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    Xbox/DC Changes Guide by cvxfreak

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/08/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    Shenmue II - Dreamcast to Xbox Changes Guide
                         Microsoft Xbox and Sega Dreamcast
                               Written by: cvxfreak
                                   Version 2.0
                    Developed, Created, and Ported by: Sega AM2
                       Published by: Sega (Japan, Dreamcast)
                      Big Ben Interactive (Europe, Dreamcast) 
                      Microsoft (North America, Europe, Xbox)
    Feel free to use this FAQ for any purpose you like. It's copyright 2007
    by cvxfreak. The rights for the various versions of Shenmue II are owned
    either by Sega, Big Ben Interactive or Microsoft, and such, I do not own
    any rights related to them. 
    0.  Introduction
    1.  Version History
    2.  Graphics
    3.  Gameplay
    4.  Features
    5.  Sound
    6.  Controls
    7.  Discs
    8.  Consoles, Publishers, Etc.
    9.  Other Things
    10. Conclusion
    0. Introduction
    This simple FAQ will contrast the differences between the Dreamcast and 
    Xbox versions of the game, Shenmue II. There are quite a few changes, 
    but the game largely remains the same overall. 
    As you probably know, Shenmue II was released for the Dreamcast in Japan 
    and Europe in late 2001 but not in North America. The release was going 
    to happen right until Microsoft and Sega signed an agreement to bring the
    game to the Xbox in North America ONLY. One year later, the game was 
    released for the Xbox with some differences. This FAQ will detail those
    differences, but it will not talk about gameplay or story. 
    1. Version History
    Version 2.0
    April 08, 2007
    This guide has not been updated for several years, and clearly it should
    have been done a long time ago. The writing and formatting quality have
    been greatly improved, and the FAQ is more detailed than it was before. 
    Information has also been added with regards to the Xbox 360. 
    2. Graphics 
    The graphics between the Dreamcast and Xbox releases of Shenmue II are 
    largely the same. The core engine, art assets and design have been ported
    over to the Xbox faithfully. The Xbox version, however, looks sharper and 
    runs at a higher resolution. 
    The loadtimes in the Xbox version have been reduced by a few seconds when
    transitioning between sections of the game settings. In the original
    Dreamcast version, occasionally there would be framerate drops and 
    slowdown when too many actions were occurring on the screen at a time. 
    The more powerful Xbox system can handle all the action much better,
    and thus the slowdown has been eliminated in that version. 
    Also, the buttons on the QTEs reflect that of the XBOX controller S 
    (not the original XBOX controller), meaning color modifications. 
    Button name| Dreamcast controller color | Xbox controller S color
       A       |          Red               |       Green            
       B       |          Blue              |       Red  
       X       |          Yellow            |       Blue
       Y       |          Green             |       Yellow 
    3. Gameplay
    Playing through the game on the Dreamcast and Xbox are exactly the 
    same. Ryo Hazuki has the same objectives, meets the same people, gets
    into the same fights and has the same abilities in both versions;
    this aspect of the game has hardly changed at all, with one small
    Some items in the Dreamcast version of Shenmue II that could only be 
    obtained from having a Shenmue I gameplay file are automatically in
    Ryo's inventory in the Xbox version of Shenmue II. This is because the
    first game was never ported to the Xbox, unfortunately, and thus a
    save file to bring those items to Shenmue II is not possible.
    4. Features
    Shenmue II for Xbox boasts some extra features over the original 
    Dreamcast version. 
    The first is the snapshot feature, which by pressing the Black button, 
    you'll take a picture of any event in the game (even cut-scenes) and 
    it'll be saved to the Xbox harddrive. 
    Another feature is the filter system. By pressing the White button, the 
    color changes to a grey-scale, brownish-scale, and a bright scale, as 
    well as the traditional color-scale. Another feature is automatic 
    You can save basically anywhere in the game by going to the inventory 
    screen and clicking on the Xbox logo. You'll start at the same place 
    when you start again. 
    Another feature is Shenmue I: The Movie DVD is included within the 
    package for the Xbox version of Shenmue II. It takes the cut-scenes 
    from Shenmue I and turns them into a movie-like experience. 
    However, a minus from the Xbox version is that it can't read any 
    Shenmue I saves since Shenmue I isn't coming to the XBOX (hence 
    Shenmue I: The Movie DVD). 
    The Japanese Dreamcast version's initial release included a Virtua 
    Fighter 4 media disc (not the game itself). 
