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"Gives new meaning to the term TOUGH AS NAILS!"

Before I start I would like to make one thing perfectly clear DON'T EVEN GO NEAR THIS GAME IF YOU DON'T HAVE PATIENCE! you'll find out soon enough.

Graphics: 10 (or if I could give more it would be around a hundred something, the graphics are AMAZING!)

The game has all kinds of new conventions: realistic lighting, for example the shades on windows reflect light directly onto all things in the room, ITS SOOOOO COOL!

OH btw the characters have individual fingers (ohhh ahh!) but thats not all, everything in the game is modeled to perfection like you wouldn't believe!

gameplay: Think metal gear solid with a side of tactics. you have to frequently retry areas (yes areas of the level, the levels are HUGE) until you perfect your tactics, if you screw up your DEAD, because theres no hand to hand fighting, and your weapons are not very strong, you have to perfect your sneaking skills, so that you are not seen AT ALL, because if you are, chances are you won't live too long!

Unfortunately this type of style takes EXTREME PATIENCE if you don't have the patience, you BETTER have some king of CIA blood in you, or you should avoid this game like the black plauge! Also doing this is sometimes very difficult to figure out, so you must treat every segment as a puzzle, for instance: i'm out of ammo with my pistol, there are three guards and no real place to hide, what do you do? simple (well not really) you backtrack, pick up a bottle, toss it down the stairs, wait for the guards to come and find the bottle, shimmy across the roof and drop in on the third guard knocking him out, and BLING! your in the clear, for another two seconds, and it goes all over again.

Control: As your character, you have pretty close to 100 different moves to perform pretty easily on the controler. However, jumping feels, and looks very sluggish (well you are like 50 in the game) and when you go into shooting mode (yes shooting mode) the game pans into a second person (yes second person) view of the character, in case you didn't know, second person is sort of a paralax view, of someone beside of you as the camera. ITS VERY AWKWARD! Plus the fact that in order to shoot you have to enter ''shooting mode'' is not cool, but whatever.

Story: If your into clancy, the story is something that you will want to write down on a paper and read every night before bedtime. If you don't like it, well its mostly skippable, so don't worry about it.

rent or buy A(or pass): If you like clancy, well then buy this game now! if you enjoyed the MGS series but wish it was a little less ''arcadey'' then buy this game! If you have a younger sibling that annoys the heck out of you, but you can put up with it, BUY THIS GAME!


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/25/02, Updated 11/25/02

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