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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Guybrush Threepwood

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 05/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                        Version 1.4
    All of this content is based on my own observations. If you write in with a useful tip,
    and I include it in a future version, you will, of course, be credited.
    Speaking of which, you are free to repost this wherever, just please keep me credited
    as the original author. Thanks. If you're NOT reading this on Gamefaqs, you might want
    to check there for a more recent version. I will not reply to any more mail asking me
    for permission to post this. While I appreciate you asking, my stance on this is
    clearly spelled out in this paragraph, and I get tired of repeating myself.
    I don't mean to be a jerk, but I'm getting a lot of very repetitive emails. Read this
    before you send me email. Thanks.
    1. Do not mail me ANYTHING about ANY missions not covered in this guide. Any such mail
    will be deleted unread.
    2. Check gamefaqs BEFORE mailing me asking about updates. The latest version is always
    to be found there. If you mail me asking about an update that's already been posted,
    you will not receive a reply.
    3. Do not mail me a carbon copy of somebody else's faq or forum post.
    4. There appear to be subtle differences, mostly in the karma engine, between the PC
    and console versions. If you're on a console, and something is working differently for
    you than I describe it here (like sniping the Don off his balcony) I don't want to hear
    about it.
    5. If something is working differently for you than I describe it (like being able to
    walk past the elevator guard with the hostage in mission 4) I don't want to hear about
    it unless you can tell me EXACTLY what CAUSED that difference in gameplay. If it
    doesn't work for ME, it's not going in the guide.
    6. I'm not tech support. If I don't cover a bug or oddity in this guide, then I didn't
    encounter it and probably can't help you.
    7. Apparently this needs to be spelled out; do NOT mail me about the bomb bug in
    mission four. I didn't encounter it, so I can't help you with it. Sorry. Try tech
    -Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate (guybrush@nc.rr.com)
    I included a brief description of each map, and some general tips to keep in mind. If
    you're having trouble, I'd suggest trying a few more times with those in mind, before
    skipping ahead to the walk-through. I stopped noting recommended equipment because I
    got tired of always recommending chloroform and a silenced 9mm.
    I've broken each level down into a number of challenges, and provided different
    methods for beating each challenge. You can pick and choose which ones suit you best.
    I've also noted, at the end, what methods you should use if you want to score Silent
    Assassin on each level. Then, for grins, I included data on what Loot you might want
    to take with you at the end, for the trophy room.
    My guide is written assuming you want to play this game the way it was meant to be
    played. How was it meant to be played? Just look at the title. Hitman. Not "Gunman",
    not "Shotgun-toting-thugman", etc. Sure, violent sprees are sometimes a viable option,
    but if you rely on them, and never learn the ways of the Silent Assassin, then you're
    missing out on a great gameplay experience, and I feel sorry for you.
                                      GAMEPLAY TIPS
    This game plays very differently from standard 3D shooters, and, in more subtle ways,
    differently from the original Hitman. The controls are a little odd, but if you play
    the first mission a few times, you'll be used to them in no time. The AI is amazingly
    deep and realistic. The Mafia guys all know each other, so your disguise doesn't stack
    up to close inspection, but conversely, they DON'T know the mailman. If you're dressed
    as him, they won't be nearly as suspicious. Conversely, the delivery boy and mailman
    don't know you're not a Mafia guy, and will ignore you in that disguise.
    1. Sneaking up on people-
           This is a much smaller part of the game than in the original, which is good,
           because it's bloody hard now. People will get a little suspicious if you walk
           up on them from behind, unless you're sneaking. Sneaking is very slow. What
           this means is that you can generally only sneak up on enemies deliberately
           placed for that purpose, like guys who are distracted, or stationary enemies
           that you can come at from behind. The unarmed and innocent are much easier.
           They will flee from you, so you can just run up behind them and grab 'em.
    2. Disguise-
           This is also a smaller factor than in the first game. Not in that you use
           costumes less, but a suit of clothes alone isn't going to fool the Mafia into
           thinking you're cousin Luigi. Also important are the way you move, the way you
           act, and where you go. Generally, you can avoid suspicion by making sure
           nobody gets a good look at you. If someone starts to get suspicious, turn and
           walk away, and generally the Suspici-O-Meter will slowly go down. Poor lighting
           can also help keep suspicion down.
    3. Hiding-
           Hiding is a major factor in this game. Even a dark corner of a room can be
           enough to cloak a sneaking Hitman from prying eyes. Look for things to hide
           behind on levels, like crates or dumpsters.
    4. Timing-
           The patrolling guards in this game have routes that take different lengths of
           time. Thus if some of my recommendations aren't working for you because a guard
           isn't where I said he'd be, then you probably arrived earlier or later than I
           did. All I can advise for those situations is wait in a safe spot until the
           alignment of the guards turns in your favor.
    5. Chloroform-
           It's now possible to take out enemies without killing them, but unless you're
           trying for Silent Assassin, it's generally not worth the bother. They only
           stay down for about a minute per "bottle". Hold the button down to give them a
           bigger dose.
    6. Ratings-
           At the end of each mission you receive data on how well you did. Your stealth
           and aggressiveness, as well as how many non-targets you hurt are considered. A
           perfect score nets you a "Silent Assassin" rating. Typically, this requires you
           to kill ONLY the target, use only 1 shot per target, and never get caught.
    7. Running-
           The NPCs in this game hate running. Passionately. Maybe their parents all died
           in some sort of marathon accident, but they all get really suspicious when you
           run. Now, I'll freely admit I'm not a Russian soldier. But if I was, and I saw
           another Russian soldier running, but first reaction would not be to OPEN FIRE!
    8. Weapons-
           There's quite a lot of weapons in this game. Apparently they didn't want to pay
           for licensed gun names, so everything has a pseudonym. Whenever you're given a
           choice, bring the knife, anesthetic and silenced 9mm on every mission.
    Knife-	        The fastest and nosiest way to kill someone from behind.
    Fiber wire-     Quieter, but a little time consuming. My weapon of choice close up.
    Anesthetic-     AKA chloroform. Takes ages to use, but you generally have to for
                    Silent Assassin ratings. Completely silent.
    Silenced 99mm-  My pistol of choice. Quiet, and deadly enough if you land a headshot.
    Silenced 22-    A nice gun, but very weak. Don't try to use it from any sort of range.
    SD Ballers-     Quiet, but super deadly. Nice for when you have a poor shot, or you
                    have to take out more than one guy quietly. Alas, it takes ages for 47
                    to prepare them, and they're so powerful, the target tends to go
    Other pistols-  All the other pistols are noisy, and therefore useless.
    SMG-SD6-        Nice and quiet. Would be very useful if you could conceal it.
    Other SMGs-     The regular SMG and the Uzi are noisy, and therefore useless unless
                    part of a disguise.
    Crossbow-       The crossbow is basically a weak and awkward, but silent sniper rifle.
    Sniper rifles-  They're all about the same, except for the custom rifle from Japan.
                    That thing is sweet.
    Other rifles-   The other rifles are noisy and therefore useless unless part of a
    9. Bonus weapons from SA ratings-
           I thought I'd put in a section about this, because I see a lot of people talking
           about it on forums and stuff. I have gotten SA on every mission (so far)
           sequentially. I never went back and re-did any missions from the missions menu.
           If I wanted to do a mission over, I ALWAYS reloaded. Doing that, I got the SD
           Ballers on mission 1, the sawn-off on mission 2, and the M4 on mission 5. This
           was all on regular difficulty. My advice, if you're having trouble getting the
           rewards, is never to use the missions command. Always restore to repeat a
           mission. Just pretend the missions menu doesn't exit.
                                    MISSION 1- ANETHEMA
    This is a big, pretty map that gives you a good chance to get used to the new controls
    and paradigms of Hitman 2. The two primary challenges are getting in, and getting the
    job done.
    1. The guards all know each other. Get too much in one's face and your disguise won't
    2. There are places guards aren't suppose to go. Don't let real guards see you there.
    3. You can generally use shadowy corners or crouching behind furniture to hide. It
    won't save you when you've got angry guards hunting you, but you can often conceal
    4. On each floor, find a safe room and watch the map for a while, to get an idea of
    the guards' comings and goings.
    5. Notice the guards don't carry their guns visibly.
    6. If the Don becomes alarmed, he will stay in his office, and his lawyer will join
    him, with a shotgun.
    7. The key to the car is on the Don's brother (the other fat guy in white) but there's
    no easy way to get it without making unnecessary kills and/or noise. I sort of consider
    it your consolation prize if the mission turned into a bloodbath.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Insertion
    METHOD A-		the direct approach
    Run down the hill toward the door in the wall nearest you and hide behind the chunk of
    wall to the right of the door. Eventually, a guard comes out to uh... water the plants.
    You can take him out in the manner of your choosing. For practice runs, or when
    learning the area, kill him so he doesn't cause further trouble. However, when playing
    for keeps, chloroform him.
    Once he's down, drag him under the trees, and take his uniform and gun. Head through
    the door. If you're impatient, you can instead just open the door when you get to it
    and pop him with the silenced pistol, then drag his body into the back door of the
    METHOD B-		the postman always shoots twice
    You've no doubted noted the postman. When he stops to water the bushes, sneak up
    behind him and chloroform him. Make sure you hold down the button til you're empty.
    Drag him into the shadows of the trees, but don't take his clothes yet.
    Instead, run along the wall to where the delivery boy is. Stash your guns in the
    groceries. As long as he doesn't SEE you do it, everything is cool. If there's two
    boxes, use the one on the right. It'll be brought in sooner.
    Run back to the mailman and take his clothes, and his flowers. Run toward the gate,
    keeping the bushes between you and the guards. Once you clear the bushes you have to
    start walking. They won't find any guns on you, and will let you pass. Walk up to the
    front of the house (again, you can run as long as no guards are watching you closely)
    and enter the front door. Save.
    Some may prefer dropping the guns first, since it gives you more time inside before
    the mailman wakes up and tells on you. If you run, you can drop the guns and get to
    the postman before he's done piddling. He DOES have a second stopping point where you
    can nab him. Partway along the front wall, he stops to have a smoke, but I found
    sneaking behind him there to be really tricky.
    The maid will take the flowers, and as she leaves, the guard will follow her. Run
    and hide in the little alcove under the stairs to the left. Sooner or later, the
    guard will come back in and stand with his back to you. Chokey chokey! Drag his body
    up past the bend in the stairs and take his clothes and gun. Head to the small room
    across the hall from the kitchen and watch the map for a while. The kitchen is a
    really high traffic area. When the coast is clear, head in and get your guns. The
    mailman will probably have woken up by now and told on you, but you're not dressed
    like him any more.
    METHOD C-		the delivery boy
    Run to where the delivery boy is and wait til he goes inside. Stash your guns in the
    groceries. When he comes back out, chloroform him. Unlike the posty, he won't alert
    the guards when he wakes up. Grab the box with your guns in it and head inside. Walk
    up to the side kitchen door and inside. Here's where it gets a bit spotty.
    The kitchen is a high traffic area, and it's very easy to get totally screwed by
    guards coming in here. Once you've gotten your guns, head up the stairs and hope that
    there's nobody walking through this area. If there is, you may be able to hide in the
    left corner of that front room undetected.
    The easiest place to get a uniform is probably the guard in the hall here. Lean around
    the corner and shoot him, then quickly drag his body into the room in the middle of
    that floor. No patrols go through there, you see.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-      Getting there
    METHOD A-		the incredible flying hitman
    A good friend was the first to tell me about this odd little trick. It works best if
    you went in as the posty or delivery boy. As the postman, simply walk up the stairs in
    the kitchen. As the postman, wait until the first guard and the maid are totally out
    of the room, then walk through the room to the right, through the kitchen, and up the
    stairs. In this large upper room, go out on the balcony. There's a broken chunk of 
    fence you can walk through that leads to a narrow ledge. If you sneak, you can just
    make it around to the roof beside the Don's office.
    The problem with this method is that its very time consuming, but is the easiest way
    to reach your goal as the postman or delivery boy without having to change clothes
    again. You'll probably have to wait for the son and brother to walk up on the balcony
    and then leave again before you make your move on the Don though.
    METHOD B-		the incredible climbing hitman
    Once you're dressed as a guard, and have your weapons with you, make your way around
    the right side of the house. Give all the guards a wide berth, and don't run when any
    of them are looking at you. Go through the door on the left to the pool/pond area.
    There's four guys who wander through here, including the Don's son and brother, both of
    whom are smarter than the average thug at seeing through disguises.
    Hang a sharp left and head up the ladder. Walk across the roof to the door to the
    Don's office. Check your map. You can see the Don on the outside map if he's up
    practicing his swing on the balcony. 
    THIRD CHALLENGE-       Doing the Don
    METHOD A- 		lurking in the shadows
    Go into the office through the balcony door from the roof, and stay in the corner,
    sneaking. Pull out your silenced pistol and wait for the Don to show up. If you were
    quick, the timing on this should work out perfectly. When the Don comes in, he won't
    be able to see you very well, so he'll come over and investigate. Wait until the 
    door he came through swings closed, and shoot Don Fatty with your silenced pistol.
    Quickly take his key and revolver. Optionally, you can try to drag the body out onto 
    the roof where it won't be found, but, if you've been quick about the whole affair, 
    you can get out before it's discovered.
    If you try to get the body out, watch the outside map and make sure the son and
    brother aren't out there, and you should be fine.
    Alternatively, you can lurk in the upper left corner of the room. This is the best 
    spot from which to try to strangle him, but the office is such a high traffic area,
    you really don't want to spend any more time there than you have to.
    If wearing a suit, head down the ladder, through the gate towards the garage and 
    the door in the wall, stopping off in the basement to achieve the last goal. If you're
    the posty or the deilvery boy, creep back along the ledge, and wait til no guards are
    very near, and simply drop into the basement stairwell. If you didn't take too long,
    you should be able to walk out whichever way you came in, as long as you're careful
    METHOD B-		in the bedroom
    The best time to do this is when the Don is in his office, but it's made problematic
    because it's tricky to keep track of him AND patrols on the first floor at the same
    time. Head up the stairs to the second floor in the left area of the house. There's a
    highly suspicious guard at the top, but you should have enough time to shoot him in the
    head with your silenced pistol.
    Drag his body into the bedroom, and stash him behind the bed. Hide there yourself, or
    in the upper left corner, in the shadows. Wait for the Don to enter, and shoot him, or
    let him head for the balcony and creep up and wire him. Note that the brother 
    sometimes walks through this area, which can screw you over real fast. If you're 
    quick, however, he'll still be out by the pool by the time you're doing this.
    METHOD C-		the long shot
    Fun, but gratuitous. Grab the sniper rifle from the garage and head back out to the
    hill where you started. You can snipe the Don from here. This is easiest to do if you
    used Method A for the first challenge, otherwise, you have to worry about the guard
    by the side door. If he's still alive/awake, wait til he goes out to pee, then grab
    the gun and head out after him. Sneak behind the tree while he's peeing, and then
    head up the hill. Wait til he goes inside to fire. Do the same in reverse to sneak
    back in.
    The problem, though, is GETTING to the body. The best way I've found is to follow the
    directions in Method B, which means you STILL have to kill that one extra guard. The
    timing becomes less of an issue though, which is nice.
    Tubasoldier finally sent me a reliable way of sniping the Don off the balcony. This 
    one works EVERY time. On the hill, counting trees from the gate, you want to stand 
    about 3 feet to the right of the second tree this side of the wall (the southern wall
    where the exit is.) When the Don is standing on the far side of the balcony, partly
    hidden behind the wall, wait for him to swing. After he does, he stands there for a 
    second looking after the ball. Plug him in the head, and if you're in the right 
    spot, he'll slide to the ground every time. It's best if you wait til AFTER the posty
    is entirely done with his rounds, which means the THIRD time the Don is on the balcony.
    Here's the catch; assuming you used the R93 and didn't bring in a custom rifle or
    crossbow, the three guards out front will hear the shot and turn to face you. This
    makes them VERY suspicious and they will walk up to you if they see you, and then get
    suspicious and start shooting when they get close. 
    The best way around this is to go back in through the side gate, and hug the front wall
    so the guy by the garage is the only one who can see you. He'll start to follow you 
    as you go behind that little superfluous chunk of detached wall. Once he loses sight, 
    he should get bored and go back to the garage. Alternatively you can shoot him with 
    the silenced pistol when he's out of the sight of the two guys by the front door. Walk
    to the body and grab the key. Hide it if you want, but it's not required. 
    Make your way all the way around the back of the house to the other side, avoiding 
    close contact with enemies, and check the basement. The guy by the kitchen door doesn't
    exhibit the same behavior as the guys by the front. On your way out, one of the guys 
    out front will start following you, but you should be able to get away before he gets
    too suspicious.
    METHOD D-		a fourth possibility
    Go to the left-hand side of the house, and shoot the Don with a silenced pistol while
    he's on the balcony. You can generally get away with it, but it presents the same
    problems as methods B and C.
    Use Method A for insertion, and drug the guard, rather than killing him, the use
    Method B to reach the Don, and Method A to shoot him. The only problem with this 
    trick is that it means you won't have time to get the Deagle before the drugged 
    guard wakes up. You can, however, still get the sniper rifle and the Don's revolver. 
    Kill that first and get the rifle. Go back out to the hill and find the spot I mention.
    Now go get a sandwich as you've got about 5 minutes to kill while the postman makes his
    rounds. Save your game, then restore until you get the Don to fall off the balcony. 
    Walk in and get the guy by the garage to follow you back beside the garage where his
    friends can't see him. Drill him with the silenced 9mm. Walk around behind the mini-
    wall and loot the Don's corpse. Walk along the front of the house so you come up on the
    shotgun guy and remaining front door guard from behind. Drill them both (or knife 'em.
    They won't turn) and hit the basement. Now mosey on out.
    Revolver-       On the Don. Makes a nice souvenir.
    9mm pistol-     On any thug.
    Knife-          On the cook, but you already have one back at the shed.
    Deagle-         In the study. It's easy enough to get, but not if you use my method
                    for getting Silent Assassin. There's an easier Deagle on mission 4, so
                    don't sweat it.
    Shotgun-        Carried by the lawyer, and the guard at the front door. There's no
                    way to get it AND get Silent Assassin. Ambush the lawyer if you
                    really want it as a keepsake.
    Golf Club-      Although this'd make a GREAT trophy, it's tricky to get out with
                    it without setting off any alarms.
    Sniper Rifle-   In the garage. I usually grab this on my way out. Looks great on the
                           MISSION 2- THE STAKE-OUT IN ST. PETERSBURG
    This is a very large and intimidating map, but it's not that hard to learn. Spend some
    time during the briefing getting familiar with the map, notably the sewers and streets
    maps. The mission's main problems are getting the sniper rifle out of the metro, and
    getting it across the square without being detected. My solutions are sort of bound up
    in each other, so I'm treating the map as one challenge instead of two.
