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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NekoFever

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         ==Shenmue II FAQ/Walkthrough v2.6==
         By Olly Dean, at olly@nekofever.com
         NekoFever on the IGN Boards
         Check out my website at http://www.shenmuefansite.com
         Shenmue is (c) 1999-2001 by Sega Enterprises Ltd.
         This document (c) 2001 Oliver Dean
    AUTHOR (olly@nekofever.com). IF YOU ARE FOUND TO BE IN VIOLATION 
    1.(i)    INTRODUCTION
      (ii)   STORY
      (iii)  CONTROLS
      (iv)   FAQ
      (v)    REVIEW
      (vii)  LOCATIONS
    2.(i)    DISC 1 WALKTHROUGH
      (ii)   DISC 2 WALKTHROUGH
      (iii)  DISC 3 WALKTHROUGH
      (iv)   DISC 4 WALKTHROUGH
      (v)    FREE BATTLE AND QTE
      (vi)   SAVING
      (vii)  MAKING MONEY
      (viii) GAMBLING
      (xi)   WHAT DO 'THE CUPS' MEAN?
      (xii)  ARCADE MACHINES
      (xiii) THE BAD ENDING
      (xiv)  SECRETS
    4.(i)    CREDITS
      (ii)   CONTACT ME
      (iii)  REVISION GUIDE
    Shenmue is a series of games from the creator of Virtua Fighter, Outrun, 
    Hang-On, and many other classic games, Yu Suzuki. The games tell a 
    continuous story set in Japan and the Orient in the late-1980's. A 
    teenage martial artist, Ryo Hazuki, witnesses his father being killed 
    by a Chinese cartel boss over a mystical mirror. Throughout the series 
    which is so far known to span Japan, Hong Kong, and possibly China. 
    Suzuki plans to release about 16 chapters but this looks increasingly 
    The first instalment, Yokosuka, was released for the Dreamcast in Japan 
    in late 1999 to great acclaim from players and the games press alike. 
    Although the game was quite short, it was unparalleled graphically and 
    anyone who sat through the entire game found it to be an incredible 
    experience - even if you couldn't understand a word of it.
    It came out in the US and Europe in 2000 to similar praise and became 
    one of Dreamcast's best-selling games. For those who only played and 
    didn't understand the Japanese version, the plot was great, by the way. 
    As great as it was, though, there were many loose ends to tie up - who 
    is that girl in Ryo's dreams? How does Chai fall into everything? Who 
    exactly is Lan Di? Who did Iwao kill all those years ago?
    Enter Shenmue II. It had been seen may times before at various trade 
    shows, but it was obvious the graphics were even better, with more 
    people on-screen and more detail. As it would take many years to 
    release all 16 chapters seperately, Shenmue II is actually a 
    compilation of chapters 2, 3, and 4. As I know there will be even 
    more people who import this game without speaking Japanese (I got over 
    1000 emails about Shenmue before it was even released in the US), and 
    now, armed with nearly a years worth of Japanese lessons, I present my 
    Shenmue II FAQ/Walkthrough. Don't forget to check out my Shenmue 
    website at http://www.shenmuefansite.com as you're here.
    (ii) STORY
    [NOTE: This is the story from the PAL version manual of Shenmue II. 
    You can see the story of the original by watching the 14-minute 
    digest movie from the main menu of disc 4]
    The year is 1986, the location is Yokosuka, Japan. It's a usual, 
    tranquil day in the life of Ryo Hazuki, but suddenly it is forever 
    shattered by the unexpected arrival of unwanted visitors. A man 
    wearing dark green Chinese clothes appears at the Hazuki family 
    home, followed closely by his black-suited thugs. Known as Lan Di, 
    he uses his knowledge of the almighty kung fu and kills Ryo's 
    father, Iwao, taking away a mysterious Mirror, which he clearly 
    came for.
    Vowing to seek revenge, Ryo embarks on a journey to find his 
    father's killer, but to no avail.
    Later, Ryo is given a letter addressed to his late father. The 
    letter was sent by a man called Yuanda Zhu and warned of danger, 
    but also told of a person that could be relied on if something 
    happened. This person was called Master Chen and Ryo was eager 
    to find him. He explained to Ryo that Lan Di was one of the 
    leaders of the Chiyoumen, and based on the fact that he had 
    already obtained one sacred mirror, he was likely to be in 
    search of the other, as together they made a pair...
    Ryo eventually found the mirror, also known as the Phoenix 
    Mirror, but was still eager to seek Lan Di and avenge his 
    father's death. Master Chen told of news that Lan Di had left for 
    Hong Kong, so Ryo decided to pursue, but an unknown attacker 
    decided to make his move and punish Ryo once and for all.
    Strong willed and fighting off his attacker, Ryo also came face 
    to face with the Mad Angels, closely connected with the 
    Chiyoumen. With the help of Guizhang, Master Chen's son, they 
    put and end to the wrath of the Mad Angels. Master Chen then 
    gave Ryo a letter, which introduced a man called Lishao Tao, he 
    would help once Ryo departed for Hong Kong.
    Who is Yuanda Zhu, the sender of the letter?
    What is the hidden mystery behind the Phoenix Mirror?
    Where is Lan Di, the killer of Ryo's father?
    Ryo arrives in Hong Kong with many questions unanswered, as he 
    begins his journey to seek the truth behind these mysteries.
    (iii) CONTROLS
    Analog Thumb Pad - Look
    + Pad - Moves Ryo/Action Selection
    UP - Walk Foward
    LEFT - 90 deg Turn Left
    DOWN - 180 deg Turn
    RIGHT - 90 deg Turn Right
    UP and LEFT or RIGHT - Smaller turns while going forward
    LEFT TRIGGER - Zoom.
    RIGHT TRIGGER - Run/First-person mode.
    START BUTTON - Help Menu
    A BUTTON - Talk/confirm
    B BUTTON - Cancel/place navigation mark
    X BUTTON - Notebook/action
    Y BUTTON - Money conversation/system menu
    (iv) FAQ
    Email me your questions at olly@nekofever.com. I'll email you an 
    answer and also add the question and answer here.
    A. Definitely. A lot happens in the first game, which may leave you 
    a bit lost in this game. Also, your Shenmue save will be used in this 
    game so that you keep Ryo's stats for before. If you raise your 
    character a lot in the first game it will benefit you by having a 
    stronger character at the start of the game. Not to mention the 
    Mysterious Scroll that you get in Shenmue I that is in Chinese and 
    no-one could translate fully in Yokosuka.
    A. No you don't have to. It is recommended that you do though.
    A. The game is no longer coming out in the US for DC, so unless you 
    either import the Japanese version or import the PAL version from 
    the UK you'll have to wait until Q3 2002 and buy a $300 X-Box if you 
    want to play it. I'd recommend buying either a PAL or Japanese 
    version, both of which will be available from Video Game Centre 
    (http://www.videogamecentre.co.uk) or Computer Exchange 
    A. Yes, it's a continuation of the first game.
    A. She is Ling Sha Hua and you will meet her in Hong Kong. She has 
    been seen in various movies of Shenmue II on the Internet, along with 
    the new female supporting characters such as Joy.
    A. Try dc.ign.com, www.videogames.com, or www.segaweb.com. There are 
    also videos with the Japanese Fighting Vipers 2 for Dreamcast and if 
    you see the Shenmue Movie in Japan you'll get a little preview.
    A. Yes, but only in the US. In the US it will come out in late 2002 
    for Microsoft's X-Box. Yes it sucks, but you can buy a Japanese 
    version (in Japanese) or a PAL version (in English) from the UK. 
    If you have a US DC you'll need something to play imports. I'd 
    recommend either a mod chip, DC-X boot disc, or a Gameshark.
    A. Although Yu Suzuki originally said that he wanted 16 chapters of 
    the Shenmue saga, this statement was made back in the glory days of 
    the Dreamcast. Now that the DC is being euthanased we don't know what 
    will happen after Shenmue II, but I think that Suzuki will end the 
    series on DC with this one. At least if he does that he'll silence 
    those annoying little people who email me to ask if I can make 
    Shenmue II the last game in the series - I DON'T MAKE THE GAME!
    A. It depends. You could wait for the X-Box version but you'll need 
    to buy Microsoft's $300 X-Box as well as wait until late 2002, but 
    I'd recommend either buying the Japanese version (which is in 
    Japanese) or a PAL version from the UK this November (in English).
    A. Here is Olly's Definitive Import Store Guide™:
    At least one of those will be able to help you out and they all ship 
    anywhere in the world. If you live in the US and want to import a 
    Japanese copy I'd recommend using a US-based importer but if you 
    want the PAL English-language version one use a UK-based one.
    (v) REVIEW
    **This review can be found at: 
    The original Shenmue was released as the first in an epic saga about 
    a young man in Japan who witnesses his father being murdered by a 
    mysterious Chinese cartel boss. The game was revolutionary both 
    aesthetically and in gameplay terms. It had flaws, but was almost 
    universally praised as the true future of gaming. 
    Shenmue II was planned along with Shenmue, and when it was finally 
    released in Japan in early September 2001 I was down at my local 
    importer faster than you can say 'obsessed'. I had to pay £60 ($86) 
    for the special edition, but was it worth it. Absolutely. Definitely. 
    The graphics in Shenmue II, like in the prequel, are stunning. 
    Considering the Dreamcast is over 3 years old the visuals that it is 
    capable of are incredible. Granted, there is some slowdown in busy 
    areas, the fade-in is still there and there is a nasty shimmering 
    effect, but when you see what your DC is pushing around you will be 
    amazed. The sleepy streets of Yokosuka are far behind - this is 
    bustling Hong Kong and the atmosphere is incredible. The minor NPC's 
    still look weird but the character detail is even better than before. 
    The original was renowned for it's brilliant and epic soundtrack 
    that rivaled any major Hollywood movie. Unfortunately in my opinion 
    Shenmue II doesn't quite manage to equal it. This is by no means a 
    bad thing as the music is still suitably epic-sounding, but I just 
    don't find the more Chinese music as good as the more Japanese 
    material in Shenmue. It still contains a lot of the original music 
    but it's not the same in the new contexts. The voice acting is 
    still as high as the Japanese original (and thankfully infinitely 
    better than the robotic English Shenmue voices). This would easily 
    be a 10 if it had retained more of the original music. 
    If you've played the original you'll know what to expect - this is 
    one of the most engrossing adventure games you can play. You can 
    explore anywhere, talk to anyone, and if you can see something 
    happening (arm wrestling, street fighting, etc) chances are you can 
    join in and even win money from it. There is a lot more action in 
    this game than in the prequel and there is no longer any more 
    tedious waiting for appointments thanks to a useful time-skip 
    feature. Also now if you want money you don't have to work the 
    forklift. Now you can carry crates, arm wrestle, fight, pawn off 
    your toys from Shenmue I, or gamble on a variety of games. It 
    makes for a lot more FREE (pun intended) experience. 
    The game will take you about 20 hours if you take the time to play 
    all the little games, explore everywhere, and take in the atmosphere. 
    If you're anything like me though you'll play it through again which 
    will take about 10-15 hours. There is a lot of fun to be had if you 
    work through this game slowly, enjoying all the little details. 
    This is more than a game, it's an experience. If you want your DC to 
    go out with a bang you really have to get this game either on 
    Japanese import or PAL import if you live in the US. It is absolutely 
    incredible and any flaws really are minor and pointing them out would 
    be nitpicking. Worth every penny and an instant classic. 
    RYO HAZUKI - The main character. He arrived in Hong Kong to continue 
    the chase to catch his father's killer, Lan Di. He is polite but has 
    a short temper when it comes to thugs. Just ask the Mad Angels from 
    Yokusuka, they'll second that!
    SHENHUA REI - The mysterious girl in Ryo's dreams from Shenmue I. You 
    won't reallyfind out more about her until way later on in the game.
    LISHAO TAO - Lishao Tao is one of the main reasons why Ryo is heading 
    to Hong Kong.Master Chen helped in sending you here just to meet this 
    person. Will the connectionbetween Ryo's father and the mirrors be 
    LAN DI - The big bad guy of Shenmue and a major player in the Chinese 
    Chiyoumen organization.He is a master of a little-known martial art 
    which makes him highly lethal, as he managed to kill Iwao Hazuki and 
    injure Ryo Hazuki who are both master martial artists without breaking 
    into a sweat or being hit once. A highly dangerous foe. No wonder 
    Ine-san tried to stop Ryo from following him to Hong Kong.
    JOY - Not much is known about this hot biker girl as she has only been 
    seen in a few videos and pictures. The one time she has been seen so far 
    is when she nearly runs over Ryo on her bike. You'll meet up with her 
    near the beginning of the game a few times - is she a friend or a foe?
    (vii) LOCATIONS
    Area:        ABERDEEN
    Subareas:    Worker's Pier, Fortune's Pier, Queen's Street, Beverly 
                 Hills Wharf.
