________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | Have you been hiding your bodies???? If not, you'd better start doing so. |
    | This is one of those levels in which the enemy conducts frequent checks   |
    | on the status of the guards. If they're conspicuously lying around, the   |
    | alarm will sound. Force alert mode four times, and you're finished. Just  |
    | a friendly warning.                                                       |
    Punch in the keys to open the door (7687). If you took the time to use the 
    Optic Cable to scout ahead, then you already know that there is a maintenance 
    worker situated between the towering racks of devices. One other armed CIA 
    agent is present. Standing in front of a desk, the agent has a propensity to 
    move his aching neck around. Wait around in the dark until the maintenance 
    worker leaves his spot and moves his inspection elsewhere. Switch off the 
    lights at this point. While the two feel around in the dark, hug the right 
    side of the wall and silently enter the back room.
    Pocket the [MEDICAL KIT] and access computer for Data Stick, which gives you 
    the code for the door next to you (110598). The door leads into the Battery 
    Room. Two maintenance workers are currently working overtime here. As you 
    descend the stairs, one of them begins to read off serial numbers. Watch the 
    worker in the first aisle from the bottom of the steps. When he stops midway, 
    start heading to his location. He will inspect something in the back of the 
    aisle. Silently slip past him and crouch beside the pole on the right.
    Whatever you do, do not alert the first worker here, as he will motion his 
    partner to raise the alarm. Crouch between the pole and the shelf to remain 
    unnoticed. The second worker continues with his inspection in several areas. 
    When he moves, creep slowly toward him and deliver a good conk. At this 
    point, the other worker will make a frantic run for the alarm. However, 
    you're in his way, so knock him down as well before he gets the chance to 
    squeeze past you and smash the alarm glass. Cover up their bodies by flipping 
    the light switch on the way out.
    The stairs carry you to a cluttered room full of shelves. On one of them is 
    the sexy, sexy [5.56MM SC-20K]. Along the same shelf are piles of other 
    goodies that supplement the newly found weapon: a [STICKY CAMERA], [RING 
    AIRFOIL ROUND], and [STICKY SHOCKER]. Finally reunited with a gun--feels 
    good, doesn't it? Now that you have the SC-20K in your possession, you can 
    now put the copious Ring Airfoil Rounds and Sticky Shockers you've 
    accumulated to use. Select the one you want to use in the inventory and use L 
    trigger to launch it.
     ___/ *TIP* \______________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | For the sake of facilitating the completion of this mission, save at      |
    | least TWO Sticky Shockers for later. You'll find out why soon enough.     |
    Soon after you proceed further up the hallway, you encounter a worker who 
    seems greatly distressed about something. After expressing his lament, he 
    resumes his patrol duty. You can do one of four things: 1) take him out on 
    the spot while he's still conversing, 2) fire the Sticky Camera at his head, 
    3) neutralize him while he's on patrol, or 4) ignore him completely (as if he 
    wasn't dejected enough). Whichever works for you. Oddly enough, though, if 
    you can very, very slowly slide behind him--toward the [MEDICAL KIT] on the 
    table--he won't even notice you when he takes his leave. Silly AI.
    Take an empty can with you just in case you decide to use one of two methods 
    involving the can to bypass the guard in the upcoming area. Once past the 
    vending machine area and further up the hallway, Lambert pipes in to inform 
    you that you are very close to the Main Central Server. The only thing 
    preventing you from heading directly to the server entrance is the 
    overbearing presence of an enemy sentry covering the War Room (the large 
    worker's area). His patrol route entails stopping every so often to observe 
    the server room entrance; you have to do something about him before you can 
    Additionally, there is another enemy sentry making rounds on the other half 
    of the corridor. One of his stops is located near the server room entrance. 
    He should be on his way there at about this time. You don't have to worry 
    about dealing with this patrol yet. The sentry in the War Room comes first. 
    Whatever you choose to do with him, make sure that it drops him permanently. 
    You can toss a can in front of him, causing him to pointlessly patrol around 
    the War Room first then come out into the hallway; or lay a Sticky Shocker 
    (or Sticky Camera) in his head to send him to La-la Land.
    If you choose the former method, be patient and he will eventually 
    conveniently position himself in the dark hallway, where you can put him to 
    sleep. Even if he doesn't, you can jump up to lure him. If you go with the 
    latter, be sure to transport his body to a safe spot. Hopefully, you 
    accomplished all this before the other patrolling sentry returns (or you can 
    wait until after he leaves).
    Run through the sliding doors to the very back. Input the code on the door to 
    the right (2019). The absence of any security personnel in this major 
    important room leads me to believe that either the CIA is totally stupid or 
    the majority of the staff has been taken over by crackhead llamas. In lieu of 
    guards, there are two utterly harmless maintenance workers. Well, one because 
    the other can't seem to stay still and must roam around.
    Look for a dark area underneath you, then hop over the rail and drop down. 
    Using this method to descend instead of using the stairs decreases your 
    chance of being spotted by the wandering worker, who may already be in the 
    room. If he isn't in the room at the present moment, wait for a bit. Bonk him 
    when he enters and dump his body in the corner. 
    The other worker is so engrossed in his work that he probably wouldn't even 
    notice an atomic bomb go off. Do what you will with him, but do not forget to 
    cover up your tracks. The overriding aim is to access the central server. 
    Once in, Grimsdotter jumps into action and singles out a CIA agent by the 
    name of Mitchell Dougherty. Come, Robin, to Dougherty's office!
    The source of all the information leakage has been traced to a low security 
    computer in Agent Mitchell Dougherty's office. Hear that? It's the sound of a 
    new objective. Time to hack into Dougherty's computer to confirm our 
    suspicions and find out to whom the information has been going. Leave this 
    highly secured room and back out into the dark and dangerous hallway. At this 
    point, I recommend putting the hallway patrol guard to a deep slumber. He 
    takes a longer break at his stop near the server's entrance, so dispatch him 
    then. He should be a cinch if you wait near the left-most blinds. 
     ___/ *BONUS* \____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | If you intend to garner all the possible Data Sticks, then you'll be      |
    | happy to hear that there's one somewhere in the War Room. The only thing  |
    | that might prove to be a bit problematic is that there are two civilian   |
    | workers in there. They will sound the alarm if threatened. If all goes    |
    | well, you won't even have to lay a finger on them. These diligent workers |
    | tend to stay in their offices for the most part, but occasionally leave   |
    | to do some random errand. A glimpse of your shadow should pique their     |
    | curiosity, but this is not how you should go about acquiring that Data    |
    | Stick.                                                                    |
    |                                                                           |
    | At the first entryway of the area (facing the server room entrance),      |
    | shoot out the first two lights above you, especially the one above the    |
    | office to your immediate left. That's the one whose computer contains the |
    | Data Stick. By destroying the lights, you will have alerted the workers   |
    | in there. Dodge them as they grope their way around the dark and get the  |
    | Data Stick.                                                               |
    There is a [MEDICAL KIT] to be found in the women's bathroom. Before moving 
    down the hallway, be sure to grab an empty can from the trash. Your progress 
    to the next area is hindered by a pair of metal detectors and a guard 
    standing behind a viewing window to the left. The interesting thing is that 
    there's no glass there, but that's just an unnecessary tidbit. You cannot 
    possibly wiggle past this guard without his noticing. What you should do 
    instead is lure him to your position using the can you grabbed earlier. So, 
    toss it in front of the window.
    He should leave his office and go around to arrive at your location. If you 
    feel confident about your stealth skills, then proceed to enter the now 
    vacant room through the window. If not, then wait for him to come and end his 
    pitiful life. A [MEDICAL KIT] can be gotten from the Satchel he drops. Then 
    go through the window.
    Leave the guard's office through the door at the end of the short corridor. 
    This leads to the Grand Hall. Since this is such a prominent location for the 
    CIA, they have installed two rotating surveillance cameras on the ceiling. 
    While they're great and all, they have their blind spots. The simplest thing 
    to do is stick to the wall and follow it along the entire room to the other 
    side. Check to see if a guard is nearby and retreat into the hallway. The 
    agent's patrol route consists of a stop at this hallway and several stops in 
    the Grand Hall. 
    If you plan to take him out, you should only attempt to do so as he revisits 
    the Grand Hall. The reason for this is that an innocent civilian is watching 
    from the nearby copy room. It's completely possible to let the agent leave to 
    the hall and then hush up the civilian. Turn off the lights if you've dealt 
    with the civilian. If you wish, you can thwack the agent as well, but it'd be 
    really unnecessary. Whiz past the worker when he's turned his back and 
    continue down the hallway and down the stairs. 
    You hear the humming of a surveillance camera as you near the bottom. Sure 
    enough, there is a camera located to the left; it closely monitors the door 
    you need to enter. To get around this, disable the ceiling lights to blind 
    the camera. Then enter the code 110700 into the keypad and go forth.
    A heated conversation between an angry officer and some other dude is taking 
    place in the room. He's in the office to the left of your initial location.
    Hide in the dark area until he finishes up his phone call. Once he's off, he 
    will proceed to the soda machine to calm his nerves. Bash his head. You can 
    sneak past him, but he may notice you in the next room, anyway. If you don't 
    feel like waiting, shoot out the ceiling lights and retreat into the shadows 
    as the officer looks into the cause of the darkness.
    The room further down is the shooting range with an active turret. Take the 
    two [FLARES] from the table and research the computer for information on this 
    turret. One more [FLARE] can be found sitting at the base of the turret. It 
    seems that the turret reacts to motion and heat. If the correct settings are 
    activated (IFF is enabled), it can discern between friend and foe. If not, it 
    targets anyone within its sight. 
    Anyway, go to the laptop lying on the ground. Using Sam's super-duper hacking 
    software, you can choose to enable/disable IFF or deactivate the turret 
    completely. The turret poses no real threat at the moment unless you 
    breakdance in front of it. This is just so you are introduced to them. 
    Unlock the door and head directly to the elevator. Lambert drops in to inform 
    you that Dougherty's room is numbered 508. He says some other stuff that are 
    inconsequential. Take the door to the Media Room. Some serious investigation 
    is underway, so don't be so rude as to disturb them. Go behind the projection 
    screen and the desks. If you don't reach the end before the workers are done 
    deciphering the audio message, then wait until one of them leaves to 
    collaborate with the media guys.
    Follow him out the door, but do so as quietly as possible. Dougherty will 
    have already left his office for his much-needed cigarette break when you 
    enter. How convenient. Room 508 is the office on the left; there are only two 
    offices--the rest are cubicles. When it's safe to, break into his office and 
    access his computer. Grimsdotter exhibits her hardcore hacking skills. Before 
    her detection in the network, she managed to catch the location of where the 
    intelligence had been going to: Kalinatek.
    Third Echelon is brimming with questions to ask. In order to put an end to 
    all of them, they must have Mitchell Dougherty in their captivity. The chief 
    goal now is to kidnap Dougherty and bring him to the pick-up point. If you 
    want, you can also break into office 509 for some extra Data Sticks. Head up 
    the hallway, but not to the very end. It's not exactly a wise decision to 
    sneak by both a surveillance camera and a rather lazy security guard sitting 
    on the bench. Take a detour through the auditorium, which will help place you 
    at a better location.
    A meeting is currently in session, but will soon be adjourned for a little 
    break. Wait for that break so that everyone scatters and the person standing 
    near the exit leaves his spot. Watch the attendees pass by, then head forward 
    and cut through the center aisle leading to the right. Go behind the tapestry 
    to the door and shatter the lock on the door with the Disposable Pick (or use 
    traditional unlocking procedures).
    When you pop out, you will be just past the camera and seated guard. Sweet. 
    Dougherty is also here and has just finished socializing with a fellow 
    colleague. He will stop by the fountain to wet his mouth and continue on to 
    the smoking courtyard. Continuing up the hallway, you'll pass by the break 
    room occupied by two heavily armed guards. Working these nightshifts is a 
    major pain, so they won't pay any attention to you unless you stomp across.
    The door would not open for anything but the correct code, which can be 
    gotten from the computer in the office next to it. You won't need to go into 
    the room, however, since I'll reveal the code to you: 0614. 
     ___/ *BONUS* \____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | Before chasing after Dougherty, who's just arrived at the entrance to the |
    | smoking courtyard, head into the UFO Sightings Office. The Data Stick in  |
    | the computer contains a bunch of gibberish. The only thing you can        | 
    | decipher from the message is the last six digits: 020781. They happen to  |
    | be the code to the room here. Inside you'll find additional [STICKY       |
    | SHOCKERS] and [STICKY CAMERAS] on the tables.                             |
    Dougherty is already puffing away at that tobacco (by the way, kids, don't 
    smoke! =)). He's so absorbed in his thoughts that he won't notice Sam behind 
    him until he finds his head gripped by some unknown hands. Drag him back to 
    the hallway and beat him into submission. On the off-chance that the 
    patrolling guard outside has noticed something's gone amiss, quickly shoot 
    out the light and give him a devastating blow in the dark. Otherwise just 
    head outside into the pouring rain and whack him while he follows his patrol.
    Now go back to pick up Dougherty's body and take him with you to the gated 
    area in the yard. At the juncture, go left and down the stairs. Enter the 
    door to the left. Just when you think it'll be a free ride home, a CIA 
    security officer spot your suspicious-looking buddies and interrogates them. 
    So, you have to do something about that nosy officer before you can safely 
    transport the body to Wilkes. 
    The rendezvous point is close now, but there are guards crawling all over the 
    place. This will delay your mission completion just a bit. Did you remember 
    to keep some Sticky Shockers handy? These will prove to make things a little 
    easier for you. In the adjoining room, a maintenance worker appears to have 
    lost his contacts. His movements are often unpredictable, as he starts 
    somewhere different almost every time. Usually, he will be around the 
    illuminated worker's bench or squatting near the pillar. Do not underestimate 
    him. He is not alone. Another guard makes an L-shaped patrol at the far right 
    of the room. 
    As long as you don't alert the maintenance worker and avoid going down the 
    middle aisle, everything should go smoothly. Take a peek out the heavily lit 
    doorway to identify the location of the next guard. Be careful not to expose 
    yourself when the guard faces your direction. Attach a Sticky Shocker onto 
    him when his back faces the stairs. Take Dougherty's body and lug it to the 
    bottom of the stairs while staying low.
    Wilkes and Baxter are waiting just below with security officer accompanying 
    them. Leave Dougherty's body for now to take care of the officer patrolling 
    up and down the back stairs. Insert a Sticky Shocker in his ass when he 
    either stops at the bottom or at the top of the stairs. Head back to where 
    you could see the loquacious officer and your colleagues and slide down the 
    ladder next to the awning.
    This sets you up perfectly behind the target. There are many creative ways to 
    bring this guy down, but I'll leave that up to your wild, crafty imagination. 
    After the officer has been knocked unconscious, climb back up the ladder and 
    take the long way back down to lug Dougherty's corpulent load to the truck. 
    Once the body has been handed over to Wilkes and Baxter, the mission will end 
    once again in consummate success.
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)(    KALINATEK     )(_)(_______________________)
    Through hacking into the network, Grimsdotter discovers that the recipient of 
    all the information extracted from Dougherty's computer was an office located 
    in Kalinatek. Before she was able to glean more data, someone detected 
    Grimsdotter's presence in the network and pulled the plug on her. In order to 
    fill in the loopholes of the collected data, you need to infiltrate Kalinatek 
    to find the rest of the missing pieces.
