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"Great game, but not without it's flaws"

Huge flaws.
Great. Not spectacular. I admit the lighting in the game is absolutely STUNNING, but otherwise the character models are relatively lower res than those found in MGS2. Still, one can easily see the guys behind Splinter Cell sacrificed high-res character models for great looking environments... which is something MGS2 was missing (minus the Tanker).
Most of the special effects are stunning, ESPECIALLY the ones that have to do with lighting (the Nightvision is an absolute MUST-SEE!!!). But here comes another flaw: FSAA. The Anti-Aliasing is very bad for an Xbox game. Every possible corner is as choppy as can be. I expect this naturally from a PS2 game but Xbox? It's simply not acceptable on Xbox...
Overall: 8

The sounds are great. I still don't understand why foreigners speak English (especially when in their respective countries), but hey. Nothing's perfect. The music is by the Crystal Method and it's awesome. Not as good as Harry Gregson-Williams' work on MGS2, but still great. All the other sounds in the game are fine. I really have no complaint about them.
Overall: 9

SPLIT JUMP! When I first got my hands on the demo of this game I constantly played around with the Split Jump. I instantly thought ''this is the best part of this game''.... it's too bad it's very annoying to pull off in the area you're given. Grr!
The control is great. There are about 5 speeds of running/sneaking and it's very cool... or something.
My only complaint with the control is the jumping. It's so stiff. Running around is so smooth in this game, than you'd naturally think jumping would be smooth too. Boo-urns. Also, I wish the game would let you stick to the walls by leaning against it a-la MGS. Unlike the Tenchu-style sticking-to-walls. It's annoying as hell to have to reach all the way down to the White button to get the **** off the wall. Grr!
Overall: 9

Good. There's so much to go over in the gameplay. But, I'm just going to stick to the flaws.
Flaw #1: The crosshair
Is there anything more annoying in this game?!?!? The crosshair is HUGE. You have no idea how hard it is to shoot a camera from across the room when the crosshair is about 2 times the size of the camera. Not to mention getting headshots, shooting out lights, and all other kinds of stuff. It's so annoying. This one time I had the crosshair right over this guy's head. It was the size of his head, okay? So I proceed to shoot. The first hit cues the music to start, and he turns around like nothing. I proceed to pump about 5 more bullets in his brain before reinforcements arrive and take me down. WHAT THE HELL?!?!
Flaw #2: The Light system
There's no ''Alert'' mode in this game. Instead, you get a meter that tells you how well you are lit. So, I'm standing in a corner with the meter all the way at the bottom (meaning I'm not lit at all), but my goggles and a cellphone on my back are always on and shining a greenish color. Always. I'm standing there when a guy looks at me and just continues to walk. I SEE HIM LOOKING AT ME. Apparently everyone has IR-goggles and a glowing cellphone strapped to his back. I thought this game was supposed to be more realistic than MGS2? My ***. Did I mention that it wasn't as dark as the game makes it seem? Because it's not. Maybe it's the brightness on my TV. But all I know is that I could see myself as light as day.

That's about all the flaws. The story isn't as engaging as MGS2's, but that's just because I'm a bigger Metal Gear fan than I am a Splinter Cell fan. I knew (and still know) nothing about the story in Splinter Cell. It's boring. I just played the game because I had fun grabbing people, interrogating people and having them say ''Please don't hurt me!'', right before I pistol whip 'em upside the head! Woo-hoo! :)
Overall: 7
All-in-all, it's a good game well deserving of Gamespot's 8.6, rather than OXM and IGN's 9.6. Pfft.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/02, Updated 11/30/02

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