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"After finally waiting, I have been able rented Splinter Cell, and it is definetly one of the best games i have ever played!"

I rented this game and now i like this game so much i decided to buy it! i asked for it for christmas as one of my top choices. If you guys care about your grades, i advise you not to get this or rent this til Christmas break, because it is so addicting and you will never be able to concentrate or wait til you get home from school to play it. These are the reasons why:

People complain about the size and weight of the X-Box, but Splinter Cell is one of the games that show why it needs to be so large. The graphics are superb! In my opinion, these are the best graphics i have ever seen on a video game. Another great thing is the game never seems to lag or skip, which is a typical outcome of incredibly hi-res graphics such as this game. The only thing that is mediocre about these graphics are the character models. Actually, the character models are awesome, but it seems the environment is so good, the character models look only okay. However, with a great environment and a pretty good character model running so smooth together, you will rarely encounter problems. But no game, no matter how good the graphics are, are good without a decent gameplay, which i will discuss later.
My score on these graphics: 10/10

The sound is another characteristic of this game that makes it so awesome. I played this game on my big screen TV with my surround sound, which made the game even better! Since it's a third person game, you may think the sound would be repetitive and boring. But if you played it, you would find that the volume adjusts depending on how you interact with the environment.
My score for the sound: 9.5/10

Even non Splinter Cell fans admit the controls were excellent. I have seen why. Everything seems to be in a reliable positions when you need them most. There are so many actions you can execute, and the amount of buttons on the X-Box controller make it less complex.
My score for the controls: 10/10

Two words: TOM CLANCY
Of course the story is good! If you are not a Tom Clancy fan, then you should actually read some of his books and then say you dont like him. If you have read his books and you are not a fan, then you. I am only on the 2nd level right now, and i can already predict some of the plot twists that may happen later in the game, but so far the game is suspenseful and fun.
My score for the story: 9/10

Think that just because the developers spent so much time on the graphics, the gameplay would be horrible? Well you're wrong then. The gameplay interacts so good with the environment, you can spend hours just messing around in the levels. Sam Fisher is so stealthy, he's almost like a ghost. It is fun playing with the guards, shooting out lights, then making distractions and noises, and pretty soon they get so spooked they go for the alarm. After i get bored of messing with them, i just snatch them into the darkness and conk them on the head. To play this game, you gotta be patient. And those impatient guys with ADHD will probably hate this game, because they will usually try to start a bloodbath, but in the end they will probably die. My friend says anyone who thinks the gameplay is bad, they are probably just pissed at the Russian guard who killed him when he was madly dashing across the open courtyard in mid-daylight. The saving is also convenient, because of the hard drive on the X-Box. The only factors that take away from me giving the gameplay a 10 is the fact that the very, very, very limited arsenal of weapons, the replay value (Ubi Soft seems promising on making downloadable levels through XBOX Live though =P)and it's so addicting, you will never be able to concentrate on anything but the game :).
My score for the gameplay: 9/10

Overall: 9.6-10/10 seems fair for this game. Obviously most of the people who played this game that gave it low scores were just too afraid to admit that there was a better game than Metal Gear Solid 2, liked MGS2 so much they denied Splinter Cell even or while they played it, or have flat out never played it before and just want to discourage people not to get this game so MGS2 would beat Splinter Cell. Well, Splinter Cell is overall a lot better in my opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/09/02, Updated 12/09/02

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