    1. The soldiers will get suspicious if you run, or if you're carrying an odd weapon.
    2. The SVD looks enough like the AK that they will be fooled if you stay about 20 feet
    away from them, as long as you have it holstered.
    3. You CAN run across the square, just give all soldiers a wide berth, and stop and
    walk if the Suspici-O-meter starts to move.
    4. Once you've heard the dialog about the target's identity, there's no need to listen
    to it over again.
    5. You can find an open window from which to shoot the target on any floor about 2, in
    the apartment building, but the best bet is floor 3.
    6. There's a spare uniform waiting for you near the exit of the upper-right sewer exit.
    7. Don't let Diana rush you. Once the meeting starts, it doesn't seem to end.
    METHOD A-		a cheap trick
    The quick and dirty way to do this mission is to ignore the sniper rifle completely.
    Run up the stairs to the left, and walk into the little room. You should arrive
    just as a guard walks behind some lockers. Head through the door, and pick the lock
    on the next one. Run through the sewers (use the map if you're having trouble) and
    take the exit in the upper, right-hand corner of the map.
    In front of you will be a uniform. Look around the corner to make sure nobody is
    facing you, and grab it. Now head across the square and into the apartment building.
    Enter it through the left hand door and run to the back, then turn and go up the
    spiral-ish stairs to the 3rd floor. Make your way to the rooms with the window while
    avoiding the guard. Use the map if you need to.
    Zoom in with the binoculars to center the screen on the target; he's the guy in
    front with the glasses. Without moving the mouse, switch back to the pistol and save
    your game. Fire off a few shots. You'll probably either kill the target, or need to
    restore. Run out through the right-hand door to avoid the wrath of the incoming
    soldier. Make your way out of the area, following the same rules as above re the
    soldiers. Don't forget to put your pistol away!
    When back at the train station, you might as well grab the stuff from the locker so
    you can keep the rifle for your collection.
    METHOD B-		nobody wants to see your rifle
    The biggest problem here is getting the sniper rifle out of the metro. The first
    part of that challenge, is getting up to the escalator without the citizens running
    up to alert the guards. They will do this when they see you carrying the rifle. I
    haven't found a reliable way to avoid setting them off, but this plan works best if
    they start in the locker area, so that by the time you have the rifle out, they're
    far away with their backs turned. You can wait for them to get into a useful position,
    but you are on a timer here. The easiest thing to do is probably just reload if they
    don't cooperate. Again, the ideal place for them to start is in the locker area. You
    want them to be far away and not facing you when you grab the rifle.
    Make sure that you'll be able to reach the escalator without being seen, and grab
    the SVD and head up the escalator. Now, as for avoiding the two guards here, stop
    at the top of the escalator and watch the map. As the guy in the hall turns the
    corner, walk into the side room. You should reach it just as the other soldier turns
    behind the lockers. Run to the door, open it, and head on through.
    Once in the next room, pick the lock to the sewers. Turn on nightvision and run to
    the exit in the upper left corner of the map. Remove your goggles at the ladder and
    climb up. Head down the narrow alley to your left and you'll see the back of a
    soldier, once you get around the corner. Dispose of him in the manner of your choice,
    but be sure it's quiet. Take his clothes if you don't already have a uniform. You
    don't need to worry about hiding the body.
    Make sure the SVD is holstered, and RUN to the apartment, following the tips above
    for avoiding detection. Head down the steps and hang a right. Run up and across the
    road, then stick to the round wall, and walk if any soldiers are remotely near you.
    Turn towards the wall so they don't get a good look at your gun or face. Doing this,
    I've been able to walk right by the guards that patrol this area in a wide loop
    without the Suspici-O-meter so much as blinking.
    Enter the apartment through the left hand door and run to the back, then turn and go
    up the spiral-ish stairs to the 3rd floor. Make your way to the rooms with the window
    while avoiding the guard. Use the map if you need to.
    Hold down your crouch button and zoom in with the rifle. Listen to the banter, and
    eliminate the target. He's the one in front with the glasses. Be sure not to fire on
    him while the long-haired guy is behind him. The bullet will go right through the
    target and kill them both, costing you the mission. Once the target is dead, RUN
    through the doors on the right to avoid being spotted, and back down to the bottom
    If you want to make your exit a little easier, leave the rifle here, and pick up an AK
    on your way out. Otherwise, follow my above tips for avoiding detection as you make
    your escape. You can duck by the two guards inside the metro with more very careful
    timing. If you run, you'll generally be okay as long as the guard in the locker room
    doesn't get a good look at you. I recommend saving your game before trying this. It's
    tricky, and it'd suck to pooch the mission here.
    METHOD C-		disguise first, rifle later
    Run up to the locker room area, and take out the guard who goes behind the lockers in
    the manner of your chosing. Now run back to subway lockers and get your rifle. This
    way, the civilians in the metro won't cause you any worries, as long as you hoslter
    your rifle and walk like a normal soldier. Follow method B for the remainder of the
    Problem is, killing this guy can put you overbudget for Silent Assassin, and you're
    really going to have to hoof it to get the mission done before he wakes up.
    METHOD D-		snipe this!
    A couple people have written in to tell me about how they did this mission by going
    directly into the Pushkin building. Alas, none of them ever really describe it in 
    much detail, but surprisingly, I found a way to do it and maintain Silent Assassin!
    Start out by acquiring a disguise in the manner of your choosing as described above.
    Leave the sniper rifle in the locker with the loot, and make your way to the back of
    the Pushkin building. Ideally, there shouldn't be anybody outside. Check the map to
    make sure the hallway is clear, and head inside. Quickly go into the room on your 
    left (lower end of the map) and hide next to the far side of the door. This way, the
    guard who walks through here won't see you. Once he's gone, bolt into the next room,
    then up the stairs.
    Break right, and then take the long hallway at the back of the building. Sneak near 
    the end, and get right up next to the door. Look at the map to make sure the pacing
    General is at the far end of the room, or heading that way, and open the door. Move
    so that you can just see the man in brown to the right of the door. From here, nobody
    will get a good look at you after you take the shot.
    The target is the one on the far side of the table, blocked from here by the guy in
    brown. Bring out your silenced pistol. Eventually, the man in brown will lean forward,
    allowing you a shot at the exposed head of the target. Take it, then put your gun away
    and bolt backwards away from the door. The other Generals and the man in brown will 
    all scramble to safety, and one guard will come up to examine the scene of the crime.
    Keeping an eye on the map, it shouldn't be too hard for you to get downstairs and back
    out the way you came. 
    If you did it right in the doorway when you took the shot, nobody will know to look
    for a suspicious guard or soldier or whatever, so you can stroll to the exit with
    impunity, as long as you don't get too close to any guards or soldiers.
    Use method B without ever letting the Suspici-O-meter get in the red, and be sure to
    knock out the one soldier, rather than killing him. If you give him a full rags worth,
    you'll have oodles of time. If you are having trouble, try Method D.
    Method C is probably the easiest, assuming you kill the first guard. I suppose cross-
    ing the map is actually easier via method A, but the actual shot is easier with C. D
    can be easy too, but it's somewhat unreliable whether or not you can get away without
    having to dodge bullets.
    AK rifle-       On any soldier. Carrying it makes movement outside MUCH easier.
    SVD sniper-     In the locker. Both of these available next level, so just pick one.
    .54 pistol-     On some of the guards, such as those by the roadblock. Don't go out
                    of your way to get it though. It's much easier to get later.
                              MISSION 3- KARIV PARK MEETING
    Another big map with a confounding sewer system. Consider your first several attempts
    at this map to be little more than exploration runs.
    1. The soldiers will get suspicious if you run, or if you're carrying an odd weapon.
    2. The SVD looks enough like the AK that they will be fooled if you stay about 20 feet
    away from them, as long as you have it holstered.
    3. Explore the sewer thoroughly, so you know where the MANY exits go.
    4. All it takes is one audible gunshot and the targets will flee the scene.
    5. Sniper rifles are very LOUD.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Getting in and armed
    METHOD A-		stealth
    Run over to the crates at the start, and hide behind the two that touch. The loot is
    in the corner they form. Hit sneak here so the soldier and limo won't see you. Start
    picking up whatever gear you want, and keep the camera pointed at the soldier. Once
    the limo has gone, slowly back away from him, keeping the dumpster between you, then
    sidestep to the left behind this second dumpster. The instant he turns his back, bolt
    for the sewers.
    METHOD B-		violence
    Run over to the crates at the start, and hide behind the two that touch. The loot is
    in the corner they form. Hit sneak here so the soldier and limo won't see you. Start
    picking up whatever gear you want, and keep the camera pointed at the soldier. Get
    your silenced pistol ready, and step out and shoot him when he turns his back. Drag
    him back to the dumpsters, and take his clothes. Holster your SVD, and you'll be able
    to pass for a soldier as long as they don't get too good of a look at you. Don't let
    the limo see your handiwork!
    This is where I had my first problem with the SD Ballers. I plugged the soldier with
    them and he flew so far that people on the street saw the corpse and came running.
    Hence my recommendation to use the 9mm.
    METHOD C-		speed
    If you're not planning on using the car bombs, you can simply bring a sniper rifle
    from one of the two prior missions with you. Once the mission starts, bolt for the
    nearest sewer entrance.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Doing the deed
    METHOD A part 1-	car bomb the Mafia boss
    Grab both carbombs from the equipment depot, and enter the sewers as described in
    methods A & B above. To the north of the map are two exits close together. You want
    the one that's slightly further away, the northernmost sewer exit on the map.
    Look around with the camera before sticking your big, shiny, bald head up. Ideally,
    there should be a man peeing in the corner. He is Mafia boss's driver. If he's not
    there yet, then climb out and crouch behind the box to wait for him.
    Those who played the original should be able to figure out what to do here. Snuff the
    guy in whatever way pleases you, take his clothes, and walk out to the street. Try
    not to let any of the other guys get a good look at you, and walk up and plant the
    bomb on the car. Calmly walk back to the sewer.
    METHOD A part 2-	car bomb the General
    Once in the sewers, you're headed for the exit close to the west of where you enter.
    It's the exit furthest south on the map. As you climb the ladder, you'll notice a car
    parked right on top of it. Attach the bomb, and make your escape through the sewers.
    Easy, eh? If you're quick, you'll make it back to the exit point in time to see the
    General's car go up.
    METHOD B-		snipe from the church
    The church is pretty much a wash if you want a good rating, but it's there if you want
    to try it. If you followed method B for insertion, you can just walk over to it, as
    long as you give any guards a wide berth, don't let them get a good look at you, and
    don't run too much. Head around the back side.
    If you don't have a uniform, you can use the sewers. There's an exit right in front of
    the church, but there's a soldier who looks right at it, so it's not recommended. You
    can, however, go the LONG way 'round. It's best to use method C for insertion if you
    plan to do this, because you're going to be pressed for time. If you use the sewers to
    go to the northern most exit, you can run around behind the backs of several buildings
    to get to the back of the church. Careful hiding and timing should get you by any
    soldiers along the way.
    Once you're there, you'll probably need to cap the soldier out here with the silenced
    pistol. You CAN chloroform him if you use the dumpsters for cover, but there's no
    point; you'll be raising alarms later anyway. Pick the lock and head in the side door.
    At the top, whistling, is another soldier. Take him out with the silenced pistol too.
    Line up your shot. If you were fast, they hug twice at the start of the meeting, and
    you can sometimes kill both with one bullet. More likely, however, you'll have to plug
    one and try and get the other while he's running away. It's probably easiest to shoot
    the Mafia guy, as you have a better shot towards the General's car from here. You can
    also use either part of Method A as "insurance" in case you miss.
    Either way, once you've pulled the trigger, the soldiers will be all over you. There's
    nothing for it at this point but running, I'm afraid. Ugly, but it works.
    METHOD C-		snipe from the tower
    Use the insertion plan of your choice, and enter the sewer. If you want, you can take
    the time to use either part of method A to plant a car bomb as "insurance", since this
    is a very difficult shot, and you're in the sewer anyway. It's preferable to bomb the
    General's car, rather than the Mafioso's, in the interests of time. When ready, head
    to the second most western exit.
    Look around with the camera here before you stick your head out. You'll probably have
    to spin the camera around to find the tower. The guard here stops out on the road,
    then goes back and looks in on the tower, then turns with his back to the tower.
    He stays there for a while, then walks around the other side for a little while. When
    he starts to walk away from the road, run out and stand against the wall of the nearby
    Next, make your move when he starts to go around to the other side. The easiest way
    to dispose of this guy is to shoot him with the silenced pistol. It doesn't matter
    where the body winds up; Nobody sees it.
    If you're trying to be stealthy, then run to the door the instant the guy starts to
    go around the far corner. Pick it, then turn and back up against the door and the
    dumpster's side. Hit the stealth button, and the soldier should walk right by you, once
    he does, open the door, and run inside the fence, and hide behind the tower. He'll
    eventually come back and look in on the tower, but if you're behind it, and sneaking,
    he won't see you. Then he turns his back on the door and stands there for a while.
    Open the door, and sneak up behind him, and knock him out. Depending on how fast you
    can snipe, you only need to give him about 3 bottles worth.
    Head up the tower, and find the destroyed wall through which you can snipe the targets.
    You might want to save here, since sniping can be tricky.
    If you planted a car bomb, then you only need to snipe one target here, and let the
    other blow himself up. If you snipe the General first, you can probably take the other
    target as he stops to get into his car.
    Remember in the last mission, how the sniper rifle can kill two people with one shot?
    Well, you get an excellent chance to exploit that feature here. Watch the targets in
    the park. Eventually, they stop and talk. Aim at the general's torso. When they go to
    leave, the other guy walks in front of him, and they briefly overlap. Pull the trigger.
    METHOD D-		walkin' in the park one day
    Use method B for insertion so you have a disguise, and carry the AK instead of the 
    SVD. Now simply stroll into the park, giving all soldiers as wide a berth as possible.
    Find a secluded spot, and wait for the targets to stroll by. From behind, pull out 
    your silenced 9mm and quickly drill them both in the head. If you're good enough with
    the pistol, you can drop 'em both before anyone gets to scream. Now simply walk back
    Use method A for insertion, then use method A to carbomb both targets. If you use the
    chloroform on the driver, instead of killing him, you get a Silent Assassin rating.
    The harder, but more satisfying way to get Silent Assassin is to use either method A
    or C for insertion, then method C to get the kill. As long as you use chloroform on
    the tower guard, you're good. I think you also need to get both targets with one 
    bullet, but I'm not 100% sure about that. You can also get Silent Assassin if you mix
    and match; snipe the Mafioso and carbomb the General.
    For my money, carbombing both is the easiest way to do this mission, assuming you 
    just shoot the driver. You might also want to try method D, but it can be a bit
    AK rifle-       On any soldier
    SVD sniper-     By the crates at the beginning. Just take whichever one you didn't take
                    last time.
                                MISSION 4- TUBEWAY TORPEDO
    An oddly named map where the biggest challenge is usually getting in and out.
    1. The soldiers will get suspicious if you run, or if you're carrying an odd weapon.
    2. Alcoves are your friends.
    3. To arm the minibomb, all you have to do is drop it in the right place.
    4. Them cameras, they gotta go.
    5. Officers DON'T carry AK's. Only soldiers.
    6. A lot of people write me about the bomb. They say it explodes when they go to drop
    it. All I can say is, do NOT arm it first, regardless of what the game says. JUST drop
    it. If that doesn't solve the problem, then I can't help you. Sorry, but I can only
    help with issues I've experienced first hand, and this hasn't happened to me. Do not
    write to me about this.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Getting your kit
    You start out in the sewers. Head up the ladder to the army depot. There'll be a
    soldier nearby, but he won't see you exit the sewer. If you want a disguise, this is
    the easiest place to get it. Take this guy out and drag him back and to the garage to
    the side of the sewer exit you just came out of. Borrow his clothes, and grab that
    convenient AK while you're in here. If you're aiming for stealth, you can just sneak
    by him.
    Check the map to see where the guy to the south is. If he's over to the west, then
    you're good. Head south, and turn to the right as you approach the raised area. If the
    first guard is still alive, you may need to sneak for part of this move, based on the
    timing. See the box up on the raised area? Stop behind that, and crouch (not sneak,
    crouch) so the guy up there won't see you. Hug the raised area as you crawl westward.
    When you're a good distance away from the guy on the raised area, you can head over to
    the equipment drop. Make sure to get ALL of it.
    From here, you either want to sneak into the truck, or the sewers. If the first guard
    is still present, the sewers are really your only n option.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Reaching headquarters
    METHOD A-		via truck
    Assuming the first guard is dead or in the sewer, crouch-walk out next to the little
    booth, and when the guard there walks away, sneak forward and turn right into a little
    gap in the boxes. You are safe here. Watch the map, and when the guy on the raised
    area isn't watching, and the guy by the gate is near the manhole, enter the back of
    the truck.
    The truck makes this part easy because the first two guys futz with the gate long
    enough for you to pop out of the truck and hide in the nearby group of boxes. Wait for
    the soldier at the back to turn away, and follow him. Duck behind the boxes and slip
    inside when he comes back out.
    METHOD B-		sick of the sewers yet?
    This is the easiest way to go if you're disguiseless. Watch the guard near the gates,
    and wait for him to walk into the little booth. As he's moving, crawl against the side
    of the booth, and move around as the opportunity presents to the side of the booth
    nearest the gates. Once he's facing the truck, sneak into the second sewer entrance.
    Run through the sewers, and emerge. Climb up the little scaffolding, and drop into the
    convenient hiding area. The idea here is to sneak past the guys near the entrance to
    the next set of boxes, although if you have the disguise, you can generally just stroll
    by with no worries. The next guy, however, is in such a narrow passage that he's a
    problem, disguise or no disguise.
    When I did this, I had to wait a little behind the 2nd set of boxes for the rear
    soldier to turn and walk back toward the door. Sneak down the narrow alley after him.
    As soon as he ducks inside, and the door closes, RUN and hide behind the green box.
    When your friend comes out again, wait til he gets down the ramp, before moving.
    METHOD C-		yet more sewers
    Here's a wrinkle I uncovered recently. You can reach the latter part of the mission
    via the part of the sewer in which you START! If you didn't have to bring the bomb, you
    could skip that entire first area. Sneaking back here is pretty easy, but only if the
    first guard is dead. Just follow my instructions for reaching the equipment in reverse,
    or follow my directions from reaching the truck FROM the equipment, and then go on
    past it. A uniform and AK are required for this to work. 
