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"Can you compare this to MGS2?"

Why yes...yes you can. MGS pioneered the field of stealth gaming and Splinter Cell does an excellent job of adding to it. But in my opinion, Splinter Cell by no means surpasses MGS2. And of course I'm allowed to compare the games and have my opinion...thats one of those other freedoms, but Sam Fisher has the 5th freedom, and does a pretty badass job of exercising it.

Graphics: 10

My dad walked into my room and asked me if I was watching a movie. Then I sarcastically said, ''Yes, a movie with on screen indicators.'' He didn't understand and still thinks I'm playing a movie. Anyways, this games graphics on this game are PHENOMENAL!!!! I have NEVER seen a game with better graphics, and I'm not exaggerating. This is one area where the XBOX and Splinter Cell surpass MGS2. The lighting, my God the lighting, its amazing. Though the character models are pretty generic, the lighting and stunning environments make up for it ten fold.

Sound: 8

The sound in this game fits the game perfectly but it isn't there all the time. When you are discovered by an enemy a catchy, pulse-pounding tune ensues, but only when you are discovered. However, when there is no music, there is perfect ambient sound for sneaking. Also, the guns and gadgets all have great sound effects and never sound unconvincing. All in all, MGS2 beats the crap out of Splinter Cell in the sound dept. but Splinter Cell still had pretty good if not great sound.

Control: 8

The control in this game is perfect and fits all situations perfectly except for one glaring flaw...aiming. You can point your gun straight at a guard's head, fire, and the guard will still spot you, still sound an alarm, and still bust a cap in yo'....well you get the picture. Also, doing the split jump and wall jumps (which you'll soon learn are ultra badass moves) is sometimes difficult because sometimes (more often than not) you'll jump the completely wrong direction. Other than that, the menu system, quick equipping, running, jumping, etc are all exceptional. I'd say tied with MGS2 on this on (but maybe I'm biased, I love the Dual Shock controller).

Story: 9

Wow, ultra badass can you top Tom Clancy, HE'S AN AUTHOR, and a damn good one at that. Really I can't say much because I don't want to ruin it, but lets just say this game's story gives you the feel of a ''very-near-future'' fear. I realize that many people despised MGS2's story, but I loved it. I really can't make a judgment on which is better.

Main Character and Supporting Characters: 9

In a game like this, the main character is very very important. Sam Fisher is a seasoned badass, with the right to exercise the 5th freedom. Everything from his suit, to his voice, to his personality, to his badass moves are awesome. Supporting characters are very realistic and will help you immensely. But, if Sam Fisher and the gang get a 9/10, Solid Snake and the gang get a 999999999/10, personally I loved the characters in the MGS series, and most people agree with me.

Gameplay: 9

Here's the good stuff. This game is extremely awesome gameplay. There is such a wide variety of stuff to do in this game and such a variety of ways to do it. For example: you walk into a super well lit, narrow hallway with a lone guard. Do you: A) Shoot out the lights, turn on Night-Vision and blast his head clean off, B) Shoot out the lights, throw a can out to distract him, do a split jump, and knock him out from above, or C) Run in guns ablazin' and get blown to hell. Well, I'm sure there are more than 3 ways to do it, but lets just say you don't wanna pick C. This game is a stealth game, and that might turn some people off....but it is FUN. But you have to remember this isn't by any means an action game. Also, this game is extremely challenging and is constantly testing you intellect to choose what do do and how to do it. To compare to MGS2, it's a toss up. If you like action games with a little bit of stealth, MGS2 wins hands down, but if you light the idea of STEALTH and STEALTH ONLY, then Splinter Cell does a great job. In this category,I really can't compare.

Overall (not an average): 8

To recap its:

Splinter Cell-

Graphics- 10
Sound- 8
Control- 8
Story- 9
Characters- 9
Gameplay- 9
Overall- 8

Splinter Cell has MGS2 beat in some areas and MGS2 has Splinter Cell beats in some areas. All in all, its a toss up between what you like and don't like. Both games are amazing and I thought it was very important to compare the two in writing, since everyone else seems to be doing it on the boards anyway. Believe me, if you want to push your XBOX to its limits and have a fun (but extremely challenging) time, pick up a copy of Splinter Cell, you won't regret it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/02, Updated 11/30/02

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