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    FAQ/Walkthrough by winnie the poop 2

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/12/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              -_-/  ,,                                           _-_, _-_,
             (_ /   ||                                             //   // 
            (_ --_  ||/\\  _-_  \\/\\ \\/\\/\\ \\ \\  _-_          ||   || 
              --_ ) || || || \\ || || || || || || || || \\        ~||  ~|| 
             _/  )) || || ||/   || || || || || || || ||/           ||   || 
            (_-_-   \\ |/ \\,/  \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\/\\ \\,/        _-_, _-_, 
                          Chapter II: The Ride to Hong Kong
                               Chapter III: Hong Kong
                                Chapter IV: Kowloon
                                 Chapter V: Guilin
    By: winnie the poop             |
    e-mail: Hockeyfox@ameritech.net |
    Version: 1.0                    |
    System: XBox                    |
                           T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
       | I. Contact Info/Legal Crap                                         |
       | II. Story of Shenmue and Shenmue II                                |
       |       II.A. The Story as told from the Manual                      |
       |       II.B. Characters                                             |
       | III. Controls                                                      |
       | IV. Basics                                                         |
       |       IV.A. The Screen                                             |
       |       IV.B. Getting Around                                         |
       |       IV.C. Quick Timer Events: "QTEs"                             |
       |       IV.D. In-Game Menu                                           |
       |       IV.E. Photo-Taking                                           |
       |       IV.F. Free Battle                                            |
       |       IV.G. Main Menu                                              |
       |       IV.H. Miscellaneous                                          |
       | V. Walkthrough                                                     |
       |       V.A. Aberdeen/Wan Chai                                       |
       |             01. The Search for Lishao Tao Begins                   |
       |             02. Where's my bag?                                    |
       |             03. Come Over Guest House                              |
       |             04. Your Job!                                          |
       |             05. The Search for Lishao Tao Continues                |
       |             06. The First Wude: GON                                |
       |             07. The Second Wude: JIE                               |
       |             08. The Third Wude: DAN                                |
       |             09. The Fourth Wude: YI                                |
       |             10. Lishao Tao!                                        |
       |             11. I Have to Carry the Damn Books? UGH!               |
       |             12. Wulinshu                                           |
       |             13. The Chawan Sign                                    |
       |             14. Where to use the Chawan Sign                       |
       |             15. Rendezvous AT Dou Jiang Diner                      |
       |             16. The Search for Ren of Heavens                      |
       |             17. Collision in Fortune's Pier                        |
       |             18. The Chase to Ren                                   |
       |             19. Farewell, Hong Kong                                |
       |       V.B. Kowloon                                                 |
       |             20. Your First Action in Kowloon                       |
       |             21. The Great Escape                                   |
       |             22. Revenge and the Tape                               |
       |             23. Search for Yuan's Room                             |
       |             24. Ghost Hall Building                                |
       |             25. Finding a way into the Yellowhead                  |
       |             26. Impressing the Scout                               |
       |             27. Defeating Greg, Rod, and Chunyan                   |
       |             28. Things to do before Scaling the Yellowhead Building|
       |             29. The Yellow Head Building Attack                    |
       |             30. The Roof Battle                                    |
       |             31. The Aftermath                                      |
       |       V.C. Guilin                                                  |
       |             32. Langhuishan                                        |
       |             33. Path to the Bailu Village: Part One                |
       |             34. The Cave                                           |
       |             35. Path to the Bailu Village: Part Two                |
       |             36. Shenhua's House                                    |
       |             37. The End of the Beginning                           |
       | VI. Secrets/Minigames                                              |
       | VII. Secret Snapshots                                              |
       | VIII. Move List                                                    |
       | IX. History                                                        |
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    1. highlight the string
    2. Ctrl + C
    3. Ctrl + F
    4. Ctrl + V
    5. Press "Find Next".
    For example, I want some help in the Lishao Tao section... so I highlight
    '10. Lishao Tao!' and press Ctrl + C, Ctrl + F, Ctrl + V, and I'm there!
                               I. Contact Info/Legal Crap
    No one can use this guide without my permission. The only sites that can use
    this FAQ are www.ign.com and www.gamefaqs.com. Don't even try to get 
    permission. You can e-mail me about the legal stuff and the permission thing,
    but that's up to you... I can't guarantee that you'll be the 'special 
    exception' or whatever. My e-mail is hockeyfox@ameritech.net. 
    You cannot change this guide in any way, shape, or form that would discredit
    me. You cannot distribute this guide for profit. Simple enough.
                          II. Story of Shenmue and Shenmue II
    Most of you must have played or at least know the story of the beginning of 
    Ryo Hazuki's journey, which took place in Yokosuka, Japan. Some of you might
    not played Shenmue I but picked this game up for the hell of it. (didn't you?
    *wink*) Let me tell you, the story here is totally realistic. It's not from
    a REAL story, but it does come from real places, real physics in this world.
    You can do a lot of things that might seem meaningless in the game but you CAN
    do it. Ninety-nine percent of the games cannot even compare to the detail and
    the open-ness of this game. The world is yours...
    Shenmue I
    Ryo comes home, running, after he'd heard that something had happened in his
    home, the Hazuki residence, from Ine-san. Filled with panic, he sees his only
    home seemingly in ruins. It is raining, the mood is awful, and the signs are
    wrecked... It is indeed foreshadowing something terrible. Ryo automatically
    runs toward the direction of his family's dojo after finding Ine-san pointing
    to the dojo. What had happened?
    As he comes upon the dojo, a helpless human being comes flying out, crashing 
    into the bare, wet ground. Ryo has no time to help the poor guy, Fuku-san.
    Ryo, of course, comes into the dojo but he is stopped abruptly by two men in
    black. He witnesses a frantic talk between a mysterious man and his father,
    Iwao Hazuki. Although Ryo does not know who that man is, he senses a great
    deal of menace and power from him. The man, calm and stoic, demands a mirror
    as if he knew that Iwao had them. Iwao refuses to talk so the dark, scarred
    man goes by him and knocks him to the ground after evading Iwao's attacks. 
    His motion and the aura in that fight was virtually incomparable... 
    Ryo breaks off and goes to his father's side to aid him. Looks like the man
    who beat Iwao down has a name: Lan Di. Iwao stays quiet, but Lan Di picks Ryo 
    up to use him as 'bait' to get the information. Iwao does open his knowledge
    and spits out the location of the mirror to secure his son's safety. Lan Di
    puts down the boy and turns to Iwao yet again. This time, after evading some
    more attacks, he does an unique leg move that sends the stocky man flying. 
    Iwao has reached his last day...
    One of Lan Di's henchmen has found the mirror and gives it with honor to Lan
    Di. Lan Di grins and leaves. Ryo is just there, stunned, as he watches his
    father say his last words, devoted to his lone son, and die.
    Ryo, filled with anger and hate for Lan Di, starts his journey four day later.
    Through his friends and new people, he found some information about Lan Di
    himself and got closer (inching!) to finding him. He ultimately ends up 
    defeating a monster, Chai, and setting off to Hong Kong on a boat...
    Note: During the course in Shenmue, Ryo discovered the remaining mirror, the
    'Phoenix' Mirror and sets off to find out what Lan Di wanted with those 
    Shenmue II
    After the long ride from Yokosuka to Hong Kong, he resumes his adventure and
    sets off for Lishao Tao, a person supposed to have some information/contacts
    to Lan Di. However, his next ultimate goal is to find Yuanda Zhu, the man who
    knows Lan Di VERY WELL. Of course, his number one goal: to discover Lan Di and
    make him cry for his momma. Everything is revolved around that incident in
    Yokosuka when Iwao, Ryo's father, died... 
    II.A. The Story as told from the Manual
    I know my story sounds a bit empty or whatever so this story should help you
    "The year is 1986, the location is Yokosuka, Japan.
    It's a usual, tranquil day in the life of Ryo Hazuki, but suddenly it is 
    forever shattered by the unexpected arrival of unwanted visitors.
    A man wearing dark green Chinese clothes appears at the Hazuki family home,
    followed closely by his black-suited thugs.
    Known as Lan Di, he uses his knowledge of the almighty kung fu and kills Ryo's
    father, Iwao, taking away a mysterious Mirror, which he clearly came for.
    Vowing to seek revenge, Ryo embarks on a journey to find his father's killer,
        but to no avail.
    Later, Ryo is given a letter addressed to his late father.
    The letter was sent by a man called Yuanda Zhu and warned of danger, but also
    told of a person that could be relied on if something happened. This
    person was called Master Chen and Ryo was eager to find him. He explained 
    to Ryo that Lan Di was one of the leaders of the Chiyoumen, and based on 
    the fact that he had already obtained one sacred mirror, he was likely to
    be in search of the other, as together they made a pair...
    Ryo eventually found the mirror, also known as the Phoenix Mirror, but was 
    still eager to seek Lan Di and avenge his father's death. Master Chen told
    of news that Lan Di had left for Hong Kong, so Ryo decided to pursue, but
    an unknown attacker decided to make his move and punish Ryo once and for all.
    Strong willed and fighting off his attacker, Ryo also came face to face with
    the Mad Angels, closely connected with the Chiyoumen. With the help of
    Guizhang, Master Chen's son, they put an end to the wrath of the Mad 
    Master Chen then gave Ryo a letter, which introduced a man called Lishao Tao,
    he would help once Ryo departed for Hong Kong.
    Who is Yuanda Zhu, the sender of the letter?
    What is the hidden mystery behind the Phoenix Mirror?
    Where is Lan Di, the killer of Ryo's father?
    Ryo arrives at Hong Kong with many questions unanswered, as he begins his
        journey to seek the truth behind these mysteries.
    II.B. Characters
    Ryo Hazuki
    That's you. At the tender age of 18, he is already a strong martial artist but
    he suffered a terrible experience: (we all know about it, sniff) seeing his
    father die with his OWN eyes (like he used somebody's else). Anyway, he aims 
    to avenge his father so he sets off to look for Lan Di. This story begins with
    his anger towards Lan Di. He was born in Yokosuka and was raised there, but at
    this point in time, he's off to China to advance his knowledge about Lan Di
    and what happened behind the scenes.
    Lan Di
    A great martial arts expert. He came into the Hazuki residence without any
    caution and killed Iwao Hazuki and took a fancy, decorated mirror with him.
    The reasons behind his actions still are unknown to Ryo and his comrades. He 
    has a scar and a menacing glare in his eyes, fear him. You will learn a LOT
    about him in this game.
    Mama mia! A HOT girl that Ryo encounters at the beginning of the quest in 
    Aberdeen (Hong Kong). She starts off flirting with Ryo but ends up helping
    him in his quest. She is the most colorful one: blond-orange hair, tight
    shirt with plenty cleavage. Nice ass, too. 
    Wuying Ren
    Pretty cool guy, but a cocky one, too. You can see him at the cover of this
    game, Shenmue II. He's the one with a blue shirt and a bandanna on his head. 
    He is dubbed "Ren of Heavens" and is one of the most feared gang leaders in 
    Hong Kong. He is always looking for money and is the master at trickery. He
    has three loyal servants: Cool Z, Sam, and Larry. Don't worry, you will make
    him your slave.
    Lishao Tao
    Ryo immediately begins his search for Lishao Tao after getting out of the boat
    from Yokosuka. Lishao Tao, according to Master Chen, should lead Ryo even 
    further in his quest for Lan Di. Lishao Tao is a martial arts master that
    resides in Wan Chai. I won't say anything more because it would spoil the 
    Yuanda Zhu
    Yet another target of Ryo's. This man once ruled the land of Hong Kong, but he
    lives in isolation now for his safety. This man is said to know some 
    history of Lan Di's. 
    You will see her at the very END, but you have already seen her if you played
    Shenmue I. She appeared in Ryo's dreams, but he never dreams about her during
    the course in Hong Kong... She seems to have a connection to Ryo and his 
    unfortunate incident... If you want to know what she looks like, go to the
    cover for this game and look for the girl with a orange hat... 
    That's all for the main characters, but there are tons of characters with
    smaller parts compared to those, so watch out for them!
                                     III. Controls
    Analog stick: -In normal mode, it will allow you to look around but won't move
                   your character. Use this stick to look left, right, up, or 
                  -In the first-person view, turning it will cause Ryo to look
                  -In other words, it controls Ryo's head.
           D-pad: -In the normal mode, it controls Ryo's legs. If you press up,
                   Ryo will walk straight. Press left will cause Ryo to go
                   accordingly. You know this shit... 
                  -In the menus, it will move the scroll around. 
                  -This will be used at the motion button in Free Battles. This
                   time, the directions will point to the actual directions so if
                   you press up, Ryo will go farther from you. If Ryo's facing to
                   the left and you press right, he will step back.
                  -Will be used in QTEs. When the screen flashes with an arrow, 
                   push the D-Pad in the direction of the arrow.
        A button: -It accepts the selection in menus.
                  -In QTEs, it acts as the 'kick button' or the 'jump button'
                  -The kick button in Free Battle.
                  -In the normal mode, the icon on the screen for 'A' will appear
                   as a mouth. When this happens, you can talk to the nearest 
        B button: -Cancels selections.
                  -Grab the enemy in Free Battles.
                  -Will be used in QTEs.
        X button: -In the normal mode, this is the main button. It will open the
                   journal, open doors, etc. As known as the 'action button'. 
                  -In fights, this is the punch button.
                  -Also used in QTEs as the punch button or dodge button.
        Y button: -When pressed in the normal mode, it will lead you to the 
                   in-game menu. 
                  -The evade button in fights. Press up while press Y will cause
                   Ryo go to that direction. Press right will make Ryo go 
                  -In QTEs, it will be used... as the evade button.
       L trigger: -In the normal mode, it will turn the view into the first-
                   person mode as long it is pressed. 
                  -Can be set as a combo button for fights.
       R trigger: -Run, Forrest, Run.
    Black button: -Snap a photo (126 photo limit)
    White button: -Change filters (sucky option)
                                       IV. Basics
    I know this game is pretty straightforward, but if you go a bit deeper than 
    you can see at the surface, you can find some complex depths. The basics would
    be the general controls (moving around), QTEs, and maybe the item selecting.
    The complex depths can be found in the fighting portion. Again, the game is
    straightforward so you should handle the game all by yourself.
    This is a mere freeze-frame of the Shenmue II in its 'Free Quest' mode. Just
    trying to show what is what, etc.
    |                                                   _____   |
    |                                                  / _N_ \  |
    |                                                 / /12 \ \ |
    |                Boo hoo... I see... My dad      / /  |  \ \|
    |                died... I see... that's        |W|9 _|  3|E|
    |                interesting... I SEE!!!!!!!     \ \     / /|
    |                          \                      \ \ 6 / / |
    |                           O                      \ ¯S¯ /  |
    |                        \  |  /                    ¯¯¯¯¯   |
    |                         \ | /                             |
    |                          \|/                              |
    |                           |  <--- Ryo Hazuki's hot bod    |
    |                           |                               |
    |                          / \                              |
    | - - - - - - - -         /   \                             |
    |                |       /     \                 _          |
    |                                            _  /Y\     _   |
    |    M A P       |                          /X\ \_/ _  /B\  |
    |                                           \_/    /A\ \_/  |
    |                |                                 \_/      |
    Get the idea? One thing to know: the compass is around the clock... Somewhere
    in the walkthrough, I would say go southwest to find blah-blah so you should
    know what direction is the SW. Got it?
    Well, you should already know the controls, but... do you know how to go from
    a place to another? New to the series, you can ask a person to LEAD you to one
    place to another! No need for searching around blindly for some dumb place 
    that probably isn't that important! This game has areas VASTLY larger than 
    those in the original. Not only that, people is actually more helpful... 
    if you don't know what I mean, go play Shenmue I again. You would find a LOT
    of people who doesn't know CRAP. If you ask them something, you would reply
    with a 'No'. This time around, you almost will always get a butt-load of 
    information. Yu Suzuki recognized this because, like I said before, this
    game is much, much larger. 
    Finding a person who will lead you
    Now, if you want someone to lead you to someplace, you have to go up to a
    person (preferably WALKING) and ask him/her about that destination. More than
    not, he/she will lead you to that place. You don't even have to follow the
    person! Ryo will automatically follow him/her. If you want to stop following
    the person, just press B. Got all that? Good. This skill is good to have in 
    Kowloon and the latter part of Aberdeen/Wan Chai, where you will get lost 
    quite easily. 
    Asking people
    Sometimes you have to ask people where the destination or what's up or even
    some information such as how to get into the hideout of the Heavens. Of 
    course, you have to initiate the conversation by going up to the guy and press
    A to talk. Sometimes... you will have several options on what subject to talk 
    about. Make sure you know what information you need to know so you can easily
    ask people without any difficulty. Most of time, though, Ryo will 
    automatically bring up the topic so don't worry. However, if you're looking
    for some quick cash, you can press Y when the dollar icon is swirling around
    the Y button. Then you will have 4 options: Gambling; Part-Time Jobs; 
    Pawnshops; and Quit. Those are forms of getting money. You could gamble to
    get some quick cash (or lose money!) or just take the long way: Part-Time Job.
    I don't recommend doing that damn job, it's too long and the pay is too 
    LITTLE!!! Pawnshops are pretty cool, you don't have to do anything and you 
    have some toys to sell already so use them up!
    During the course of the game, you might see an orange box sitting against a
    wall with a '$10' sign on the top. That's the vending machine for maps. Once
    you buy a map, the area of the map will have a map ready for you. The 
    preceding sentence might be a bit hard to understand... Well, once you enter
    the area (the area that you bought a map for), you will see a big green see-
    through map on the bottom right corner. You, of course, are the one flashing.
    The map mostly show the paths... don't except it to show you EVERY store and
    If you want some info, location-wise, there are some places that has a board
    with a map on it. Go up to that board and press L (zoom). Now you can look
    around on that map to see where the stores are. It's pretty useful!
    Basic QTEs
    Anyone who played Shenmue LOVED those innovative invention by Yu Suzuki... 
    Perhaps someone before Yu has invented something similar to his, but he made
    it all VERY interesting and fun! There's the famous QTE 'chases', QTE 
    'fights', and QTE arcade games! My personal favorite is the QTE fights, this
    game is full of them, especially in the Yellow Head Building. Alright, let's
    begin explaining the QTEs.
    First, the concept is VERY simple. You CAN'T have any trouble grasping at the
    this concept. An icon of a button will come up on the screen, usually during
    a cut scene, and you have a limited time to react to it and press that 
    button. The button can be any of those: A; B; X; Y; up; down; left; or right.
    You test your quickness by concentrating at the TV screen and react quickly
    at it. Don't get too hard on yourself, you have unlimited opportunities to 
    complete a QTE. If you fail, you have to re-do that QTE or some of the 
    preceding events.
    Complex QTEs
    Now... is there a such thing as a 'complex QTE'? Yeah, there is. If you 
    haven't played this game, then you haven't seen one. The new addition: CQTE.
    In the CQTEs, you have to press TWO or MORE buttons in a given time. Just like
    QTEs, but just with multiple buttons. The D-pad and the A/B/X/Y buttons will 
    come up on the screen, warning you for a CQTE. Get prepared and watch 
    carefully at the buttons/D-pad. Some buttons will flash, signaling what 
    buttons need to be pushed. If the A button flashes and after that, the up
    button of the D-pad flashes, then you have to press A then Up, in that order.
    Simple, too... until you actually get to do it. The largest CQTE here in this
    game has 5 buttons... Most CQTEs has only 2 or 3 buttons. 
    To get to the In-Game Menu, press Y when the icon shows a picture of a file.
    This will lead you to a menu that looks like this:
    |+  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  +|        Items are shown here in this part.
    | OM  NB  TK  WA  SH  PM  CI  AM |        Can be either key items or just dumb
    |+  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  +|        things. The number of boxes will
    |+  +                            |  <---  increase as you get more unique 
    | LF                             |        items. This is the items that you
    |+  +                            |        have from the beginning.
    |+  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  +|      The major menus are here. There will 
    | SA  SE  MS  TC  AL  MA  PF  MH |  <---always be nine of them. Won't change.
    |+  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  ++  +|      Correct me if I'm wrong, though. :)
    |--------------------------------|      (Scrapbook not included)
    | |¯¯~~¯|                        |
    | |/~~__|HK$ 596        2/23 Mon |  <--- Cash... and the date. Hell-o.
    |       ??????????????????       |
    |       ??????????????????       |  <--- The description for that icon the
     --------------------------------        scroll is on currently.
    Here's what the abbreviations mean and what they are for:
    OM: Overall Map----- At the beginning, you don't have any maps, but as you 
                       move on, you can buy more and more maps. They are stored 
                       here and you can look over any of them here.
    NB: Notebook-------- The notes are stored here. You can also press X at the 
                       normal mode to view it.
    TK: Tokens---------- Basically worthless in Shenmue II, it was used in Shenmue I
                       as coins for some gambling machine.
    WA: Watch----------- Duh.
    SH: Sword Handguard- Found in Shenmue I, it was used to find the Phoenix 
                       Mirror. Might be useful sometime later.
    PM: Phoenix Mirror-- The almighty mirror. Take your time looking around it.
    CI: Chen's Intro Letter- Show it to Lishao Tao and you will be able to talk
                       to Lishao Tao freely. It's like introducing Lishao Tao to
                       you so you will be greeted as a friend.
    AM: Amulet---------- Just a crappy amulet given to you... it's from Ryo's
                       girlfriend, Nozomi. No use.
    LF: Letter to Father- Just a memoir. Again, no use.
    Now, for the 'important' ones, I will give you a more detailed explanations
    that the pervious ones. The word in the parthenses are the picture of the 
    icon for that... you know.
    SA: Save (VMU)
    Of course, it will lead you to an opportunity to save your game. You can save
    your game ANYWHERE so this icon will always be there. After pressing A to 
    enter the Save mini-menu, you will see three slots to save your game. Choose
    any of them and save! You can over-write, of course.
    SE: Settings (CONTROLLER)
    There isn’t much but here it is:
        -Dialog/Text (Game Mode: both voice and text)
                     (Text Mode: text only)
                     (Cinema Mode: voice only)
                     (Shenmue Mode: both text are shown when you want to skip
        -Sound (Stereo or Mono)
        -Analog Thumb Pad (switch functions of D-pad and analog pad)
        -Toggle Controls (switch functions of L and R triggers)
    MS: Move Scroll (Scroll)
    Check the moves and its buttons and your current proficiency level. 
    CO: Collection (Toy Shell)
    Check your entire collection here. You can look at your toys up close too.