    Once back in the start, run to the only other exit you can reach. Two guards stand very
    near this exit, but if you wait, they'll walk away. Follow the one that walks away to
    the north, and then break right down the narrow path. Wait for the soldier at the end 
    to turn away, and follow him. Duck behind the boxes and slip inside when he comes back
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Destroying things
    Look at the inside map to check the position of the man inside. Ideally, he should be
    just heading up the stairs near the door. Head in, and walk behind him, giving him
    about 15 feet of space. Duck into the office at the top. There's a spare uniform and
    a Deagle with ammo here for you. If you don't need either, then you can ignore this
    room and head straight for the elevator. There's also an AK and some ammo in the corner
    of the main room, in case you don't have one. Once you're fully disguised, you should
    have no trouble using the elevator.
    The main goal on this floor is to reach the next one down, but you've quite a lot to do
    here beforehand. The first impasse is a hallway full of cameras and a few patrolling
    soldiers. The cameras can pretty much pooch the mission for you if they see you shoot a
    soldier. They can see soldiers get shot with no worry, but don't let them see you pull
    the trigger. However, there's no real need to kill these guys. You can hide from them
    in the little alcoves. Use the map to determine which alcoves they stay farthest from,
    and use those. Halfway, you can go through the door to the control room if you want,
    and kill the officer here. However, you don't really need to, and you have to drag him
    a LONG way (specifically, to that room north of the server room) to avoid his corpse's
    discovery. The cleaner way is to just enter the control room from below and walk
    Go around and enter the server room from the other side. Plug it in the green lights
    with a silenced 9mm pistol to disable it. See the room next to the sewer room with the
    (!) sign? That's your next stop, if you didn't already cack the officer and take his
    clothes. Take the spare officer's uniform here. Congratulations on your promotion! Be
    sure to drop your AK. The other officer didn't have one, and neither should you.
    Your next obstacle is the last patrolling guard. It's easy enough to shoot him, or hide
    from him in the alcoves, but you can get rid of him without racking up another kill! 
    Notice how the south end of his route is right where the bomb goes? Head into the sewer
    room, and drop the bomb as far from the wall as it will allow you, then go hide in the
    empty guard room to the west. Pull out the remote and watch the map. As soon as he 
    stops in that room, push your fire button, and he goes boom along with the wall. 
    Everybody and their grandma runs to investigate, but you're nowhere nearby, so let them
    have their fun. They'll be long gone by the time you return with your friend. If you
    encounter a bug with the bomb, do not mail me about it. I have no idea what causes it
    or how to get around it.
    Even if you don't kill that guard, do take the opportunity to blow up the wall now, so
    you can get on with the rest of the mission while everyone checks out your handiwork.
    FOURTH CHALLENGE-       Doing the deed and escaping
    METHOD A-		paging doctor target
    Drop the pager a little bit north of the north door to the interrogation room, move
    away a bit, behind a corner, and pull out the phone. Press fire to use it and
    activate the pager. The general will come out and take the pager, and when he goes back
    into the room, he will fail to lock it. This is your invitation to head in and dispatch
    It is possible, although tricky, to kill him with the fiber wire or knife in this
    manner. Stand aways to the left of the door when you drop the pager, and walk in after
    him. Apparently he's so busy talking that he's pretty oblivious. You can actually walk
    pretty close to him before having to switch to sneak mode. Better save your game before
    trying this, it can be tough.
    If you followed my advice for the rest of the level, you won't have any problems making
    a clean get-away. Just make sure you hide from the last patrolling guard in the empty
    guardroom, if he's still alive, that is.
    METHOD B-               through the mirror
    Sneak past the patrolling guard, and pick the lock to the observation room. Head
    inside, and you can shoot the general through the glass. Pretty damn cool, shame it
    takes two shots, unless you use the ballers. Better used a silenced gun, unless you
    LIKE having guards run in on you. Climb through the window, and walk up to the
    hostage. Time to make your exit!
    If you followed my advice for the rest of the level, you won't have any problems making
    a clean get-away. Just make sure you hide from the last patrolling guard in the empty
    guardroom, if he's still alive, that is.
    Well, I finally figured out to drop my stupid AK when I don the officer's uniform, 
    which makes the last half of the mission MUCH easier. The cleanest way to do it is to 
    sneak right to the spare uniform w/o killing the first guard, and then do the general
    with the knife and the pager. The only major wrinkle is that you DO have to waste a 
    bullet on the server. That means you either can't kill any other guards, or you have 
    to kill the general up close. For my money, not killing anyone is the easier of those
    two tasks, so spare the first guard so you can use a bullet on the General, and you'll
    still make SA.
    Kill the first guard, and take the truck. Once inside, the easy way isn't much 
    different than the SA way. Using the pager and then shooting the General is the easiest
    way to kill him.
    AK rifle-       On any soldier, or lying around in several places
    Deagle-         In the drawer in the office on the base ground floor
    Combat knife-   On the general. Consider it a trophy.
                            MISSION 5- INVITATION TO A PARTY
    This mission can seem overwhelming at first, because there's so much going on. You
    might want to spend a while just watching the various maps and seeing what everybody
    1. The guards get suspicious of you in the waiter's get-up, but as long as you behave
    in a waiterly fashion, they'll almost never sound an alarm on you.
    2. Waiters are not allowed upstairs.
    3. Guests are not allowed in the kitchen.
    4. Your black suit is a great disguise here.
    5. The bodyguard disguise is pretty useless, since it doesn't hold up to scrutiny.
    6. The actual safe can be any one of 4 safes in the corners of both floors.
    7. The Spetznatz agent is labeled as a target, but you don't HAVE to kill him.
    8. The ambassador is labeled as a VIP, but you don't HAVE to save him.
    9. You're probably wondering if I'm going to mention the secret passage. I'm not. If
    you can find it, there's a spare tux and a W2000 sniper rifle out there.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Insertion
    METHOD A-		disguise
    When you walk up the pier, you'll see a waiter practically screaming, "sneak up on me."
    Since this mission's timing is so dependent on NPC movement, there's no way you'll beat
    it before he wakes up, so don't bother with the chloroform. Also, since killing him
    pooches your chances for Silent Assassin, you might as well just shoot the little snot.
    Once he's dead, take his key and clothes, and run over to the weapons drop. Grab all
    you need, and head through the door in the southeast corner of the wall. Just make sure
    there's no guards to nearby. Head in through the basement. The guards here will get
    suspicious when you walk near them, but they'll become unsuspicious as long as you keep
    acting in a waiterly manner. They shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    METHOD B-		disguises are for pansies
    Ignore the waiter. Run to the equipment, then run to the northeast door in the outer
    wall. Make sure to avoid the nearby guard, and pick the lock on the door. Check the map
    to see the position of the soldier inside the wall, and head in. If you were quick, he
    should be walking away from you.
    Run to the basement door, and then hit sneak. Bring up the map, and switch to the view
    of the basement. Follow him along the side of the car, and then head into the little
    side room. Hug the northeast corner, until the guard starts to walk away again. Head
    around the corner, and into the first room. There's a spare waiter's uniform in there.
    If you're feeling especially daring, you can try to sneak upstairs without changing,
    but I have yet to be able to pull this off.
    METHOD C-		the direct approach
    Ignore the waiter, and run to the equipment cache. Grab what you need, then run to the
    nearby gate. Pick it, and head in. Although fast and easy, this route means you can't
    use the poison unless you kill a waiter inside, which is almost impossible to do
    quietly. You could also sneak into the basement from either direction and claim the
    spare suit there. The bonus to this method is that nobody will get even remotely
    suspicious (as long as you don't go into the basement) and you can run as much as you
    METHOD D-		by invitation only
    There is a guest wandering around the west side of the map with an invite in his hand.
    If you can dispatch/drug him, you can take his suit (which, as far as the guards are
    concerned, is the same as yours) and invitation. The invite will allow you to walk in
    the front gate, as long as you aren't carrying any guns. This presents the same
    problems as method c, but is much more time consuming, so I'm not sure why anyone
    would bother.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Killing the General
    METHOD A-		they gave you poison for a reason
    Once disguised as a waiter, grab a glass of champagne from the kitchen. Pull it out
    (luckily, the champagne magically stays in the glass when it's dumped upsidedown inside
    47's shirt) and then draw the poison to spike the champagne. Simply walk into the
    ballroom and give it to the General. He's such an obliging fellow, he even finds an
    out-of-the-way place to die. What a sweetheart! In case you're wondering, he has no
    loot, so there's no need to visit his corpse after the fact.
    METHOD B-		the old-fashioned way
    The General occasionally wanders off down the hall for a dalliance with a maid. Wait
    in the hall for him and take him down with the silenced pistol. Drag him somewhere out
    of sight. This method, unfortunately, sometimes alarms the maid, and I'm sure why it
    does sometimes, and why it doesn't others. Alternatively, you can drug the maid before
    he gets there, and then kill him, or kill them both.
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Securing the briefcase
    METHOD A-		the early bird gets the worm
    The ambassador walks to the safe twice. Once by himself, once escorted by the Spetznatz
    agent. This method involves intercepting him the first time he goes there, when there's
    no agent around to muck things up. If you get into the room adjacent to his office, and
    go in that way, you can take him out in the manner of your choosing. Once he's down,
    you can either take the suitcase (if he opened the safe for you) or take the
    combination from his body and open it yourself. Alternatively, you can simply shoot him
    in the halls (Halls! I said HALLS!) before he reaches the safe room, and loot the
    METHOD B-		snuff the competition
    The first time you hear that the ambassador has opened the safe, check the map to see
    where he is. Wait for the Spetznatz agent to "hold up" the ambassador, and get to the
    room adjacent to the room with the safe as fast as you can. Watch the map. Once the
    agent has his back turned to you, hit sneak and open the door. You can either sneak up
    on him, or shoot him in the back of the head. Wait until the safe door opens, and then
    take him down. A bonus here is that you can save the ambassador this way, but the game
    doesn't seem to care about that, really. If you do save him, don't worry. He quietly
    stays here for the rest of the mission.
    METHOD C-		with enemies like this
    After he kills the ambassador, the Spetznatz agent will leave via the front door. Take
    him out in the manner of your choosing. Has the potential to be really sloppy, but
    might be your only option if you got held up somewhere.
    FOURTH CHALLENGE-       Getting out
    This is, in many ways, the hardest part of the mission. The guards will fire on you
    if they see a waiter walking off with the General's suitcase, so you need another
    disguise, but what? Ironically, the disguise you need is the black suit you came in
    with. If you're still wearing it, then just grab the suitcase and stroll out the front
    If not, this is going to get a bit tricky. If your suit is all the way back by the
    first waiter, then your options are to try to sneak all the way out through the
    basement, (which I've never gotten to work) steal a suit from another guest, (which
    means an unnecessary kill) or shoot your way out. Good luck!
    If your suit is in the basement, then there's still hope for a stealthy exit. Leave the
    suitcase in a quiet room somewhere, and go into the basement. Walk to the room with your
    suit, and put it on. Sneaking back upstairs is the hard part. I'd advise sneaking to
    the pantry, then watching the map, especially the two guys out by the stairs. When the
    time is right, sneak past them, reclaim your suitcase, and head on out.
    This is a very easy mission in which to get Silent Assassin, as long as you can handle
    the Fourth Challenge without setting off any alarms, and there are multiple ways. I
    recommend using method B for insertion, poisoning the General, and killing the agent
    with the wire once the safe is open. It can be done faster if you method C for
    insertion, drug the ambassador as he goes to open the safe the first time, shoot the
    General (if you're lucky regarding the maid) and then just stroll out. You can also use
    the poison on the General, and then wait outside for the agent, and then shoot him.
    However, these last two routines are sorta unsatisfying, and will give a very low
    stealth score.
    The easiest way is to use method C for insertion, method A to get the briefcase, and
    then simply killing both the maid and the General in their little tryst room.
    9mm pistol-     On some guards, but you really should have one by now, eh?
    .54 pistol-     On the Spetznatz agent. Didn't I tell you not to bother in mission 2?
    SMG-            On most guards. If you want one without causing a fuss, there's one in
                    a locker in the basement room that initially starts with 3 guards in
                    it. They empty out later in the game, so just walk in as the waiter and
                    take it.
                               MISSION 6- TRACKING HAYAMOTO
    Disguises are largely useless, so you can either do it with the fish (just keep reading
    it'll make sense eventually) or you can have a big gun fight with pretty much everybody
    in the place. I won't be covering the latter option, since it's not, ya know, hard.
    1. Guard disguises are 100% useless.
    2. The surface you're walking on affect how loud you are. Grass is quiet. Gravel is
    3. Fish.
    4. I hope you like sneaking. And waiting.
    5. The guards here all walk REALLY slow, and look around quite a bit while they patrol.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Journey to the fish
    METHOD A-		around the back
    It starts out easy enough. You can practically run to the second stone unseen. Wait
    there for the guy at the front door to turn away, and then you can usually run right
    into the garage with impunity.
    Watch the outside map, and when the guard in front of the garage walks away, run out
    the far garage door and around the corner. Here you will see a small yard with a big
    rock and a guard patrolling around it. Wait til he's on the opposite side of the rock,
    and run up to it. Keep the rock between you, and when the opportunity presents itself,
    sneak into the bush to the north of the rock. Watch and wait. Oh, and save.
    A guard from inside will come out and talk to the patroller. You'll also be able to
    see the cook on his smoke break. When the cook turns to go, start sneaking around to
    the back of the house where he was. As long as you sneak, and stay up against the wall,
    you should be fine. Head through the open gate and bring up your inside map. Wait some
    When the cook comes out to smoke again, save. You have to be quick in this part. Sneak
    up behind the cook and drug him. Notice how he's considered an innocent despite the
    fact he acts exactly like a guard? This means we have to drug the bastard if we don't
    want to get penalized. Drag him quickly through the gate to hide him from the rock-
    orbiting patroller.
    Check the map to see where the hallway guards are. If you were fast, they should all be
    out of your way. Run in, and run to the northeast room with a (!) sign. Cut off the
    piece of fish, then run back to the kitchen, and plant the fish and the transmitter in
    the sushi. Run back to the fish room. If you made it safely, you'll probably want to
    save again.
    Watch the map and wait (sensing a theme?) When the hallway guard leaves to go outside,
    run out the back door, and flatten yourself against the north fence. Sneak to the left,
    and you should be able to move into the yard unseen. Keep edging left, and, when the
    hallway guard goes back inside, you should be able to run around behind the rock and to
    the side of the garage undetected. Yeah, I didn't expect that to work either.
    You can kill one guard and still achieve SA on this mission, since you used the fish on
    the target. If you want to make your exit a little easier, and want an SMG, shoot the
    guy in front of the garage with the silenced pistol when he's way over in the corner.
    Nobody will find his body. Duck into the garage and save.
    METHOD B-		yeh yeh, I know
    Many people wrote in to tell me about the spare servant costume. It DOES fool the
    guards, at least about as much as the usual disguises. I had written it off as useless,
    because the cook and the Geisha see right through it, and that was my first experience
    with it. I figured EVERYBODY saw through it, but apparently not.
    Start out the same as method A. Run to the second stone when it's clear, then run into
    the garage when that's clear. Once inside, go over to the car and honk the horn, then
    hide behind the trash can to the side of the door. A guard will come out to investigate
    and stand with his back to you. Dispose of him in the manner of your choosing. I would
    not recommend chloroform unless you REALLY know the rest of the map well and are sure
    you can get out before he wakes up. Don't bother taking his clothes.
    Head through the door into the house. Don't worry, the enemies can't see well enough
    through the rice paper screens to realize you're an intruder. If the guy in the front
    hall is nearby, sneak, otherwise, walk, through the doorway on the right into the next
    room. From here, another door goes out to a room just like the one you were in. Head
    there. Wait til the patroller stops by the front door, and sneak out of the sliding
    door, and into the room to the west. This part is made tricky by the geisha girl's
    movement. She walks RIGHT through here, so you better be sure you can either do this
    map really fast, or wait around in the garage until after she serves the first sushi
    Check your map, and observe the two guys who patrol the hallway to the north of your
    current position. When the coast is clear, sneak into the westernmost of the two rooms
    with the (!) sign. Put on the spare cook's outfit. This will work as a decent disguise
    against the guard, but NOT against the cook or geisha. If the cook is still outside
    smoking, and the hallway is clear, run to the other (!) room, and cut a piece of fish.
    Run BACK to the kitchen. Plant the fish and transmitter in the sushi platter. If you
    were fast enough, the leftmost one should still be there.
    If you did this as quickly as I did, the geisha should just now be leaving the meeting
    room on her way here. Remember, she can see through your disguise. The easiest way to
    get past her, without having to hide in the fish room for ages, is to hide next to the
    shelves in the first room off the hallway on your way back. She'll walk right past you.
    Once she does, you should have little trouble getting out.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Escape from the fish
    Once safely inside the garage, watch the outside map. When the patroller by the front
    door is gone, head out and hide in the bush across from the second rock. The patroller
    who goes past the garage should be right here. Use the bush to hide from him til he
    walks away. By now, the front door guard is probably back, so reposition yourself so he
    can't see you through the bush. On my machine, I can see all the way to the end of the
    map with no fog. If you can't, then you'll have to watch the map. When both the door
    guard and the two guys by the exit have turned away, run and hide behind the first rock
    where you started the mission. Now you simply have to wait for those two guys to turn
    away. By now, you should have gotten the message that the mission objectives have been
    met, so you can leave. If for some reason the target doesn't die, or eat the trans-
    mitter, than I can't help you. It works every time for me.
    Using method A, as long as you drugged the cook, rather than killed him, all will be
    well. This mission isn't so much hard as it is trying on the patience. Takes a fair
    bit of trial and error, but it can be done. Method B is a bit less nerve-wracking, but
    you wind up with an unnecessary kill in the garage, unless you are REALLY fast.
    Method B is easier, especially if you shoot any irritants with the silenced pistol. 
    Most of the guards outside are far enough apart that you can snuff them and just leave
    them lying and they won't be discovered, but that doesn't really simplify matters much.
    9mm pistol-     On some guards, the fat guy and the cook. I'm going to stop listing
                    these now. There's no excuse not to have one already.
    SMG-            On most guards, and lying around in the room next to the room with the
                    spare cook's uniform.
                                   MISSION 7- HIDDEN VALLEY
    I hate this mission. Whoever designed these should be shot. It's not that it's too
    hard. It's not that it's boring. It's not that it's riddled with bugs. It's not the
    uncharacteristically futuristic character design. It's the stupid idea that these guys
    can see through completely concealing disguises at 50 feet through heavy snow. That's
    just idiotic. I knew there had to be a Columbia in this game somewhere, and here it is.