    Grimsdotter's successful encroachment upon the network has thrown Nikoladze's 
    private Russian mercenaries into a quandary. They've begun to destroy all 
    evidence. They've even slew anyone who had information to disclose. A 
    technician named Ivan is hiding inside the building. He possesses an 
    extremely important encryption key that could lead Third Echelon to Nikoladze 
    One thing you should keep in mind is that it isn't necessary to hide bodies 
    on this level. Isn't that great?
    Sam's superiors could not afford to arrange an immediate arrival in the 
    Kalinatek building, so they chose the more prudent approach: inserting him in 
    the nearby Kalinatek multi-story carpark. Keep in mind that much of the 
    carpark isn't completely submerged in darkness, so take cover behind objects 
    instead. As soon as the mission begins, run past the white van and crouch 
    behind the yellow car. A pair of Russian thugs will enter the vicinity within 
    a few moments. They'll split up: one of them will come toward the yellow car, 
    and the other will run off into the back corner but will return momentarily.
    The closer thug will turn his back toward the car, bidding you to close in 
    for the takedown. Bag the guy and haul his body toward the back of the car. 
    Dump the stiff, dash toward the telephones along the wall and press against 
    it. If the other thug sees you, don't be afraid to waste a few bullets on 
    him. If he doesn't notice you, he will continue to the right, toward your 
    insertion point. Take this chance to go to the paying window and collect the 
    [MEDICAL KIT] from behind the counter, then go through the adjacent door.
    The minute you enter the upper level you overhear two goons rambling about 
    shoes and blood. A third, anti-social one is standing between the car and the 
    van. Drop him before you take the second [MEDICAL KIT] from behind the 
    counter. Take some extra time to tow his body to the back of the car to be 
    safe. Seize the Satchel he drops, as well as the glass bottle lying next to 
    the car. Aim the bottle toward the crates to the left. The ensuing loud 
    clatter should gravitate the two guards' attention toward the crates. Hide 
    behind the van and wait until they leave their spots. 
    When the they're not eyeing the exit point, dart for the boxes ahead and 
    climb out the open window. Just outside is a container suspended in the air. 
    Jump onto it and again onto the pipe above. Shimmy halfway across, where you 
    will then zip down the rest of the way. Now do a RUNNING jump off the tip of 
    the tall structure to catch the edge of the opposite rooftop. Prepare a 
    bungee cord and rappel down. The ruthless mercenaries are already well on 
    their way in neutralizing all the technicians and getting rid of evidence. 
    Their plans must be foiled.
    Crash though the glass at the bottom and approach the front sliding doors. A 
    guard will walk out once you are in close proximity. As he gives a 
    perfunctory sweep of the region, head through the front sliding doors and 
    stay out of the guard's sight by sticking to the left (left when facing the 
    metal detectors) wall. Within moments, the guard will end up standing right 
    outside the doors for a breather. Use this chance to relieve him of his 
    miserable life. The Satchel he drops gives you the code to the office door. 
    The current goal is to reach the door located on the other end of the room. 
    It sounds easy, but metal detectors stand in your way. Since you're carrying 
    a weapon, it won't be easy to slide through them without waking up the entire 
    country. There is a way to circumvent this. That is to input the newly 
    acquired code (97531) and enter the security office.
    Trash, piles of paper and a box of [5.56MM AMMO] adorn the work desks. Move 
    on to the next room, which is littered with shards. Very, very delicately 
    step over the shards so as to minimize the crunching sounds. Even when you're 
    past the shard-ridden part of the floor, refrain from increasing your 
    traveling speed, as that will only attract the attention of the blockheads in 
    the nearby room.
    After you tiptoe past the broken shards, move toward the short aisle between 
    a storage shelf of some sort and the machinery. If you look carefully, you'll 
    notice an opened vent along the wall. Perfect. Crawl in and navigate through 
    the cramped space. You arrive in the waiting room, complete with an aquarium.  
    Shoot the aquarium immediately after the soft landing. As you attempt to head 
    further up, you witness a daring escape by two of the few remaining 
    technicians. Their intent to escape is made abortive by two hostile pursuers.
    One of the mercenaries will join you in this room any moment now, so take 
    cover behind the wall next to the now fish-less aquarium. Until the mercenary 
    comes to a complete halt, don't move from that position. He will soon find 
    his comfort zone just next to the exit. When he does, pop out and train the 
    crosshairs of your pistol on his head. If all goes well, he should go down 
    without a sound. You can also choose to go around the tank and drop him using 
    an elbow blow, but there is a high probability that he will notice you before 
    you do so.
    On the off-chance that he finds himself in danger and cues the dramatic 
    music, his comrades will come running to his aid, and, in the meantime, 
    *forget* that they had previously planted a Wall Mine. Consequently, at least 
    one of them gets roasted alive by the explosion. Hahahaha!
    Anyway, snatch his Satchel, which happens to contain a [WALL MINE]. Switch 
    off the lights in the room on your way out onto the corridor. Ease along the 
    left side of the wall and find the light switch on the protruding column. 
    Flip the switch and stalk in the shadows. Wait for a mercenary to revisit the 
    corridor and drop him when he comes to switch the lights back on. This 
    mercenary drops a very valuable piece of information regarding the Wall 
    Mines. It's absolutely vital that you are informed about Wall Mines and know 
    how to disarm them before you recklessly go off and handle them. 
     ___/ *NOTE* \_____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | Wall Mines are extraordinarily dangerous, but can be easily disposed of   |
    | by going up to one and selecting to disarm it ONLY when the blinking      |
    | light is green at the time of disarmament. If not disarmed correctly, you |
    | will be seeing the Mission Failed screen one too many times.              |
    A [MEDICAL KIT] can be found at the very end of the long, ventilated smoking 
    area. Assuming all the mercs are still sound, there is still a Wall Mine 
    planted on one of the vertical bars of the smoking area. Disarm it and keep 
    it for later use. The last merc on this level is working hard to make sure 
    that the broken elevators stay broken. Find a soda can in one of the 
    disorderly offices and use it to distract the guard. He will leave his post, 
    amused by the shiny aluminum object. You can either bring him down, or sneak 
    past him and then hop into the opened elevator. 
    Lambert updates you on whereabouts of Ivan's other technician buddies. 
    Somehow, they've dug themselves in a hole so deep that they cannot spin 
    themselves out of. Off you go to save them. As you circle around the office, 
    the lights suddenly flicker on and trigger the heart-pounding music score 
    that plays when you are caught. Before your heart jumps completely out of 
    your throat, note that you have not been caught. The mercenaries are just 
    having a bitchin' time tearing the place apart. 
    Head past the soda machine without delay and be sure to pick up a soda can on 
    your way. When the gunfire ceases, the two mercenaries will file out one by 
    one. Wait in the corner behind the opened door for the first to past. While 
    the second one happily reflects on his recent deeds, throw a can toward the 
    discarded boxes on the opposite end. The mercenary will wander around in this 
    dark area, thus giving you a golden opportunity to knock him out without the 
    other merc catching wind of your actions.
    Grab the Satchel and hide the body in the corner. Forget about the other merc 
    and continue past the opened door and through the narrow hallway. If you're 
    wondering, there is nothing of great interest inside the office the two mercs 
    had just finished wrecking, so skipping it wouldn't be a bad idea. 
    Dive into the shadowy area ahead immediately in the next area and wait for 
    two more mercs to walk in from the intersecting hallway. They walk into the 
    room where a few of Ivan's colleagues are being held captive. Those cunning 
    mercs know that some intruder will wander by the same intersecting hallway, 
    so they've set up a little welcoming gift: a Wall Mine. Disarm it now because 
    leaving it alone might cut some much needed time later on. A [MEDICAL KIT] 
    can also be found in the storage closet.
    Now the method to quickly dispose of these mercs is one so devious and clever 
    that I cackle maniacally every time I put it into play. But anyway...It takes 
    only one item (maybe two) and an iota of luck. The mercs guarding the 
    terrified technicians happen to be extremely close to the doorway and to each 
    other. So, stand at the edge and rotate the camera around to see if the 
    guards are still looking over their hostages. If so, quietly but quickly go 
    up to the striped-patterned wall and plant a Wall Mine on a part of the wall 
    that is facing the doorway. If done swiftly enough, neither of the mercs will 
    notice the insidious doom that awaits them. If you're found out, feel free to 
    take to a John Woo style. ;/
    Now go grab a can from anywhere. With the Wall Mine planted, stand a good 
    distance and throw the can toward the mine to lure one of the mercs out. Now 
    aim and fire at the Wall Mine itself. The ensuing explosion should send the 
    two mercs screaming in agony as the flames crawl under their flesh and feed 
    hungrily on them! MUAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HA! That was delightful.
    If, for some ludicrous reason, they somehow survive such a diabolical scheme, 
    pick off the survivors with your gun. -_- Now that the doorway has been 
    cleared, head into the room (caution: one of the mercs might be a great ball 
    of fire...HAHAHA!). Trapping the cowering technicians in the corner is a pair 
    of active Wall Mines. Their lips will remain sealed until the threat has been 
    Thankful for their lives, they warn that there is a live bomb ticking away in 
    the Archives Room. As soon as the talking stops, dash out of the room. A time 
    limit, which indicates the time remaining before the bomb detonates, has been 
    enforced. Punch in the code to unlock the door at the end of the short 
    corridor (33575). Wall Mines dominate this area and are waiting to blow every 
    limb off before you can reach the bomb.
    The level is just riddled with Wall Mines, so you're forced to take things 
    slow. While you won't have time (nor have the need) to disarm every single 
    Wall Mine, you'll need to disarm at least one of them to advance safely. This 
    I'll point out to you when you come to it.
    Enter the first room on your right and navigate slowly around the hot debris. 
    Connect to the adjoining office and shoot through the glass window to 
    continue. Disarm the Wall Mine on the wall next to the blazing fire in the  
    corridor. Now roll through the fire and roll again almost immediately to 
    avoid a Wall Mine blasting the stealth suit clear off Sam's body. The door at 
    the end marks the entrance to the Archives Room. Unfortunately, it's locked, 
    so here's to hoping you are quick with that Lock Pick because there are six 
    pins to release. Once inside, roll through the fire to find the bomb planted 
    on the wall. 
    Now that the chance for a next Armageddon has been precluded, it's time to 
    return to the mission. It seems that the only way to go see Ivan is to 
    restore the power to the fire door circuit. The switch for this happens to be 
    located in the back of the auditorium. Grab the [MEDICAL KIT] on the ground 
    on your way out.
    The L-shaped corridor outside the Archives Room leads to a large auditorium. 
    This area of Kalinatek has mysteriously escaped the flames that have 
    apparently consumed every other part of the building. The glass skybox 
    currently houses one merc, who is overlooking the whole room, but will later
    house another more active merc. A third merc is standing on one side of the 
    stairs, but poses no real threat at the moment. Descend the stairs opposite 
    to those occupied by the merc and move down the middle aisle of the 
    auditorium. Then veer left through one of the rows of seats and head toward 
    the area behind the stage. 
    When you arrive at the bottom of the steps, a merc will radio in for help. 
    Two of three mercs stationed here will immediately respond to the call and 
    run towards the stairs to the auditorium. To avoid detection, move to the 
    left wall and flatten against the side of the machine. Or, if you find it 
    more convenient, go back halfway up the stairs and jump up to grab onto the 
    ledge and pull yourself up. 
     ___/ *FUN* \______________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | On another note, if you feel like blowing some mercs up, you can plant a  |
    | Wall Mine on the wall next to the stairs. When the mercs hurry up the     |
    | stairs, the Wall Mine will go ballistic and BOOM!! Of course, that is a   |
    | rather raucous (yet hilarious) way to take care of these thugs.           |
    After they make haste to the auditorium, proceed through the basement, where 
    you will eventually spot a lone merc that has elected to remain behind. Drop 
    him for a Satchel. Collect the various spoils from the work desk: some [FRAG 
    GRENADES], a [MEDICAL KIT], and some [5.56AMMO BULLETS]. Find the fire door 
    circuit-breaker among the many other complex thingy majigs and switch it. 
    On your return to the auditorium, an additional merc will have already joined 
    the merc in the skybox, just as I mentioned he would earlier. He meanders 
    back and forth in the skybox while the stiff bodied merc remains, well, 
    stiff. In such a situation, it'd be best to just ignore them all and be on 
    your way. But Ubi Soft never grants that kind of freedom, for one of the 
    mercs in the skybox holds the access code to the security door. Quietly go 
    behind the still merc and grab him when his partner isn't near. Then 
    incapacitate the mobile guard for his valuable access code (1250).
     ___/ *FUN* \______________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | Abandoning the highway of tradition, you can instead time your release of |
    | a Frag Grenade with the moving merc just as he reaches his compatriot on  |
    | the other end. Deploy two Frag Grenades (one after the other) while       |
    | keeping a safe distance away. The explosion should drop both mercs        |
    | easily. Confounded by the repeated explosions, the merc on the stairs     |
    | tries to figure out what the hell just happened. Before he comes to his   |
    | senses, kill 'im.                                                         |
    Ascend the stairs to the second floor, where you'll find a [FRAG GRENADE] on 
    the coffee table. If you peer past the transparent Kalinatek logo, you will 
    see two mercs chillaxin' in the lounge area. You will draw their attention if 
    you just haphazardly walk along the L-shaped catwalk toward them. Instead of 
    giving them an opportunity to see what's outside, destroy the lights to 
    create a grim and spooky atmosphere. Seized with fear and suspicion, the 
    mercs come out to perform a hasty investigation before returning to the 
    sanctity of their well-illuminated room.
    Should they probe their investigations deeper amongst the couches, climb onto 
    the pipe just above the chairs or just stand on the chairs while they search 
    around in pitch black darkness. As your P.E. teacher has always taught you, 
    always catch your prey whilst in the dark. Skip searching the rooms when you 
    advance down the corridor, as there is nothing special for you to loot. 
    Before you turn the corner, make sure a merc isn't there. Make a quick stop 
    at the infirmary to pick up two [MEDICAL KITS]. Stay out of the doorway and 
    wait for a totally clueless merc to stop outside the infirmary. Subdue him 
    when you have the chance.
    Another rough-looking merc hacks away vigorously at the computer in an 
    attempt to open up the fire doors, but to no avail. Sneak up behind him from 
    the right and end his miserable existence. He leaves behind his memory in the 
    form of a Satchel. In one effortless movement on the computer, you 
    successfully open the path to Ivan. Take the emergency fire escape up to the 
    door that leads to a small cafeteria. Currently, it is occupied by burning 
    furniture and a pair of mercs. One of them leaves to the little boy's room, 
    and the other makes a short trip around the counters. His patrol route brings 
    him to a complete halt behind the counters. Either take him out or quietly go 
    behind him to the men's restroom. 
    The guy inside is just about finished with his business, but finds himself 
    mysteriously sprawled out on the ground after you've delivered a bone-
    crushing blow to his head. Climb into the opened vent, which carries you into 
    the women's bathroom. It is in here where Ivan is hiding and is being 
    harassed by a rather abrasive merc. Sam's presence will pull him away from 
    his interrogation and leave the merc a bit distraught. May be the new 
    cologne. If you allow the merc to continue with the interrogation, he will 
    eventually kill Ivan and automatically end the mission. So, kill the guy by 
    any means possible (safer to use a gun). Grab the Satchel he drops and speak 
    to Ivan. 