    AL: Album (Scrapbook)
    Check your pictures from Shenmue I and here out anytime via this new, exciting
    MA: Maps (Folder with Maps on it)
    Duh... See the Maps individually
    PF: Pawnshop Filters (Orange paper)
    Check out the competition between the pawnshops to find the best prices. To 
    get a filter, juts go to a pawnshop and talk to the clerk and he'll give you
    for free. Various toys have different values for each pawnshop. Try to get the
    best value for every toy.
    MH: Move Handbook (Rolled-up Handbooks)
    When you get a handbook, go to this list and click on that handbook and Ryo'll
    read it through and master that move. Simple, no hassle! :-D
    Probably the only reason why people who beat Shenmue II on Dreamcast bought
    this, too... Anyway, you actually can take some cool photos during gameplay
    and even CUT SCENES! (Guess what, most of my photos had Joy in it ^_^) It's
    a very fun thing to do, trying to take the BEST photo in an event. Most of
    my pictures took place in the top of the Yellow Head Building/Big Ox. It's
    full of action and excitement and I get to relive the moment all over again
    and again! Go me. 
    To snap a photo, just press the Black button on your big bulky Xbox controller
    (Unless you have the S controller, whoo!). The scene will freeze for a second
    and resume. You could change the filters by pressing the White button, but
    that's up to you. 
    If you want to view the photos, just go to the in-game menu (press Y) and go
    to the Photos. Then you can view them all. However, you can ORGANIZE them all
    at the main menu... just go to Shots-viewer icon and you can organize it by
    the time you took it or whatever. Now, if you press X, you can change the 
    pattern of the photos. However, if you press X a few times (look at bottom
    right corner) and stop when you see 'Secrets'. Now, you might see some 'dark'
    pictures with a silhouette of someone on it. To fill it up with color, you have
    to snap a picture of that person. If you fill a page (8 people a page) up, you
    will get a extra. Refer to the 'Secret Pictures' section for more information.
    This extra secret thing is pretty fun, IMO. You should try it out, not a 
    hassle at all. 
    The limit to how many photos you can have at once is 126. You can delete them
    in the photo-viewer via the main menu.
    By the way, the photos will be saved in the hard drive so you don't have to
    save. Even if you delete your save file, the photos are still going to be 
    there until you delete it all manually via the XBox menu. If you took a photo
    and didn't save your game afterwards, the photo will be saved anyway. Cool...
    This is, of course, the battle fighting system. If you ever played any of the
    Virtua Fighter games, you will feel comfortable right here. The system is 
    frightenly similar to theirs, and it should be! Yu Suzuki's company is Sega 
    and guess what? Sega also made Virtua Fighter so... see the connection, no?
    Let's recap the general controls for the fighting system:
        A: Kick
        B: Grab (Throw)
        X: Punch
        Y: Evade/Dodge/Guard
        L: Run 
        R: Run
    Black: Photo
    White: Change filters
    I won't list EVERY combo in this section (in the 'Moves' section down below) 
    because I have to cut down the distance from the top to the Walkthrough. 
    Anyway, I'm going to give you the basics and some tips about the system.
    First, I want you to know where your health is located. It's the meter on 
    the lower right corner. It looks like a rock (some engraves on it) with 
    several dots surrounding three-quarters of the way around. The green dots
    themselves are your health. As you get attacked, the health will drop down
    gradually. What attacks you absorb will vary so the damage you get will vary.
    If a powerful man with a strong attack hits you, you get a lot of damage
    more than you would get from a weak attack. Of course, once the dots' colors
    all go away, you lose. The nearest opponent's health bar is on the lower left
    corner with the same features. 
    As you should know, Ryo will move accordingly to what direction you press on
    the D-Pad. Now, you cannot control where/who he will look at. He will always
    look at the nearest one so bear with it. The fights tend to go quickly and 
    evolve into a brawl so you need to fight the nearest guy anyway. You can 
    either attack with A or X button. I won't recommend attacking all-out because
    it will expose you to tons of possible combos. Doing so will easily take down
    weak enemies, but stronger enemies will probably slow you down and block your
    attacks, allowing some open area for combos. 
    The best way to fight is: dodge and wait for the opponent to strike first. 
    Then, after he starts to strike you, press Y and step away. Now, you can move
    in and kick his ass. It works only in the 1 on 1 or maybe 1 on 2. Any fight
    involving more than 3 people is basically a brawl so connect with strong kick
    combos to win. 
    Speaking of brawls, the best way to stay safe is to try to isolate the thugs.
    Do this by pressing Y to a open space and wait for the enemies to chase after
    you. Usually, you end up facing only one enemy in the front for you while the
    others are behind him, unable to attack you. Pick them off one by one using
    the isolation method. 
    Now, time for more advanced combos. The best combos for beginners are easily
    the Triple Kick or Punch combos. It's AAA for the Triple Kick and XXX for 
    Triple Punch. The final kick of the Triple Kick is extremely strong but 
    stronger enemies don't fall for that. Sure, they're great, but don't over-use
    them. Personally, I like to combine the punch and kick moves together. For
    example, I would punch a fist first (X) and connect a leg move next (A) to
    throw the opponent off-balance. After that, I would do the next leg move 
    because it's more powerful. More often than not, it would connect yet again
    since the opponent is stunned from the sudden change. There are tons of 
    possibilities you can make up. 
    Throws... It's useful only in the brawls. When you learn the 'Wild Throw' in
    Wan Chai, you can literally take down 2 or 3 people in a single throw. 
    Otherwise, throws are pretty useless because it doesn't always connect and
    when it does, you have no combos left to do until the opponent gets back up.
    The most important skill to have is not the button mashing or the knowledge of
    the combos... it's the evade button. At first, you would think, "Ah, it's too
    easy, I just pressed A all of the way and still won with barely a scratch." 
    yes, it is extremely easy at the beginning but... when you fight some tough
    opponents later one like Dou Niu and Baihu, you're going to get killed. 
    Repetition won't work alone. It can... with the evade button. It's quite
    simple... just press Y just before the opponents attacks you to move to the
    flank and there you go! A open shot! This works as well for the brawls. Why?
    To get out of the middle of the fight. Getting in the middle will absolutely
    KILL you. It's like suicide. Punches and kicks in every direction. It's not
    good at all. Use the evade button to move to the outside and pick them off
    one by one. Much easier...
    To recap the basics, to be a master, you have to be smart with your moves and
    always evade. Look for chances for some open attacks, and they WILL come. Once
    you've grasped the general idea of evading, you will barely get attacked, let
    alone lose. 
    Good luck with your Free Battles.
      New Game
    Of course, this will lead you to a brand new game. However, if you have 
    already beaten Shenmue II with a end save (save after the credits), you can
    re-load from that save and continue on. What's new this time? Nothing except
    that you can press B twice to skip SOME scenes. Also, if you're hunting for
    the mini-games to play on the Shenmue Collection, it's better if you use the
    same file (continue).
    Well... you know.
      Shenmue Collection
    You can play the games and some free battles that you played during the game
    all over again here. The arcade games will be here, all free! They only 
    appears when you have a clear file with the previously played arcade games on 
    it. The free battles that you can fight again are the ones you had in Kowloon
    to impress the scout. There are several more in Kowloon so find them all!
      Digest Movie
    Ah, this feature's really cool. Only one thing to do: watch the important 
    events that took place in Shenmue I. Enjoy!
        -Dialog/Text (Game Mode: both voice and text)
                     (Text Mode: text only)
                     (Cinema Mode: voice only)
                     (Shenmue Mode: both text are shown when you want to skip
        -Sound (Stereo or Mono)
        -Analog Thumb Pad (switch functions of D-pad and analog pad)
        -Toggle Controls (switch functions of L and R triggers)
    In this feature, you can look and organize all of your pictures that you took
    during playing this game. You can delete pictures, move, see the secrets, etc.
    Press X to change the 'organization'... Press X several times until you see 
    the word 'Secrets' on the bottom right corner. Now you can check out what 
    photos you have... Get them all to find all of the secrets! (The secrets can
    be seen on the present box on each page)
    No yen this time. Now, you will use dollars. No, not the American dollar, you
    silly boy. Hong Kong dollars! Its symbol is HK$, simple concept. During the
    course of the story, you will have to pay some people to move on. Other than
    that, you can use it to buy stuff like toys from pawnshops or play some games
    that can be found all over Hong Kong and Kowloon. You start off with $596 but
    you will lose all of them shortly afterwards, sorry. haha. You can get some
    money by selling your toys to pawnshops, get a part-time job, or gamble. Up to
    ya. :)
    The ultra-realistic weather! The weather changes every day, from day to night.
    No other game can even compare with it. Usually they has some weird system 
    the rain would go on suddenly without warning. This game, you would see clouds
    forming, preparing to throw their wrath on you. The weather basically has no
    effect on the story, but the pictures will have the weather's condition on the
    background (if you took the picture outside). You can't control the weather...
    By the way, the weather is fixed, all from that time in 1987 in China! Yu
    Suzuki found the records of the weather in Hong Kong and Kowloon and put the
    corresponding weather on the days! How cool!
    The time, unlike the weather, is not real-time. It goes by faster than in the
    real world. I'm not sure how many minutes went by in a hour of Shenmue II's
    time but don't worry because you have no set time limit do stuff. You can
    take your time and enjoy the world! However, at 11 PM, Ryo will say that he
    have to go to bed to get a good night's sleep.
    This feature is very helpful especially if you forgot what's going or what 
    people said. The IMPORTANT clues will be recorded automatically only. The
    pointless ones won't be put in. To open the notebook, just press X when the
    X icon has a book on it. You can skim through the notebook to look through
    the notes. Hell, there are still notes from Shenmue I! Check it out!
                                     V. Walkthrough
    Before I begin, I want to make sure you understand a few things: 
    -At the top of every section, there is a 'Photos' and 'QTEs' list that only
    include for THAT specific section. Those are the ones that you CAN/WILL see.
    You can take a picture of them (black button) if you want. If you have some
    required photos, you can uncover some extras in the Photoviewer in the Main
    Menu. By the way, the asterisk (*) next to the name symbolizes the rarity
    of that person. If that person's name has an asterisk, that means this might
    be the last chance to see them in the entire game (sometimes) so seize the
    moment. (Or it may mean you will see that person only a few times)
    The names will appear without any descriptions (on the list at the top) so
    you will have to skim through that section for the location. If you want a
    detailed explanation, then refer to the Photos section under the Walkthrough.
    -Know the area well. In the beginning of Aberdeen and Kowloon, I will be 
    writing in detail about the locations, but after a while, I won't be that
    detailed. That's because I will assume that you know the place and where to
    go. So memorize the place and their names the best you can.
    I want you to learn how I write down my QTEs. I know the QTEs are straight-
    forward and easy to understand, but how about the CQTEs??? Not so easy, is it?
    Now, The QTEs will be bundled together... it will start with the first QTE
    button all of the way to the end of that 'scene'. The buttons will be 
    separated by ';' or ','. For example... a chase QTE starts off with an 'A' 
    and ends with an 'X'. This QTE would look like this:
    (A, B, Up, Down, A, A, Left, X)
    Simple enough? Thought so. For the CQTE, where you have to press consecutive
    buttons in a given time, I will use the '+' sign to connect the buttons 
    together. This DOES NOT means that you have to press them at the SAME time. 
    It just signals a CQTE where you press those in a given time. Here's an
    You press Up, then A, then Down, and finally X. Really simple concept. One
    more CQTE: the ones that you have to press TWO buttons at the SAME TIME. 
    There are only two or so such CQTEs in the entire game but there is such
    a thing so I guess I have to explain it! Say... if the screen shows Up, then
    X and A at the same time, then I will record it as:
    Notice that I put the Up and the XA separately. Why? Because it's a CQTE but
    it doesn't go at the same time. It's like a combo. Let's test yourself.
    (Up, X, Y, Right, A) (Left+X+Up+Down+B) (BA+Down)
    The first set is a simple QTE, each button has its own time limit. There are
    five buttons so you will have to press 5 of them at different times, not 
    combined. The second set.. you have to press them all at ONE given time. Yes, 
    it's called a CQTE. The third one... A CQTE, but you have to press the buttons
    'B' and 'A' at the same time THEN press down shortly afterwards. Scary, no?
    Again, good luck.
    V.A. Aberdeen/Wan Chai
    Photos: Ailian He*, May*, Joy
    QTEs: None
    Welcome to the grand city of Hong Kong. Well, technically... it's Aberdeen, a
    part of the gigantic Hong Kong. If you played and beat Shenmue I, you would 
    know why you are here. Mere two words drive us all crazy: Lan Di. That's
    why Ryo, our protagonist, himself is here. After a fairly lengthy boat ride
    from Yokosuka in Japan, he exits the boat and looks down at the journal. 
    'Wan Chai, South Carmain Qr., Yan Tin Apartments', that's what he reads. Is
    that where Lishao Tao is...? 
    Aha! You finally take control of our great protagonist, Ryo Hazuki. Well,
    not for long, at least. As you move forward a mere 5 steps, a cut scene 
    occurs. Two street musicians will greet you and sing a song for you. A boy
    comes forward and explains to you that they sings for travelers that may
    come by. He also tells you that it's good luck to donate some money to them.
    You have an option. It doesn't matter either way. However, if you put in 
    some money (measly 10 Hong Kong dollars) the man will tell you where Wan
    Chai is.
    After that part, continue down the street and you will be greeted by some
    creepy guys looking for some money. Instantly, a flash comes by. A 
    photographer has taken a photo of you. At this point, it's not important,
    but you might trigger a cut scene with a hot girl later on. Just ignore
    them and a girl with her mother will give their thanks to you (Ryo comforted
    the girl during the boat ride *wink*). The mother will tell you that you
    can relax at the nearby Lodge, which she points at. Ignore it, continue
    You will come upon a cute girl in a sexy blue outfit sitting. That's Ailian
    He. Take a photo of her, with your Black Button. You don't have to talk to 
    her, just go through the little tunnel.
    You emerge in the Worker's Pier. Things are starting to look bigger! Anyway,
    walk down the big path and you will see a big Mexican macho schoolin' a 
    wimpy Asian guy. A Hong Kong native will confront you and he asks 
    you to do a arm-wrestling match with that Mexican. Accept the challenge (for
    fun and practice). The bet is $10 so just go ahead. The Mexican will try to
    imitate you but don't worry, he's a pushover. Wait until the countdown goes to
    'Go!' and TAP 'A' quickly. If the screen will show up a left arrow, you have
    to press left, giving you a greater advantage to win. Just tap 'A' quickly
    and you should be fine. After beating him, you will collect $10 and you win
    a tip from that Hong Kong man. He will tell you where Wan Chai is.
    Go down the street with some stores around, along the body of water. 
    Suddenly, a motorcycle comes flying out of nowhere! Guess who's on it? A
    hot mamachita! Yum! She screams some remarks at your foolish stroll. Luckily,
    Ryo gets smooth and he made Joy tell where Wan Chai is! Wait... you already
    knew! Bah. At least she told you her name! The hot girl is Joy. Make sure 
    you've taken a photo of her, but if you didn't... don't worry. There's 
    PLENTY of time...
    As you walk down the street, you will see some stores around...
    The stores have some 'Zippos' a form of lighter. Use up ALL of your money 
    on them. Just trust me, you will lose your money soon anyway. This way, you
    can use your Zippos (sell them) to get SOME of your money back. At least it's
    better than nothing! After using up all of your money, continue to the Pigeon
    Park. Ignore the giant Park and the fountain. Stick to the left side and you
    should see the street going left. To make sure you're in the right spot, 
    look into the open store with a green banner. There's a girl with an orange
    shirt. That's May. Take a snapshot of her. 
    Going back to the original path, go past the girl with the orange shirt and
    A hysterical boy claiming that some thugs are going will confront you
    after him...
    02. WHERE'S MY BAG?
    Photos: Wong, Sam*, Cool Z*, Larry*, Haohai Du*, Bangzhuo Du*, Joy
    QTEs: (A, Left, Right, A, B, Left, Left, Right, A, Right, Down, A)
    The thugs come and scream at you, wanting the boy. After some trash-talking,
    the thugs suddenly tell the boy something and he takes away your bag! Oh no,
    your treasure, the Phoenix Mirror is inside that bag. You HAVE to get it back!
    They all run away... You have no idea where they are. What to do? For now,
    just continue walking the direction before the boy and the gang came. You
    will arrive upon Queens St. Things look pretty bland around here so just 
    ignore everything and walk past the bar with some guys sitting around. 
    (Note: In the following cut scene, take a snapshot for each drunken men (2)
    because you won't see them much so use this opportunity well. Their names are
    Haohai Du and Bangzhuo Du. Take a snap of Joy if you haven't)
    The men will harass you after your polite (but lame) attempt at finding out
    where the boy who stole your bag. They demanded some money but guess who
    saved the day??? Joy! Hahaha! A woman covering a grown-up young man's ass? 
    Pathetic. Anyway, after seeing the sexy Joy, the men flee. Now Joy will ask
    you what happened. You explain to Joy what happened and she laughs. She tells
    you that boy is called Wong and he's at Pigeon Park. 
    Return to Worker's Pier and go to the fountain in the middle of the Pigeon
    Park. Go around the fountain and a cut scene will occur. You finally find 
    the culprit, Wong himself. Unfortunately, Wong sees you before you can catch
    up with him and he runs away. Follow him with your first QTE. The QTE:
    A, Left, Right, A, B, Left, Left, Right, A, Right, Down, A
    After the nifty cut scene involving a rescue of the falling plate and jumping
    over a rather tall fence, you arrive upon a trap. Wong leads you to the gang,
    THAT gang who distracted you from Wong. Yea, Cool Z (the big guy with the
    boom box), Sam, and Larry. Try your best to snap a picture of them 
    (individually) and Wong if you haven't. 
    The gang chuckles at you and the henchmen (Sam and Larry) will fight you. 
    Eventually one of the henchmen will draw out a knife. Just keep pummeling
    them with basic kicks and punches and they should go down rather easily.
    After taking them down, you grab a henchman and threats to beat him up
    even further... Wong comes over and apologetically asks you to stop and he
    promises to give you your bag back. You accept and follow him. 
    Just leave your controller on the floor and Ryo will automatically follow
    Wong to the bag. Wong will sneak through a NARROW alley and retrieves your 
    bag. You find out that there's no money in it! Wong explains to you that the 
    gang used all of them up on gambling. If you've bought some Zippos beforehand,
    you're in luck! Now you can sell them and get about 50% of the money back!
    If you haven't... too bad. Also, you will ask Wong about the Yan Tin 
    Apartments. He doesn't know where it is but he knows someone who knows 
    where. He gives you a map (WONG) with directions to 'Come Over Guest House'. 
    That's your next destination, whether you like it or not.
    Walk around the block and down the street heading back to Queens St. If you
    bought some of the Zippos with your money beforehand, sell them back to the
    dealers now. You should be able to get 40-50% of your money back. 
    Photos: Joy, Ren Dan*, Anan Liu*
    QTEs: none
    Go to Queens St. and walk all of the way to the end, where some cars are 
    passing through pretty quickly. There's a bridge leading to the other side
    of the street. Take that bridge to the other side. The Green Market Qr. is on
    the other side... And it's in Wan Chai! Congrats! You only have to find 
    South Carmain and the Yan Tin Apts. now!
    Once at the crowded Wan Chai, take your time and look around. Just walk along
    the path and Joy will come by you yet again. She tells you to go to Come Over
    Guest House, the exact place where Wong told you to go. She also tells you 
    to mention her name to get a discount... Gotta love the hot girls! Yum...
    Go ahead and walk around... At the fork, where you have to pick left or right,
    take the left. It leads to Come Over Guest House so go there. You can talk to
    some people but it's useless. You'll know when you've reached that place when
    Joy comes by again. She tells you to wake up at 8 AM the next day for a job.
    After that, go into the House and a creepy-wrinkled guy (take a snapshot of 
    him) comes before you. He's reading the newspaper and tells you to go away.
    Luckily for you, you mention Joy's name and he suddenly changes his mind!
    Joy is our savior, all hail Joy! Heh... Ren Dan (the clerk) will give you
    a key to room #203. Go up the stairs and enter the first door you see. You
    will be given an option to sleep or save. Save the game...
    If it's daytime (before 6 pm), go back out. If it's nighttime, just forget
    about it, just go to sleep, there's nothing to do now. Skip to the next
    Anyway, when it's daytime, go back out and Ren Dan will demand some money for
    the trouble. It's $38 a night, but you don't have to pay, even if you 
    actually have the money! He'll just give you a crappy lecture on how to
    earn some money... Just rip him off! ^_^
    Go back out and go left. Walk all of the way until you see a cut scene. You 
    will be shown a guy trying to balance a sign outside his store. He stops
    you and asks for your assistance. Use this opportunity to snap a picture
    of him (Anan Liu). After that, help him by pressing down 7 times. Then tell
    him that's all right. He will say thank you and tell you where South Carmain
    Qr. is. However, don't go there yet, you'll just waste your time if you do so.
    You can't find Lishao Tao before bedtime. Return to Come Over Guest House
    and sleep.
    04. YOUR JOB!
    Photos: Joy, Ren Dan*, Delin*
    QTEs: none
    When you wake up, Joy will shout from outside and you will look down the 
    window and see the sexy girl. She says to hurry up. Go down the stairs and 
    you'll get a lecture from Ren Dan, but don't pay him! Go out of the doors
    and Joy will ask you to share a ride with her.
    She will give you a ride all of the way to Worker's Pier (how did she get
    across the busy street?) and asks the guard to let her and you pass. A man
    will be screaming at top of his lungs at some fat drunkards, I mean, workers.
    Joy will insult the man a bit, just for fun *wink*... The man will grin and
    asks Joy what's up. Joy asks the man, names Mr. Sun, to give Ryo a job.
    Mr. Sun accepts gladly and pairs you up with Delin. Take a picture of him
    (Delin) and start working! 
    To move the crates, (yea, that's YOUR job!) press the direction that Delin
    shouts out. If he shouts out right, you press right ONCE. If he shouts out 
    left, you know what to do (left). If he doesn't say anything, you press Up.
    Sometimes he will shout out 2 or 3 or maybe even 4 consecutive times like
    Left, Left, Left or Right, Right, Right, Right. If this occurs, you press
    that direction for that amount. If there are 3 lefts, you press the left 
    direction 3 times. Simple as that. When you finally reach the end, press
    down to drop the box. The you will start over.