    1. Disguises aren't quite as useless as before. The keep the snipers off you.
    2. The guards here all walk REALLY slow, and look around quite a bit while they patrol.
    3. This mission sucks.
    I'm sure there's bugs on other missions, but they don't completely ruin the game play
    quite as much as they do on this mission.
    1. Sometimes the trucks run over the guards in the tunnel. No, really. Stop laughing!
    I'm being serious here! You'll know it's happened if you get a message like, "guards
    are alerted!" instead of, "nearby guards are alerted!" or if they find a body and you
    haven't killed anyone. Oh, guess what? Those kills count against you. Fun, eh?
    2. When a guard shouts for you to stop, he won't seem to notice if you don't, and will
    walk to where you were and check your ID, no matter how far away you are. He will then
    figure out you're a round eye, even if your round eyes are 50 feet away and around a
    corner. If you get away from a guard while this is going on, it's only counted as a
    "close call" rather than an alert. They're so stuck in this routine, you can even wait
    til they walk up to you, walk around behind 'em and drug 'em. You know it's a well
    built level when exploiting bugs is the only way to beat it.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Getting a disguise
    Frankly, I wish there was an invisibility cheat. I'd just tell you to use it and be
    done with this piece of crap before it ruins your impression of the game.
    In the absence of one, however, run over to the equipment cache. You'll notice a
    guard here. If you start sneaking from behind the wall the instant he turns around,
    you can overtake him, and wire/drug/knife him. Take his clothes, but leave his gun.
    Grab the crossbow, nightvision, and bolts.
    Now, check out the map of the tunnel. See in the middle, where there's a bunch of guys
    hanging around in the road? That's a checkpoint. If you're in there when the truck goes
    by, you'll be caught in the search, however, past that checkpoint, the truck is a free
    ride to the end of the level. See the ladder from the surface? Reaching that is your
    goal. On the surface map, that ladder is at the end of the small valley to the far
    south, with one guard at the entrance of the valley.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Part one
    METHOD A-		above ground
    Run toward the valley, ignoring the first, closest ladder. It doesn't really go
    anywhere useful. Ahead, you should see 3 ninjas a-ways off to the right, and one
    patrolling nearby to the left. Stay in the trees as long as you can, and then when the
    guy to the left has his back to you, bolt for the next ladder area. He'll probably see
    you and tell you to stop, but if you're quick, you'll be behind the next structure
    before it escalates into a full scale alarm.
    I haven't been able to get around that guy without either setting him off or shooting.
    METHOD B-		trucking
    Run back to the beginning, and stick to the trees to avoid being spotted. Climb in the
    back of the truck when it comes up. Stay hidden in the back of the truck until the
    stop right before the checkpoint, then hop out and hide behind a pillar. Nearby is a
    ladder up to the surface with one guard. Sneak into the ladder area. If you're lucky,
    you can follow the guard until you catch up with him and drug him. Shooting him works
    fine too. Head up the ladder. This should put you at the entrance to the little valley.
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Part two
    As long as you have a disguise, the snipers won't bother you here, so all you have to
    worry about is the guard in the entrance to the valley. If you keep the trees between
    you and him, its actually pretty easy to get around him undetected. Shooting him works
    too. Run to the end of the valley, and start to head down the ladder. Check the map to
    make sure the guy below isn't in the room you're about to drop into, and head down.
    The guard near this ladder is your last real obstacle. Follow him and drug him, or
    just sneak out into the tunnel. Shooting him works too.
    Once here, watch out for the truck, and climb into the back of the one headed towards
    the end of the level. Stay hidden behind the boxes, and the truck will eventually take
    you all the way out the other end. Bail out of the truck, and run to the exit. Do a
    little happy dance.
    You're allowed 1 kill, 1 shot, 1 close-call, and-or 1 alert. How you spend them is up
    to you. It can be done easily enough. My personal best involved drugging the first guy,
    (for the costume) riding the truck for a while, drugging the guy by the 2nd ladder,
    sneaking past the guy in the valley, and sneaking past the guy by the other ladder. No
    kills. No alerts or close-calls. Of course, this is dependant on whether or not any of
    the ninjas get hit by trucks. *eyeroll* Your biggest problem getting SA (aside from the
    bugs) is probably keeping down the number of close-calls rather than having to kill too
    many people.
    Get your disguise and crossbow-snipe the 4 ninjas between you and the little southern
    valley. Once there, go down the far ladder and take out the guard there with the 
    silenced pistol, then ride the truck out.
    Crossbow-       Better take it. It's helpful on the next missions.
    SMG-SD6-        A cool weapon, but unfortunately made less useful but the size of the
                    sound suppresser, which makes it act as a rifle. IE it can't be hidden
                    and you can only carry one. Wait til later to take one.
    Custom W2000-   A great rifle to be sure. Sometimes you can make the snipers drop it,
                    if you're lucky. However, the crossbow is useful next level. Take it
                    instead. You can get a rifle later.
                               MISSION 8- AT THE GATES
    More psychic ninjas. This map is still pretty fun though, with plenty of nerve-wracking
    stealth action. Alternatively, you can do very well on this map just using the crossbow
    to clear a path.
    1. Disguises keep the snipers off you.
    2. Trees make you almost invisible.
    3. The guards outside make really broad, long, slow patrols.
    4. The rafter-dwelling ninjas don't seem to be as psychic as their friends.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Getting there is half the fun
    The ninjas on this level are just as psychic as before, but luckily, they are much more
    spread out. In fact, using the trees, it's quite easy to move around this level with
    relative impunity. The snipers, however, will shoot you if you don't get a disguise.
    What? You thought you had a disguise when you walked in here? No, no. You must've been
    thinking of someone else.
    Looking out from the start, you'll see two guys around the road in front of you, and
    one guy on the ledge far away on the right. He's your walking clothes pole. It's easy
    enough to snipe him with the crossbow, but he's also fairly easy to drug, if you're
    Run up to the right, and go up on the ledge. Run through the trees toward the soldier.
    When you get near him, if you ran right from the start of the level, you should reach
    a pair of trees right next to each other. Keep these between you and him, and wait for
    him to start walking back to the west. Go around the trees that you're hiding behind,
    so you come at him from behind. Start sneaking. He walks slow enough, that you can
    catch up on him before he reaches the other end of his route. Drug him, take his
    clothes, and stash his body in the trees. You don't need to drag it very far.
    Now the snipers will ignore you, but you still have to worry about the other ninjas.
    Run along the rest of the ledge, and hop down at the end of it. If you stick to the
    trees when possible, and make sure to stay as far as possible from all the guards, you
    should be able to make it with no problem. You're heading for the area on the right of
    the castle where one of the security systems is located.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       The first security console
    METHOD A-		kaboom
    Move up the ledge by the side of the castle, and move so you can just see the guard and
    the generator. Bring up your crossbow and zooooooooom in. You're aiming for the
    roundish, yellowish part in the middle. Shoot it, and the thing will blow sky high,
    taking the guard with it. Doesn't count as a kill either!
    METHOD B-		stealth
    Approach the guard and use the big rocks for cover. Be careful, because you can walk up
    on them sometimes and blow your cover. Start in on the guard once he turns to the north
    and sneak up behind him. You should have just enough time to get up behind him and drug
    him. Open the door on the fence, and go inside. On the back of the unit, facing the
    wall, is a control panel where you can turn it off.
    If you're having trouble stealthing him, you could abuse a bug. Hey, they abuse YOU,
    right? Pull out your anesthetic, and make sure it's ready. Run up to the guy. While
    he's checking your ID, simply walk behind him and smother him.
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        And then there were two
    Head around to near the front door. This part gets tricky, because the map is screwy.
    One sniper in the upper chamber shows up on the valley map, while the other one, not 3
    feet away in the same room, shows up on the castle map. There's a patroller who walks
    back and forth through the front door area. Wait until he's heading to the left, and
    sneak into the anteroom behind him, turning right. Once the guard's door closes, you
    can start walking, but do NOT run. If you run, one of the snipers above you will turn
    and see you. And that will be bad.
    Oh, in case you haven't noticed, this castle has a lot of secret doors in these
    wooden paneled areas. Such is the case on either side of the entrance. Once you go
    through the door, head up the stairs, and walk over to the door. You might want to back
    up the stairs, so you can see what goes wrong, if anything.
    Once outside, and the door is closed, run over to the security panel on the right, and
    shut it off. Hide behind the rock so that the patrolling guard doesn't see you when he
    comes out.
    If you drugged the very first guard, he's probably waking up about now. But don't
    worry; He won't cause any problems.
    Now's probably your best chance to try and get a custom rifle. Get behind the big rock
    so that the wanderer who comes in here won't see you. Aim at the sniper above and to
    the right of the panel you just shut down. I wish I had more useful advice for you on
    this besides, "get lucky" but that's really all there is to it. Try to shoot him when
    the gun is somewhat out the window, and hope it bounces down to you.
    FOURTH CHALLENGE-       Final alarm panel
    METHOD A- 		stealth
    Run up the ramp in the area with the 2nd console. Open the door at the top, and walk
    through. Don't worry about the rafter ninjas. They won't bug you. Bring up the valley
    map so you can watch the guy outside. See how he goes in a loop? Follow him, walking,
    from a safe distance, around to the far door back into the same hallway (on the other
    side of the rafter ninjas. Shut down the console.
    Give the map a quick check for safety, then head out the near door, around the corner,
    and you can run to the exit.
    METHOD B-		let's not and say we did
    Wait for the guy who patrols past the front door to poke his nose back into this area.
    When he leaves, follow him (at a walk, and from a safe distance) back down the stairs,
    then turn left and head back outside. No, really.
    Run all the way back around to the 1st generator, then keep going north past it. At
    the northeast corner of the wall, you'll spy another ninja patrolling alone. Simply
    wait til his back is turned, and run west, hugging the northern wall. You will see a
    door. Head through it. You will see a security laser fence blocking your path. Open up
    the secret panel in the wall to the right, and head through. Go out the far exit. From
    here you can run to the end of the mission without ever turning off the third panel.
    No, really.
    SA is easy enough here, as long as you resist the urge to run while inside, and the
    urge to snipe everybody with your crossbow. Since the exploitable ID bug works on the
    guy by the generator, but not the first guy, the easiest way is probably to snipe the
    first ninja to obtain a costume. Make sure you get him with a single shot to the head!
    Once you reach the generator, exploit the ID bug as described in Challenge 2, method B
    to drug him, then manually turn off the machine, instead of shooting it. As for the
    Fourth challenge, method B is a little easier, but it takes longer. Of course, you
    SHOULD do it without killing ANYBODY. If you do, you can kill the sniper I mention and
    get away with a custom rifle while still maintaining SA status.
    Snipe the first guy for a disguise, and then run toward the generator. You could snipe
    more guys, but there's no point. Blow up the generator with the crossbow, then go to
    the front door. When the patroller goes past, drill him with your SD 9mm, and drag his
    body into one of the alcoves. Follow the third challenge, then method B to skip the 
    fourth one. Use the crossbow to gun down any potentional problems from a distance. The
    easiest place to get the custom rifle is the guy right at the end. Bring a SD6 and
    spray him lightly. Spray him again to finish him once he's aiming at you, and the rifle
    will obligingly fall out the window.
    SMG-SD6-        A cool weapon, but unfortunately made less useful but the size of the
                    sound suppresser, which makes it act as a rifle. IE it can't be hidden
                    and you can only carry one.
    Custom W2000-   A great rifle to be sure. It's easy enough to make a sniper drop one.
                    Just shoot them once in the chest so they're aiming at you, then
                    kill them. Read the Third Challenge for my advice on getting this AND
                    Silent Assassin in the same go.
                                 MISSION 9- SHOGUN SHOWDOWN
    Wow. Big, complicated map. There's a ton of ways to do this. Once you understand the
    basics of how to get around and how the costumes work, you shouldn't have much trouble
    beating this mission.
    1. The rafter-dwelling ninjas don't seem to be as psychic as their friends.
    2. If someone starts to follow you, you can usually lose them by changing floors and/or
    going around a corner.
    3. Disguises work here, but you need to follow the usual rules for blending in.
    4. The map of the courtyard and wings is that same area. Neither map shows all the guys
    in the area. Don't be fooled into thinking an area is bereft of guards by only look-
    ing at one map.
    5. The floor of the first floor will squeak unless you walk along the beams.
    6. For no adequately explained reason, the Target on this mission counts as an enemy
    for the purposes of the mission rating.
    7. Generally, you can get away with annoying a few guards. The problem is, the more
    times you make the SAME guards suspicious, the more likely they are to open fire. This
    is the whole key to the mission. People have trouble when trying to get out, but they
    don't realize it's because of things they did going in.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Blending in
    METHOD A-		the shirt off his back
    Head through the secret passage to the right, and up the stairs. When the patroller in
    the next room has his back turned, creep out of the doorway and sneak up behind the
    nearest pillar, keeping it between you and him. When he next turns his back, shoot him
    in the head with your silenced 9mm. Take his clothes and drag his body behind some
    nearby boxes, being careful not to squeak. You will now be able to walk by most guards
    with relative ease.
    Head down the stairs, then through the secret passage. Grab the keycard. Walk toward
    the room with the (!) on it. Sneak through the room where the two ninjas are playing a
    game, or praying, or admiring the table, or whatever it is they're doing. Disable the
    lasers with your new keycard, and grab the bomb, remote, and as much ammo as you want.
    Sneak back out.
    METHOD B-		ninja laundry
    Head through the secret passage to the right, and up the stairs. When the patroller in
    the next room has his back turned, creep out of the doorway and sneak along the wall.
    Hide behind boxes or pillars when he turns around, and head down the stairs as soon as
    possible. Be careful not to squeak!
    Walk down the stairs, the turn around and go through the secret panel. Watch the map to
    make sure nobody is the next room, then step in, and grab the keycard. Continue in the
    same direction, and, at the end of the hall, hug the left wall and sneak. There's a
    patroller that goes around the next part in a circle. Sneaking, you can follow him.
    Err to the outside of the loop, so that he doesn't see you out of the corner of his eye
    when he turns a corner. Doing this, you can follow him to the right hand door to the
    next hall, without ever passing near the rafter ninja.
    In the next hall, do the exact same trick, and you'll be in the hall with three small
    rooms on the side. Sneak along to the end, and save in front of the door. When ready,
    open it, and grab the spare clothes. Sometimes, the ninjas in here see you, and some-
    times they don't, hence the save. When dressed, sneak back out.
    Head back down the hall to the earlier door. Sneak through the room where the two
    ninjas are playing a game, or praying, or admiring the table, or whatever it is they're
    doing. Disable the lasers with your new keycard, and grab the bomb, remote, and as much
    ammo as you want. Be sure to grab a SMG since you don't have one yet. Sneak back out.
    METHOD C-		a prayer for pants
    If you follow method B until the keycard, you can ambush and drug one of the guards who
    come in to pray in the shrine. However, in my experience, that costume doesn't work as
    well as the black outfit.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       The guidance system
    Pay attention! This part is key. Don't skip it just because you know how to get the
    system. Head back around the halls, past the shrine, through the passage and up to the
    squeaky room.
    See tip 7 for this mission? The two guys past that laser fence are key to doing this
    mission stealthily. You have to go past them two or three total times, and if you make
    them too suspicious this FIRST time, they'll shoot at you every time when you're
    trying to escape. If the Suspici-O-Meter gets any wider than a third, load and do it
    over,  especially if you plan to kill Hayamoto with the bomb, or try to get you-know-
    who out.
    Head up the stairs onto the first floor. Stick to the beams, walk near the boxes in
    the middle of the room. Now, run over to the left, in the direction of the stairs.
    The squeaks will bring out the two guys by the door, who will walk over to the middle
    of the room. Using the beams, walk over, deactivate the lasers, and drop down the
    stairs to the basement. Once in the basement, if you managed to do that without them
    seeing you at all, you're good. If they did, and the suspicion meter got larger than a
    sliver, you probably want to do it again. Getting this part is tricky, but the idea is
    to make them investigate a squeak without coming too near you.
    Once down, go through the door across the way, down to the museum. Turn off the lasers
    and take the .22 SD pistol and guidance system. Leave the way you came in. Calmly walk
    past the guards at the laser fence up to the 2nd floor. If either of them follows you
    even partway up the stairs, you aroused too much suspicion on your last pass, and they
    WILL sound alarms the next time they see you. I'll repeat it; If either of those guys
    follows you up the stairs at ALL, they WILL sound alarms if they see you again.
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Hayamoto must die
    METHOD A-		up close and personal
    Go on up through the rather bland 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. Keep going up without
    doing anything on floor 3. Check the map to make sure you won't run into the concubine,
    and head up to the 4th floor. Duck behind the screen in the concubine's room (it's the
    one through which you access Lei Ling) and wait for her. When she turns around, move
    out and chloroform her. Stealth isn't really an issue, since it's pretty much a given
    that she'll see you, but she doesn't run fast, and has no weapon, so you can just chase
    her down and grab her before she even gets to the door. Take her card, and tuck her
    back into her room, if she got out.
    Head up the stairs on this side. Turn off the laser and move in a bit, then run back
    out, run around in the stairs, etc. Your goal is to get the guy in that room with the
    gun (the guys with the swords don't check your ID) to move toward you. When he's gone
    about 3 steps, run down two sets of stairs to the third floor (with the security
    system.) Run through here, and back up to the fourth floor. Don't worry, those guys
    on floor three won't cause problems for you. Run partway up the stairs to the fifth
    floor, then walk. Turn off the laser. The guy with the gun should be all the way over
    by the other door. With him distracted, you should have no trouble getting up to the
    top floor.
    If Hayamoto is at his table, sneak and hang out on the stairs until he goes to the
    window. Sneak up behind him. If you haven't shot anyone yet, you can drill him with
    the silenced 9mm, or you can wire him. Be aware that as soon as you do this, the ninjas
    on the lofts will try to kill you. Grab Hayamoto's katana (if you want it) and hop out
    the window. Keep moving, and the idiot ninjas will stay on the 6th floor without
    alerting anybody else. Follow the path along the ledges, and you can drop down right in
    front of the exit. Stroll out between the last few guards.
    METHOD B-		kaboom
    In order to use this method, you must plant the bomb on the chopper BEFORE you go to
    the basement and museum. Just walk up to it and select "PLANT BOMB" from the menu. The
    odds are, someone will get suspicious, but not enough to cause any problems.
    Go on up to the 3rd floor. There's a patroller here who walks in a U shape. Wait til
    he's over by the sleeping ninjas, and make your way to the security console. Push the
    big, tempting button, and run back down to the third floor. Once here, go around to the
    right hand side of the area, and walk up to the corner so you can see the stairs down,
    but nobody can see you. Wait just a bit to see if anyone comes running up, and then
    stroll down the stairs. Turn off the lasers, and (sticking to the beams) make your way
    to the passage through which you entered. Go to the end of it, but not through the
    door. If you where sufficiently stealthy the last two times you passed these guys, you
    should be fine. Watch the map and track Hayamoto to the museum, and then up again to
    the courtyard. You'll be automatically kicked out of map view when he boards it.