    Description: This is the first area and it is full of shops, guides, 
                 and thieves who prey on tourists who come in from the 
                 piers. Beverly Hills Wharf is a very dangerous place 
                 occupied by the Heavens gang who don't take kindly to 
                 intruders, although their leader Ren knows information 
                 that is essential to your journey.
    Area:        WAN CHAI
    Subareas:    Green Market Qr, South Carmain Qr, Wise Man's Qr, 
                 Golden Qr, White Dynasty Qr, Lucky Charm Qr.
    Description: This is the market area which is located on the other 
                 side of King's Street to Aberdeen. Each of the quarters 
                 is full of shops of certain types. This is the area 
                 where you will spend much of discs 1 and 2 as you go 
                 find information from the various martial artists who 
                 are found in this area.
    Area:        KOWLOON
    Subareas:    Dragon Street, Thousand White Qr, Dimsum Qr, Stand Qr, 
                 Yellow Head Building, various smaller buildings and 
    Description: This is where disc 3 is spent. Compared to the other 
                 areas it is massive and the skyscrapers only make it 
                 seem even bigger. No matter how big it appears from 
                 the ground it gets much bigger when you get the chance 
                 to explore the buildings. You have to be very careful 
                 here because Kowloon is home to the massive Dou Nui and 
                 his Yellow Head Syndicate.
    Area:        GUILIN
    Subareas:    Langhuishan, Green Field, Yingshuihe, Deep Green Way, 
                 Crag, Rocky Area, Shenhua's House, Cloud Bird Trail, 
                 Stone Pit
    Description: The final area is where the fourth disc takes place. 
                 A large river flows through this place which contains 
                 forests, mountains, a village, fields, and many 
                 beautiful landmarks. It also holds the secret to the 
                 Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors.
    Unlike the original, the US version of Shenmue II is going to be 
    subtitled into English only. It _will not_ be dubbed like the first 
    game was. Don't worry though, because I thought that the below-average 
    English dub took away from the atmosphere of the game - after all, not 
    everyone in Japan speaks English. I think the system for signs from the 
    first game will be retained in which looking at a Japanese sign will 
    make the translation appear as a subtitle.
    The original name changes remain, as well as a couple of other changes:
    JP NAME     -> US NAME
    Souryu      -> Lan Di
    Shenhua Rei -> Shenhua Ling
    Cool J      -> Cool Z
    [NOTE: Cool J's name was changed to prevent legal problems from the 
    rapper LL Cool J]
    This is mostly a step-by-step guide to the game, so I wouldn't recommend 
    following it straight through, so take some time to explore the huge 
    environments, otherwise you'll finish the game very quickly and you would 
    have wasted a fair bit of money.
    Now turn on your Dreamcast, sit back, and watch the intro credits and 
    - Ryo gets off the boat on the Worker's Pier, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, on 
    - Read Master Chen's letter - it tells you to go to find a man called 
    Lishao Tao who can be found in Yan Tin Apartments, South Carmain Qr, Wan 
    - Walk forward until you get a cut-scene with some musicians. They pay 
    you a song that supposedly brings luck to travellers. You can choose 
    whether to pay them HK$100 or not (pay <--> don't). If you do, the woman 
    will point you towards Wan Chai.
    - Continue on past the annoying photographer and tour guides. A woman 
    with a young girl will tell you to watch out for the photographer who 
    will pester you later and will show you where you can stay and save for 
    free. Go there and buy a map from the dispenser (HK$10) and if you must, 
    buy some Gotcha-gotcha eggs.
    - Inside, pressing A will bring up the following menu:
      save <--|--> options
    There's a free winning can on the shelves at the back - you know you 
    want it! If you look in the drawer next to this you will find a forklift 
    Gotcha-gotcha, and you can take the flier for the Honest Pawn Shop on 
    the table.
    - Take this opportunity to save, then leave and continue on past the 
    fortune teller to the next section of the Worker's Pier.
    - As you walk along you'll get an opportunity to armwrestle in a 
    competition against a big Mexican wrestler, Jimenez Garcia. The promoter 
    will offer you help if you can beat the armwrestler. Agree to a match 
    (left option) and pay your HK$10 bet. In the match, bash A as fast as 
    you can and be ready to press left in a QTE at least once. You get 
    HK$100 for winning, and you can play again if you want by pressing left 
    again when given the option. It's much tougher the second time. When 
    you've finished the promoter will give you directions to Wan Chai.
    - Continue on and meet Joy, one of the new heroines. She warns you about 
    thieves in Hong Kong - HEED THIS WARNING!
    ~ NOTE: In a while from now you will be mugged and will lose all your   ~
    ~ money. This is unavoidable but you can save some of your money. Your  ~
    ~ most profitable option is to find the stall along the waterfront that ~
    ~ sells Zippo lighters. Spend all your money on them at HK$50 each and  ~
    ~ you can sell them at a pawnbrokers for HK$20 each. This means you     ~
    ~ will retain 40% of your money.                                        ~
    - Follow the signs to Wan Chai. Don't worry, they're in English.
    - As you enter Wan Chai you'll have your first encounter with the Heavens 
    gang. They've stolen your bag! Ryo will attempt to chase them but they 
    will have split up and he'll lose them.
    - Head to Queen's Street and walk up to the restaurant with the drunken 
    heavies and they'll attempt to fight you to get some money. Before the 
    fight starts, Joy will appear and break it up. She tells you to look 
    near the fountain in Pigeon Park to find Wong, the boy who stole your 
    - Go to the fountain you saw previously and head towards the waterfront. 
    You will see Wong playing near the buildings. A QTE follows, and the 
    sequence is A, left, right, A, B, left, left, right, A, right, down, A. 
    If you succeed you'll have to fight two Heavens until Wong returns your 
    bag. If you fail this time read on...
    - Go to the Lai Lai Eatery (you passed it during the last QTE) and ask 
    the woman in green about Wong. She tells you where he is - just around 
    the corner.
    - Go where she pointed and you'll find Wong drinking with friends with 
    your money. He'll run and you'll have another, shorter QTE.
    - If you fail again head to the fountain and look for the alley that the 
    boy ran down. Go into the Lai Lai Eatery and free battle the two Heavens. 
    Win the fight and the boy will appear. If you lose go to the fountain and 
    free battle again.
    - When you manage to beat them follow Wong and he'll return your bag 
    (minus your money!!!!). He tells you that the guys gambled away your 
    money, but to say sorry he tells you about a guy in a Guest House in Wan 
    Chai who can help you. He'll draw you a map to the guest house.
    - If it's not closed go into the Big Catch Tackle Shop on Queen's Street 
    and get the picture of Wong with a fish.
    - Go all the way through Queen's Street and across the bridge.
    - Cross the bridge over King's Road to enter Wan Chai.
    - Continue following the map until Joy finds you. She'll tell you to get a 
    discount from the Come Over Guest House by saying her name.
    - Enter and get your room key (203) and go up to your room. After putting 
    your bag safely into the closet save and go to sleep. If it's still day 
    leave and go back the way you came. You'll meet a man outside a shop 
    trying to straighten a sign. Help him and he'll tell you where to go next.
    - The next day your watch alarm wakes you at 7:45am and Joy pulls up 
    - She takes you to Fortune's Pier where you can work for Mr Sun carrying 
    crates until 1pm. Listen to what your partner Delin says - hidari means 
    left, migi means right, and anything else he says means up. You'll get 
    HK$10 per crate.
    - When you finish work you can gamble in one of the numerous gambling 
    spots in Fortune's Pier. Just ask anyone about gambling (Y) and they'll 
    take you to a place. I wouldn't risk it now that you're so low on funds.
    - If you return to Wan Chai via Pigeon Park you'll have a cut-scene with 
    the annoying photographer from the start of the game.
    - Head in the direction of your guest house but head right instead of 
    left at the T-junction in Wan Chai. Continue on past the Guang Martial 
    Arts School where some martial artists are training and go up the steps 
    into South Carmain Qr.
    - Walk straight ahead and enter Lotus Park. There's a short cut-scene 
    with Jianmin, the sensei training under the tree. Spar with him and he'll 
    tell you where to find Yan Tin Apartments
    - Continue on and when the street branches take the right fork.
    - Ryo should pause when you reach the Yan Tin Apartments. Enter the 
    building and there will be a cut-scene with an old woman who thinks 
    you're a land shark trying to buy the building.
    - Note the room number that you need - #205. Go up one floor and 
    knock on the door of the room. The guy will tell you that Lishao Tao who 
    you're looking for has moved away but he'll only tell you where if you 
    pay him. If you have it give him HK$50 and he'll tell you that he's at 
    the Man Mo-something [sic] in Wise Man's Qr. If you want to you can go 
    up to the top floor and talk to the guy at the end of the corridor - 
    it's the brother of the waiter from the Ajiichi restaurant in Yokosuka!
    - Leave the apartments and follow the signs for Man Mo China/Wise Man's 
    - Ask passers-by for directions (they'll point out the route - listen 
    to what they say, hidari = left, migi = right) until you find signs for 
    Scarlet Hills. Follow them and go up the tall steps when you reach them.
    - Enter the Man Mo Temple on the left. Inside you'll meet Xiuying and a 
    priest, Hanhui. Hanhui know's Tao but he'll only take you to meet him if 
    you know about the four 'Wude'.
    - Head back to Wise Man's Qr. and you'll get another short scene with 
    Xiuying. She'll tell you that you should ask a martial artist about 
    - Walk ahead and enter the Wise Man's Kung Fu shop. Inside talk to the 
    owner about Wude. He'll tell you to go to Guang Martial Arts School and 
    ask the sensei, Master Zhoushan.
    - Return to Green Market Qr. via South Carmain Qr. and enter the Guang 
    Martial Arts School you saw earlier.
    - Talk to Master Zhoushan on the raised platform about Wude. He tells 
    you that he has no right to talk about Wude because he has ruined 
    another man's life. You must find his expelled student who works as 
    a street performer in Golden Qr.
    - Go to Golden Qr. and enter the mall (ask any passer-by the right 
    option and they'll take you to it). Go right from the entrance and 
    walk up to the down-and-out on the floor. He is Zongquan, the 
    expelled student This will activate a cut-scene in which he'll tell 
    everyone you're a karate expert from Japan who will break a rock for 
    them. Press A when the bar is as full as possible and again when it 
    fills again. Ryo should break the rock.
    - When Ryo tells Zongquan about his sensei he'll give you a letter 
    to take back to Guang Martial Arts School. Take it back and there 
    will be a cut-scene in which Zhoushan will tell you about the first 
    Wude that Zongquan broke by becoming a martial arts street 
    performer: JIE - never showing your skills thoughtlessly. Talk to 
    Zhoushan again and he'll tell you to ask Jianmin, the sensei in 
    Lotus Park in South Carmain Qr about the second Wude.
    - Return to Lotus Park and talk to Jianmin. Spar with him and he'll 
    teach you a new move, the Tai Chi Iron Palm (X+A). When you've done 
    it he says that he'll tell you the next Wude if you cover the floor 
    in leaves from the tree by using the move on it. Practice on the tree 
    until the bar on your VMU screen is full. You MUST fill the bar to get 
    the note that allows you to progress. Try and time it so that the 
    power bar is as high as possible. When you finish he'll tell you the 
    second Wude: GON - practicing every day without fail.
    - Go back and ask Zhoushan about a martial artist again. He'll tell 
    you about a martial artist called Zhangyu who owns a barber in 3 
    Blades Street, Lucky Charm Qr.
    - Find Lucky Charm Qr. Head  down 3 Blades Street (tailors, cook, 
    and barber - like in Shenmue) and enter Zhangyu Barber's.
    - Zhangyu agrees to tell you about the third Wude while he trims you 
    hair. He tells you not to move no matter what happens. He'll then put 
    his razor to Ryo's throat. You'll have a quick QTE but _DO NOT_ press 
    anything - he's just testing Ryo's cool. This is the third Wude: DAN - 
    judge with a clear mind.
    - After this he'll tell you about the Bloom Tailor down the street 
    where many martial artists get their clothes made. Leave the shop and 
    turn left to get there. The owner will tell you about Guixhang who 
    lives in Yan Tin Apartments.
    - Go to the Yan Tin Apartments and free battle the large gang of land 
    sharks who are annoying the old woman who you saw before outside in 
    the construction site. After you win the old woman will reveal herself 
    to be Guixhang. She tells you that the last Wude is do not hesitate to 
    do the right thing. Unfortunately she forgot the name, but Master Mo 
    at Man Mo Temple will know.
    - Go to Wise Man's Qr, then to Scarlet Hills and the Man Mo Temple.