    Each box is worth HK$10 so if you carry 5 crates, you get $50. If you carry
    5 crates and is carrying the sixth, you get $60 so hurry up! After that, 
    you emerge out in the Fortune's Pier. Go left and go through the opening
    to the left of the red/white gate.
    Photos: Joy, Jianmin, Shiquan Fu*, Jiliang Chang*, Hanhui Liu
    QTEs: none
    Once in the Worker's Pier, go along the stores and exit the area to the Queens
    St. However, if you were quick enough in going through the game, you will
    trigger a scene on the way to the Queens St.
    (If you didn't see any cut scene all of the way to the Queens St., skip the 
    next paragraph.)
    The cut scene starts off with the creepy photographer that took a picture
    of you at the beginning of the game. He will barge at you and try to squeeze
    a few dollars out of you. You will constantly say no until Joy comes. Joy will
    ask the photographer what's up and looks at the picture and asks the 
    photographer to do another one. He does so but the picture includes Ryo AND
    Joy! You sly fox! Hehehe! Joy gives you JOY, the picture of Ryo and Joy. She
    keeps the picture of you (taken at the beginning). She runs away without
    paying, I guess she's even slyer than you...
    Back to the main storyline, continue to Queens St. and go through that area,
    back to Wan Chai (Green Market) again. Ignore everything and follow the
    path and take the right path when you reach a fork. You will reach a small
    set of stairs at the end (to make sure, you should see a long white wall 
    with 2 guards standing by the entrance to the temple with some people
    training inside). The stairs leads to your next area, South Carmain Qr.! 
    You're even closer to your target, the Yan Tin Apartments! Could Lishao
    Tao be there? 
    Once in the South Carmain Qr., go forward and you can see some beautiful
    cherry blossom trees in a little washed-up park. Go to that park. A scene
    will occur, and you will be  introduced to a elderly martial arts master,
    Jianmin. He sensed that you knows some martial arts and asks you to spar
    with him. Ryo gets a bit puzzled, because Jianmin was obviously practicing 
    Tai Chi, a technique considered defensive. You spar with anyway.
    You can't win or lose this spar match so just throw out random punches and
    kicks. Throws doesn't work so just punch and kick. After a while, Jianmin 
    suddenly attacks you, catching you in surprise. He explains that his form
    of Tai Chi begins with softness and develops into force. Let this be a lesson
    in your life! ;-) He will ask you to return later to spar some more. Make
    sure you snapped a photo of him, though. 
    After this rather interesting portion, go back to the street and go right.
    You will see a fork, one going a bit to left and the other one going right.
    If you spoke to some people here about Yan Tin Apartments, they will point 
    to the right path or even lead you there. If you want the directions to
    the Yan Tin Apts., go to the right and Ryo will automatically look up when
    he gets close to Yan Tin Apts. When he does, go into that building. Lishao
    Tao, here we come!
    As you enter the building, you look into the mailbox to find room #205, where
    Lishao Tao is supposed to be. Suddenly, a grumpy old woman screams at you,
    calling you a land shark. Ryo gets puzzled and tries to calm her down and
    explains that she is looking for Lishao Tao. However, the woman refuses to 
    listen and goes away. For now, don't worry about her. Just go up a floor
    and look for room #205. When you finally find the room, knock on the door.
    A man emerges. Lishao Tao? Nope... He bribes you instead. If you have at least
    HK$20, pay him $20 (you will get the same answer if you paid him $50 or $100).
    He will tell you that Lishao Tao is located at Man Mo-something. The problem:
    there are a million places with Man Mo in the title! Oh boy...
    If you don't have any money, just go to a nearby pawnshop (found in the next
    area: Wise Men's Qr. and can be found in this area or the preceding area, 
    the Green Market) and sell some of your toys for some cash. 
    Now, go down and exit the building. Go right then left at the fork (the right
    path has the stairs going down). Walk down the path and turn right the first
    path to the right. There is a man standing by the game boards, if you talk
    to that man by pressing Y and choosing the 'Part-Time Job' option, you
    can use that job position as your actual part-time job, but I don't
    recommend it because it is difficult to win some money and the pay is very 
    Go up the stairs and you'll discover yet another section in the large Wan
    Chai: the Wise Men's Qr. The first thing you see in front of you is Man Mo
    Antiques. Could it be? I'll be this blunt: no. You can talk to people for
    various tips on where the Man Mo-something can be, but the actual location
    is in the Scarlet Hills. To get there, from the entrance of the Wise Men's
    Qr., go around the Man Mo Antiques and you should see a set of stairs 
    divided by a solid wall divisor. Go up the stairs and take the right path.
    Continue running north, going past two trees, and you will see yet another
    large staircase. Of course, go up.
    The screen will go black and state 'Scarlet Hills'. Whew... Even closer to
    Lishao Tao! This area is tiny so you shouldn't have any trouble finding your
    target. Anyway, go ahead and walk further. To the left, you should be able
    to see a opening into a area enclosed by white walls. (If it's after 8 pm,
    the area's going to be close, wait until tomorrow and return) While in the
    area, talk to the two men sweeping the ground. Talk to the first one
    and take a photo of him (Shiquan Fu) and he will tell you that he can't 
    help you because he's a pussy, he doesn't want any trouble. Talk to the 
    second guy and take a photo of him too (Jiliang Chang). This time, he
    will gladly help you out. He will tell you to go into the temple.
    Naturally, enter the temple. A cut scene will automatically roll. A fairly
    attractive lady in crimson red turns around and asks you what you need. Of
    course, you answer back with the usual Lishao Tao thing. She claims that 
    she doesn't know Lishao Tao and leaves. A fairly elderly man comes forth. He
    asks you what's going on. You answer back with the Lishao Tao introduction and
    gives him the introductory letter from Japan (Chen). While you're at it,
    grab a photo of him (Hanhui Liu). Hanhui tells you that he do know who and
    where Lishao Tao is, but will not give you the details until you know the
    four Wude. According to Hanhui, it is essential for the martial arts mastery.
    Whatever! Go back outside...
    Photos: Jianmin
    QTEs: (A + X) for Iron Palm
    Get out of the yard and go down the stairs, heading back to the Wise Men Qr.
    At the base of the stairs, that mysterious woman appears again... what the 
    hell do she want from me? Ryo doesn't seem to be fazed by her stalking...
    instead, he asks the woman what the four Wude are. The woman merely shrugs
    off the request and tells him to find it out by himself. Grumble, grumble...
    The woman only tells you a little tip: the martial arts experts know them.
    Hmmm... Where can you find a martial arts expert??? Think, man! THINK!!!!!!
    Remember... that guy... YES! Jianmin! Whoo! Let's go! Go to the other side
    of Wise Men's Qr. and go down the stairs to South Carmain Qr. Go left and 
    walk down the main path (sticking to the right path) and enter the park.
    Talk to Jianmin...
    At first, Ryo will try to ask him about the four Wude, but Jianmin stops him
    and asks him to spar with him again. Spar with him and after a while, do
    a throw (B) and you will trigger a scene involving the Vortex Throw. This
    isn't important at all, but it's cool. You will spar with Jianmin again
    after that cut scene and just pull out some random punches and kicks until
    another cut scene comes. Again, Jianmin will surprise you by executing a 
    He explains that the punch is called the Iron Palm. Then he goes back to the 
    point and asks you what were you asking. After learning what you were looking
    for, he encourages you to learn the Iron Palm. You will have to do it right
    and hit the tree. Just press A and X at the same time to execute the Iron
    Palm. Jianmin will congratulate you and tell you that you have to cover
    the ground with the leaves or he won't tell you the Wude. 
    To cover the ground, just do the Iron Palm repeatedly. This time, watch at
    the meter at the bottom left corner. The power of the Iron Palm will be
    determined by your timing on that meter. Blue is weak, Yellow a bit
    stronger and Red the strongest. Try to get Yellow every time, or you will
    be stuck with that part for a while. Just do it repeatedly until you've
    covered the ground. Jianmin fulfills his promise and tells you the first
    Wude: GON. "Practice everyday without neglect." Here comes the most
    unbelievable thing that have happened thus far: Jianmin's seemingly weak
    Iron Palm suddenly causes a longest wave of falling cherry blossoms you 
    can ever imagine!
    "Practice everyday without neglect."
    Photos: Zhoushan Xuan*, Zongquan Bai*, Mingzhen Ye*, Linjian Chuan*,
            Izumi Takano*
    QTEs: none
    Talk to Jianmin twice and select the 'Martial Arts' option and he will tell
    you about Zhoushan, a master that resides in the Guang Martial Arts School
    in Green Market Qr. Whoa, that's SO close by! Sweet! 
    You should know where the Green Market Qr. is. It's just to the left of the
    Lotus Park, where Jianmin trains. Go down the stairs and go to the first 
    opening in the wall to the right you see. Ryo will look up and recite the
    words "Guang Martial Arts". You're there! Wooo! 
    Once you enter through the opening, the blades will immediately slash in 
    front of you. An elderly man sitting on a chair looks up and tells the guards
    to let you in. Before you go any further, make sure you take a picture of
    the guards in purple (Mingzhen Ye and Linjian Chuan). Go up to that elderly
    Talk to the man and ask him about the Martial Arts and he will confirm that 
    he is indeed Zhoushan himself. After being asked about the Wude, he explains
    that he cannot tell you the Wude because he has broken the natural 'law'
    of the Martial Arts by destroying a student of his. He also mentions that
    that poor ex-student resides in the Golden Qr., and works as a street
    performer. Hmmm... it's a clue! You don't have to talk to Zhoushan any
    further. Leave the area (remember to snap a picture of Zhoushan).
    I'm sure that you don't know where Golden Qr. Is. You could ask the people
    around and let them point the location to you or let them lead you to that
    place. However, if you want me to tell you where it is, then I shall do my
    From the entrance of the Guang Martial Arts School, go left to the South 
    Carmain Qr. Go past the Lotus Park and go all of the way to the Wise Men's
    Qr. Go around the Man Mo Antiques and go up the double-tier stairs and turn 
    LEFT. You should be running down a light-sloped ramp. Go down all of the way
    to the end. Turn left and walk down the stairs to reach the Lucky Charm Qr.
    Once in the Lucky Charm Qr., just go STRAIGHT to another set of stairs. It 
    will lead you to White Dynasty Qr. This area is very crowded and narrow,
    because of the number of the carts around here. There's nothing you can
    do around here so just go ahead and run between the carts, while avoiding 
    the people. At the end, you can see some light (finally! ^_^) and two exits.
    The Golden Qr. lies directly north of you so go there.
    In the Golden Qr., you have to go into the shopping mall to find the expelled
    student... but before that, go to the right side and look for a store called
    'Tomato Convenience Store'. It has a yellow and red colors on its banner so
    you can easily spot it. Go into the store and go left and talk to the cute
    girl behind the counter and snap a shot of her (Izumi Takano). Not only you
    get a picture in your Secrets section, you unlocked a opening in a secret
    side-quest involving some girls later on. Go back out to Golden Qr.
    The mall is pretty obvious to find... in fact, you've already found it. It's
    right in the front of you! Yeah, that BIG building! What did you think that
    building was?!? Go to the entrance (near the street with cars) and enter the
    Golden Shopping Mall. Ryo will look a bit dumbfounded, looking around the
    spacious mall. He also notices that there are some guys hooting and cheering
    at something at the middle. Ignore that circle of men, go to the
    extreme right side of the mall, and look for a man lying on the floor. 
    Talk to that hapless, rugged man. Before Ryo could even ask that hairy ape a
    question, he asks you a question instead. Ryo will state that he is Japanese
    and the man will immediately shout out to the group of people that you saw
    earlier. He makes an outrageous claim: the people should donate some money 
    to him IF Ryo can BREAK a stone! Whoa...
    Not surprisingly, Ryo sucks it up and accepts the challenge. In this little
    mini-game, you have 3 chances to do it right. To break the stone, you have
    to get the green meter to the maximum and the yellow meter to the near-
    maximum. The green portion isn't hard at all because you can have all day to
    get it right so be patient and take your time. Make sure you get the last 
    green dot in the end of the meter. The meter will move fairly slowly so don't
    worry. After the green thing, a yellow (a faster one!)meter will come out!
    You have only one chance to do it so pay attention! Press A as soon as the
    meter gets close to the end. You don't have to hit the full meter, you can
    miss the last 2 or 3 dots and still break the stone. If you failed all 3 
    attempts, talk to the man again to try again.
    After breaking the stone (what a feat!), the homeless man and Ryo will talk
    some business. Ryo will eventually say the name "Zhoushan", catching the
    bum by surprise. He will later confirm that he is indeed that befallen
    comrade of Zhoushan's. His name is Zongquan Bai... take a picture of him.
    He will hold the conversation up and writes a letter, addressed to the
    Master Zhoushan. He asks you to give this letter to the Master.
    Go all of the way back to Green Market Qr... through the narrow skies of
    White Dynasty Qr., through the quaint Lucky Charm Qr., through the lively
    Wise Men's Qr., and through the hell-bent South Carmain Qr.
    When you finally reach the Martial Arts School, just go straight to the
    Master. Ryo will automatically give him the letter and the Master will 
    recite what the letter says. Surprised by the meeting between you and
    Zongquan, he will explain what the words in the letter meant. He also tells
    you the second Wude, JIE. Hoo-ray!
    "Judge yourself without conceit and do not show or use moves thoughtlessly."
    Photos: Zhangyu*
    QTEs: none
    This section isn't long, unlike the pervious Wude. Actually... it's pretty
    nothing. Anyway, you'll see. :-)
    Talk to Zhoushan and ask him about the martial arts that might know about the
    Wude. He will tell you that there is a man that works as a barber in his own
    barbershop in the Three Blades St, located within the Lucky Charm Qr. His name
    is Zhangyu. 
    Go to the Lucky Charm Qr. If you forgot how to get there, just go to South
    Carmain Qr. again and go all of the way to the Wise Men's Qr. Once at the
    Wise Men's Qr., go up the double stairs behind the Man Mo Antiques and turn
    left. Go left at the end of the alley and go down the stairs. Ta-da! You happy
    yet? Hah.
    In the Lucky Charm Qr., go right and run until you see a little fork. Above the
    left path, there is a sign saying 'Three Blades St.', which is obviously where
    you should be going. Go under the giant sign and look for the trademark barber
    item, the swirling red/blue cylinder. It's on the left side of the street.
    Ryo will automatically look down to the sign in the front of the Zhangyu's
    Shop if you came up to it. Enter the door. You will see a fairly tired-looking
    or depressed man smoking it up. That must be Zhangyu... so talk to him!
    Wait.... Ryo will automatically talk to him... :P
    The man will get suspicious of you and ask you if you know the martial arts.
    Of course, you say yes. Zhangyu asks you to have a seat and pulls out a 
    cutting knife used by the barbers while babbling about the martial arts. He
    clearly states: 'Listen, do not move. No matter what happens.' Got it? You
    should... if you don't get it, I'll bust a cap in your ass. The screen will
    show up 'A' like it's the QTE time. Actually, you don't have to press 
    anything. Remember, Zhangyu told you to not move at all. After a long time,
    the 'A' will disappear, impressing the barber. He will accept you as one 
    of the to-be martial art experts and tells you the third Wude. It's DAN...
    What did I say? Pretty easy, wasn't it? Haha!
    "Be brave and stay calm to make the right decision."
    Photos: Guixiang*, Zhangyu*
    QTEs: none
    Ready?!?! Ready for the final Wude? Anxious to finally meet Lishao Tao? Good!
    Ryo will ask Zhangyu for a person who might know the final Wude. He doesn't
    know but knows a place that might. He recommends you to go to the Bloom 
    Tailor. Cool... Get out of the tiny washed-up barbershop and go to your left.
    Directly to the left is the Bloom Tailor, it's clearly marked with a nice sign
    in the front.
    Talk to the man behind the counter and ask him about the martial artists. He 
    will first mention Jianmin and Zhoushan, but you've already met them. The man
    finally gives you a reliable information: a woman that resides in the Yan Tin
    Apartments, named Guixiang. Is that...?!
    Go out of the tailor place and exit the colorful Lucky Charm Qr. to the Wise 
    Men's Qr. Continue on to the South Carmain Qr. and return to the Yan Tin
    Apartments again.
    Outside the entrance of the apartments, you could see some guys crowding over
    somebody... Go up to that crowd and a cut scene will occur, with Ryo getting 
    in the thugs' faces and eventually getting into a fight with them. Beat 
    their sorry asses with basic combos such as three-kick combo. There are four 
    of them so be careful by keeping your distance from them. The guys will 
    scream in agony and leave immediately without a word. Wimps...
    The woman that the men was arguing with comes up to you and asks why you 
    protected her. The savvy Ryo gets modest, saying 'who won't'... The woman
    also tells you her name which is... Guixiang! Remember to take a pic of her!
    She seems impressed by you and tells you the final Wude, but doesn't remember 
    the word for it (but you already know, don't you? Up in my header hahaha). 
    Hmm... fortunately, she tells you that you should ask Master Mo what it is
    Go straight to the Man Mo Temple in Scarlet Hills. (It is probably late,
    after 8 pm, so if it’s after 8 pm then go back to Come Over Guest House
    to sleep or play some One Shot games for some cash.
    ***Note: Return to this location (the grounds in the front of the Yan Tin
    Apartments) sometime later and Guixiang will come up to you and teach you a 
    new move: the Hind Blow. To execute the move, press Y and B at the same time.
    Not a bad move at all.
    'Do not hesitate to do the right thing.'
    10. LISHAO TAO!
    Photos: Xuiying, Hanhui Liu*
    QTEs: none
    Again, if you're not at the Man Mo Temple, go there now. After entering the
    gate, the apprentice will go up to you and asks you to leave immediately. 
    Ryo tries to convince that bastard into getting the master to talk to him,
    but he won't... So what do you do? Hmmm... when you're given an option, 
    choose 'Intrude' and Ryo will fool the bastard by telling him to talk to 
    the Master and getting into the Temple.
    After the some cute esponainge action, Ryo will ask the man scuffing up some
    dust from the wall for some help on finding the master. Unfortunately, the
    guy gets bitchy and forces you to clean up. Well.. you don't have to, but
    you have to! Know what I mean?
    With the dust cleaner, you can clear a part of the wall. It might seem 
    pointless, but if you clean up a certain part of the wall, you can discover
    a piece of paper with one of the Wude showing! If there's the Wude papers in
    the Temple, then there must be the missing Wude somewhere! If you're too
    lazy to scrub up the entire room for the final Wude, just go to the back of
    the room (up the stairs) and scrub the wall to the left, between the shelves.
    Author Note: watch the cut scene before reading the rest of the section.
    Once you've found the final Wude, YI, that guy comes out of nowhere. Ryo
    talks some Wude stuff with him while that mysterious woman lurks behind some
    statues... finally, she comes out and talks to Ryo. Ryo foolishly dismisses
    that woman as a 'wanna-be' and turns to talk to the man again. The man tells
    Ryo that that woman is indeed the Master Lishao Tao. Shocked, Ryo just stands
    right there while Lishao Tao looks around Ryo and explains that he is not a 
    complete martial fighter yet because he only have two of the four Wude. 
    However, she seems willing to help Ryo out. She asks Ryo to follow her out.
    Once outside the temple, Lishao Tao commands Ryo to fight and hit her. At 
    first, Ryo was awkward about it but Lishao Tao spooked him by going that
    Matrix-like blur move, encouraging him to fight. In this fight, it's really
    a spar, like you did with Jianmin. This time, Lishao Tao won't even BLOCK.
    She will expertly evade your attacks smoothly. After a while, Lishao Tao
    will do some ultra mega poop-move on Ryo and exclaims that if she was the one
    that Ryo sought after (Lan Di), he would be already dead. Scary shit!
    After some blah-blah talk, Lishao Tao invites Ryo to go to her apartment. Ryo has
    some skills with the babes... First Nozomi, then Joy and now Lishao Tao! Heh.
    Anyway, you can talk to Lishao Tao when she's walking away to let Ryo follow
    her all of the way to the apartment or just follow her manually.
    If you want to go to her apartment before she gets there (the door will be
    locked anyway so don't do it), the apartment is located to the right of the 
    entrance to the Lucky Charms Qr. Meet Lishao Tao there and she will lead you
    to her room. Once inside the room (last door of 2F), Ryo will get a puzzled
    look, thinking that he will actually get some action in the bed... but Lishao
    Tao spoils that dream by giving the couch to Ryo! HA!
    For your information... if you're using the DC version of Shenmue II, this
    marks the end of 1st disc's end. 
    Photos: Xuiying, Fangmei, Hanhui Liu
    QTEs: various (moving the books)
    | Note: Starting from this section, there are points in the story that you   |
    | can OPTIONALLY do certain stuff that would eventually lead to a final      |
    | prize: a bittersweet cut scene. It's not a big spoiler, so I can tell you |
    | what it's all about: there's a girl named Fangmei and if you do certain    |
    | things, you can make her love you and get a pretty scene in the end. I     |
    | HIGHLY recommend you try to get it. However, you have to be FAST and       |
    | complete everything by March 3. Doing this in your first run is not        |
    | recommended, so get this in your second run or so. You also have to start  |
    | airing out the books before the 28th.                                      |
    |                                                                            |
    | The final scene involves Fangmei's birthday, that's why it has to be on    |
    | March 3, not a day late, not a day early. The requirements you have to do  |
    | will be clearly marked in this guide. Good luck!                           |
    |                                                                            |
    | Another note: you have to talk to Izumi, located in the Tomato Store in the|
    | Golden Qr., if you want to do this side-quest.                             |
    You are being awakened up by Xuiying... no... it's not Xuiying! Who is it? 
    Hmmm... she's cute though (reminds me of Akira from Skies of Arcadia)... She
    introduces herself like a true lady should... Her name is Fangmei Xun. Take 
    a picture of her. You will see her plenty of times so don't worry if you miss
    this chance. She tells you to go to Man Mo Temple's Library ASAP. You will be
    at the Library automatically so don't worry about walking all of the way. 
    Upon arriving at the backyard of the Temple, you are greeted by Lishao Tao. 
    She promptly leads you into the Library and gives you a task: air out the 
    ancient books. Oh well... I guess you have to do it hahaha! This task isn't
    hard but it sure get boring after a while. You do not have to complete the
    task (deadline: 12 PM) but it is recommended because you will get a move
    scroll if you finish it. Besides, it's not that hard. 
    The task will have you picking up the books and carrying it outside and
    placing the books on some tables. While carrying the books, you will have 
    to do some QTEs to avoid dropping the books, which will waste 15 minutes
    from your time. Running will increase your QTEs. A few tips:
    -Start with the books FARTHEST from the door.