    Count about 10 or 12 seconds, and then detonate the bomb. As long as it's IN the
    chopper, and not just NEAR it, you'll be fine. If you detonate it too early, the blast
    will kill several guards, and several other guards will find their corpses, and the
    alerts will pile up, hurting your rating.
    METHOD C-		kaboom v2
    Follow method b for pretty much everything, but, when you steal the guidance system,
    back up a step and drop the bomb. When Hayamoto goes in here to get the system when he
    flees, nobody accompanies him, and nobody thinks to go down and look after the bomb
    goes off. Just watch him on the map, and when he gets near enough, pop the bomb. This
    eliminates the problems in method b of alarms going off after he's dead. Stroll out at
    your leisure.
    METHOD D-		kaboom v3
    Follow method a, and bring the bomb with you. Drop it anywhere in Hayamoto's room, and
    then get back to the safe area of your choice. Detonate the bomb. The problem with this
    plan is that it will inevitably cause a lot of alerts, as all the guards take turns
    discovering Hayamoto's corpse, and the corpses of all the ninjas who died. If you hide
    behind a pillar til he sits at the table, you can use the window to exit, then detonate
    the bomb from outside. Otherwise, you can use the usual exit.
    METHOD E-		bonk and kaboom
    I included this just because it's fun. Plant the bomb on the chopper ala method B, and
    follow method A to reach Hayamoto. Creep up behind him and... BONK him on the head with
    the butt of your SD6. No, really. Now, quickly get past him and climb out the window.
    Head down a bit so you can JUST see the helicopter. Since you attacked him, he'll run
    straight to the chopper, and quite quickly too. Follow method b's advice re the bomb,
    and method a for exiting.
    The perk here, is that, not only do you get to SEE the helicopter explode, but you get
    to revel in the silliness that you trekked through mountainous tundra, dodged snipers
    and dozens of highly trained ninjas, defeated the best security system money could
    buy, and infiltrated a massive ancient fortress... all to bonk a guy on the head.
    I can't stress tip 7 enough. It's not enough to just escape from suspicious guards and
    let the meter go back down; When you go past those guards AGAIN, they'll open fire. The
    other wrinkle is that Hayamoto counts as an enemy, which none of the other targets do.
    This means if you kill your usual 1 allowable guard, you can NOT kill or harm Hayamoto
    directly. You HAVE to use the bomb. If you follow method b for getting a disguise, then
    you won't have killed anyone, and are free to dispose of him manually. The other thing
    that trips people up is alerts. If you wait til the helicopter gets some altitude, as
    described in method b, nobody will find Hayamoto's body, and nobody will be killed in
    the blast, so the alerts won't stack up and rob you of a good rating. Method c is the
    easiest way I've found to kill Hayamoto using the bomb, but if you're having a rough
    time with the sneaking, method a is the easiest route to SA, assuming you didn't kill
    anyone to get a disguise.
    Kill the first available ninja to get a disguise, then use method A to kill Hayamoto.
    After setting off the alarm, run and hide on the pointless 3rd floor. Stealth is 
    generally easier than violence on this level, but the easiest way out is probably just
    to grab your SD6 and run and spray after blowing up the chopper.
    SMG-SD6-        On pretty much every guard.
    Katana-         On rafter ninjas, and Hayamoto. Also in the museum, and center of the
                    second floor.
    .22 SD pistol-  In the museum.
    Deagle-         On the guards in the 3rd floor.
                                 MISSION 10- BASEMENT KILLING
    This is one of my favorite maps, since there's a couple ways to accomplish it, and
    they're all fun. Just try to resist the urge to go on a massive killing spree at the
    start. Resist it! Oh, okay, go on a spree. But then start over and do it properly.
    1. A guard costume will get you past the metal detectors, but not downstairs.
    2. A basement guard's uniform (the guys who show up as enemies rather than cops) will
    get you into the basement, but how to get one quietly without going into the basement
    is a bit of mystery.
    3. The suits on the businessmen aren't any better disguises than your suit.
    4. Don't bother bringing any guns. Chloroform will be useful though.
    5. You HAVE to shoot out the security computer. This means you can't shoot anything
    else if you want a Silent Assassin rating.
    6. There's two small lockers in the basement that contain 9mm pistols, in case you're
    down there and you forgot your pistol. One of these lockers is between the elevator out
    of the level, and the door to the sub-basement. It can be picked. A lot of people get
    confused and think they're picking the sub-basement door or the elevator door.
    7. Although you can use that gun to destroy the computer, you probably want to have
    the silenced pistol with you for the next two missions.
    8. For no adequately explained reason, the .22 passes through metal detectors. It can
    make the pizza method a little easier, but without the bomb to distract the guards,
    you still either have to shoot them, or shoot the security computer in front of them,
    so if you ask me, the .22 doesn't really help at all here.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Getting your stuff and promptly throwing it away
    Watch the map. Two guards patrol near the locker room; One goes from the lobby to the
    hallway, and one goes back and forth between the target locker room and another one.
    Keep those sweat socks safe! Wait til the first guard is in the lobby, and the second
    is in the room across the hall from the locker room with the gear. Run into the locker
    room with your gear, and hide in the shower. The guard will just assume you're another
    guard taking a shower, and won't look in. If you want to try a guard disguise, you can
    sneak out and snuff or drug this guy pretty easily from the shower, but there's no real
    Once he leaves, grab your stuff from the locker, and run out to the hall. If you run
    into the other guard, just walk normally, and he should just tell you to leave.
    Watch the guards by the laundry. When the one who goes into the lobby is far away, and
    the one in the actual laundry area is staring down the chute, run into the hall, and go
    into sneak mode at the far end of the hall, past the door. Wait for the guard to come
    out (sometimes he doesn't even open the door) and sneak into the chute room. Quickly
    dump whatever you came to dump (see the next challenge) down the chute, then run out to
    the lobby. If you were fast enough, you should get out to the lobby before either
    patrolling guard comes back into the hall.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Everything else
    METHOD A-		ax-wielding mayhem
    This is quite possibly the most fun Silent Assassin rating you'll ever get.
    When in the laundry, dump the bomb down the chute. Keep your gun.
    Time is of the essence with this trick. Make sure you know the basement layout before
    trying it, and when I tell you to RUN, that means RUN. You remember how annoying it was
    when you had to walk in all those other levels? Well, now you have to RUN.
    RUN over to the fire department (around the front, not through the metal detectors) and
    watch the firemen run out. Once they're all gone (check the map) run IN to their locker
    room and grab the spare uniform, and an ax. RUN out to the lobby, through the metal
    detectors, and down the stairs. The metal detectors will go off, but it's okay, because
    you're a fireman with a big metal ax and hat.
    RUN to the room with the security computer, whip out your silenced pistol, and shoot
    it. You'd think you could disable it with that hefty ax, but apparently not. Grab your
    ax and RUN down the stairs to the sub-basement.
    As dramatically appropriate as it might be to sneak through this room and surprise
    your target, you don't have time for that. RUN at the fat bastard. He'll try to sound
    the alarm, but there's nobody around to be alarmed, since they're all upstairs. Chase
    him and give him a good solid WHACK with the ax.
    Run BACK up the stairs, and duck into the elevator. If you RAN the whole time I told
    you to, the guards won't be back yet. You weren't exactly a silent shadow, but nobody
    knows what happened, and that's what really matters.
    METHOD B-		one large pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and death
    This plan is also fun, mostly because of the pink shorts.
    When in the laundry, dump your SD 9mm down the chute. Keep the bomb. RUN over to the
    men's bathroom on the other side. If you were fast enough, Big Head the pizza boy
    should just now be arriving. Check the map. If there's anyone in that potty, you were
    too slow to do this with no alerts. At least, not unless you want to wait for another
    pizza cycle to pass.
    Run to the plant near the far stall, and wait. The pizza dude will come in and use the
    far stall, giving you an easy chance to sneak up and drug him. Tuck his body into the
    stall, and take his clothes. If you got here late, you can chase him down and drug him,
    but you better be fast to get him before he reaches the lobby. I don't recommend
    shooting the poor guy. Even with the silenced pistol, the firemen nearby often get
    suspicious, and that leads to trouble. Once dressed in your oh-so-chic new pink and
    turquoise outfit, walk over to the pizza joint. Keep an eye on the map for the guard
    who walks into that hall to get a pizza, then changes his mind and walks out. If you
    bump into him in close quarters he'll see right through your disguise.
    Walk over to the window and get the pizza. Walk with it to the basement, taking the
    elevator. You CAN take the stairs, but then you have to go the long way around and pick
    some locks. Once down, avoid the guards and find a nice piece of machinery to hide
    behind. Drop the bomb. Wait til the guards all start running out, then head to the
    laundry, grab your gun, and run to the guard room. Run down the stairs. Yeah, more
    running. Look, do you want to get a good rating and get back to the exit before the
    guards return or not?
    I guess you're supposed to sneak up on your target, avoiding the boxes and pizzas and
    chips on the floor, but we don't have time for that. Whip out your fiber wire and RUN
    at him. He'll sound the alarm, but guess what? The guards that it calls are busy being
    alarmed by smoke. You shouldn't have much trouble choking Fatty, then running up to
    the exit elevator before any guards return.
    METHOD C-		a slight variation
    Follow method B up until you reach the basement. Avoid the guards and approach the
    laundry. Wait until the patrolling guard is in the laundry, and hide in the little room
    along that hall. When he walks back out to the main area, go into the laundry, grab
    your gun, drop the bomb, and go back to your hiding spot. Sneak out of that supply room
    to the main area when the patroller walks back to the laundry, and make for the sub-
    basement. You know the drill the rest of the way.
    Either way works, just be sure to keep the close-calls to a minimum as the pizza boy.
    Also, you have to kill the target manually, since the security computer costs you a
    bullet. Personally, I recommend method A. You get Silent Assassin for spending five
    minutes running full-tilt like a crazed ax-murderer, all while dressed like a member of
    the Village People. That's a story 47 can look forward to telling his grandclones when
    he retires.
    Method A is the easiest way, because you don't have to worry about the basement guards,
    and you can bring whatever you want with you.
    Fire ax-        The only loot worth noting here is the ax. Just take it with you when
                    you leave after using the fireman approach.
                                  MISSION 11- GRAVEYARD SHIFT
    Somehow it became late at night during your ride up the elevator. Most of the employees
    have gone home, but a host of guards, three programmers, and one very gullible sysadmin
    1. Either disguise works moderately well.
    2. The guards seem to see through the guard disguise faster than the programmers do.
    3. Conversely, the programmers are faster to catch on when you're dressed as Hit-bert.
    4. Remember, the goal is NOT to kill the sysadmin.
    5. The guards here move so slowly in such large orbits that predicting them is often
    quite hard.
    6. On top of that, the programmers randomly take turns visiting the sysadmin, so I
    can't be TOO specific in my advice re sneaking around unseen.
    7. When you jump out the window, someone will always know. Don't ask me how.
    8. The closest programmer/admin will ALWAYS run to the guards when the glass breaks.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Basically all of the mission
    METHOD A-		Hitting him where it hurts
    Head into the kitchen. Shoot out the coffee-cam, and then wait in the upper left
    corner. The sysadmin will come to check it out, allowing you to bag him in the manner
    of your choosing. This gets you a handy, if dorky, disguise, and removes the sysadmin
    from the equation with regard to getting the keycard. It's still in his office you see.
    Sneak there, avoiding close contact with anyone. Wait in a cubicle, if you need to, for
    any visitors he may've had to leave his office. Grab the keycard, then make your way
    BACK to the server room, and let yourself in.
    METHOD B-		Hot in here
    Sneak around to the south a ways. Wait til the coast is clear (like when the guard in
    the hall is walking down near the bathrooms) and creep around the corner to your left
    (right on the map) toward the southwest room with a (!) sign. Pick the lock (nobody
    comes this way) and step inside.
    On the table is a keycard. Don't get excited, it's not the server room key. Leave this
    room, and, again, wait for the nearby patroller to be looking the wrong way, and sneak
    back into the elevator area. From there, stand near the kitchen, and wait for the coast
    to be clear in the northern hall. When it is, head into the "AIRCON" room with your
    new keycard. Pull out your silenced pistol and plug the machine, right where it says,
    "temperature normal."
    When the admin comes running, sneak into the server room (he forgets to lock the door)
    after him, and drug/wire him while he attempts to reboot the poor thing. You can take
    his clothes if you want to make your escape a little easier. This is probably the
    easiest way to do the mission, since you don't need to sneak to the office, then back
    to the server, then back to the window.
    METHOD C-		The direct approach
    Wait til the guard in the southern hall is facing the other way, and sneak into the
    bathrooms. When he's facing the wrong way again, leave the stalls and head to the
    south-most cubicle area. Approach the long wall on the western side of the map. You'll
    probably want to save here, since the programmers tend to randomly take turns visiting
    the admin.
    Also complicating matters is the fact that the admin sometimes gets up and faces the
    door. I'm not sure if he does this when the door opens, or if he just does it from time
    to time randomly. The best way around it is to open the door from the side, so he can't
    see you, but you can see him. He'll probably stand up. Watch him through the keyhole a
    bit, and when he starts to sit down, open it, and sneak in. He SHOULD stay put long
    enough for you to drug him.
    Do not, however, take his clothes. People come in here pretty regularly, so the
    disguise would only be good for a minute or so. Grab the card, and sneak back to the
    server room. It's not TOO hard if you use the map.
    METHOD D-		The empty office
    This one is sort of unreliable, but it's nice if it works. Wait til the southernmost
    programmer visits the admin, and has been in there a while. Shoot the window, and the
    ADMIN will run to the guards. Oddly enough, the visiting programmer will not, so you
    have to wait for him to leave. The admin stays out of his office for a long time,
    though, so getting the card unseen shouldn't be too hard as long as you can stay out of
    sight while the guards are investigating the window.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Finishing up
    Plant your dongle on the server (Ooo! Naughty!) and leave. Sneak your way back to the
    long eastern hall, and find the windows overlooking the skybridge. Shoot 'em, and make
    your way across the bridge to end the mission. You can crawl under the lights here, but
    it's easy enough to go around them. Luckily these last two guards are pretty dense. You
    can walk quite close to them without alerting them. My best advice is to wait until the
    two guards on the skybridge are over halfway through the part of their loop where they
    walk to stand near each other and gaze out at the sky. You should be able to run most
    of the distance undetected, and walk behind them when you get close. From there, you
    can usually run to the end of the level without them shooting at you. If they do get a
    shot off, you just lost your SA rating.
    You have to use method c and chloroform the sysadmin, because the other two methods
    involve too many gunshots. Unfortunately, there will always be an alert a little while
    after you jump out the window. This means that in order to get Silent Assassin, you
    have to make it to the end of the mission BEFORE the alert comes, while still being
    stealthy enough that those last guards don't get to shoot you. It's tricky to get the
    timing right, but it can be done with a minimum of fuss.
    There isn't one really. I'd reccomend following what I prescribe for SA and just 
    killing anyone that gets in the way.
    There's no loot worth mentioning on this mission.
                                  MISSION 12- THE JACUZZI JOB
    So where, exactly, do they keep the revolvers? The funny thing about this mission is
    that it's supposed to look like a robbery gone bad. However, if you get a good rating,
    then security will find two things stolen, and the target silently killed in front of
    his bodyguards. That doesn't look a DAMN THING like a robbery gone wrong! That looks
    like a hit where the assassin decided to make a little side cash.
    1. This is such a small mission, most of you will probably just shoot everybody and be
    done with it. Why did you buy this game, again?
    2. You CAN fall off the ledge. Be careful.
    3. You can trip the fuses as many times as you like.
    4. The alarms will go off if you try to steal anything with the power still on.
    5. You CAN take out the technician easily enough, but that will result in security
    being called.
    6. With the lights off, it's not nearly as dark as you might think. There's a LOT of
    light coming in those huge windows and the guards can see you just fine.
    7. Having a disguise doesn't make the mission significantly easier, but getting one
    means you've halved the number of patrolling guards.
    8. Don't forget to close up the safe and painting after you steal the cash.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Stealing things
    Head around the ledge to the big window behind the piano lady. Crouch, and make your
    way around the ledge. Occasionally a guard walks out onto the middle ledge, but he
    won't see you as long as you're crouching. When you get near the southernmost (!) room,
    wait til the coast is clear (shouldn't be hard, since there's only 2 patrolling guards)
    and run in and grab the nightvision.
    If you want to steal a guard's uniform, the best plan is to wait in the southwestern
    corner of the central balcony. A guard walks through here, but won't see you in that
    area. You can probably close the door he came through, if you're close enough, and
    drill him in the back of the head with the silenced 9mm before he gets to the other
    Continue around the outside edge to the easternmost balcony, next to the office. Now,
    wait until the secretary checks the safe, and goes to the bathroom. This allows you to
    run into the fuse room. Smash the fuses, and switch on your annoyingly narrow night-
    vision goggles.
    We already know that the safe room is clear, so run back in there and steal the money.
    Head south out the door to the balcony, and watch the map. If you don't have a
    disguise, you want the main room area to be ENTIRELY devoid of the patrolling male
    guards. The piano lady won't bother you if you're sneaky. Grab the statue and walk back
    out to the balcony.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Close encounters with fat naked men
    METHOD A-		lights go on, lights go off
    Wait til the technician has fixed the fuses and left. Then, when the coast is clear, go
    back into the fuse room and watch the map. When the hall is devoid of guards, smash
    the fuses AGAIN, and run to the bedroom. It doesn't matter if the girls are here or
    not. Stay behind the screen, up against the door, and watch the map. Once the tech has
    arrived, wait til the coast is clear all the way to the elevator, then step to the left
    and shoot Charlie once in the head with the silenced pistol. Quickly turn and exit
    through the door, and the girls should be oblivious to what happened. If they open
    fire, you were either too close, or not fast enough. Run to the elevator, which,
    conveniently, is there waiting for you.
    METHOD B-		why does everyone in this game have to pee so much?
    Either during the first black-out, or during a second one if you were a bit slow, sneak
    into the bedroom, and hide against the screen, to the right of the basket. There is a
    gap between the screen and the side wall through which the girls can see you, so be
    careful not to hug the wall too much.
    Eventually, the girls will go out to the potty, and won't notice you as long as you're
    in sneak mode. You can now have your way with Charlie. Make your way to the elevator.
