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"An extremely hyped, very disappointing imitation of Metal Gear Solid"

I's so glad I only rented it. When I read the quote by Metal Gear's creator (I forget his name at the moment), saying he wished he could take this game and turn it onto MGS3, I thought it was a gauranteed winner. Ooh, was I wrong. It seems what he was trying to say is that using this game's *engine*, he could make a really good game, and I beleive it. The game itself however, pales in comparison to Metal Gear for reasons that are almost too many to list. I'll try, though.


Graphics 5/10

They looked good in the magazines, and there are lots of awsome screenshots to be taken here, but the fact is that while you're actually playing it and can see the boring, generic environments between those pretty pictures it isnt nearly as impressive. With all the gushing in magazine previews I was really expecting a lot more detail. Almost everything about this game's graphics is so typical and has been done in every damn video game already

Sound 7/10

Can't really find much wrong here. The voices became repetetive in places. Good, functional sound effects. The music is pretty good too. Of course, despite being good enough, it is, like everything Tom Clancy, bland and boring

Gameplay 4/10

How is it more realistic to force me down an extremely rigid path through each level? This game REALLY makes me want to play Thief:The Dark Project. God It's so much better. Go play it. You can get it for only $10 for chrissakes. I don't see why I should feel clever because I was resourceful enough to climb across that pipe or use this wacky gadget when its the only choice they give you! Sam is a clumsy doofus, *I'm* better at sneaking than he is, and he can't perform simple physical maneuvers that just about anyone could do. He just reminds me every chance he gets that hes just a video game character and they didnt think of programming him to climb up that waist-high ledge.

Story 1/10

I couldnt even watch this garbage. Granted, I did try but it was just soo damn boring that I couldn't even do it. When playing MGS2, I sat through at least 80% of the dialogue, and that game was criticized heavily for having such an overdone plot. I personally thought it was quite interesting. SC, however, is NOT.

Control 7/10

This one is passable, but I don't know why they thought there should be a button for flattening against the wall, which by the way, I have a lot of trouble getting to work quickly when I need it. Jumping was probably unecessary, too. Overall the controls work in theory, but there have been numerous times when I knew how I was supposed to do something and couldn't get it to work. I just think they could have been a lot more intuitive and easy to use while remaining perfectly ''hard-core''

Fun/Replay 4/10

I read somewhere that this game would have more substance than substance. Where did they get that from?? 9 levels! Rigid, fixed paths through every one! Wheres the substance? No where! Its reasonably fun to play, but after beating it I won't ever want to LOOK at this game again!

Final 4/10

I think the single greates complaint(huge) is how linear the levels are. If it wasn't for that I might have overlooked everything else. Just that one aspect of the game turned me off so much.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/11/02, Updated 12/11/02

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