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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JavaKid

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     .-====-.          ###  ###  ###  ###  ##  #  # #### ###            .-====-.
     |      | ___      #  # #  #  #  #    #  # ## # #    #  #       ___ |      |
     |   .O.|/==/.     ###  ###   #   ##  #  # # ## ###  ###       .\==\|.O.   |
    <+---+#>()_/   .   #    # #   #     # #  # #  # #    # #     .   \_()<#+---+>
     ||||||||   .    . #    #  # ### ###   ##  #  # #### #  #  .    .   ||||||||
    <+-+--+-+>   .     .                                     .     .   <+-+--+-+>
      \|><|/      .      .                                 .      .      \|><|/
       |><|        .       .           - o f -           .       .        |><|
       |><|         .        .                         .        .         |><|
       |><|          .   __      __   ________   _________     .          |><|
       |><|           .  ##      ##  _########_  #########_   .           |><|
       |><|              ##  __  ##  ##______##  ##______##               |><|
       |><|              ## _##_ ##  ##########  #########                |><|
       |><|              ##_####_##  ##      ##  ##    ##__               |><|
       /\/\               ###  ###   ##      ##  ##      ##               /\/\
    Game:        Prisoner of War (PS2 / X-Box / PC - guide based on the PS2)
    From:        JavaKid
    Email:       joeking@merseymail.com
    Updated:     30th August 2002
    Version:     1.3 (probably the final update!)
    Copyright:   This FAQ is copyright S.E.Morris (aka Javakid).  Please do not
                 republish it in whole or part without the author's permission.
    Types of Cast Members
    How Do I...? (FAQ)
    Chapter 1 : The Cast
    Chapter 1 : Objectives 1 to 4 Solutions
    Chapter 2 : The Cast
    Chapter 2 : The Games
    Chapter 2 : The Tourist Guide
    Chapter 2 : Objectives 1 to 4 Solutions
    Chapter 3 : The Cast
    Chapter 3 : The Games
    Chapter 3 : The Tourist Guide
    Chapter 3 : Objectives 1 to 4 Solutions
    Chapter 4 : The Cast
    Chapter 4 : The Games
    Chapter 4 : The Tourist Guide
    Chapter 4 : Objectives 1 to 4 Solutions
    Chapter 5 : The Cast
    Chapter 5 : The Games
    Chapter 5 : The Tourist Guide
    Chapter 5 : Objectives 1 to 4 Solutions
    Expert Challenges
    Fact or Fiction?
    "Prisoner of War" is an original game from Codemasters, released on the
    Playstation 2 and X-Box (currently) in July 2002.  This guide is based upon
    the Playstation 2 (PAL UK) version.
    At the time of writing, I know of no other walk-through for this game.
    Despite the occasional rough edge, this game has a strangely addictive
    quality.  The cries of "Halt prisoner" from the German guards is often
    followed by a muttering of "...okay just one more game - and next time I'll
    make it!" from the game player.  However, some of the puzzles in the game
    have proven too much for some players.  So here I present a guide to each of
    the five chapters.  It details not only the characters you will meet and
    interact with, but also a complete and blow-by-blow account of how to
    complete each 'objective' within the camps and ultimately escape to freedom. 
    It also has a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a small section
    on the historical accuracy of the game, with links to other real-life POW
    In this update I've also added sections which detail the gambling games in
    each chapters, with tips.  Plus the 'Passwords' section is now more accurate
    than any other source I've seen on-line.  For those players who are looking
    to extend the replay value of this game, there is also an 'Expert Challenges'
    section written by myself and William Pettit.
    The solutions provided in this document are the best/optimum solutions I
    could find.  In other words, the easiest way to get the job done - unless
    otherwise stated.
    Thanks must go to James Clark and William Pettit, who emailed me with a few
    Additions, comments, corrections to the e-mail address listed.
    v1.0   5th August 2002.  Chapters one and two only.
    v1.1   12th August 2002.  Chapters three and four added.  Chapters one and
           two tweaked.  FAQ added.  Secrets added.  Fact of Fiction added.
    v1.2   22nd August 2002.  Finally all chapters are complete.  Various tweeks
           and additions to many sections.
    v1.3   30th August 2002.  Edited the walk-throughs for better solutions, 
           added to the FAQ, completely re-wrote the Passwords section, added 
           Games sections for each necessary chapter, added an Expert Challenges
    Types of Cast Members
    Each character in the game serves a purpose.  Some will give you gossip and
    information, others know about the layout of the camp, while others will
    offer their assistance - for a price.
    The general roles are:
    Escape Committee:  These are the head characters in the camp, and will
    usually be the source of your missions, as well as offering you hints on how
    to solve the various puzzles in the game, often for a price.  Getting hints
    from these guys will lower your end-of-camp grade.
    Assistant:  These characters will cause distractions, upon request, but often
    for a price.
    Scrounger:  These characters will offer you various items for sale, from
    useful items, like boot polish, to down right essentials like keys.
    Informant:  These characters will give you information on people and events
    elsewhere in the camp.  They sometimes know the location of items or the
    position within the camp of important buildings, as well as their security
    Gambler:  These guys will allow you to participate in games of skill, to win
    the all-important currency needed for dealing with other characters.
    How Do I...?
    Q: How do I tell which way is North?
    A: Use the map screen in your journal.  The yellow arrow indicates which way
    you are facing.  Even easier, north is marked by a red label on the edge of
    your radar.
    Q: How do I collect and use currency?
    A: Currency, as the game calls it, are objects which can be traded for other
    items, assistance or information.  Currency is typically littered around each
    camp, and can be picked up quite easily by simply walking up to or past it. 
    As for how to spend it?   That's up to you, but talking to other prisoners
    usually leads to oppotunities to buy favours and handy escape tools.
    Q: How do I put on the disguises, boot polish, etc?
    A: There are small shaving mirrors on the walls of some rooms.  Usually there
    is one next to your bunk in the barracks.  Walk up to a mirror and the action
    will become available (using the 'square' button).  Do the same to remove the
    disguise.  For hand-held objects like the guards uniform, you need to be
    holding them before this will work.
    Q: How do I pick locks?
    A: On later camps, if you have a lock pick in your inventory, you can unlock
    doors with it - but this will take time.  Walk up to the door, as usual, then
    press AND HOLD the action button (cross on the PS2 controller) and you'll
    hear Captain Stone mutter "This may take some time".  Keep it pressed until
    Stone has successfully unlocked the door.  This is the disadvantage of the
    lock pick - it isn't instant like the keys.  If you look at the clock in the
    top left hand corner of the display you'll see a countdown of exactly how
    long is left before the lock is open.
    Q: How do I crawl underneath something?
    A: Walk right up to it, crouch, the hit the action button (cross) and you
    should find yourself under the object.  To get out, crawl to the very edge of
    the object until Stone will go no further, then hit the action button.
    Q: How do I stash objects for later use?
    A: Pocket objects you can keep on you at all times without causing suspicion
    - although if you get caught you will loose them to the guards.  Hand held
    objects like crowbars, and stolen uniforms, will alert the guards on sight
    alone - even if you are not in a forbidden part of the camp.  To safeguard
    objects until you need them, visit your 'hiding place' which is next to your
    bunk in the barracks.  You can store objects there until you need them, and
    they will not get discovered by the guards.
    Q: How do I stop the guards from picking up my dropped objects?
    A: You can drop and leave held-held items and they will stay where they are -
    this is especially handy for positioning key tools, ready for later
    missions.  But if a guard finds the item he'll take it and return it to its
    original location (where you originally found it!)  To avoid this, never
    leave an item directly on a patrol route, and never leave an item when a
    suspicious guard is walking over to check you out, as the guard will
    confiscate it.
    Q: How do I find objects once they have been confiscated by the guards?
    A: If you get caught all objects you hold will be taken from you.  If a guard
    finds a hand-held object you have dropped, he will also take it.  Such
    objects are typically returned to their original starting place in the game
    (unless otherwise noted in the walk-through below).  For example, if you get
    caught with a brass key, it will be returned to the place from where you
    stole it.  (If you got it from a fellow prisioner, then ask them for advice.)
    Q: How do I use the catapult?
    A: The catapult turns up in chapter's four and five, and provides a much
    stronger means of throwing stones.  To use it you must first have it in your
    personal inventory, plus a supply of stones to throw.  Go into first person
    mode, but instead of just hitting the button to throw a stone as usual, press
    and hold it down.  After a second or so pause, the catapult will appear on
    screen.  Target as usual, then release the button to fire.  The stone will
    have a red streak instead of the regular white one, and will carry more force
    - meaning it can be fired longer distances.  To exit the catapult mode
    without firing, simply leave first person mode before releasing the fire
    Q: How do I use the camera?
    A: Just like you use the mini-telescope.  Go into first person mode, look at
    the thing you want to photograph, then switch to the camera using the R1
    button and take a snap.
    Q: How do I use the grappling hook?
    A: Metal rings are placed around the Colditz camp which can be used to attach
    the grappling hook.  To climb down, walk up the ledge with the ring, and
    press the action button to place the hook.  Climbing up is a lot more tricky,
    and requires throwing the hook.  Stand beneath the ring you want to attach
    the rope to, go into first person view mode to aim, then switch to the
    grappling hook (R1 button on PS2) and throw it.  If your aim is good the hook
    will catch and you'll be able to scale the rope.  If you miss, it will be
    several seconds before you can gather the rope in to try again.  One tip is
    to position the ring in the south of the screen (near the bottom, and
    horizontally central).
    Q: How do I use the grappling hook, really?
    A: Stay in first person mode between attempts.  Pay close attention to where
    the hook travels in relation to the ring, and adjust carefully for each
    attempt.  It's a bit like throwing stones at the tin cans.  Also, make sure
    you are standing a suitable distance from the target - the higher the target,
    the further out you should stand.
    Q: How do I use the football?
    A: You can find the football (or Soccer ball if you prefer) hidden in chapter
    three, Colditz.  Once you have it in your hand, go talk to Kapowski, Doc
    Winters or Worthington.  They will thank you for returning the ball (Logan
    kicked it out of the yard, and was too afraid to go get it back) and will
    leave you a gift in your hiding place - a grappling hook no less!
    Q: How do I throw the football at Corporal Schliemann?
    A: You can't.  There was a rumour on GameFaqs message boards that you can
    throw the ball at his groin and he will go "ouff!" and fall over.  This has
    been tested, and nobody I've contacted has been able to do it.  Neither have
    I.  Chalk it up as a 'troll' - unless YOU know better?
    Q: How do I know when the guards will get suspicious?
    A: When Captain Stone does something that might alert the guards, including
    carrying objects, walking in restricted areas or unlocking doors, he stoops
    slightly rather than standing up straight.  When being chased by the camp's
    guards, you must hide until Stone stands up straight before you can pass
    in-front of guards without alerting them again.
    Q: How do I disable the search lights in Stalag Luft?
    A: Using stones.  This can be done either day or night, regardless of whether
    the light is on or not.  Regular stone throwing will work, but you'll have to
    get close and be accurate.  For best results, use the catapult (see above)
    for a deadly shot which can take out a light from quite a distance away.
    Q: How do I get through the lift-up barriers without alerting the guards?
    A: When disguised as a German, ducking and crouching underneath will alert
    any watching guard.  Instead walk up to the middle of the red/white stripped
    bar and one of the action buttons will highlight, giving you the opportunity
    to open the barrier just like any normal guard.
    Q: How do I get the grappling hook on my first visit to Colditz?
    A: The grappling hook is available in chapter three, although it isn't a
    whole load of use as it doesn't open up any areas of the castle which cannot
    already be accessed from other paths.  See "How do I use the football?"
    Q: How do I save my game?
    A: There is usually a save point near your bunk in the barracks.  Activate it
    and reply "yes" when asked if you want to save.
    Q: How do I unlock the secrets?
    A: Each camp unlocks a secret if you get a grade A rating when you finish
    it.  See the section on secrets and what they do near the end of this guide.
    Q: How do I get a better grade when I complete a camp?
    A: Grades are dependent upon many things.  The time you take to complete each
    camp, the number of times you were captured or injured, how many hints you
    asked for, how many times you enlisted other camp mates to cause
    distractions, etc.  The lower/fewer these things, the better your score. 
    However, advice which is given for free as part of the general conversation
    (particularly by 'informants') does not appear to affect your score.
    Q: How do I make this game easier?
    A: See the Secrets section below.  Try switching Unlimited Goodies to
    'money', Guard Perception to 'low', and/or Defiency to 'off'.  Each of those
    will make the game easier - the first being the least easy, and the last the
    Q: How do I make this game harder?
    A: See the Secrets section below.  Try switching Guard Perception to 'high',
    Defiency to 'on' and/or First Person Mode to 'on'.  Each of those will make
    the game harder - the first being the least hard, and the last the most.
    Q: How do I get this game for the PS2 in America?
    A: Well, the word in the camp is that goons have confiscated the PS2 version
    for all American prisoners.  Or to put it another way, Microsoft has
    negotiated an exclusivity contract to stop the PS2 version from being shipped
    in the US market.  Whether this just delays the PS2 release or totally
    eliminates it I don't know.  That's the rumour anyway - if you've got some
    hard facts then let me know!  And no, I don't give currency in reward!
    Welcome to Chapter 1 : "Captured!"  (Holding Camp)
    Chapter 1 : The Cast
    Flight Lieutenant James Daly: USA.  Your flying buddy.  Assistant.
    Sergeant Jimmy O'Brien: Irish.  Escape committee.
    Private Paul Clancy: English.  Informant.
    The Kommandant: German.  The twin brother of the German officer in Brit-com
    'Allo Allo', presumably?
    The Cook: German.  Just because he's not in a German uniform, doesn't mean
    you can trust him!
    Chapter 1 : Objective 1
    Your first job is to steal some currency for Sergeant O'Brien.  It's a simple
    enough task, and one which will give you the basics of the game.
    Wait until meal time, and then run around to the back of the Mess Hall -
    that's the eastern side, opposite the main door.  You'll see a wall which is
    climbable.  Wait for the patrolling guard who circles the hall to walk away
    from you, then climb over the wall.  You are now in the Sickbay compound. 
    Luckily nobody is ill - so head inside and collect the currency on the
    trolley.  Then check out the door which leads into the back room (it's a
    little difficult to spot in the regular game view, so try first person mode)
    to pick up some more currency.
    Slip out the way you came, minding to avoid any overlooking tower guards. 
    Make sure the patrolling Mess Hall guard isn't watching (use the radar in the
    bottom left corner of the screen) and climb back inside the Mess Hall
    compound and go see O'Brien who will give you some useful kit.
    Jobs a good'n!
    Chapter 1 : Objective 2
    Okay, to get the crowbar you need to first steal a key.  This is in the
    'German Barracks', which are a little harder to get into.  But not
    impossible.  You can enlist JD's help to distract the guards, if needs be -
    but it's really not necessary.  Particularly as he insists on waiting until
    morning exercise - which just wastes time.