    Getting the timing on the exit here is a little tricky, since you'll actually have to
    wait for the elevator, while the guards are strolling around.
    Either way works, but method A is easier. It's better to spare the guard, in my
    opinion, since the uniform doesn't REALLY help. The funny thing about this mission is
    that there's no middle ground. You can either kill pretty much everybody, or get
    Silent Assassin.
    Just kill everybody. There's so few of them it's quite easy if you take the time to 
    isolate the patrolling guards and secretary, then you can take piano lady and rush 
    Charlie and the girls together.
    Revolver-       There's revolvers a-plenty here, in case you didn't take the Don's.
                                MISSION 13- MURDER IN THE BAZAAR
    Don't let this mission fool you with its sniper rifles and skylights. It's really much
    simpler and more visceral than that. Nuristan, for those not in the know, is a region
    of Afghanistan which, unfortunately, looks nothing like its depiction in this game.
    It's more mountainous, surprisingly green, and the culture has a heavy Chinese
    1. All you need is love. And a big, pointy knife.
    2. This is the first mission of the Nuristan chapter, so whatever you bring here will
    be all you'll have later.
    3. The Colonel will flee when alerted, but the Lieutenant will only double his
    4. You can do either hit first. It doesn't matter.
    5. The only point of a disguise on this level is to carry around a rifle. Otherwise,
    they're useless. If you behave normally while dressed as a peasant, the Suspici-O-Meter
    will never even move into the red, and you can run and frolic with impunity. However,
    when in disguise, you have to keep your distance and be very wary of the meter. The
    disguises actually make this mission HARDER.
    6. Despite what the description says, the Lieutenant never moves unless disturbed.
    7. Despite dropping the hint about his weak heart, there doesn't seem to be any way to
    exploit that ailment to dispose of him. You'd think there would be.
    8. The order in which you kill the targets is up to you.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        The Lieutenant
    METHOD A-		up close and personal
    The Lieutenant's house is guarded by two pairs of soldiers. The guys around the back
    seem to have a short attention span. They wander pretty far away, and give you ample
    chance to sneak to the pack of the house, pick the lock, and go in. In fact, if you run
    straight there from the start of the mission, you can pick the lock and get inside
    before they ever get back there. Be sure to start sneaking before you go inside.
    Start to back up the stairs and get Osama, oops, I mean, the Lieutenant in your sights.
    He looks left and right. Wait til he looks to his left, (away from you) and sneak up
    the stairs. If you make it around the corner and behind that big pole, you'll be okay.
    From here, you can take him in the manner of your choosing. Might as well sneak right
    up and knife or wire him, since you're so close already. Personally, I really came to
    appreciate the speed of the knife in Nuristan. Grab the document from the corpse. I
    would NOT recommend taking his clothes.
    Have a look at the map before you charge down the stairs. More than likely, the back-
    door guards have come inside. However, you might notice that they're not facing the
    stairs. Sneak down and out the door. You should have oodles of time.
    METHOD B-		because sniping is fun
    If you don't have a disguise already, head toward the guard quarters in the northern
    part of the map. Head around the back of the quarters, and wait for the lone patroller
    who walks back here. Plug him with a silenced pistol. Take his clothes, and make sure
    nobody's going to see his body from around the corner.
    Go in the building and grab the SVD rifle. Don't let those ladders fool you. You can't
    snipe anything useful from up here. Walk around the ladder near the bazaar and head up
    on the roof. Be sure to give all guards a wide berth now that you're disguised. From
    here, you can shoot the Lieutenant through his window. If you get away from the scene
    of the crime quickly enough, you SHOULD be okay, but don't bet on it.
    It's a good idea to do the Colonel first, as the sound of the sniper rifle will make
    him flee. You CAN tag him in the back with the sniper from this very spot, but it's
    not exactly going to be clean, and you'll be dodging bullets as you grab the key and
    flee the level.
    It should also be noted that you're going to have quite a hard time getting IN to the
    Lieutenant and steal his document. You'll probably just have to wait and hope the
    soldiers get bored of looking at his corpse. You could snipe them too, I suppose. All
    in all, a LOT more trouble than it's worth.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       The Colonel
    METHOD A- 		the direct approach
    Bring your silenced 9mm. Right at the start, run up to the corner where the Colonel
    shows up. Once he passes you, shoot him in the head with the pistol. If you were fast
    enough, he should fall near the little dog house thing, and it'll be surprisingly long
    before anyone finds his body. Don't bother dragging it. You can't move it anywhere
    useful without being seen. Take the key, and try to do the Lieutenant before they find
    the body and tighten security.
    METHOD B-		death from above
    Climb onto the roof of the bazaar. Watch the Colonel and his bodyguard as they move
    through the bazaar. You'll find there's a store in the middle of the southern side
    where they stop and both face away from the skylights. The merchant is facing you, but
    you can position yourself so that he can't see you. This is the best spot I've found
    from which to shoot the Colonel. If you use your silenced pistol and quickly duck away
    from the window once he's dead, nobody should be the wiser. If you're still in your
    peasant dress, you can walk into the bazaar and take the key when nobody's looking.
    You'll want to do the Lieutenant first, since his security will tighten up almost right
    away after you do this.
    METHOD C-		up close and personal
    While wearing your stylish peasant attire, stroll into the bazaar, and hide behind the
    boxes in the easternmost store on the lower side. Wait. Eventually, the Colonel and
    his bodyguard will come nearby, and the Colonel walks in here. Sneak out behind him and
    slit his throat (you don't have time for the wire.) Without coming out of sneak mode,
    drag the body back behind the boxes and grab the key. If you're in peasant garb as
    instructed, you can stroll out right past the bodyguard and nobody will raise more than
    an eyebrow. Be sure to put your knife away first, though. Nobody ever finds the body,
    so you CAN do this before the Lieutenant. If you did it second, you can just walk to
    the exit unhindered.
    METHOD D-		sorta cheating
    Bring your crossbow. Move over a little the right, and bring it up. Zoom in and plug
    Colonel Pincushion right in the face before he ever reaches the bazaar. If you were
    fast enough, the nearby guards will not find the body right away, giving you time to do
    the Lieutenant. Be sure to drop the crossbow before heading on.
    Don't bother with a costume. They actually make getting around HARDER on this level.
    Use the "close and personal" approach for both targets. No alerts. No close-calls. No
    shots. No enemies killed. Under 5 minutes. It's so picture perfect, I almost want to
    frame it. As long as you remember not to use a disguise, this is a VERY easy SA rating.
    Although method D is the easiest way to kill the Colonel, the methods I covered for
    the SA rating are so easy, I'd have to go with them as The Easy Way for this mission.
    Revolver-       On the Colonel. Not going to list these any more.
    SVD Sniper-     In the guard's quarters. Getting out with it is a bit tricky, but you
                    probably already have one.
    AK-             On every guard. Again, you really should already have one, no? Not
    		going to list these any more, either.
                                MISSION 14- MOTORCADE INTERCEPTION
    A truly maze-like mission, where your windows of opportunity are painfully narrow, and
    easily missed. I hope you're good at sniping! Like its predecessor, most of this
    mission is deceptively simple.
    1. The guards here are pretty laid back, especially if you're an unarmed civilian.
    2. You can get away with carrying the M195 if dressed as a soldier, but be sure to
    give any other soldiers a wide berth, and completely avoid civilians. Don't let them
    see you at ALL.
    3. You can stop the motorcade by shooting the engine of the front jeep, since that's
    pretty much the function of this rifle in real life. However, doing so virtually
    guarantees the UN guys will start shooting at you, or at least in your direction, and
    ruin your rating.
    4. If you do stop the motorcade, the limo driver gets out, making your shot that much
    5. If the Khan is killed in town, and nobody is immediately sure who did it, the UN
    guys will start a gun battle with the local soldiers. This creates some very nice cover
    for you on your way out, but don't let them see you in a soldier's uniform.
    6. The actual sniping is by far the hardest part of the mission. I'm afraid I don't
    really have any tips that can make it much easier. Try to move the mouse counter to the
    bob of the gun, and be sure to SAVE before you try the shot. You're trying to hit a
    moving target through a narrow window with a driver and a VIP passenger in the way.
    Good luck!
    7. If you use a guard's uniform as a disguise, remember to follow the usual rules about
    avoiding close contact and blending in.
    8. Guard and civilian paths are very long, and somewhat random on this map. Because of
    that, I can't give the kind of specific advice for avoiding them that I do on earlier
    maps. Sorry.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Blending in
    METHOD A-		the far corner
    Way up on the northeast corner of the map, you'll find a perfect little hiding place
    for dead/sleeping bodies. Early on, a guard walks through here by himself, practically
    begging to be snuffed and tucked into that cozy corner. A civilian sometimes walks
    through here too, but they walk MUCH faster than the guards, and he'll be out of the
    way pretty quickly. Take the uniform, once you've got the body hidden.
    METHOD B-		closer to home
    Several guards patrol around the area where your contact is located. Follow the lone
    guard and snuff him in the manner of your choosing. I'd suggest the knife, for speed.
    Drag him into the area with your contact, and make sure he's far enough in that nobody
    can see him.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Sniping
    METHOD A-		the mosque
    This is where all the other faqs out there will tell you to snipe from. They're right
    that it IS the closest to the exit, but that doesn't really help you avoid alerts. The
    shot from this position is really quite hard, since most of the time you can see the
    limo, it'll be moving laterally.
    Once you've got the rifle, head here, being sure to avoid close contact with guards,
    and not to let the civilians see you at ALL. Once you reach the roof, head around the
    southeast corner, behind the big dome. This way there's a big chunk of building between
    you and the service-going soldiers.
    Sniping the Khan is so hard from here, that I can only recommend you snipe the lead
    jeep and then take the target. From here you can drop down and run to the exit pretty
    quickly. If you didn't kill anyone to get a disguise, you can still get SA this way,
    if you're extremely lucky. However, there's much easier, quieter and more reliable ways
    to get the job done.
    METHOD B-               the dead center of town
    There's a set of stairs in the middle of town that leads up to a ladder, which leads
    to the obvious sniper spot. It's a good enough spot, if you like being shot at. If
    you're going to use it, drop the rifle until you're ready to shoot. You can stop the
    motorcade if you're having trouble hitting the Khan past his driver, but it's pretty
    much grunted the UN will open fire on you if this happens.
    On top of that, it's almost impossible to get off a shot (let alone two) without the
    local soldiers zeroing in your location. You might lucky and be able to avoid
    detection, but this is too fluky for me to recommend. There's more reliable ways to do
    the mission without raising suspicion.
    METHOD C-		surprisingly easy
    You'll smack yourself when you see how easy this is. Wait til the coast is clear and
    run from the contact's area to the stairs behind the wall just to the northwest. Go
    into sneak mode. From here, you can only get the shot off as the limo is about to exit
    the level. A painfully narrow window, but it's not like you can just take your time and
    plug away from any other spots. Once back here and sneaking, walk just far enough up
    the stairs to be able to shoot. You can test if you're far enough by trying to aim with
    the rifle. If there's no clearance, 47 won't bring the gun up.
    If you're in disguise, you should be able to just wait for the limo. If not, drop the
    gun and wait until the limo's in town before picking it up. Oddly, reaching this
    location doesn't trigger the immediate limo arrival like the other spots do, so, if you
    want, you can drop the gun here and THEN go get a disguise. That way, you can use the
    chloroform and not worry about the victim waking up before the mission is over.
    As I said, you only have a brief chance to shoot the Khan as the limo is about to leave
    the level, but the shot will be much easier than usual. The passenger is on the other
    side, and the driver isn't in the way. On top of that, you are considerably closer. I
    kill the Khan about 50% of the time just aiming loosely at the back corner of the limo.
    It's not perfect, but it's as easy as that shot is going to get without stopping the
    motorcade. Duck down behind the wall, and the UN guys will obligingly start a nice
    gunfight to cover your escape.
    You can pretty much walk out with impunity, since nobody knows you did it. If you want
    the M195, all you have to do is dodge the civilians on your way out. This is easy since
    they're probably running and hiding already. If you do have trouble getting out, just
    leave the gun behind and grab your original peasant cloths.
    Theoretically, any position works, as long as nobody shoots at you while you leave.
    For my money, the easiest way by leaps and bounds is to kill either guard at the start
    to get a disguise, then snipe ala method c. If you change back into your peasant
    outfit, you can just run to the exit and nobody will care. The mission can be
    ludicrously easy this way. If you want SA AND the M195, use the same method, but stay
    in your disguise, and just be sure to avoid civilians on the way out.
    Follow method B to get a disguise, and just shoot the guy. Then snipe from the spot I
    cover in method C. It's just so much easier to reach and shoot from than anywhere else.
    When done, drop the rifle and grab your civilian duds, then just mosey to the exit.
    M195-           The big gun you get from your contact. You can leave with it easily
                    enough if you're dressed as the soldier, and avoid UN soldiers and
                    civilians on your way out.
    M4-             If you've been playing the game PROPERLY, like me, you'll have already
                    had this for 9 levels. Otherwise, you can grab it if a UN guy gets
                    shot in the crossfire. Alternatively, if you're stealthy enough, you
                    can drug one of the guys by the east gate and take his. Good luck doing
                    this and not being seen.
    M60-            See M4. This shows up elsewhere, so ignore it for now.
                                   MISSION 15- TUNNEL RAT
    Ewwwwwwwwwww. This one's a pain, plain and simple. Oh, and what's with recycling the
    model and skin on the target? Not that I MIND killing ANOTHER Osama Bin Laden look-
    alike I suppose.
    1. Turning off the generator makes it REALLY dark. You can walk right by soldiers and
    they won't even see you.
    2. Having said that, the guards turn the generator back ON again really quickly. It
    doesn't give you very much time at all.
    3. Free the torture victim if you want to know where the target is.
    4. The sewer seems to be a bit of a red herring. It's okay for passing some guards, but
    often, they see me whether I'm ducking, sneaking, under a bridge, or whatever. It's not
    nearly as useful for getting around as it may seem.
    5. I don't recommend using chloroform on one of the surface guards to obtain a costume.
    There's no way you'll get this mission done in five minutes.
    6. Don't worry about the nightvision. The generator is only useful for one purpose, and
    there'll be a convenient torch to adequately light your way.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        That first dude
    I'm listing this separately because I'll get tired of repeating myself. It's about that
    guard at the very beginning. While you're learning the map, it's probably easiest to
    just gun him down (snipe him if you brought the M195) and take his clothes. When you're
    ready to play for keeps, you'll probably get sick of waiting for him to walk past. If
    you run straight from the start of the level, and turn LEFT, you can get around the
    southernmost wall before he ever comes into view. From there, you can keep running, and
    hang a right. It should be obvious how to reach either set of stairs from here.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Blending in
    METHOD A-		the north stairs
    Come at these stairs from the north, and wait for the two guards to separate. These two
    will be in your way later when you need to clear the helipad, so if you kill them now,
    it only makes life easier later on. Take out the close one with your silenced pistol,
    and drag him back around the northern wall. Take his kit, and you should be able to
    head down the stairs before his friend returns. If you're not overly concerned about
    ratings, go ahead and shoot the other guy too.
    You'll probably want to wait until the hallway is clear and duck into the bunk room to
    grab the M60. Wait in the vacant exit from that room for your next opportunity.
    METHOD B-		the south stairs
    If you didn't snipe the first guy, you'll probably want to kill this guy to get a
    disguise. The best place to leave his body is on the stairs. Sometimes you might find
    yourself unable to pick this lock. If this happens, you have to restart the level.
    Once down, stay in the little alcove, and check the position of the patroller in the
    hall leading east. When he's moved a good distance away, you'll want to follow him and
    duck into one of the little alcoves along the side. When he goes back, you can move
    into a further alcove. Ultimately, you want to be waiting in the alcove furthest east,
    on the north side of the hall.
    METHOD A-		the north stairs, no disguise
    This is sort of overkill. It's not necessary for Silent Assassin, but it's there if
    you want a bit of fun, or to do the mission with no kills. Watch the two guards at the
    northern stairs. The southern guard has two routes. First, he goes to the other side of
    the stairs to pee, and second, he wanders way the heck off to the west. Wait for him to
    do the latter, and then run around to the back of the stair structure, where that same
    guard sometimes goes for his pee break.
    When the other guard steps away from the door, you can slip down the stairs unseen.
    Wait here for the two guards who visit the torture room to leave, and for the torturer
    to get really stuck into it. You can move out and walk down the hall leading west
    undetected, as long as you stick to the southern side of the hall, next to the sewer.
    When you approach the boxes, start sneaking behind them, and to the left. Watch the guy
    in the generator room before moving in. He looks slowly left and right. Wait until he
    looks away from you then start your approach. Move as far to your right as you can
    while sneaking, so that he won't be able to see you. You should be able to sneak right
    up to the generator without him clueing in, but if not, it's no big deal.
    Shut off the generator, and head down the winding tunnel. If the guard is still by the
    generator, don't start running til you get a little ways away from him. Be sure not to
    move faster than a walk in the bunk room. Your goal is to make it down the winding hall
    and out of the generator guard's line of sight before the lights come back on. If the
    generator guard DOES run for the alarm, it's generally not a problem, because the power
    will be off by the time he gets there, and he'll forget what happened when they come
    back on. Sometimes he remembers, sometimes he doesn't.
    Once in the bunk room, change clothes and grab your weapon of choice. Wait in the
    unoccupied exit from this room.
    METHOD B-		the south stairs, no disguise
    This is completely gratuitous, but it illustrates what I love about this game. The fact
    that this option is even viable is just great. Anyway, approach the stairs from behind,
    and sneak around so that you come at the stair guard from behind. Watch him look back
    and forth, and, when he's looking the other way, sneak the final stretch to the door.
    Pick it, and head on down.
    When the coast is clear and nobody is watching you, hop into the sewer and start duck-
    ing. Keep an eye on the map to make sure nobody is looking at you, and creep around to
    the north, past the steps. When the fidgety guard to the south isn't looking, creep,
    ducking all the way, up the sewers to the north. Hang a right at the first ladder, and
    climb out behind the boxes north of the generator room.
    When you approach the boxes, start sneaking behind them, and to the left. Watch the guy
    in the generator room before moving in. He looks slowly left and right. Wait until he
    looks away from you then start your approach. Move as far to your right as you can
    while sneaking, so that he won't be able to see you. You should be able to sneak right
    up to the generator without him clueing in, but if not, it's no big deal.
    Shut off the generator, and head down the winding tunnel. If the guard is still by the
    generator, don't start running til you get a little ways away from him. Be sure not to
    move faster than a walk in the bunk room. Your goal is to make it down the winding hall
    and out of the generator guard's line of sight before the lights come back on. If the
    generator guard DOES run for the alarm, it's generally not a problem, because the power
    will be off by the time he gets there, and he'll forget what happened when they come
    back on. Sometimes he remembers, sometimes he doesn't.