    -Run all of the way while you're inside the Library, you won't get any QTEs
     when you're inside the Library.
    -For beginners, walk outside to get relatively easy QTEs. If you're da masta,
    -Be calm, don't get hyper or get spooked by the pressure. Just be cool and you
     can get every QTE.
    -The path is linear (like you're on a rail), you don't have to guide Ryo 
     anywhere, just walk/run and concentrate on your QTEs.
    -If you think you're too anxious or sweaty (you know what I mean), just walk.
     Better to finish slowly than drop, wasting 15 minutes.
    When you've made it with all books outside before 12 AM, Lishao Tao will come 
    up you and discuss some Yuanda Zhu business and tells you to keep going. No
    info on Zhu yet. Damn... 
    Again, if you did finish the job successfully, you will see Hanhui when you 
    get to the front yard. He will applaud you on finishing the task and gives you
    a move scroll: HORSESHOE KICK. It's pretty useful. 
    Now time for some Yuanda Zhu searching!
     /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \_______________________________________________________
    |                                                                            |
    | Yep, here comes the next part of the side-quest. It's pretty easy... What  |
    | you have to do is to find Fangmei in one of those locations:               |
    |      -Near the front gate, outside the walls (sweeping or talking)         |
    |      -Inside the walls, in the backyard                                    |
    |      -Inside the Temple (praying?)                                         |
    |                                                                            |
    | When you've found her, come up to her (don not press A) and she should talk|
    | to you automatically. She will ask you some questions... Some you will have|
    | the option to answer or Ryo will answer. You have to talk to her until she |
    | asks you about Lan Di. When she did ask you about Lan Di, this part's over.|
    |                                                                            |
    | However, you have to walk far away and return to Fangmei after every time  |
    | she talks to you. Remember that... Also, don't pick 'Beautiful' when you   |
    | have that option.                                                          |
    |                                                                            |
    | Actually, if you started airing the books on or before the 27th, you don't |
    | have to do this but you have to remember to do something later and lose a  |
    | battle.                                                                    |
    Back to the point (Zhu's searching)... Go down the stairs (toward the Wise 
    Men's Qr.) but don't go to the Wise Men's Qr. yet... Talk to the woman on the
    bottom of the stairs (on the left side when going down the stairs) and she 
    will tell you that he wrote a book called 'Wulinshu'. You ask her where you
    might find this book, and she responds with a store name. It's called the
    Wise Men Kung Fu. It's just right next to the stairs down to the Man Mo 
    12. WULINSHU
    Photos: Xuiying, Fangmei, Lan Di*, Hanhui Liu
    QTEs: (Right, XA) (Lunging Strike)
    Go into the Wise Men's Kung Fu (east of the stairs leading to the bottom 
    level, with gray door with red walls). Talk to the man behind the counter and
    ask him about Wulinshu. He will say that it was written by Yuanda Zhu but you
    already knew that. However, he will tell you that it's kept in the Man Mo 
    Temple's Library... Hmmm... Leave the store and go up the stairs to the Man Mo
    Library again. 
     /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \_______________________________________________________
    |                                                                            |
    | Remember to get Fangmei to talk to you until she discusses Lan Di if you   |
    | haven't.                                                                   |
    Go to the backyard and press X on the door and Ryo will decide to wait until
    tomorrow. Choose 'Wait' and Ryo will just stand there all of the way to 11 PM
    and he will go to the Da Yuan Apts. to sleep. 
    Again, Fangmei will wake you up and take you to the Man Mo Temple for some 
    book carrying. You know what to do... but this time, you HAVE to complete the
    task! You HAVE to, if you want the Wulinshu! If you fail to do so, you have to
    do the thing over and over again until you make it. Try to finish by 11:15 AM.
    It's not hard, I've finished at 10:35 before. After finishing the job, Hanhui
    will meet you after your last books and escorts you to the front yard and asks
    you about the Japanese martial arts. You show him the Pit Blow, the Hazuki 
    Style. He gets impressed and teaches you the Lunging Strike for your troubles.
    The buttons to execute the Lunging Strike:
    Right, X+A (all the same time)
    Pretty powerful! After thanking Hanhui and leaving, return to the backyard and 
    enter the Library (remember, you had to finish quick so you can enter the 
    Library, which closes at 12 AM!). Try to open the cabinet (back left corner)
    but... it's LOCKED! Luckily, Lishao Tao comes forth. You immediately ask her 
    about the Wulinshu but she refuses and gives you another task: to catch the 
    falling leaves. She also displays her quickness by catching some of the 
    leaves with ease. 
    A lot of people have had some problems with this section... but the trick is 
    to catch it when the blur's on. To get the blur of the leaves, start looking 
    for the leaves at the top and lead your eyes to that leaf... get as close as
    possible and you will see a 'blur' of the leaf. That's when you should grab
    When you've grabbed a leaf, Lishao Tao criticizes you and commands you to grab
    THREE leaves IN A ROW! Good luck... Remember, take your time and wait for 
    the blur. Don't be frustrated and grab too early. 
    Lishao Tao will give you the key to the Wulinshu, as promised. Ryo will go to
    the cabinet and open it with the key and get the green book, which is the
    Wulinshu. Upon opening the book, Ryo will look through some pages and sees
    a familiar name: Sunming Zhao. He remembered it from Lan Di himself, when he
    came to Yokosuka and killed Ryo's father. Then a piece of paper falls out. 
    Ryo will get puzzled by this piece of paper but recognizes the signature: 
    Yuanda Zhu! 
    Photos: Zhoushan*, Fangmei, Guixiang, Eileen*, Guangyan Wang*, Hanhui Liu
    QTEs: (Right, B, Up) (Wild Throw)
     /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \_______________________________________________________
    |                                                                            |
    | Again, come up to her and try to get her to talk to you 4 times, the last  |
    | one about Xuiying and she will ask you a question that you have to answer. |
    | Answer 'Yes' to get the best answer. You have to talk to her once, tho...  |
    | She will tell what she knows about that piece of paper you just got.       |
    Now, before you go searching to find who knows what Yuanda Zhu's sign means, 
    it is a good idea to do the two things, either before or after you FIND OUT
    who to ask! If you already asked that person, you CANNOT do those two things!
    I'm not sure about the first one, you MIGHT be still get that one... 
    1. Go to Green Market Qr. and just pass Zhoushan's dojo and one of his guards
    will stop you and ask you to go see Master Zhoushan. Do so, you have some time
    to waste... As you enter the dojo, everyone will look up and stop and watch as
    you and Zhoushan start a conversation. He will tell you that he heard about 
    the Guixiang situation and explains that the throwing moves are useful if 
    there are a lot of people surrounding you. Now, in the battle mode, you just
    have to press right to get close to the guard in purple and press B and 
    press any button to throw him. Do this several times and Zhoushan will tell
    you to throw the guard to his direction. Do so by press up after you've 
    grabbed him. Now you've mastered the Wild Throw! This is a extremely useful
    move because it can take down some enemies in that direction with that body as
    your weapon... Amazing...
    2. This is a Fangmei requirement... Should I put a header on it??? Yeah, I 
    guess I should.
     /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \_______________________________________________________
    |                                                                            |
    | Go to the Queens' St. and pass this tiny Qr. to the Worker's Pier. What to |
    | do here? This area is old news! Nah, just go to the fountain and look for  |
    | a red-haired woman in black practicing some karate. She's on the Oceanside |
    | fountain, the part closest to the ocean. At first, she will kinda get rude |
    | and flame you on being disruptive... ^_^ Anyway, Ryo gets slick yet again |
    | and ends up with her name, Eileen. Take a snapshot of her, of course. This |
    | will trigger a scene in the Man Mo Bistro, but you don't have to go to the |
    | Man Mo Bistro for that scene though. Also, make sure you get at least      |
    | $150 because you're going to need it if you want to see the scene.         |
    After you've done those OPTIONAL quests, go back to the Wise Men's Qr. and 
    start asking around the place for some tips or hints on who might know what 
    those symbols mean. Of course, the best places to ask are the Antiques Stores.
    And no, Man Mo Antiques is not the correct place though it will lead you to
    the right place, the Collect Antiques. To get there, go to the path heading
    right of the Man Mo Antiques (not the one with stairs) and go left, right and
    left again and you should see a blue wall with a brown-ish door. That's the
    Collect Antiques, you can see the sign above the door. 
    In the Collect Antiques, ask the man sitting behind the counter. He will 
    promptly tell you that's the Chawan Sign and Guixiang told him about it. Wow..
    Guixiang sure is useful for an old woman! Heh... You know what to do, go to
    Guixiang in the Yan Tin Apartments.
    *Remember to do the #1 and #2 above before you go to Guixiang. You can't talk
    to Eileen after talking to Guixiang about the Chawan Sign.
    In the Yan Tin Apartments, don't open the door to the Guixiang's room YET! I 
    want you to go up to 3F and get to the end of the hall. There's a young man 
    just standing there in the light. He's Wang-san's brother, from Shenmue I. 
    Take a photo of him after some crappy talk.
    NOW you can go down to 1F and open the room 101! Guixiang will open the door 
    and Ryo will show her the paper from the Wulinshu. Guixiang will get very 
    puzzled, considering that paper is probably well coveted. She will escort
    you in and seats you. She explains to you that it's a Chawan Sign, just like
    that guy in Collect Antiques said. (Did you notice, there's 4 cups ALL READY
    like it was waiting for you! Creepy!) Guixiang will bring out the cups and
    while doing it, tells you what it is used for. A form of communication between
    the martial artists... how clever. 
    The words in the circles are: 'Heaven, Earth, Dragon, Comrade'. Sounds
    familiar? If you've played Shenmue I and actually remembered it, it was the 
    code used to get in contact with the Master Chen. See how everything is
    related... Guixiang tells you that the words symbolizes the time, place, 
    person, and actions. On the other side, there are 4 circles in a rather peculiar
    position. Guixiang shows you the position of the cups, exactly the same as the
    positions shown on the paper. 
    To create this shape, just move the left cup up and the second cup from the 
    right down. That's all. Also, she will tell you that you should try doing this
    thing in heavily populated areas such as restaurants. 
    After this scene, the time will be 11 PM, no matter how fast you went through
    that scene. That's because you have to witness an important scene involving
    Xuiying's personal life. As you return to the Da Yuan Apartments, you hear 
    some sobbing... that's the rock-hard Xuiying? She's softer that I thought...
    Ryo will go in and spook Xuiying a bit. Xuiying storms off, leaving the 
    picture that she cried upon behind. Ryo goes and picks it up. Xuiying...
    Ziming...? Hmmm... who could that be?
    On the next day, Fangmei will wake up as always. This time, Ryo was waiting 
    for her! What for? To ask her about the picture, of course! Fangmei will 
    express the info rather emotionally. What she said: Ziming is Xuiying's
    brother and he left mysteriously when she was little. She knew about it 
    because she was in the same orphanage as Xuiying was. Pretty interesting!
    Again, same old crap. Just move your booty from one table to another. The QTEs
    will be harder this time, but nothing that you can't handle. If you're lost,
    I'm talking about the books-airing thing. I doubt that you were lost, anyway.
    This time, Fangmei will come at about 10:30 AM and offer you some tea. Ryo 
    will accept and drink it up. Fangmei offers another, but Ryo declines. After
    seeing Fangmei's sad face, Ryo sucks it up and drinks another! Hahaha! What 
    girls can make us do! This scene has one of the FUNNIEST dialogue in the
    entire game so I'm not going to explain it to you so just watch it!
    The scene will take up about 25 or 30 minutes in Shenmue's time so hurry up
    with the remaining books if you want a new move scroll. The new move scroll:
    OBLIQUE AIR KICK, from Hanhui Liu.
    Photos: Fangmei, Hanhui Liu, Haohai Du*, Bangzhuo Du*, Xuiying
    QTEs: (A, X, B) (White Dynasty Qr.)
          (B, A) (Green Market Qr.)
     /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \_______________________________________________________
    |                                                                            |
    | Before you do anything, go to the Man Mo Bistro (first left after going    |
    | the stairs from the Temple) and enter the restaurant and there should be   |
    | Fangmei and Eileen sitting down, talking. Look at either Fangmei or Eileen |
    | and you will have a nice conversation with them. This will not happen if   |
    | you didn't talk to Eileen earlier. This is not required, but it helps you  |
    | out at the end.                                                            |
    Now, you have several options... all involving which restaurant to go. There 
    is, of course, only one correct place to move the story on. However, if you
    want to do some sheer fun, you can do the other ones. Also, if you're doing
    the Fangmei quest, there's a quest you might have to do. Here's the list and
    what you do.
    1. In the White Dynasty Qr., there's a lone restaurant... go into that 
       restaurant and sit on the table with the cups and place the cups into the 
       shape of Zhu's Chawan Sign. Suddenly, a kid comes up, along with some 
       thugs. I won't give any more details, but you just have to do this QTE to 
       defeat them all: 
       A, X, B
       The thugs will run away and the boy will thank you and recommends you to go
       to the Dou Jiang Diner in the Lucky Charm Qr. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED.
    2. Go all of the way to the Green Market Qr. and go to either cafe (Ling Ling
       Porridge or Canton Cafe) and do the Chawan Sign. Remember the stupid 
       brothers that you had a scuffle with earlier? The one sitting in the bar?
       Well, they're back and you have to eliminate them with this QTE:
       B, A
       They will go crying off and tell you about the Dou Jiang Diner. Obviously,
       that diner is your next destination. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED.
    3. In the Man Mo Bistro of the Wise Men's Qr., if you do the Chawan Sign, you
       will receive a note from an unknown person (the clerk gave it to you) 
       telling you to go to the Come Over Guest House. Go there and just wait. Ren
       Dan will pick up the phone and give you the phone. The answer: go to the 
       Man Mo Park immediately. Do so, just run all of the way to the Wise Men's
       Qr. and enter the opening to the right of the Man Mo Bistro. You will be 
       ambushed as you come upon a tree. There are some idiots, just do this little
       After this pathetic QTE, you will have a free battle. Finish them off, but
       you won't get any rewards out of it.
        /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \____________________________________________________
       |                                                                         |
       | In this battle, just LOSE the free battle. This way, Fangmei will       |
       | AUTOMATICALLY LOVE you. She will call you Ryo-san rest of the way. If   |
       | you've talked to Fangmei 8 times (2 sessions with 4 each) you don't have|
       | to do this, but it is recommended. You can do this IF ONLY you started  |
       | airing the books on the 27th or before. I started on the 26th... This   |
       | saves you a lot of trouble and this can be used as an 'insurance',      |
       | making sure you don't miss the final cut scene.                         |
       |                                                                         |
       | Oh yeah, don't worry, Lishao Tao will save you and you will come out    |
       | just fine in the next day with Fangmei worrying. *wink*                 |
    Oh yeah, if you took quite some time doing those quests and end up taking a 
    full day doing those, the next morning you will still do that damn airing out 
    thing. However, if you make it all of the way, you will receive the MANTIS
    COMBO from Hanhui Liu so move that damn booty!
       4. The moment of the truth... the Dou Jiang Diner! Go to the Lucky Charm 
          Qr. and go to the street near the Three Blades St. and look for a store
          named 'Dou Jiang Diner' with red doors. Next to it is the Gold Tea Shop,
          that's the wrong place so don't go there. The Diner is indoors so enter 
          the red doors. While inside the diner, do the Chawan Sign with the cups
          right next to the entrance.
          A man will quickly pass from behind and drop you a note and leave 
          without you seeing his face. Oh well... The note? Meet here again at 8 
          PM? You can either wait at the Diner, but if you're doing the Fangmei
          Quest, do the next section (the date should be March the 1st or maybe 
          the 2nd). If you're not doing the side-quest, just skip that section and
          wait at the Diner and start reading the next section.
    ***IMPORTANT: You MUST have at least $150 if you want to see the Fangmei 
    Birthday scene.
     /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \_______________________________________________________
    |                                                                            |
    | Before you do the next part (4), which will move on the story, you should   |
    | head to the Three Blades St. (In Lucky Charm Qr. in the same place where   |
    | the barbershop you went earlier), and look for Fangmei on the street,      |
    | looking at something through the window. Again, make her talk to you       |
    | four times (if haven't talked to her enough or haven't done the Man Mo Park|
    | fight-loss). If you can't find Fangmei, she probably hasn’t arrived yet.  |
    | She should be there about 2 or 3 PM so wait.                               |
    |                                                                            |
    | When she gets to the Complete Clothier, the scene will start. If there's   |
    | scene, just make her talk to you until the scene starts.                   |
    |                                                                            |
    | The scene will involve Fangmei getting spooked by Ryo and some weird and   |
    | awkward talk, ending up with Fangmei running away. Ryo will look at the    |
    | dress that Fangmei was looking at and notices a fancy jewelry, a leaf.     |
    | What you have to do: go into the store and talk to the clerk about that    |
    | jewelry and he will tell you that it's a sample and it's not for sale. Ryo |
    | convinces him to sell it, but it's for a high price: $150. If you have it  |
    | (I told you to get it earlier), then buy it.                               |
    |                                                                            |
    | All you have to do is wait until the March 3rd and go to the Da Yuan       |
    | Apartments and go to room 207 and the final birthday scene will occur.     |
    Photos: Shuquin Zhang, Yuan
    QTEs: (B; A; A; A; B; X; Down+Down+X; B; A; B; B; B; A; B; A; X; A; B; X 
    Alright, time to go back to the Dou Jiang Diner. Choose 'Wait' once you're in
    the Diner. You'll wait all of the way to 8 PM. That mysterious man that 
    disappeared earlier returns. He immediately states that he serves Yuanda Zhu
    himself, but that lovable conversation stops right there as some thugs breaks
    in. After some stupid trash-talk, you will have a free battle with them. They
    are pushovers so don't worry. After the battle, Ryo looks around for that man,
    the Zhu's associate. It seems that he has disappeared yet again... but the 
    chef comes in and tells Ryo that the man was being taken to the White Dynasty
    In the White Dynasty Qr., Ryo sees a horde of gangsters... do he have to take
    them all down? Yeah... but... each guy only need 1 blow to get KO'd so you 
    will have you first grand QTE. This QTE is pretty tough for a starter so be
    prepared! The QTE:
    B; A; A; A; B; X; Down+Down+X; B; A; B; B; B; A; B; A; X; A; B; X
    You finally catch up with the thugs that took the man away. Suddenly, a woman
    comes behind and start trying to hit you with a blunt object. Do this CQTE
    to prevent her from hitting you:
    The woman gets pissed by your quickness and commands the thugs to attack you.
    Luckily for you, Lishao Tao has already KO'd them all down. Yay. The creepy
    lady flees and you help the man out...
    You and the associate of Zhu return to Dou Jiang Diner and resume the 
    conversation. Ryo explains that he seeks Zhu, to find out why his father was
    killed by Lan Di. He tells you that his name is Zhang... take a photo of him.
    He doesn't even know where Zhu is currently but tells you of a man who 
    might help you out: Ren of Heavens, located within the port of Aberdeen.
    Photos: Joy, Fangmei, Delin, Wong, Cool Z, Sam, Larry, Ren
    QTEs: (Down+X; A) (Man Mo Bistro)
          (Left+Right+A) (upon meeting Ren)
    First thing you do in the morning... go to Lishao Tao and tell her that you're
    looking for Ren of Heavens. Lishao Tao gets all shocked and warns you that she
    fears for your life... Is Ren that dangerous? Bah! Ryo can handle ANYTHING! Or
    can he?
    Alright, you just took a BIG step closer to finding Yuanda Zhu. Good work, 
    you're moving forward... keep going. Go down the stairs to the bottom of the
    Scarlet Hills and you see the path to Wise Men's Qr. blocked... Some kind
    of crappy construction work going on... anyway, let's go right, to the Lucky
    Charm Qr. Walk all of the way until a cut scene occurs and guess who came?
    Joy! Did you miss her? Heh! She's still in that sexy outfit! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
    She asks you why weren't you sleeping in the Come Over Guest House and you 
    will give her a half cold shoulder... that's about it, no exciting stuff going
    on. Oh well...
    *From now and on, you'll be sleeping at the Come Over Guest House, but you 
    don't have to pay the bastard, Ren Dan, the tab. Muahahahahaha!
    Go through the Lucky Charm Qr. to the other side of the Wise Men's Qr. Go to 
    Aberdeen now? Nah... Well, you can but there are 2 side-quests that you can do
    and they're pretty fun to do! 
       1. Go to the Man Mo Bistro and enter the restaurant... You will see some 
          guys beating up the chef and 2 girls trying desperately to stop the
          jerks. One of them being Fangmei... Ryo stops a thug from hitting 
          Fangmei and gets ready to fight them... No, no free battle this time.
          It's a QTE battle instead.
          Down+X; A
          One of the idiots will get schooled by... FANGMEI! And her pan! ^_^ One
          of the most heart-warming scenes of all time. Fangmei will show her
          affection towards you as she leaves...
       2. Go back to the Man Mo Temple and go to the backyard. You should see 
          Shiquan crouching and looking at something. Turns out that he was 
          shooting some pictures of Fangmei... That dirty bastard! Fangmei comes
          up to you two and asks what's up... and she goes way off-topic and asks
          Shiquan if he could shoot some photos of you and her together. Shiquan
          does so, with a sad face. He will shoot two photos and you pick which
          photo you want. That's all, really...
     /FANGMEI SIDE-QUEST \_______________________________________________________
    |                                                                            |
    | Yep, it's time to give Fangmei her present. Wait until the 3rd of March if |
    | it's not 3rd yet. Then go to the Da Yuan Apartments and go up to 2F and    |
    | enter room 207. Fangmei will get a bit puzzled, asking you why you're here.|
    | Of course, Ryo will tell her that he bought a present for her birthday.    |
    | Fangmei gets all 'I-love-you' thing with you. However, she later tells you |
    | that she was looking at the DRESS, not the jewelry and that dress was      |
    | supposed to be for Lishao Tao! Bummer! Heh!                                |
    |                                                                            |
    | Well... that's it for the Fangmei Side-quest, basically. You can return to |
    | this room later, just before you leave Wan Chai and Hong Kong for another  |
    | scene. Don't worry, I'll mark it in the Walkthrough so you know when.      |
    Now, go all of the way to Aberdeen. If you couldn't remember where it is, just
    go to the Green Market Qr. and run over the bridge to the Queens St. Go past
    that St. to the Worker's Pier and you're there. Unfortunately, you don't know
    where _exactly_ Ren of Heavens is located. What to do? Talk to people, of
    course. There are some people that are willing to tell the locations, but most
    of them are chickens and won't tell you. The best one is just next to the 
    entrance to the Queens St. He's standing outside the Hong Kong Souvenirs. 