    Again, you wait until meal time, except this time you go over the fence to
    the north, instead of the wall.  Make sure you time it right as before, or
    the Mess Hall guard will spot you.  Once over, you will see a large raised
    hut with steps leading up to the door.  This is the German Barracks.  Bad
    news - there is a guard posted at the foot of the steps.  What are you to do?
    What seems like a mission impossible is actually quite easy.  You can either
    carefully sneak around the guard and onto the steps.  Or, for an even safer
    bet run north down the side of the hut.  Then, climb under the hut to see the
    sparkle of some currency - might as well collect it - before you crawl
    westward to right next to the bottom of the steps.  Pop out from under the
    hut, just behind the sentry guard, and slowly climb the steps, before opening
    the door and slipping in.  At the far end of the room is some goodies -
    including the key you need.
    Now reverse the process to get out.  Crouch and walk down to the foot of the
    steps.  Climb under the hut and crawl to a safe distance before reappearing
    and dashing south over to the fence again.  Use the cover of the bushes
    (crouch down) to hide yourself until you are sure the Mess Hall guard is not
    a threat - then it's over the fence and back to the Mess Hall before anyone
    notices you are missing.  Go see JD and inform him you have the key.
    Chapter 1 : Objective 3
    With the key safely in your inventory, you can make a move for the crowbar
    you'll need to mount your escape plan.  This too can be done in broad
    daylight, as long as you are careful.  Don't forget to take the brass key you
    got from the last mission.
    At the northern side of the barrack compound, at the rear of barrack 1 (the
    opposite side to the door) you'll see a road with a brick wall on one side
    and guards patrolling east and west, overlooked by a tower.  If you look
    closely near the far western end of the wall, you'll see a hole.  That is
    where you are heading.  Time your run across the fence and towards that hole
    to avoid the patrolling guard and tower (this is where the mini telescope
    comes in handy, if you got it from O'Brien).  Wait until the guard is walking
    away from the hole towards the junction - then over you go.  Once you reach
    the hole, crouch to get through and hide crouched down behind the logs on the
    other side.
    You will see a brick building with a guard who patrols one half of the
    perimeter, back and forth.  This is the 'Tool Store'.  The crowbar you need
    is inside.  When the guard is out of sight, make a dash for the western side
    of the building - the opposite side to where the door is.  Use the bushes for
    cover as needs be, there is an annoying sentry just outside the northwest
    corner of the compound who delights in spotting you.
    Sneak around the north side of the building and use the boxes for cover. 
    Now, in what is the most tricky feat of timing so far, you have to time your
    dash around the front of the building so that the patrolling guard won't see
    you and get inside.  To do this, hide behind the boxes until he comes by, and
    turns - then follow him quickly, stopping only to pick up the currency on a
    near by box if you want.  Get to the door and open it with the brass key -
    then quickly inside.
    Once inside, stay away from the window at the left hand side of the door -
    the patrolling guard will see you if he passes by.  Get the crowbar from the
    desk.  Make sure you don't drop it (you should be able to see it in your hand
    as you move).  Now head back to the door and use the keyhole to watch for the
    guard outside and the tower.  You need to wait for the guard to come from the
    direction of the boxes - heading south.  Once he passes by the keyhole wait
    for a few seconds for him time to move around the corner.  The further he is
    away from the door the more chance you have of escaping if the tower guard
    should catch a sight of you.
    Open the door and dash back around to the boxes on the north side and hide
    again.  Then retrace your steps back around to the hole in the wall - using
    the boxes, bushes, walls and logs as cover.  Keep an eye on the corner sentry
    guard outside the compound, the patrolling guard inside the compound, and of
    course the tower guard.  Once the coast is clear, make a dash through the
    hole (remember to crouch) across the road (best to run) and then over the
    fence to get back to the barracks.  Just to be on the safe side, dive
    underneath the closest barrack, which should be barrack 1, and hide.  If your
    buddies are off having a meal, you can wait here until it is safe to show
    your face in the barrack compound again without the guards getting
    suspicious.  Tell JD you've got the crowbar.
    Chapter 1 : Objective 4
    Time to blow this place.  Your ticket out of here is in the back of a truck
    on the northwest side of the compound.  Wait until after evening roll call. 
    Use the boot polish, and take the crowbar.  Slip out of barrack 1 and watch
    out for the guards.  There is a brick building in the compound with yellow
    signs on the door.  Head towards the spot of fence to the north side of that
    building - the opposite side to where the sentry box is.  You'll see the road
    which leads north/south between the crossing zone that you use to go to visit
    the Mess Hall, and the junction with the watch tower that you saw in your
    last mission.  There is a guard patrolling up and down the road.  You need to
    time your run over the fence, across the road and over the opposite fence to
    get into the Mess Hall compound on the east side of the road.
    Once there, you need to run to the east side of the hall, and climb over the
    fence again just like you did in objective 2 when you got the key.  Except
    this time instead of heading inside the barracks, you carry on north, down
    the side of the hut until you come to yet another climbable fence leading to
    a road with another similar hut.  This is the 'Driver's Quarters', and you
    need to get inside in order to access the compound with the trucks.  There is
    a guard patrolling the road, so time your fence climb carefully.  Once over
    the fence, you will see some logs straight in-front of you, on the other side
    of the road - you can hide behind these and wait for the guard to come your
    way once more and then turn.  Once his back is turned, dash out and crowbar
    the door, then go inside.
    Slip into crouch mode.  If you make a noise in here you will wake up the
    occupants.  Sneak over to the door on the far northeast side of the room, and
    exit.  You'll find yourself in the northeast corner of the camp, with a
    search light beam scanning the path ahead.  Stay out of the light - getting
    detected here is fatal.  As the light moves into the corner of the compound,
    dash around the corner of the sleeping quarters and make a run westward for
    the cover of the vehicle.  Now keep making your way west, and hide behind the
    junk littering the northwest corner of the compound.  Be careful - as a guard
    patrols this corner.  You'll notice a wall leaving up to an opening to the
    west.  Beyond that the truck which will take you to freedom.  Watch the guard
    carefully, and time your run to get around the other side of the wall -
    remember in the dark his vision is not so good - providing you stay low you
    should be able to get pretty close to the opening in preparation for your
    Okay - you're almost home.  The truck is right in-front of you.  You just
    need to find a way to get around to its rear.  There are guards just beyond
    the western fence who can see you if you don't time it right - and don't
    forget the guard you just slipped by on the other side of the opening.  When
    the moment is right, make a mad dash for the back of the truck and just
    inside.  JD will join you shortly.
    Congratulations - you have just escaped your first POW camp.
    Welcome to Chapter 2 : "Prisoner of War"  (Stalag Luft)
    Chapter 2 : The Cast
    Wing Commander James Temple-Smithson: English (Toff).  Escape Committee.
    Major Nicoli Radtke: Polish.  Escape Committee.
    Lieutenant Peter Newsbit: Scottish.  Informant (gossip).
    Private Xavier DuChamp: French.  Informant (maps).
    Second Lieutenant John McCormack: English.  Informant (tricks).
    Sergeant Harry Fox: English (Cockney).  Scrounger.
    Private Oliver Vermass: Belgian.  Assistant (25 currency).
    Private Henry Plunkett: Southern USA.  Assistant (25 currency).
    Flight Lieutenant Jonathan Fielding: English.  Assistant (25 currency).
    Private Mickey Malone: USA (New York?).  Gambler (dice).
    Private Charlie Wilson: English (Cockney).  Gambler (tin cans).
    Colonel Roger Harding: English.  SOE agent (Special Operations Executive).  A
    man with a secret?
    The Kommandant: German.  A nasty piece of work.
    General Stahl: German.  An even nastier piece of work.
    The Cook: German.  Don't expect any favours from him.
    Chapter 2 : The Games
    Tin Cans (Private Charlie Wilson) : Knock off all the tin cans from their
    perch within the time limit, using only the stones provided.
      Bet:        5c
      Winnings:   10c
      Cans:       6
      Stones:     15
      Time:       45 secs
    Dice (Private Mickey Malone) : Repeatedly stop two rolling dice so that the
    sum of their up-turned faces is equal to or greater than 7.  The dice roll
    faster and faster each round.  (Tip: watch the faces on the surrounding sides
    of the dice - they roll too quickly to stop them once they've turned over
    onto the top face!)
      Bet:        5c
      Winnings:   10c (easy), 15c (medium), 25c (hard)
      Rounds:     3 (easy), 5 (medium), 10 (hard)
      Time:       Unlimited
    Chapter 2 : The Tourist Guide
    Want a bucket full of currency?  There's a load in the construction yard to
    the west of the barracks.  It's lightly patrolled, so a daytime raid is
    possible.  Head behind barrack 2 and you will see a section of climbable
    fence jutting out, with a guard and a hut beyond.  Linger near one end of
    that fence, and once the guard turns his back to walk away, climb over and
    run around the back of the hut.  (If he sees you, simply run around and
    around the hut until he gives up the chase).  Now climb over the west fence
    which leads to the construction yard.  There's currency a-plenty to be found
    around the trucks, under the trucks, inside the unfinished huts and inside
    the tent.  There's also a crowbar in the tent - handy.  Crouch in the bushes
    for cover, when necessary.
    Still hungry for some currency?  On the east side of the camp you'll see a
    big house - this is the Kommandant's building.  There's some easy currency
    inside  - if, that is, you can get inside (hint: a disguide works best).  Go
    south from the Entrance Hall and west to check out the Kitchen.  Up the
    stairs and into the Kommandant's Study and Bedroom, plus access to the
    balcony with a telescope.  You'll find all kinds of useful stuff lying
    Feel like exploring?  The southeast corner of the camp is under
    construction.  Head over there and check out the barn and the surrounding
    area for currency and a crowbar.  Best to go in disguise.  Also, if you can
    find the right key (hint: check out the Kommandant's quarters) you should be
    able to get yourself into the Laundry room and the Post room - both compounds
    are on the east side of the camp, sandwiched between the barn and the
    Kommandant's building.
    Chapter 2 : Objective 1
    You need to talk to the escape committee in hut 4.  They will ask you to
    prove yourself by playing a tape of some music over the camp's speakers.  The
    speaker system controls are in the Administration Office.  This is to the
    north of the camp.  The tape will be deposited in your hiding place in
    barrack 2.
    You will have to act quickly for this mission - try to keep on the move as
    much as possible and don't spend too long waiting for the guards.  Run when
    possible, don't crouch.
    After evening roll call, go to your hiding place and collect the tape.  Also
    use some boot polish if you have any.  Exit barrack 2 and walk around to its
    rear.  Here you will see a fence with a climbable section jutting out. 
    Beyond the fence is a 'Store' hut, but between the hut and the fence a guard
    patrols north and south.  Wait near the corner of the barrack for the guard
    to come close and then turn.  As soon as be begins to walk away from you,
    dash for the fence and climb over - then run behind the hut where he cannot
    see you.  
    Run up the long path north, and you will encounter an east-west road, with
    guards on watch.  Most of them are stationary, but one patrols east/west - so
    watch out for him.  When the coast is clear, slip out onto this road and run
    east a short distance until you see the north side fence is climbable
    (there's a section just before the sentry box).  Climb this fence into the
    yard with two guards and a building to the north side (this is actually the
    Mess Hall where you eat your meals).  Hugging the fence, so not to fall into
    the spotlight of the guards, make your way to the eastern side of that
    building, and continue north.  You'll come out into a small yard with a
    couple of currency near a door.  (You may also see the cook with his nose
    pressed up against a wall - most strange!)  Go over the fence to the north. 
    You are now in the compound with the Administration Office.  There's some
    currency on the west wall if you want to collect it.
    Stand outside the door (there is only one) and use the keyhole to spy on the
    guard inside.  He patrols in an L-shaped pattern.  The tape recorder is
    inside, at the bend in that L.  Immediately after he moves from the doorway,
    open the door and rush after him.  Be careful not to bang into any chairs. 
    (You may wish to stop and collect the currency on the desk by the door, if
    you feel bold).  When the guard turns at the bend, you head in the opposite
    direction and duck behind the tall bookcase in the darkened corner.  When the
    coast is clear stroll over to the tape player next to the bookcase, and play
    the tape.
    (Note: an easier method which has been recommended (but I've not yet tried)
    is that you hide behind the logs near the fence and cause a noise by throwing
    stones at the barrels, causing the guard to come out and do a border patrol
    of the compound.  Giving you enough time to slip inside and play the tape.)
    There's a short animation (strangely nobody thinks to check the
    Administration Office, which is where the tape player is!) and then it's time
    to head back to barrack 2 before roll call.  Wait for a few moments before
    you leave the safety of the bookcase.  The guard will return from outside and
    you don't want to get caught.  Once the guard is back inside and on patrol,
    slip out past him and retrace your steps back to behind barrack 2.  Now
    carefully get across the yard to barrack 4, and report to the Escape
    (Note: if you get caught the tape will be taken from you.  To get it back you
    should talk to the overweight guard with the moustache who patrols the
    exercise yard during the exercise periods.  It will cost you some currency,
    he will return it to your hiding place for you.)
    Chapter 2 : Objective 2
    Your previous mission was just a cover so that some documents could be
    stolen.  But the mission failed and now the Escape Committee want YOU to get
    the documents back.  For this purpose they have left a key in your hiding
    place in barrack 2.  You much get to the Kommandants Office to the east of
    the camp, but a disguise will be needed first.
    This mission can be completed in broad daylight.  Remember to take the brass
    key from your hiding place, then head around the back of barrack 2, to the
    west fence where you climbed over in the last objective.  The 'Store' hut is
    still there, and so is the peskie guard who patrols north/south.  Wait up by
    the northern end of the fence, then as soon as the guard turns his back,
    climb over the fence and keep running past the metal bins.  Your next step is
    to use the metal bins to distract the guard.  Either bang into them or throw
    a stone at them - either way if he is close enough he will come and
    investigate.  (Knocking on the wall would probably also work!)  Quickly dash
    anti-clockwise around the hut, and circle around so that you arrive at the
    door from the south.  The guard should be sniffing around the north wall -
    giving you just enough time to unlock the door and head inside.  Inside, on a
    table by the door, you will find a guards uniform.  Using the mirror, put it
    on.  There - don't you look smart!?!
    Casually WALK (do not run) out of the hut and head north, just like you did
    on the last mission.  From this point on you must only run when you are not
    within sight of a German guard.  Once you get to the east/west road, head
    east and keep going past the barriers and gates which are used when the
    prisoners move from the barracks to the Mess Hall.  You will see a large
    house with a low wall perimeter ahead of you.  There are two barriers - one
    on the southern wall and one on the west.  You'll use the western entrance,
    so follow the path around to the north until you arrive next to the western
    barrier (it is best to go as far north as you can - ie. the extreme
    left-hand-side of the barrier).  The guard will be fooled by your disguise -
    but you will see an officer (in dark blue uniform) patrolling the courtyard
    outside the house.  He will spot you on sight - so you MUST avoid him.  His
    route takes him down the side of the house and across the yard in an L
    shape.  When nobody is looking, crouch under the barrier and wait in the
    seclusion of the small wall to the north.  When the officer begins his walk
    south along the side of the house, quickly dash over to the house and slip
    inside  behind his back.