    Once in the bunk room, change clothes and grab your weapon of choice. Wait in the
    unoccupied exit from this room.
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Osama Bin Target
    By now, you're patiently waiting in one of two places, and have freed the prisoner, at
    least in a test game, so you know where the target is. There's two guard who patrol the
    nearby hallway, and it's important to differentiate them on your map. The guy with NO
    gun visible patrols from the boss's door to the torture room, and takes his turn at
    pummeling the victim. He pauses for quite some time at both of his stops. The other
    guy has an M60 and patrols the whole length of the hall, pausing at either end, as well
    as in front of the bosses door. When he stops, he only stops very briefly. If you're
    coming from the south, you also have to watch the guard patrolling the southern
    It shouldn't take long for a decent window to open up, and allow you to walk into the
    target's room. Start sneaking once you're here, and pull out your knife or wire. If
    there have been no alerts, the target will be in his closet admiring his pirated copies
    of Hitman, and you can choke or knife him easily. I used the knife because nobody hears
    the body drop. If there have been alerts, or if you were noisy, he'll probably be
    facing the closet door, so you'll have to open it and shoot him quickly with a silenced
    pistol before he gets to scream.
    Grab the chloroform, and sneak back to the door. There's probably a guard in front of
    it by now, but wait a few seconds and the coast will clear up. When it does, move on
    OPTIONAL CHALLENGE-     Free the torture victim
    This poor guy. As far as I can tell, there's no way to free him and still get Silent
    Assassin, so I can't tell you how many times I had to walk past and watch the beating.
    He will run away if the torturer who never leaves is killed. Not drugged, killed. He
    then runs up the stairs and makes a bee line for your entrance point. If either of the
    guards at the helipad are alive, the torture victim will not survive his escape. It IS
    possible to sneak in without drugging or killing any guards, grab the spare disguise,
    kill the target, drug the two guards by the helipad, and then shoot the torturer. The
    problem is, when the OTHER torturer comes back, he'll sound the alarm when he finds the
    victim gone, and that costs you an SA rating. Chloroforming the first guy and then
    shooting the visiting torturer doesn't work; the hostage won't flee. I'd try shooting
    the first guy, hiding him, and then pounce/drugging the second guy from that little
    wooden platform over the sewer, but frankly, I'm fed up with this guy. He can stay
    here and get punched in the nuts for eternity for all I care.
    Bottom line; he's easy enough to free if you're not concerned about ratings. Shoot the
    torturer and drag him into the stairwell, or dump him in the sewer over on the western
    corner of the room.
    FOURTH CHALLENGE-       Escaping with the cargo
    From the target's room, wait for the coast to be clear and walk to the northern
    entrance to the bunk room. Once the hall is clear again, sneak into the torture room
    and walk around the outside edge of it. The torturer will probably get somewhat
    suspicious, but not enough to cause problems.
    In the next room, stay to the north, and start sneaking when you get to the northern
    pile of boxes. Sneak around behind it, and the guard in the middle of the boxes won't
    notice you. Once you've gotten around the crates, you can stroll into the elevator
    room. Once you're in the elevator, push the button to go up, and immediately run and
    duck behind the cargo. The guards won't see you, and they'll just go back to what they
    were doing before.
    FIFTH CHALLENGE-        Clearing the helipad
    Well, the simple thing to do here is just shoot these last two guys with whatever you
    happen to be carrying. For Silent Assassin, though, it's a bit trickier. If you used
    the northern approach, one of these guys is already dead. Likewise, if you haven't
    killed anyone yet, you can shoot one to make this part a little easier.
    Both of these guys take pretty long pee breaks, and it's not especially hard to sneak
    up and chloroform them. Just don't let either of them see you do it. If you want to
    make it even easier, come up these stairs before you liberate the cargo. When the
    southern guard walks away to relieve himself, you can just open the door and smother
    the second one. Drag him inside the door and part way down the stairs. When his buddy
    returns, you can just sneak out the door again, and drug him in the same manner.
    If both are down, and the mission's not ending, try walking out onto the helipad. There
    might be also another guard in the area. Perhaps one who came up from the stairs
    because of an alarm.
    Not that tricky. Just make sure you kill only one guard, and chloroform any others that
    you need to bypass. The only guards on the whole map that you HAVE to take out are the
    two by the helipad, and the easiest way to do that is to use the northern approach,
    shoot one of the guards by the stairs, and take his clothes. Then you just have to
    chloroform his friend on your way out. The target is easy enough to wire or knife, so
    that shouldn't affect your rating at all. If you're liberal with the chloroform, it IS
    possible to do this mission with no kills, alerts, close-calls or shots fired.
    Kill the first guard and leave him. Head to the northern stairs and gun down both 
    guards seperately and silently. Follow the SA advice for the rest of the mission. The
    guards here bunch up so much that sneaking is much easier than killing them.
    M60-            Easy enough to walk out with it, but kinda tricky to do so and achieve
                    SA. If you chloroform the guards at the end, you won't be able to pick
                    it up again before the mission ends. This means you have to AVOID kill-
                    ing anyone until you make your exit, so you can shoot the final guard
                    at the helicopter pad. OR to make life easier, use the northern
                    approach, and shoot the first guard you come to. Use his clothes to
                    get in. Then, after killing the target, head back up he stairs and
                    chloroform the other one. When you come up in the elevator, M60 in
                    hand, you'll be all clear. Actually, it turns out this is one of the
                    easiest ways to beat the mission.
    Chloroform-     This isn't loot in the sense that you don't already have some, but it's
                    nice to finally be able to carry more.
                                MISSION 16- TEMPLE CITY AMBUSH
    I thought this was going to be a really hard mission. I was trying to figure out ways
    to kill both assassins with no bullets, and only chloroform the Purple Turban Man, and
    then I found that they all count as targets. That makes life a LOT easier.
    1. A disguise doesn't seem to make any difference on this mission.
    2. There's another SP12 lying around. If you want to keep it, its going to be much
    easier to take that one than smuggle the first one through the level.
    3. The only time people seem to get suspicious of your movements is between meeting
    Agent Smith and killing the first pair of assassins.
    4. It's okay for civilians to see corpses, since it won't count as an alert. However,
    they run to get cult cops, so you better be sure the body isn't there when they get
    5. There's some 7.62 mm ammo lying around this map. What the heck is it for?
    6. Even though you can find Smith on your own, visit the first contact at the start of
    the mission. More shotgun ammo won't hurt you, and you might need this place later to
    stash a body. It'd suck to have a conversation pop up in the middle of that.
    7. You can take care of the first three challenges in whatever order suits you.
    8. Anyone else start with only one person worth of chloroform on this level?
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Purple Turban Man
    I'm listing him first, because he can show up at any time, and if you try to do any of
    the other challenges while he's following you, you're pretty much hosed. You've
    probably noticed this guy; he's got sunglasses, a purple turban, and a pointy beard. He
    will start following you, very obviously, if he sees you. If he doesn't see you before
    you take the two pictures back to Agent Smith, he'll automagically figure out where you
    are and come running. If he reaches Agent Smith, he'll start firing, and probably kill
    The passive solution, if he doesn't find you earlier, is to run out of Smith's hiding
    place and shut the door before Purple Turban Man gets there. He'll then harmlessly
    follow you to the end of the level.
    I made a discovery about this guy. On the map, he's an innocent, and, if you kill him
    before he whips out his gun, he'll count as such. However, if you kill him once he's
    following you with his gun hanging out, he counts as a target, which is to say, he
    doesn't count at all. If you can dispose of him with no shots, alerts or close-calls,
    it won't affect your rating in any way!
    The best way to do this is to let him start following you, without letting either of
    the other assassins see you. Lead him somewhere quiet, like the back of a plaza shop,
    or into one of the empty stores around town. Just make sure you don't lead him into
    either of the other two assassins, or their corpses.
    Once you're in a secluded area, run a little, then face him and sneak. You're trying to
    trigger a behavior where he runs right up to you, then turns his back. Notice that he
    turns his body faster than his head, so wait until his head is straight forward, and
    pull out your weapon of choice. He doesn't always stay still, so the safest best is to
    whip out the knife and immediately use it. If you timed it right, and were sneaking,
    he'll drop to the ground without the Suspici-O-Meter even budging.
    If you're feeling merciful, and you think you've got him standing still, you can use
    the chloroform. Sometimes, when he wakes up, the meter goes red and it counts as a
    close-call, but, if you're fast, and have already done the other assassins, that won't
    be an issue.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Yellow Hat Sniper
    This guy's a breeze. You can see from the map where he is. Just make sure that neither
    of the other two assassins see you on your way in. Sneak up behind him, and take him in
    the manner of your choosing. I suggest the wire, since the knife sometimes makes him
    fall forward and people can see an arm or something out the window.
    If you want a laugh, save your game, and sneak up here and shoot him in the back of the
    head with the silenced ballers. He does this graceful swan dive out the window and into
    the plaza.
    Don't forget to take a picture when he's dead.
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Blue Cap Assassin
    METHOD A-		with his friend's rifle
    Well, there's this charming sniper rifle all ready for you here. Might as well use it.
    First, though, drag the body down the stairs, and hang a left, leaving the body in
    that little space behind the stairwell. That way, when people run to the scene of the
    shot, they won't find any dead bodies.
    From the sniper's nest, you should be able to see a lot of the plaza. When it is devoid
    of cops, and the target is walking right next to a storefront, plug him. Quickly drop
    the rifle and run to the corpse. Drag it into the nearest store, and stash it behind or
    up the stairs. As long as no cult cops see the body, you'll be okay. The civilians
    aren't really a problem, as long as you get the body hidden before they come back with
    cultists. Even if nobody finds the body, you don't want to let the cops see you hanging
    around the scene after the gunshot, you suspicious foreigner you!
    Don't forget to take a picture when he's dead.
    METHOD B-		come into my parlor
    This method is more reliable than the other two, in that it always works if you do it
    right. Unfortunately, it's quite a bit harder. Make sure you kill Purple Turban and
    Yellow Hat before attempting this. Blue Cap will follow you if he sees you, but he's
    very bad at it. If you get too far away, or pass out of his sight for a second, he'll
    lose interest and walk back to the plazas.
    Before trying this, you should probably plan your route, and try to walk it backwards
    at least once. You know those other places out in town which are possible locations for
    Agent Smith? You can tell where they are by the presence of a long, thin alley shown in
    gray on the map, shooting off a street. For my money, the two best places to go are the
    potential Smith locale just to the north of the eastern plaza, and the spot where the
    first contact is.
    Leading this guy there is harder than it sounds. If he gets too close, he'll start
    firing, and if he gets too far or loses sight of you, he'll head back to the plaza. If
    he does walk away, you can get him back on track by running a bit behind him, so that
    he hears it and turns around. You'll probably want to go backwards, so you can keep an
    eye on him. This is why I told you to plan your route earlier. Lead him to the front
    door of your intended hiding place, and then quickly duck into the side alley right
    when he's in front of the door. Quickly bring up the map and make sure there's no cops
    that will see you. If there are, you can just abort by staying in the alley, and go
    reclaim your tagalong when the coast is clear.
    When you duck into the alley, the assassin will lose sight of you and turn to walk back
    to the plaza. Quickly pull out your silenced pistol and drill him. Drag him through
    that door he's conveniently in front of. Like I said, it's harder than the other plans,
    but you have much more control over what's going on. Don't try leading him into the
    back of one of the plaza shops, or see you go through any doors on the street. If you
    do, he'll figure out what's up and open fire.
    Don't forget to take a picture when he's dead.
    METHOD C-		magic carpet ride
    Pick a store in the plaza and hide in amongst its merchandise. I like the carpet shops,
    since the pile of boxes on the far end gives you a perfect shooting nest. Unfortunately
    the assassin's route is very random, so it might take a while before he wanders close
    enough for this to work. Plug him once in the head from your hiding place, and quickly
    run and drag the corpse into the store. Again, as long as no cult cops see the affair,
    you'll be okay.
    As opposed to method A, this plan cuts down on the time it takes you to reach and hide
    the corpse. On the downside, you can't really watch the bazaar for cops without using
    the map, and it sometimes takes a long while for the right opportunity to show up.
    Don't forget to take a picture when he's dead.
    OPTIONAL CHALLENGE-     Blue Cap and Yellow Hat strike back
    Killing the final two assassins is pretty easy. Just find the ladder nearby, and head
    on up. The trick is killing them and retaining Silent Assassin. Unless you somehow
    managed to kill Blue Cap #1 with no close-calls or shots, you'll only be able to shoot
    one of these guys. I opened the door so the first guy could see me, and lured him
    outside. Once he was far enough from his sniper buddy, I capped him between the eyes
    with my trusty silenced 9mm. Then I snuck in and knifed his friend.
    FOURTH CHALLENGE-       Getting out
    After you show Smith both pictures, you can pretty much run to the end of the level. If
    you come at the exit door from the side, the sniper won't even get a chance to
    recognize you.
    Not that hard, since the five assassins all count as targets. You're allowed a comb-
    ination of two shots, alerts, and/or close-calls. Since Purple Turban and Yellow Hat
    can be easily snuffed without any of those, Blue Cap is really the only concern. I
    find it's impossible to kill him without either a shot or a close-call, since you have
    to run up to him to knife him. For my money, method B is the safest and most reliable
    way of disposing of him quietly. The real challenge here is killing all FIVE assassins
    with an SA rating.
    The easy way to deal with Purple Turban is to be lucky and avoid him, then bolt from
    Agent Smith's before he shows up. Failing that, lead him to a side-street where nobody
    can see you and quickly whip out your SD 9mm and shoot him. Just leave the body. The
    same goes for Blue Cap. Lead him away from the plaza so nobody can see you, and get far
    enough away that he turns his back. Drill him with the 9mm and leave the body, just
    don't be there when the cops show up.
    SP12-           This is a great automatic shotgun. Oddly enough, there's a spare one
                    lying around the map, pretty close to the exit, which is much easier to
                    escape with than the one at the first contact. It's in an alcove with
                    some brown sacks, a little bit north of the leftmost corner of the
                    western bazaar. You shouldn't have much trouble smuggling it out. Just
                    keep checking the map and drop it if there's people nearby.
    SMG-SD6-        If, like me, you didn't get this in Japan because you were too busy
                    picking up katanas, custom rifles and crossbows, you can take the one
                    off purple turban man. Depending on where you led him, it may be a bit
                    of a trick getting it out quietly.
    R39 Sniper-     There's two. One on each of the snipers. It's easy enough to get the
                    one near the exit out quietly, in case you missed this in Sicily.
                               MISSION 17- THE DEATH OF HANNELORE
    Anyone else hear "Doctor" and expect it to be a guy? Yes game, you got me. I am a
    sexist pig. I like to think that I was expecting a male because this is our first
    female target in either game. Speaking of sexism, this is the only female target, and
    killing her is one of the easiest missions! What's up with that?
    1. You will need a disguise of some type to be able to move around un-shot-at.
    2. There's one particular disguise that practically hands this mission to you on a
    silver platter.
    3. Take a while to observe which locals walk in and out of the Doc's office. Maybe if
    you were dressed like them...
    4. When in said disguise, you can run around and trigger all the suspicion you like. As
    long as you aren't seen with corpse or weapon, nobody will say anything, and it won't
    even count as a close call.
    5. The guards in the stairwells near the Doc's office show up on the FIRST floor map
    for some reason, so be sure to check that map before you start dragging her around.
    6. If a civilian finds the Doc's body, you automatically lose the mission.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Blending in
    METHOD A-		the art of disguise
    Skip the intro movie. The patrolling guards keep moving while it's playing, and you'll
    want to see where the nearby guard goes. At the start, he'll walk toward you, but he
    either veers toward the front door, or comes over and stands conveniently nearby with
    his back to you. Knife/wire/shoot him, and drag the body behind the nearby boat. I
    wouldn't recommend using the chloroform; Method B is much easier if you want to avoid
    kills. Take the guy's clothes when you're done.
    Move toward the western entrance, and wait for the guard by the door to walk away and
    relieve himself. Once inside, make a bee line for the white hospital gown disguise in
    the northeasternmost room, being sure to give all guards, cultists AND patients a wide
    METHOD B-		real men don't kill guards
    Again, skipping the intro scene is a good idea so you can keep tabs on that first
    guard. If he turns toward the front door, good. If not, wait for him to get bored of
    hanging out by the boat, and walk away. Once he's out of the way, check the helipad to
    make sure the guard there isn't looking, and you can practically run to the sewer
    entrance. Run through the strangely long and winding drain to the exit, but stop one
    room before you get there.
    Secret passage time! The first alcove on your right has a secret passage that leads to
    a ladder up to a grate. Bring up the map of the 1st floor, and, making sure there's no
    civilians nearby, and the one patrolling guard is far away, hop up the ladder. If the
    coast is REALLY clear, you can run all the way to the third door on your right with no
    worries. If not, duck into the nearest room. You can't move through here because the
    patient will see you and become alarmed, but you can wait here for the coast to be
    clear to run outside and into the empty room one further north.
    Keep running north through the rooms to the end, and take the patient disguise sitting
    on the bed.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-	Is there a Doctor in the house?
    Apparently Hitman looks so ridiculous in his hospital gown that nobody thinks he could
    possibly be a world-renowned assassin. Hah! Fear the wolf in dork's clothing! Anyway,
    go grab the key, and poison, if you want it, from the supply area. You can either wait
    for the guard to visit the bathroom (he does it multiple times, so you just need to
    wait for him to do it AGAIN on your way out) or walk right by him. Suspicion doesn't
    seem to matter in this disguise.
    Stroll (or run, whatever) into the Doc's area and the nurse will stand up and speak to
    you. Instead of following her, use the other stairs. See, if you walk by the guard at
    the top of the west stairs, he'll be looking RIGHT at you when you try to drag a
    certain corpse through the room. Meet the nurse at the top of the stairs and follow her
    into the Doctor's office.
    The Doc mistakes you for someone else and starts flapping her lips. You can either drop
    the poison in the water while she isn't looking, or just kill her outright. As long as
    the nurse has gotten away and the door is closed, you can shoot or, or walk up behind
    her and knife or wire her. She's so busy talking, you don't even need to sneak. Drag
    her into the western room, and then into the little triangular room nearby.
    If you watch the map, you'll see another patient show up about now, and start looking
    for the good Doctor. Check the first floor map to see if the nearby stairwell guard is
    looking directly at you. If he's only looking sorta at you, open the door and drag the
    Doc out into the round room. Hang a left toward her office door, then go through the
    middle of the room. Sometimes she gets snagged on a door, so watch out for that.
