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"Quiet...quiet...ever so quiet...WHO IS THAT! CRAP! *blam* *blam* NO! I'm dyin,I'm dyin..."

Oh Tommy...why baby why? All I wanted was for you to release a good stealth based game that I could nibble at in between MGS releases... Why you gotta do me like dis sugah? Now following the trademark outburst on to a hopefully well thought out, balanced, Splinter Cell review.

Graphics: 9/10 Great graphics. Cutscenes could use a little jaggy work. Nice textures though. I want to lick the walls.

Sound/Music: 9/10 I like the ambivolence in the games sound and presentation. It suits sneaking very well. Along with the music, there is plenty of voice acting and you can pick up many conversations with people you are about to sneak up on.

Gameplay: 3/10 Here is where the games score drops tremendously. Are you ready? The game is boring. Mind numbingly dull. I could hardly finish the first 3 missions without feeling almost physically sick of sneaking around like a blasted idiot trying to find ammo or whatever other pointless objective you have at the moment. Lets go into detail with a few of the major flaws that abound in SC:

Ammunition problems: Some people might ask, ''Hey man,where's the ammo?'' Wiser people that have played SC thoroughly will respond ''Sorry, there is no ammo.'' No really I mean it there really is no ammo. Take it up with my man Tom.

Linearity: The only thing that could make the game more linear would be to place burly prison inmates in front of every other possible route to your goal. At first I realized ''Oh wow, I climbed a pipe to get where I was going!'' Then I realized I couldn't do it any other way. You see, maybe if the pipe was an alternate, possibly even sneakier path or perhaps just a spot to spring from firing at guards while screaming ''death from above'' then it would impress me. But sadly the aforementioned pipe just took me in a straight, pipe-like line.

All in all, I can say that the entire time I played this game, I had almost no fun.

Story: 5/10 You are Sam Fisher. You have been commissioned by the government to do a lot of random stealth operations for some reason or another. Don't ask me because I don't really know or care whats going on storywise during the entire game. Its quite boring. A great story really could have done this game good, but instead is marred by annoying babble about geopolitics or other innane dialogue. Hey Ubi Soft, I might actually enjoy your main character if he weren't little more than an NSA/federal government handpuppet throughout the entire plot.

Control: 9/10 The control is fine,except its a little awkward when opening doors and coming up from behind to grab people. Sam moves,shoots, and dodges responsively and that is a relief and keeps you from being destroyed by the terminator AI.

Replay Value: I've never replayed it, and possibly never will.

Overall score and comments. Score: 7/10

I wanted to like this game, I really did. I just don't. I find it insanely boring and overly difficult. There really isn't too much to catch my attention and hold it long enough to make me want to finish the game again. People will flame me,(and have) but thats just the way I see it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/26/02, Updated 11/25/03

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