      << GO TO EXTRACTION >>
    Trying to squeeze any more information from Ivan will only elicit the 
    response: "Go away. I'm hiding." Yeah, whatever chump. After leaving the 
    bathroom, go to the elevators in front of the receptionist's desk. Yes, they 
    actually work, so press the call button.
    Prepare to fight a slew of mercs that are more interested in seeing Sam 
    kissing the floor than in seeing the floor themselves. As per usual, it is 
    your job to buffet through this brigade and leave some leftovers for the 
    Feds. It appears that the upper stories of Kalinatek are still under heavy 
    construction. In the first area, shoot out the bulb above the work desk. Then 
    quietly and slowly move forward while still staying in the shadows. As you 
    approach the blocked off area, the existence of two mercs should become 
    apparent. A third guy will come out shortly to initiate a conversation.
    While this conversation takes place, toss a nade under their feet. It doesn't 
    matter if they start scrambling because the objects around them are highly 
    explosive. Before the grenade explodes, the mercs have a .3476554 seconds 
    window of opportunity to shoot you. Then they suddenly slump to the floor out 
    of sleepiness, perhaps. Search among the burning corpses for a Satchel. If 
    you don't want to risk getting burned, wait a while for the rain to douse out 
    the flames.
    Climb atop the boxes in the small building to reach one of the girders and 
    drop into the next area. Head through the doorway and quickly merge with the 
    shadows. Crouch behind the stack of lumber while two mercs enter the area for 
    a quick sweep of the region. Shortly afterward, they become at ease in their 
    posts. You can choose to wait it out because they will eventually leave the 
    room on their own accord, or you can evict them yourself. 
    Grab a can lying on top of the woodpile. Throw it in the general direction of 
    where the two mercs are standing and wait quietly in the shadows. Putting 
    their IQ of –10 to good use, they decide to split up the search (one of them 
    leaves the room entirely). One comes to track down the source of the noise. 
    When the opportunity arises, gag the pitiful bastard.
    As a reward for your efforts: a [FRAG GRENADE] on the same woodpile, [MEDICAL 
    KIT] next to the doorway and some rounds of [5.56MM AMMO] and [5.57MM AMMO]. 
    Once the Medical Kit has been pocketed, lean against the wall and pop out 
    with the gun drawn. Aim at the light bulb and blow it out. This should 
    confuse the merc in the room (if he's in there). With darkness reigning the 
    room, you should have the greater freedom to roam around in it. As you 
    approach the doorway to the next area, the music changes as if you've been 
    found out. Unlike the last time this happened, you really have been 
    discovered. For whatever reason, you're now going to have to go in as if Sam 
    were impervious to bullets.  
    Three guys await in the area and are ready to blast your head off. One is 
    behind the forklift to the left, the other taking cover behind a box to the 
    right, and the last guy is on a higher level, just above the guy behind the 
    box. Once certain no more danger lies ahead, you may choose to take the 
    ladder or go through a well-lit corridor, both of which eventually lead to 
    the same area. Either way, there are no other mercs within the vicinity, but 
    ascending the ladder will take you to two [MEDICAL KITS].
    Continue through the next doorway and ease halfway up the stairs. Then equip 
    the SC-20K and scope in on the hanging light bulb in front. After shattering 
    the bulb, enter the room and immediately take cover behind the obstruction in 
    front. Be weary, as one of the mercs located on the second story can chuck 
    Frag Grenades without regard to his comrades' safety. He should be the first 
    on your hit list. Using the woodpile as a shield to absorb the assailant's 
    bullets, you can whip out the SC-20K and snipe the guy on the second story. 
    The other two mercs start off behind the pillar to the left, but one of them 
    later on moves to the right-hand pillar. 
    At the back of the room, head up the stairs to the left and left again into a 
    new area. Pick up the box of [5.56MM AMMO] in this seemingly peaceful room.
    For the next segment, have a Frag Grenade handy. If you don't, well that 
    really sucks. You'll just have to waste more time (unless you rush in with 
    guns firing). Notice the gathering of mercs on the far end of the corridor.
    If thrown from your current position, the grenade will not travel far enough 
    to retain the potency needed to wipe out the whole squad. It is possible to 
    hurl the grenade that great of a distance, but it will require a lot of trial 
    and error.
    Alternatively, have a Frag Grenade ready in your inventory. Step into the 
    corridor to trigger their conversation, swerve into the room to the immediate 
    right, and then stand under the doorway of the adjacent room. Deploy the 
    grenade to the opposite doorway, where the cluster of mercs are. Do all this 
    BEFORE their conversation ends, or they will scatter. If all goes well, you 
    will have three limp bodies littered about in the corridor. If your life is 
    hanging on a thread, you might want to take the [MEDICAL KIT] that can be 
    found in the first room you entered.
     ___/ *NO FRAG GRENADE* \__________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | So, you don't have a Frag Grenade. What the heck did you do with the all  |
    | the grenades you'd accumulated throughout the level? Well, no matter...I  |
    | went through the trouble of providing the alternate of having a Frag      |
    | Grenade. You're nothing but trouble.                                      |
    |                                                                           |
    | Enter the corridor and head into the room to the immediate right. Here    |
    | you'll find a [MEDICAL KIT] and a box of [5.72MM AMMO]. Feel free to take |
    | the Med Kit, but refrain from grabbing the box of ammunition for now. You |
    | will find out why in a minute. Eventually, the conversing mercs will      |
    | scatter like roaches and go to their separate watch stations. Just stay   |
    | in the shadows and wait patiently.                                        |
    |                                                                           |
    | One of them finds his way into this room. He sweeps across the room       |
    | twice. As long as you stay hidden, he finally stops outside the door you  |
    | came through. If you ignored my advice earlier, he will notice the        | 
    | missing ammo and become more alert. If this happens, wait until things    | 
    | simmer down, then grab the guy. Head into the adjoining room and shoot    | 
    | out the light bulb that's illuminating the area behind the doorway. This  |
    | arouses the suspicion of the merc standing outside. Go for the lethal     |
    | takedown whilst in the dark or after he returns to his assigned position. |
    |                                                                           |
    | The last merc is standing slightly further up, partly covered by the      |
    | pillar that's in front of him. Take out the SC-20K for a quick and        |
    | effortless kill. You might want to clean up after yourself.               |
    It turns out the merc had been guarding makeshift bathrooms. Well done. Enter 
    the one on the right. Pop the bulb above you and also the one further ahead. 
    One of the pillars in this room is sporting a Wall Mine. Before you rush off 
    to defuse it, turn your attention to the merc that is about to emerge from 
    the opposite doorway. He visits this room from time to time, but the 
    unscheduled malfunction of the lights should bring him to the room earlier.  
    There is yet another [MEDICAL KIT] and a box of [5.56MM AMMO] inside a half-
    finished room. Mercs are aplenty in the following precinct (more like three). 
    There is no special need to remain veiled in darkness anymore since you're 
    about an ass crack away from the end of the level. So, we'll hum to a 
    different tune of things. Head into the red-lit room and up the stairs.  
    Shoot out all the light bulbs you can see outside from here: two underneath 
    the catwalk and one above. If one of the mercs below decides to move toward 
    your position solely out of curiosity, then that's even better for you. Just 
    don't get blatantly discovered.
    From the position at the top of the stairs, aim through the glass windows to 
    the far left of the catwalk to find a merc casually standing there. Aim at 
    the head (use scope) and fire through the glass and into his cranium. Once he 
    flutters to the floor and the other mercs have been alerted, un-equip the 
    weapon and start making your way down the stairs. Leave quietly through the 
    door you entered. Go around the building and be sure that both (or one of 
    them, whatever) mercs are en route to your assumed position. One climbs the 
    ladder, and the other goes through the bright corridor adjacent the stairs. 
    This is when the blown out lights come into play. When they're convinced you 
    are somewhere on the upper level, quickly traipse across the opening and 
    around to a ledge overlooking the next construction area. If executed 
    correctly (takes a bit of luck), you should have been able to escape 
    undetected. Note that if this method didn't work for you, then I suggest 
    shooting this joint up. ;) At the ledge, a cut-scene occurs, highlighting a 
    fierce gunfight between Wilkes and a few nasty mercs! Wilkes seems to be in 
    some deep water. Lambert never mentioned anything about water hazards!
    Drop down from the ledge. Now don't think that just because the mercs are 
    distracted by the massive helicopter hovering above you doesn't mean they 
    aren't capable of switching their attention to you. Ingress slightly, then 
    move to the right to a stack of huge crates. Climb atop one of them and set 
    your sights on the scaffold. You should be able to see a merc recklessly 
    shooting at some unseen target. Insert some lead in his head. 
    Now there remains only one more merc standing between you and the extraction 
    point. He, too, is on the scaffold, albeit a little harder to find. Use the 
    NVGs and Thermal to aid in your searching. It is possible to take him out 
    from the same vantage point. When every possible threat has been neutralized,
    move toward the scaffold and look for a ladder. Take the ladders up to very 
    top, where a helicopter is waiting to escort you out of this hell hole. 
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)( CHINESE  EMBASSY )(_)(_______________________)
    This mission is a royal pain, mainly because you will be severely punished 
    for killing VERY WELL-ARMED soldiers. Plus, guards have flashlights. That is 
    the suckiest of suck. I believe Lambert should have just ordered Sam to waltz 
    around donning a bunny suit and wave his Happy Wand at the soldiers while 
    they blast him into oblivion with their M4A1s or whatever the hell they're 
    brandishing. I mean, WHAT THE HELL?! 
    The encryption key you extracted from Ivan propelled American Intelligence in 
    the right direction as to the whereabouts of Kombayn Nikoladze. The People's 
    Republic of China is suspected to be Nikoladze's secret ally. However, when 
    confronted with this piece of information, the Chinese denied all allegations 
    and refused to cooperate. In order to prove Chinese affiliation with 
    Nikoladze, Sam must infiltrate the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar to unveil the 
    truth before any military action can be taken.
    This mission entails absolute stealth for the most part. Casualties will be 
    held against Sam. This means that lethal attacks are not permitted, which in 
    turn translates into NO DRAWING OF THE GUN (unless to shoot a Sticky Shocker 
    or some gadget of similar nature). Stealth is an overriding factor here 
    because an encounter with a guard can spell instant death. Most, if not all, 
    of the guards are toting some heavy firepower. This does not give you a 
    chance to knock anyone out without suffering some life-threatening injuries 
    yourself. Godspeed.
    The first objective calls attention to an insider, who's waiting for you on a  
    rooftop, behind a large red sign. The last detail should have been left out 
    since the route will lead you to that sign, anyway. Coen, Sam's new partner, 
    drops him off in an alley. Head into the adjacent alley to the right. Use the 
    dumpster to get a boost up to the ledge above (or you could kick jump). 
    If you spent enough time chatting with your new female cohort, then a guard 
    will already be posted at the end of the alley. If not, he should be on his 
    way shortly. Standby in the dark. When the guard comes to a complete stop at 
    the alley entrance, go for the fatal neck grab, but not before making sure 
    the other patrolling guard is observing a location other than yours. Take his 
    Satchel and dump his body somewhere safe (and dark).
    Taking down the remaining guard is completely optional. For the sake of 
    comfort, you should probably put in the extra effort to floor him. Otherwise, 
    just stick to the shadows and advance toward the burning barrel on the left. 
    Take the ladder up to a floor that overlooks a different street. There are 
    fresh, new guards scurrying about on this long street. You will be met by a 
    clothesline when the path ends. It connects to the balcony on the other side. 
    Before crossing, take a moment shoot the light out. This is to avoid 
    immediate detection upon arrival.
     ___/ *I FELL, NOW WHAT?* \________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | Die. Haha, I jest.                                                        |
    |                                                                           |
    | Note that if you happen to fall before making it across, head to the two  |
    | beaten up dumpsters on the right and grab the edge of the awning to pull  |
    | yourself back up. This is a little risky, though. Alternatively, you can  |
    | just weave around the guards while shooting out the lights along the      |
    | walls as you would do normally.                                           |
    From the new vantage point, shoot the three (although two is enough) lamps 
    along the opposite wall below. Contrary to the lights you just shot, the 
    street lights themselves are indestructible. Shooting them may even raise the 
    stakes against you. Now there are two ways to drop to ground floor without 
    being detected. The first: Instead of balancing across the thin path around 
    to a ladder leading down to an alley, fall onto the striped awning below you. 
    Then drop to the ground and stick to the shadows as you make your way up the 
    The second method is the path the developers probably intended for you to 
    take. Take the ladder down to the alley, but do not let go of it just yet. 
    Two guards meet near the alley and will pause briefly before heading their 
    separate ways. Once it's safe, land softly and scramble up the next 
    diagonally placed dumpster. Climb the vertical pipe up to the tiled roof of 
    some building. Now you can safely walk above the patrolling guard to your 
    next destination.
    In the middle of the T-intersection is a thin path of shadows winding up to 
    the fence on the other side of the street. On one end of the street, you 
    should spot three guards laying out duties for one another. Two of them will 
    progress to the other end of the street and set up watch there. One of them 
    is the owner of a Satchel. When everybody is in their assigned positions, 
    follow the stream of shadows up to the fence. As long as you pay attention to 
    your stealth meter, you won't be seen by any of the guards.
    Edge along the shadows cast by the fence toward the lone guard. Head in 
    through an opening once you've found it. Halfway between the two opposite 
    ends of the street is a manhole that has smoke billowing out of it. Before 
    descending, be sure to shoot out the light, so the nearby guards won't catch 
    you stinking up the place.
    In the pitch blackness of the sewers, you never know what you'd find here. 
    Hopefully, you won't be ankle-deep in your own feces for too long. Switch on 
    those NVGs to give yourself a fighting chance against various sewer mutants. 
    The sewers of China are a labyrinth of dead ends, so there's basically only 
    one way to go. Additionally, you'll be finding a number of other entrances 
    via manholes to the sewers. However, the game has made only one accessible to 
    Further exploration in the acrid underground brings you to a trio of Chinese 
    soldiers. And you thought you were the only one with a poop fetish. The 
    soldiers exchange a few remarks before continuing. It is now your temporary 
    objective to tail them. The soldier that's trailing behind is a little 
    stricken with paranoia and would constantly pause to look behind him. 
    Therefore, it would be wise to stay hidden until the soldiers disappear from 
    sight. You should also know that these soldiers are equipped with 
    flashlights, so don't be too dependent on darkness. Every now and then use 
    your gun's scope to scout ahead.
    You can find a [MEDICAL KIT] behind a broken down gate to the left when you 
    come to the second lit juncture. Do not progress too rapidly, as the last 
    soldier will retrace his steps and give a thorough search of the area. 
    Eventually, he will be satisfied and return to join his comrades. In the very 
    bright tunnel ahead, they start voicing their doubts about going against the 
    Americans. They tell some subtle jokes about American fast food. A somber 
    silence marks the end to their conversation. Watch them as they continue on 
    their way.
    The odorous fumes of the sewers must have caused their brain cells to rapidly 
    multiply, as they have come up with a clever trap to nab oafish intruders. At 
    first, they walk in a single file onward past the gate. The third soldier 
    then strays from the group and heads toward the diverging path on the right. 