    If you can't make it that way, wait until the patient gets tired of searching, and drag
    the body back through her office, through the center of the round room, and into the
    hiding place. Make sure nobody sees her when you leave the supply closet.
    From here you can pretty much just run to the exit.
    Since you can take out the Doctor with poison or the knife, as long as you limit
    yourself to no more than two total shots, alerts, close-calls and dead guards you'll be
    fine. If you use method B to get in, it's quite easy to finish this with zeroes across
    the board.
    Use the first guard's clothes to reach the patient disguise. From there it's a stupidly
    easy mission.
    No loot worth mentioning, unless you count those stunning hospital slippers.
                               MISSION 18- TERMINAL HOSPITALITY
    TERMINAL HORSE BRUTALITY!? Pat yourself on the back if you got that reference. So
    what's the deal here? Wasn't the last mission an island hospital? There are two island
    hospitals within a dinghy ride of each other? As confounding as this mission appears
    from the map, it's really pretty easy. There's a lot of features on the map you'll
    never even use.
    1. You will need a disguise of some type to be able to move around un-shot-at.
    2. Nurses are very suspicious.
    3. No, you can't kill or follow "him."
    4. This mission is big, there's a ton of different routes to follow to get anywhere, so
    for the most part, I'm going to leave getting around up to your imagination.
    5. Although the other guards are carrying guns, don't bother with one while you're
    dressed as a guard. It only serves to make the nurses edgier.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Blending in
    METHOD A-		violence
    Head out past the rock, and hang a right up the stairs. Stay in a crouch, until you
    reach the first pillar. Check the position of the guy on the boat. You want him to be
    facing away from you, but crawling up the stairs takes so long, he probably isn't by
    now. Check the area around the pool quickly via map, and plug the guy in front of you
    in the side of the head with the silenced pistol. Grab his clothes and drag him a
    little ways down the opposing stairs.
    METHOD B-		stealth
    Run to the first block of boxes, and wait there for the guard on the boat to turn his
    back. Once he does, run to the second block of boxes, and drop into sneak mode. Wait
    for this guard to start walking away, and move slowly to the west. When you've put a
    decent distance between you and him, you can run to the next corner. Keep going west
    and you'll see a little path running between two hills. Check the map to find the
    position of the patroller who orbits the temple, and you can probably just run to the
    spare costume.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       Blending further in
    There's about a billion ways to get to the Doctor's office, and I'm sure you can figure
    at least one out on your own. All you have to do is keep a good distance between you
    and any nurses. I ran to the northwest spiral stairwell, and, sneaking first, picked
    the door into it. Then, checking the map to make sure there were no nurses coming, ran
    up the spiral stairs to the roof, and went to the side stairs down the balcony near the
    office with the equipment. From there, it's a simple matter to wait until the nearby
    nurse goes out on the balcony, and slip into Chakran's office.
    After you take the nightvision and key, head north and grab the Doctor's uniform. You
    can move pretty freely in this disguise. Guards seem to get suspicious, but never start
    shooting. Nurses, however, you should still give a wide berth.
    The easiest way to the basement is probably to go back to the roof, and use one of the
    spiral staircases again. Once here, grab a scalpel from one of the two offices. You can
    walk as close to guards as you like, as long as you act in a Doctor-ly fashion. No
    running, and no carrying obvious weapons. I guess you're supposed to use the
    ventilation system to peek into the surgery rooms and find the one with the two cult
    members, which contains your target. However, if dressed as the Doctor, you can
    literally just walk into each surgery room until you find them. EVERY time I've played
    this, they've been in the northwest room.
    The challenge coming up is to get rid of those two cult guards, since taking out the
    target himself isn't exactly difficult.
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Like a surgeon
    METHOD A-		plain and simple
    Walk into the operating room, and move to the side so only one of the guards can see
    you, and the other has his back to you. Quickly draw your silenced pistol and shoot the
    guard facing you in the head. His friend will run to the body. Give him a matching
    head wound, and then plug the target. As long as nobody sees the bodies from the hall,
    you can pretty much just walk to the exit.
    METHOD B-		simple, but not so plain
    Go into the ventilation system, and shoot both cultists in the head through the little
    hole. You're practically guaranteed to get away with it, but shooting through the hole
    is surprisingly difficult, even in first person view. Once that's done, slip into the
    operating theatre and kill the target.
    METHOD C-		cloak of darkness
    Once you've established where the patient is, switch off the electricity in the base-
    ment. The turbaned bodyguards will pretty much ignore you, as long as you don't bump
    into them, but the two cultists in the operating theatre are a bigger problem. Once the
    lights go out, they start running about the place like maniacs, and if they see you,
    they'll open fire. Wait til they've run out of the basement, and run into the operating
    room. Quickly pull out your scalpel (or silenced pistol, whatever) and kill the target.
    Here's where it sometimes gets sticky. You have to make into one of the spiral stair-
    wells, and down the few steps to the door outside before either of the two running
    cultists find you. This is largely dependant on timing and luck, so I'm afraid I don't
    have any specific advice on getting by them.
    Use method A for insertion and method C for the kill. It's a disappointingly easy
    mission, all in all.
    Method A, then method A. So why are all the easy missions at the end? The russian and
    japanese missions, and even mission 1 are all a lot harder than the last ones have 
    been. Pretty disappointing.
    Uzi-            On many guards. If you got in without killing anyone, and you used the
                    scalpel on the target, you just plug a cultist on your way out and grab
                    one without endangering your SA rating.
    R39 Sniper-     In the little temple. Wear a guard or cultist disguise if you want to
                    carry this thing off.
    Scalpel-        In the two offices in the basement.
                             MISSION 19- ST. PETERSMURG REVISITED
    Play this yourself until you figure out what's going on. There's no way I can write a
    faq for this mission without being spoilerific, and I HIGHLY recommend you discover
    this mission's twists for yourself.
    1. There is nowhere you can hide the body that it won't be eventually found.
    2. He walks back and forth between two possible locations, maybe more. How you approach
    the mission is going to depend greatly on where he is. Put the ability to move while
    using binoculars to good use.
    3. After the spit hits the fan, you will need a disguise of some type, although none
    will work very well for very long.
    4. In case you haven't already, try getting the sniper rifle to the ammo drop, and
    shoot something. Blanks! The bastards gave us BLANKS!
    5. I've heard that the cut scene costs you time, but can't really verify that. It
    would make sense, considering that's usually how cut scenes work. You should definitely
    watch it once though.
    6. Some people report being able to pick weapons for this mission. I always get stuck
    with just the wire.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Spoiler city
    As I said, our friend loads in two places. One is watching over the front entrance,
    and one is looking out the right side of the building. Find out which one he's in using
    the binoculars, and make your way to the front door of the building while staying out
    of that line of fire. WALK up the stairs, and into the room with "Sergei." If the
    sniper is covering the front of the building, sneak through the front rooms toward him,
    and throttle him with the wire. It's super-easy to do if he's in this front position.
    If he's in the other spot, you're in for more of a challenge. I'd still advise going
    through the front rooms to get to him, since he seems to be more alert on his left
    than his right, but it's still a pretty simple affair to sneak up and wire him. Just
    remember to start sneaking at least a room away. 
    The thing to remember is that he keeps moving around, so if he keeps turning and seeing
    you as you sneak up, it's because it's time for him to move to a new spot, so restore
    a game and wait til he's done. It's also important that he hasn't seen you yet. If you
    got sniped at, restore.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       The safety of the sewers
    METHOD A-		run, hitman, run
    The instant the corpse hits the floor, skip the cut scene, and grab his clothes and
    rifle, and RUN for the nearest sewer entrance. If you are very fast and lucky, you can
    make it past the first guard in that sewer before the alerts goes up, and you're
    golden. Run toward the exit tunnel.
    There'll be a guard facing you, guarding this last tunnel, but he doesn't seem to be
    too swift on the uptake. As long as you aren't already dodging bullets, and only walk,
    and stay as far from him as possible, it's possible to slip into the exit tunnel with-
    out him causing a fuss. From here, you just have to pick the lock, and slip by the
    remaining two guys when they're both looking the other way.
    METHOD B- 		a suspicious clone
    Quickly grab the clothes and rifle, and run for the southernmost sewer entrance. It's
    the one in the middle of the road by the water. The alert will probably go up before
    you get in there, but nobody can see you, so it's no big deal. Proceed down the tunnel,
    and start sneaking at the end. You'll notice the guard here isn't looking right at you.
    As long as you sneak, and stick to the far side of the tunnel, you can sneak around
    behind him with no worries. Wire him, or drug him, if the mission let you pick weapons.
    Take his clothes, and run toward the backdoor to the metro.
    There'll be a guard facing you, guarding this last tunnel, but he doesn't seem to be
    too swift on the uptake. As long as you aren't already dodging bullets, and only walk,
    and stay as far from him as possible, it's possible to slip into the exit tunnel with-
    out him causing a fuss. From here, you just have to pick the lock, and slip by the
    remaining two guys when they're both looking the other way.
    METHOD C-		planning ahead
    Take out a bodyguard BEFORE you kill the clone. There's two good spots to do this. The
    first is the lone guard who patrols in the southwest area of the map. If you hide in
    the truck near the second agency drop, crouching behind a box on the left, you can jump
    out and wire him when he stops there. Drag him around behind the truck.
    The other spot is the northern back door to the apartment complex. There's two guards
    who stop right outside of that door. Wait until one walks away, and wire the other one.
    Drag his body inside, and up the stairs.
    In either case, don't take their clothes yet. Once you have the clone dead, take his
    clothes and the rifle, and run to the dead guard. NOW take the guards clothes, and drop
    the rifle. It's sort of unpredictable how well this disguise works, but it will work
    much better than your own suit, or the clone's suit after his body has been found. You
    should be able to make it out as long as you give the other guards a wide berth, and
    don't draw attention to yourself.
    METHOD D-		did I say nowhere?
    There IS a spot you can stash the body with impunity, but it's unreliable, and only
    works if you kill the clone in the front room. Quickly skip the cut scene and change
    clothes, leaving the rifle for now. Drag the body to the room with the cardboard Sergei
    and drag it around between the table and the windows. The idea here, is to position the
    body so that you can't see it from the stairway door, because the table top is in the
    way. I can't get this to work consistently (sometimes an arm sticks out) but if it does
    work, the rest of the mission becomes a cake-walk.
    To get SA on this mission, you have to do a very simple thing; not be shot at. Once I
    finished with 1 kill, and 1 alert, but got professional because people chased me.
    Another time I got 2 kills and 1 alert, but got Silent Assassin because nobody fired a
    shot. Method B is by far the most reliable means of escaping quietly. Also of note; the
    clone counts as an enemy killed, since he's not the original target.
    Alas, there really isn't one. I guess if you take the time to snuff a bodyguard ala
    method C, you can shoot cloney in the back of the head, but that will bring people
    running too fast.
    W2000 sniper-   17 has it. It's perfectly easy to get out with, because it serves as
                    part of your disguise.
    SP12-           Some guards have it.
                               MISSION 20- REDEMPTION AT GONTRANO
    Okay, this is it. You've got 21 highly alert, heavily armed, strategically located
    enemies to deal with, and you start with little more than a piece of string. There's no
    ratings per se, but I can show you how to do this mission without ever being shot at,
    which is about as stealthy as it's going to get.
    1. Remember that when you release the crouch button, you'll stand straight up, even if
    you were sneaking before the crouch.
    2. You can't shoot through the holes in the railing, but neither can the bad guys.
    3. Despite peering through scopes, the snipers on this level have really good
    peripheral vision.
    4. The first two guys are the hardest part of the mission.
    5. All the guards with sniper rifles seem to stay pretty much put unless they see you
    or a gunfight breaks out. They don't run to check on fallen friends or anything like
    6. Most of the guys inside the church have very powerful weapons that can kill you in
    one hit, but if you follow my guide, you'll never even be in danger of being shot at.
    FIRST CHALLENGE-        Reaching the shed
    METHOD A-		like a shadow
    Wait for the two guards in the first area to get around the corner (heading north) and
    run over there. If you keep the pillar between you and them, they won't see you. Once
    they turn back to the north, sneak out behind them, then veer right to the grassy
    region, and tuck yourself into the inside corner of the northeastern inner wall. The
    ledge here will prevent you from standing up, so you can let go of the duck button and
    relax. Neither guard will ever spot you here.
    After the fast-walking guard makes his second pass, sneak out behind the slower guard
    as he's moving south. Bring out your wire, and hold down the button to prepare it. You
    should catch up with him JUST as he's about to stop and turn around. Drop the wire
    around his neck and choke him down. Grab his gun, and quickly drag him northeast onto
    the grass. By now, the fast guard is probably coming this way along the south part of
    the map. Keep hidden from him behind a wall or pillar. He doesn't look around nearly as
    much as his buddy, and he'll never find the body if you tuck it into the inside corner
    of the southeast inner wall.
    Now you've got two choices. You either ambush this guy in the southwest corner of the
    map and shoot him with the 9mm, or you can come back later when you have a silenced
    version. If you do choose to ambush him, make sure you drop him in one hit to the face,
    so that he doesn't get a shot off.
    Once he's either dead or not paying attention, sneak to southern end of the double
    doors through to the garden. When the guard on the other side passes you, open the
    doors and sneak up behind him, preparing your wire as you do. You should catch up with
    him just as he's about to stop and turn around. Once he's dead, drop down off the
    southern end of this ledge. If you do it while sneaking, it won't make a sound. Edge up
    to the corner, and when the nearby guard turns away, sneak out behind him, preparing
    your wire as you do so. Again, you'll reach him just as he's about to turn around.
    Run to the shed, using the well and trees as cover, and you should make it without the
    sniper getting a shot off.
    METHOD B-		like a noisy shadow
    Wait for the two guards in the first area to get around the corner (heading north) and
    run over there. If you keep the pillar between you and them, they won't see you. Once
    they turn back to the north, sneak out behind them and open the double doors. More than
    likely, you won't make it through this door without being spotted, so run to the shed,
    staying to the right of the well and any available trees, so that the sniper can't see
    you. Once in the shed, grab something like the M60 or SMG. Spray each guy as they come
    to the door. There should be five in total; the 2 from the front area, the 2 from the
    back yard, and the one from the basement that heard the noise. These guys are all armed
    with 9mm pistols, so you should be able to do this without getting too badly injured.
    SECOND CHALLENGE-       killing many, many people
    Grab the custom sniper rifle (or whichever rifle) off the wall, and crouch to the left
    of the window. Bring up the sniper scope, find your adversary through the window, and
    take him down. Don't forget to go back to the beginning and kill the guard out front, if
    you left him alive. 5 down.
    Drop the rifle, and grab the silenced 9mm, some pistol ammo, your knife of choice, and
    the crossbow. Yes, I said crossbow. Don't forget to grab all your bolts, and a little
    extra sniper ammo wouldn't hurt.
    Head out and sneak into the main basement door. Unless you caused a fuss, there'll be a
    guard patrolling here. You can either sneak up behind him and knife him right as he's
    about to turn around, or plug him with the silenced pistol. Once he's dead, pick the
    lock on the far door, and grab the church key. Head back out.
    Slip between the nearby shed and the wall, and you'll find the secret passageway to the
    eastern stairs. Once you're in, start sneaking. Go through the left hand door to find a
    guard with his back to you. Slit him up a treat. Around the corner, you'll find another
    guard facing the wrong way. Knife him, too. 8 down.
    Creep up the stairs, and you'll find two doors. The one on the right leads to a couple
    of snipers, and almost immediate detection. Open the other door, and line up the two
    heads so they're on top of each other, then quickly shoot both guards in the head with
    one shot each from the silenced pistol.
    Duck, and head out onto the balcony. Move as close as you can to the front railing.
    Sometimes it helps to just tap the button to move, rather than hold it down, to prevent
    being spotted by the remaining snipers. Once safely through the door on the other side,
    sneak down the stairs a bit, until you can see the guard at the bottom. Bring up first
    person view to make sure you don't hit the railing, and shoot him in the head with the
    silenced pistol. 11 down.
    Back up the stairs, and open the door on the left. You will see a guard with his back
    to you, but you cannot knife him without being spotted, so shoot him in the back of the
    head with the silenced pistol. When he's done with his dramatic slo-mo death slump,
    edge forward in sneak mode until you go up on the very first step. Any higher, and
    you're sniper fodder. Bring up the crossbow's sniper view, and you should be able to
    just barely see the top of the next sniper's head above the railing. If you can't, you
    aren't on that one first step yet. You don't want to be able to see any more than the
    very top of his head, or else he'll spot you. When you've got the proper shot, snipe
    him. 13 down.
    Crouch, and move out onto the balcony to the first corner. While still crouching, bring
    up the crossbow's sniper view again. If you back a little bit away from the railing,
    you should be able to get a shot at the sniper across the way, facing north on the
    other balcony. Put a bolt through his head. Still in a crouch, move north along the
    balcony to the far end. While STILL crouching, bring up the sniper scope on the
    crossbow again, and try to get a similar shot on the last remaining balcony sniper. Or,
    if you'd prefer, take the u-shaped passage and come up behind him, and shoot him in the
    back of the head with the silenced pistol. 15 down.
    Go back to the eastern stairwell, and go down the stairs. Open the door out to the
    church, and you'll see yet another guard with his back to you. Creep up behind him and
    knife him. Now it's time to go back to the balcony.
    There are 5 guys remaining on the church floor, 4 on the right, and 1 on the left. Go
    to the northern end of the eastern balcony, and, from a sneaking position, line up a
    shot at the head of the southernmost guard on the eastern side. Be sure none of the
    other guards can see you, and pull the trigger. If you move out a little to the right,
    you can get a shot at one of the two guys who are standing directly under the balcony.
    Be aware that the remaining one will move around a bit after you kill his friend, so be
    sure that you're safely hidden. 18 down.
    Move south about halfway down the balcony, and you should be able to find a nice shot
    at the guy behind the pillar on the other side of the church. Once he's down, sneak
    through the u-shaped passage to the other balcony. From the northern end of this
    balcony, you can line up a shot at the guy behind the pillar below. This just leaves
    one guard, who is a little bit tricky. He's most likely looking roughly in your
    direction, but he's too far under the balcony to shoot him from anywhere but here. Put
    a pillar between you and him, and then bring up the sniper scope, and slowly move
    around until you can just barely see his head. Take your shot. 21 down. Objective
    THIRD CHALLENGE-        Endgame
    Grab a custom rifle. There's plenty lying around. From the eastern balcony, sneak, and
    line up a shot on the heart picture in the confessional. Shoot it, and Sergei will come
    charging out. Quickly pop him in head (or twice in the body) to end the game.
    (c) Copyright 2002 Gareth Bowler

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