"I was nervous about it not living up to the hype. Not anymore"

When I saw this game I immediately thought it would be a dumb rip off from the MGS series. Boy was I wrong. You are Sam Fisher, an ex-Seal, ex-CIA operative: basically it's a ''we need you and only you can pull this off'' type of game.

Gameplay: The controls are amazingly simple to grasp, and Sam moves beautifully; he responds well to the controls and moves smoothly. Ubi Soft made the controls simple. Overall the game is somewhat difficult, but would you expect a GREAT game to be immediately easy?? It's a learn from your mistakes type of game. Much like MGS2. 10/10

Story: Like I said, you are Sam Fisher, an ex-Seal and ex-CIA operative called back to find 2 missing agents. You are a Splinter Cell. I've heard some people criticize the game in this department, and here's why they are wrong: This is a Tom Clancy game, therefore it's based on REALISM. Sorry there are no flying dragons you have to shoot or vampires you have to kill. This is a very, very realistic game. If you aren't into realism, then this game isn't for you. 10/10

Graphics: This is where the game shines as well. The right analogue stick is used to move 360 degrees at any time, showing off Sam's beautiful character. I'm not going into the lighting and shadow affects, because I'm sure you've heard the hype and let me just say that it deserves all the praise in the world for the realtime shadow affects. The only problem I had with this game, and it's slight, but a problem none-the-less, were the clipping issues. Sam's elbow would disappear into a wall for a second, or if you drop an unconscious soldier into a dark corner his head might disappear into the wall instead of bending at the wall like they did in MGS2. Other than the clipping issues, the graphics are fantastic. I've also heard people say the textures are bland, blah blah blah. Most of the time you operate in 3rd world countries; did you actually expect for them to have bling blinging walls decorated w/ platinum?? Get real. Graphics are so detailed that when Sam moves quickly while in stealth/crouch mode he'll put his hand on his holster to stop it from making noise. Definitely sweet. 9/10

Sound: Again, I've heard that people bash this game for it's lack of sound. The silence is necessary people! How can you hear an enemy's footsteps to know he's approaching from behind if there is dramatic music all the time?!? It does give a base like beat when you are detected, which helps to freak you out. The sounds it does have are simply amazing. Sam's footsteps on different surfaces are accurate as they come. You can differentiate his steps on something wooden and hollow, grass, water, glass, you name it. 10/10

Replayability: While there aren't any secrets to be found, this game is dying to be replayed to see how many times you can go undetected, and how few ppl you kill while completing the game. 9/10

Buy or Rent: If you aren't into stealth like games and are just trying to see if you like the game, then rent it. But if you are any type of fan of tactical espionage action games like the MGS series, don't even hesitate to buy it. You'll love it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/22/02, Updated 12/22/02

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