    - The guy outside won't let you in. When the two options pop up 
    (negotiate <--> break in) choose break in. Ryo will divert the man's 
    attention - take the opportunity to enter the temple. Inside choose 
    the left option to clean the soot off the walls. Wipe the walls in 
    the following places:
    |  2.|___|     |
    |              |
    | |          | |
    | |          | |
    | |          | |
    | |          | |1.
    | |          | |
    | |          | |
    | |          | |
    |_____\  /_____|
    - When you uncover the second one it'll reveal the final Wude - YI. 
    Xiuying and Hanhui will appear and you'll find out that Xiuying is 
    Lishao Tao! Ryo will follow her outside.
    - You will have to fight Xiuying but she'll dodge every one of your 
    attacks and will eventually move in and overpower you. She'll hand 
    you a map to her apartment where you'll be staying.
    - Follow the map meet her outside her apartment block, Da Yuan 
    Apartments. The easiest route is straight down the steps from the 
    temple, straight ahead to Wise Man's Kung Fu, right, and then right 
    again at the junction. Approach Xiuying.
    - Follow her upstairs - you are now staying in her apartment at 
    - You'll be woken in Xiuying's room by Fangmei Xun, Xiuying's 
    assistant. She'll greet you ("ohayo gozaimasu" - "good morning") 
    and you'll be taken to the yard of the Man Mo Temple.
    - Here you have a job to do until 12pm. You must carry piles of 
    books from the library to the tables outside in order to air them 
    out. Press A to pick up a pile, then hold R to carry them outside 
    (steering is automatic). The further down you hold it the faster 
    Ryo will walk, but you will have to be ready for some QTEs on the 
    directional buttons - the faster you walk the faster the QTEs come. 
    You'll do this every day for a while so get used to it. If you 
    manage to carry every pile you'll get a cut-scene with Xiuying. 
    When you finish Hanhui will give you a move scroll (this happens 
    every day).
    - You can't leave Wise Man's Qr so ask the owner of the antique 
    shop at the bottom of the steps leading to Scarlet Hills if she 
    knows anything about Yuanda Zhu. She knows that he founded the 
    5 Star Corp and wrote a martial arts book called the Walinshu. 
    She says maybe the Wise Man's Kung Fu Shop has a copy. Go there.
    - Ask the shopkeeper about the Wulinshu and he'll tell you that 
    the only copy is kept in the Man Mo Temple Library. The library 
    will be locked so choose the left option to pass the time until 
    the next day. Then you can air out the books until you finish. 
    If you finish it completely once more you will be taught a new 
    move, Lunging Strike (forward+X+A), by Hanhui.
    - At 12pm you can stop, so go into the library and into the back 
    left corner. Press A to inspect the cabinet and Ryo will see a 
    book that he needs - the Wulinshu. Unfortunately the cabinet is 
    - Go outside and head for the front of the temple. As you go 
    round the corner Xiuying will stop you. Ryo asks for the book, 
    but she wants you to clear the revenge from your mind before she 
    thinks you're worthy of the key. To do this you must catch the 
    leaves like she does.
    - When you're in first-person mode, use the analogue stick to 
    focus on a leaf and keep it as central as possible, and when you 
    see motion blur on the leaf and hear a chime as you follow it 
    down press A. You should catch it but if you don't just try again.
    - Afterwards, Xiuying wants you to do it three times in a row to 
    prove that it wasn't a fluke and that your mind is truly clear. 
    Follow the same tactic as above but just do it three times. If 
    you miss one you'll have to start again.
    - When you succeed at it three times she'll stop torturing you 
    and hand over the key. Go and unlock the cabinet and get the book. 
    When you see that the master of Tiger Swallow Style Kung Fu is 
    Sunming Zhao, Ryo will have a flashback about Lan Di (his first 
    appearance in Shenmue II!!) because Sunming Zhao is the man that 
    Iwao Hazuki killed. You'll get a scrap of paper which falls out 
    (this and the following cup sequence is explained in section 
    - Head back to Xiuying's apartment and a cut-scene will occur as 
    you go up the stairs of the apartment block. After looking at the 
    picture she drops that says "Xiuying and Ziming" on the back you 
    can go to bed.
    - The next morning Fangmei will wake you again. Ryo will ask her 
    who Ziming is and she'll tell you that Xiuying was raised in an 
    orphanage which her brother Ziming left when she was young. You'll 
    have to carry the books from the library. It's the same as before 
    except halfway through it Fangmei will offer you some tea. Ryo will 
    say that she reminds him of the cat near his house in Shenmue and 
    she'll storm off ^_^
    - Take the paper to Collect Antiques and the owner will explain it 
    to you.
    - Go and see Guixhang in Yan Tin Apartments by entering and 
    knocking on room 101 and she'll tell you how to interpret it.
    - When prompted, arrange the 4 cups in the pattern shown on the 
    paper. The pattern is this:
      O   O
    To do it you must move the leftmost cup up once and the third from 
    left cup down one. Press A when you're finished. Remember this 
    pattern as you'll need it soon.
    ~ NOTE: If you go back to Yan Tin Apartments now Guixhang will   ~
    ~ teach you a new move in the construction yard outside. After   ~
    ~ explaining that she taught Jianmin his Tai Chi, she will teach ~
    ~ you the Hind Blow (Y+B). Perform it on the Land Shark and his  ~
    ~ brother to learn it.                                           ~
    [NOTE: If you need to go to Xiuying's Apartment until the next 
    morning do so - in the morning you'll have to do the book job until 
    12pm when you'll be given a move by the priest again]
    - Go to the Man Mo Bistro near Man Mo Park in Wise Man's Qr and 
    make the Chawan Sign. You will be given a note that tells you to 
    wait at the Come Over Guest House.
    - Go to Green Market Qr via South Carmain Qr and head for the 
    Guang Martial Arts School. There will be a short cut-scene. After 
    it, enter the courtyard.
    - Zhoushan will teach you a new throw, the Wild Throw. Press B 
    followed by any direction on the D-pad to perform it. On the fourth 
    practice throw the man towards Zhoushan and you'll have mastered it.
    ~ If you want to you can take this opportunity to go to the Pine    ~
    ~ Game Arcade and talk to Joy. You may notice that she mentions     ~
    ~ both Yokosuka and Master Chen. This is not essential to the game  ~
    ~ however.                                                          ~ 
    ~ If you want to go to the cafe in Green Market Qr called Canton    ~
    ~ Cafe and make the Chawan sign. You'll have a short QTE with the   ~
    ~ two drunken thugs from near the start of the game.                ~
    - Go to the Guest House and choose to wait (left option). At 7pm the 
    owner will answer the phone but it'll be for you. They tell you to go 
    to Man Mo Park.
    - To get there enter Wise Man's Qr from South Carmain Qr. Go right 
    past all the antique shops until you reach some steps leading up to 
    the Man Mo Bistro. The park is on the right.
    - You'll be confronted by a mysterious thug under the tree, but be 
    ready to press right in a QTE.
    - You'll now have to free battle a couple of thugs. At the start 
    of the fight you're surrounded but if you separate them up and 
    attack one while the other is down it's an easy fight.
    - The men are looking for Yuanda Zhu, too. All they know is that he 
    sometimes makes contact at the Dou Jiang Diner in Lucky Charm Qr.
    - Go to Lucky Charm Qr and look for Dou Jiang Diner - it's opposite 
    Earnest Tea Shop. Arrange the cups inside and you'll be given another 
    note from the unidentified messenger. Ryo will try to follow him but 
    he's gone. It tells you to go back there at 8pm.
    - You'll have to be back at the diner at 8pm as the note says. By 
    going back into the diner you'll have the option to fast-forward the 
    time until the meeting. Select the left option to do this.
    -  Ryo will meet an associate of Yuanda Zhu, but almost as soon as 
    the meeting begins it'll be gatecrashed by a gang of thugs. Free 
    battle them, but the guy who you were meeting with has been taken.
    - There's now a _HUGE_ QTE. The combination is B, A, A, A, B, X, then 
    there will be a new-style command QTEs. When the guy appear with a 
    melon the action will freeze and you'll be shown a button combination 
    in order to avoid harm. The combination is down, down, X. After that 
    the QTE continues: B, A, B, B, B, A, B, A, X, A, B, X. There will be 
    another command QTE at the end in order to avoid a beating with a lead 
    pipe from Yuan. The combination is down, right, A. During this action 
    you will have recieved a little background help from Xiuying.
    - Afterwards the guy you saved will tell you that his name is Zhang. 
    Yuanda Zhu is in hiding because the Chiyoumen is looking for him and 
    he doesn't know where he is but a rival of Dou Nui of the Yellow Head 
    syndicate, Ren of Heavens may know his whereabouts. Ren is the leader 
    of the Heavens gang in Aberdeen (Heavens No Ren = Ren of the Heavens).
    - The next day leave Scarlet Hills. You can't go through Wise Man's 
    Qr because of construction work so take a detour through Lucky Charm 
    - There'll be a cut-scene with Joy as you go through Lucky Charm Qr. 
    She just asks where you're staying as you are not staying in the 
    guest house any more, but only insults Ryo.
    - Go back to Aberdeen and to Worker's Pier. Look for the two boat 
    captains on the left as you enter. Talk to the one on the left. He 
    says that Ren and the Heavens are found in Beverly Hills Wharf.
    - Go to the entrance to Beverly Hills Wharf (you should have seen it 
    at the start of the game). The guard won't let you in so it looks 
    like you're going to have to find another way in.
    - Go into Fortune's Pier, go forward, and on the right there's a 
    red metal staircase. Go all the way to the top and enter the Blue 
    Sky Beer Garden.
    - Talk to the guy playing darts at the end of the corridor. Agree 
    to play him. Agree to the terms that if you beat him he'll give you 
    the information about where to find Heavens members. Whether you 
    beat him or not he likes you so he'll tell you about the Heavens in 
    warehouse 8 at 7pm.
    - Go to warehouse 8 and choose to skip to 7pm.
    - Free battle the Heavens and if you beat them (not difficult) 
    they'll take you into Beverly Hills Wharf. You'll have to free 
    battle a whole load of Heavens but eventually you'll be 
    overwhelmed and beaten up.
    - You'll wake up in Wong's boat. He's looking after you until 
    you're better. The next day he'll give you a Heavens lighter which 
    acts like a pass to get into Beverly Hills Wharf.
    - Leave the boats and when you reach land turn right, then left up 
    the concrete steps. You'll have your first first-person free 
    battle against one of the Heavens. This is how you'll fight all the 
    Heavens so get used to it. Ryo's three-kick combo is very effective 
    (A, A, A).
    - Walk up to the group of Heavens ahead and talk to the one who was 
    on the gate before. Free battle them and he'll tell you about Cool 
    J (named Cool Z in the English version, presumably because Sega 
    didn't want a lawsuit from LL Cool J's lawyers) who knows where to 
    find Ren.
    - Continue on and take the first right, then go right again.
    - Fight the Heavens and you'll get a map of Beverly Hills Wharf for 
    - Continue on until you find an arena fight in progress. You can 
    take part in this later but for now continue on and fight three 
    Heavens. When you win one of them will lead you to Cool Z.
    - Cool Z says he'll take you to Ren for HK$500. Take this 
    opportunity to place a navigation mark (B) in this area because 
    Beverly Hills Wharf is like a maze until you get used to the 
    - You'll have to raise the money. You can fight the wildman in the 
    ring in Beverly Hills for cash that increases with each level - if 
    the wrestler is at level 1 you'll get HK$10, if he's at level 4 
    you'll get HK$40, etc. To beat him you have to knock him out in 5 
    hits. I got the money by working at Fortune's Pier, but you could 
    always work the Pachinko boards, armwrestle, or gamble. Probably 
    the quickest way to get the money is to play Big or Small (walk 
    past the steps leading to Blue Sky, turn right, then left, and 
    into the alley). Bet the maximum and keep betting on Big as it has 
    the best odds. You can double your bet each time and I got up to 
    over HK$1000 within a few minutes.
    ~ Around this time if you work carrying crates you will be taught  ~
    ~ a new move, the Brawling Uppercut by Delin. It's a very powerful ~
    ~ move and definitely worth getting. To perform in you have to     ~
    ~ press back, back+X                                               ~
    - When you've got HK$500 go and see Cool Z again. He'll take you to 
    Ren's warehouse.
    - Ren will take your donation and pull a knife on you in an attempt 
    to kill you. You'll have to press left, right, A in a command QTE. 
    Impressed, Ren will give you a map of Fortune's Pier that lets you 
    know where to meet him to find Yuanda Zhu.
    - Go to Fortune's Pier and follow the map.
    - Ren will take you to F warehouse. He'll spring a stealthy attack 
     and steal the money, but it will blow your cover. Free battle 2 
    - Whether you win or not, go outside where Wong and Joy tell you 
    to find Ren in Pigeon Park (he set you up to take your money and 
    ran off while you were busy!).