    There's two ways to do the next part, the easy way and the hard way.  The
    hard way first...
    Now - here is the most tricky part of the mission.  The room inside leads to
    another room.  Inside this second room is a guard, and an officer.  The guard
    can be fooled providing you don't run.  The officer however will blow your
    cover on sight alone.  Looking through the keyhole you can see a bookcase on
    the far eastern side of the room.  When the officer leaves his station to
    patrol the room, quickly open then door and WALK past the guard, then make a
    dash for the bookcase and hide behind it, crouching.  From the other end of
    the long bookcase you can see your objective on the desk across the room. 
    Wait for the officer to return to the door then dash to the desk and collect
    the plans, dashing back pronto and crouch.  Now return to the other side of
    the book case and wait for the officer to leave the door and wander to the
    desk - then WALK out of the room past the guard.  Next is the easy route, so
    continue at the last paragraph, beginning "Step outside...".
    The easy way now...
    From the Entrance Hall where you currently are, head south through the
    Hallway and then west into the Kitchen.  You can go upstairs to collect a
    load of goddies from the Study and Bedroom if want, including a handy key,
    before returning back to the kitchen.  Walk up to the north door and crouch. 
    Open the door to see the room with the plans, and a handy bookcase
    partitioning the west side of the room.  Observe the officer, and when the
    coast is clear dash from the door to behind the bookcase.  Now move to the
    north side of the bookcase.  You will be able to see the sparkle of the plans
    on the desk in the northeast corner of the room.  Then the officer patrols to
    the south of the room, rush out and collect the plans, and quickly back to
    behind the bookcase.  Go to the southern end of the bookcase and time your
    run back trough the door into the Kitchen.  Then east into the Hallway and
    around to the north door back to the Entrace Hall.
    Step outside into the courtyard and wait by the eastern wall next to the door
    until you can synchronise your dash across the yard with the patrol of the
    officer.  Now retrace your steps.  If you are very clever, you can wait until
    the barrier and gates open for meal times and then simply walk into the
    barrack compound via the gate - just like when you return from the Mess
    Hall.  Head for your hiding place and stash the gear - then take the plans to
    barrack 4 and show them to the Escape Committee.
    Chapter 2 : Objective 3
    A pair of bellows is required by the Escape Committee to assist in the
    building of the tunnel.  What seems like a trivial mission is actually quite
    hard.  Firstly, it helps to check in with Sergeant Harry Fox, and purchase an
    iron key from him.  It's expensive, but it will do the same job as a crowbar
    and it isn't nearly as much trouble to get about the camp with.  If the price
    is a little steep, try visiting the construction yard (see the Tourist
    Guide!).  Otherwise, you'll have to carry the crowbar and avoid the guards.
    Okay, after morning roll call you can head on over to the Mess Hall.  The
    bellows are there on the table behind the counter, where the cook works. 
    Wait for the meal to be over, and the men will leave - including the cook. 
    Unlock the northeast door, which leads out into the area south of the
    Adminstration Office, where you played the tape in the first mission.  The
    guard patrols outside by day - so keep an eye out for him as he will spot
    you.  Head west along the wall and then unlock and enter the western door of
    the Mess Hall - which will lead you into the kitchen area itself.  Careful -
    the guard on the stool is still here.  Collect the bellows (they are just
    south of the door) and collect the other currency as well (including a second
    brass key, if you want!) and then exit - either by the west door or the
    northeast door, sneaking past the seated guard by ducking down under the
    serving hatch.
    Head to the eastern wall of the Mess Hall, and crouch behind some logs.  This
    is sufficiently far from the Administration Office, the road and the gate
    guards for you to be not spotted - so you should be safe here.  Wait until
    evening meal is over.  As the men walk out to return to their barracks,
    mingle with them, avoiding any guards, and return to the barrack compound. 
    Head for barrack 4 and give the bellows to the Escape Committee.
    (Note: it occurred to me, after I had completed this level, that an easier
    way to get the bellows to the Escape Committee would be to just wait out of
    sight of a guard in (or around) the Mess Hall, until the evening meal.  Then
    hand them over after the Wing Commander and Major enter for their food.  You
    might want to give this a try.)
    Chapter 2 : Objective 4
    Time to escape.  There's an old abandoned tunnel in the other barrack
    compound - which has now been re-assigned.  You need to break into that old
    compound and access the tunnel.  This mission should be attempted after
    evening roll call.
    You'll need the iron key (or crowbar, if you want to make life hard).  Slip
    into your German uniform disguise.  Now exit the barracks and head west to
    the hut with the patrolling guard.  You've been here before, so you know what
    to do - wait for him to turn and then slip over the fence and head north up
    to the east/west road.  Now follow the path you took in the first mission -
    go east and then over the fence into the Mess Hall compound.  Once in the
    compound, WALK across the yard, then down the west side of the building, past
    the kitchen door.  The north wall of this compound leads into the
    Administration Office compound - EXCEPT for the very western part of it,
    which leads into another 'Tools Store' compound.  Once the search light is
    occupied elsewhere, climb the wall and use the key (or crowbar) to open the
    hut door.  Step inside and you will find some extra currency (you can collect
    it if you want - although it is useless to you at this late stage).  Inside
    is another crowbar - you will need to take this for the abandoned barracks
    next door if you left your original crowbar behind.  Take it and head back
    outside.  In the northern wall of that compound is a hole - you can crouch
    and squeeze through into the old barracks compound.
    Here's the rub: the guards will spot you with a crowbar, so drop it whenever
    they get suspicious.  They will come sniffing around you - but providing it
    isn't in your hand they will get bored and walk off eventually.  Leaving you
    to pick up the crowbar and continue with your mission.  There is also an
    officer who patrols outside the barracks and around the centre of the
    compound.  You must avoid him as all costs - he can see through your
    The barracks are located on the southern side of the compound - there are
    three of them.  You need to get to the middle one.  Time your walk westward,
    using the vehicles for cover as needs be.  Watch the path of the officer -
    when he turns away from the barrack buildings to head into the yard, dash out
    and crowbar the middle door, then head inside.  The tunnel opening is located
    in a darkened corner of that barrack.  Climb down and then crawl along the
    tunnel - then up the ladder to freedom...
    Jolly good show old chap - you just broke camp two!
    Welcome to Chapter 3 : "Castle Colditz"  (Colditz)
    Chapter 3 : The Cast
    Major William Kingsley: English.  Escape Committee (head of...).
    Group Captain Henri Dubois: French.  Escape Committee (barrack officer).
    Private Micheal Kapowski: USA.  Informant (tricks).
    Lieutenant Cameron 'Doc' Winters: USA.  Informant (maps).
    Second Lieutenant Reginald Worthington: English.  Informant (gossip).
    Private Dwight Johnson: Southern USA.  Scrounger.
    Private Luka Beratti: USA.  Assistant.
    Second Lieutenant Dick Williams: USA.  Assistant.
    Flight Lieutenant Ricki Logan: USA (New York?).  Assistant.
    Private Tony Caponi: USA (New York?).  Gambler (cards).
    Corporal Douglas 'Sure Shot' Spears: English.  Gambler (tin cans).
    Colonel Roger Harding: English.  SOE agent (Special Operations Executive). 
    You met him in the last camp.
    The Kommandant: German.  Loves a small dachshund called Otto.  Nuff said!
    General Stahl: German.  Loves visiting POW camps.  Even more nuff said!
    Corporal Schliemann: German.  Colonel Harding's personal guard.
    The Cook: German.  German cooking - how could you resist?
    Chapter 3 : The Games
    Tin Cans (Corporal Douglas 'Sure Shot' Spears) : Knock off all the tin cans
    from their perch within the time limit, using only the stones provided.
      Bet:        10c
      Winnings:   20c
      Cans:       8
      Stones:     12
      Time:       30 secs
    Cards (Private Tony Caponi) : Deal a given number of card, predicting each
    time whether the next card will be higher or lower than the last.  Aces are
    high (rated above a king).
      Bet:        5c
      Winnings:   10c (easy), 15c (medium), 25c (hard)
      Cards:      3 (easy), 5 (medium), 10 (hard)
      Time:       Unlimited
    Chapter 3 : Tourist Guide
    Want to get about without that peskie lock pick which is so hard to swipe
    from the barrack 1 entrance hall desk?  No problem.  After morning roll call
    go to the Mess Hall with everyone else, but go south into the Cook's quarters
    and when the moment is right, slip out through the south door and into the
    hallway beyond.  Across the hall is the Kitchen door - enter it and collect
    100 currency and a vital brass key.  Now rejoin your friends in the Mess Hall
    by returning to the corridor and using the keyhole to study the movement
    patterns of the Cook.  Be careful to time your entrance well, as he will
    alert the guards if he sees you arrive from somewhere you shouldn't have
    Want to get the lock pick too?  Okay, when you are in the Kitchen, after you
    get all that lovely currency and the key, unlock and open the west door onto
    the courtyard.  Wait for the patrolling guard to walk south and stop outside
    the door, then turn west.  As soon as he begins to move west sneak out and
    head south towards the Barrack A entrance.  Open the door and stand just
    outside looking in, until the guard inside walks west into the narrow
    hallway, and vanishes from your radar.  Quickly, dash inside and grab the
    lock pick from the table, then crouch behind the table so the patrolling
    guard can't see.  Wait until your friends move from the Mess Hall to the
    yard, then slip out of the door to join them - and nobody is the wiser!
    (Alternatively, you can make use of the cupboard opposite the desk.  It's a
    great place to hide during a camp-wide search if you skipped roll call, and
    once the fuss is over you can sneak out behind the guard's back!)
    A bit more currency do you?  In the southwest corner of the west side of the
    courtyard, you see an anonymous looking door.  Unlock it with either the lock
    pick or the brass key, and step inside.  You'll find a ladder which leads up
    to a room which in turn leads to the Sickbay.  Get inside and collect the
    currency hidden around the room and under the bed.
    Want some fun?  In the western side of the prisoner's courtyard there is a
    ladder leading up to a ledge with some currency and a football.  Collect the
    ball and head back down to ground level.  If you give it to either Kapowski,
    Doc Winters or Worthington, they will thank you and will leave you a
    grappling hook in your hiding place in return.  (It isn't as useful in this
    chapter as it is in later chapters, however!)
    Chapter 3 : Objective 1
    You need to get to Colonel Harding.  He is being held in a room on his own in
    the western side of Barrack B (which is to the north of the courtyard, next
    to the Mess Hall).  You need to prepare for your mission first.  Get the
    brass key from the Kitchen, as per the instructions in the 'Tourist Guide'
    for this camp, above.  If you fancy a challenge, you can use the lock pick
    instead - again, see the 'Tourist Guide'.
    Right, so how do you get to Harding's room?  There are two ways of getting
    there.  The long way, as hinted at by the characters in the game, or the
    short way.
    Okay, the long way first, as this is the solution that Kapowski, Doc and
    Worthington recommend...
    You cannot waste any time on this mission - there are lots of guards to avoid
    and a lot of ground to cover.  First you need to get into the Library - which
    is the (locked) door in the southwest corner of the hallway outside your
    barracks - opposite the desk with the lock pick.  There are various ways of
    getting past the guard, depending upon the time of day.  (a) if he is
    standing behind his desk, walk up to the door and unlock it with the brass
    key (from the Kitchen) then quickly step away from the door.  He will see you
    and will investigate - but will loose interest and wander off.  As soon as
    his back is turned from the door, open it and dash inside.  (b) if he is
    patrolling east/west across the hall, time your run to the door so he is
    heading towards the western part of the hall.  (c) after lights out, the
    guard will fall asleep on the chair next to the Library door.  Crouch and
    walk slowly up to the door and unlock/open it - if you are stealthy enough he
    will not wake.
    Once inside head south up the first flight of stairs until the U-bend.  But
    STOP!  There is a guard posted on the landing ahead.  Luckily in the gloom
    his vision is poor.  Crouch and sneak at your slowest pace up the stairs (it
    helps to keep tight left, against the banister, I've found) and around him to
    the door in the north-eastern corner of the landing (don't bother going down
    the corridor to the south).  Open the door and step inside. You are now
    inside the Library.  
    Crouch and sneak east along the rail and wait at the foot of the steps which
    lead into the main hall of the Library.  Against the west wall you will see a
    double flight of stairs leading up to a balcony at the northern end of the
    room.  A guard waits on these stairs, before walking down to do a circuit of
    the main hall.  Time your run to avoid him (you might like to break your
    journey up by sneaking behind the desk on the other side of the rail while he
    is on the stairs).  Be careful when you get near the top of the stairs. 
    There is another guard on the balcony.  When he isn't looking dash behind the
    cover of the bookcases.  Now - watch your radar carefully.  You will see the
    guard sitting on his chair at the south of the balcony.  Then you will see
    his radar image move a few paces north (to look out of the window).  This is
    the time to act.  Crouch and walk around the bookcases towards him - stopping
    just behind and to the left of him.  He will turn east and walk a few paces
    away from the window.  Stand and dash over to the window and open it,
    climbing outside, and dropping down.
    You are now on an east/west ledge above the courtyard (hope you don't suffer
    from Vertigo!)  Use the ladder north and continue north until you reach a
    ledge you can climb up onto.  Now head west along the ledge and follow the
    path north and then west again.  You should arrive at a window, which you can
    climb through.  Once inside, the grey door ahead of you leads to a store door
    with a crowbar inside - if you choose to collect it.  Follow the hall along
    and go around the bend.  In the darkened corner there is a trap door which
    leads to a balcony above the theatre.
    A brief cut sequence will play.  The Kommandant orders his men to guard the
    theatre.  You need to get to the stage down below, so exit via the door next
    to the ladder (the western wall).  You will find yourself outside in a hall
    with some stairs leading down.  Below, on a landing, a guard patrols
    east/west.  When the guard is seated by the theatre door, head down the first
    flight of stairs and duck behind the screen next to his chair.  You'll not be
    seen next time he gets up to do his route, leaving you to slip out once he
    has passed and head over to the theatre door which is on the eastern side of
    this landing.  Inside the theatre a lone guard patrols in a circuit of the
    hall.  Wait in the gloom just beyond the door for him to pass, then crouch
    and follow him down the length of the hall - but go up the ramp onto the
    stage instead of turning as he does.  Collect the currency in the middle of
    the stage if you want.  Then head over to the shadows of the northern part of
    the stage, where you will be able to open and use a trap door which leads to
    Barrack B.