    Talk to him about the location and he will tell you that the Heaven gang's
    hideout is down the alley near you. Go into that alley and you will see a 
    graffiti marking 'Beverly Hills Wharf'. That's the hideout! There's a guard
    and he psyches you off... damn... 
    Go back to that man (outside the H.K.S.) and talk to him about the Heavens.
    He will say that they are usually gambling in the Fortune's Pier. Go to
    the Fortune's Pier.
    You know of any gambling houses in that pier? Probably not... Go to Delin,
    he's just walking around front of a warehouse, and ask him about the 
    gambling houses. He will tell you that there are some of them, in the 
    numbered warehouses. I went to number 9 warehouse, but there is a gambling
    place in warehouse 7 too. Either house is fine. 
    Once in the gambling house, ask the man sitting down, behind a table, about
    the Heavens. He won't tell you... but he will tell you on ONE condition, to
    play a gambling game with him. Go ahead and play (don't have to bet a lot) and
    ask him (win or lose, doesn't matter) about the Heavens again. This time, he
    will tell you about the damn Heavens. They are usually found in the next 
    warehouse, the #8 warehouse at about 7 pm. Whoo! Bah.
    Go to Warehouse #8 and choose 'Wait' to wait until 7 pm. Ryo will go into the 
    warehouse without your help (hahaha)... I can feel some creepy aura here...
    Anyway, enough of this bullshit. Let's see who the guys are! The guys try to
    scare you off but you keep asking them about Ren. They mock you and starts to
    fight them. This fight isn't too tough, the guys has low HP so just do some
    decent combos to finish them off one by one.
    Ryo will come up to a fallen enemy and threaten to beat him up further if he 
    don't lead him to Ren. The wuss agrees to lead you to him. Foolishly, Ryo
    nods and follows him all of the way to the Beverly Hills Wharf and gets into 
    the coveted playground of the Heavens. As Ryo turns and climbs down the 
    stairs, guess who was waiting for him? The entire squad of the Heavens! Ack!
    Time to fight you way out! However, the game programmed this way so you would
    lose no matter what. So, just fight until the screen starts to turn into pitch
    dark... You lose. You can't win this fight, period. Sorry.
    You wake up... Where are you? What!!!!!! It's THAT boy, again! You know, Wong!
    After stealing my bag, now he's treating my injuries? Strange, talk about 
    irony. Wong tells him that Ryo is still on the Heavens' turf, the Beverly
    Hills Wharf. However, Ryo is too tired to continue exploring for Ren so he's
    going to catch some Z's. Sweet dreams...
    The next day, as Ryo starts to leave, Wong catches up with him and gives him 
    his Zippo Lighter, so Ryo can exit and enter the Beverly Hills Wharf anytime.
    It's like a passcard for the gatekeeper. Interesting artwork, by the way. 
    Now, your mission isn't getting out of the area, but to find the contacts to
    Ren himself. Obviously, those people are probably Cool Z and his henchmen, Sam
    and Larry. Well, to get to the dump where Cool Z resides, you have to fight
    off some gangsters. They're not hard, it's really NOTHING. From your starting
    point (off the docks), go straight, up the stairs, go right a bit and go left
    and fight 2 guys there. After that, continue up that path until you see two 
    guys coming from the right and fight them off. After that, go to the end of 
    the way and go left. You should see some guys rooting at some fight in the
    ring. Ignore those people and go right to the next corridor. Go down the
    stairs and fight that guy in blue sleeves. Go to the first right and walk to
    the end, and you should see a fence blocking your way into the dump yard. Just
    go right a bit to find an opening and enter into the dump to find the stupid
    mini-gang of Cool Z's. 
    Once meeting Cool Z yet again, Ryo will turn his annoying boom box off and 
    demands Z to lead him to Ren. Cool Z counter-demands with a $500 requirement
    to see the master, Ren. Oh well...
    If you don't have $500, return to the entrance and exit to the Aberdeen/Wan 
    Chai. If you have $500, you don't have to worry, just pay the hombre $500.
    Oh, if you're having trouble getting out of the Wharf, here are the directions:
    (from the dump yard) Go forward and left, up the little stairs. Walk past the 
    hollering crowd, still going forward to another corner. Take the first LEFT
    (the only left) and take the DEAD right when to get to an OPEN area. Taking
    the stairs up should end you up in the entrance. 
       To get $500, you can play 'Roll it on Top' in the Fortune's Pier warehouses
       or just play One Shot in various places. My favorite place to play is in 
       South Carmain, just next to the entrance to the Green Market Qr. There's a
       board with $50 pay with a $100 winning payoff and the chance is 1/2 so it's
       pretty good. The other board has only $20 payoff BUT with an awesome $120 
       payoff, giving you $100 if you win. The chance is 1/6 but if you push the
       ball to the left side, your chances improve. I HIGHLY recommend you to get
       AT LEAST $1000 because you will need another $500 in the second part of the
       game... If you're too lazy to get $1000 now, you can get it later.
    With $500, return to Cool Z (no bullies will fight you) and pay the man $500.
    Cool Z tries to get the delicious cash but Ryo dodges him. Ryo will only pay
    the money in person, to Ren directly.
    Alas! Wuying Ren! He sure looks cool, with that shiny blue armor and a nice
    white helmet. Ren promises that he will find Yuanda Zhu and takes the money.
    However, he will test you a bit. He'll attack you with a knife. Do this CQTE
    to avoid that:
    Ryo will do some fancy moves and grabs the knife and throws it away. Ren gives
    up and tells you to go to the Fortune's Pier and gives you a map to a certain
    part of that pier.
    Photos: Ren, Yuan, Wong, Joy
    QTEs: none
    Go to Fortune's Pier, on the other side of the Worker's Pier. There's nothing
    else to do so just move on with the story. To get to the point where Ren 
    wanted you to meet him, go right and walk around the big building, around the
    stairs to an unexplored area. The screen will turn black, that's when you know
    you've reached the correct place (duh). Ren will tell you to follow him into a
    warehouse as the answer to your question, the simple yet difficult question:
    "Where is Yuanda Zhu?" A subtle answer...
    In the F Warehouse, Ren and Ryo will turn Solid Snake-like and crawl around 
    with stealth. They come upon a group of people talking about money... Ryo 
    suddenly notices a familiar woman... you should recognize her as well. He 
    turns to Ren, but he's gone! The lights abruptly goes off without caution and
    two men fall... As the light goes back on, the money's gone! Ren is more 
    sneakier than we thought... 
    Apparently, Ryo isn't as sneaky. He foolishly turned and bumps into a shovel,
    causing a noise. The creepy woman turns and comes after Ryo... here comes a
    fight. This fight is really optional. You can lose or win and have the same
    result. If you lose, Wong will come and save you when you're tied up. If you
    win, you'll come back outside and see Joy and Wong telling you to go to the
    Pigeon Park for Ren.
    After the fight, go to the Pigeon Park. 
    Photos: Ren, Cool Z, Sam, Larry
    QTEs: (Down; A; Left; Right; Left; Right; Up+A+Up)
    In the Pigeon Park (Worker's Pier), you will see Ren with his idiotic spike-
    headed gang throwing the cash around (wish I could!). Cool Z just drops his
    mouth when he sees you, expecting you to be all beaten up. Ren, with wit,
    tells Ryo that he will tell him.... if you can catch him!
    Oh man... Do I have to catch them all? Nope... Thank god. The four will split
    and hide in their favorite area (or whatever). Just choose one of them (don't
    have to be Ren) and chase him down. Any one of them will give you the 
    location of Ren's hideout (Except if you're chasing down Ren himself). My
    personal favorite is Cool Z, I suggest you chase him down, hilarious cut 
    scene! Anyway, the locations:
    Cool Z: In corner closest to the entrance to the Fortune's Pier
    Larry: In the area heading to the Fortune's Pier, in the corner with a lot of
           crates (the exact location where Wong hid your backpack) *Free Battle
    Sam: In the same place where you had to jump over the fence to free battle 
         Sam and Larry earlier. This time, just press X to jump over the fence.
         *Free Battle
    Ren: Lucky Plaza... In the Queens St. Look for a sign, with an alley leading
    Remember, Cool Z is the best one! Good luck. After finding out where Ren is, 
    Ryo will automatically end up in the front of the Lucky Plaza and spots Ren.
    Ren notices Ryo and runs away promptly, with terror. You will have to perform
    a fairly lengthy QTE through the unfinished building. 
    Down; A; Left; Right; Left; Right; Up+A+Up
    Ryo will finally catch up with Ren and stumbles down the ladder thingy and 
    slams on the truck... And his Phoenix Mirror fell out of his pocket! Ren sees
    the Mirror and picks it up... Ryo snatches the treasure away and hides it in
    his pocket. With curiosity of the Mirror, Ren finally gives his promise by
    telling where Yuanda Zhu is... Kowloon! Finally!!!!!!!!!
    Photos: Everybody that you have missed!
    QTEs: (Left+XA) (Counter Elbow Assault)
    Ah... Your first majestic chapter in this game is finally over... Ain't it a
    grand feeling! Ryo decides to thank everyone that has helped him in his quest,
    and Wong's the first! Wong gets a bit shy and chuckles. Now... leave the 
    docks and you will be given a choice where you want to go. You can go to 
    Worker’s Pier, Wan Chai, whatever. There are plenty of people that you CAN 
    thank. Yea, you DON'T have to thank anyone... but the only one Fangmei. 
    Don't talk to Xuiying yet, tho, unless you want to go to Kowloon right 
    now. Talk to Fangmei only if she calls you Ryo-san or you did the Fangmei 
    side-quest because she will confess her love for you only if you treated 
    her like a lady (wink). Otherwise, there's no person that you have to thank.
    The people that you can thank:
    -Wong (well, you already did this)
    -Zhoushan (In his arts school)
    -Delin (standing in the far left corner in Fortune's Pier)
    -Jianmin (still in Lotus Park)
    -Zongquan (In Golden Shopping Mall)
    -Fangmei (Room 207 in Da Yuan Apartments)
    -Guixiang (Yan Tin Apartments)
    -Zhangyu (his barbershop in Three Blades St., Lucky Charm Qr.)
    However, if you're collecting pictures so you can access the bonuses in the
    photo book, here's the photos that you HAVE to get before going to Kowloon
    because this is your last chance for those:
    -Fangmei (Room 207 in Da Yuan Apartments)
    -Hanhui Liu (Man Mo Temple, can se seen in the final cut scene in Hong Kong) 
    -Haohai Du, Bangzhuo Du (outside the cafe in Queens St.)
    -Jianmin (Lotus Park)
    -Guixiang (Yan Tin Apartments)
    -Zhangyu (Three Blades St.)
    -Delin (Fortune's Pier)
    -Zhoushan (Academy in Green Market Qr.)
    -Zongquan (Golden Shopping Mall)
    -Ren Dan (in Come Over Guest House)
    -Meiming (Fu Hoi Diner in Worker's Pier, the girl with cute pink shirt)
    -Jiliang Chang (in Man Mo Temple)
    -Shiquan Fu (in Man Mo Temple)
    -Mingzhen Ye, Linjian Chuan (the men in purple in Guang Martial School)
    -Izumi (Tomato Convenience Store, Golden Qr.)
    -Guangyan Wang (3F of Yan Tin Apartments)
    The ones not listed are either not accessible right now or you can see them
    later in Kowloon.
    When your thanks/photo parts are over, go to the Man Mo Temple's backyard,
    where Xuiying is waiting for you. She tells you to be careful, with sorrow. 
    Poor Lishao Tao... She has a flashback of her brother, Ziming. Looks like 
    Ziming was a lot like Ryo, revenge for his parents thing going on.......
    Lishao Tao asks Ryo to spar with her for the last time. Again, you can't 
    even hit her so just tap any button and wait for something to happen. After 
    some lame cut scenes, Xuiying does a nifty move and causes Ryo to fall back, 
    writhing in pain. Ryo asks Xuiying what was that move and tries to learn that 
    move. You just have to step back one and press X and A at the same time. 
    Hanhui comes over (last chance to take a picture of him!!!) and Xuiying asks
    him to be Ryo's practice dummy for that move. Hanhui, as Xuiying's sex slave,
    accepts without objection. Wait until Hanhui just STARTS moving and start 
    executing the Counter Elbow Assault and you will master that move in a second.
    Hanhui gets back up and Xuiying tells you that martial arts are used to keep
    people ALIVE, not dead. Good point...
    If you're playing on the Dreamcast version, Disc Two ends here. Whoo! The
    next disc is EASILY the longest disc yet, but have no fear, Disc Four can be
    beaten in less than a hour so it evens out.
    V.B. Kowloon
    For your information, between the times I completed the Hong Kong part (the
    previous part) and started this part, I went to South Korea and Japan for a
    relaxing vacation. I bought a ton of import games but... I also saw the town
    of Yokosuka, just south of Japan! In case if you don't know, it's the hometown
    and birthplace of Ryo Hazuki himself (although fictional). w00t for me!
    Enough babble about my pointless life. You really need my help, don't you?
    After a lengthy and worthless cinema of Ryo riding the bus to Kowloon, you see
    a sign entitled "Dragon St." Guess what? That's your entrance to the grand 
    city of Kowloon! Believe me, you're going to have a TON of fun here! Excited
    Photos: Ren, Cool Z, Yang*
    QTEs: none
    Remember what you did when you controlled Ryo for the FIRST time in this game?
    You just went forward and a cut scene came out, didn't it? Well, it's the same
    here in Kowloon. As you walk down the stairs, Cool Z will escort you into a
    shack, where Ren resides. Ren will stay in his normal grumpy self and call you
    a damn kid. After some crap talk, Ren promptly tells you to follow him to 
    Yang. Hmmm... he might have some leads, since he worked for Yuanda Zhu before.
    You will automatically follow Ren so don't press any buttons and let Ryo 
    follow him. Enjoy the scenery while you're at it! Ren will leave Dragon St. to
    enter Thousand White Qr., where Yang's apartment is. Ren will stop at the 
    front of a building and tells you that the Yang's shop is inside. Enter the 
    Follow Ren up to 2F manually. A cut scene will occur, with Ren and Ryo 
    entering the shop and finding nobody inside. Just press L and look down, to 
    the counter and press the bell. An elderly man with pirate's moustache comes 
    out and flames Ren. Yang will immediately tell you to go to the Dancing Dragon
    Building to meet Yuanda Zhu's associates. He tells you the password.. "Dragons
    don't sleep." Cool-o.
    Now Ren will leave you because.... he's Ren! Heh. To go to the Dancing Dragon
    Building, go left after you leave the Yang's building. You should be able to 
    see a small staircase leading to a mini-tunnel. The tunnel has two exits...
    take the left one (the first one) and you should emerge in the Dimsum Qr.
    Once at the Dimsum Qr., follow the path to the right. Look, Joy's motorcycle!
    Man she follows you EVERYWHERE! Where is she?!?!? (If you didn't see the
    motorcycle in a corner, next to the circle of game boards, do not mind) Right
    now, you can't see Joy because it's not necessary. Your mission is still to go
    to the Dancing Dragon Building. Now, going past the motorcycle/circle of the
    boards, you should be able to see a broken-down building in the middle of the
    street. Go to the RIGHT of it and you will be in Stand Qr. 
    If you followed my CRAPPY descriptions correctly, you should be in the FRONT
    of the Dancing Dragon Building! Go me. Walk up to the Dancing Dragon Building
    and enter. By the way, if you're lost, just go to the Stand Qr. (walk around
    and find it!) and look for a building with a red hue. If you walk up to it,
    Ryo will look up. Then you'll know you've found the right one.
    In the Dragon Building, you are greeted by a nice selection of stores... but
    none of them matter. Go left and you will see your first man in black, just
    like Yang said. Continue on, to the stairs. Talk to the first guy on the 
    stairs and choose "Dragons" and "don't sleep". He will tell you to go up the
    stairs. Creepy guy...
    Walk up the stairs until you see an opening to the right with a man with 
    sunglasses blocking the way. Tell him "Dragons don't sleep" and he will let 
    you pass and tell you to go up to 7th floor. (My favorite number! :-)) 
    Of course, run up the stairs to 7F. On the way, 2 men will stop you... talk
    to them and tell them the password to make them let you pass. Now, at 7F,
    go to the end of the hall to find a fancy door... could it be Yuanda Zhu at 
    last? Open to find out... (Don't read the following paragraph if you don't
    like the story to be spoiled!)
    Yuanda Zhu?!?! Is he THAT big AND FAT?! Nah, that guy claims that he's 
    prettier than Zhu... *rolls eyes* Looks like that fat guy hates you... He
    grabs you and Ren suddenly barges into the room and knocks the henchmen out,
    and foolishly tries to knock the fat guy out. Guess what? You and Ren are 
    P.O.Ws now.
    Photos: Ren, Cool Z, Joy, Dou Niu, Yuan, Wong
    QTEs: (X+A)
          (Left; A; Right; Left; Right; A)
          (Left; Right; Left; A; Right; Down; Left)
          (Down; Right; A)
    Two Author's Notes:
    -Starting from here, this section will cover the entire 15-minute cinema 
    scenes all of the way to the end, when you finally take control of Ryo. It's 
    pretty long, loaded with QTEs and all. Action is aplenty here. You don't 
    really need this section if you want some thrill. Just enjoy the cinema and
    the QTEs.
    -Also, the title "The Great Escape" is derived from the great movie with the
    same title, made back in '60s or so. It involved P.O.Ws from WW2 (I think) 
    escaping a HIGH-secured prison. One of the best escape movies ever made. I
    recommend you watch it sometime. 
    Hmmm... you're stuck thanks to Yang, but applaud Ren for his brave actions...
    I mean, that guy was HUGE! Anyway, Ren starts to bark you around and blame
    you for the situation (handcuffs on). After some trash talk, Ren comes up 
    with a plan and knocks the door to talk to the guy standing outside. Ren 
    tells him that Ryo is 'dying'. The idiot henchman comes out and falls for the
    oldest trick in the book! Press those buttons to knock the idiot out:
    Ryo and Ren storms out and start running to escape. Ren shouts, "Stupid Dou
    Niu!" Yep, that fat guy was Dou Niu... Remember to snap a shot of him the next
    time you see him. Now time for a semi-length QTE:
    Left; A; Right; Left; Right; A
    After going down the stairs, the duo decides to enter a room to avoid the 
    thugs. In the room, the duo will bitch around (mainly Ren, heh)... and Ren
    decides to take a leak! With the handcuffs on! HAHAHAHA! Poor Ryo... Before
    Ren could do it, some thugs comes into the room. Ren decides to beat them up
    a bit and escape. You won't have to do some QTE to beat them up, just watch!
    Again, another escape QTE similar to the previous one.
    Left; Right; Left; A; Right; Down; Left
    You come upon a covered-up door... Break it down with this CQTE:
    The guys discover a path up to the roof and decide to take a break there.
    Ren questions Ryo about the revenge and Ryo explains to him about Lan Di and
    the mirrors. Ren says that he know Lan Di and Yuanda Zhu but not in detail...
    At daybreak, they go down the stairs and starts off for the elevator down to 
    1F. Unfortunately, when the doors open... Yuan's waiting for you! Oh god...
    Down; Right; A
    That QTE will knock Yuan down but bring Dou Niu out... Ren knows from his
    recent experience (hah!) that it's better to run away from Dou Niu than to
    fight him. So, run away for your life! This CQTE will allow you to 
    successfully jump to the next building safely to finally escape! 
    FINALLY! Ren hideout... never been this homely... Ren shouts at Cool Z to 
    bring Wong around. Wong'll pick the handcuff apart, he says... When Wong comes
    in, he wants Ryo to go back to Wan Chai if he picks off the handcuffs. Ren 
    promises to do so (think he'll keep that promise? I bet $10 that he won't!)
    and Wong frees the guys... Think Ryo's going back to Wan Chai? But of course
    not. Time for revenge on Yang, the guy who set you up!
    Going back out... do you finally get to control Ryo again? Nah... one more cut
    scene and it'll be all over.
    You will see Joy for the first time since Wan Chai. However, the talk is too 
    little before Ren breaks you two up, he REALLY wants to kick Yang's nuts until
    they bleed!
    Photos: Ren, Yang*
    QTEs: none
    Time to go back to Yang... Just let Ryo follow Ren all of the way to the Great
    View Building, where Yang lurks. After beating Yang up, Ren and Ryo will try 
    to make him spit out something. He finally talks, Huang might know. Ren tells
    Ryo that Huang resides at the Tea Break Building, room 902.
    Go back to the Dimsum Qr. (go left from the Great View Building, down the 
    tunnel) and go in the first cafe to the right (should be able to see Joy 
    sitting there) and enter the door in the back. Of course, since Huang's room
    number is 902, he's on the 9th floor. Take the elevator to the left up to 9F.
    Look for room #902 and knock on the door. Nobody's inside so break in. The 
    light's off and the switch is right next to the door. So turn around and turn
    on the light. Now you can look around without Ryo having to say "I can't see a
    thing! ahhhhH!!!!!!!!" There are various things that you can look around but
    all of them doesn't matter except for one thing: the tapes in the trash can. 
    The can's on the left side of the room, covered by a cardboard box. Look down
    and press X to lift the box off the trash. Ryo will pick the can up and return
    to Ren's hideout...
    Without doing anything, you will see Ryo taking a tape recorder from Ren and 
    play EVERY tape for some clues for Zhu. He will find out... NOTHING until the
    very last one. You will take control for that recorder... You could hear 
    everything to find Zhu's clues, but if you fast-forward to 591 on the timer,
    you can hear the clues. It saves you ALOT of time! 
    Note: If you fast-forward to 651, you can hear a rare conversation between
    Joy and Gui Zhang Chen from Shenmue I. What could it mean... Something 
    going between them? Or just foreshadowing for Shenmue III?
    Ren confirms that the guys that were talking were Dou Niu and Yuan. They
    immediately leave to search for the captured comrade that was spoken about
    in the tape.
    Photos: Ren, Kai, Yuan, Dou Niu, Zhang, Joy, Cool Z
    QTEs: (Left) (Thousand White Building)
          (Down+Y) (Moon Child Building)
          (Left+Right+A) (to Yuan's Room)
          (Up+A) (Yuan's Room)
          (Right) (Yuan's Room)
    What to do? What to do? You don't have the faintest clue to find Yuan! Don't
    worry, Just walk along the path to Thousand White Qr. A blind musician sitting
    on a corner will stop you and talk to you. He asks you to listen to a song. 
