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"Stealth, thats the name of the game!"

Once in a while a game comes along and makes people stand up and marvel at a new twist on a genre. And also, stands as a graphical benchmark for a system that all other games will be based on for that system. That game is called Splinter Cell.


It is about time the X-Box showed what it can do. The visuals are amazing. There is so much eye candy here. You can just sit and stare at these visuals for hours upon end. You can even fool people by saying this is a live coverage from CNN and they will believe it. You can tell that the developers worked long and hard to bring this game to the masses.


Great! The music changes from a subtle beat to a dangerous mix when you are found or something is wrong. The voice acting is also well done. I am surprised that the game developers were able to get Michael Ironside as the voice of Sam Fisher. The weapons and even the subtle footsteps of someone are crystal clear and are awesome.


Props go out again to the developers for making this game very controller friendly. Every button is used on the X-Box controller and for many good uses such as aiming or crouching up against a wall. Even sneaking around is great as Sam can perform many moves that many people can only dream about, or see in a Jet Li movie.


Here we come to the meat and potatoes of the dinner. Lets see if this game is all hype or what. The game is wonderful to play. There are so many ways to complete an objective. You can go in quiet as a ghost. Or go in guns blazing, which will sometimes make you die.

But there is a downfall, a major one. Many young and/or inexperienced players will look at this game as the hardest thing since grandma’s fruit cake at Christmas. Even so, this game is a welcome challenge to season vets of games. For once a game provides people with a challenge rather than a cake walk.


Solid who? This game will make anyone forget him. This is for real stealth gamers who want stealth and realism rather than some stealth and huge walking robots bent on taking over the world (insert Godzilla destroys Tokyo reference.)!

This is a game for those who want a challenge, more replay value, and something that will put hair on your chest, figuratively speaking of course.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/27/02, Updated 11/27/02

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