    The second soldier does this as well but enters the one further up. The 
    leader stays within your sight and steadily advances up. At about this time, 
    the first soldier who left will emerge with his flashlight switched on and 
    backpedal as far back as to the place where they last conversed. Fire a 
    Sticky Shocker to put him down.
    The final two soldiers are keeping tabs on each other, but there won't be any 
    need to cross paths with them. The manhole exit you're looking for is just 
    beyond the gate and past the first diverging path. Just to be safe, do not 
    jump up to catch the bottom rung of the ladder until the soldier closer to 
    you moves away. Do not poke your head out onto the surface just yet, as a 
    patrolling guard will stop next to the sewer entrance in a bit. There's also 
    another guard towering over it, though, with his back facing you. Pop out 
    after the guard leaves to examine the other side of his route and head left 
    to a building structure. 
    Find the ladder using the NVGs and take it to the top. Shimmy across the pipe
    to an un-boarded window on the left. After climbing the vertical beam up, you 
    will find the agent contact outside on the rooftop. 
    Frightened and paranoid, the contact finds a spot in the corner to conceal 
    himself from watchful eyes. Anyway, pick up the [MEDICAL KIT] from among the 
    scattered papers. Lying on the edge of the catwalk is also some [5.72MM 
    AMMO]. Find the rappelling object on the catwalk and rappel down.
    The small, dilapidated building to Sam's right makes up part of a nearby 
    guard's patrol route, so rest beside the old mattress that is propped against 
    the building. He will come strolling out of the building without even casting 
    a furtive glance toward your direction. Quickly (but quietly) follow him. He 
    takes you to his resting spot between two stand-up billboards. This is the 
    only opportunity to take him out safely, so strangle him and steal his 
    Satchel. Don't forget to stash his body in the darkness.
    Once again, wait patiently in the dark for one more guard to check the area 
    in front of you. As soon as he completes his U-turn, head directly across to 
    the scaffold. Climb the first ladder and jump up to catch the second ladder.
    To move onto the adjacent platform, you must press Y to release Sam's grip 
    while simultaneously tilting the analog stick to the right. Sam will let go 
    and cling to the edge of the platform. Enter the building via the opening and 
    decelerate as you cross the creaky floorboards.
    Just around the corner are two entrances to the balcony. Stay away from the 
    light of the doorways. The balcony is currently being inspected by a guard, 
    who enjoys brisk walks under a full moon. He can be neutralized from either 
    side, although one side is brighter than the other. Grab his Satchel and blow 
    out the light overhead. Walk to the only opened part of the ledge and ease 
    out until Sam drops down. On the way, he will hit the top of some billboard 
    and cling onto it. Shimmy to the right and drop once you can shimmy no more. 
    Travel up the street until a guard located at the end of the street looms 
    into view. Instead of going toward his position, make a left into the alley.
    Lambert logs in to emphasize that the truck is your only ticket into the 
    embassy. Go and crouch beside the protrusive vertical vent to the left. A 
    guard will soon shine his flashlights through this alley, but the bulging 
    vent will block you from view. Let him climb the ladder, then proceed under 
    him. Halt before rounding the corner, and make sure the guard has already 
    turned his back on you.
    He conveniently stumbles into a very narrow-walled alley, so performing split 
    jumps is possible. He might hear you if you do one directly behind him. If 
    not, just wait until he doubles back to your position. Adjust the camera so 
    that you can see under Sam. When the guard walks under him, press Y to land 
    on his head and consequently render him unconscious. For your efforts, a 
    The shadowy path lain out for you takes you past a car and toward a 
    warehouse. Opposite the warehouse is the entrance to the Embassy. You should 
    also hear the familiar sound of a security camera. The camera monitors the 
    area around the entrance. Its presence here will not jeopardize your mission. 
    At the present moment, the Embassy gate is open. To avoid the camera and the 
    lingering guards around the area, slink into the shadows on the left side of 
    the curb. Sneak in from behind the truck while the driver is waiting to be 
    validated. Lambert will grill your ass if you miss the chance. Plus you'll 
    get slapped with a Mission Failure screen.
    After the silent entry, hang a left toward the security booth. Creep past the 
    guard and stay in the shadow area until he finishes conversing with the truck 
    driver. Jump up to lure him outside, then fell him for a Satchel. One other 
    guard is strolling around the center of the place. When he moves away, dive 
    under the freight container ahead. If the guard caught a glimpse of something 
    moving, just relax in the luxury of the shadows while he inspects the area. 
    Observe the situation that is now in front of you. Patrolling on the long 
    street ahead is a guard and his faithful pet. Congratulations. You've just 
    encountered your first dog.
    It appears, though, that Splinter Cell's dogs are not as attuned to hearing 
    the tiniest of sounds as they are in real life. This is good news. However, 
    the dog's acute sense of smell substitutes its tone-deaf ears. Once the dog 
    has caught a whiff of Sam's natural smell, it is able to trace his exact 
    steps and pinpoint his location. To bypass this nuisance, simply lure the dog 
    under one of the containers and Sticky Shocker it. Its owner will gradually 
    grow impatient and disown it.
    With the dog silenced forever, it will be an easier time to the intended 
    location. Edge along the part between the palm trees and the wall, and 
    continue until you hit a small bridge. Cross the river and step into the 
    river again after passing the gazebo. Climb out and head through the opening, 
    where the river stops. Moving toward the bushes triggers a sequence, during 
    which the targeted Chinese General is hovering over a computer and moving 
    about. This is your cue to Laser Mic the window of his office to eavesdrop on 
    his conversation. If you can't seem to pick up a signal, moving closer or 
    standing up helps. Do anything possible to make the square in the center red.
    As you will come to find out, the general has been in regular correspondence 
    with the wanted man, Kombayn Nikoladze. Part way through the conversation, 
    Nikoladze takes some extra precautions and cuts the conversation short. Kong 
    Feirong, the Chinese General, arranges to bring the conversation to a safer 
    place. By safer, he meant smaller... Stay among the bushes and wait for 
    Feirong to leave his office. He leaves the Embassy and hops in a limousine, 
    which drives to the gate and stops there. Smooth move. Target the limousine 
    with the Laser Mic to intercept the rest of the conversation.
    Based on the evidence collected thus far, it is safe to conclude that the 
    Chinese and Nikoladze are scheming together to weaken America's influence on 
    the rest of the world. Now that this vital Intel has been collected, it's 
    time to head out. Coen is waiting for you outside the Embassy walls. If you 
    look on the far opposite wall, you'll see a vertical pipe extending above and 
    over the wall. There's your escape; just gotta put some pep to your step!
    The concept sounds easy enough, although the underlying problem is getting 
    over there without Sam's torso getting blown to bits. You simply can't walk 
    across, as the compound is lit by 100000 Watt street lights. Plus, there are 
    two guards stationed at the front doors. If you observe them closely, you see 
    that they alternate between watching the front gate and standing in front of 
    the double doors. Gravitate toward the red-lit wall and wait for the guy near 
    you to stand by the door. Fire off a Ring Foil Projector, then run up to him 
    to consummate the attack. Drag him out of sight before the other guard 
    returns to his post by the door.
    Wait, yet again, until he leaves to head toward the gate, then rush across 
    the front door toward the exit. Climb up the pipe like there's no friggin' 
    tomorrow. Coen is waiting beside her van. 
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)(     ABBATOIR     )(_)(_______________________)
    Hey, hear that? It's the sound of my brain shutting down from the intensity 
    of suck emanating from this mission. You thought I disliked the last mission? 
    Well, I don't hate it NEARLY as much I do this one. I spit in the level 
    designer's face.
    The overheard conversation between Feirong and Nikoladze reveals that some 
    American hostages will be executed on Nikoladze' order in Mouke Tsoe Bo Meats 
    within a few hours. Nikoladze has arranged for their executions to be 
    broadcasted live on the web. The American soldiers must be saved to salvage 
    the sinking relationship with China. The possibility of war is brewing, and 
    the executions of the Americans may just be the extra zing that will bring 
    the pot to a complete boil. Ironically, Lambert is more concerned with the 
    impending broadcast than the actual lives of the Americans. 
    Before this level, you've had, like, two to zero encounters with those heat-
    sensing turrets. Well, Abattoir makes it up to you by scattering about twenty 
    of them throughout the level. Can I hear a HALLELUJAH?! Given the nature of 
    this mission, hostile force is permitted. Just keep in mind that no matter 
    how many bodies you drop, you have to clean up after yourself. This means no 
    leaving bodies out in the open. You will have Lambert to deal with should you 
    Three guards have this beginning area covered. The one nearest to you 
    possesses a Satchel. From the insertion point, climb up the part of the fence 
    that isn't topped with barbed wire. Remember to jam the B button to soften 
    your landing. The guards on this level are excessively sensitive. When the 
    two guards on the other side of the fence turn their attention elsewhere, 
    climb quickly over this fence. Then swiftly make your way toward the barrels 
    to the left.
    Locate the valve behind the canisters and interact with it. Doing so opens up 
    two metal grates. This, in turn, presents you with the opportunity to walk 
    under their noses, literally. Take the shadowy path leading all the way up to 
    the first opened grate and fall into the drained ditch. On the slight chance 
    that the guards see Sam's silhouette, simply stay in the ditch. Oddly, 
    though, if the guards are compelled to investigate the area around the ditch 
    they will stumble into the pit and fall to their pitiful demise. That's some 
    funny stuff.
    Anyway, progress to the concrete wall and pull out of the pits. The dumpster 
    to the right serves as a booster to throw you over the wall. At this point, 
    you receive a message that Land Mines have been placed all over the courtyard 
    (the area you've just entered). The masked sentry nods approvingly at his 
    handiwork and retreats into the safety of the guard house. 
    Unfortunately, the mines are no laughing matter. One false step, and Sam 
    would be considered a walking miracle to go home with a body intact. For 
    once, the Thermal Goggles become of tremendous use to you. It is the only way 
    to see the mines. The mines pulsate every half second. They have been planted 
    in various strategic locations, giving you basically very few viable paths to 
    walk. Yet, the mines aren't the only hindrances delaying your progress.  
    There are also search lights and the guards that watch over them. Adding to 
    the mix, the ground is made of gravel, making every footfall project a bone-
    chilling crunching noise.
    Before you tackle this obstacle course of doom, you should probably go visit 
    the guard house on the left. Barge in and make short work of the lone guard 
    in here with one swift blow. He relinquishes a Satchel. Examine the computer 
    to acquire another Data Stick. In addition, a [MEDICAL KIT] can be found on 
    the ground next to the lockers. Lug the body outside and into a dark and 
    comfy area. 
    The coming part is difficult to explain with just words, so I have taken the 
    extra steps to prepare a crude, pint-size reproduction of the courtyard 
    grounds to supplement my written directions. The ideal path that you should 
    follow has already been drawn out for you. It is marked by arrows and numbers 
    in parentheses, which I will be referring to as I walk you through this 
    highly dangerous segment. Keep in mind that the map is NOT DRAWN TO SCALE!
     (No.)   - Chronological order of positions you should be in
     O       – Land Mine location
     (X)     – Goal
     #       - Marks the target that you NEED TO KILL
     Arrows  – Direction in which you should travel
           /    /       ____   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  (4)|           |            /W
          /____/    (3)|    |          __________     |___________|          O /A
                     ^ |____|        O|          |   \                O ____   /T
     __________      |  <<<<<<<<<<<   |____      |O   \    O_______    |>>>>|  /C
    |          |              _____ \      |     |     (5)|>>>>>>>>|(6)|____| O/H
    |          |   O      ___|     |       |     |_       |________|   |    || / 
    |          |_        |         |  ^    |       | O     O           |____|| / 
    |_____      _|       |___      |  |    |       |                      O  | /T
          |____|       O     |     |  |    |_______|                    []   | /O
                             |     |  |       O                         []   | #W
      ___          ____      |_____|  |                                 []   v /E
     |   |        |    |                          .-----------------.   []     /R
     |___|        |____|             (2)      O   |   WATCH TOWER   |   []  (X) -
    ========     ========================= FENCE ================================
     ________                        (1)        /////////////////////////////////
    |        |    NOTE: Not drawn to scale      /////// INACCESSIBLE AREA  //////
    |________|                                  /////////////////////////////////
    //////////////////////////////////////////////tofuNinj4 [at] gmail [dot] com/
    A warning: don't rely on my map for locations of mines. Look around for 
    yourself with your Thermal Goggles to confirm my estimated locations. Begin 
    by surmounting the fence from location (1). This drops you off at location 
    (2). Land Mines lie to your right and to the gradual left as well. That 
    leaves only one way to go: forward. When the search light has finished 
    sweeping across this area, move forward, left and then to a final crouching 
    position at location (3). You should find yourself crouched beside a crate, 
    which will block you against the search lights.
    When the search light finishes passing through your area, ease to the left of 
    the crate and dash out toward location (4). Location (4) is actually an 
    advantageous location. From here, you can identify the locations of the two 
    watch tower sentries. One is on the opposite facing tower, and the other is 
    on the far watch tower, against the northern wall. Leave the one on the tower 
    opposite of you alone for the sake of keeping alarm levels at a minimum. His 
    death isn't necessary for you to safely pass, anyway. Snipe the guy in the 
    northern tower clear in the head to avoid any complications. Put a bead on 
    the guy there as soon as he stops moving for a brief moment. 
    As soon as it is safe to do so, move out to location (5) and stay there until 
    the search light once again passes over this crate. Mount the crate and walk 
    over it to location (6). Mount the next crate upon landing, as indicated on 
    the map, and walk over that one as well. Now you are basically home free.  
    All you need to worry about are any nearby mines, but there shouldn't be any 
    that will you need to run across. Go to the spot denoted on the map by the 
    letter X. There, you will find a [MEDICAL KIT] lying beside the dumpster. 
    Climb atop the dumpster and kick jump off the wall to reach the opened shaft 
    The claustrophobic shaft takes you to the rooftop of the slaughterhouse. 
    Interestingly enough, the lights here have a habit of turning off and on 
    intermittently. They will certainly balk access to the opposite end of the 
    roof, where the satellite dish is. Walking on the roof does indeed make the 
    journey much easier, but the shingles are so old that a body mass of any 
    weight will cause it to thunder. However, there is an alternative, long-
    winding path that will carry you to the other side. The only thing is that 
    the several skylights may pose a bit of a problem when the lights come on.
    Any slight sound may irritate two guards that are currently indoors. The 
    first time they hear something, they will blame the sound on a rat. You won't 
    be so lucky the second time you irk them. If you want to skip dealing with 
    the guards if you're ever caught, you can call them out by stomping all over 
    the roof. When they decide to come out, hide in the shaft you emerged from 
    and snipe them. Once they've been served a big helping of death, run across 
    the roof instead of taking the roundabout way that I'm about to describe to 
    On a side note, if you stay near one of the skylights long enough (or as 
    you're quietly crossing the roof) you can overhear Grinko making last minute 
    preparations for his grisly performance. Also note that if you happen to 
    stand next to a skylight when the lights come on, the people below will 
    notice and sound the alarm.
    To begin this trek across the roof, follow the concrete slabs to the bright 
    billboard only when the lights shut off. Oh yes, move only while under cover 
    of darkness. Grab the horizontal beam above the billboard and shimmy across. 