    Now you're inside Barrack B - but in the wrong room.  There is a door in the
    west wall which leads to a corridor.  Careful, there is a guard posted
    outside the main door to the south.  Across the corridor (on the western
    side) you will see a door to another room.  Inside a guard patrols - this is
    Corporal Schliemann, Harding's personal guard.  In the Northwestern corner is
    the door to Harding's room.  Open the door and time your run across the room
    to get to Harding's room.  Then slip inside.  The cut sequence will begin
    which marks the end of the mission.
    Okay, now the short way, as discovered by many players of the game...
    At Afternoon Free Time, unlock and open the Theatre door on the northern side
    of the western part of the courtyard.  You'll see a guard at the foot of a
    staircase.  Crouch and slip inside and go west to stand next to the stairs
    (be careful of the patrolling guards in the courtyard - keep one eye on your
    radar).  Once safely inside, you'll need to distract the guard.  Across the
    hall, on the other side of the main door is a bookcase with a pot on top. 
    Throw a stone at it to create a noise.  When the guard leaves his post to
    investigate, slip behind his back and west, up the stairs.  Stop near the top
    of the stairs, crouch and move up against the north wall/banister.  There is
    a coat-of-arms (or something) which blocks you from being seen by the guard
    patrolling the landing at the top of the stairs.  When he returns to his
    seat, hide behind the screen next to his chair and wait for him to wander
    past you to the top of the stairs again.  Now sneak out behind the guard's
    back and into the theatre through the door to the east.
    Hide in the gloom near the door.  The stage is across the way, to the east -
    this is your destination.  The guard inside patrols a circuit of the floor,
    so wait for him to come by and then follow him down the room to the stage. 
    Go up the ramp onto the stage and collect the currency, before heading into
    the shadows of the northern part of the stage, open the trap door and climb
    down.  You are now in Barrack B.  Check out the door (west wall) to be sure
    Corporal Schliemann, Harding's personal guard, isn't around.  When Harding
    leaves his room during the day, Schlieman will be absent too - so you may
    wish to wait until a time when you know for sure Harding will be in another
    part of the camp.  Open the door and slip out and across the hall into the
    room opposite.  Be careful not to get spotted by the guard on the main door,
    south.  Once inside, head for the northwestern part of the room where you'll
    find a door to Harding's quarters.  Slip inside, and the cut sequence will
    begin which marks the end of the mission.
    Chapter 3 : Objective 2
    Harding needs a German uniform.  He wants it so much that he is even prepared
    to get you a brass key (although you'll have probably already stolen the one
    from the kitchen, right?).  Luckily there are plenty of spare uniforms in the
    Laundry to the south of the western side of the courtyard.  During a break
    period, unlock and open the Laundry door, being careful of the courtyard
    guards (keep an eye on your radar).  You'll see a hall with some stairs and a
    guard.  When the guard inside goes to patrol upstairs, slip inside the hall
    and through the door to the west, which leads into the main laundry room.
    Being careful to avoid the patrolling guard inside, crouch and move around to
    behind the table/bins.  Wait for him to halt near the screen at the southern
    end of the room and the dash into the northwest corner of the room and
    collect the German uniform, before dashing back to the table and crouching
    once more.  When the guard moves to the northern side of the room, slip
    behind screen where you will find a mirror.  Put on the German uniform, and
    the WALK (do not run) out from behind the screen.  You can now calmly collect
    all the currency in the room - your disguise will fool any guard, so long as
    you don't do anything suspicious like run, crouch or carry an object in your
    Go back out into the hall.  You can collect the currency here as well if you
    like.  Now back out through the doors and across the courtyard and through
    the barriers to Barrack B, which is in the northern side of the eastern part
    of the courtyard.  Walk inside, past the sentry on the door, and enter the
    west room which leads to Colonel Harding's room - just as you did in the last
    objective.  Now calmly walk up to Schliemann, the Colonel's personal guard. 
    A cut sequence will follow which marks the end of the mission.  Well done!
    Chapter 3 : Objective 3
    You'll need some travel papers for Harding.  They are located in the
    Adminstration Office, on the officer's side of the courtyard.  Your
    informants will hint at two ways of getting there.  One is hard, the other
    easy (well, easier!).  Either way, you need to start this mission during meal
    time, when the prisoners are in the Mess Hall.
    (You might also like to know that there is now an unwell guard in the Sickbay
    - you can pay him a visit and steal his uniform to use as a disguise if you
    want.  There is an way up to the Sickbay through an anonymous looking door in
    the southwest corner of the west yard.  Unlock the door, slip inside, up the
    ladder and through the door into Sickbay.  The guard is in the corner of the
    room.  He must be very ill as he never seems to wake - I even tried throwing
    stones at time!  There's a mirror near by for you to change.)
    Okay, the hard way first, which requires the lock pick...
    First you slip out of the Mess Hall via the Cook's door to the south of the
    hall, behind the table where Cook stands.  Make sure he doesn't spot you
    leave however, as he will alert the guards.  Heading east a short distance
    along the corridor, you come to a door which is locked.  This leads to the
    German's courtyard.  Pick the lock and open the door.  You'll find yourself
    atop a flight of narrow steps on the eastern side of the yard.  To the north
    you will see a grand set of steps leading up to a landing.  This is where you
    are heading.  Be very careful!  There are guards all around and an officer
    patrols the north stair case and the yard.  Use the cover of the trucks
    (remember you can crawl underneath them to be totally invisible) and make
    your way across the yard to the steps.  Go up the steps and unlock and go
    through the door on the northwest side of the landing (collecting the
    currency behind the sandbags, if you want!)  Be careful - remember there is a
    German officer who patrols up and down these steps.
    You are now inside the Administration Office.  Luckily it is usually
    unmanned.  You'll see the travel papers on a desk on the far side of the
    room.  Collect them and then retrace your steps by going back outside, down
    the steps, across the yard and back up the narrow steps to the door which
    leads the corridor between the two courtyards.  Slip inside and go find the
    Escape Committee.  Avoid the kitchen if the prisoner's are in the yard - the
    Cook will scream for the guards.  Instead go via the Mess Hall as it will be
    empty.  Once you catch up with either member of the committee, tell them you
    have the papers.  And your mission is at an end.
    Too hard?  How about an easier way to get into the Administration Office? 
    Okay, here goes...  
    As hinted at, there is a quicker route from the Mess Hall which leads to the
    Administration Office.  Again, you start your mission in the Mess Hall, but
    this time you head up the small flight of steps in the northeast corner of
    the room.  These lead to a door, north.  Go through it, and crouch.  You'll
    find yourself behind a bookcase with a room running east/west, featuring two
    large tables.  This is the German Mess Hall.  There are two guards.  The
    first patrols in a circuit around the room.  The second pauses at the head of
    the room, with his back to the bookcase, but occasionally wanders down the
    centre of the room and returns.  When the first guard is far away enough, and
    the second is waiting at the head of the room, crouch and slip out around the
    second guard's back and climb under the southern table.  Crawl east until you
    find your way blocked by a crate.  There is a gap to the south you can pop
    out from - but wait until the circuit patrolling guard has passed you by. 
    Slip out and continue to make you way quickly east (still crouched) to the
    southeast corner of the room where you will be able to exit via a door.
    Guess what?  You're in the Administration Office.  Luckily it is unguarded. 
    I guess the Germans assumed nobody would have the nerve to break in here! 
    The travel papers you need are on a desk near the north wall.  Once you have
    the papers, it's time to retrace your steps.  Exit the room via the door you
    came in from (don't go via the south door, as this leads to the German
    courtyard - you'll know all about that if you attempted the hard solution
    first!).  You would be wise to use the keyhole to check the position of the
    guards - wait until the circuit patrolling guard is heading west along the
    southern wall again.  Crouch and make your way to the mid-way point on the
    southern table, then climb underneath and continue west.  When the moment is
    right, climb out and sneak around the back of the other guard, slipping back
    behind the safety of the bookcase.  Now exit via the door to the Mess Hall,
    and go find the Escape Committee - either member will do.  Tell them you have
    the plans, and give yourself a pat of the back because you've just completed
    objective three.
    Want an even faster route to the travel papers...?
    Amazing as it seems, if you pay the unwell guard a visit in Sickbay to steal
    his uniform, the Nurse has some travel papers on her desk just ready and
    waiting!  It seems just TOO easy!  You can get to Sickbay via the bell tower
    chimney in the southwest corner of the yard, remember!
    Chapter 3 : Objective 4
    Time to join Harding in an escape plan.  Sounds like something is happening
    down in the sewer system - so it's time to head on down there and do a little
    investigating of your own.  First you'll need the sewer key.  To get it you
    need to visit the German coutyard, on the east side of the camp.  During a
    meal time, exit the Mess Hall via the Cook's door to the south, and get into
    the corridor which leads to the kitchen.  Instead, go to the east side of
    this corridor - the door leads to the German courtyard (it was the one you
    might have used if you went the hard way round to get the travel papers in
    the last mission).  If it is locked, use the lock pick to open it.  Stepping
    outside you will find yourself at the top of a set of narrow steps leading
    down into the courtyard.
    To the north of the yard you'll see some grand stone steps leading up to a
    landing.  At the foot of those steps, just to the west side, is a table with
    some currency and the sewer key.  Avoiding the guards (and the officer who
    patrols up and down the steps) head into the northwest corner of the yard and
    then east to pick up the items on the table.  The sewer key is a hand item,
    so even if you are in disguise (did you steal the uniform from Sickbay as
    detailed in the last mission?) you will still be noticeable.  Make your way
    back to the narrow stairs, via the northwest corner.  Go up the stairs and
    back into the corridor which links the Mess Hall and Kitchen.
    There are three possible entrances to the sewer.  One in the northwest corner
    of the kitchen.  One in the prisoner courtyard, near the middle by the
    barrier.  Either of these will take you down into the maze of tunnels below
    the castle.  But be careful as officers patrol at every turn.  Harding is to
    the northeast of the tunnel complex.
    But what about the third entrance?  Well, unless you like your games extra
    extra hard, this third entrance is the one for you.  It takes you directly to
    Colonel Harding.  Located in the German Mess Hall, the easiest route is via
    the prisoner Mess Hall.  You might want to wait until it's not meal time, so
    the hall will be empty (remember - even the Cook is against you!) then slip
    into the Mess Hall and head up the steps to the northeast of the room.  Go
    through the door to the west and you'll find yourself behind a bookcase in
    the German Mess Hall.  The sewer entrance is right in-front of you, in the
    northwest corner of the room.  Use your radar to make sure the guards won't
    discover you.  One patrols in a clockwise circuit of the hall, while the
    other pauses at the west of the hall before occasionally wandering east and
    back down the centre.  When it is safe, nip out and open the sewer cover,
    then slip down inside.
    Once inside head north a few paces and then around the corner to the east, to
    find Harding, impatient as ever, waiting for you.  Crack open the Schapps,
    you've just escaped Colditz.
    Welcome to Chapter 4 :  "Sabotage"  (Stalag Luft, again!)
    Chapter 4 : The Cast
    Wing Commander James Temple-Smithson: English (Toff).  Escape Committee.
    Major Nicoli Radtke: Polish.  Escape Committee.
    Lieutenant Peter Newsbit: Scottish.  Informant.
    Private Xavier DuChamp: French.  Informant.
    Second Lieutenant John McCormack: English.  Informant.
    Sergeant Harry Fox: English (Cockney).  Scrounger.
    Private Oliver Vermass: Belgian.  Assistant.
    Private Henry Plunkett: Southern USA.  Assistant.
    Flight Lieutenant Jonathan Fielding: English.  Assistant.
    Private Mickey Malone: USA (New York?).  Gambler (dice).
    Private Charlie Wilson: English (Cockney).  Gambler (tin cans).
    The Kommandant: German.  The stress is getting to him.
    General Stahl: German.  He's back, and this time it's war, erm, World War.
    The Cook:  German.  Same Cook, same food.
    Chapter 4 : The Games
    Tin Cans (Private Charlie Wilson) : Knock off all the tin cans from their
    perch within the time limit, using only the stones provided.  The cans are
    further away than in chapter two.  The use of the catapult is permitted.
      Bet:        5c
      Winnings:   10c
      Cans:       6
      Stones:     10
      Time:       30 secs
    Dice (Private Mickey Malone) : Repeatedly stop two rolling dice so that the
    sum of their up-turned faces is equal to or greater than 7.  The dice roll
    faster and faster each round.  The dice roll faster than in chapter two. 
    (Tip: watch the faces on the surrounding sides of the dice - they roll too
    quickly to stop them once they've turned over onto the top face!)
      Bet:        5c
      Winnings:   10c (easy), 15c (medium), 25c (hard)
      Rounds:     3 (easy), 5 (medium), 10 (hard)
      Time:       Unlimited
    Chapter 4 : Tourist Guide
    The camp has been re-arranged a fair bit since your last visit.  First the
    construction yard from your first visit is now the prisoner's compound.  The
    old prisoner's compound is now a Storage Compound for the 'facility' which is
    being built next door, on the southeast side of the camp.  Also, it is now
    the middle of Winter, so expect it to be dark for most of the day.
    The missions in this camp are harder than before.  You'd really be better off
    getting yourself a load of currency, a lock pick and a disguise.  Here's
    Starting in the afternoon, head over to the east side of the prisoner's
    compound.  Up near the northeast corner of the compound you'll see a staff
    car with a load of currency glittering around and under it.  Time your
    journey over the fence so that the guard who patrols the store hut to the
    south won't see you.  (This is actually the same hut as the one you stole the
    German guard uniform from in chapter 2.)  Keep heading east over the fence
    and into the Storage Compound.  Your next port of call is the large store
    building (Store A) right in-front of you (in the northeast corner of the
    camp).  The door is on the east side, so run along the north side between the
    building and the fence, wait for the patrolling officer to move away if
    necessary, then quickly inside.  You'll find yourself inside the hut with two
    walls of boxes.  A guard patrols north/south between them.  Luckily there is
    a clear path through on the north and he has a habit of pausing at the south
    end of the hut - so crouch behind the boxes and then make a dash for it to
    the western side when his back is turned.  Here you will find some currency
    and a crowbar.  Head back across the room when the guard turns south and out
    of the door.  
    Our next stop is the smaller store (Store B) on the southeast side of the
    compound.  It's too dangerous to run across the middle of the compound, so
    head east towards the northeast corner, sticking close to the north fence,
    avoiding the patrolling officer who occasionally walks that far north.  Turn
    and head south until you reach the hut.  When there is nobody around (you can
    hide under the vehicle) crowbar the door and head inside.  Here you will find
    lots more currency and a lock pick.  By now it will be getting dark, and
    close to roll call.  Head back outside (checking the keyhole first from
    guards) and hide under a vehicle.  Wait for the alarm to be raised and all
    hell to break loose.  After a while the guards will give up and you can sneak
    out safely.  Which is good, because the next part is almost impossible to do
    without the cover of night.