    - Go to Pigeon Park in Aberdeen for a cut-scene. All the Heavens 
    will run in different directions. Follow any one but the quickest 
    route is to go straight for Ren who's hiding in Lucky Plaza in 
    Queen's Street. It's an alleyway on the left as you walk down the 
    - When Ren sees you he'll run into the construction site. Ryo will 
    follow him and you'll have another QTE on your hands. The proper 
    combination is down, A, left, then you'll have to be ready on the 
    left and right buttons as Ryo is off-balance walking across a thin 
    - After the pole QTE there will be a command QTE on the roof. 
    You'll have to press up, A, up. Ryo and Ren will fall off the roof 
    and land on a conveniently-placed truck.
    - Ren will notice the Phoenix Mirror which has fallen out of Ryo's 
    pocket. He thinks that there is money involved so in exchange for 
    some of the money he tells you that Yuanda Zhu is in Kowloon. 
    You'll have to meet him there.
    - The next day go to the Man Mo Temple and head around the back. 
    Xiuying will have a flashback about her brother Ziming and then 
    teach you a new move, the Counter Elbow Assault (back+X+A). 
    Perform it on Hanhui to master it.
    - There will be a cut-scene with Fangmei in which she'll give you a 
    picture of everyone from the temple to remember them by because 
    you're going to Kowloon!!
    - You'll arrive by bus in Kowloon on Dragon Street.
    - Walk ahead to meet Cool Z. He'll take you to Ren's hideout. Ren 
    will tell you about a former associate of Yuando Zhu called Yang 
    who owns a herb shop in the Great View Building.
    - Follow Ren to the Great View Building in Thousand White Qr. Don't 
    run ahead or Ryo will get lost and go back to the hideout.
    - Go to the 2nd floor and into Great View Herbs. Ring the bell on 
    the counter.
    - After the cut-scene in which Yang tells you the password to 
    meet Zhu ("Dragons Don't Sleep") and that you can find him in 
    the Dancing Dragon Building. You will be outside with Ren. This 
    is Dou Nui's territory so Ren won't go any further, but you can 
    leave the building and go left and under the archway. Turn left 
    and go up the steps into Dimsum Qr.
    - Bear right and then go left. On the right you should see the 
    Stand Qr and the Dancing Dragon Building. Go into it.
    - Go left and there will be a suited guard. Talk to him - one 
    of Ryo's phrases ("Dragons") should cause another 4 options to 
    appear. Find it and choose the longest phrase out of the new 4 
    ("Don't Sleep"). He should point you towards the stairs.
    - Go up the stairs until you come to a guard but no gate in front 
    of the corridor. Say the same thing to him as you did to the first 
    guard and he'll let you pass.
    - Go on up the stairs (if you're stopped say the same thing) until 
    you find the door with the dragons on either side. Enter and watch 
    the cut-scene that introduces Dou Nui, the Hong Kong kingpin.
    - Ryo and Ren will be thrown into a cell and handcuffed together. 
    Three days later they'll make an escape attempt. When the guard 
    opens the door be ready for a command QTE (X,A).
    - You'll now have a series of QTEs and cut-scenes as Ryo and Ren 
    try to escape. You'll have to press the right direction or action 
    button to make sure they run the same way. Midway through it 
    you'll have a command QTE to open the door - just press up, A. 
    When it finishes you'll get a scene of them spending the night on 
    the roof. Ryo tells Ren the story about his father, the mirrors, 
    and Lan Di.
    - The next day when you head for the elevator Yuan will appear. 
    Press down, right, A in a QTE to avoid her knife and beat her.
    - Before you can celebrate your victory Dou Nui appears out of 
    the other elevator. He'll chase you but you'll be stuck at a 
    dead end on an upper floor. As Ryo and Ren take a run-up you'll 
    have to press up, up, A in a command QTE to jump to the next 
    building and safety.
    - You'll now be back in Ren's hideout. Cool Z will get Wong to 
    remove your cuffs. Outside you'll have a cut-scene with Joy. 
    You're going back to Great View Herbs to get revenge on Yang for 
    setting you up.
    - Follow Ren to Great View Herbs. When threatened Yang tells you 
    that a wiretapper called Huang may know where Yuanda Zhu is. He 
    is found in room 902 of the Tea Break Building.
    - After the cut-scene go behind the Great View Building and into 
    Dimsum Qr.
    - A little further along there will be an open-fronted cafe with 
    a woman in a kimono. In the back you will find the entrance to 
    Tea Break Building. Go inside.
    - Take the elevator up to the 9th floor. Turn around and go down 
    the corridor to find room 902, Huang's Room.
    - Turn on the light switch and lift the cardboard box off of the 
    trash can. Ryo will take the trash can full of tapes back to Ren.
    ~ This final tape is quite amusing to listen to because it is full ~
    ~ of tapped phone calls. You hear several related to previous      ~
    ~ events in the game (land sharks wanting to evict Guixhang, Yang  ~
    ~ informing Dou Nui about you, and many of Yuan). The best is the  ~
    ~ last call when the timer reads 651 when you hear Joy call        ~
    ~ Gui Zhang from Shenmue and tell him about Ryo. She refers to     ~
    ~ Master Chen as 'Uncle Chen' but this does not mean that she and  ~
    ~ Guizhang are cousins as older people are commonly referred to as ~
    ~ 'Aunt' or 'Uncle' in Chinese culture as a polite gesture.        ~
    - When you take control of Ryo with the final tape fast-forward 
    it to 601 seconds (the timer will stop on it). Play it. If you 
    hear a bell chime and a parrot talking you've got the right part. 
    It seems Yuan has Yuanda Zhu's associate who knows where he is.
    - Head for Thousand White Qr and you'll have a scene with a blind 
    street musician. Choose the right option to listen to his song, 
    then he'll tell you that he's heard a bell like the one on the tape 
    in the Moon Child Building.
    ~ There are various ways to track down Yuan as many people in      ~
    ~ Kowloon know something about her. You can simply follow the      ~
    ~ guide below, or you can ask about her in Thousand White Building ~
    ~ at the knife shop (Yuan collects knives). If you want to         ~
    ~ experiment and see if you can find her.                          ~
    - Go to Stand Qr and into the Moon Child Building.
    - Go to the right of the entrance and talk to the woman on the 
    food stall about a bell. She's heard one at the orphanage on 8F.
    - Take the elevator to 8F and talk to the girl in red outside the 
    orphanage. There's a boy called Hongji who might know who Yuan is.
    - Go inside and talk to Ren, then talk to the boy standing on the 
    chair. This is Hongji. He knows that Yuan has a talking bird. After 
    you give him the Afterburner toy as a bribe ask the bottom option 
    he'll tell you that his teacher might know.
    - Talk to the teacher again after the cut-scene.
    - Take the elevator down to 1F and talk to the food stall woman 
    again. There are a lot of stalls that sell birds in 3 Birds Building.
    - Go to Dimsum Qr and into 3 Birds Building. Go up to 6F.
    - Ask any of the store owners and they'll tell you to go to 9 Birds 
    Shop on the roof.
    - Go up to the roof and talk to the owner of 9 Birds Shop. Yuan buys 
    birdfeed from him every evening. Choose to pass the time until 7pm.
    - After the cut-scene you'll be behind Yuan. Stay behind her but 
    follow her to the end of the corridor and round.
    - Take the elevator after her to 1F. Be careful when she reaches the 
    front door as she'll look behind herself so keep your distance. Stay 
    behind her through Dimsum Qr and Thousand White Qr until you reach 
    Thousand White Building.
    - Inside there will be a cut-scene at the knife shop. When Ryo steps 
    out from behind the wall be ready for a quick QTE (press left).
    - Follow her to Cafe Anna, then onto Stand Qr.
    - After a cut-scene Yuan will go into the Moon Child Building. 
    Follow her but when she starts heading towards your hiding place 
    you'll have to press down, Y in a command QTE to avoid being seen.
    - Take the elevator up to 4F.
    - Follow Yuan to her room (there's no way you can miss it). Ryo 
    and Ren will toss a coin to see who knocks on the door. You'll lose 
    and when she opens the door and sees you you'll have to press left, 
    right, A in a command QTE.
    - Inside go behind the left screen to find Zhang, Zhu's associate 
    tied up. Before you can do anything, you'll hear some familiar 
    thunderous footsteps...
    - Ren will tell the bird to say that you're in the closet, then 
    he'll jump behind the couch. You should hide behind one of the 
    - When Dou Nui looks in the closet Ren will shout and you'll have 
    to press up, A in a command QTE to knock him in. You'll then have 
    to press right in a QTE to seal him in with the drawers.
    - The next day at Ren's hideout Zhang will give you a special 
    stick featuring a Snake Tortoise, one of the mythical Four Divine 
    Beasts and tell you that Yuanda Zhu is hiding on 10F of the Ghost 
    Hall Building.
    - Go to Thousand White Qr and turn left past the big warehouse 
    doors. Straight ahead is Ghost Hall Building (when you enter 
    you'll understand the name). You've got to get all the way to 
    the 10th floor.
    - Take the elevator to 3F.
    - Take the stairs up to 4F.
    - You'll have to cross the planks but as you cross them Ryo will 
    lose his balance so you'll have to press directions on the D-pad 
    to avoid falling to your death. The game won't end but you'll have 
    to restart the whole section. On the first one you'll have to press 
    left, right, left. On the second you'll have to press left, left, 
    right. Save when you make it across.
    [NOTE: Sometimes if you go too close to an edge Ryo will lose his 
    balance meaning that you have to press a direction to avoid falling]
    - Take the stairs up to 7F. On the first set of planks press right, 
    left, right, down. On the second press left, left, up, right.
    - Takes the stairs up to 8F and cross the planks. The combination 
    for the first one is left, right, down, left, left. For the second 
    it is right, right, left, up, left.
    - Continue on up to 10F. I'd save here because you don't want to go 
    through all that again. The combination on the first one is down, 
    right, up, left, right. Make sure to save when you make it to the 
    halfway point.
    - On the final plank you'll have to press right as soon as Ryo 
    jumps. The combination for the rest of it is left, right, right, 
    down, up.
    - At the end you'll meet up with Ren. He called in a favour and got 
    the key to the elevator >:(
    - Enter the Five Star Corp.
    - Go to the front desk and look in the right drawer to find a diagram 
    of the Four Divine Beasts.
    - Go to the cabinet with the Buddha in it and open the hatch. Inside 
    is a Hazuki gi which may have belonged to Iwao and the Tiger stick.
    - Between the statue of the Buddha and the window there is a unit 
    of shelves with a big blue pot on it. Pick up the pot to find the 
    Phoenix stick.
    - For the fourth and final Divine Beast stick look behind the 'Eight 
    Principles of Yin and Yang' calligraphy on the wall behind the desk 
    (just like the dojo back home). You'll find the Blue Dragon stick 
    behind it.
    - Go to the Buddha and using the instructions that you found in the 
    drawer arrange the sticks (it turns out that the stick are keys) in 
    the corresponding holes in his face. This will open a secret room.
    - Inside you'll finally find Yuanda Zhu. No sooner has Ryo 
    introduced himself as the son of Iwao Hazuki, the party is crashed 
    by Dou Nui and his cronies - you were followed! Ren will escape 
    through the window and Dou Nui will throw you out. Luckily you land 
    on your feet thanks to a convieniently-placed awning below.
    - You'll have to free-battle 4 thugs but once you've defeated a 
    couple of them Dou Nui will join the battle. You can't hit him and 
    after a while the screen will begin to fade. Just avoid him until 
    this happens. He'll send Ryo flying but someone comes to help - it's 
    - You'll wake up in the White Thousand Convent with Xiuying and a 
    nun. The convent is the place where Xiuying and Ziming were raised. 
    When you go out Wong will be waiting to take you back to Ren's 
    hideout. There will be a cut-scene - the Yellow Head were looking 
    for Zhu on the orders of the Chiyoumen and he has been taken to 
    the Yellow Head Building, Dou Nui's hideout, to be handed over to 
    Lan Di himself!
    - Go to the Yellow Head Building - it's the big building that 
    Thousand White Qr, Dimsum Qr, and Stand Qr encircle. You'll be 
    stopped when you try and enter.
    - Walk around the building trying to enter every door (there's one 
    each in Thousand White Qr, Dimsum Qr, and Stand Qr). Ren will appear 
    at the last one.
    - Go to Dimsum Qr and into Nihao Tea. There will be some cups to 
    arrange - make Yuanda Zhu's Chawan Sign. You'll get a note from 
    Zhang that tells you to go to room 503 of the Moon Child Building.
    - Go to Moon Child Building, up to 5F, and into room 503. Spar with 
    the man, but you won't be able to hit him. When the room goes pitch 
    black, wait for him to lunge in and press the D-pad towards him and 
    X to learn a new special move: Predictive Explosion.
