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"You are Sam Fisher, You are a Splinter Cell"

Splinter Cell soars above the competition with an amazing stealth-action shooter. The main focus in this one is stealth which is Same Fisher's way of life. This game has set a standard that no one has come close to exceeding. I just want to say that this game rules!!

Story 10/10:

Tom, you've done it again. Thank you for doing what you do.

This is another one of Tom Clancy's greats. You play as Sam Fisher, a member of the NSA (National Security Agency). After the disappearances of some working partners, you are sent out to investigate. Your source of life is stealth, without it you will not survive. If you like Tom Clancy's other works then you will love this. Tom has especially made this story for the game and Sam.

Gameplay 9/10:

Can you say STEALTH?

In my opinion this is where the game excels, with the exception of the graphics. Stealth, stealth, and more stealth, that's all there is to the game. It can be a little slow-paced at times because of having to move very slowly to add to your invisibility. You must leave no trace on the physical or political map. Remember: Although killing may compromise secrecy, the choice between leaving a witness or a corpse is no choice at all. You do not exist. You are a Splinter Cell. If you can stay in the shadows and learn to sneak upon your unsuspecting victims with quietness and precisian then you will complete this game with ease. If only it were that easy. You will learn that you have to learn every move that can help you kill or KO your victims. You will also have to hide your corpses. All of these things are absolutely necessary as you progress through the game. You will be equipped with a wide assortment of gadgets that will help you throughout the levels such as the optic cable (allows you to look under doors before opening them), and the lock pick (self-explanatory). Sam also has a variety of moves that you will find very helpful. These aspects make the game extraordinary. You will have fun lurking in the shadows as your enemies walk by not knowing of your existence, then you sneak up on them, knock them out cold, carry them to a shaded area, and go on through the level. You will be able to download new content from X-Box Live, another plus to this game.

Graphics 10/10:

Best. Graphics. EVAR!!

The most extraordinary graphics ever in the gaming world!! This is what I think of as before-our-time-graphics. Could graphics of this time get better? We'll see when Doom 3 comes out. Ha ha. Really the only problem here is the faces. The graphics on these people's faces just don't fit in with the rest of the graphics. But that is the only flaw, and it's not that important in my opinion, considering the rest are absolutely amazing. If you want a game that will awe and amaze you, Splinter Cell is your pick.

Some features to add to graphics make it that much better. You have the ability to turn on your night vision goggles which is awesome. Also you have heat vision goggles which is a neat plus. You will see the heat range from blue to red, very realistic.

Sound (Music and Voice) 8/10:

I hear a Georgian Officer. It's a good thing!

The music grabs you in the beginning and then it just gets old. It stays constant throughout the game. But, it fits in perfectly. It definitely does not take away from the game.

The voices are above average, but not as in Halo. But, they pass.

You will be able to distinguish each sound since each one has a different sound; same as the terrain you're treading on.

Moves/Interactions 10/10:

Fun to transport? Yes

A Splinter Cell must not only defy enemy eyes, but also enemy ears. Consider that while running and jumping are sometimes necessary movements, they also generate sound - a golden invitation for an enemy patrol to investigate your position. You are in danger of being detected so you will find crouching, moving slowly, and keeping your back to the wall to stay as invisible as possible. Sam has many, many moves that you will find helpful. Moves such as grabbing your unsuspecting victim, using them as human shields (really sweet), drop attacking an enemy, all of these are amazing. You can interrogate your enemies and use them to get information. You may have to use their DNA to get to a restricted area or force them to type in the number for a key pad lock. You will have to use these features to beat some of the levels. We have come a long way in gaming considering we have not been able to perform actions such as these in previous shooters, with the exception of Metal Gear Solid.

-Extraordinary Graphics
-Many actions
-Well plotted
-Very well-designed levels
-Downloadable content through X-Box Live
-I have yet to find any!!

Rent or Own:

For the less experienced gamer, definite buy. I am an average gamer and I found it very hard to complete. I would buy it either way, really. Even after you beat it you will want to go back and play it again sometime. Also, you will want to download the new content from X-Box Live. I recommend this game to anybody who has time and patience, you'll need it.



Splinter Cell is a game that will be played for years and will never die out. It will go down as one of the greats of out time. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole ride through. If you are looking forward to shooting up enemy after enemy, then Splinter Cell is not the game for you. Although, I found myself loving every minute of this exhilarating game. It is one of the few games I have encountered that I have gotten a feeling of Utopia each level I beat. You are Sam Fisher, you are a Splinter Cell.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/24/03

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