    Choose "Listen". After that, the fiddler will ask you if you need any help. 
    Ryo will mention the bell from the tape. The musician will say that he heard a
    bell ringing in the Moon Child Building. (Snap a shot of the musician, he's
    'Kai'... he's required in the collection)
    Time to go to the Moon Child Building! Of course, you can ask people around 
    where that building is and some of them might lead you to that damn place. Or
    if you rather to go there by yourself, it's in the Stand Qr. Enter to Thousand
    White Qr. and go left, through a narrow alley, and pass the fighting arena 
    nearby. There are two alleys out... take the right one, behind the arena. Go
    around the building and you should be in Stand Qr. 
    Walk around until you see a water fountain in the middle. Again, walk around 
    the fountain and look for a building with a sign that states "Moon Child 
    Building." Of course, go into that building.
    Now what? As you know, in this game, you ask people if you have no idea where 
    to go. So turn left and talk to the first woman you see (a hostess/waitress 
    for a pub) and ask her about the bell. She will say that the bell might come
    from the orphanage. Talk to her again about the orphanage... it's on 8F.
    Use the elevator to go up to 8F. Talk down the corridor until you see a few
    kids playing. That must be the orphanage. A girl suddenly barks at Ryo, but
    Ryo calmly asks the girl about Yuan. She doesn't know who, but she says that
    Hongji Huo might know her. Enter the orphanage.
    Ren?!?!? He's here already? He's smarter than I thought. Anyway, talk to the
    boy right next to Ren (Hongji) about Yuan and he will say that he did see her 
    before but nothing else after that. Ren decides to jog his memory by giving 
    him a prize- an "Afterburner" toy. Nice guy... Hongji's memory indeed gets
    jogged after that. He will mention a 'talking bird' that Yuan had. Ryo tries
    to squeeze more info out but he doesn't know any more. He tells you to talk
    to her teacher though...
    Ryo will ask the teacher about Yuan and the bird. The teacher doesn't know 
    anything but recommend you to look for a bird shop for more info. Leave the
    orphanage and head to 1F.
    Again, talk to that sexy hostess in orange that told you about the orphanage.
    She will tell you that some bird shops are located at the Three Birds 
    Go to the Dimsum Qr. and go all of the way to the end, past the entrance to 
    the tunnel, to the building in red. That's the Three Birds Building.
    There are a TON of shops here, and you have to ask countless shops to get to
    the place that Yuan attends. I recommend you do the long and hard way to get
    the 'Shenmue' feel and experience the game. However, if you're hating this 
    game and want to get it over with, then I don't blame you. Just go up to 3F
    via the elevator (on the right side) and switch elevators and head up to the
    roof (R).
    By the way, if you want to do the long way, start off by asking the woman in
    the 1F store: South Bird Store. You can do everything from this point, it's
    pretty easy.
    Once at the roof, go past a couple of stores to the store entitled "Nine Birds
    Shop" and talk to the vendor. He mentions 3 people, wasting you time, but he
    does mention Yuan herself. He tells you that Yuan comes here around early 
    evenings. Choose 'Wait' to speed the time up to 7 PM. 
    Ryo and Ren patiently wait for Yuan... Aha! Yuan finally comes out! Yuan 
    mocks the place while she's at it... When Yuan finally starts to leave, Ren
    and Ryo watches as she goes down to 6F. Take the elevator down to 6F to follow
    her, as usual.
    Yuan will try to get some chili peppers for cheap and leaves when she fails to
    do so. Follow Yuan but don't get too close or lock on her. Just walk behind 
    her (about 20 feet), and still be able to see her. Yuan will stop at a store
    again and babble about some shit... and leaves to 1F. Take the elevator down
    to 1F. 
    When Yuan leaves the building, take that exit too. Just don't get too close...
    Follow her all of the way to the Thousand White Building. She will stop at a 
    knife shop and babble about her new precious knife. She will promptly turn
    around, causing a QTE.
    Yeah, that's it. After that, follow her to Cafe Anna, her next stop. After
    waiting for her to leave, follow her to the Stand Qr. Continue on until you
    arrive upon the Moon Child Building. Again, she will stop at a store for a
    pointless complaint. Her complaint: the color of the refrigerator! My god...
    She suddenly leaves and comes toward you! Do this CQTE to avoid her:
    Yuan will move on and goes up to 4F on an elevator. Follow her up as usual.
    Finally, you've reached the room of Yuan's! Ren flips a coin to see who have
    to break into Yuan's room (you will lose no matter what). Knock on the door
    and do this CQTE to knock the door down:
    Yuan will get knocked out and now you have access to the room! Whoo! Now...
    where's the associate of Zhu's? Look around... you'll find him in the rear 
    left corner, still alive. Suddenly, you hear heavy footsteps... must be Dou
    Ren comes up with the cleverest plan of all: he told the damn bird "Hide in 
    the closet"! Watch what happens! Before Dou Niu comes into the room, go to
    the rear left corner to hide. Dou Niu, after seeing the stunned Yuan on the
    floor, goes to the closet... Why? Because the damn bird told him "Hide in the
    closet!" I love you, Ren! Now, do this CQTE to knock Dou Niu into the closet:
    And this QTE to knock the drawers to block the closet:
    With Zhang, the duo will head out to Ren's hideout. Once there, Ryo will ask 
    Zhang about Zhu. Without any bullshit talk, he tells him to go to the Ghost
    Hall Building: 10F and gives you a weird shaped key-look alike. 
    Photos: Dou Niu, Ren, Xuiying, Yuan, Wong, Zhang
    QTEs: (Right; Left; Right)
          (Left; Left; Right)
          (Right; Left; Right; Down)
          (Left; Left; Up; Right)
          (Left; Right; Down; Left; Left)
          (Right; Right; Left; Up; Left)
          (Down; Right; Up; Left; Right)
          (Right; Left; Right; Right; Down; Up)
    Ok, this part is very, very long, due to the tedious QTEs... be prepared...
    Go to Thousand White Qr. and go left, all of the way to the end. Enter the 
    building in green. Think you can just go up to 10F with a simple flick on
    a button in the elevator? Guess what? You need a key to use the elevator! HAH!
    And the key Zhang gave you is not the key... You have to cross the planks en
    route to 10F. Go up the stairs to 4F and cross the planks and continue up to 
    the next planks and repeat all of the way to 10F. The QTEs for the planks:
    4F:  Right; Left; Right
         Left; Left; Right
    7F:  Right; Left; Right; Down
         Left; Left; Up; Right
    8F:  Left; Right; Down; Left; Left
         Right; Right; Left; Up; Left
    10F: Down; Right; Up; Left; Right
         Right; Left; Right; Right; Down; Up
    If you miss and fall, you'll have to restart from 1F. So save after every 
    plank or so to avoid doing all of them all over. When you finally reach the
    end of the 10F, run to the door and you are greeted by... Ren! How in the 
    world did he get here? By the elevator?!?!?! -_- *sighs*
    Go into the room... nice antiques here... What to do? There's nobody here...
    Well, if you look around hard enough, you'll find a statue to the right, with 
    4 holes on its head. The holes are for the 'keys'... for example, the snake-
    turtle key that Zhang gave you. There are 4 so you have to find all of them...
    and they are somewhere in this room, hidden. 
    Now, go to the left side of the room and get behind the desk and open the 
    right drawer... Aha! You've found the Four Heavenly Beasts paper that Ren 
    mentioned just earlier... The top one has the Snake-turtle face that Zhang
    gave you earlier. Now time to look for the rest!
    -Directly behind the desk, there's a framed paper with some Japanese writing
    on it... take it off to find the Dragon key.
    -White Tiger: Go back to the closet with the statue, open the drawer to the
    right of the statue, and lift the uniform (Hazuki's!) and the key will drop
    to the floor
    -Go to the shelf to the right of the lone window. On the top shelf, pick up
    the pot to find the Phoenix Stick.
    There are some more (4) but none of them even matter. Insert the keys into the
    statue in the positions according to the paper. The positions are:
     White Tiger        Blue Dragon
    The wall behind the statue will slide...
    Yuanda Zhu! At last! Unfortunately, Yuan and Dou cut your reunion short
    Niu. Dou Niu pushes you out of the building (anyone notice that the floor 
    underneath make it look like it's 2F or something but it's really 10F? Must be
    another building... or is it?) You get to fight your first Free Battle in
    Kowloon here. After a while, Dou Niu will come out and fight you. You can't 
    win this battle now, just kill all of the henchmen and wait for the time to
    run out (or just press Y repeatedly to avoid all of the attacks). As Dou
    Niu was going to kill you, the most unexpected thing happens: Lishao Tao comes
    out of nowhere to save you. Whoa... You emerge in a cathedral where Xuiying
    and his brother, Ziming, once lived. After that, you see Wong... Bah, nothing
    important. Back at the hideout...
    After finding out where Yuanda Zhu is (from Joy), Zhang explains to you that
    Chiyoumen ordered Dou Niu to find Yuanda Zhu and give him to Lan Di. Lan Di!
    Time to find a way into the Yellow Head Building, where Yuanda Zhu is waiting
    for someone to rescue him!
    Photos: Ren, Kai
    QTEs: X (Predictive Explosion)
    Now, do you know where the Yellowhead Building is? It's that obvious one...
    the big building in the middle! You know, the point that all of the Qrs. 
    revolve around! There is one entrance to that building in every Qr., so there
    are 3 entrances... so go to each one (doesn't matter which one) and you will
    see that it is blocked. Go to the next one and it's blocked too! Go to the 
    last one... blocked!
    As you're going to the last one, Ren will come out (looks like he still wants
    some money, heh). Ren tells you to do some Chawan Signs at restaurants. The 
    place to do the Chawan Sign is the Nihao Teahouse in the Dimsum Qr. It's the 
    restaurant right next to Everyone's Restaurant. In case if you forgot what
    the Chawan Sign is, you push the left cup up and pull the cup second from the 
    right down.
    As before, you get a note from a mysterious person. The note: go to the Moon
    Child Building, room 503. Go there right now (Stand Qr.).
    As what you're supposed to do, go to room 503 on the fifth floor. The door 
    opens... The light's off... is it a romantic gesture or what? Nah, a spar. 
    Just press random buttons because the guy will evade you no matter what. You
    can practice your fighting skills here because you're going to use them A LOT
    soon. After a while, the guy in the dark catches your fist and tells you to
    relax and hit with your mind's eye. Now, you have to be quick and point in the
    direction that the guy came and press X before he can get to you. You have a
    plenty of time to do this. When you've done it, you will learn a new move:
    Predictive Explosion (worthless, IMO).
    The room goes to light and it's... the blind musician! He's not blind, after
    all. Kinda surprising, no? (Take a picture of him, he's Kai) He says that he 
    knew your father and asks you about him... Ryo explains to him what happens 
    (Lan Di and all) and he is simply stunned. He offers you any help that he can 
    for Iwao. You mention the Yellow Head Building. He says that there is a way, 
    and gives you a picture. 
    To summarize: to get the ticket into the building, impress that guy on the
    picture (scout) on various fights around Kowloon. There are several places to
    do it... 3 in all.
    Photos: none
    QTEs: none
    Now, your mission right now is to impress the scout and nothing else. You have
    to impress him THREE times before he can finally talk to you. Only then you 
    can get closer to Lan Di. The scout usually looks around for fighters in the
    battle arenas and I'm sure that you've seen at least one while searching in
    Kowloon. There are about 6 arenas in all, but only 3 will allow you ample 
    room to impress the scout. The locations:
    (Press X when the X icon has the fighting man on it)
    Thousand White Qr.: The obvious location, in front of Ghost Hall Bldg. To 
                        defeat the acrobatic 'master', just press B to grab him
                        when he's close and it's all over.
    Stand Qr.: Go to the fountain and go to the northwest corner, with the brown
               arch with stairs going down. That's the Star Gazing Point. Go down
               the stairs to the battle arena. To defeat the tiger-killer, press Y
               to get to his left (blind spot) and kick his ass! Pressing Y is the
               evade button, which quickly move to avoid attacks. Make sure you
               press right while pressing Y to get to his left. He's pretty easy
               only if you KNOW how to beat him.
    Stand Qr.: Next to the Moon Child Building, there's an opening to the back of
               the Moon Child Building... that's the Small Dragon Garden. This 
               fight involves a puny guy but it's impossible to hit him... or they
               claims... You can easily win the fight (only have to hit him once)
               by press back and X+A all at the same time (Counter Elbow Assault-
               remember Lishao Tao? heh) when the puny human tries to attack you.
               Yeah, that's it!
    After you've defeated them all and impressed the scout, the scout will tell 
    you to come to Dragon St. at sundown. Go there and wait until 7 PM. As you're
    walking down the streets of Dragon St., the scout calls you over and talks to 
    you privately. He gives you 3 pictures and orders you to defeat them all...
    Photos: Cool Z, Rob, Greg, Chunyan, Ren, Joy, Wong
    QTEs: (Left+B)
    Alright, I know you have absolutely no idea where those stupid fighters are
    located, so let's go back to Ren's hideout for now. Outside the hideout, you
    see Cool Z in his usual form, rapping along with his music. Ask him about the
    fighters... he seems to know the place well! He tells you the locations of the
    fighters, and they are: (show him the pictures for each person)
        Rob: Phoenix Building
       Greg: Blue Dragon Garden
    Chunyan: Black Heaven Building
    I'm willing to bet a lot of dough that you have ABSOLUTELY no idea where those
    buildings/area are located at. Let's go to the first fight, the Rob Stunt 
    Go to the Dimsum Qr. and go into the building behind the Nihao Teahouse and 
    Everyone's Restaurant (Tea Break Building) and once there, go to the right, 
    you will see a small corridor leading to a doorway with a man guarding the
    entrance... talk to that man about Rob, show him the picture with a black guy
    on it. He will confirm that he is fighting in the building behind him, but
    you have to pay the man $500 to get in! OMG! Damn...
    If you followed my guide back in the beginning, you would know that I told you
    to save up $1000, $500 was for Cool Z to see Ren, but that other $500 is for
    THIS fight! That's WHY I asked you to save up to $1000! If you don't have $500
    right now, start off by looking around for some Big or Small (best ones: front 
    of the entrance to Thousand White Qr., in Dragon St.) or play some tough Lucky
    Hit stands in Dimsum Qr. (they ARE TOUGH!). If you don't even HAVE money to
    begin with, go to the Stand Qr. and look around the central area for some
    stairs down, if you found the right one and went down to it, you will find a
    Lucky Hit standee... talk to the guy that owns it about the job and he will
    offer you a job covering for him. It is the same as the one you had in Wan
    After getting $500, go back to the Phoenix Building and pay the hombre. He 
    will let you in, as promised. As you're going to the left, you could see a 
    nice machine on a rock slab. That's Afterburner, you can play it now, if you
    want. It's pretty tough, at least for me. When you're done with it, go up to
    4F by the stairs and take the elevator down to B1F (the elevators only get to
    4F and B1F so...) Again, take the stairs to B4F. Alas, Rob! 
    Walk up to the ring and press X to fight the man. Make sure you take a picture
    of him! PICTURE! There is no fee for fighting him, you already paid the man 
    $500, remember? To win this fight, just press Y to dodge his attacks and attack 
    head on with powerful combos to wear him down. If you're lucky, you might push 
    him off the ring for a win! You have to win 2 out of 3 matches to grab the 
    price: $1000! 
    DO NOT SPEND that cash!!!!!!!!!! You NEED it! Believe me... don't go flying to
    that damn Afterburner machine! Be patient. Now, go back to the Dimsum Qr., go
    up to B1F and take the elevator to 4F and finally leave at 1F. When you're
    finally back out to the outside world, go to Stand Qr. and go to the alley 
    right next to the Small Dragon Garden (next to the Moon Child Building). 
    That's the Blue Dragon Garden. There should be a man guarding the entrance 
    like the last one, but since you have $1000, show the man Greg's picture and
    he will demand your cash. Give it to him and enter the arena. 
    The adrenaline here seems really high... Again, press X to fight the guy. Hey!
    There's Ren! He's volunteering! No... he's volunteering for me? heh, I was 
    going to fight him anyway! Hmm... Ren's putting down a bet? For me? Yay!
    To beat the fattie, you have to be careful, he can easily grab you and throw
    you off the arena like Mario did to Bowser in Super Mario 64. Just press Y
    when he tries to grab you or moves around you. Attack only when he's open, 
    and be safe. You could wait/move until he's on the side and attack him to 
    force him off the platform for an easy victory. It's easier to push him
    off than to beat him physically, actually. 
    After the win, you come up to Ren and he blames you.... WHY? HA! He bet
    AGAINST you! Hehehehehe! His loss! Time for the last one! Oh, and you get 
    $2000 for your victory! Way to go...
    | NOTE: After the next fight, you will have only one free day before you     |
    | leave this dump. What does it mean? That means that it might be a good     |
    | idea to take some pictures of people for your scrapbook. You don't have to |
    | do it now, you have a free day later, but if you think you're too slow and |
    | clumsy to get them all, suit yourself and do it now, before the final      |
    | fight. The pictures that you have to get are on the next part.             |
    The final fight is located at the Black Heaven Building, located at the Stand
    Qr., pretty close to the Star Gazing Point. It's the one covered with blue,
    looks like a dump yard. Use the elevator right next to the entrance to go up to
    11F. then, go to 12F by the stairs. You should be able to see a man behind 
    some kind of fence, he's the 'guard'. Pay the man $2000 and go down the stairs
    and behold! It's a pretty sight, isn't it? A single battlefield with a certain
    death for losers. 
    It's your final fight here, you have to be careful here, because when you win
    a battle, you have to a CQTE afterwards to finish her off. She's actually the
    easiest out of three. She just attacks you, nothing special. Just evade some
    and attack with combos repeatedly. Ryo will set himself down for a final 
    blow and the CQTE for that blow:
    After that, the girl falls back and falls out of the arena, except for her
    hand... She hangs on, barely. Ryo comes over slowly... and picks her up by
    one hand. Chunyan is speechless as she shakes her head... You've finally
    impressed the scout! 
    Run up the stairs to get back up. The scout will stop you and tell you to go
    to Dragon St again. So go there again and wait until sundown. Again, the
    scout will stop you in Dragon St. to talk to you privately. He gives you a
    map- B2F of the Thousand White Building and tells you to come there at
    12 AM, the day after tomorrow. Go to Ren's hideout immediately.
    At Ren's hideout, you show the map to everybody and everybody goes all weird,
    worrying about you and what will happen next. 
    Photos: Cool Z, Kai, Haoyi Ping, Pengcui Yamei, Loufei Zong, Rod Stunt,
            Greg More, Chunyan Xu, Zhenwu Gu, Lianfei Yang, Congo Maccius,
            Haishan Lie (WOW A LOT!)
    QTEs: none (WOW A LOT!)
    This is your last day in Kowloon, or rather, the greater part of Kowloon. The
    next day you will be in the Yellowhead, ALL DAY. That means that this is the
    last chance you have to take some pictures of people that you haven't. If you
    don't want to take the pictures, just choose "wait" in Ren's Hideout to skip
    to the next day. For those who wants whose extras in the scrapbook, this 
    section is for you. 
    You also could play some arcade games or some more fights around Kowloon 
    because you can play them ANYTIME after you complete the game, via the main 
    menu at the beginning, before you select a file/start a new game. You only
    need to play them ONCE to unlock them so you can play it later. You don't
    have to beat it.
    I'll start with the arcades, but those are not important as the pictures...
    IMO. The games and its locations:
    -Afterburner: Probably the only one you've played/seen in this game. Go to 
                  the Phoenix Building, where you fought Rod. It's just there on
                  1F. You can't miss it.
    -QTE Title: A FUN ONE! Anyway, go to 8F of Moon Child Building in Stand Qr.
                Remember the orphanage? Yeah, go there and enter. In the first
                room, there's nothing except immature kids... Go to the back room,
                where the teacher is located. In that room, there's another door
                leading to a small room. That room has a QTE Title and Excite QTE
                2, both good mini-games to play.
    -Excite QTE 2: See above.
    That's it. There is one more but it's in the Yellow Head Building, room 222. 
    I'll remind you when the time comes.
    Now time for the much-needed pictures. I won't mention the ones that you will
    see later, during/after the great Yellow Head Building run.
    -Cool Z: Easily found... front of Ren's Hideout, Dragon St.
    -Kai: Remember him? He's still there in Dragon St., pretending to be blind. 
    -Haoyi Ping: I know he's not an 'important' character but he's required. He's
                 the 'merchant' for the circle of Lucky Hits. He calls it a 
                 museum so I guess it's a museum. Anyway, you can't miss it... 
                 it's in the Dimsum Qr. He's in the open area, can't miss him.
    -Pengcui Yamei: Go to Cafe Anna, where Yuan stopped before going into her 
                    building. It's behind the Ghost Hall Bldg., and it has some
                    tables and people around there. Yamei is the waitress with a
                    purple apron. (Thousand White Qr.)
    -Loufei Zong: Same as above, but with a green apron.
    -Rod Stunt: Come on, don't you remember him? He's the black guy that you 
                fought to impress the scout. In B4F of Phoenix Bldg.
    -Greg More: The fat wrestler. Go to Stand Qr., enter the Blue Dragon Garden
                and take a nice picture of him jiggling his man-boobs.
    -Chunyan Xu: The sexy cowgirl. Go to Stand Qr. again and enter Black Heaven
                 Bldg. Go up to 12F and go to the battleground. 
    -Zhenwu Gu: Weird guy, indeed. He vends some toys or whatever in Stand Qr.
                Go to the fountain in Stand Qr. and look around for a man with a
                red shirt and a green pants. Also, he has some emblems on him that
                look like a pirate's crossbones/skull. 
    -Lianfei Yang: You probably don't even know who she is but she's your boss. :)
                   Go to Thousand White Bldg. and go to that closed warehouse 
                   under the red bridge. (Across the street from Great View Bldg.)
                   She's the one sitting down behind a table. (Inside the ware-
    -Congo Maccius: The hairy shirtless man walking in the Thousand White Qr., and
                    he's also your partner if you carried crates here in Kowloon.
                    Again, he's just walking around just outside the Thousand
                    White Qr., under the red bridge.