    - The man turns out to be the blind Chinese violin player, who 
    actually isn't blind. He knew Ryo's father who was there 20 years 
    previously and is upset to hear of his death. He knows a way to 
    get into the Yellow Head Building, and gives you a picture of a 
    Yellow Head scout who can get you in if you impress him by winning 
    street fights.
    - Follow the path to Star Gazing Point (look for the sign). Fight 
    Zhouhong Kong and win - wait for him to attack, then sidestep 
    into his blind spot on his left where his eyepatch is, then use 
    Ryo's 3-kick combo (A, A, A). The scout will leave.
    - Still in Stand Qr, look for Small Dragon Garden. Go inside.
    - Fight Whenyuan Ma, a master of the Passive Raid Style. To win you 
    only have to hit him once in 30 seconds. To do this wait for him to 
    attack, then attack before he hits you. The scout will leave again.
    - Go to the street fight in Thousand White Qr and fight Enjiang 
    Zhou, the acrobat master. The move from room 503 will come in handy 
    now - look near your energy bar and press B when you see it appear. 
    You'll catch him and he'll be beaten.
    - The scout will tell you to meet him on Dragon Street at 7pm. 
    Choose the left option to warp to Dragon St and then left again to 
    pass the time until 7pm.
    - Walk down Dragon Street towards Ren's hideout. You'll be stopped 
    by the scout and he'll give you three photos of some major street 
    - Go back to the Enjiang Zhou street fight and show the topless 
    guy in the green pants all three photos. He tells you their names: 
    Rod Stunt, Greg More, and Chunyan.
    - Go to Tea Break Building through Nihao Tea and talk to the 
    wrestler-guy guarding the door. You need HK$500 to get in.
    ~ If you need HK$500 there are several ways to do it. The first way ~
    ~ that is quite slow is to fight the first street fighter in Star   ~
    ~ Gazing Point (win up to HK$50 a time). A second, much faster way  ~
    ~ is to find somewhere to play the dice game (go to the start of    ~
    ~ Dragon Street to find one) - save before and bet the maximum,     ~
    ~ reloading your game if you lose. You can get HK$200 a time at     ~
    ~ this. Your final option is to go to the warehouses in Thousand    ~
    ~ White Qr (with the security guard outside) and work on the crate  ~
    ~ carrying job like the one from Fortune's Pier. You should be able ~
    ~ to get at least HK$50 here.                                       ~
    - When you have the money pay the wrestler. He'll let you into 
    Phoenix Building.
    - On this floor you can play Afterburner (finally!) if you want to.
    - Take the stairs to 4F, then the elevator to B1F. Go down the 
    stairs to the street fight and fight Rod Stunt. You'll have to 
    win 2 rounds (out of 3) by either depleting his energy or getting 
    a ring out. It's hard but the Counter Elbow Assault (back+X+A) will 
    be useful in this and all the street fights. You'll get HK$1000 for 
    - Take the HK$1000 to the Blue Dragon Garden (next to Small Dragon 
    Garden). Pay HK$1000 entry.
    - You'll have a scene with Ren. He tricks you into fighting so he 
    can bet on the fight.
    - Beat the wrestler, Greg More, twice to win HK$2000. A continual 
    flurry of punches and kicks interspersed with the Counter Elbow 
    Assault seems to work well against him.
    - Go to the Black Heaven Building and take the elevator to 11F, 
    then the stairs to 12F.
    - Go through the gate opposite the elevator and pay the guy at the 
    top of the stairs HK$2000. Go down and fight Chunyan, a master of 
    Jeet Kune Do. This looks more dangerous than the others!
    - Keep attacking, but before you can deliver the final blow a 
    command QTE will happen. The combination is left, B. You'll win 
    - At the top of the stairs the scout will tell you to meet him 
    at Dragon Street again. Warp there and pass the time again.
    - He'll give you a map of B2F of the Thousand White Building. 
    There will be a cut-scene in Ren's hideout. The next day Cool Z 
    will wake you up - you can pass the whole day by pressing left 
    unless you want to gamble or play Afterburner.
    - The next day, head for Thousand White Building. Take the stairs 
    to 3F, then the elevator to B1F. Follow the map to the stairs at 
    the other end down to B2F and go through the metal door into the 
    - Pass the time until noon to meet the scout who is going to take 
    you to see some Yellow Head executives. Ren will knock him out 
    before he can do anything. Go through the sewer. There's only one 
    possible route.
    - When you reach the gate Wong will unlock it and give you a map 
    of the Yellow Head Building from Zhang, and tells you that Zhang 
    discovered that Yuanda Zhu is being held on 17F.
    - Go up the steps and go straight ahead to the elevators. They're 
    - Turn back and go up the stairs. Only go through the orange door 
    if you want a beating at the hands of Dou Nui (the 'executive').
    - Inside the Yellow Head Building follow the route around until 
    you find some usable stairs to 2F. Go up. Follow the same route in 
    reverse for 2F.
    - On 3F you'll have your first encounter with a guard. A couple of 
    corners later you'll have to press down, B in a command QTE. On the 
    last corner before the elevator you'll have to press right, B, A in 
    a command QTE.
    - There will be some more command QTEs on 4F. The combinations are: 
    1. A, up, A 
    2. A, left, X 
    3. X, right, right, X
    - On 5F take a left through the crate room. There will be a cut-
    scene. Ryo and Ren will toss a coin to see who administers the 
    beating. You'll lose so you'll have to free-battle them.
    - On 6F follow what Ren does when the light flickers off. If you 
    fail you'll have to free-battle all the thugs. You'll have to do 
    this another three times in different rooms until you reach the 
    stairs to 7F.
    - On 7F cut through the big room for a short scene and a note. 
    Try all the different routes to possible staircases. When you try 
    the third one a radio message will tell the thugs that you're on 
    another floor. Take the stairs up to 8F.
    - Go straight up the steps to the left to 9F.
    - On 9F you'll have a series of command QTEs (CQTEs for short) 
    to hinder your pursuers. The combinations are:
     1. up, A
     2. right, A
     3. left, up, A
     4. down, up, A
    - On 10F simply go straight through the big room and up the 
    - Turn left and take the stairs straight up to 12F.
    - You'll now have a cross a plank to the other side as in the 
    Ghost Hall Building. The combination is left, up, down, right, 
    left. When Ryo and Ren split up go left and get into a fight 
    QTE. It only uses the A, B, X, and Y buttons so it's nothing 
    too difficult. You'll have an CQTE after this in which you'll 
    have to press up, A. Ren will then rejoin you.
    - On 13F follow the building round until you find the second 
    way into the big room. As you go to cross the plank you'll 
    hear Dou Nui approaching - 13 obviously is an unlucky number.
    - Cross the plank (QTE: left, down, right, down, down, left, 
    up) and Ren will remove it, stranding Dou Nui - for now...
    - On 14F you'll suddenly be chased by Yuan who is wielding a 
    chainsaw. You'll have a chase QTE interspersed with short 
    fighting QTEs. When given the option of left or right go 
    right to follow Ren. At the end press up, A in a CQTE to 
    stop Yuan.
    - On 15F Dou Nui will chase you again in a chase QTE. If you 
    miss any he will catch up at the end and you'll have to press 
    down, Y in a CQTE. If you miss it you may or may not fall 
    through the floor and have to free-battle 2 thugs. Regardless 
    of what happens Ryo will automatically catch up with Ren.
    - On 16F Yuan will chase you again. You'll have 2 CQTEs to 
    1. right, A
    2. left, X
    - Unfortunately she catches up with you on 17F. If you want to 
    see Ryo meet a grisly death at the hands of a chainsaw (you 
    sadist) don't press anything but otherwise you'll have to press 
    down, up in a QTE closely followed by down, A, in a CQTE.
    - After the elevator scene Ren will give you the radio and let 
    you go while he takes care of the thugs.
    - On 18F head for the row of three elevators. You'll hear over 
    the radio that you have 6 minutes before the guards make their 
    rounds and find you. On the wall with three elevators in a row 
    go into the far door. Inside will be some thugs and one black-
    suited guard. Free-battle all of them, then go to the cabinet 
    on the wall and take all the keys.
    - Go back outside to the elevator control box between the room 
    you were just in and the elevators. It's got a red light with 
    'EV' on it. Look at the Roman numeral on it and use whichever 
    key corresponds to it (the numeral should be IX, so use key 9). 
    For those who don't understand Roman numerals use the following 
      I    = 1
      II   = 2
      III  = 3
      IV   = 4
      V    = 5
      VI   = 6
      VII  = 7
      VIII = 8
      IX   = 9
      X    = 10
    These can be added to make higher numbers. i.e. XXVI = 26
    - Open the control box and turn on the far elevator. Go and 
    call it. You'll have to free-battle a crowd of suits.
    - Defeat them and take the elevator to B1F. You'll be behind 
    the locked metal fencing from the sewer. Go and use the keys 
    on the control box to activate the nearest elevator to you. 
    Take the elevator to down to B3F.
    - There's a kabuki guy in a cage fight below. The guards 
    outside the cage have Joy tied up! Fight the guy. He's Baihu, 
    a Tiger Swallow Master.
    - In round one dodge his attacks and hit him with punch and 
    kick combos. He's tough (hence Chai's music from Shenmue) but 
    he's not unbeatable. When you've survived long enough you'll 
    have to press left, X in a CQTE.
    - In round two he's slightly harder to defeat, but use the same 
    tactics and you'll be fine. At the end press left, left, B in a 
    - After this you'll have another CQTE (down, X, up, A) to defeat 
    him and save Joy. She'll point out an elevator in the corner.
    - Take the elevator to 40F - the top floor. In the elevator Joy 
    will tell the story of how she and Wong were captured when they 
    were worried about Ryo and Ren. Wong was taken to 40F!
    - Outside the elevator and in front of the giant bust of Dou Nui, 
    Ren will call Ryo on the radio.
    - Open the big door and free-battle the suited guards. Don't let 
    them surround you, but if they do run away and hit a group of them 
    with the tornado kick (L+A).
    - Go out of the door and up the steps. You'll have to defeat a 
    group of guards in a QTE. The combination is down, Y, B, X, up, X.
    - On the roof you'll find Yuanda Zhu and a helicopter will appear. 
    It's Lan Di and he's recognised Ryo! Dou Nui will appear and 
    threaten to drop Wong off the building. After Wong escapes you'll 
    have to free-battle him whilst Lan Di, Ren, Joy, and Wong watch. 
    He's not too difficult if you just dodge his attacks (quickly 
    press Y if he grabs you) and follow up with a kick/punch combo.
    - After the free-battle Dou Nui will charge at you 4 times. The 
    first time press left, Y in a CQTE. The second time press left, left, 
    Y. The third time press down, left, up, Y. The final time Ryo will 
    use the devastating Counter Elbow Assault if you press right, X+A in 
    a CQTE. Dou Nui is defeated, Lan Di's helicopter leaves, and you've 
    saved Yuanda Zhu and Wong.
    - There will be a cut-scene in Ren's Hideout in which Yuanda Zhu 
    will explain why Iwao Hazuki was killed by Lan Di. Lan Di's real 
    name is Longsun Zhao, son of Sunming Zhao who Iwao killed. Iwao 
    took his mirrors which act as a key to the treasures of the Qing 
    Dynasty. He will then show you that the Phoenix Mirror shows an 
    image of the Big Dipper constellation (remember that from the roof 
    of the Dancing Dragon Building?) and will tell you that Lan Di is 
    heading to Bailu Village in the forests of Guilin where the stone 
    that the mirrors are made of, Phantom River Stone, is found. Ryo's 
    going after him....
    - Ryo will return to Wan Chai and the Man Mo Temple where he'll find 
    Xiuying training. Hanhui will give Ryo a scroll and Xiuying will give 
    him half of a yin-yang pendant that her brother, Ziming gave her (he 
    owns the other half). Ryo's going to Guilin!
    - You'll arrive by boat in Langhuishan, Guilin.
    - Step off the platform and talk to the fishmonger in the first stall 
    on the right.
    - Follow the big path that he points out to Green Field.
    - Continue on until you reach Yingshuihe. It will begin to rain so 
    Ryo will run to Muddy Stream.
    - Ryo will see a goat drowning in the rought water and a girl chasing 
    it on the opposite bank. It's Shenhua! She dives into the water to 
    save the goat and Ryo follows. You are both overpowered by the waves.
    - The next morning you both wake up on the riverside.
    - Follow Shenhua and talk to her about her village (Bailu). When 
    you've finished talking to her choose the bottom option (Hurry On) to 
    skip the walking and get to the next scene. You will reach Deep Green 
    - Shenhua will begin to jog and you'll have to follow her in a QTE. 
    It's quite easy but the different QTE sound may be offputting to 
    you (it was for me). Watch what she does and copy it:
      Sidestep    - left/right
      Duck        - down
      Hop Branch  - up
      Climb Rock  - X
      Jump Gap    - A
    - Halfway through there will be a couple of scenes involving nature - 
    butterflies and fireflies. They're not important to the story and 
    just let you learn a little about Guilin.
