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Reviewed: 11/30/02 | Updated: 11/30/02

If you buy this game it won't Disappoint.

OK, here we go, the game is Splinter Cell, the X-Box answer to Metal Gear Solid. I will go and say this, ''This game rocks!!''


As far as graphics this game has it. The ambient lights make the game, at times, photo realistic. This is the advantage to having a game built around the Xbox hardware. The Only gripe I have with the graphics is sometimes it gets blocky and the shadows don't have very good anti-aliasing. So anyway For the graphics I give it a 9.6

This is the part of the game lacks. The stealth missions are awesome, I keep telling myself that this game is 96% stealth and 4% action until I find it better to kill and/or knockout everyone and move around very easy. I grew up with Metal Gear so the whole ''push button to push back against wall thing'' gets annoying to me. I usually find myself just standing or crouching next to the corner and using the right analog stick to see what is around the corner. The controls are a bit stiffy also. I like running behind people and knocking them out but it takes a lot of skill to sneak up on a walking person and but them in the choke hold. Overall I give gameplay a 9.2


True Tom Clancy story line. You are Sam Fisher and things are all messed up in the country of Georgia... Fix it. I have loved Tom's work and this shines. I feel that if a movie is translated from a book it will loose some effect. Like wise a Movie to a game. But it gets really bad from a book, to movie, to game. I was driven to but this game because Ubi Soft asked Tom Clancy to Give Sam Fisher a story and he did it just for the game so I think the story is great. Over all 9.9


I have a really nice surround sound system. I get it pumped to a high volume and I feel like I am in the game to a point. Not really much to talk about with the sound. Well with moving around in game if you make to much sound it will alert the guards. Oh well overall 9.8


If you are big into playing a game to its fullest and trying to do everything in the game then this game will last you a while. Otherwise one play through will be all that you need. But I personally think this game is worth the purchase. It will take you a week or so to beat it. Unless you play it 23 hours a day then a couple of days. But if you buy this game it won't Disappoint. Overall lasting effect 9.5


I put a 9 up top because they won't let me put a fractional answer. This game is good but not perfect. It needs tweaking the Story is perfect and the graphics are awesome. So overall I will give this game a 9.5

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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