    -Haishan Lie: A tricky man to find. Go to Dragon St. and go to the end of the
                  street, just before the dual stairs up to Thousand White Qr. 
                  BEFORE the first set of stairs up, look right. There should be
                  a NARROW path up. Follow that path all of the way to the top.
                  You should be able to see a man in blue with a Lucky Hit stand
                  right next to him. That's him.
    After you've got them all, go ahead and sleep at Ren's hideout for the 
    showdown in the Yellow Head Building!
    Photos: Ren, Wong, Yuan*, Dou Niu, Baihu*, Joy
    QTEs: Down+B (3rd floor)
          Right+B+A (3rd floor)
          A+Up+A (4th floor)
          A+Left+X (4th floor)
          X+Right+Right+X (4th floor)
          Up+A (9th floor)
          Right+A (9th floor)
          Left+Up+A (9th floor)
          Down+Up+A (9th floor)
          Left, Up, Down, Right, Left (12th floor)
          X, A, B, A, Y, A, Y, A (12th floor)
          Up+A (12th floor)
          Left, Down, Right, Down, Down, Left, Up (13th floor)
          Left, A, Right, A, A, Right (14th floor)
          Up+A (14th floor)
          Left, Left (15th floor)
          Down+Y (15th floor)
          A, Left, A, A, Right, Left, A, Right (16th floor)
          Right+A, Left+X (16th floor)
          Down, Up, Right (17th floor)
          Down+A (17th floor)
          Left+X (shhhh!)
          Right, Left, Up, A
    MMMMMMMMMMMMM! The BEST part in this entire game! Why? It's FULL of action and
    the legendary, breath-taking cut scene awaits you at the end of it all! Can't
    wait? Neither could I when I stepped into that building for the first time.
    When it's the day of the truth, go to Thousand White Building in Thousand 
    White Qr., of course. You don't have to do anything other than that and I 
    recommend you don't do anything else. If you don't know where that building
    is located at, it's just across from that fight with that acrobatic master
    that you oh-so-easily-defeated. By the way, be there by 12 PM. You don't have
    to wait all of the way until 12 PM, there's a 'Wait' option to speed up the
    time once you get there. 
    | Note: A selfish note but anyway... The first time I played this game, I    |
    | went into the building at March 16, 1987 in Shenmue time. I was born at    |
    | March 16, 1987! Coolness.                                                  |
    Once in the Thousand White Bldg., go DEAD left and follow that hallway... you
    will end up facing some stairs, but you can only go up. I know you have to go 
    down to B2, but the only way to get there is by going up. Got me? Go up to 3F.
    At 3F, run through the hallways until you see an elevator. Now, that elevator 
    can go down to B1F and that's good. Take that elevator to B1F. 
    Run in the same path that you did in 1F and 3F. You will end up seeing another
    set of stairs... and this time, you can go down! One level under B1F equals...
    B2F! Whoo! Open the crimson-red door and you come upon a damp, gloomy room. 
    Walk around and you can choose 'Wait' to wait until 12 PM, when the damn fatty 
    scout comes.
    As you were waiting for the scout, he comes out of the shadows and starts to 
    lead you to the 'executives'. Suddenly, the scout screams... Ren! He punches
    the scout in the guts, knocking him out. That Ren...
    Now, without the scout breathing over you, run down the underground tunnels.
    The path is pretty linear so you shouldn't have any trouble. Take the first
    left and you will see a gate at a distant end. Just before that gate, 
    there's a opening to the right that leads to a door. Go up to it.
    Ren and Ryo will try to open the barred door, but no avail. Fortunately, Wong
    mysteriously comes out of nowhere and unlocks the door like a pro. Ren 
    grumbles at his success, (damn kid...) but Wong gives Ryo some valuable 
    information: Yuanda Zhu is located at 17th, according to Zhang. He also gives
    Ryo a map of the Yellow Head Building, a map that you WILL find helpful!
    Go up the stairs and you'll see a red door like the one you saw earlier. That
    door leads to the 'executives' but I do not recommend going there, but you
    can... I won't spoil anything but it won't hurt you if you went into there.
    Instead, go up another set of stairs to the left. Open the green door and 
    alas! The 1F of the Yellow Head Building! Step one: Completed! Now, your
    mission is go up to 17F but you can't use the elevator so you have to climb
    the stairs all of the way to 17F. 
    The blue points on the map is the stairs, but only one of them is open on
    each level. Most of the levels have the southeastern stairs open (the one on 
    the T-intersection). Some levels will have a different stairs available...
    Anyway, go to the southeastern stairs, through the large broad central area.
    As you get to 2F, you can't use the same set of stairs because it's barred.
    It's the same thing for most of the levels you will encounter. You will have
    to search the level for another set of stairs. Most of the time, it's either
    the southeastern stairs or the northeastern door. They alternate each other.
    On this floor (2F) you could go to 222 (on the north hallway, 3rd door on the
    left) and enter to find an arcade machine: Hang-on. It's pretty fun, but just
    play it once so you can play it later in Shenmue Collection when you complete
    the game. Now, go find the open stairs to go to 3F.
    | Note: Starting from 3F, I will mark each area what level it is for before- |
    | hand so you can easily find where you need help for this part. This will   |
    | continue until the level before the final one has been reached.            |
        | 3F |
    As you're walking around a corner, a man in black lurks ahead. Ren notices him
    and pushes you in front of him... Now you have to fight him! Nah, don't worry,
    Ren took care of him. "I was getting bored", he says! That Ren... 
    Don't worry, you'll have your chances. The second corner after the last one, 
    a man will come. Take him down with this CQTE:
    If you fail, you'll have to free battle him alone. Kick his ass either way. 
    Move on and you will encounter yet another CQTE:
    Again, if you miss, you have a free battle all special for you! Baked, too! Mm.
    Go to the southeastern stairs to go up a floor, to 4F.
        | 4F |
    This place has 3 more CQTEs like in 3F. Just walk around and take down the 
    guards with those CQTEs (in order):
    Proceed to 5F via the northeastern stairs.
        | 5F |
    This time... it's different. There's no QTEs, but as you're going to the 
    southeastern stairs, you will come upon a cut scene... Ryo and Ren notices a 
    door open ajar. There's some sounds and light coming out of that room... Ren
    decides to flip a coin to determine who get to barge into that room. Pick ANY
    side, you'll lose anyway. You end up surprising a trio of henchmen... Guess
    what? You'll have to fight and make them cry for their mommies. Just combo
    like there's no tomorrow and you should be fine.
    After the fight, Ren applauds you... and picks up the strange thing on the
    floor. What is it? Ah, it's a transceiver. Might come in handy. Proceed to 6F.
        | 6F |
    Now, a new one. No QTEs but you still have to do something. This level is 
    pretty dark... seems strange, isn't it? As you come around a corner, Ryo sees
    a group of men around a fire, warming up. Ren notices that the light flickers
    on and off. So he runs through the darkness while the light's off. Memorize
    the path that Ren runs through. Usually, it's straight, but sometime later in
    this building, you will have to do it again and it's not straight. 
    OK, to start the run-through, press A and wait until the light goes off and 
    RUN to the next safe spot (the place with some boxes/crates/barrel shielding
    the thugs from you) and stop. Then wait for the next light to flicker off.
    Then run to the next safe spot and so on. If the light is currently flickering
    while you're going under it, you're still safe. The thus will see you only 
    when the light is completely on above you. If this occurs, you'll have a free
    battle with them. Alright? Proceed to find 3 more FLUORESCENT LIGHT mini-games 
    before reaching the stairs to 7F.
        | 7F |
    As you go around this level, you'll find 3 groups blocking your way. You 
    cannot go past those so find them all (3 groups) to trigger a scene where the
    'boss' tells all of the groups that someone knocked out a squad down on 5F 
    (that was you heh). The dumbass groups go up to 8F. NOW you can go up to 8F.
    Don't worry, they won't find you, heh. Use the southeastern stairs to go up.
        | 8F |
    Why won't the thugs find you? Because the stairs to 9F is OPEN! MUAHAHAHA! Go
    up to 9F.
        | 9F |
    Sorry, you can't go up any further... Yep, more QTEs now. This time, it's not
    stealth anymore. More like a chase but you have to create obstacles to block 
    the mofos. The CQTES:
    Heh, nice high kicks here. The path to the stairs is in front of you. To 10F.
        | 10F |
    Guess what? Nothing to do here, just go to the southeastern stairs to go to 
    11F. However, as you go through the middle room, Ryo will look up and survey
    the above levels. "This is a run-down building, all right." HA!
        | 11F |
    The stairs' open to 12F.
        | 12F |
    Alright, remember the Ghost Hall Building, where you had to cross some planks
    with gut-wrenching QTEs? YES... here we go again! The QTE for the first plank:
    Left, Up, Down, Right, Left
    After that, Ren tells you go to left so you two can cover more ground (uhhh?)
    Anyway, as you turn around a corner, go down that hallway and some thugs will
    come out. There are several, actually. Do this QTE to see a nice and nifty
    beat-you-up. (with a CQTE at the end)
    X, A, B, A, Y, A, Y, A, Up+A
    Pretty good scene, no? "Not much", Ryo says. This time, the stairs is the 
    SOUTHERN one, not the northeastern. 
        | 13F |
    Alright, the stairs up to 14F is the southeastern stairs, but to get there,
    you have to go via the western hallway and through the alcove to the big 
    middle room. There's another plank... Go on it. Hey, what's that sound...
    Dou Niu! Man, is he annoying! Ren goes first and Dou Niu comes into sight
    just you were going onto the plank. Do this QTE:
    Left, Down, Right, Down, Down, Left, Up
    Ren kicks the plank off and taunts Dou Niu... YAY! To the fourteenth floor!
    By the way, Dou Niu sure took a LONG time to get to the plank! Ryo seemed to
    take forever to cross that damn plank! Also, maybe Ren should've let Dou Niu
    cross the plank... The poor wooden thing couldn't possibly hold all of Dou
    Niu's fat!
        | 14F |
    This level is fun! And funny as in hilarious! Prepare your camera for a 
    classical picture! Yuan will come out of a room... WITH A CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE FLASHBACK! AHHHHHHHH! (Take a snapshot of her right 
    now!) She goes after you... of course, you HAVE to get away!
    Left, A, Right, A, A, Right
    At the end, you'll do a CQTE to knock the chainsaw woman out of the way:
        | 15F |
    ...Dou Niu strikes back. Do this short QTE to avoid him:
    Left, Left
    If you miss any of those, you will have to do this CQTE to avoid him once
    If you miss this too, you get a gift: a Free Battle. After all that, catch up
    with Ren and go to 16F.
        | 16F |
    Man.. Yuan sure is determined to destroy both of you! Again, you will have to
    avoid the chainsaw-wielding bitch with a QTE and two CQTE.
    A, Left, A, A, Right, Left, A, Right, Right+A, Left+X
    17F!!!!!!! Yuanda Zhu, here we come!
        | 17F |
    Of course, a measly bunch of gas and freezing air isn't going to stop Yuan so
    hurry up! Now, proceed and you will eventually see Yuan coming and do this 
    Down, Up, Right
    Then do this CQTE to finally take the chainsaw away:
    (NOTE: This is your last chance to take a picture of Yuan)
    Now, Yuan decides to fight you by her bare hands out of desperation. She's
    alright, not too tough but not too easy. Just dodge a bit and connect with a 
    lot of combos. When her health is down to 2 pellets on her life bar, Ryo will
    kick her into the elevator... Ren locks her up and threatens her with a TRASH
    CAN! LOL! Anyway, Yuan gives in and tells you that Zhu is located at 40F and 
    to get there, you have to get a key from 18F and ride the elevator up. 
    Suddenly, some more thugs comes but Ren tells you to go up to 18F while Ren 
    will take care of them. Finally, a noble act from Ren!
        | 18F |
    I know you have to knock down the doors of the rooms on this floor to find the
    key, but don't do it yet. Look around this level until Ren calls you up via 
    the transceiver. Ren tells you that in 6 minutes, the guards will do a shift
    change so you have to hurry up before you get caught! Don't worry, just go to
    the elevators and go to the door to the right (room 1824) and break down that
    door. That's the right room... yay...
    In that room, you will fight 4 guys and 3 of them are pushovers... The only
    hard one is that guy in the tux. Take down the other guys first before 
    fighting that ugly bastard. That'll make the matters easier. After owning him,
    Ryo will try to make the ugly bastard tell where the key is, but no avail.
    The key is in the lone cupboard, across the room from the TV. There are 
    several keys and you can take them all, but you will only use 2 of them. The
    required keys are numbers 9 and 10. After taking those keys, go out of this 
    hell room. (Press L to look at the cupboard and press X to open it up)
    Back to the main level, go right a bit until you see a cupboard with a red 
    'EV' on the top. Go up to it and press X. Notice the 'IX' on the door? That's
    number 9, right? So use the number 9 key to open it. Now you can turn the
    elevators on but you can only have one elevator working at a time. Only one
    elevator can be accessed from this level and it's the far left elevator so
    light it up. It'll lead you down to B1. Don't worry, you'll eventually go up 
    to 40F.
    Hmm... that's weird... When the elevator was going up from B1F to 18F, it 
    stopped. *shrugs* Huh? There are SIX guys coming out of the elevator! No wonder
    why the elevator stopped! Time for a Free Battle. 
    This Free Battle is pretty tough if you go up to them all but don't. Just 
    retreat a bit and make one of them go up to you... Take them down one by one.
    You'll have a much easier fight this way. Good luck.
        | B1F |
    ALL OF THE WAY TO THE BEGINNING!?!?!?! I remember this floor, it's the one 
    that I got on once I entered this building! OMG... Hot damn... 
    Time to get back to the point... Go to the switchboard to the left. Now, the
    door says 'X' so use the number 10 key to open it. Turn on the second switch
    from the right. Go down to B3F.
        | B3F |
    As you enter, you see a uber-weird albino guy beating a helpless guy up with
    a great ease. Take a snapshot of him, he's Baihu... Go down the stairs on the
    opposite side of the room to B4F. And... you see... JOY! huh??? You try to 
    take her back, but Baihu doesn't allow it. He offers a compromise: if you can
    defeat him, you can get Joy and go away. A Free Battle yet again.... 
    He is tough, period. Not the toughest but he will pack a punch. Press Y to 
    avoid and do a simple 2-hit combo and retreat, rinse and repeat. You have to
    defeat him two straight times... After the first victory, you will have a CQTE
    to avoid an attack:
    After the second round, you will have a CQTE following a QTE and an another 
    CQTE to finish him off. 
    Right, Left, Up, A
    Baihu drops down with disbelief on his face. Heroically, he asks you for your 
    name... and guarantees a rematch sometime.
    You comfort Joy as you go up to 40F... (Looks like Joy REALLY love Ryo.)
    Photos: Ren, Wong, Dou Niu, Joy
    QTEs: (Left+Y)
    As you've heard from Joy on the elevator, Wong got captured is on 40F right 
    now... time to save him along with Zhu. Ren rings you up via the transceiver
    to make sure that you're okay... After that, go to the double doors just 
    over there. (That Dou Niu statue sure does look nice... the floor does shine
    like hell.)
    As you enter the eye-candy-filled room with the pictures of Yuan and Dou Niu,
    a squad of 5 men in black comes in. *sighs* Another Free Battle. This time, 
    it's going to be crowded so be ready to mash your buttons. You won't have 
    any room to execute some fancy moves so take them all down quickly.
    When you've defeated them all, a fallen man points to the entrance to the 
    roof, where Zhu and Wong is waiting for you. Go through that entrance...
    Alas...Nay... another squad of ugly men comes for you. Do this QTE to over-
    power them to the roof.
    Down, Y, B, X, Up, X
    Yuanda Zhu!!!!!! A helicopter comes out... *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
    The events here is major spoilers so I'll shut up here, don't want to spoil 
    it for you. Just watch and enjoy. I will skip to the part when you have to 
    fight Dou Niu...
    (NOTE: Last time to take a photo of You-Know-Who and Dou Niu.)
    Now, to beat him, you have to press Y almost each half-second. He is easily
    the toughest enemy you have faced in this game and it shows in the damage from
    his heavy throws. That's why you have to press Y every time. By doing this, 
    it's almost impossible for him to even GRAB you, let alone land a punch on 
    you. He might get lucky and grab you but if you press Y repeatedly fast 
    enough, Ryo will evade the damage. Now, you got the evasion part down. When to
    attack? After press Y to move to the side, attack him when his back or side is
    facing you (Ryo). Land a few punches/kicks and retreat. You can't perform a 
    throw move so don't even try. This fight WILL be long so be patient. You only
    get to fight once. 
    The best combo to use is: AAA. Triple kick. Why? Good damage and the final 
    kick HEAVY damage that will certainly help you. However, that final kick will
    only land when Dou Niu has his back to you. Try to kick his back whenever you
    After winning the fight, don't sit back yet... You have a series of QTEs 
    before finishing him off. Ryo will become TRULY calm for the first time of
    his life and goes back in time to remember what Lishao Tao taught him... The
    Counter Elbow Assault. This very move will finish the 500-pound fattie off...
    Left+Y, Left+Left+Y, Down+Left+Up+Y, Right+XA (same time for X and A)
    The rest of the cut scene on the top of the Big Ox Building is yours to watch,
    I won't comment anything on it because it is too good to spoil.
    Photos: Joy, Wong, Ren
    QTEs: none
    (NOTE: LAST TIME to get a photo of Joy, Wong, and Ren!!!!!!!)
    Alas... we have completed our mission for this period of time: locate and 
    talk to Yuanda Zhu. This is the first time that Ryo will have a chance to sit
    down and talk with Zhu about Lan Di and Iwao Hazuki. Here's the summary of 
    what Yuanda Zhu said.
    Lan Di was a lot like Ryo... He vowed revenge on the one who killed his 
    father... He believed that Iwao Hazuki, Ryo's father, killed his father. 
    Whether if this is true or not, we do not know yet. Lan Di's father's name:
    Sunming Zhao, the very words that Lan Di himself uttered in Shenmue's first
    cinema. Therefore, Lan Di was not his real name. His real name is Longsun 
    Sunming Zhao was Yuanda Zhu's best friend, so Zhu knew him fondly. He knew 
    that Sunming had two very unique mirrors: the Dragon Mirror, which Lan Di
    seized when he killed Iwao in Yokosuka, and the Phoenix Mirror, the mirror
    that Ryo currently possesses. Zhu said that when Sunming Zhao died, Iwao took
    his mirrors to Japan and hid them. After all those years, it seems like Lan Di
    went to Yokosuka to seize BOTH of the mirrors. Why?
    Why, again? The mirrors are the keys to the treasure of the Qing Dynasty. When
    smoke rises over the Phoenix Mirror, a constellation of stars, famously known 
    as 'Ursa Major' or the 'Big Dipper' will show up. However, you must have the
    remaining mirror, the Dragon Mirror to complete the 'key' to the treasure. 
    Lan Di has the mirror so Ryo virtually cannot get it. What to do? Yuanda Zhu 
    recommends Ryo to go to Guilin, a sacred forest with a small village. Iwao and
    Sunming once trained together there. The material that the mirror was made 
    from can only be found in that village, the Bailu Village. Therein lies a 
    possible clues to the secret of the Qing Dynasty.
    After hearing those words, Ryo decides to go to Guilin immediately without
    hesitation. As he leaves, Joy and Wong bids him farewell. Before going to 
    Guilin, he goes back to Hong Kong to thank Xuiying for her help. 
    Back at Scarlet Hills, Ryo catches Xuiying practicing a move. After a while,
    she stops and looks around to see Ryo just standing there. She comes up to him
    and tells him about the history of his brother, who also left to seek revenge.
    She teaches Ryo one final move: the Devil's Triangle. She tells him to be 
    careful, and don't get too careless like her brother did. As a present,
    Xuiying gives you the half of Ying-Yang pendant that her brother gave her as a
    child. Ryo thanks her and leaves.
    (If you're playing the Dreamcast version, this is the end of Disk Three.)
    V.C. Guilin
    Photos: Yanjing
    QTEs: none
    Welcome to the romantic and exotic land of Guilin! This place feels like Congo
    or someplace in Africa with a lot of trees around... Ryo doesn't even look 
    around in awe at the attractive landscape with the green blanket covering the
    entire place. (Too into that revenge thing.)
    This place, Langhuishan, is nothing more than an ordinary village without any
    advancements of the Western civilizations. Take your time to look around and 
    enter some houses, but there's nothing to do here except to ask people about 
    the Bailu Village. Before you even leave, look around this tiny village for a 
    boy with glasses and an uber-weird hair-do. He's the only boy with glasses 
    around here so don't worry. Find him and snap a shot of him. There are only 
    TWO people to snap a picture of and you already have one! Yay! 
    Anyway, if you ask people around the village, some of them will point to the
    path in the back of the village and tell you that you have to cross two
    mountains to finally get to the village. That's about two days... Quite a 
    There's basically nothing to do here so just go on and run up that path to 
    start your adventure to the end.  
    Photos: Shenhua
    QTEs: (Up, Down, Up, A, Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, X) 
          (X, Down, A, X, Right, Left, Right, A, Up, Left, Left, Right, X, Down, 
                 Right, Left, A)
          (Up, X, Left, Right, Down, Up, X, Right, A, Up, Right, Left, Right, X, 
                 Left, Right, Up, Up, Down, A)
    You can ask people around the path, walking or sitting or standing, but they
    will give you the same answer: go up that path... so just fuck them off and 
    ignore them. They're not going to give you candies or anything. Heh. 
    Walk down and up the wavy road... see a tree after another after another after
    another... you get the idea. You may see some people around, but again... 
    ignore the mofos and continue your happy hopping. 
    After the Green Field, you will reach the Yingshuihe River. Ryo looks up and 
    suddenly, the sky turns black and rains. Yingshuihe is now the muddy stream. 
    Wow... a sudden change of mood. Interesting. Ryo moves on and notices 
    something sticking out of the river... a deer. Poor guy... *shrugs* Hey...
    what's that? A girl? Yeah she's running... and jumps INTO THE RIVER! 
    Ryo decides to save the girl and jumps into the water and grabs her. Ryo 
    yells, trying to make the girl release her hold on the deer. She refuses so
    Ryo has to use all of his might to push the girl and the fawn all of the way 
    to the shore despite the raging waters. Ryo, of course, made it...
