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"Good God Damn!"



I got this game the day it came out though I have not finished it yet I still feel I can judge this game at the point I’m at. This game is one of, if not the best game I have ever played. Keep in mind ‘Doom’ was on the top of my list till now. This game with its great game play and superb story telling is sure not to disappoint.


Its 2003, the NSA has created an organization in response to the growing number of encrypted things that might be potential threats. They created an organization name 'Third Echelon'. You are Sam Fisher a Splinter cell; you alone have the 5th freedom. ''The right to spy, steal, destroy, and assassinate. To ensure that American freedoms are protected. if captured, his government will disavow any knowledge of his existence.'' The Story overall is great, But what did you expect, this is written by Tom Clancy.



This game has some of the greatest game play aspects ever. Sam is a very acrobatic type person. He can do all sorts of gymnastics, from rolls to the famous ‘split kicks’. This is a realistic type game enemy’s take one to two shots to die, and you take about 10 to die. You are equipped with all sorts of gadgets, one of the coolest is: the fiber optics cam or ‘snake cam’, you fish it under doors and see where your targets are. But my personal favorite one is elector-shocker, you load it in your gun and shot it at your targets. It hits you target with a high voltage dart that incapacitates it. Sam is equip with 2 guns. A FN Five-Seven(Pistol, 5.76mm) and the SC-20k(Rifle, 5.56x45mm). Due to the games realism these are the only guns you will be using. ‘Real’ military people don’t pick up guns that aren’t theirs and intend to use them. It’s just too dangerous because the operative is not trained in the weapons characteristics. The game seems to play very smooth and I see no FPS problems whatsoever. The only problem i see with the game play is AI. The AI is kind of slow sometimes takeing a full second to plot all of its points. This might be just becasue im playing it on normal (2 difficulty modes, normal and hard).



Hey what can I say? Right now there is no better looking game then splinter cell. Doom 3 will defiantly give SC a run for its money. First off there are some very revolutionary things going on in this game. The Shadows in this game are all real time and so is the environments. If you haven’t seen this feature you must watch a video of it screen shots just don’t work you wont be amazed by them. Words can’t even describe how amazing it looks. Well, if words could, I can’t think of any. Another amazing thing this game pulls of is the real time soft object effects. I’ve seen this done in many games. But none pull it off like splinter cell. Now we have all seen walking through the curtains and watching them move, but there is always a clipping problem with the curtain. Like your head peeks out or something like that. It’s sad, but splinter cell pulls it off, there are no clipping problems what so ever that I see. Nothing peeks through or any thing. Another thing they did with the curtains is let bullets move them. And any object for that matter, explosions, bottles, sticky shocker, and bullets.



Splinter cell offers very nice sound. 5.1 surround sound for that matter. If you play any game with 5.1 this is the game you should play. Stuff sounds real everything voices, gunshots, cans hitting the floor, everything! The Crystal Method did the whole soundtrack. The intro actually has some good music and so does the game. Mostly every sound in this game sounds great.


Replay Value:

Now this game has great replay value huge stages tons of different ways to kill each enemy. The only reason it didn’t get a ten was because there is no multiplayer. But the only reason it got a nine and not a 5 was because there is downloadable content via Xbox live. Xbox Live is supposed to let you download 9 new stages. And Xbox magazine will give you two on one of their demo discs. These two features as is make it a nine. If you don’t have Xbox Live I would give replay a 5/10.


Buy or Rent:

Buy, way too much to do in one week…


+ Best looking game ever
+ Very real
+ Great story
+ Extra levels
+ Great sound

- No multiplayer
- only OK A.I.

Story: 10
Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Replay Value: 9 ( 5 if you don’t have Xbox Live)
Rent or Buy: Buy


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/24/02, Updated 11/24/02

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