    Take the path of wooden boards and boxes quickly to another horizontal beam 
    used to shimmy across. If all goes well, you should have made it safely to 
    this side of the roof without alerting anyone more than once. Find the power 
    switch on the satellite tower and cut the power.
    At this point, one of Grinko's henchmen informs him of this unforeseeable 
    event. Nikoladze is escorted to his escape plane while Grinko sends two guys 
    to check on the satellite.
    Quickly run up the stairs, past the door and into the pool of darkness 
    yonder. A guard hurries to the roof and immediately turns toward the 
    satellite to survey the vicinity. Stay where you are until he settles down, 
    at which point you can place crosshairs on his head and put him to sleep. His 
    death marks the appearance of a second guard, who will run toward your 
    position. Spray him down, take his Satchel and lug both of their bodies to 
    the shadows. The watch tower guard (or what's left of him) that you should 
    have sniped earlier is just around the corner. Hide his body too, but not 
    before collecting his Satchel.
    The door is locked from the outside, so you have to unlock it. You may want 
    to pick up some extra gadgets at the bottom of the stairs. Remember to 
    descend slowly, as there is a live Wall Mine down there. It is planted on the 
    wall under the stairs. Access the computer for a Data Stick and reap the 
    treasures from the desk: two [WALL MINES] and a [FRAG GRENADE].
     ___/ *ALERT* \____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | I hope you haven't been leaving a trail of bodies in your wake 'cause     |
    | you're about to meet your first alarm checkpoint. Don't neglect your      |
    | moral duties!                                                             |
    When you reach a balcony overlooking the locker room, a soldier affirms that 
    Nikoladze has boarded the aircraft. His departure time is undisclosed. Climb 
    onto one of the barrels (don't miss it). Latch onto the metal beam above and 
    shimmy across. Raise Sam's legs to prevent from being seen, plus he needs to 
    get over the wall that's bisecting the room. Once over it, there should be a 
    guard that's just about finished tinkling. Let him zip up and walk over to 
    the sink, where he will proceed to wash his hands for a ridiculous length of 
    time (that hygiene freak).
    This is the perfect opportunity to swoop over him, un-tangle Sam's legs and 
    drop in on his head. There is still yet two more guards within the area. One 
    right at the doorway and another patrolling the hallway. The one by the 
    doorway is a troublesome one. Using a Diversion Camera invites less danger 
    than popping out Rambo style. Fire a Diversion Camera at an appropriate 
    location (on the wall between the two mirrors) so that he can see it without 
    blowing your own cover. Press B to sound a whistle. When he goes wild with 
    paranoia and draws closer, release the gas to throw him into a respiratory 
    Grope along the wall near the doorway for the light switch and flip it to 
    disable to lights. When the patrolling guard steps into the room to flip them 
    back on, send him to dream land. (Or if it's too late and he sees you, draw 
    your gun.) Haul all the bodies to the urinals for safe keeping. A [MEDICAL 
    KIT] can be found lying on the bench, and the computer on the desk presents a 
    Data Stick. Kill the light switch on your way out if you haven't already.
    In the outside hallway, you hear Nikoladze order that the hostages be moved 
    into the studio and executed. Time is running short. Enter the only 
    accessible door (other than the locker room) and grab the guard seated at his 
    desk. Through some forceful questioning, you learn that the hostages are 
    being kept in the basement. Hack into the computer nearby to glean a Data 
    Stick and stock up on some [5.56MM AMMO] while you're at it. In the hallway 
    outside the office door is a missing metal grate in the floor. Drop into the 
    shaft and crawl through it. Climb the pipe at the end to the attic.
    Tip-toe across the creaky boards to an opening in the floor. Underneath you 
    should be a band of soldiers (may need to change perspective to see them). 
    Time for some fraggin'! Since they're grouped so closely together, using a 
    Frag Grenade is probably the most effective (and not to mention safe) way of 
    wiping them all out at once. They should not react quickly enough to get 
    away. Toss that 'nade and watch them shrivel up in agony. If you don't have a 
    Frag Grenade (and why not?), then a Smoke Grenade is a great substitute. 
    Before you deploy anything, be sure that they have not been alerted, or your 
    explosive trap won't ensnare everyone. As a reward for your sadistic ways, 
    Satchels dominate the floor, anxiously waiting to be picked up.
    Go through the door that's emanating a thick cloud of frosty air. Judging by 
    the numerous blood-soaked carcasses adorning the walls, you've just entered 
    the freezer. In this dense fog, the Thermal Goggles work wonders. This cold 
    environment allows the goggles to easily pick up the heat patterns of guards, 
    even through objects. A strange thing is that although you are not able to 
    see through the thick fog, your enemies have heightened x-ray vision and are 
    able to see you anywhere (most of the time anyway). Thank you, Ubi Soft, for 
    screwing us over.
    Travesties aside, there is a single sentry in this first room, though he 
    isn't really in the room per se. He basically pops in and out of this room. 
    Observe his movements for a few moments. When he turns to leave, quickly 
    follow him into the next room and opt to go right when he goes left. Stand 
    beside the machine to notice a second sentry in this room; his patrol route 
    runs along the middle section of the room. The two sentries join eventually 
    at one point and stare at each other. When they go their separate ways again, 
    follow the sentry you first encountered back into the previous freezer room 
    and knock him out cold.
    When it's clear, cross to the other side of the room, next to the butchering 
    machines. Travel along the left wall until you are stopped by a refrigerator. 
    Make sure the guard isn't looking, then pull yourself over it. Then quickly 
    drop down to get cozy with the turret next to you. If the guard heard or saw 
    something, quickly interact with the turret and uncheck "Disable IFF." This 
    way the turret is unable to distinguish friend from foe and will shoot 
    indiscriminately at the approaching guard. Stick close to the fridge though, 
    or the guard may not move far enough into the turret's line of fire.
    Right at the entrance to the next freezer room is a single sentry who shifts 
    around in awkward baby steps. His super vision can see right through the 
    plastic curtain if he is facing them and Sam happens to be standing directly 
    behind them. This guy is standard enemy fare, so remove him from the scene 
    once he exposes his backside. That leaves two more enemy personnel in this 
    Travel along the right side of the room. The two guards patrol their 
    respective sections in a swing motion. Take them down when they start moving 
    toward the opposite wall. Both relinquish Satchels. You probably heard the 
    foreboding, mechanical hum of a turret when you approached the last guard. 
    You heard right, but the turret is not located in this room. Rather, it's 
    nestled beside the entryway of the following room, waiting to welcome 
    intruders who unintentionally happen upon it. 
    There's no way to escape its carnage on foot. Therefore, it'd be best to take 
    the smarter route located above. Some keen observation will help you notice 
    the ceiling pipe running above the left row of machines. This pipe 
    conveniently continues into the next room. Hop into the space between the 
    machines and grab hold of the pipe. Although there is a guard stationed close 
    to the turret, his view of the ceiling pipe is obscured by the towering 
    fridges surrounding him. Your stealthy entry into the room may be compromised 
    if he is looking in the general direction of the entryway, so enter once he 
    looks elsewhere.
    You should land in a safe zone, away from the sentry and the turret. The only 
    problem now is advancing to the next freezer room. Thank the workers for 
    their lack of ethical values, for there are some empty beer bottles on the 
    ground near you. Use one of them to create a diversion and take advantage of 
    the opportunity when the enemy sentry lowers his guard. (Be sure that he 
    doesn't end up wandering in front of the turret's line of fire.) Pick up the 
    [MEDICAL KIT] from the blood-streaked cutting table. 
    Running recklessly to the exit will have you filled with turret-flavored 
    bullets. Its range is quite frightening, which happens to fall just short of 
    the plastic curtain. To keep from getting repeatedly wounded, hop over the 
    table (next to where you obtained the Med Kit) and touch down next to the 
    hanging carcasses. The frozen meat should negate Sam's heat patterns, thus 
    giving him a safe entry.
    The mist-filled corridor enters a room composed of three guards, one of which 
    is relaxed at the entrance. He might, at first glance, appear to be easy 
    prey, but there is a patrolling guard who frequently keeps tabs on him.
    Drag the guard into the corridor once his babysitter leaves. Proceed to the 
    right and walk along the wall, hiding beside the machines when necessary. The 
    third guard is in an inert, resting position and gazes off in your direction. 
    Despite the circumstances, it is safe to walk by him, as the tube-like object 
    linking the machines and the fog obstruct his view.
    When you hit a dead end, haul yourself over the machine when the patrolling 
    guard isn't looking and alight softly. Here you find an opened grate, where a 
    thick frost is billowing out. Drop in and worm through the underground shaft.
    Finally out of the damn freezer.
    There is a [MEDICAL KIT] to be found beside the grime-encrusted windows. A 
    quick look with Thermal Goggles through the windows confirms the presence of 
    a guard below. Gingerly descend the stairs. Peek around the corner to ensure 
    everything is clear, then head out and make an immediate right onto a 
    separate catwalk. At the end of the catwalk is a switch that raises the 
    shutter in the narrow sewer ditch. Don't worry about the guard, as the 
    shadows around the switch will conceal your presence. Swing over the rail and 
    enter the newly opened passageway.
    This small passageway carries you to the first of many stables. There is one 
    patrolling guard in the immediate area. As soon you see his feet move toward 
    the left, pop out and follow him to his brief stop under the doorway. Quickly 
    pull him back into the room. His partner, who is patrolling a neighboring row 
    of stables, won't reach him in time to notice his abduction. There are a 
    couple of [FLARES] around the storage shelves, which will become very useful 
     ___/ *CAUTION* \__________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | There are chains dangling from the ceiling all around the stables. A      |
    | little rattle can invite the guards to investigate.                       |
    The outside hallways connects to a series of other stables, each featuring 
    several less-than-healthy cattle. The FDA would have a field day here. Listen 
    for the guard in the neighboring row of stables. Dealing with this guy is 
    optional since you will not be headed in his direction. I advise that you do 
    because things might get a little "busy" in the succeeding room. He marches 
    out of the stables and into the hallway and back. Move to the shadows to the 
    right of the entrance for a more opportune chance of taking him out.
    Pick up the [FLARE] on the ground next to the vent, as well.
    In the next row of stables, there is a turret stationed in the last stable on 
    the right. Postpone dealing with it for now and stock up on the [FLARES] that 
    can be found in various locations around the room. Be cautious about walking 
    down the center, as there is a guard who peeks in this room every now and 
    then. In the stable opposite of the turret, you can strike a treasure trove 
    of items: a [FRAG GRENADE], [FLARE], [5.56MM AMMO], and [5.72MM AMMO]. 
    Collect these before the guard returns, then lean against the oil drums to 
    hide from his sight.
    An amusing way of killing this guard without soiling your own hands involves 
    running out in front of the turret when it faces you, so it fires a few 
    shots. Stay behind the oil drums while he stands perplexedly in front of the 
    turret. Pop out briefly again to provoke the turret. When it sprays a barrage 
    of bullets in an attempt to terminate you, it fails to recognize the friendly 
    in front of it and will inadvertently kill him too! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Pry the 
    Satchel from his lifeless body. Should this method fail, an alternative 
    method would be to kill the single light bulb above this stable and stalk 
    your prey in the dark. How boring.
    To leave the stables unharmed, slowly move out to the center aisle once the 
    turret faces the other way. Take cover behind the middle partition, which 
    will absorb all the fire. Throw a Flare away from the exit, yet within the 
    turret's sights. Then exit while the turret is busy pummeling away at the 
    decoy. You can find a [MEDICAL KIT] resting on the bench in the hallway.
    Two guards can't help but feel as victims of a painful betrayal by their 
    beloved leader. While they mull over this agonizing reality, step into the 
    stable to the left and climb onto the counter that stretches across to the 
    next stable. The following stable contains two turrets that are set up to 
    move in sync with each other. Fortunately, you will be untouchable from your 
    position. Deactivate the left turret in order to grab the empty bottle in 
    front of it. Activate the turret once again and be sure to remove "Disable 
    IFF" on both turrets. Toss the bottle to lure the guards over, then watch the 
    turrets unleash their fury on these guys. Why do the dirty work when 
    something else can do it for you? HAHA HA HA haaa...
    Retrieve the Satchel one of them drops and proceed. Once past the second 
    tapestry, quickly find refuge in a niche to the left. Or, if you're quick 
    enough, hide in the second, darker niche (recommended). Two guards will come 
    out shortly to express their disgust at Nikoladze's decision to air the 
    executions live. Make your way up the corridor as soon as they jettison and 
    head through another tapestry.
    The following area is devoid of guards. You will not have this luxury for too 
    long. In lieu of guards, there is a pair of turrets at the very end, each 
    pointing at the separate entrances to the hostage rooms. A box of [5.56MM 
    AMMO] can be found on the shelf. On the bench near the left turret is a 
    [MEDICAL KIT]. The left hostage room houses the American soldiers, and the 
    right hostage room is inhabited by some Chinese dignitaries. Standing between 
    the turrets will do no harm. Deactivate both turrets, but head into the 
    latter room to speak with the Chinese. They clarify the intents of Feirong 
    and explain that he does not represent the will of Greater China. 
    The conversation ends when Grinko orders that all available men double back 
    to the hostages and kill them immediately. At this point, about four 
    terrorists stampede their way to the hostage area. Head toward the American 
    hostages' room, go left and place a Wall Mine on the wall facing the stable.
    Return to the turrets and activate them with IFF disabled. This way anyone 
    who slips by you will be dealt with by the turrets. Stand between the turrets 
    and position the scope above the wall in front. The first terrorist should 
    run right into your crosshairs. The Wall Mine should dispose of the scumbag 
    who attempts to harass the American soldiers. That leaves two more.
    The last two guys each carry grenades. The effect of the explosion should be 
    nullified due to your distance. Each of them are assigned to chuck grenades 
    into the hostage rooms. Scout ahead to find a guy donning a red chapeau and 
    put him down quickly. Then move the crosshairs to the right and wait for a 
    bearded man to stop short of the hostages room. You must kill him before the 
    grenade leaves his hands. 
      << KILL GRINKO >>
    Distressed by the incompetence of his men, Grinko decides to personally go 
    down there and kill the hostages himself. He becomes your next target. Grinko 
    has maybe one or two lackeys remaining, but they make themselves scarce. 
    You'll find Grinko spending most of his time in the way back of the room, 
    near the entrances, moving from cover to cover. Grinko is a pretty wicked 
    shot if you leave yourself open.
    Determine where he is by use of the Thermal Goggles and inch out with the gun 
    cocked. Launch a Smoke Grenade or use a Frag Grenade once you have pinpointed 
    his location. The news of his death will travel through the terrorist network
    like wildfire. Another job well done. Good job, mate!
     ________________________  _  __________________  _  _______________________
    (________________________)(_)( CHINESE  EMBASSY )(_)(_______________________)
    The political crisis with China has been temporarily mitigated. According to 
    the Intel collected from the previous mission, Feirong represents a splinter 
    faction rather than the government of China. Feirong may have big plans to 
    annex Taiwan and other parts of China in order to transport nuclear arms 
    freely. It is now Third Echelon's duty to infiltrate the Chinese Embassy, 
    where Feirong is making preparations for his escape with a rudimentary 
    nuclear device, to extract the necessary evidence we need to preclude the 
    chance of war. This evidence will also play a dual purpose in dropping all 
    charges placed against China for their alleged alliance with Nikoladze.