    Make your way west across the yard carefully, stopping to collect currency
    from the tents, crates and vehicles if you want.  Use trucks and other
    obstacles to shield yourself from discovery.  You need to arrive at the west
    fence, just south of the store hut on the other side.  If you are good with
    maps, you will recall this hut was the same one that you stole a German
    uniform from in chapter two.  And guess what?  You're going to steal another
    one from the same place.  When the guard is occupied over the west side of
    the hut, climb the fence and hide on the south side.  The search light from
    the tower to the south should just fail to reach you if you don't stray too
    far from the wall, and the guard never ventures around to the south side,
    unless you alert him.  Okay, now you wait until the guard is making his way
    once more around to the west side of the hut - giving you plenty of time to
    dash out and crowbar the door on the east side.  Step inside and collect the
    guard's uniform.  Put it on and pick up your crowbar again.
    Remember - you may be in uniform but while holding the crowbar you will make
    the guards suspicious.  So you cannot just wander out like you did before. 
    So use the keyhole to check for when the guard outside heads north, on his
    anti-clockwise route to the west side.  Then slip out and head back round to
    the safety of the south wall.  Now all that remains is to time your journey
    across the fence back into the prisoner compound, avoiding both the hut
    patrolling guard, the tower south, and the prisoner compound guards.  Head
    back to your barracks and put your crowbar and uniform in your hiding place. 
    Then save the game!
    If you are ever stuck for currency, there's a load in the Kommandant's
    building in the northeast of the camp.  But you'll need a German uniform in
    order to get in, unless you like suicide missions.  On the second story of
    the building there is a telescope, accessible via the bedroom.  Perhaps the
    Kommandant is keen on the stars?  Or maybe he was just hoping that General
    Stahl's new facility to the south was going to be a women's POW camp?
    And remember, the catapult is a great way to knock out those enemy search
    lights - in preparation for a night time mission.  To use it just do what you
    normally do to throw stones, but press and hold the button instead of just
    punching it.  After a few moments the catapult will appear on screen, and
    your shot will be extra powerful, giving you the distance needed to take out
    the search lights from a safe distance.
    Chapter 4 : Objective 1
    Things have changed a lot since your last visit to this camp.  Compounds have
    been switched around, and new sections constructed.  The missions here are
    quite tricky, so before you start you might want to take advantage of the
    goodies hidden in the Storage Compound to the east - check the Tourist Guide
    for details.  I'll assume for the sake of the walk through that you are
    wearing the German uniform, but I'll give alternative directions for those
    who prefer the hard way.  You'll also need some way to unlock a door - brass
    key or pick lock will do!  (Don't worry if you don't have one - you can pick
    one up on the way!)
    The first objective is to get that parcel from the Post Compound, at the
    extreme east of the camp.  You can attempt this mission at any time of day or
    night, although it is safe enough to do during daylight.  Head over to the
    northeast side of the barrack compound - there is a quiet spot just north of
    the staff car where you can climb the fence without too much hassle from
    guards.  Once over go through the barriers onto the east/west road and keep
    heading east.  Remember to walk when you get close to a fellow guard.  
    Once you get over to the eastern side of the camp the buildings change to
    solid bricks and mortar and walls instead of fences.  You'll see a guard
    patrolling north/south between the eastern side of the Storage Compound and
    some brick buildings.  Keep heading east to the north side of the brick
    building and you will see a barrier.  Open it and walk south into the
    compound, this is the Post Compound, and the building you need to enter is
    the one you just walked around on the west side of the compound.  Bad news,
    there is a guard monitoring the door.  Good news, there are some bins near
    by, to his south.  Throw a stone at the bins and the guard will go to
    investigate - giving you the chance to unlock the Post Room door and get
    (Note: Don't have a lock pick?  Well, before you turn south into the Post
    Compound, keep going a short distance east, and just beyond a sentry you'll
    see a hole in the north side brick wall.  Carefully (because there are tower
    guards in the area) crouch and go through that hole.  You'll find a truck,
    and around the north side of the truck a handy lock pick waiting!)
    Collect the parcel.  Open the door and slip out then race south and hide
    under the truck.  If the guard is monitoring the door when you try to leave,
    open the door, stand in the doorway and throw another stone at the bins to
    get him to move.  Once under the truck, crawl east so you can see the Storage
    Compound, along with the guard you saw earlier patrolling north/south.  When
    he walks part you to the north, climb out, stand and follow him north - BUT
    drop the parcel before he sees you holding it.  He will calmly walk past you
    to the south once more - allowing you to collect your parcel from the ground
    and dash north and then turn back onto the east/west road - this time heading
    west back towards the barracks.  Remember - when a guard gets close to you,
    drop the parcel until he passes.
    Keep going until you reach the northeast corner of the prisoner compound,
    turn south off the road through the wooden barrier and (once the coast is
    clear) climb the fence just north of the staff car and re-enter the prisoner
    barracks compound.  Now make your way to barrack four, and show the Escape
    Committee your prize.
    For those without the uniform (I've not tested this too much, but it should
    work, although might be easiest to do this at night only) ...
    Head to the east side of the prisoner's compound and over the fence just
    north of the staff car.  Instead of heading onto the road, climb over the
    east fence into the Storage Compound and make your way over to the east side
    of that compound, avoiding the officers.  There is a guard who patrols
    north/south just beyond the east Storage Compound fence.  Looking beyond the
    guard you'll see a wall with a hole in it and a truck backed up to the hole. 
    Wait near the northeast side of the Storage Compound and when he turns south
    quickly dart out, climb the fence and, while keeping behind his back, get to
    that truck and climb underneath it before the guard turns north.  Now exit on
    the north side of the truck get as close to the Post Room door as you dare
    (that's the brick building on the west side of the compound you are in). 
    Throw a stone at the bins to distract the guard.  Dash out and open the door
    and dash inside.  Collect the parcel and then exit the building and go south
    to hide under the truck again (if the guard is in the way, throw a stone at
    the bins again to make him move!)  Now, retrace your steps back to the
    prisoner compound and go show the Escape Committee what you found.
    Chapter 4 : Objective 2
    Ready for what has to be the hardest task so far?  For this one you really
    WILL need the German uniform - the mission is hard enough already!  Check out
    the Tourist Guide for this chapter to find out how to get your hands on one.
    Okay, time go get us some evidence on what the Germans are up to.  You can
    attempt this at any time - but personally I prefer to start in the daytime,
    either just after morning roll call or Afternoon Freetime.  Be warned, this
    is a long mission which will likely keep you out through at least one roll
    call.  Keep an eye on the clock.  When the sirens are about to scream, find
    yourself a hiding place inside or underneath something and hide until the
    search is over.  You don't stand a chance otherwise.
    Don your uniform and take the camera and a lock pick.  Remember not to act
    suspiciously when in the presence of other Germans.  Head over to the staff
    car just outside the northeast side of the prisoner compound.  Climb the
    fence just north of the staff car, as you have done before, and head north
    onto the east/west road which cuts through the camp.  Head east quickly. 
    Keep going until you reach the Post Compound from the previous mission (it's
    the stone building to the east of the Storage Compound).  Once again, you
    enter the Post Compound via the barrier to the north, but this time you keep
    doing south through the next barrier and into the Laundry Compound.  (You can
    take a quick detour first around the truck in the Post Compound if you want
    to collect the currency).  Walk south through the Laundry Compound until you
    reach another barrier.  Raise the barrier and walk into the facility.  The
    huge building in-front of you is your destination - but how do you get
    inside?  The easiest way in is to go around the back.
    (You might want to collect the boot polish in the sentry box against the
    building's north wall - but be careful as there are tower guards and patrols
    just outside the perimeter fence.)
    Walk west past the sentry guard into a yard with two trucks.  Be careful, an
    officer patrols in an L shape east/west between the trucks and north/south
    down the side of the building.  The way to avoid him is to dash west and run
    around the back of the trucks when he isn't around, then south to the low
    wall south of the trucks.  Wait here for the officer to make his way north
    towards the trucks again and then slip past him and walk south.  Be careful -
    the tower guards will shoot if they see you run.  When you get to the south
    side of the compound, head east around the rear of the building and get
    behind the boxes.  You'll see a ladder (the camera angle will change when you
    get near it!).
    Okay - this next bit is tricky!  You're a sitting duck for the tower guards -
    so you have to be quick.  Stand right by the ladder, ready to ascend.  Use
    your radar - wait until the officer in the yard is safely going north, then
    watch the tower guard on the southeast of the camp.  Wait until his vision
    turns due south, then quickly (and I mean quickly!) up the ladder, and dash
    west and around the corner and dash north along the west side of the second
    story.  If you alert the tower guard in the southwest corner (and you almost
    certainly will) you must run and hide behind the bit of wall that sticks out
    just south of the second ladder, as this will obscure his view.  Once all the
    guards are looking the other way, climb the second ladder (it's easy to find
    as the camera angle changes again) and up onto the roof.
    Now head across the roof to the east, climbing over pipes as needed.  On the
    eastern side of the building you will be able to see a rocket waiting for
    take-off.  Take a snap of it with your camera.  You know you've got it right
    when Stone says "That's one for the egg heads back home".  Now head over to
    the northeast corner of the roof and you'll see a chimney which will take you
    down inside.  (Careful - the tower guards can see you!)  Head down inside the
    building so we can complete your second task for this mission.
    Once inside you'll find yourself on the northeast edge of a landing shaped
    like a letter U but with a crossbar added (sort of like an upturned letter
    A).  An officer patrols a clockwise circuit, but luckily he stays in the
    south part of the room and doesn't bother with the 'legs' of the landing to
    the north.  You need to get across the landing to the northwest side, where
    there is a flight of stairs.  Wait behind the cover of the equipment by the
    crossbar for him to pass by, and then dash across the crossbar and north down
    the stairs.  Now dash across to the northeast side of the ground floor and
    hide inside the seclusion of the well-lit seating area on the eastern side of
    the building (as there is a second officer on the ground floor, y'see!)
    The ground floor is dominated by a pile of equipment in the centre of the
    south of the building.  There is a path which winds down from the north of
    the room (where you are) south and then anti-clockwise around this equipment
    to a room on the eastern side of the building.  Good news is that this is the
    room you need to get to.  Bad news is that the door is to the south, so you
    have to go all the way around the path.
    The ground floor officer patrols in an up-side-down question mark, south and
    then three-quarters of the way around the equipment, before retracing his
    steps.  Remember, this guy is an officer so your disguise won't help!  When
    he is safely heading south, make a move towards the northwest side of the
    equipment.  You will see a small space with two low boxes jutting out - one
    brown and one light grey.  Hide behind the light grey box, so that when the
    guard comes back round to head north again, he won't see you.  Once he does
    pass by, dash out and race south and then east and then north around the
    equipment to reach the door of the room with the safe.  Careful, if you bang
    into the canisters which line the corners you'll alert the officer.  Once
    inside the room, you can use the lock pick to open the safe, and take the
    documents inside.
    Now to get out and back to the Escape Committee.  Crouch next to the door, in
    the northeast corner inside the room, and the officer won't see you when he
    next completes his route around the equipment.  Once he turns and starts to
    make his way back around, follow him carefully.  You need to follow him
    around until he heads into the north of the building.  Hide in the northwest
    corner of the equipment like you did before - except this time hide behind
    the brown box so he won't see you when he heads south.  Once he has safely
    passed by, you can run to the north wall and unlock the door.  Open it and
    calmly (as the sentry is still in position) walk outside and north through
    the barrier into the Laundry Compound and keep going north into the Post
    Compound.  Then up through the final barrier and onto the east/west road. 
    Now make you way west, back to the edge of the prisoner compound.  Retrace
    your path south to the staff car and then over the fence back inside the
    compound itself.  Now go find the Escape Committee for a debriefing.
    (Note: if you don't have the key to unlock the door, you'll have to retrace
    your steps outside.  Head up the stairs back to the top landing.  Careful to
    wait for the circuit patrolling officer, make your way back over the crossbar
    and to the chimney ladder on the northeast side of the door.  Climb up onto
    the roof and make your way west to the second ladder.  Descend, then head
    south to the first ladder.  (It REALLY helps if it is dark when you try this,
    to prevent the tower guards from spotting you.  If they are scanning the
    ground with their spotlight, a well aimed stone will smash the lamp, giving
    you an advantage.)  Get down the ladder back to ground level and retrace your
    steps around the west of the building (mind the officer) and back round to
    the north.)
    Chapter 4 : Objective 3
    No rest for the wicked.  The rocket is planned for take-off soon.  Captain
    Stone must alert the English and get them to bomb the camp by sending a radio
    message.  This mission really isn't that trying, compared to the last one. 
    Even so, it isn't easy either - so be careful.
    Don your uniform and head over to barrack 2.  Inside you'll see some rugs
    curiously scattered against the wall.  This is the entrance to the tunnel. 
    Once inside, crawl on-top of the wooden dolly and hit the necessary action
    button so you can whiz through the tunnels.  Get off at the corner and crawl
    around to get on the next dolly.  Whiz along until you can go no further,
    then climb off, around another corner, and onto the final dolly.  At the end
    of this tunnel is the entrance out into the German Compound.  
    You'll emerge in a store room near the southwest corner.  Exit into the
    German Compound, which takes the form of a yard encircled by buildings.  The
    Radio Room is in the southeast corner, accessible through a door to the south
    of the yard.  But it is too heavily guarded to just wander in.  We need a
    better disguise.  Walk across to the east side of the yard where you can
    collect a brass key from the wall (mind the patrolling guard).  Now head
    north through the gap in the buildings and you'll find a staircase on the
    outside of the northeastern building (the German Mess Hall).  This staircase
    leads up to the door of the Officer's Quarters.  Head up the staircase and
    unlock the door - paying close attention to the tower guard near by.  Inside
    there is some currency and the all-important German officer's uniform.  Using
    the mirror on the wall, swap your clothes (you'll have to leave your old
    disguise behind) and head back outside and down the steps.
    Head south back inside the yard.  In the southeastern corner of the yard you
    will see a window through which you can see there sits a high ranking officer
    in a grey overcoat.  Be warned - he is the only man who can see through your
    new disguise.  Fortunately he leaves his post as lunchtime, so hide out in
    one of the other buildings (and collect some currency while you're at it)
    until the camp schedule rolls around to 'move to the mess hall'.  He will
    then leave his post and wander north through the yard to the German Mess
    Hall, which is located underneath the Officer's Quarters where we stole the
    new uniform.
    Head over to the Administration Office, which is the southern door in the
    yard (the one next to the store room with the tunnel).  Walk inside and
    casually walk around the officers, east, towards the radio room.  Enter the
    radio room and use the equipment to contact London.  "Field mouse calling
    Early Bird.  Let slip the dogs!"