    - Eventually after some more QTEs you'll reach the Crag and a cave. 
    You'll see a short scene of a bird flying around the area.
    - Ryo will use his Heaven's lighter to light the fire. Shenhua 
    will ask for some firewood. Go deeper into the cave and whenever 
    you see some sticks on the ground focus on them with L and press 
    X to pick it up. When you have enough take it back to Shenhua. 
    You'll have to do this three times.
    - Talk to Shenhua about Yokosuka and her life in Bailu Village. 
    You'll talk about Lishao Tao, Shenhua's age, and your friends at 
    Tom <--|--> Goro
       Gui Zhang
    - When you choose to talk about food the conversation will be 
    interrupted by Ryo's stomach rumbling. Now Ryo and Shenhua will 
    take it in turns watching the fire and sleeping.
    - A few hours later Shenhua will wake up to find Ryo training on 
    the clifftop.
    - Another few hours later Ryo will wake up to hear Shenhua singing 
    'Shenhua's Song', also known as the theme to Shenmue and a ancient 
    song from her village.
    - The next day follow Shenhua until you reach a dead end caused by 
    a landslide. This is Shenhua's normal route and she's unfamiliar 
    with the other one so you'll have to find a new one. This part 
    is infuriatingly slow so you can choose Hurry On to skip ahead.
    - Turn back until you reach the signpost. Take the route you haven't 
    used (the one unmarked on the map).
    - Go left at the next fork.
    - Go right at the next fork, the left over a bridge until you reach 
    a waterfall and a river.
    - To cross the stepping stones in the river you'll have to press 
    left, right, A in a CQTE to avoid slipping on the moss-covered 
    stones. If you fail you'll have to retry it.
    - Continue following the path until you reach a broken bridge 
    with another set of stepping stones in a river. Press left, right, 
    A, right, left to pass the CQTE.
    - Go left at the next fork. At the fork after that go either way 
    as they both lead to the same path.
    - Follow Shenhua again after the cut-scene. At the end choose the 
    right option. You'll have a scene under a spider tree's roots which 
    marks the halfway point, and another by the Five Color River but 
    in the end it's a dead end.
    - After another cut-scene carry on straight ahead. Go right at the 
    fork, then at the following forks go left, right, right, right.
    - You'll reach Rocky Area. Cross the increasingly narrow rock 
    bridges. If you go to close to an edge you'll have to press left 
    or right in a QTE to avoid falling to your death. If you fall 
    you have to start the whole area again and you can't save in 
    the middle of the area so you want to avoid any mistakes.
    - When you reach the broken rock bridge you'll have to press up, 
    up, A in a CQTE to jump the gap after Shenhua.
    - Go right at the next fork. Follow Shenhua and when she asks 
    you to choose which way to go you can go left for a scene with 
    some dandelions where Shenhua used to play, and if you choose 
    right you'll go through another Rocky Area (without QTEs) the 
    right one to head right at the fork.
    ~ IF YOU CHOOSE LEFT: After the scene with the dandelions Ryo  ~
    ~ will hear a sound like some waterfalls. You can choose to go ~
    ~ and check it out if you want, but if you don't you'll just   ~
    ~ continue straight on to Shenhua's House.                     ~
    ~ IF YOU CHOOSE RIGHT: Ryo and Shenhua will walk through       ~
    ~ another Rocky Area (no QTEs) and at the end will see some    ~
    ~ waterfalls. They will then continue on to Shenhua's House.   ~
    - Follow Shenhua through the rocky area (no QTEs so don't worry) 
    until you reach the waterfalls. You'll then head to Shenhua's 
    - There will be a cut-scene under the tree in Shenhua's garden. 
    Notice that the tree is called Shenmue - that's what the game is 
    named after. Shenhua is named after it's blossoms and she grew 
    up in it's shadow.
    - When Ryo and Shenhua are talking over a drink you can choose to 
    skip the conversation if you don't want to continue with it. You 
    can talk about the people at home and you can see the dinner 
    flashback from Shenmue I if you choose to talk about Iwao, Ryo's 
    - Go into the kitchen with Shenhua and choose to wait until 
    dinner. It's rabbit!
    - After dinner go into the bedroom and look on the desk. Ryo will 
    find a diagram about the mirrors which has been in Shenhua's 
    family for years. Her father has been working on a project at the 
    nearby Stone Pit - the only place where the Phantom River Stone 
    that the Mirrors are made of is found. She's taking food to him 
    next morning so you'll have to wait.
    - The next day go into the kitchen and wait until 10am.
    - Follow Shenhua along the Cloud Bird Trail. Ryo will tell her the 
    full story behind the Mirrors, Lan Di, and his father's death. 
    When you get near to the Stone Pit Shenhua will notice that 
    something is wrong (there are no birds) and you'll automatically 
    run to the Stone Pit.
    - Follow Shenhua inside and up the steps to the door.
    - Follow the path to the steps and follow them up. Read the letter 
    from Shenhua's father on the table and get the Seven Stars Sword. 
    The letter says that his work is done and that Shenhua should 
    find the one who holds the Phoenix who it is her destiny to meet.
    - Go forward to the pedestal. Put the sword in it. Shenhua will 
    put it all the way in, causing some kind of magical disturbance 
    and making a large stand appear out of the ground.
    - Go over to the stand and put the Phoenix Mirror in it. This will 
    cause a chain reaction which reveals two giant replicas of the 
                    The story goes on...
    Here is a list of all the basic moves (that you already know at the 
    game's beginning) from Shenmue I:
    X       - Tiger Knuckle
    R+X     - Elbow Slam
    L+X     - Twist Knuckle
    R,R,X   - Elbow Assault
    L,L,X   - Upper Knuckle
    R,L,X   - Sleeve Strike
    L,R,X   - Rain Thrust
    A       - Crescent Kick
    R+A     - Trample Kick
    L+A     - Side Reaper Kick
    R,R,A   - Against Cascade
    L,L,A   - Surplice Slash
    R,L,A   - Thunder Kick
    L,R,A   - Hold Against Leg
    B       - Overthrow
    R+B     - Sweep Throw
    L+B     - Vortex Throw
    R,R,B   - Mist Reaper
    L,L,B   - Demon Drop
    R,L,B   - Shoulder Buster
    L,R,B   - Tengu Drop
    B       - Darkside Hazuki
    B       - Back Twist Drop
    X+A     - Big Wheel
    R,X+A   - Twin Hand Waves
    L,X+A   - Backfist Willow
    R,R,X+A - Avalanche Lance
    L,L,X+A - Katana Mist Slash
    R,L,X+A - Brutal Tiger
    L,R,X+A - Dark Moon
    RUNNING MOVES (while holding L Trigger):
    X       - Mistral Flash
    X       - Cyclone Kick
    X+A     - Windmill
    These are the places that I know of where you can get moves 
    scrolls in Shenmue II:
    1)  Twin Palm Thrust - HK$200 in Wise Men's Kung Fu, Wise Men's Qr.
    2)  Dragon Spin - HK$200 in Wise Men's Kung Fu, Wise Men's Qr.
    3)  Double Storm Kick - HK$300 in Wise Men's Kung Fu, Wise Men's Qr.
    4)  Horseshoe Kick - Given to you by Hanhui in disc 2.
    5)  Oblique Air Kick - Given to you by Hanhui in disc 2.
    6)  Mantis Combo - Given to you by Hanhui in disc 2.
    7)  Stepping Strike - Given to you by Hanhui in disc 2.
    8)  Machine Gun Fist - HK$500 in Thousand White Building.
    9)  Serpent Coil
    10) Rear Foot Sweep
    11) Diagonal Wipe
    12) Oblique Slam
    13) Heel Sweep - Won on Pachinko in Dragon Street, Kowloon.
    14) Monkey Roll Drop - Won on Pachinko in Dragon Street, Kowloon.
    15) Double Storm Kick
    16) Demon's Triangle
    The place where you can win Heel Sweep and Monkey Roll Drop is 
    found in a path with steps near to the start of Dragon Street. By 
    winning the first Pachinko board you win Heel Sweep and you're 
    given the chance to play the second for Monkey Roll Drop. If you 
    win that you go onto the third where you can win a collectible.
    You are also taught some new moves:
    1) Iron Palm (X+A) - Taught by Jianmin
    2) Wild Throw (B+D-Pad) - Taught by Zhoushan
    3) Lunging Strike (Forward+X+A) - Taught by Hanhui
    4) Hind Blow (Y+B) - Taught by Guixhang
    5) Brawling Uppercut (back,back+X) - Taught by Delin
    6) Counter Elbow Assault (Back+X+A) - Taught by Xiuying
    7) Predictive Explosion (B) - Taught be the Blind Musician.
    You can train by sparring with various people. The ones that I know 
    of are:
    · Xiuying
    · Jianmin
    · Blind Musician
    Only Jianmin can be sparred with whenever you want - Xiuying and the 
    Blind Musician will only spar with you at certain points in the game.
    This is essentially the same as in Shenmue. Some free battles 
    actually take place from Ryo's perspective which is strange, but 
    intuitive and easy to get used to. A big improvement for the 
    free battles is that now you can see your enemy's stamina bar 
    which should prevent some of the frustration that we felt during 
    Shenmue's final battle.
    The QTE's are also pretty much the same, but much more numerous. 
    There are some in which you are shown a combination of button 
    presses before you have to fight an enemy and doing these 
    flawlessly will defeat the enemy. Sometimes if you fail you'll 
    have to free battle the enemy - no infinite retries like in the 
    first game!!
    There is also a new type of QTE - the Command QTE. It involves 
    the screen freezing and a button combination flashing up on 
    screen. If you copy the combination correctly you will pass the 
    (vi) SAVING
    Unlike the first game, quick saves are permanent. To save you can 
    either enter the inventory and choose the VMU icon followed by the 
    left option (hai, yes). Alternatively, when you go to bed select 
    the left option.
    (vii) MAKING MONEY
    Although you start out in Shenmue II with quite a lot of money 
    HK$1,000+, it's all stolen within an hour of starting. This leaves 
    you with a couple of options - work, gamble, or pawn some stuff 
    You may have noticed that if you're in a position to talk to people 
    the Y button shows a '$' icon. This is your key to making some money. 
    Joy helps you out at the start by getting you a one-day job at the 
    Fortune's Pier lifting crates. From this you can get up to HK$100 
    and you'll have to make what you can from this.
    Anyway, going up to someone will bring up the menu, which basically 
    pawn <--|--> work
    If you choose gamble, the person will point you towards the nearest 
    gambling haunt. This could be pachinko (try and drop a ball into a 
    winning hole by bouncing it off a series of nails), Roll It On Top 
    (roll two dice, the highest score wins), Big Or Small (gambling on 
    the outcome of three dice rolls), Roulette (the same as any Roulette 
    game in any casino), or armwrestling (great fun - bash A and be 
    ready for QTEs with the left and right arrows), darts, or slot 
    This will get you directions to the nearest pawnbrokers. Here you 
    can sell you gotcha-gotcha toys for cash. A lot of them are 
    worthless, some are worth between HK$3-10, and rare/won ones (high-
    ranked forklifts, miniature arcade machines, Lottery ones, etc) are 
    worth HK$10+. This isn't the best way to get money as the payouts 
    are small, but it's good if you have some rare toys.
    This will get you a job for a couple of hours. There are various 
    places where you can work:
    · CRATES - at Fortune's Pier you can carry crates at the rate of 
    HK$10 per crate for up to 10 crates, a maximum of HK$100. Listen 
    to what the other guy shouts and follow his instructions - if he 
    shouts hidari-da press left, if he shouts migi-da press right, and 
    if he says anything else press up. At the end press down to lower 
    the crate. Be careful as you move through the crates as he may 
    shout, for example, hidari-hidari which means double-tap left.
    · PACHINKO - You could also work on the Pachinko boards. Go up to 
    any Pachinko operator on the street and ask about work. You are now 
    in charge of the boards for about an hour. Look around and press A 
    to shout at passers-by and some of them will come and play. You and 
    the player take turns to drop the marble down the wall to try and 
    get them in the red holes. If you win they pay you HK$50, but if 
    you lose you have to pay them. You start with HK$300 and you'll be 
    payed half of whatever you take in - if you start with HK$300 and 
    have HK$400 at the end you'll be payed HK$50.
    (viii) GAMBLING
    There are a variety of gambling games in Shenmue II that can be 
    played either for fun or with the aim of winning money. The first 
    tip I can give you when trying to win money is to exploit a small 
    flaw in the way the game works. The trick is to find a gambling game 
    that you want to play and save. After saving play the game with the 
    maximum bet you can and if you win, save and play again but if you 
    lose, soft reset (hold A+B+X+Y and press Start) and load the save. 