    Owing to these circumstances, we find ourselves back at this wretched 
    craphole of a place. The non-lethal restrictions that were imposed on Chinese 
    soil in a previous mission have been lifted. Thus, you are permitted to deal 
    with obstacles as you see fit. I should caution you, however, that knocking 
    down enemies here is risky work. Attempt to elbow them only if you're certain 
    it's a sure-fire kill. 
    I should forewarn you that there is no USEFUL information to be had by taking 
    Data Sticks on this level, as they are written mostly in undecipherable 
    gibberish that only gophers may be able to understand. I included their 
    whereabouts only for the sake of perfection. ^___^
    Instead of depositing Sam outside the Embassy premises, Coen sends him to a 
    noodle house. He has to eat up to recuperate his strength. Then he will have 
    to find a backdoor entry into the Embassy so as to avoid frightening Feirong 
    too soon. The alleyway next to the van leads to a door, which enters the 
    restaurant's kitchen. However, I would not recommend going in this way, as 
    the friendly chef will be spooked and ultimately draw the nearby guards' 
    attention. Instead, caper off toward the red-lit front door of the place, but 
    grab a bottle from the alley before you enter. 
    The traditional ambience makes this dining experience true to Chinese roots, 
    which explains why there are currently two soldiers enjoying a late night 
    meal. Moving further into the restaurant initiates a conversation between the 
    two soldiers. One of them utters his concerns about the machine (perhaps the 
    nuclear device?) blowing up. The other assures that it won't and urges him to 
    finish his food. 
    Hug the wall until you past the central partition to the darker portion of 
    the restaurant in the back. Stealth toward the kitchen. The soldiers can be 
    seen chowing down their food at the table to the left. Settle in-between the 
    men and women's bathroom to the right. Toss the bottle you grabbed earlier 
    from the alley onto the carpet in front of the kitchen door. The sound of 
    shattering glass will draw one of the soldiers near you. (If the chef ends up 
    coming out, stay out of his way.) Surprise him at one of his various 
    His buddy should still be at the table. Approach him sneakily from behind and 
    pick him up from his seated position. He drops a Satchel. Enter the kitchen 
    and favor the left side. Ease along as the chef busies himself with cooking 
    to the dark corner in the upper-left to find a ladder leading up (a ladder in 
    a kitchen?). Ascend to the roof.
    The derelict building ahead features a guard armed with a flashlight, who 
    will start his patrol as soon as you set foot in the building. Before you 
    cross, load a Diversion Camera. With the gun cocked, ease toward the 
    building. As soon as you hear the guard's footfalls, fire the camera onto the 
    refrigerator straight ahead. Whistle, then smoke him when he comes within 
    range. If all goes well, he should go down without firing off a shot.
    The vertical pipe on the balcony outside leads to a zip line, which Sam will 
    automatically use to zip to the opposite side. Shimmy over to the roof to the 
    left. You are now situated above the Embassy's front doors. Do not drop down. 
    Keep shimmying. However, be weary of the guard inside that occasionally stops 
    to ogle the windows. Turn on the Thermal Goggles to improve the clarity of 
    his figure. You should see a vertical pipe as you round the corner. Shift 
    Sam's weight onto the grate, and it should swing open. Embassy infiltration = 
    Remember the disturbing bit about lacking the required Intelligence to bypass 
    a number of keypad protected doors in the Embassy? Well, good ol' Grim's 
    found a solution to get around that. She suggests using the Thermal Goggles 
    to trace the heat differences on the keypad. Clever, indeed. But anyway, we 
    won't get to this until later.
    There is a [MEDICAL KIT] on the wall in the janitor's closet. A huge chunk of 
    the wall is missing as well, allowing you to navigate through the convoluted 
    plumbing system. Flatten against the wall and shuffle across. Halfway across 
    the lower floor, the music suddenly changes as though you've been caught, 
    which is not the case. It's just some soldiers with itchy trigger fingers. 
    Two soldiers busy themselves with destroying the computers while a third one 
    chooses to watch them. Don't be tempted to grab him just because his backside 
    is showing. Just wait.
    Un-stick Sam from the wall and prepare a Frag Grenade. Eventually, the 
    soldier near you will tire of watching and leave his post. He joins the other 
    two soldiers as they walk toward Feirong's computer in the glass room. Deploy 
    a Frag Grenade near the door to take care of them. Two of them drop Satchels. 
    Access Feirong's computer in the room to tap into his communications 
    archives. Lambert and Grim log off and return a second later with some grim 
    Destroying these convoys become your next objective. Following the briefing, 
    Feirong greenlights the order for the immediate departure of the convoys. 
    You've got to find them before they leave. The door to the right leads to a 
    storage closet, where two [MEDICAL KITS] are stored. The other door takes you 
    to a stairwell. One floor above are a pair of guards, one of whom is standing 
    at the doorway. There is a light switch on the wall that channels electricity 
    to the bulb above the doorway. Flipping the switch will make it easier for 
    you to snatch the stationary guard, who happens to be carrying a Satchel.
    Not surprisingly, the patrolling sentry won't even notice any sign of a 
    struggle. Mounted on the wall is a security camera, so kill the lens. The 
    patrolling guard will stop his patrol to inquire quietly to himself as to the 
    sudden malfunction. When he returns to his normal patrol, head toward the 
    plant beside the work desk and stay in the shadows. Hug the wall behind the 
    desk to the plant on the other side when he is standing under the now 
    disabled camera. You may choose to take him down when he stops in front of 
    you, or just cross the room to the door ahead.
    Do not disturb the two snoring soldiers in the sleeping quarters. They have 
    had a hard night of partying. There is a [MEDICAL KIT] lying on the bed next 
    to the slumbering hostile. There are also glass shards spread all over the 
    floor. Slow your speed to a snail's crawl when walking over them. In the next 
    room, a colonel orders a soldier to relocate his patrol. A covert observation 
    using the Optic Cable shows two Chinese soldiers gaining entry by means of 
    entering a passcode.
    As soon as the last soldier heads in, open the door and approach the keypad. 
    There is only a limited time before the heat signatures fade away. There is 
    also not much room for error, as your incorrect passcode will erase or 
    confuse the previous combination of buttons. If you take too long, Lambert 
    will abort the mission.
    To determine the order of the digits, just follow a few simple rules. The 
    buttons that were pressed first come up in a darker shade of blue. The second 
    one glows in a blue hue. The third glows green-ish, and the last one is a 
    more conspicuous orange-yellow. With thermal vision activated, it's 
    impossible to tell where the cursor is on the keypad. Thankfully, I will 
    reveal all the passcodes to save you the trouble. Shucks, I'm too easy on 
    you. The passcode for this particular door is 1436.
     ___/ *NOTE* \_____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | If now and in the future you are quick enough, you can simply follow      |
    | guards into keypad locked rooms without having to go through all that     |
    | trouble of computing the correct passcode.                                |
    Do not take more than two steps into the foyer. To your immediate right 
    stands a guard and an accompanying turret. Face the turret while standing 
    behind the door and jump up to catch the ledge above. Don't miss the ledge or 
    you will alert the guard. Flatten against the wall and pass by three vases. 
    You should now find yourself situated conveniently above the guard. Land on 
    him and pick up his Satchel. Climb back onto the ledge and look at the floor 
    above. Notice that part of the rail has been immensely damaged by an 
    explosion from an earlier time. Hop onto a vase for some leverage, then climb 
    onto the upper level.
    Disable IFF on the turret here. This should take care of all the enemies on 
    this side of the floor (a total of three). Search among the remains for a 
    Satchel. Both doors here lead to the alter room. The alter room reflects the 
    same programming error that was present in the Defense Ministry. Anyway, the 
    aim now is to reach the other side. The main path on the stairs is blocked 
    off by a single turret that will not hesitate to hack you to pieces should 
    you draw too near. The alternate way is by means of flying across...using a 
    bar. This bar can be found behind China's enormous flag. 
    From behind the turret, jump up to grab the bar. Then make your way toward 
    the opposite side. Reaching the halfway point cues the entrance of two 
    soldiers. One of whom is an upper-ranking colonel and has his retinal pattern 
    recorded in the scanner. Stop just before the last ceiling light to avoid 
    detection. Continue shimmying after the door has opened for the lowly 
    soldier. Drop behind the colonel and capture him. Forcibly smack his face 
    into the retina scanner to open access to the room. Knock him dead as thanks. 
    The soldier from earlier is busy drooling over the computer. Interrupt his 
    hot session of cyber sex and hack into the computer for a Data Stick. Head to 
    the window that's ajar and slide it open.
    The layout of the garden grounds is deliberately deceiving. The garden is 
    expansive, making it look as though you need to encircle the whole area to 
    reach the exit when, in fact, it is quite close. The garden is being watched 
    by three guards, one of whom is a dog lover. Your number one concern when 
    traversing the garden is the dog's discovery of Sam and his subsequent 
    mauling. Crouch to the right of the archway, next to a lamp post. Wait for 
    the guard on the bridge to turn away and head back. If you stay underneath 
    the archway, not only will you be seen by the patrolling guard but also be 
    sniffed out by that doggone canine.
    Enter the garden and stick to the right of the bridge. Dip into the water and 
    then trudge under the bridge. Head up the small slope from the creek to the 
    ground level again, toward the gazebo. Stay to the left of it and work  
    forward. Eventually, the dog should pick up Sam's distinct smell and start 
    following his trail. Cross the next brightly lit bridge when the guard isn't 
    looking and fall into the ditch on the right. Bang open the lattice gate in 
    the upper-right to be safely hidden away from the dog.
    A single guard watches over this small secluded area, but he is not entirely 
    alone. A surveillance camera is positioned above the door near him. While 
    still being shielded by the darkness of the stairs, fire at the high beam 
    light across from you--to the right of the camera. Whenever the guard's 
    attention is turned toward the stairs, he will come to investigate in various 
    places around it. Ascend the stairs and slip past him when he has his back 
    turned toward the stairs. Head through the door under the camera while the 
    guard is still occupied.
    Take the [MEDICAL KIT] next to the drinking water and proceed through the 
    second door. For now, there is no immediate threat. From the bottom of the 
    stairs, run directly forward and through the empty space in the bottom shelf. 
    In the distance, you should see a colonel walk toward a door and input a 
    code. Do not climb over the shelf until he is punching in the digits. Then 
    chase after him after he turns the knob and enters the room. If you reached 
    the door fast enough, you will have entered the room without having to figure 
    out the passcode (but the code is 9753).
    The colonel who entered before you is now standing outside the next doorway. 
    How many times has this kind of opportunity jumped at you now? This shouldn't 
    even require pause for thought. I should caution you that both a camera and 
    another patrolling guard are further ahead. Forget about switching off the 
    lights in order to give yourself the upper hand. After the colonel has been 
    removed from your path, hunt around the room for its spoils before you 
    depart: a [MEDICAL KIT], [5.56MM AMMO], and [5.72MM AMMO].
    Although there isn't a great demand for it, Sam has been given a Camera 
    Jammer, which temporarily disables cameras. Adjust the camera for a good view 
    of the security camera that's located to the right and above the doorway. 
    When it turns, move out directly to the towering shelf in front. A guard here 
    is patrolling up and down the center aisle. When he pivots in the other 
    direction, whip out the Camera Jammer and point it at the security camera 
    while walking toward the opposite side of the room.
    Travel in the big space behind the stacks of boxes. Another security camera 
    has been installed here to overlook the circular lit area. It can be located 
    with the aid of the NVGs. This poses a problem because you need to do a few 
    things within the area. Destroy this one completely with a gun, then quickly 
    run forward and to the right, into a little niche. This spot hides you from 
    the guard that comes to probe into the abnormality. After he moves his 
    investigation elsewhere, climb atop the box on the ground and jump up to the 
    top of the boxes.
    From here, shoot out the light to the lower-right to minimize chances of 
    being seen when crossing the catwalk. Your entrance into the next area 
    triggers a cutscene that highlights a guard filling the truck up with gas and 
    is later told to set out. The purpose of this seemingly trivial scene, aside 
    from warning you about the impending departure of the convoys, is to show you 
    where the gas tanks are located. Dash across the remainder of the catwalk at 
    full speed. Before descending the stairs, use the SC-20K's scope and train 
    the crosshairs on the gas tank under the driver's seat on the right hand 
    truck. The ensuing explosion will send both trucks to their scrap metal doom.
    Open the trap door in the ground beside the stairs and descend the prongs.
    Even in this extremely narrow corridor, Sam finds himself unable to have some 
    time to himself, as there is an enemy sentry advancing up the corridor. Keep 
    up with him. When he finally stops, hide in the second niche to the right, 
    behind where he stops. Use the NVGs to find it. A second sentry suddenly 
    receives a distress call from his colleague about the predicament he is in. 
    He rushes off to his side. Follow him, taking the [MEDICAL KIT] from the wall 
    along the way. The passcode for entry into the elevator is 1456.
    One floor up, you are confronted by another keypad. The code for this one is 
    1834. Enter the room to find one more keypad. Now's the time to feel relieved 
    that you have this FAQ. Punch in 7921 for immediate access. If you haven't 
    noticed already, this is the room you began in when you first infiltrated the 
    Embassy. Yes, ignore the fact that you made a full circle. 
    Inside, Feirong is at his desk holding a bottle of alcohol in one hand and a 
    gun in the other. Apparently, he has no qualms about slaughtering his own 
    men. The large gash left from Nikoladze's betrayal is taxing on Feirong's 
    sanity. Feirong is a complete mess. Step into his office to trigger a 
    cutscene. Afterward, Feirong staggers toward you in a drunken manner and 
    fires off a few shots. He goes into a mindless babbling frenzy. His 
    inebriation prevents him from being totally aware of the situation, so run up 
    and hold him for questioning.
    Although he keeps goading you to kill him, don't do so before he unlocks his 
    computer. Bring him to his computer and coax him to use it. He uses his last 
    breath to reveal the data before the stress and alcohol finally best him.
    Wondering what an Osprey is? Get a move on to find out. At this point, the 
    Embassy loses all sense of equilibrium and starts crumbling to the ground. As 
    you leave the office, the adjacent file cabinets suddenly explode and create 
    an exit. Go through the only accessible door, which leads into the alter 
    room. There is a small gap between the two blazes eating up the room, so 
    squeeze between them and approach the boarded door. An explosion will rock 
    the room and open up a path for you. Crouch before the window at the 
    stairwell and open it for some fresh air. Drop down and run for the 
    helicopter ahead. That, my friend, is the Osprey. Way to finish a mission. ;)
     ______________________  _  ______________________  _  _____________________
    (______________________)(_)( PRESIDENTIAL PALACE  )(_)(_____________________)
    The evidence from Feirong's computer patched up the U.S.' relations with the 
    great Republic of China. The terrorist faction has been cornered. It's only a 
    matter of time before they finally surrender. Nikoladze severed his alliance 
    with Feirong and returned to Georgia in order to retrieve something of 
    importance. An object Nikoladze holds so dear that he's willing to risk a 
    personal return to Georgia to recover it. Some vague details on a weapon 
    known as the Ark is unveiled, and the key to its activation appears to be 
    hidden within the Georgian Palace. The new president, Cristavi, who was a 
    former member of Nikoladze's now disbanded Cabinet, is overseeing Nikoladze's 
    covert return to Georgia.