    5. Sound
    Shenmue II for both consoles have one basic difference: the language 
    spoken in the game. 
    All Dreamcast versions (in Japan and Europe of course) have the 
    characters speaking Japanese. The European version of the title 
    features subtitles in various languages, including English. The
    Dreamcast never received a version of the game with English audio.
    The XBOX version is dubbed into English voices, using many of the 
    partially-talented actors from the previous game. No Xbox version
    features Japanese voice acting. 
    Which is superior of the two is a matter of taste. Neither scenario
    of all people speaking English or Japanese is particularly realistic
    because the game takes place in Hong Kong, although English does
    come off slightly more believable in the end. It's just a nuance
    you'll have to forgive. 
    All background music and sounds are basically the same, however, 
    so voice acting was the only difference between the two. Technically
    speaking, the Xbox's audio output, especially with an optical cable,
    is superior to the Dreamcast's audio output, providing a better 
    audio experience overall on the Xbox. 
    6. Controls
    Each button on the Dreamcast and Xbox controllers perform the same 
    exact function between the two games (since the Xbox controllers are 
    basically a Dreamcast-layout with an extra stick and two extra buttons). 
    The black and white buttons perform the snapshot and filter feature 
    for the Xbox version, respectively. Otherwise, the controls are 
    exactly the same as before.
    Xbox 360:
    The Xbox version of Shenmue II can be played on an Xbox 360 after the
    patch has been downloaded and installed onto the Xbox 360 system. The
    Xbox 360 controller does not contain the black and white buttons, so
    the LB and RB buttons fulfill the functions of the black and white
    buttons, respectively. 
    7. Discs
    The Shenmue II package for Dreamcast spanned across 4 Dreamcast GD-ROMS 
    (excluding the Virtua Fighter 4 extra in the Japanese DC version) and
    is contained in a rather oversized package containing jewel cases that
    hold each of the discs. They can be inserted into a slipcase to keep
    them organized. 
    Shenmue II for Xbox spans one DVD only, eliminating the need to change 
    discs every so often. The Xbox version's overall package is two DVDs, 
    because of the Shenmue I: The Movie DVD. The DVD case is in the Xbox's
    standard green, with two disc trays to hold each disc. 
    8. Consoles, Publishers, Etc.
    Shenmue II was initially developed for the Dreamcast, and released for 
    the Dreamcast in Japan and Europe. Sega published and developed the 
    Japanese Shenmue II for Dreamcast, while Big Ben Interactive published 
    the European version of the Dreamcast Shenmue II. The Dreamcast 
    version was never released in North America. 
    Shenmue II was ported and upgraded to the Xbox and released in North
    America and PAL territories. Microsoft published Shenmue II for Xbox 
    in North America and Europe, but Sega AM2 actually worked on the 
    game's development. The Xbox version was never released in Japan.
    9. Other Things
    1. Here are pictures of all the boxarts for Shenmue II, which are 
    have a few differences among each of them:
    (Shenmue II - Dreamcast - Japan)
    (Shenmue II - Dreamcast - Europe)
    (Shenmue II - Xbox - North America)
    (Shenmue II - Xbox - Europe)
    2. The character "Cool J" in the Japanese Dreamcast version is known 
    as Cool Z in the North American and European versions for both Xbox
    and Dreamcast. According to Oliver Dean, it was for the Western 
    countries to avoid problems with rapper LL Cool J. Even though he is
    known as Cool Z in the European Dreamcast version's subtitles, in
    Japanese he is still noticeably pronounced as "Cool J". In the English
    dub, he is indeed called Cool Z. As far as the change is concerned, in
    Japanese transliterations of English words, occasionally the J sound
    takes on the value of the western or Chinese Z sound. 
    3. So which version is worth it?
    Both version have their ups and downs. Fans of Japanese audio will
    not appreciate the Xbox version, while fans of English audio will go
    with the Xbox version and not give the Dreamcast version a try. In
    2007, both versions of the game are fairly difficult to find in all 
    countries. Whichever version you go with, know that you're in for an
    awesome experience you shouldn't miss. 
    10. Conclusion
    Well, this FAQ is essentially finished and finalized. 
    Credit goes to CJayC at GameFAQs, family, friends, as well as the people 
    at the Shenmue II board who noticed some similarities and differences 
    between the versions.
    Thanks to Frank kool for the awesome Shenmue Plot Analysis and Oliver 
    Dean for his Shenmue II FAQ for helping me through the game. 

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