    That way you'll never lose and you can get all the money you want!
    Pachinko (aka Lucky Hit)
    This is mostly luck. Drop the balls down the board and try to get 
    them to bounce off the pins into one of the holes marked with a red 
    circle. You play against the owner in a best-of-three game with 
    sudden death if you draw. If you want to play this it is much 
    easier to play it by working the boards (ask the owner about a job 
    and you can do this). That way you get half of any money you win 
    and won't lose any money.
    Roll It On Top
    This is probably the quickest way to make money in the whole game 
    if you use the above trick. The game is simple and good fun to play. 
    The banker takes your bet (the maximum and minimum bet varies on 
    each table) and rolls two dice. You then take your turn. If your 
    roll exceeds his you win and you get twice your bet back. This is 
    the game to play when you need to raise money.
    Big Or Small
    This game is quite complicated but can be very profitable if you 
    get lucky. You roll three dice and if they match the combination 
    that you betted on you win. Each combination has a certain odds of 
    winning so choose wisely - if the total rolled is 10 or below the 
    roll is Small, if it is 11 or above it is Big, if all three numbers 
    are consecutive it is Chow, and the final option is different 
    depending on how high the stakes are on the game. If the minimum 
    and maximum bet are low then it will be Wai Sik which is all three 
    numbers the same, and if they are high it will be Zhen Zhong which 
    is a total of either ten or eleven. The odds are 2:1 for Big or 
    Small, 8:1 for Chow, 4:1 for Zhen Zhong, and a massive 30:1 for 
    Wai Sik.
    First of all, your save must be a cleared Japanese one (on a 
    Japanese game) or a cleared PAL one (on a PAL game). An unfinished 
    save won't work and an American one won't work either. If you want 
    a finished Japanese save go to http://www.booyaka.com and download 
    one direct to your VMU and for a cleared PAL one go to 
    Once you have a cleared file, insert disc 1 and select 'New Game'. 
    The first option will be if you want to use your Shenmue I cleared 
    file. Select 'yes' (left) and you're away!
    Follow these instructions to allow you to use a cleared US Shenmue 
    save file on a PAL version of Shenmue II. To do it you will need:
      · A Dreamcast with an Internet connection
      · DC Web Browser 2.0 or above
      · A PC with an Internet connection
    If you don't have browser 2.0 or above, get access to a CD-RW drive 
    and as long as your DC is old enough to read CDs, download and burn 
    the CD image from here: http://www.dcemulation.com/soft-webrowse.htm. 
    Once you're ready follow this step-by-step guide:
    1)  Using your DC, email your save to your PC.
    2)  On the PC download the following pieces of software:
        · Hex Workshop: 
        · SHEN.VMI:
        · VMS CRC:
    3)  On your PC get the file from your email and download it.
    4)  Install Hex Workshop and open the VMU file in it.
    5)  Press Ctrl+G, select 'Hex', and enter 683. At offset 683 you'll 
        find 55 FA00 there. Change it to 45 0E01.
    6)  Press Ctrl+G again, select 'Hex', and enter 689. Offset 689 will 
        say 00. Change it to 58.
    7)  Save the file and outside Hex Workshop rename it SHEN.VMS (case 
    8)  Open VMS_CRC and type "VMS_CRC SHEN.VMS".
    9)  Upload SHEN.VMS and SHEN.VMI (that you downloaded at the start) 
        to some webspace such as http://www.angelfire.com or 
        http://www.freewebspace.com, or you can even upload it to 
    10) On your DC go to the webspace you created and download the files 
        to your VMU.
    You now have a PAL Shenmue cleared file!
    If your are having trouble with this method go to the thread where 
    MaxTheRabbit posted this method here: 
    If you are having trouble with finding the webspace check out the FAQ 
    here: http://rvmu.maushammer.com/faq.html#QUESTION6.1
    A lot of confused people with the Japanese version of the game have 
    asked me to explain what this strange activity that Ryo must perform 
    is actually for so here's an explanation:
    The paper that you find in the book from the Man Mo Temple Library 
    is a Chawan Sign which is used by martial artists to communicate. 
    The four symbols on it represent Heaven, Dragon, Earth, and Comrades 
    (as in "Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons, Mother's Earth, Comrades", a 
    password from Shenmue). Heaven represents time, Dragon represents 
    place, Earth represents person, and Comrades represents action. The 
    positions of the cups that represent these symbols convey the 
    The positions that Ryo uses looks like this:
      O   O
    This means that the person is a friend of Yuanda Zhu (who knows why 
    Lan Di killed Iwao Hazuki), and so Ryo must use this to obtain a 
    meeting with him by gaining his trust.
    One of the coolest parts of both games in the Shenmue series is that 
    in various arcades and bars you can play various real and fictional 
    Sega arcade games from the 80's. Unlike Shenmue however, in Shenmue 
    II they are not as easy to find as walking into the You Arcade. 
    Below are the locations of each machine as well as a brief summary 
    of it. Once you've played the game you'll be able to play it again 
    whenever you want to by selecting it in the Shenmue Collection on 
    disc 4.
    Location: Pine Game Arcade, Golden Qr, Wan Chai.
    Summary:  Much like it's recent sequel, Planet Harriers, Space 
              Harrier is a simple yet addictive shoot-em-up. You run 
              and fly through various alien planets shooting enemies, 
              rocks, and other obstacles.
    Price:    HK$5 per credit
    Location: Pine Game Arcade, Golden Qr, Wan Chai.
    Summary:  The classic racing game from Yu Suzuki, you must drive 
              through roads filled with traffic until you reach a 
              checkpoint, then do it again until you reach the next 
              one. A classic game and still great fun. Remember that 
              you can go faster by putting your car into top gear!
    Price:    HK$5 per credit
    Location: 1F of the Phoenix Building, Kowloon.
    Summary:  Classic jet fighter game in which you must fly around 
              shooting down enemies with various weapons whilst 
              avoiding their attacks and staying in the air. A 
              walkthrough of the Genesis version can be found here: 
    Price:    HK$5 per credit
    Location: Room 222, Yellow Head Building, Kowloon.
    Summary:  Motorcycle game in the same vein as Outrun. Only this 
              time you have opponents to deal with as well as the 
              strict time limits.
    Price:    HK$5 per credit
    Location: Pine Game Arcade, Blue Sky, various bars.
    Summary:  This is just standard darts. When Ryo's hand is over one 
              of the high-scoring zones press A to throw the dart. Aim 
              for the bullseye (50 points) or triple-20 (60). Anywhere 
              where there is a Darts 7 machine you can challenge another 
              player to try and win some money. The bets start at HK$10 
              and increase into the hundreds, although it becomes very 
              hard once you begin to get high-stakes games. By scoring 
              120 points you win a second game, and by scoring another 
              120 (taking the score to 240) you will win a third game. 
              You have five darts per game.
    Price:    HK$5 for a standard game
    Location: Pine Game Arcade
    Summary:  Not as much fun as Darts 7 and much harder (not in a good 
              way, though). You have five darts and can get a maximum of 
              500 points for each one.
    Price:    HK$5 per game
    Location: Pine Game Arcade, Moon Child Orphanage (Kowloon).
    Summary:  Press the buttons as they appear as in a normal QTE. This 
              game makes a good practice for QTEs as it uses all the 
              directions on the D-pad and all four face buttons (A, B, 
              X, Y). You have three lives which equates to you being 
              allowed to make three mistakes. You win a figure as a 
              prize for reaching 300,000 points, but bear in mind as 
              you go along you'll go through three increasingly 
              difficult levels.
    Price:    HK$5 per game
    Location: Pine Game Arcade, Moon Child Orphanage (Kowloon).
    Summary:  The three pads will pop up and you must press the 
              corresponding button to punch it back down. Only the X, 
              A, and B buttons are used. As you continue to get further 
              the pads will move more quickly and combinations of pads 
              will pop up, even a couple simultaneously. The last trick 
              up the game's sleeve is that around 500,000 points it 
              will occasionally lift a pad and drop it without you 
              hitting it. This is hard to negotiate as you can't 
              anticipate whether to press the button or not.
    Price:    HK$5 per game
    (xiii) THE BAD ENDING
    There is a bad ending in Shenmue II, just like there was in Shenmue. 
    To get it this time, as is hinted in the manual, you must wait until 
    the Summer rolls around. The exact date is JUNE 31ST 1987, and when 
    Ryo goes to bed on that night it will happen.
    You can pass some time by one of many methods. You can simply wait 
    for the time to pass by playing arcade games or something, you can 
    keep pressing A in the Zhangyu Barber's QTE so that you fail it, you 
    can keep arranging cups so that you pass 2 hours at a time, or you 
    can invent your own method. The one that I would recommend is 
    messing up the Zhangyu Barber QTE repeatedly as you can pass a day 
    in approximately 2 minutes that way.
    (xvi) SECRETS
    1) WARNINGS - Put any one of the game discs in a CD player and play 
    track 2. You'll get a warning about playing it in a CD player from 
    one of the characters.
    2) HIDDEN ART - Put any game disc in a CD-ROM drive and open the file 
    called 'omake'. Inside you'll find various HTML files and some nice 
    art and trailers. Disc 1 contains some .gif VMU icons, disc 2 contains 
    character art, disc 3 contains some CG art including zipped versions 
    for desktop backgrounds, and disc 4 contains some Shenmue II trailers.
    3) SHENMUE ON SATURN VIDEO - Beat the game and after the credits 
    you'll be able to watch a video of Shenmue back when it was a Saturn 
    game. Access it from the arcade section of the Shenmue Collection on 
    disc 4.
    4) 100 MISSILES ON AFTERBURNER 2 - On the third level press left+X
    and the number of missiles you have will increase to 100.
    RYO HAZUKI - If you don't know him, what are you playing? The game 
    leaves off wondering what will happen with Shenhua and Ryo in the 
    next game. It was fate after all in putting these two together. 
    Looks like Ryo will not only have to face Lan Di for revenge, but 
    also retrieve the Dragon Mirror to continue solving the mystery 
    between the mirrors. Don't you think after two games and falling 
    in a muddy river, he'd changehis clothes or lose his bandage? It's 
    been months now!
    SHENHUA REI - She lives in the forest and is somehow linked to Ryo 
    as they both know about each other, even though they've never met. 
    She could almost be considered quite naïve because she is really 
    knowledgeable in surviving in the forest and trusts anyone, and 
    being introduced to a modern city may freak her out. Maybe she'll 
    be playable in Shenmue III.
    - First Encounter: Guilin, on a path in the Green Field
    JOY - At times she seems to be Ren's girlfriend, sometimes not. 
    Her and Ren have an odd interaction to what seems to be some kind 
    of "open" relationship. But she does hint at Ryo that she liked him 
    in the middle of the game, and was kind of psycho when trying to 
    save Wong. She just needs respect from the two main dudes in her 
    life. Ryo treats her worse than Nozomi.
    - First Encounter: At a corner near the harbor in Aberdeen near the 
      Worker's Pier.
    FANGMEI XUN - Fangmei is a fourteen-year-old girl in the temple of 
    Taoism. She was adopted by the people there and is therefore 
    dedicated and respectful to repay them. She appears to have a crush 
    on Ryo. Ryo tells her that she has eyes like the kitten from Shenmue 
    I, which makes her mad.
    - First Encounter: Waking up the first morning in Xuiying's 
    XIUYING HONG - Also known as Master LISHAO TAO! She is very 
    intelligent, beautiful, and well-trained in the martial arts. She 
    befriends Ryo and allows him to stay with her in Hong Kong. It's 
    very suprising (and refreshing) to see a beautiful woman that isn't 
    attracted to Ryo! The game is starting to get more realistic! She 
    tries to lead Ryo down a better path away from revenge and the evil 
    path that her brother Ziming took, more out of a teacher-student 
    relationship rather than through friendship.
    - First Encounter: Man Mo Temple.
    WUYING REN - Ren is the leader of the Heavens, a gang that is based 
    in the Beverly Hills wharf. He has very little trust for people and 
    is obsessed with money - hence his love and skill for gambling. Why 
    have enemies when you have a friend like Ren? He carries two double-
    sided coins (which I bet you figured out a long time before he gave 
    them to you). He seems all interested in helping Ryo out only for 
    money. But in the end, that's his way of showing his friendship.
    - First Encounter: A Warehouse in Beverly Hills Wharf.
    HANHUI - A priest of the Man Mo Temple under Xuiying. He is often 
    found inside the Temple and looks to be more of a protector, along 
    with Xuiying rather than a servant. He gives you a few new useful 
    moves. He is a very stern and self-contained individual. Not much 
    else is known about him.
    - First Encounter: Inside Man Mo Temple.
    DELIN - I had to add this in here since probably the funniest part 
    of the game is him falling in water while showing you a pretty 
    helpful move. He somewhat resembles a gopher. There wasn't too much 
    interaction with him in the game, but he turned out to be somewhat of 
    a good friend with Ryo.