    You're finally here. The last mission of the game (downloaded levels 
    notwithstanding). Naturally, as the last level of any game often entails, you 
    will need to apply everything you've learned up to this point. All the traps 
    and obstacles that were sprinkled liberally across the previous levels will 
    appear on this level as one enormous, agglomerated obstacle. We can only hope 
    that we reach the Ark's activation key in time.
    Sam reaches the periphery of the palace by means of a parachute landing. Some 
    ledge-hopping and shimmying will be needed to infiltrate the palace 
    compounds. Begin by kick-jumping off the ledge in front to grab the top of 
    it. Keep dropping down until you reach the bottom. Face the ledge and kick 
    jump to the vertical pipe lined up on the wall. At the top, shimmy across the 
    pipeline. After the second pipeline, drop down to the narrow foothold and 
    shimmy around the corner. From here, perform a risky running jump to the 
    other ledge. On the grassy ledge, drop down and shimmy across the edge to the 
    other side of the wall. Finally, scale the palace wall via the pipe.
    En route up, the guards drop subtle hints on what's in store for you in the 
    compound. Dogs, snipers and search lights equate fun! A low rail separates 
    you and the guards. There are two guards in the immediate area, each 
    accompanied by a dog. The first thing of urgent business is to dispatch the 
    one sniper stationed in the tower. Look toward the source of the search light 
    to find him. Deliver a clean shot in the head. 
    The search light itself isn't a big threat since its search habits can be 
    read after tracing its movements two or three times. It basically follows a 
    clockwise pattern across the ground. The Most Irritating Bad Guy Award (tm) 
    no doubt goes to the dogs. These dogs are quite the nasty ones. They should 
    pick up your scent quite early, but as long as you're behind the railing you 
    should be fine.
    I find that their owners don't baby them as much I thought they would. If you 
    manage to lure the dog away from its owner and put it down, the guard will 
    just forget about it and even walk over its dead body as if it were a pile of 
    used tampons. Cold. Really cold. In order to quickly put the dogs to sleep, 
    plant a bullet between their eyes. After the guards forget that the dogs ever 
    existed, blow out all the lamp posts around the garden. The one located 
    closest to the search tower can be left alone. This will allow you to leave 
    your confined area and freely move around the garden (sans the search light).
    Once darkness has taken over the garden, head toward the monument and stay to 
    the right of it. The monument will hide you from the search light. Plus, none 
    of the guards really pass by that area. Once the search light swoops over 
    you, gallop toward the tall hedges. In the maze, you will bump into a single 
    guard here. He wanders around the maze and makes very short pauses at certain 
    points. If you follow him at a steady, slow pace, you will find an 
    opportunity to elbow him during the split-second he uses to pivot to another 
    Take the Satchel he drops and skedaddle. All the guards here, including the 
    one patrolling the hedge maze, possess the same vital piece of information 
    you need to progress. This meaning that once you've taken a Satchel from one 
    guard, there will be no need to take it from another. Follow the middle path 
    to the find your way out of this maze.
    The gate behind the fountain can only be opened by entering the correct 
    passcode. The passcode can be found in the Data Stick you've just acquired. 
    Thankfully, none of the guards paid any attention to the enclosed message. 
    Now you know the code to get past the gate (2126). You don't have to worry 
    about the lone sentry standing on the other side of the gate. When he leaves, 
    make for the keypad and enter the code. There is enough shadow by the keypad 
    to shield you from the guard. He's a dope. He doesn't even bat an eyelid at 
    the opening gates. Why no, it's not peculiar at all when a gate opens on its 
    Wait for the moment when he leaves to head to the right, then quickly go 
    through the gate and head left toward the metal door. Instead of swinging the 
    metal door open, look down to your right to find a small opening that will 
    drop you right in the basement. Snag the [MEDICAL KIT] from the wall and the 
    [DISPOSABLE PICK] from the crate next to it. Take another [MEDICAL KIT] from 
    the work desk upstairs.
    The exhibition room ahead not only features a collection of extravagant art 
    pieces and paintings, it is also wired with laser beams all around the room. 
    A light run-in will set off the alarm. Use either the NVGs or Thermals to see 
    them. To begin, stay to the left and turn on the NVGs to see several strings 
    of lasers. They turn off and on intermittently. You can either jump over the 
    low ones or just crouch under the shoulder-height ones. Jump over the first 
    set, run under the following two and leap over the last.
    The locked double doors on this end of the room lead to a mere [DISPOSABLE 
    PICK]. The double doors along the right-hand wall are your target. Wrap 
    around and approach the double doors while avoiding the laser beams. Stay 
    away from the lit areas. When you're in close proximity to the doors, a bevy 
    of guards will spill onto the exhibition floor to observe the art displays. 
    Stay out of their way. When everything settles down, only two guards should 
    remain in the room.
    Refrain from taking them down, as there is no pressing need to. They will go 
    around the room to view the paintings and whatnot. Sneak through the double 
    doors when they are captivated by the paintings on the opposite side of the 
     ___/ *NOTE* \_____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | If you trip the alarms before you reach the double doors, nothing         |
    | particularly bad will happen. You'll just bring the guards out earlier    |
    | and make things tougher on yourself. Anyway, if that happens, just head   |
    | over to the locked double doors and head inside. Kick back in there for a |
    | while until the activity lessens.                                         |
    |                                                                           |
    | Also, if you wait too long, the two remaining guards in the room will     |
    | stand near the doors you need to head through. Jump straight up to lure   |
    | one of them into the dark, where you could bash him over the head. Then   |
    | very slowly sneak by the last guard.                                      |
    The stairs are rigged with lasers. The first three steps are booby-trapped. 
    The top of the stairs is also walled by three rows of lasers. To bypass them, 
    mount the heater facing the base of the steps and jump up to engage in a 
    hanging position. Shimmy over to the stairs. Before you reach the top, pull 
    yourself over the railing to safely navigate around the wall of lasers.
    The door at the top enters a multi-level entrance hall. There are three 
    floors, each run by at least one of Nikoladze's elite soldiers. The bottom 
    floor features two Georgian officers chit-chatting about their latest 
    escapades. Begin by shooting out the first two lights at the top of the 
    stairs, then return to the previous room with the grandfather clock until the 
    alert level subsides. 
    Now you may cross the top of the stairs without getting noticed by one of the 
    officers below. Make sure the guard on this floor and the one above are 
    currently patrolling the opposite side. When you reach the stairs on the 
    other side, the conversation between the two officers below finally becomes 
    audibly clear. The guard sharing the floor with you should take a long break 
    next to the stairs. Take him down if you feel like it, as he does carry a 
    When the guard on the floor above you starts to wander away from the stairs,
    ascend the steps and follow silently. He will take no notice of you if your 
    speed matches his. Fell him for an important Satchel, which reveals the 
    passcode to the upcoming door (70021). As an optional task, you may flip the 
    switch to disable all the lamps along the rails.
    The next area features four guards. If you want an extra [MEDICAL KIT], you 
    can find it at the end of the stairs to the left. The first two guards you 
    encounter patrol individual hallways. After the two guards face each other 
    and go down their separate hallways, head past them. Soon, you'll come across 
    two masked guards amble back and forth across the length of the long 
    straightway. The one walking on the right side is the only one carrying a 
    Satchel. You can catch him at his stop at the north end of the hallway. Hang 
    out in the middle to let them pass, then cross the pools of light along the 
    way until you hit a hallway guarded by a single armor-plated camera.
    The camera makes full rotational movements, but its sight is severely limited 
    due to most of the surrounding area being blanketed by darkness. Just to be 
    safe, stick to the left side when the camera points to the right. Unlock the 
    door and head in. Upon entrance, you notice the narrow pathway here is choked 
    off by laser beams. The lasers disappear every five seconds or so and then 
    re-appear. Run across them quickly in a crouch position. The last set of 
    lasers can be traversed by jumping over it. After leaving the lasers of doom 
    behind, head toward the door and quickly dart into the shadows among the book 
    A guard enters the room and stands next to the book shelf to rest a bit. Grab 
    him during this time and remove his Satchel. Now examine the computer on the 
    desk to finally complete this objective. Whew.
    Aghast by the newfound evidence, Lambert signs off but promises to fill you 
    in on the juicy details later. He logs back on no more than ten seconds later 
    to impart the details of your new objective. You goal is to retrieve the Ark, 
    which is located in a safe that only Nikoladze can access. You will need to 
    somehow convince the Georgian big boss to open it for you.
    A [MEDICAL KIT] sits on the table in the next room. After taking it, return 
    to the long hallway you came from. At this time, the doors at the end of the 
    corridor will have become available for access. As you approach the doors 
    from the left side, a guard pops out. Once he leaves to join his comrades in 
    some wacky patrolling fun, enter the lobby. Favor the left side, passing the 
    bullet-proof camera here.
    The remnants of an earlier bloody confrontation are strewn all over. Midway 
    you receive a dispatch saying that they have reached Nikoladze in the 
    library. Punch in the code for the door (66768). The library, for some 
    reason, is located underground. Therefore, it must be accessed via an 
    elevator, which is currently held under control by three guards. Two of them 
    are circling the elevator, and the last is facing the elevator doors.
    Start by heading up and following them in a clockwise fashion around the 
    elevator. When you reach the stationary guard, grab him and drag him further 
    back. One of his comrades might hear you, so take him to the far corner, 
    where you can remain out of the way while they look around. After the guards 
    lower their alert level, knock out the captive for his Satchel, which 
    contains a [FRAG GRENADE]. Then kill the lights in front of the elevator and 
    board it amid the confusion.
    On your descent, a soldier issues an alert to all able bodies to forcibly 
    remove an American intruder. Great, more fools to tangle with. A welcoming 
    party comes to greet you when you arrive at the library. This part is a 
    throwback to the little hostage fiasco back in the Abattoir, except there are 
    no turrets to aid you in battle. Exit the elevator and swing right to the 
    book shelf. Hide behind it and stay low. Turn on the Thermal Goggles to see 
    where the assailants are. The first guard will go to higher ground for a 
    better vantage point. Aim the crosshairs to the right and snipe him when he 
    falls between them. Two more soldiers will charge at you. Dispatch them with 
    full fire. You can find the last guy tarrying on the stairs. Back up a bit so 
    that you get a clear shot of his head through the gap in the shelf.
    After the chaos has subsided, go around and collect your spoils (three 
    Satchels). Head into either of the openings at the bottom of the stairs to 
    the catacombs. Nikoladze is unattended and unarmed down here. As you near 
    him, Nikoladze mistakens you for one of his men, but he soon sees through the 
    silence and runs. Access the laptop on the crate before chasing after him.
    Upon his capture, Nikoladze plays dumb and even tries to bribe you with 
    promises of riches. Lug him to the retinal safe (the big metal boxy thing) 
    and force him to use it. The safe unlocks and Cristavi's men appear to show 
    their true colors. 
    During this brief moment of suspense, don't move around. You can move very, 
    very slightly, but I'd recommend just staying still. Through the ensuing 
    conversation, you learn that the Ark has already been laid somewhere in 
    America. Nikoladze uses his knowledge of its location to his advantage and 
    persuades the double-crossing bastards to let him go. Nikoladze walks free 
    while you're left to play with the boys. Leave it to good ol' Lambert to get 
    your bacon out of the frying pan. The blackout will occur as soon as the 
    countdown reaches 2.
    Just because the lights are out doesn't mean you can freely stalk your target 
    in the dark. This time, it's purely a game of wits. The enemy is equipped 
    with NVGs and some heavy artillery. Instead of taking on all of them head-on, 
    you will need to run like a wild, headless chicken to the exit. Keep the NVGs 
    on and feed Sam some Med Kits to full health while the soldier talks. Run at 
    full speed as soon as the soldier begins to pronounce the number 2. You have 
    about a three second window before the soldiers regain their senses and start 
    shooting at you. Dash between the first soldier and the pillar, through the 
    tapestry, left to get around the crate and past the dazed soldier, and to the 
    right of the boxes to the exit. 
    You should have past a total of three soldiers on your way to the exit. The 
    last soldier will probably land a few bullets on you, but keep running up. 
    You can also probably knock him out before you leave. Do NOT attempt to head 
    back into the catacombs, or you will have to deal with the soldiers for real. 
    If everything went smoothly, you will have walked away with minimal damage.
     ___/ *NOTE* \_____________________________________________________________
    |                                                                          \\
    | If you're aiming to collect all the Data Sticks in the game, then you     |
    | need to scrap my exit strategy. The guard who tries to extract the Ark    |
    | activation key from you carries a Satchel that contains the Data Stick.   |
    | Some very fine shooting will need to be done in order to obtain the       |
    | coveted Data Stick. Click the SC-20K to auto fire and take cover behind   |
    | objects. Use Frag Grenades and Smoke Grenades to flush them out. Shots to |
    | the head aren't very effective here, as they are wearing some kind of     |
    | special headgear.                                                         |
    Back at the library, Lambert puts a hit on Kombayn Nikoladze. He needs to be 
    terminated, for the safety of the world is at risk if he walks around with 
    the information regarding the Ark. Meanwhile, the palace has shifted into 
    full alert. The double doors in the library are open; they lead to the 
    There are four guards in the courtyard. Two on each side and on each floor. 
    Turn on the Thermal Goggles or NVGs--whichever one you can see the guards 
    better with--and watch them toward the opposite side of the courtyard. As 
    they do, head forward to the fountain and wet your feet under the first water 
    spurt. When the guards start heading back in your initial direction, dash 
    across the water to the other side. Find the vertical pipe on the right and 
    climb up. Let go of the pipe and grab onto the adjacent ledge. Then heave 
    yourself up.
    When you drop down, Lambert orders you to assassinate Nikoladze from there. 
    Place the scope on the opened, semi-circle-shaped window on the opposite 
    building. You should barely make out Nikoladze's head. Pull the trigger to 
    finish him off and this objective.
    A guard will rush out of the door to your right and observe Cristavi's office 
    window. While he's in shock, sneak past him and enter the now opened door. 
    Descend the stairs and climb onto gaping window on the right. Stay there 
    while two Georgian guards walk across the dining room. As soon as they 
    disappear from sight, drop down quietly and cross the dining room along the 
    right side. Then cut to the left to a China cabinet. Climb atop it and jump 
    across to grab onto the balcony rail.
    You find yourself back in a familiar place. Below you are a horde of soldiers 
    just anxiously waiting to blast you stupid. Quietly go around to the stairs 
    on the other side. Then hop over and drop down silently behind the soldiers. 
    Approach the double doors to trigger a cut-scene highlighting Sam's dramatic 
    escape from death.
    Congratu-friggin-lations!!! You finished Splinter Cell! Well, that is, unless 
    you have Xbox Live. Then you can play another three exciting missions!
    \  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  /
     ||                             06.  Loose Ends                           ||
    /  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  \
    Splinter Cell isn't so complex of a game that it needs various appendices. 
    Yet, here they are. Because I love you. As always, if I'm missing anything or 
    if anything is erroneous, send an e-mail my way. You know the drill.
