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"Splinter Cell redifines games and embodies everything good in the gaming industry today"

Hurray.......Splinter Cell is here hurry up and buy it quick you will not complain with some of the best gameplay, visuals, control and just overall greatness this is one game you will be proud to own and easily game of the year.

Control 10/10

The control in the game is very good and well thought out because of the numerous actions that you can perform they are split jump, wall hug, mantaling, pipe climb, shooting from a pie and many more.
The main thing about the control that I like was was the movement if u push the left analouge stick slightly he will step over step creep but if the u push it fully he will move his fastest, I feel that the contorl was top notch and there is no aparant flaws in it.

Story 10/10

As most of you probably know it is adapted from a Tom Clancy book which is enough in its own right but a litlle taster You are Sam Fisher You are Splinter Cell I won't spoil it.

Sound 10/10

I cannot falt the sound on this game the reason for this is that it is so good for example you are walking over some wodden floorboards and they creek and you walk over a broken glass bottle and you hear the cracking of the glass underfoot.
The music also adds to the tense atmosphere of the game for example if you are spotted the music ups the tempo and gets faster which I really like because if the music changes you know something is wrong.

Visual 10/10

Sam Fisher is one of the most realistic character in games at the moment he is so well produced he actually blinks it is just so well done another thing about the visuals is the curtains I have to mention them if you run through them they flow like a really curtain would do the graphics are some of the most up to date graphics used the character models are excellent but were the game excels is in the lighting and shadows this is one game were stealth is the main focus on the game.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is very good in that you have to think about what you are going to do because if you don't thats it mission over you can't just burst into a room gun balzing trying to kill everything in sight because you will be killed most definately which is were you have to use your stealth ability and stick to the shadows.
The enemy AI is also very adapt in that you make the slighest sound and they look for something so you do have to be careful in your movements.

Replayability 10/10

This game can be replayed over and over again until you get sick of seeing Sam Fisher but you won't because with extra levels to download this is one of the best games of the year

Overall 10/10

I feel that there is no way that I can falt this game it is just so good and i just hope that Ubi Soft do a sequel(hint hint) but i would very much recommened buying this game it is definately worth the money Buy it as soon as possible.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/13/02, Updated 12/13/02

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