    - First Encounter: Working for Mr. Sun in the Worker's Pier.
    MASTER ZHOUSHAN - Tells you one of the Wude. He runs Guang Martial 
    Arts school in the Green Market Qr. Ryo often stopped by there just 
    to remind you a bit of Ryo's home Dojo. His is very wise and always 
    offered you help, if he could.
    - First Encounter: At the Guang Dojo.
    JAINMIN - A master of Tai Chi. He is very old, but very kind. You'll 
    always find him in Lotus Park, located in the South Carmain Qr. He'll 
    usually challenge you to a spar first in order to answer any of your 
    questions. You should've used him the most to improve your fighting 
    skills. He teaches you a powerful one-hit plam punch that you can 
    use often through the game.
    - First Encounter: At Lotus Park.
    GUIXHANG - An elderly lady residing in the Yan Tin Apartments that 
    Xuiying used to live in. She mistakes you for a landshark in the 
    beginning, but then you prove yourself by beating up some of the 
    landshark's henchmen in front of her. She is an old friend of 
    Jianmin and reveals to Ryo that she is the one who taught Jiamin 
    Tai Chi. She also tells you one of the Wude.
    - First Encounter: Always at the Yan Tin Apartments.
    YUANDA ZHU - Founder of the 5 Stars Corp. A master of not-so-well-
    known martial arts, and an old gang leader. Wrote a book called 
    "Wulinshu" that described his style of fighting. You took quite
    some time to search for this guy, and when you found him, you 
    barely proved who you were before he was taken away from you. He 
    shows you the secret behind the Phoenix Mirror. Bet you didn't
    know that was coming!
    - First Encounter: Kowloon.
    YUAN: Quite disturbing. She is selfish, arrogant, and downright 
    weird. She has a hate for dirty, yucky things. Her attitude is 
    probably what got her to serve under Don Niu. She is also Don's
    lover, so it seems. Looks like she got her "Just Desserts" in the 
    end. You can consider her as an annoying mini-boss.
    - First Encounter: White Dynasty Qr.
    DON NIU - Leader of the Yellow Head Syndicate. He is very big, 
    very tough, and has a lot of power thanks to his position as a 
    major Hong Kong kingpin. Ryo never made the connection with Don and
    Lan Di, but he did know there was some kind of interaction between 
    - First Encounter: Dancing Dragon Building.
    LAN DI - I bet you didn't expect to see him when he appeared! After 
    finding out the true reason behind Lan Di killing his father, do you 
    think Iwao really did kill his father? Is it even possible that Lan 
    Di is Ziming Hong? I'm suprised that Ryo doesn't feel any compassion 
    for him since he is basically following Lan Di's path. The only 
    difference is he is not joining the Chiyoumen or any criminal 
    organization for assistance.
    - First Encounter: Roof of the Yellow Head Building.
    ZIMING - Xiuying's brother who left the orphanage where they were 
    brought up when he was young. She has several flashbacks about him 
    in the game. He left to join the Chiyoumen who knew who killed 
    their parents so could he be Lan Di? Lan Di looks like him, is in 
    the Chiyoumen, Xiuying knows about Lan Di, and he blamed Iwao Hazuki 
    for killing a man named Sunming Zhao so he could be....
    - First Encounter: Never encountered?
    WONG - A juvenile in training. At first, he helps his gang friends 
    steal your bag. Later on, he'll help Ryo throughout the game. Wong 
    looks to him as a big brother and is always trying to look out for 
    him even though he's a little kid. He just may grow up the right 
    way after all.
    - First Encounter: Stealing your bag near the start.
    -- Minor Characters --
    COOL Z - He is Ren's right hand man. When you first encounter him 
    and Wong, you didn't think that he'd be helping you out so much 
    later in the game. He seems to be pretty laid back and is always 
    listening to the same song.
    - First Encounter: In an alley off Queen's Street.
    ZONGQUAN - He trained under Zhoushan until a conflict led him down 
    the life of a street rat. He's not much of an involved character 
    to Ryo, but you do help him and Zhoushan become friends again.
    - First Encounter: At the Mall in the Golden Qr.
    EILEEN - Not an important character, but one to note. At first, 
    she thought Ryo wanted to challenge her, but he just wanted to 
    ask her some questions. She always seemed too busy to answer them 
    anyway, so either he'll meet up with her in a furture chapter, 
    or the story writers couldn't figure out what to do with her.
    - First Encounter: At the big fountain of Fortune's Pier later 
      in the 2nd Disc.
    This is one of the two bonus discs that was given away in Japan with 
    the special edition of Shenmue II. It is entirely based online but to 
    use it you need a Japanese Dricas online account. You can get one of 
    these but it's not really worth it just for this disc as you'll be 
    unable to understand most of it. If you still want to take a look and 
    get a Dricas account, you can find out how by reading the section 
    about it in this FAQ by Tsunaike:
    This disc is much better than the lame VF4 Passport as it is all 
    accessible offline and has a lot of information than even the Shenmue 
    Passport from Shenmue I, complete with movies, sounds, and a lot of 
    information from the whole Virtua Fighter series. For fans of Virtua 
    Fighter this disc alone almost makes it worth the investment!
    Here is a full list of everything on the disc - check it all out as 
    there's a lot of interesting stuff here:
    - History
       - Virtua Fighter
         - Movies
           - VF History
           - Prototype
           - Opening Loop
           - Into The Game
         - Music
           - Opening
           - Game Start
           - Jacky
           - Jeffry
           - Sarah
           - Kage
           - Pai
           - Wolf
           - Lau
           - Akira
           - Game Over
           - Name Entry
           - Ending
       - Virtua Fighter 2
         - Movies
           - Texture Mapping
           - Opening Loop
           - Into the Game
           - SEGA SATURN
         - Music
           - Destiny
           - Virtua Fighter 2
           - With a Clenched Fist
           - Black Cat Moon
           - The Hermit
           - Hong Kong Beauty
           - Young Knight
           - Ruler of the Seven Seas
           - Ninja~A Secret~
           - Escape
           - Song of the Hero
           - Ride the Tiger
           - Mutation
           - Chicago
           - Jacky~VF2 MIX~
           - Sarah~VF2 MIX~
           - Afterimage
           - Longing
       - Virtua Fighter 3
         - Movies
           - Motion Capture
           - Model 3
           - Image of VF3
           - Motion Test
           - Another Costumes
           - Opening Loop
           - Into the Game
           - 3tb Opening Loop
           - Into the Game 3tb
         - Music
           - Rowdy
           - Virtua Fighter 3
           - Next Challenger
           - Keen Head
           - Tedium
           - Whisper Dance
           - Coral Groove
           - Underground
           - Battle in the Cave
           - Hiding
           - Open the Deadgate
           - Hermit in Hong Kong
           - Raging Wind
           - Ancient Times
           - On The Circle
           - The Hall
           - Tender Steel
           - Afterimage 2
           - Tell Me Your Memories
           - Game Over
           - Stage Clear
           - Go for the Next Level
           - Modesty
           - Inpudence
           - The Killer Mantis
           - Brandished Fist
           - Persevering
           - Cool Bell
           - Falling Tears
           - For You....
       - Virtua Fighter Kids
         - Movies
           - Opening Loop
           - Into The Game
           - Akira's Ending
           - Jacky's Ending
           - Sarah's Ending
           - Wolf's Ending
           - Jeffry's Ending
           - Lau's Ending
           - Pai's Ending
           - Lion's Ending
           - Kage's Ending
           - Shun's Ending
           - Dural's Ending
         - Music
           - We Are VF Kids.
           - Virtua Fighter 2
           - With a Clenched Fist
           - Black Cat Moon
           - The Hermit
           - Hong Kong Beauty
           - Young Knight
           - Ruler of the Seven Seas
           - Ninja~A Secret~
           - Escape
           - Song of the Hero
           - Ride The Tiger
           - Chicago
           - Mutation
           - Longing (VFK version)
           - Opening
           - Afterimage (VFK version)
    - The Making of VF4
       - Character
         - Akira
         - Jacky
         - Sarah
         - Lau
         - Pai
         - Kage
         - Wolf
         - Jeffry
         - Lion
         - Shun
         - Aoi
         - Lei-Fei
         - Vanessa
         - Dural
       - Movie
         - Ignite Your Heart
         - Vanessa
         - Lei-Fei
         - Opening Loop A
         - Opening Loop B
         - Into the Game
       - Information
    Under 'Character' you get a lot of artwork and CGI stuff of each 
    of the characters, and under information you'll find stuff like 
    magazine articles and features on Virtua Fighter 4.
    Have fun!
    4.(i) CREDITS
    Thanks to CJayC at GameFAQs, Yu Suzuki, AM2, and Sega for making 
    such a great game!!
    Thanks to SamiKaze (samikaze@email.com) for the in-depth 
    character sections.
    Thanks to David Cheng (dcheng@ucla.edu) for clearing up the 'Uncle 
    Chen' confusion.
    Thanks to Emmanuel Bahu-Leyser (manulbogoss@noos.fr) for information 
    on various new moves and telling me where Hang-On is found.
    Thanks to MaxTheRabbit from the GameFAQs Boards for the method to 
    convert a Shenmue I US cleared file to a PAL one.
    Thanks to Digital Shuriken (digitalshuriken@hotmail.com) for the 
    Ghost Hall Building QTE combinations and correcting the CQTE with 
    Dou Nui.
    Thanks to ProudClod (RpgGenesis.co.uk) for some corrections on 
    some of the QTEs in the Yellow Head Building.
    Thanks to kaligirl97x@yahoo.com for some QTE combinations I didn't 
    get and some corrections to the QTEs.
    (ii) CONTACT ME
    You can email me at olly@nekofever.com (please do not add me to 
    your MSN Messenger contact list as I'll just block it), or visit my 
    dedicated Shenmue website at http://www.shenmuefansite.com.
    I will gladly help or elaborate on anything in this guide if 
    anyone needs help, and will try to answer every email personally, 
    but please check the FAQ section before emailing me. Don't spam me 
    either as I have a Junk Mail filter on and any junk is deleted 
    without a second glance.
    v2.6 - 2/6/02 - Added SamiKaze's great new in-depth character 
    v2.5 - 1/12/02 - Added some QTEs I missed and made some corrections.
    v2.4 - 12/11/01 - Added the section on the Bad Ending.
    v2.35 - 12/10/01 - Added some minor additions.
    v2.3 - 12/9/01 - Added some new secrets and the sections on the VF 
    bonus discs from the Japanese import special edition.
    v2.1 - 12/6/01 - Some minor corrections and additions and added the 
    'Arcade Machines' section. Also added the method to use your clear 
    US Shenmue file in a PAL Shenmue II.
    v2.0 - 12/4/01 - Completely finished updating the walkthrough for 
    the PAL version of the game to give more insight into the story 
    and goings-on.
    v1.95 - 11/30/01 - Finished updating the walkthrough up until the 
    PAL disc 4.
    v1.85 - 11/25/01 - Added 'Locations' section and started 'Gambling' 
    v1.8 - 11/23/01 - Today is the PAL release date and I am updating 
    the walkthrough with new information from the manual and other 
    v1.5 - 11/8/01 - Walkthrough updated with my progress through the 
    PAL version up until the beginning of disc 3. Also added some small 
    v1.3 - 11/1/01 - Updated the first disc walkhrough having completed 
    it in English.
    v1.2 - 10/23/01 - Made numerous minor corrections (including the 
    Tokyo Game Show announcement - for more information look here: 
    http://dreamcast.ign.com/news/38997.html) and added a review.
    v1.0 - 9/25/01 - Finished the full walkthrough.
    v0.9 - 9/22/01 - Completed disc 3 walkthrough (finally!) and made 
    some minor corrections.
    v0.89 - 9/19/01 - Added the 'Using your Shenmue I save' section. 
    I've got a Japanese Gamecube so I've fallen behind on the 
    walkthrough but I hope to finish it this weekend.
    v0.85 - 9/12/01 - Continued disc 3 walkthrough.
    v0.8 - 9/10/01 - Finished disc 2 walkthrough and started disc 3.
    v0.75 - 9/8/01 - Finished disc 1 walkthrough and various other 
    sections, started disc 2 walkthrough.
    v0.7 - 9/5/01 - Got the game and started the walkthrough itself.
    v0.5 - 8/30/01 - General big update ready for the Japanese release 
    a week today.
    v0.2 - 5/22/01 - Added the preliminary characters section.
    v0.1 - 5/21/01 - Very first version of this FAQ. I just took my 
    Shenmue Chapter 1 FAQ and took out all the parts to do with that 
    FAQ as the formula worked so well. Wrote introduction and first 
    part of the FAQ and made some cosmetic changes to the old 
    "Let me invite you into Hell!" - Terry Ryan

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