    With your job done, it is time to leave.  Exit the Radio Room, walk through
    the Administration Office and exit out into the yard.  Go next door to the
    store room with the tunnel, and descend once more into the gloom.  Whiz along
    all three sections of the tunnel on the dolly's and re-surface in barrack
    two.  Now go find the Escape Committee.
    Chapter 4 : Objective 4
    With the bombs falling, you have five minutes to sabotage the rocket.  There
    are two keys which must be placed into two control panels.  Can it be done? 
    Sure it can!  (It's game over if you fail!)
    There aren't any guards around (except for the Facility itself), so the only
    thing we need is a lock pick.  Run like the clappers out of the barrack and
    towards the northeast corner of the compound.  Over the fence you go and
    through the wooden barriers onto the east/west road.  Now dash east until you
    get to the Post Compound.  Head south through the Post Compound, Laundry
    Compound and finally into the facility compound itself.  With no guards
    around you can do what you like.  This time, no need to go around the back - 
    lock pick the front door on the north side and enter.  (Time check: you
    should still have approximately four minutes left.)
    Once inside, you must avoid the guards - even if you are in disguise.  Head
    south, up the stairs on the west side of the door, to reach the landing.  The
    key is in a yellow box on the east side of the crossbar and the control panel
    on the west side of the crossbar.  Careful of the officer's patrol, get
    across the room and collect the key from the wall, then back again and slot
    it into the control panel.  (Time check: you should ideally still have
    between three and two and a half minutes still left.)
    Now head back downstairs - there's another key and control panel in the room
    to the east of the ground floor.  The same room which had the safe.  This
    time, however, there are two officers on patrol.  Using the same technique as
    in mission three of hiding behind bits of the equipment in the southern part
    of the room, make your way around anti-clockwise to the entrance of the east
    room.  (Because this is against the clock, there's no point in giving you a
    detailed description of how to do this - just wing it!)  Once inside, collect
    the key from the east wall and insert it into the control panel on the north
    wall of the room.
    Congratulations, you've just saved humanity from the Nazi's.  No rest for the
    wicked - time to catch up with Colonel Harding back at Colditz.
    Welcome to Chapter 5 : "Unfinished Business"  (Colditz, again!)
    Chapter 5 : The Cast
    Major William Kingsley: English.  Escape Committee (head of...).
    Group Captain Henri Dubois: French.  Escape Committee (barrack officer).
    Corporal Vincent Bernier: French.  Informant.  (Newly arrived.)
    Lieutenant Cameron 'Doc' Winters: USA.  Informant (maps).
    Second Lieutenant Reginald Worthington: English.  Informant (gossip).
    Private Dwight Johnson: Southern USA.  Scrounger.
    Private Luka Beratti: USA.  Assistant.
    Second Lieutenant Dick Williams: USA.  Assistant.
    Flight Lieutenant Ricki Logan: USA (New York?).  Assistant.
    Private Tony Caponi: USA (New York?).  Gambler (cards).
    Corporal Douglas 'Sure Shot' Spears: English.  Gambler (tin cans).
    Staff Sergeant Daniel Crown: English.  Loves escape plans.  (Newly arrived.)
    Colonel Roger Harding: English.  SOE agent (Special Operations Executive). 
    He's back again, and under even heavier guard.
    The Kommandant: German.  A man with a moustache.
    General Stahl: German.  What secret is he keeping down below (the castle!) ?
    The Cook: German.  I feel like knockwurst tonight, like knockwurst tonight!
    The Nurse: German.  Remember boys, she's just a load of polygons!
    Captain Hans Zimmerman: German.  They seek him here, they seek him there...
    Chapter 5 : The Games
    Tin Cans (Corporal Douglas 'Sure Shot' Spears) : Knock off all the tin cans
    from their perch within the time limit, using only the stones provided. 
    There are more cans than chapter three, arranged at different heights, with
    the time limit lower.  The use of the catapult is permitted.  (Tip: take
    several 'passes' across the target - taking out all the cans at the same
    height in each pass - that way you minimise the amount of vertical
    adjustments you have to make.  Also, cans right next to each other can be
    taken out with a single shot!)
      Bet:        10c
      Winnings:   20c
      Cans:       11
      Stones:     15
      Time:       30 secs
    Cards (Private Tony Caponi) : Deal a given number of card, predicting each
    time whether the next card will be higher or lower than the last.  Aces are
    high (rated above a king).
      Bet:        5c
      Winnings:   10c (easy), 15c (medium), 25c (hard)
      Cards:      3 (easy), 5 (medium), 10 (hard)
      Time:       Unlimited
    Chapter 5 : The Tourist Guide
    Want a German uniform and some boot polish?  It's even easier than on your
    last visit to the camp.  During a break period when you are allowed in the
    western side of the yard, open and enter the Bell Tower door - which is the
    small unmarked door next to the Laundry.  It's unlocked, but you will still
    need to be careful of the guards.  Head inside and up the ladder.  Then
    follow the door into the Sickbay.  The nurse patrols around the room (she
    walks very strangely, kind of like she plopped in her knickers) but she is
    easy to avoid.  If she does spot you she will cry out for the guard.  Hide
    underneath one of the beds until the coast is clear.  Now head out of the
    east door which leads to the top landing of the Laundry hallway.  You can
    collect the boot polish at the top of the stairs and then head downstairs,
    crouching to sneak quietly past the sentry (who never moves unless alerted)
    and south down the side of the stairs to collect a uniform.  Sneak back up to
    the landing again and use the mirror to don your disguise (the one next to
    the guard is too risky) and now you can calmly walk right past him out into
    the courtyard.
    If currency is what you need, as on your previous visit, you'll find a load
    of the stuff in the kitchen.  The safest way to get there is to access the
    corridor which links the two courtyards by using the south door in the Mess
    Hall, during meal time when the Cook's back is turned.  Now head south into
    the kitchen and collect your reward, before returning to the Mess Hall.
    There's a bucket full of currency in the German Mess Hall.  It's on the east
    side of the Administration Office (which in turn, is east of the German Mess
    Hall, you'll recall).  Go up the staircase and unlock the eastern door.  But
    be careful - there are guards inside and they aren't always asleep.
    Chapter 5 : Objective 1
    Colonel Harding is up to something, and the Escape Committee want to know
    what.  You can attempt this mission day or night, although daytime is
    probably preferable.  First, get the German guard uniform, as detailed in the
    Tourist Guide for this chapter.  Remember, do not act suspiciously in
    disguise when being watched by fellow guards, and avoid officers at all
    Start by heading for the Administration Office to collect a brass key.  The
    easiest way to get there is to go via the two mess halls.  Wearing the
    uniform, start in the prisoner's Mess Hall and head for the northeast corner
    of the room.  Up the steps and north into the German Mess Hall.  The bookcase
    that you could hide behind in chapter three has gone - but as you are in a
    guard's uniform this hardly matters.  Now walk down the hall east, and
    through the door in the southeast corner, and you'll find yourself in the
    Administration office.  Collect the key from the desk, and retrace your path
    west through the German Mess Hall and back out into the prisoner's Mess
    Hall.  Then west through the door and out into the courtyard once more.
    Head down to the southeast corner of the yard and enter Barrack A.  You'll
    recall the entrance to the Library is in the southeast corner of the
    hallway.  Head for the Library door and unlock it, then enter.  Follow the
    stairs south and then north onto the landing.  You'll encounter another guard
    - but providing you keep your head he won't suspect a thing.  Now head south
    all the way along the passageway which leads from the landing, and enter the
    Library via the door to the west.  In the northeast corner of this room there
    is a staircase which leads east then west, up to a balcony.  (In the
    northwest corner there is a table with a catapult, if you want it!)  Once you
    reach the top of the stairs, head south to the end of the balcony and you'll
    encounter a door (which was inaccessible during your previous stay here)
    leading into a tight area with an exit to the west.  Follow that exit and
    you'll arrive in what is described as a Derelict Corridor running
    west-northwest.  Proceed down this corridor and through the door - a short
    cut sequence will play.  Someone is sneaking around up here with us, taking
    photos (Harding perhaps, or maybe someone more sinister?).
    You are now in the Derelict Room.  Roughly to the north you'll see some
    windows which you can climb through onto a ledge high above the courtyard. 
    Follow the ledge around the courtyard in an anti-clockwise direction (it
    curves), scaling the grappling hook which you'll find set up to access the
    higher walkway.  Don't forget to pick up the hook once you're at the top,
    before continuing along the ledge until you reach another set of windows. 
    Enter, and you will be inside the Glider Room (attic).  This is Colonel
    Harding's pet project it would seem.  (Sounds too fantastic to be true? 
    Check out the 'Fact or Fiction?' section below.)
    Okay, you now need to get back and talk to the Escape Committee - but you'd
    better take the grappling hook with you and stash it in a safe place.  You
    may need it for later missions, so you can't just leave it behind (hint
    hint!).  A good place to hide it is in your barracks - where you have a
    specially designed hiding place.  But retracing your steps is not an option
    as you passed far too many guards on the way up to sneak back down holding an
    object like that.  So you'll have to find an alternative route.  As chance
    would have it, there are two - one easy and one hard(er).
    The hard one first...
    The Glider Room has two exits, one in the northeast wall and one at the
    bottom of the southwest wall.  The northeast exit leads to a locked door
    which cannot be opened (yet!), not even with a crowbar - so ignore it.  Take
    the southeast door into another room with a load of junk in it.  Drop the
    grappling hook and pick up the crowbar which you'll find on a crate.  In the
    southern corner of the room, on the southeast wall, you'll find another door,
    which you can crowbar open.  Now drop the crowbar and collect the grappling
    hook once again.  Go through the door into a circular balcony, which is part
    of the bell tower.  Across the way you'll see a break in the railing and a
    ring near the floor - walk over it and use the action button to set up the
    grappling hook, forming a route down the chimney to the floor - which you
    used earlier to get access to Sickbay (when you stole the guard's uniform,
    remember?).  Descend down the rope.  You can take the crowbar with you if you
    want, although you won't need it again this mission.  Then make your way down
    the ladder to ground level again.  
    Now you need to get across the courtyard to Barrack B on the northeast side. 
    If your friends are in the yard outside, you can exit the tower (minus the
    hook) and get them to organise a distraction away from your route across the
    yard - although this may reduce your chances of getting an A grade when the
    chapter is over.  Alternatively you can just walk through the courtyard,
    avoiding the guards, and dropping the hook whenever one gets too close or
    becomes suspicious.  The tricky part is getting through the checkpoint
    barriers half way across.  Try a few well-placed stones to distract the
    [ Next up is the easy solution, so skip over it to the paragraph beginning
    "One technique..." in order to complete your mission. ]
    Now the easy route...
    You've seen the glider. and now it is time to report back to the Escape
    Committee.  But how?  This route avoids much of the dreaded walk across the
    courtyard.  Retrace your steps out of the Glider Room through the window, and
    walk along the ledge until you come to where the grappling hook was set up,
    and use the action button to put the hook back in place (assuming you
    bothered to collect it at all!).  Now climb down and collect the hook. 
    Retrace the curved path down to the south, but do not go through the window
    back into the Derelict Room, but continue roughly east and then south around
    the corner.  You'll find yourself at a break in the wall, with another ring
    that you can attach the grappling hook into.  Do so, and climb down onto the
    flat roof below (this is the location with the football in chapter three, you
    may recall).  Now collect the grappling hook again and head down the ladder -
    careful of the courtyard guards below.
    (Note: in a room to the southwest of the Glider Room you will find a
    crowbar.  You can carry this down onto the flat roof if you want - it might
    be handy to use later when exploring.  You can only carry one item at a time,
    the hook or the crowbar - however you can scale the grappling hook rope while
    holding the crowbar!)
    At the foot of the ladder you'll find yourself next to a door to the east
    which leads into the west side of Barrack A.  Walk over to it and drop the
    grappling hook, then open the door.  Standing outside, looking into the hall
    (the guards will not get curious as long as you don't pick up the hook)
    observe the route of the guard inside.  When he turns east quickly pick up
    the hook and follow behind him, but once you leave the narrow corridor part
    of the hall swing around and open the other door to Barrack A which leads out
    onto the eastern section of the courtyard (this is the exit you used in
    chapter three, to leave your barracks at roll call, remember?).  You are now
    on the southern side of the courtyard, in the southeast corner.  The Barrack
    B door - your destination - is to the north.
    One technique for getting past a courtyard guard is to follow behind him as
    he walks his route, dropping the hook when he turns to retrace his steps, and
    then picking it up again after he has passed you by.  Remember - providing
    the item isn't actually in your hand when the guard sees you up-close, he
    will not twig.  
    Once you reach Barrack B, slip inside (north) and go west through two rooms
    to reach your bunk.  I'm not sure if there is a sentry inside the hall at
    some points of the day - certainly there are some times when no guard is in
    place, like before evening roll call.  Best to sneak in during those times. 
    You can always deposit the grappling hook on the ground and wait until the
    hall is free - that way the guards won't suspect you.  Stash your uniform and
    the hook in your hiding place.  Now go find the Escape Committee and astound
    them with your tale of daring-do!
    Chapter 5 : Objective 2
    You need to get a photograph of the mole who has been spilling the beans on
    your fellow prisoner's escape attempts.  He, whoever he may be, must report
    to the Kommandant each day.  The Kommandant's Office is above the
    Administration Office, which you may recall visiting on your previous stay in
    the camp.  You can get to the office by exiting the Administration Office
    east into the hallway, up the stairs, and the office is the west door on the
    top landing.  However - you cannot just wander in there!  The Kommandant
    stays in his office most of the day and night, and he will alert the guards
    when he sees you.  Luckily there is a prime spot for taking a photo of the
    mole - the office window which overlooks the German courtyard has a small
    This, then, is your destination.  But you will need to take the grappling
    hook to get up to the balcony from the outside.  You should still have this,
    preferably stored safely in your hiding place, after the last mission.  Don't
    forget to pack the Escape Committee's camera also - or you'll have no
    evidence!  And you will also need the brass key.  This mission can be done at
    any time of day - personally I prefer the Afternoon Freetime as my starting
    point.  It is strongly recommended that you use the guard's uniform to make
    life easy - see the Tourist Guide for this chapter if you don't have it.  
    Go to your barracks and don the uniform and collect the grappling hook.  Now
    head out of the room east, and east again into the hallway.  Stand next to
    the southern door, and open it to reveal the courtyard - but do not exit the
    barracks.  There are several guards in the eastern side of the courtyard. 
    One sentry looks out from his box to the Mess Hall door.  Another patrols
    north and south.  Wait for the patrolling guard to turn south and then slip
    out of the barracks and walk east and then south around the courtyard to the
    Mess Hall door - hugging the wall closely so to avoid the sentry guard.  (If
    you walk straight across the yard he will spot you carrying the hook!)  Once
    inside the Mess Hall, avoid the sentry by doing due south and exiting into
    the corridor which leads to the Kitchen and German courtyard.  It's the
    German courtyard you need, so head to the east and unlock the door using the
    brass key.