    This is proof of my obsessive compulsive character. I'm even giving you the 
    locations of where body checks will take place. Sheesh. I need to get out 
    more. If I don't list the level, it either means that there are no alarm 
    checkpoints on that level or I must have missed them.
     Police Station
     1) When you enter the front lobby of the police station, where the 
        civilian walks in to register a complaint.
     Defense Ministry
     1) On the balcony when trying to go to the kitchen.
     2) Entering the courtyard ground level through the double doors.
     CIA Headquarters
     1) When you walk further into the Battery Room.
     2) After inputting code to Main Server Room and entering it.
     3) Going through transparent sliding doors after accessing Main Server.
     4) Approach the courtyard where Dougherty smokes
     Chinese Embassy
     1) When you start following the three guards in the sewers.
     1) When you enter the door that leads to the upper entrance of the locker 
     2) Crawling under the shaft outside the lone guard's office.
     3) Approach the second tapestry before reaching the hostage area.
     Chinese Embassy (Revisited)
     1) Enter the balcony where you zip to the embassy.
     2) Reach the narrow corridor after destroying the convoys.
      \    PASSCODE LIST
    Lazy much? This section provides a list of the passcodes to all the keypad 
    locked doors in the game. Or at least, I think it's all of them. Hm. The 
    passcodes are listed in the order that you come to them. If I don't list the 
    level, that means the level didn't contain any passcode enabled doors.
     Training Course
     Briefing & Observation Room - 5656
     First room of Covert Ops - 28469
     Police Station
     Blaustein's apt. balcony – 091772
     Police precinct – 5929
     Defense Ministry
     Door to Nikoladze's office – 59259 
     CIA Headquarters
     Technical Services Room – 7687 
     Battery Room – 110598
     Main Server Room – 2019
     Weapons Testing Department – 110700
     Door to Courtyard – 0614
     UFO Sightings Office – 020781
     Security office at entrance – 97531
     Door leading to Bomb - 33575
     Door in auditorium – 1250
     Chinese Embassy (Revisited)
     Door to foyer – 1436
     Door to warehouse – 9753
     Elevator access – 1456
     Door after elevator - 1834
     Feirong's office – 7921
     Presidential Palace
     Garden gate - 2126
     Door leading to Ark Interrogation File - 70021
     Door leading to library - 66768
    More lists. Whee. These Data Stick locations include only those that you must 
    acquire during the mission, not those that will automatically be uploaded to 
    your OPSAT.
     Training Course
     1) The computer near the end of the first half of the training level. Must 
        use Lock Pick to unlock the door.
     Police Station
     1) Computer near the entrance to Blaustein's apartment.
     2) Computer behind the painting in Blaustein's room.
     3) Computer in Gurgenidze's dead drop.
     4) The guard patrolling the entire length of the long street leading to the
     5) Computer in the police officer's office when you first enter precinct.
     6) Computer in research lab, facing the morgue entrance.
     7) Use the computer in the center in the worker's office.
     8) Computer in the captain's office.
     9) The guard in the surveillance room drops this.
    10) Access computer in the Public Relations office.
     Defense Ministry
     1) Use the computer in the first room with the security camera.
     2) In the room before the balcony, use the two computers.
     3) See above.
     4) When guards start spilling onto the courtyard after the conversation 
        ends, take down the second guard that comes out for his Satchel.
     5) The computer in the locked room after going up the elevator.
     6) In the break room, where there are three guards (or four), use the 
     7) Same as above.
     8) Use the computer in the corner of Nikoladze's office.
     9) Use the computer in the center of Nikoladze's office.
     Oil Rig
     1) After the technician and his buddies go into the kitchen, the left guard 
        of the two guards outside carries the Satchel.
     2) Piotr, the technician, drops this when you knock him out.
     CIA Headquarters
     1) When you infiltrate CIA HQ via the vents, fell the guard that is looking 
        down into the Main Hall below.
     2) In the computer in the dark meeting room.
     3) After exiting the elevator, head into the first door on the right and use
        the computer there.
     4) The security guard in Security Station A.
     5) Take the Satchel from the guy patrolling in the room that overlooks the 
        Main Server Room.
     6) Computer in back of Technical Services Room.
     7) Computer in the first cubicle to the left in War Room (opposite Main 
        Server Room entrance).
     8) Computer in shooting range.
     9) Use the computers in Room 509
    10) See 9.
    11) Use computer in Room 501 (near the keypad door).
    12) Access computer in UFO Sightings Office.
     1) The stationary guard on the second floor of the multi-story carpark.
     2) The patrolling guard in the waiting area of Kalinatek (near first 
     3) One of the mercenaries who kills the technicians in the cut-scene.
     4) The second guard to leave the office after he and his partner trashed 
        it carries the Data Stick.
     5) Knock out the remaining guard near the fire door circuit-breaker below 
        the auditorium.
     6) Steal this data from the guy that appears in the skybox after restoring
        power to the fire doors.
     7) Bash the merc working on the computer near the infirmary.
     8) The merc harassing Ivan.
     9) When you reach the rooftop, three mercs will engage in a conversation. 
        The one closest to you carries the Data Stick.
     Chinese Embassy
     1) The first guard you come to when he stops at the alley entrance.
     2) Before entering the sewers, there is a guard accompanied by another 
        guard. The one that patrols the street in front of the sewer is your
     3) The third guard in the sewers.
     4) Take down the guard that patrols near the building structure after 
        leaving the sewers.
     5) Dispatch the first guard you encounter after meeting the contact.
     6) The guard walking on the balcony of the apartment complex.
     7) The guard with the flashlight patrolling the dark alley.
     8) The guard behind the security booth at the entrance to the Embassy.
     1) Overtake the guard nearest to your insertion point.
     2) The masked guard who informs the colonel that Land Mines have been 
     3) Computer in the guard house (before the mine field).
     4) Locate the computer at the bottom of the stairs, next to a Wall Mine.
     5) The computer in the locker room/bathroom.
     6) In the office where you interrogated a guard, use the computer on the  
     7) One of the three guards before entering the freezer rooms has a Data 
     8) In the second freezer room; the guard in the middle.
     9) In the stables where the first turret is located. A guard wanders into  
        this room. He carries a Data Stick.
    10) In the stables, there are two guards talking to each other. The one on 
        the right has it.
     Chinese Embassy (Revisited)
     1) One of the guards dining in the noodle house.
     2) One of three guards destroying the computers in the basement.
     3) After going up the stairs, there is a guard with his back facing you.
     4) After inputting the passcode to the first keypad door, knock out the 
        guard to the right, next to the turret.
     5) On the upper floor, opposite the retina scanner, one of the three guards
        here has it.
     6) Computer in the room protected by retina scanner.
     Presidential Palace
     1) All three of the guards you encounter in the first area carry this Data
        Stick. Once you have obtained one of their Satchels, you will not need to
        bother with the rest.
     2) In the multi-story entrance hall, the elite soldier on the second floor.
     3) In the multi-story entrance hall, the elite soldier on the third floor.
     4) In the long corridor after the entrance hall with two soldiers patrolling 
        up and down, the one patrolling on the right.
     5) The single guard in the room with the Ark interrogation file.
     6) In the library, the guard who goes to the second floor to shoot you.
     7) The laptop in the catacombs, where Nikoladze is.
     8) The elite soldier who attempts to extract the activation key from you.
    Splinter Cell was originally released on the Xbox. Over time, it propagated 
    itself on the PC, Playstation2, Gamecube and even Gameboy Advance. Contrary 
    to what one would believe, the games are somewhat different from one another. 
    The GBA version, especially, is a completely different game. It is 
    essentially a side-scroller, and a decent one at that. A veteran player of 
    one version of Splinter Cell would quickly notice the changes in the 
    environment when playing a different version. It seems that in order to add 
    variety to the games, Ubi Soft shifted things around, added or deleted rooms, 
    improved upon a few features and so on and so forth.
    Here's a chart on the differences (courtesy of CVXFREAK or er, Ubi Soft):
    | Feature                      | Xbox | PC | GameCube | PlayStation 2 |
    | Download Content (Level)     | Yes  | No |   No     |     No        |
    | GBA Connectivity             | No   | No |   Yes    |     No        |
    | Story FMV Extras             | No   | No |   Yes    |     Yes       |
    | Sticky Bomb                  | No   | No |   Yes    |     No        |
    | GBA Radar                    | No   | No |   Yes    |     No        |
    | Extra Non-Download Level     | No   | No |   No     |     Yes       |
    | Misc. Extras (*=Limited)     | Yes  | No |   Yes*   |     Yes*      |
    Basically, all you need to know is that these differences usually come in the 
    form of different methods of play. I would love to include more in-depth 
    information on the differences, but I really can't be bothered (even though I 
    did make this section -_-). There is just no possible way for me to play 
    through each version extensively (the result of laziness). That's why I'm 
    leaving this section open to contributions. Any additional information on 
    anything is appreciated. For now, this is all. ^__^
    Here you'll find questions that are frequently asked (or frequently not asked 
    but still included for the sake of filling space :)) and the answers to them. 
    Oh yes, life is wonderful.
     Q: Which version of Splinter Cell should I get??
     A: Like you should ask. Get the Xbox version simply because my walkthrough 
        was tailored specifically for Xbox owners. =) In all honesty, though, if 
        you set your computer at maximum settings and have an excellent video 
        card, then get it for the PC. The graphics in this game truly shine on 
        the PC. However, it is plagued by so many bugs and glitches that it's
        impossible to complete the game without downloading a bunch of patches. 
        The GCN version is probably the weakest of the bunch. It has watered down 
        graphics, an awkward control set up, and yadda yadda. The PS2 is probably 
        the better alternative to the Xbox version. 
     Q: How come alarms are sometimes randomly raised against me?
     A: This means that you haven't been hiding your bodies well. In missions 
        that require absolute stealth and minimal alarms, this holds especially
        true and could put your mission on hold. Hide those bodies! Make a habit 
        of it. In the real world, too.
     Q: How long is this game?
     A: Depending upon how you play it, it could last anywhere from 2 to 7 hours. 
     Q: In your walkthrough, you always tell me where to get Data Sticks. Do I
        unlock anything by collecting a specific amount?
     A: For 50 Data Sticks, you get absolutely nothing. For any amount, you get 
        a wet loin cloth. There's nothing to be gained other than some 
        entertaining reading. I mean, they're just fun to read. Most of the time.
        Plus they reveal some plot information.
     Q: Is there online play?
     A: No, not really. You can, however, download extra levels. Three of them.
        You need an active Xbox Live subscription to do so. Check out the pseudo-
        sequel, Pandora Tomorrow, for some CRAZY FUN online play.
     Q: Hold on a minute here. You're telling me that Bounty can pick up this 
        puddle of mysterious yellow liquid and not leave any trace of it?
     A: Yes.
     Q: Actually, I meant to ask why the enemies can't see the three conspicuous
        lights on Sam's forehead.
     A: Yes. I mean, I'm not really sure why this is. If I were one of the guards
        in the game and saw some floating green lights in the darkness, I would 
        totally be freaked out and, perhaps, send my buddies to go check them 
        out. That's just me. Splinter Cell guards are obviously undisturbed by 
        such minor things. But then again, they also enjoy working under 
        frighteningly dark conditions.
     Q: Heh. This game is too easy for me. Your walkthrough is useless.
     A: Thank you, Mr/Miss/Mrs Ace Player Supahstah!!!
    \  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  /
     ||                               07.  Outro                              ||
    /  o---------------------------------------------------------------------o  \
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    DISCLAIMER: Splinter Cell, the Splinter Cell logo, and all related characters 
    are copyright and property of Ubi Soft.
    - Instruction manual for helping me with certain moves and ideas on some item 
    - CVXFREAK's Splinter Cell (GCN) guide for the Version Differences section.
    - the message's guide, which was used for comparison purposes; to see whether
      the information contained in this guide was accurate.
    - Phoenix 1911's defunct Splinter Cell (PC) guide for extra strategies and 
      various tidbits of valuable information, especially the passcode for the
      Defense Ministry level. 
    o|                        S P E C I A L  T H A N K S                       |o
    Adrenaline would like to thank the following people for making this FAQ 
    Ubi Soft – For producing this delightful game.
    Mom – For her eternal support. She is the numba one mom eva!
    CJayC – For being an awesome webmaster. Thanks for all the hard work you put
    into this site.
    bananagirl (aka fat llama fucker) – For creating that nice ASCII title at the 
    top. no U teh ho!
    Phoenix 1911 – For sending me his now deceased Splinter Cell guide for the 
    PC, which he let me use as I wished. No major portions of his guide were 
    incorporated into mine. 
    Dashboard Confessionals, Story of the Year, A Perfect Circle, and Chevelle – 
    For producing wonderful musical treats for my ears. I am not worthy.
    o|                              C L O S I N G                              |o
    This FAQ marks my great return to the FAQ writing scene. If you haven't 
    noticed, I have been absent for over one and a half years, mainly due to my 
    lack of interest, time and motivation. Let me tell you all something 
    remarkable. FAQ writing is a constantly evolving hobby, by which I mean the 
    people at the vanguard are constantly changing. From observing the rep of 
    other "retired" FAQ authors, I knew that inactive veterans of this hobby were 
    doomed to be overrun and thus forgotten by the newer generations. I expected 
    the same fate to befall me. 
    To my surprise, my fellow FAQ writers and fans of my work continued to 
    recognize my existence even after nearly two years of inactivity. Some of 
    them urged me to write new FAQs. That pleased me very much. In short, I would 
    like to sincerely thank all FAQ authors and my fans, who have rekindled my 
    love for the hobby and inspired me to once again go buck wild, for your 
    continued support. I'm in a cheesy mood. Bear hugs and peace on earth, baby.
    I dedicate this guide to everyone who's ever read my work and liked it. If 
    you really enjoy my work, find it in your heart to donate however much you'd 
    like to toiletrabbit(at)hotmail(dot)com via Paypal (http://www.paypal.com). 
    All donations will greatly be appreciated. Your donations would help my 
    miserable existence in college and may allow me to purchase additional games 
    for your FAQing pleasure! 
    Thanks for reading this. Now I'm off like a pair of pants on fire!
    "You are going to jail for making babies without a license!"
    Shameless plug--Other FAQs by yours truly:
                                   MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
                                            /^  ^^    ///
                         / // ^  ^       /O%G%/t(   /////
                         O(@@ 6@e    /RG(t////~t%K^/ //^/
                          DeFtones   @#(((^  ^//~6K%^^^^
                                    R@G%/~     //(CK@
                                   @@B6((~/ ^^^~/~t%@
                                   @@R6((~((/%/~(/CO@   /
                            ^^ % /(OKeC%tCC6C6666OG%~// /
                          / ^(t/~%G6(tC%(%tC%%C6%%///////
                        ^  ^%/(%KCC(((%((/(/(~// //^//~//
                           C/%R@(t(/^        ^^   / / ///
                       ^/^(t#@(((/^  !~AdrenALiNe~!
                       ^%%@@(~/~/^          ^    ^//^// /
                        /(//////// ^  /  / R~%G^C~Gt~/^ ^
                         // ////// / ^^^///////G/ ~/ ///^
                         /// ^//^/// / /   /^ / ^//// ///
                           _Adrenaline_ Deftones 1995 
                   The Unofficial Splinter Cell Strategy Guide
                          Copyright © 2004 Stephanie Lee
                                  October 2004

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