    Open the door and head down the narrow steps into the courtyard.  Things have
    changed since you were last here - the yard now has a fence across one side. 
    The only break in the fence is manned by an officer.  Next to him there are
    some metal drums which you could throw a stone at to distract him and slip
    past, but this also alerts other guards near by too.  There is an easier way
    - head to the most northerly part of the fence you can get to, and climb over
    when the patrol guard on the other side is moving away from you.  
    Once inside, head to the northwest corner of the yard.  You should be able to
    see the west side of the balcony that the grand stone staircase in the north
    of the yard leads up to.  And on that west side you will see one of the
    familiar metal rings which can be used to attach the grappling hook to.  Keep
    an eye on the patrolling guard who walks north/south along the western side
    of the yard.  When he gets close simply drop your hook and wait for him to
    wander off, before picking it up again.  Walk to directly underneath the
    metal ring, take a couple of steps away from the wall, then turn and go into
    first person mode and look up so the ring is roughly dead-on and centred in
    your view.  While still in first person mode, switch to the grappling hook
    and throw it.  It should successful drop into place, hanging from the ring. 
    If not, keep trying - but be careful of the patrolling guard.
    With the hook in place, calmly walk around the grand staircase and up onto
    the balcony.  The Administration Office door is to the northwest of the
    balcony, right next to the spot from where your grappling hook now hangs. 
    But between the two there is a sentry - this was the reason why we didn't
    simply carry the hook up the stairs.  Above the door you will see an
    overhanging balcony with another ring - this is our destination, the
    Kommandant's Office window.  
    Walk past the sentry and collect the hook.  You are just outside his field of
    vision so he won't be alerted - but it is important that you stay were you
    are and do not walk in-front of him or alert him in any way.  On the other
    side of the Administration Office door you will see some metal drums.  Pitch
    a stone at the drums, and the sentry will leave to investigate.  He will then
    proceed to do a tour of the balcony, which gives you plenty of time to line
    yourself up below the window and throw the hook onto the ring.  If the sentry
    returns, use the stone trick again to get rid of him - but make sure he never
    sees you with the hook in your hand.  Once the hook is in place, climb up to
    the balcony and crouch.  Go to first person mode and select the camera.  Look
    through the ajar window into the office beyond and take a snap.  A cut
    sequence will play in which the identity of the traitor will be revealed.
    Chapter 5 : Objective 3
    Ready for your longest and most taxing mission yet?  This objective is in two
    parts.  First you need to collect the remaining three parts to complete
    Harding's glider. A bed sheet, a plank of wood and some electric wires. 
    Instead of returning with them to your hiding place, you must get them up to
    the attic with the glider - not an easy job.  You'll be in disguise
    throughout pretty much the entire mission.
    At Afternoon Free Time, head across the courtyard to Barrack B, in the north
    side of the east part of the yard.  Enter and go west through the two
    barracks to reach your bunk.  Don your guard uniform, and collect the
    grappling hook from your hiding place.  Then retrace your route east through
    the two door and south out into the courtyard again.  Carefully walk through
    the checkpoint between the two parts of the courtyard, avoiding the sentry
    guards.  Head around the checkpoint and south sticking close to the fence
    which divides the courtyard.  You'll see a sentry posted on a corner next to
    the Cooler, facing east.  Unfortunatly, you need to get to the ladder just
    beyond him.  Luckily there is a way to make him change direction.  Follow the
    fence south until you are just north of his view on the radar.  Then drop the
    hook and walk over to the Cooler door - it's the white door right next to our
    troublesome sentry.  When other guards aren't looking, flatten yourself
    against the door and tap with your fist.  Then immediately step away from the
    door, as the sentry comes to investigate.  When he returns to his post he
    will face north - meaning you can pick up the hook and head south to the
    ladder, then climb up to the flat roof.  Attach the hook to the ring on the
    ledge which runs over the west side of the flat roof.  Now climb back down
    the ladder, to ground level.
    It is time to get the plank of wood.  The Chapel is the arch-topped door with
    the pillars around it on the west side of the courtyard.  Head over there and
    slip inside.  A guard patrols a circuit of the room.  To the north is a steel
    key on a crate - collect this if you don't have one already.  The plank of
    wood you need is near the eastern wall, just north of some metal drums. 
    Stand next to the plank, ready to pick it up, and watch the movements of the
    guard on your radar.  He walks over to the drums on the west side of the
    room, pauses for a while, then over to the north wall, and pauses again,
    before heading back into the middle of the room.  This gives you ample time
    to steal the plank.  Wait until he pauses facing west, looking at the drums,
    then grab the plank and head south to the doorway.  In the doorway you should
    be safe - the guard doesn't travel that far down the room.  Be very careful
    you don't bang into the drums on the east side of the room, or you will alert
    him.  Use the keyhole in the door (and your radar) to watch the guard
    outside.  He moves in an L shape past the Chapel, Bell Tower and Laundry
    doors.  Wait until he passes the Chapel door heading south towards the Bell
    Tower, then slip out and quickly make your way to the Bell Tower in the
    southwest corner of the courtyard.  Climb up the ladder and drop the plank. 
    Then head back down the ladder and outside.
    At this point you need to wait for Morning Roll Call, so head back across the
    courtyard to Barrack B in the north side of the east part of the yard.  Enter
    and go west through the barracks until you reach your bunk.  Remove the
    guard's uniform.  Time skip to Morning Roll Call.  Or, alternatively, you
    might like to save your position and then select Morning Roll Call when
    After roll call, head back into your barracks to your bunk for the next part
    of the mission.  There's no time to waste - you'll have to act quickly on
    this stage.  Start by donning the guards uniform and collecting the steel and
    brass keys if you don't have them on you already.  Then head out into the
    prisoner's courtyard.  Remember to walk when in sight of guards.  Head east
    into the Mess Hall and the use the door in the northeast corner of the hall,
    beyond the steps, to get into the German Mess Hall.  Travel east down the
    hall and exit via the door in the southeast corner, to get into the
    Administration Office.  Open the door in the eastern wall and you'll find
    yourself in a hallway with some stairs to the north.  
    (Note: as time is of an essence on this task, you might like to try skipping
    roll call, donning your disguise and making your way straight to the German
    Mess Hall.  If you are nibble you can get there and hide under one of the
    tables before the camp-wide search is triggered - then just sit it out.  This
    gives you a valuable head start for the rest of the task!)
    Follow the staircase north and then south, to arrive at the top landing. 
    There are doors at either end of the landing - the west door leads to the
    Kommandant's office (avoid!) and the east door leads into the German
    Barracks.  When the guard who patrols the hall turns away from the door,
    unlock and enter the German Barracks.  You will see two seated guards inside,
    plus a bed sheet on a table between the two guards - there is a trick to
    collecting it without getting noticed.  If the guards are asleep (their heads
    are bowed and their radar images are small) then you can collect the sheet
    and sneak back to the door - collecting any currency along the way if you
    want.  However, if the guards are awake (upright, normal sized radar image)
    then you have to give them a little exercise to make them sleepy.  Walk up to
    the shelves on the west side of one of the wooden pillars, and throw a stone
    at the jug.  Stand reasonably close so it makes a big noise when it hits. 
    Both guards will become alert and look around.  When they return to their
    seats, they will rest for a few moments before nodding off to sleep.  (While
    you are waiting, you can collect the currency littered throughout the room).
    Slowly creep back to the door so not to disturb the guard, and use the
    keyhole to wait until the landing guard outside is walking away from the
    barracks.  Then open the door, and dash out and down the stairs to the ground
    floor again.  Go west back into the Administration Office and then use the
    keyhole in the door which leads to the German Mess Hall (west wall, on the
    raised landing).  There are two guards.  One patrols a circuit of the hall
    clockwise.  The other walks a line north/south along the eastern wall.  You
    need to time your run across the hall to avoid both guards.  Wait until the
    circuit guard has just started walking westward, along the south wall, then
    wait for the line guard to turn north, just outside the door you are behind. 
    Quickly open the door and dash to the opposite side of the hall, then
    carefully (to stay out of sight of the circuit guard) follow the path around
    until you can get to the door which leads to the prisoner's Mess Hall in the
    southwest corner of the room.  Go through the door, but stay on the north
    side of the hall, so to avoid the guard and Cook.
    If you have not wasted time, it should by now be close to Afternoon Break
    Time - the best time of day for sneaking things through the courtyard.  Make
    your way over to the west door which opens out into the courtyard.  Drop the
    sheet and open the door.  You need to get the pillow across the yard to the
    ladder in pretty much the same way as you did with the grappling hook
    earlier.  Watch out for the guard who patrols on the east side of the
    courtyard, north/south.  Once he is safely heading south, grab the bed sheets
    and dash out into the courtyard and through the checkpoint - being careful to
    steer around the radar image of the sentry guards on the checkpoint.  Drop
    the sheet near the sentry next to the Cooler, and use the same wall-tapping
    trick to re-direct him to face north.  Then grab your bed sheets and dash
    south to the ladder, and climb up onto the flat roof.  Climb up the grappling
    hook rope (which will still be there from earlier) and then drop the sheets
    and pick up the hook.  Follow the ledge anti-clockwise around until you can
    go no further, then use the hook with the ring on the ledge high above. 
    (You'll recall, this is the same spot where you originally found the
    grappling hook in a previous mission.)  Go back and fetch the sheets, then
    climb up the rope and run along the ledge to the end, where you can enter the
    Glider Room.
    Walk up to the glider and use the sheets to finish the wing.  Now climb back
    out of the window and along the ledge to collect the grappling hook, then
    retrace your steps back to the Glider Room.  Once inside take the southeast
    door into the junk-filled room.  In the southeast corner, you'll find another
    door, which can be opened with the crowbar, if you didn't already on mission
    one (a crowbar is provided in the room).  Go through the door into a circular
    balcony, which is part of the Bell Tower.  Walk around to the other side and
    set up the grappling hook so you can climb down the chimney.  Climb down.  At
    the bottom of the chimney is the plank of wood, where we left it.  Pick it up
    and head back up the rope, and through the junk-filled room to the glider. 
    Use the plank with the glider.  Leave the grappling hook in place, hanging
    down the Bell Tower.  You may need it later (hint hint!)
    There only remains the electrical wiring to be collected - luckily it is
    close by.  The Glider Room has a second exit, in the northeast wall.  Use
    this door and follow the corridor around to the east, to a locked door.  Use
    the steel key to unlock this door and head inside.  Go south to the ladder,
    and climb down.  There's a labyrinth of boxes with a path snaking to the
    electrical wires.  Near the southeast corner there is a route into the middle
    of the room, which twists around to the wiring.  Collect them and retrace
    your route back out of the labyrinth and up the ladder, west through the door
    and follow the corridor southwest back into the Glider Room, and place the
    cables into the glider.  A short cut sequence will play.
    Congratulations - you have completed Colonel Harding's glider!  What?  You
    thought that was the end of the mission?  Think again!  The most diabolical
    is yet to come!!
    The second phase of this mission takes you down into the sewers again.  Head
    to the Bell Tower again, where your grappling hook hangs and climb down, then
    down the ladder to the ground floor.  (Leave the hook in place!)  Continue
    outside and across the courtyard to the Mess Hall on the eastern side. 
    Enter, and go up the stairs to the northeast and into the German Mess Hall. 
    Make you way east across the hall and enter the Administration Office via the
    door in the southeast corner.  Then across the office to the eastern door
    which leads to the hallway with the staircase (which leads up to the
    Kommandant's Office and German Barracks).  Don't go up the stairs, but
    instead unlock (using the steel key) the door in the eastern wall, next to
    the cupboard.  This is the Boiler Room door.  Proceed east then south down
    the stone steps, then west and north to follow the corridor around until you
    arrive at a door in the west wall.
    Note: as the sewers are so dark, it's best to rely heavily on your radar to
    guide you through the next section of the mission.
    Use the keyhole to check out the corridor beyond.  An officer patrols
    east/west - he seems impossible to pass.  But notice the two small alcoves in
    the north wall?  These provide the trick to getting past him.  Wait until he
    reaches the door, turns, and walks west.  Then quickly open the door, crouch
    and dash into the first alcove.  (In the dark it's hard to see where to go -
    it helps to just move west while pushing against the north wall, and you
    should end up in the alcove.)  Now wait until he returns to the door again,
    turns and walks west once more.  Quickly sneak out and follow him, ducking
    into the second alcove before he turns.  (Again, moving west while hugging
    the north wall helps in the darkness!)  Now, when the officer turns east to
    go back to the door again, you can slip out and continue west a few paces,
    before turning south and moving down to a second door.
    (Note: if it helps you to locate the alcoves in the dark - the first is right
    next to an illuminated bit of wall, and the second has a long faint spider's
    web running across the top.  Also, an alternative method has been suggested
    for getting by the officer - to use the catapult to hit the barrels at the
    end of the passageway with a stone, then sneak past his back when he
    investigate.  Be careful not to hit the officer with the stone!)
    Use the keyhole to wait until the coast is clear, then open the door, crouch,
    and head west to behind the barrels just beyond.  The section of tunnel ahead
    is in a figure of eight shape.  An officer patrols clockwise then
    anti-clockwise around the northern square.  A second officer patrols
    clockwise around the southern square.  Your destination is the adjacent
    corner, in the southwest.  To get there you will have to avoid both guards. 
    Using your radar, wait until the north guard travels to the corner where you
    are hiding.  He will stop just beyond your barrels, turn, and retrace his
    route.  Now watch the other guard - a few moments later he should turn off
    the eastern corridor in-front of you and head west into the middle path of
    the 'eight', meaning that the way is clear for you to sneak out from behind
    the barrels and follow the first guard west, along the north path of the
    'eight'.  Keep your distance as you follow the guard - make sure you are
    never inside his sight range.  Eventually the two guards should turn and head
    over to the eastern side of the 'eight', leaving the way open for you to
    sprint down the west side to the southwest corner.
    There are two possible exits from that corner, one south and one west.  The
    southern one is blocked - but the western one leads to a door.  Open it
    quickly and step inside, there are no guards to worry about.  You will find
    yourself in a corridor which runs west a few paces, then north a while, then
    west again a few paces, before terminating.  On the long north/south stretch
    you'll see some wood propped up against the eastern wall.  Just south of that
    is an alcove with a manhole.  Open the manhole and climb down, into the
    Scientific Lab below.
    Here you are at least, the final part of this mission - and the hardest
    part.  You are on a high balcony over-looking the Scientific Lab.  You cannot
    be seen up here - which is a good thing because it's best to observe the
    movements of the two officers in the lab below before attempting to navigate
    across the room.  The room is rectangular, running at a funny angle, not
    quite straight north/south - so the compass directions in the following
    description are therefore approximated (for easier reading!)
    In the west side of the room (where you are) there are two white control
    cabinets, one north and one south.  An officer patrols in a figure of eight
    around them.  East of that, there is a large circular wall of white cabinets
    with an exit north and south.  There is a doughnut shaped path inside.  The
    south exit leads down into another set of control cabinets in the southeast
    corner of the room.  A control panel can be seen in the extreme southeast
    corner of the room - this is your destination.  A second guard patrols
    north/south in and out of the areas either side of this doughnut, pausing at
    each end.
    The ladder to take you to the lab below is on the southern side of the
    balcony.  When the first guard passes by and then turns north, climb down
    quickly and crouch next to the southern side of the near-by cabinet.  When
    the guard returns he will wander down the western side of the cabinet, at
    this point quickly dash around to the eastern side, then across the room to
    the north entrance of the circular doughnut area - but do not go inside.  If
    you time it right, the second guard should be inside that mini-compound. 
    Crouch next to the entrance so that on his way out he won't see you as he
    passes you by, then quickly slip inside behind his back and dash south around
    the doughnut and into the section with the control panel.  Now tinker with
    the controls, and a cut sequence will kick in to herald the end of the
    mission.  Whew!
    Chapter 5 : Objective 4
    This is it, your final mission - and it follows directly on from your last
    one.  With the camp in turmoil, you must get to the glider in less than five
    minutes.  To make it worse, the guards are ordered to shoot on sight.  This
    mission is a push-over if you are wearing the German guard uniform, as even
    though they are in a high state of alert, they still cannot see through your
    disguise.  It's like taking candy from a baby.  
    You begin on the landing between the German Barracks and the Kommandant's
    Office.  Head down the staircase, south, and you'll encounter a guard (who
    wasn't there on previous missions).  Walk (don't run) past him and west, into
    the Administration Office.  Now west again into the German Mess Hall.  Keep
    walking west along the mess hall, and exit via the door on the east side
    which takes you to the prisoner Mess Hall.  Go through the hall and exit west
    into the courtyard.  Keep walking west through the checkpoint and into the
    west side of the yard.  Now head for the Bell Tower which is in the southwest
    corner.  Enter, and climb up the ladder.  Your grappling hook should still be
    in position from last mission.  Climb up it to the circular balcony, then run
    through the junk-filled room, into the Glider Room.
    Now sit back with a grin on your face as Captain Stone escapes Colditz and
    takes out General Shtal to boot!
    Expert Challenges
    So you've completed the game, right?  And got all the A grades?  Looking for
    something a little more taxing to maximise the replay value?  Below are a
    list of suggested expert challenges.  Unless specified, these are to be done
    without the aid of the game's Secrets menu.
    1) Complete the game entirely in First Person Mode, accessible via the
    Secrets menu.
    2) Complete the game without using the hiding place next to your bunk. 
    (Suggested by William Pettit.)
    3) Complete the game without collecting any currency, except objective one in
    chapter one, naturally.  (Suggested by William Pettit.)
    4) Complete the game while never attending a roll call, except those were the
    game doesn't give you any option.  (Suggested by William Pettit.)
    5) Starting next to your bunk in the morning, visit each room and corridor in
    Colditz (chapter three) at least once, without getting caught or shot, and
    make it back to your bunk before lights out.  Use of the guard's uniform is
    1) Complete the game with Guard Perception on high, accessible via the
    Secrets menu.
    2) Escape from the Holding Camp (chapter one) with your kit bag.  (Suggested
    by William Pettit.)
    3) Escape from Colditz (chapter three) without using the manhole in the
    German Mess Hall.
    4) Complete all chapters in under 5 days each.
    5) Grappling hook and climb every single ring in Colditz (chapter five).
    Too Hard?
    1) Complete the game without reloading your last saved position each time you
    get caught or shot.
    2) Complete the game without wearing boot polish or disguise uniforms. 
    (Suggested by William Pettit.)
    3) Complete chapter five, objective three, without removing the grappling
    hook from its place at the end of the high ledge.  (Suggested by William
    4) Hit every guard in the game with a stone, and never get caught or shot. 
    Use of the catapult for long range shots is not permitted.
    5) Complete the game with Guard Perception set to high and Defiency set to
    on, accessible via the Secrets menu.
    Guard Perception: Low/Normal/High.  Low makes the guards easier to avoid,
    high makes them harder.  Unlocked after finishing chapter one with grade A.
    Guard Size: Mini/Normal/Giant.  Changes the size of all German characters in
    the game.  Nothing useful, but funny.  (Can taller guards see over fences??) 
    Unlocked after finishing chapter two with grade A.
    Defiency: Off/Normal/On.  Off means guards will never get suspicious of
    Captain Stone.  On means that Stone is always stooped and guards will chase
    him no matter where he is or what time it is.  Unlocked after finishing
    chapter three with grade A.
    Unlimited Goodies: Off/Money/Stones.  Gives unlimited currency or stones to
    throw.  Unlocked after finishing chapter four with grade A.
    Top Down Mode: On/Off.  Play with the camera looking down from above, and the
    rotation always aligned to the compass.  Unlocked after finishing chapter
    five with grade A.
    First Person Mode: On/Off.  Play through the eyes of Captain Stone himself. 
    On the PS2 the right stick changes the direction Stone is facing, and the
    left stick moves Stone relative to the direction he is facing.  Unlocked
    after finishing the game with all grade A's (?)
    Below is detailed a list of passwords which can be entered on the Password
    menu of the game.  Enter the password and select OK on the on-screen
    keyboard.  Listed after each password is the message which appears on screen
    when you have successfully entered it.  
    (PC owners note: passwords are entered at the keyboard on the menu screen,
    and some require the first letter to be capitalised).
    Secret Menu
    The following unlock the options in the Secrets menu:
    QUINCY : "You have access to the guard perception secrets".
    MUFFIN : "You have access to the guard size secrets".
    FATTY : "You have access to the defience secrets".
    DINO : "You have access to the unlimited goodies secrets".
    FOXY : "You have access to the top down mode secret".
    BOSTON : "You have access to the first person mode secret".
    FARLEYMYDOG : "You have all secrets available".
    New Game Menu
    The following unlock or re-lock the chapters in the New Game menu:
    GER1ENG5 : "You have access to all chapters".  (Thanks to Owen, Heskey and
    Gerrard for that one!  You'll never walk alone!!  :-)
    DEFAULTM : "You only have access to the default chapters to begin with".
    In-Game Events Display
    The following change the game's event messages which apprear at the top of
    the screen:
    ALLTIMES : "You will be informed of all events in the day".  (This is the
    default for the game.)
    CORETIMES : "You will only be informed of core current events".  (Only events
    listed in your Journal's Camp Schedule screen will be listed.  The in-between
    events, like "Move prisoners to Mess Hall" will not appear.)
    Other Misc Passwords
    The following appear to have no effect:
    TOGSAVECAN : This appears to be accepted, but no message is displayed and
    nobody seems to know if it has any effect.
    DT : "Jun 12 2002, 23:15:50".  (Seems to have no effect on the game. 
    Possibly the exact time and date that the developers finished working on the
    Fact or Fiction?
    Prisoner of War, the game, plays on the popularity of the various escape
    movies which have been made over the years.  From the 'true life' of "The
    Wooden Horse" (1950) to the 'based loosely on a true story' of "The Great
    Escape" (1963), and the totally outlandish "Escape to Victory" (1981).  So
    how faithful is the Codemasters video game?
    Well, there really was a Second World War (but you knew that already, right?)
    and POW camps did exist on both sides - in compliance with the Geneva
    Convention which protected captured soldiers, providing they were wearing a
    uniform.  Once captured, it was every soldier's duty to attempt to escape,
    thus tying up as much of the enemy's time and resources as possible with
    trying to keep hold of its POW's.  Strangely although many prisoners managed
    to flee from mainland Europe back to England, there was only one successful
    escape from the UK back to Germany - that of Franz von Werra, the courageous
    Luftwaffe pilot who's exploits were celebrated in the 1957 movie "The One
    That Got Away".  You can read about him at this site:
    The location "Stalag Luft" featured in two chapters of the game is not a
    specific camp, but rather a series of camps.  The term is an abbreviation of
    "Stammlager Luftwaffe" - permanent POW camps for air force officers,
    administered by the Luftwaffe (the German air force).  Most were located in
    Germany itself, but a few were in Poland, Lithuania and Russia.  
    The camp in the game appears to be loosely based on many of the aspects of
    the real Stalag Luft camps.  For more information on German POW camps, and
    the Stalag Luft itself, visit the following sites:
    Colditz Castle was supposedly one of the Nazi force's most feared and secure
    POW camps.  It contained the most 'difficult' prisoners - many with multiple
    escape attempts under their belt, and was supposedly inescapable.  That
    didn't stop the men it contained from plotting, and many attempts were made. 
    This included a daring plan which employed a home-made glider hidden in an
    attic.  The camp was liberated by the Allies before the glider escape was
    ever tried, however.  (Although over fifty years later a reconstruction of
    the glider proved that it did indeed fly!)
    For information on the real Colditz, plus a map of the castle, try the sites
    below.  As you can see, the game version retains the basic shape and much of
    the layout of the real camp.
    SOE - the Special Operations Executive of which Colonel Harding is an agent,
    really did exist.  At the instigation of Winston Churchill himself this
    top-secret 'behind the lines' force was set up in 1940.  The applicants (both
    men and women) weren't even told exactly what type of job they were applying
    for until after they had enrolled.  Their mission was simple, but highly
    dangerous, as dictated by their first boss, Hugh Dalton: "We must use many
    different methods, including military sabotage, labour agitations and
    strikes, continuous propaganda, terrorist acts against traitors and German
    leaders, boycotts and riots."
    In many respects, these 'secret agents' did in real life what you only play
    at as Captain Stone in the game - the only difference is that as 'spies' they
    didn't have the protection of the Geneva Convention.  Out of 200 SOE agents
    captured in France, for example, only 30 survived.  Use of extreme torture by
    their interrogators was not uncommon.  You can read more about SOE here:
    Despite being fun, Prisoner of War is not as polished as other games.  Most
    of the bugs below are non-fatal.  They do nothing but spoil the atmosphere. 
    Luckily the game is addictive enough to overcome these handicaps.  Let's just
    hope that Prisoner of War II (if it ever appears) will have less rough edges.
    Strange bugs:
    1) Sometimes the background music becomes choppy - that is to say it strobes
    on and off rapidly.  To cure this, pause the game and return.
    2) The speech sound samples are sometimes clipped - odd syllables, often at
    the start of a sentence, will go missing.
    3) Sometimes the speech sound will stick.  A character will be animating and
    his lips moving, but all that will be heard is a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a....
    4) Sometimes the background sounds will become very loud.  While stealing the
    bellows I was shocked to hear the quacking ducks in the background suddenly
    shot up in volume.  I was convinced this was part of the game - I'd disturbed
    the ducks and now they were going to wake the sleeping guard.  But no - it
    was just a bug!
    5) Jerky animations.  The action will skip a frame or two, particularly just
    before someone is about to talk (it would seem the DVD access to locate the
    speech sample causes the animation to stutter!)
    6) Mouth animations sometimes stop on the second sentence.  The sound carries
    on but the mouths stop.  Perhaps the occupants of the camp are learning how
    to throw their voice, in preparation for a lucrative career as children's
    entertainers after the war?
    7) Sometimes the camera judders, particularly when Stone is pushed into a
    tight corner.  To cure, simply re-centre the camera.
    8) It snows inside the barracks in Colditz.  In the courtyard, try opening a
    door and stand looking inside when it's snowing.  The snow effect appears to
    extend inside the room you are looking at!
    9) The guards can sometimes shoot through objects.  You'll rush through a
    door or duck behind something, only to have the guard hot on your heels fire
    straight through the object and hit you.
    10) In Stalag Luft, in the bedroom on the top floor of the Kommandants
    building, you can crouch and walk straight through the bed as if you were a
    ghost!  Spooky!
    11) The day displayed on the on-screen clock appears to be a little screwy. 
    When saving and continuing on day three, you'll often reload only to find
    that it is now day four!  However - the description of the 'save game' on the
    loading screen does say day three, plus when the day ticks over at midnight
    it stays on the same day - so I'm guessing it's just the clock which is wrong
    after you reload.
    Fatal bugs:
    1) A couple of people have reported that the game has problems reloading save
    games.  Specifically, it hangs after attempting to load a previously saved
    game, often at points mid-way between camps (when the game allows you to save
    after completing a camp).  Personally I've not experienced this - and it may
    be an effect of the anti-piracy features built into Codemasters games, which
    have been known to deliberately do strange things to save games.  My advice
    is to use two save games, and alternate between them.
    2) On the Colditz camp, after climbing down the trap door from the theatre
    into the Barrack B sleeping quarters, the square button is highlighted with
    an action icon.  If you move, then it will vanish.  However, if you hit the
    square button into select it, you get transported into a small space outside
    of the regular game map, in which all the graphics are screwy.  (I think it
    may be the tiny inaccessible store room right next to the barracks).  There's
    no way out - so you'll have to quit the game and reload.
    3) Try doing something like picking a lock and being interrupted by a cut
    sequence - for example a camp wide search.  The game camera goes completely
    screwy, so much so in fact that the only remedy seems to be quit and reload.
    And a handful of annoyances:
    1) The menu button navigation in the game is either too slow or too fast when
    using the D-Pad on PS2.  For example, when selecting the time of day to skip
    to, you must hold down the D-Pad for a while before the selection changes. 
    When moving things between your inventory and your hiding place, the
    selection skips up and down like a mad thing, and often a few attempts must
    be made to highlight the right item!  Menus are easier to navigate with a
    D-Pad than repeated flicks of an analogue stick - I'm surprised this wasn't
    tested more.
    2) When crawling out from underneath an object, is it *really* necessary for
    the camera to rest on a close-up view of Captain Stone's arse?  Why not
    automatically re-centre the camera for us, instead of expecting the player to
    tap the re-centre button manually?
    3) The save game system enables the player to add more than one save game,
    but does not give an option to delete saves.  As they are all gathered under
    one file on the memory card, you cannot selectively remove specific saves in
    order to save space (they are 300k+ each!).  The only way of avoid this is to
    use a second memory card - load the game, swapping the card, and then
    re-saving onto the new card to create a file without the extra baggage.
    4) The switch in navigation as you pass from room to room is annoying.  It
    means the player has to halt after taking a couple of paces into the room so
    that they don't get confused by the realignment of the controls - otherwise
    they end up shooting off on all manner of random directions, even back out
    through the door!
    Ooow - that's nice (not bugs, but cute features):
    1) Any clock in the game actually tells the correct in-game time.
    2) There are flocks of birds flying over Stalag Luft.
    3) Guards will actually spot you inside a building through the windows, and
    they follow your footsteps in the snow as well.

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