    After waking up, the girl IMMEDIATELY looks around for the fawn (she doesn't 
    even worry about herself!). Ryo proceeds to talk to the girl and learns that
    her name is Shenhua (frighteningly similar to Shenmue and it has a reason to be)
    and she comes from Bailu Vi-llage (Bai: White Lu: Deer). The deer is the most
    sacred animal in the kingdom of the Guilin so that's why Shenhua risked her
    LIFE for that helpless fawn. I see... Ryo asks Shenhua about Bailu Village and
    she says that you have to cross two mountains to get there and she will lead 
    you all of the way to the Village.
    Now, you can talk to Shenhua about her life or whatever, or just wait all of 
    the way to the end, it doesn't matter. Shenhua won't run so you two will move 
    along very slowly. Shenhua asks Ryo where he is from... after hearing the word
    'Japan', she claims that she has never heard of it so Ryo explains to her 
    where it is located and whatever. Shenhua and Ryo talk back and forth until
    you get a chance to select some options... Two of those options will be 
    issues to talk about, one will be 'Hurry On' to end the current part to get 
    along faster, and the final one is '...' like not saying anything. Chat all 
    you want, and you will finally encounter a weird type of a tree and Shenhua
    explains to you that it is an olive tree and it is in full bloom right now.
    Gui- is 'tree' and -lin is like a plural form so it's like a forest. After 
    that, you can talk to her about the flowers, the mountains and her family.
    Finally, you will see some activity: some butterflies... *rolls eyes* Shenhua
    comments on how beautiful they are and so forth... she babbles about rainfall 
    and that crap... is boring to me. After that, you can talk about stuff that you
    haven't talked about before this butterfly sightseeing.
    Soonly afterwards, Shenhua notices a change in the wind direction and tells 
    Ryo to hurry and stay with her to speed up the pace. You will have three sets
    of QTEs to complete. The QTEs are very easy because you could tell which
    buttons you have to press before you actually see the icon. 
    If Shenhua moves to the left, you press left when you come up to that 
    obstacle. If Shenhua goes to the right, you press right, of course. If she
    jumps over a tiny obstacle such as a fallen tree, you press up. If she ducks,
    you press down as always. If she jumps over a pit or a large gap, you press A.
    If she jumps over a boulder or a big obstacle, you press X. That's it. Simple
    enough for me.
    The QTEs:
    Up, Down, Up, A, Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, X 
    After that, a cliff stops you two. Shenhua moves on and climbs up the
    cliff... Ryo catches up... slowly... 'Tis getting darker so time for another
    X, Down, A, X, Right, Left, Right, A, Up, Left, Left, Right, X, Down, Right, 
    Left, A
    Another cut scene awaits you: the spring. That spring sure looks beautiful at
    night, especially with the fireflies. Ryo stoops down and Shenhua warns him 
    about the snakes that resides in the spring... The duo leaves yet again.
    Up, X, Left, Right, Down, Up, X, Right, A, Up, Right, Left, Right, X, Left, 
    Right, Up, Up, Down, A
    Finally, they slow down to a slower pace (think walk) because they're so close
    to the cave, or so Shenhua claims. As you walk down the path, you have no 
    options when you talk to Shenhua. After a while, you two finally reach your
    half-way point...
    34. THE CAVE
    Photos: Shenhua
    QTEs: none
    Before entering the cave, you get to watch a.... BIRD! Yeah for a whole 2 
    minutes! I don't know why Yu Suzuki made us to watch it... maybe he's trying
    to give us the 'feel' of the mountains but it just makes me remember only one
    thing: that cut scenes/dreams that Ryo had in Shenmue I. Remember those 
    dreams? It was of Shenhua and that damn bird... Destiny...
    Into the ubitiqious cave... Shenhua declares the need of a fire since the 
    night brings freezing temperatures and their clothes are too wet to endure 
    through the night. Fortunately, someone else came through this very cave and
    set up a place for fire so the duo just needs to ignite a fire. Ryo has a 
    lighter and sets the wood on fire. Ta-da!!! All over... but you still have to
    pick up some twigs and the wood outside is still wet so you have to look for
    the twigs INSIDE the cave.
    There are plenty of twigs in that cave so don't worry. To pick a twig up, 
    press X. If you have to look around closely, you can press R to change the
    view mode. You have to lock on the twig to pick it up. Pressing L will help
    you lock into it. When Ryo has his arms full, he'll say he needs to go back 
    so when that happens, go back to Shenhua and he will lay the sticks down and
    return for more. After the third set of firewood, that will be all. Ryo scoots
    over to Shenhua to get 'warm' *wink* Shenhua asks Ryo to talk to her because
    she's SO boring (I guess). Anyway, you can talk to her about life, what they
    eat, and about herself and yourself. You can't select 'Quit' to go straight 
    to bed. You have to talk to her about everything. You also will have to select
    a friend to talk about... You'll eventually select them all before going to
    Ryo decides to watch the fire while Shenhua gets some sleep... After a few
    hours, Ryo goes outside and practices some Tai Chi. Shenhua wakes up and sees
    Ryo practicing and calls him. Shenhua asks him if he learned that from his
    father... Ryo says that he learned them all when he visited Hong Kong. After
    some talk, Shenhua tells you to go get some sleep.
    Ryo will be awakened by Shenhua's singing and asks her what that song means. 
    Turns out that the song is about the landscape of Guilin. Yea, Guilin is 
    worthy of that music's lyrics. Ryo takes over the watch of the fire while
    Shenhua gets another session of sleep.
    Photos: Shenhua
    QTEs: Left+Right+A
    The next day... Time to proceed. Again, you will talk to Shenhua about random
    stuff like the mountains. :P   As you enter the forest, you can talk about 
    MT. Fuji, the down slope (who cares) and the wind. Eventually, you reach a fork
    but Shenhua goes right so I guess that's the right path. However, you reach a 
    dead end: a landslide. Oh well... Shenhua mentions that there was another path
    back there so let's try that out.
    Starting now, you will take control of the quest to the Bailu Village so 
    you'll decide which path to take when you come upon a fork. There is a map
    recorded with crossed paths to help you out. Anyway, as you get back to the
    point where the fork starts, the duo debate whether if they should go on the
    alternate path or not. They end up going...
    I won't point which directions you need to go because it's too straightforward
    for any need. If you get to a dead end, just turn back and look for another
    untravelled path. I will only comment on the events and the scenes. Good luck.
    When you find a river that you have to cross, Shenhua will tell you to be
    careful because the wet moss can cause you to slip and sparing your ankle. 
    The river is no match for you, do this CQTE to get across:
    After this episode, you find a sign pointing to the Bailu Village! Whew, we're
    on the right track! Move on...
    The next scene will involve a waterfall raging down... Yep, time for another 
    QTE for some stupid stepping stones. The CQTE:
    Yep, a FIVE-button CQTE. Make it through and keep going. The next scene, you 
    will see three mystical statues. What is it? Oh, it's just a landmark... :P
    Shenhua says that this is the original path so she'll take over the lead
    position. Now you can talk to her about the landscape, water, the path, and
    the God. Eventually you will come upon a fork and you have a choice: go to
    the path to the flowers but it's a detour so you will use up your time going
    there. In that direction, you will just see some yellow flowers so... up to 
    Back on the original path, after a while, you encounter a very unique tree, 
    a 'spider' tree. Take your time to look around the place, it's pretty cool.
    After that, you return to the old times: talk to Shenhua or get the hell out
    of here by choosing "Hurry On". This is getting old...
    You stop at another spring and Shenhua calls it 'Five Colors Spring' because
    it changes color 5 times during the day. Yet another awesome landmark!!!
    However, at the end of the path, you come upon a victim of the landslide.
    *sighs* time to take that other path again.
    Again, you lead since Shenhua does not know this path at all. After a lot of
    forks and backtracking, Shenhua will stop to pick up some herbs for her 
    You end up in a mountainous area... Now you have to tiptoe through the NARROW
    paths all of the way to the next cliff. This isn't terribly difficult, you
    just press left or right if you go too far to a side. Just be careful, that's
    all. At the end, you will have to do a CQTE to make a jump over a gap.
    After that, it's all for this part. After walking down the path for a bit, 
    Shenhua recognizes a sign and tells you that she knows the way from here so
    she takes over the lead position again. You will eventually arrive at a fork
    and you get to decide which path you will go. If you choose left, you will see
    a land filled with dandelions and you will witness a beautiful scene involving
    Shenhua's weird powers with the mountains. If you choose right, you can see 
    some waterfalls, but that's it. Not good... Choose the left path...
    After EITHER path, you will finally see the very end of the mountain path...
    Photos: Shenhua
    QTEs: none
    Ryo tries to persuade Shenhua to lead her to the village, but Shenhua wants to
    thank Ryo for saving her life by feeding him dinner. Oh well... It'll only 
    take us a day. 
    Hmmm... Cool tree... It almost seems to 'protect' us... Ryo is mystified by 
    that tree, too... so he asks Shenhua about it. Turns out that the TITLE of the
    series is named after THAT tree! We never knew the meaning of the title until
    the VERY end of part two... Strange, isn't it? Shenhua is named after the 
    leaves of the Shenmue. Shenhua has two flashbacks about her childhood, about
    the name and the swing. 
    After the memorable scene, Shenhua and you sit down to chat about things like
    family and the Shenmue tree. After the conversation, Shenhua asks you to stay 
    for the night and wait until she makes dinner. Now, you can look around the
    place for random things that might interest you. First, go to the kitchen and
    Ryo will say he smelt something good... Shenhua asks you to wait... Choose 
    'Wait' to move on to the dinnertime. After eating the dinner, You are free to
    loom around the house to learn new things about Shenhua's life... But to 
    trigger a scene that will move the story on, go to the bedroom, left of the 
    kitchen and go to the desk in the corner and press X.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The engraving on the paper... it's the Phoenix Mirror! So
    what's GOING ON??? After some talk, Shenhua decides to take Ryo to her father,
    who is out gathering some Phantom River Stone in a pit, the next morning. Ryo
    can't wait...
    Photos: Shenhua
    QTEs: none
    The next day... go to the kitchen to find Shenhua. The wait for her to finish 
    the lunch. LET'S GO TO THE MOMENT OF THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
    BLARGHHHHHH!!!! Ahem... Calm down...
    On the way to the stone pit, you can talk to Shenhua about the stone pit. 
    After a while, Shenhua notices something weird about a big slab of rock...
    no birds! There are usually birds around here... Creepy...
    Shenhua and Ryo sprint to their final destination... and enter the stone pit
    to seek her father, who is supposed to be in there working. Follow Shenhua 
    down the stairs to the dark, damp entrance of the Stone Pit. Shenhua gets a 
    bit worried about her father because he doesn't come when she calls him...
    Follow Shenhua down the path even further, into the depths of the cave. 
    Shenhua sees the door open ajar and enters through the door for the first time
    in her life... 
    What a marvelous sight it is in the cave! When you get to control Ryo in the
    cave, follow the path to the end, where you will find a letter for Shenhua 
    from her father. Looks like Ryo was destined to be here, since the father told
    Shenhua to go with the one who holds the Phoenix (that's Ryo, you dumbass). 
    Therein lies a treasure, the Sword of Seven Stars. 
    On the same floor (don't down any stairs), look for a small stairs 
    leading to a pedestal. Press X and watch the scene. Then go to the newly-
    formed statue and go up to it and press X and ENJOY THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!
    ***You've completed the game! Congrats!***
                                 VI. Secrets/Minigames
    If you can't find anything here that you were looking for, try look for it in
    ADoran's Shenmue II Secrets FAQ. For example, I haven't done the Duck Races
    so I don't have anything for it on here so refer to that FAQ. I will get more
    information on my next play-through. Not anytime soon, tho.
    Again, this section is not complete. Terribly uncompleted, actually. I still
    have to do the Duck Races; Move List (do I really need this?); and maybe list
    on where to get various moves that you don't have from the beginning. If you'd
    like to help, shoot me an e-mail! Thanks!
    Those arcade games can be found in Aberdeen/Wan Chai and Kowloon only. There 
    are no arcade games in Guilin (duh!). Play the arcade game once and you can 
    play that game as many as you want in the Shenmue Collection (I think you have
    to beat the game in that file, tho)
    (Phoenix Building, Dimsum Qr., Kowloon)
    First, go up to the point where you've impressed the scout with all three 
    victories in the fights. He will tell you to beat three guys... the first one
    is Rod, a black guy. Anyway, get $500 and head to the Tea Break Building, 
    behind Everyone's Restaurant and Nihao Teahouse. Pay the hombre blocking the
    way ($500) and enter the Phoenix Building. On the first floor, you can't miss
    it, is the Afterburner.
    (Pine Arcade, Golden Qr., Wan Chai)
    Just go to the Golden Qr. once you have access to Wan Chai. Look around for a
    Pine Arcade and enter. Ta-da! There is also a Neo Darts mini-game there.
      Excite QTE 2
    (Pine Arcade, Golden Qr., Wan Chai)(8F Moon Child Building, Stand Qr., Kowloon)
    Again, in the Pine Arcade. As for the location in Kowloon, just go up to 8F
    and enter the orphanage. Go to the back room (where the teacher is) and enter
    the other door in the back leading to a smaller room. Therein lies two arcade 
    machines: Excite QTE 2 and QTE Title.
    (Room 222, Yellowhead Building, Kowloon)
    Only one chance to get this... During the run up the Yellowhead Building, stop
    by this room (222) on the 2nd floor. One of the best mini-games.
      Neo Darts
    (Pine Arcade, Golden Qr., Wan Chai)
    Just go to the Golden Qr. once you have access to Wan Chai. Look around for a
    Pine Arcade and enter. Ta-da! There is also a regular Darts mini-game there.
    (Pine Arcade, Golden Qr., Wan Chai)
    Another one in the Pine Arcade.
      QTE Title
    (Pine Arcade, Golden Qr., Wan Chai)(8F Moon Child Building, Stand Qr., Kowloon)
    Again, in the Pine Arcade. As for the location in Kowloon, just go up to 8F
    and enter the orphanage. Go to the back room (where the teacher is) and enter
    the other door in the back leading to a smaller room. Therein lies two arcade 
    machines: Excite QTE 2 and QTE Title.
      Space Harrier
    (Pine Arcade, Golden Qr., Wan Chai)
    Yes, there are TWO endings! How to get it? Just go all of the way to June 31st
    and you will see the ending when you wake up the next day. Scary ending, at 
    least to me. To do this quickly, just go up to where you have to learn one of
    the Wude from Zhangyu, the barber. Enter the shop and do the QTE (the one that
    you are supposed to do nothing) and press A during the QTE. You will fail and
    a day passes like it was nothing. Do it over and over again. By that time, the
    date should be around March 1st so you have to do it about 90 times. 
    Haven't done yet. Refer to ADoran's Secrets guide to find out how.
    A good secret to experience! In this scene you will see Fangmei confess her 
    love to Ryo. No kissing or anything but it's pretty cute! ^_^ Here's how:
    Start off by getting to Disk Two by the 28th of Feb. To make it a bit more
    clear, you have to air out the books by that date. If you can't then you
    can't. Simple as that. I'm going to start off on the 28th but you can start
    on the 27th or whatever.
    28th: Fangmei will wake you up and tells you that Lishao Tao wants to see you.
          After airing out the books, you have to go find Fangmei and make her 
          talk to you. It’s pretty easy... What you have to do is to find Fangmei 
          in one of those locations:               
             -Near the front gate, outside the walls (sweeping or talking)         
             -Inside the walls, in the backyard                                    
             -Inside the Temple (praying?)                                         
          When you've found her, come up to her (do not press A) and she should 
          talk to you automatically. She will ask you some questions... Some you 
          will have  the option to answer or Ryo will answer. You have to talk 
          to her until she  asks you about Lan Di. When she did ask you about 
          Lan Di, this part's over.
          However, you have to walk far away and return to Fangmei after every 
          time  she talks to you. Remember that... Also, don't pick 'Beautiful' 
          when you have that option.                                                          
          Actually, if you started airing the books on or before the 27th, you 
          don't have to do this but you have to remember to do something later and 
          lose a battle.
     1st: After discovering the Wulinshu, talk to Fangmei again in the same method
          as before (on the 28th) 4 times. The last conversation will include 'Lan
          Di'. When you have an option, answer 'Yes'.
          After finding the Wulinshu, go to the Pigeon Park in the Worker's Pier
          and go to the seaside of the fountain. You will see a young girl clad
          in black. Talk to her and you two will get along. Her name is Eileen.
          When you know the Chawan Sign (if it's the 2nd then it's too late), go
          to the Man Mo Bistro and do the Chawan Sign. You will be asked to go to
          the Come Over Guest House. Then you have to go back to the Man Mo Park.
          At the park, you will have to fight some thugs. You have to lose. You 
          can win, but it's pointless. Losing the battle will win the ENTIRE
          affection from Fangmei (you don't even have to talk to her!)
     2nd: Not an important event, but after airing out the books, go to the Man
          Mo Bistro at about 12 PM. You will see Fangmei and Eileen having dinner.
          Just a friendly conversation. Nothing special. Can be seen at the 1st
          as long you have spoken to Eileen.
          Go to the Three Blades St. in the Lucky Charm Qr. Look for a store
          called Complete Clothier (across the street from Zhangyu's shop). Wait
          until 2 PM or so and if you have won Fangmei's love, she will come and
          initiate a cut scene. Ryo will surprise Fangmei and make her run away!
          heh... Ryo notices that Fangmei was looking at a jewelry on the dress.
          Enter the store and talk to the clerk to buy it for $150.
     3rd: Go to Room 207 in Da Yuan Apartments (Xuiying's room) and you will give
          Fangmei her present! Ta-da!!!!!!!!
    Also, if you do this, go to the same room in Da Yuan Apartments when you have
    to bid everyone farewell. Another cut scene awaits you.
    There are several ways to get money... only three, actually. One: sell stuff
    to pawnshops (toys, mostly). Two: Gambling (One Shot, Roll over the Top)
    Three: Part-Time jobs. The best one is easily the Gambling because while you
    can lose big, you can win BIG!
    You can pinpoint the locations of the jobs/pawnshops/and gambling salons by
    pressing Y when the dollar icon is on. Then you can ask the person about the
    pawnshops/gambling/or jobs.
    They are found all over Wan Chai and there are a few in Kowloon. They all
    offer different prices for each toy so I recommend you go to all of them to
    get a free flyer and compare prices. You already have some toys at the
    beginning so use them up and sell them all!
    ALL OVER Wan Chai and Kowloon. Wan Chai only has One Shot boards or the three
    shots game. You see them quite often while walking/running around Wan Chai. Go
    up to the vendor and press X to play. Then you can choose a board and pay the
    vendor the bet. If you're playing One Shot, then you only have one chance to
    drop a ball from the top all of the way down to the block with a red 'O' on 
    it. If you do, you win! The pay-off will be the multiper. If the winning 
    payoff is 2x, then you get 2x. Don't get it? If the game cost $50, and you 
    won, then you will receive $100. 
    As for the Roll over the Top, the task is pretty simple: to get a number
    higher than the one that the vendor got. If you win, you get how much you
    bet. If you bet $40, then you get $40. You can bet $500 in some places so
    you can get $500 FAST! Well, as the bet goes higher, you have less chance of
    winning (damn game). Sad, but true.
    The worst thing since... I dunno. The pay sucks, it's boring, and it's a waste
    of time. Yet it, perhaps, is the most important job. Why? Because you don't 
    have to have some cash beforehand to get money. If you're totally broke, no
    toys left to sell, this is the place for you! Again, the pay is ridiculously
    low. The maximum you can get is $75 and you could get NIL. More often than 
    not, you get NIL instead of getting some cash. See what I mean?
    Now, there are only two jobs in Hong Kong and two in Kowloon. The ones in Hong
    Kong: (press Y to talk and select 'Part-Time Job' to get the job)
    -in South Carmain Qr., just before the entrance to the Wise Men's Qr. It's
     the three shots board game. You will always have three opponents. You get
     half of the profits.
    -in the Fortune's Pier, talk to the man with a wife beater shirt and a hard cap
     about a job and he'll hire you for the day. You should know what to do since
     Joy got it for you earlier.
    In Kowloon: 
    -in the Dimsum Qr., there's a stairs down to a tunnel. (not the one 
     leading to the Thousand White Qr.) It's right next to the circle of One Shot
     games. In that underground place, there is a lone board game. That's your 
    -in the Thousand White Qr., go to the door right under the red bridge. It will
     lead you to a warehouse. It's empty except for some crates and a woman. That
     woman will hire you for another crate-carrying job if you ask her.
    For the crate-carrying jobs, you get $10 for every crate. If you haven't 
    finished carrying for a crate, you still get credit for that crate. 
    For the board games, you get half of the money you've earned. If you lost 
    money, you get nil.
    I know you don't have to train and you REALLY don't have to! Yu Suzuki knew
    this, too. That's why there are only a FEW places to train and the best is in
    the very beginning! XD One of them is an actual spar match like you had with 
    Fuku-san in Yokosuka.
    1. Jianmin... You know him, right? The guy who taught you 'GON'. He is still
    in Lotus Park so seize the chance and go up to him and ask for a spar match.
    He'll gladly accept and there you go! Level your moves up!
    2. Go to the Beverly Hills Wharf (after getting beat up by thugs there) and go
    to the middle square. There will be a crowd around a ring with two guys 
    battling. You can go up and press X to pay to fight. You can battle one of the
    guys, but you don't actually fight him... You have to hit him 5 times. Here's
    the trick: Don't hit hit at all. Just stand back and do your moves. When the 
    clock is almost gone, beat the bastard to get some money!
    3. In Kowloon, there are many places to fight... it's all over Kowloon, you 
    must have had seen some of them. All of them require some pre-bet so have 
    some money ready. Try to do them all because you can do them again in the 
    Shenmue Collection after you beat the game. I like the one in Thousand White
    Qr., where you get to fight 3 fat Chinese guys. Tough, but fun!
                                  VII. Secret Snapshots
    A fun extra do do! This actually made me want to go through this game again
    and again, to find everyone so I could see the coveted comic books giving more
    details about the incomparable story of Ryo Hazuki. 
    If you have no clue what I'm talking about, I'll fill your empty mind up... 
    just go to the main menu and highlight the 'Photo-viewer'. Of course, press
    A to enter the forum. If you've taken some pictures already, you would see 
    some pictures in the scrapbook already. Well, you're not there yet. Press X
    several times until you see 'Secret' on the lower right corner. Now you might
    see some empty colorless pictures with a shadow of someone underlying. To fill
    out those pictures with color, you have to take a GOOD, DECENT picture of the
    respective characters. Some of them can be easily seen like Joy, but some are
    impossible to know like that Chun Li bitch (WTH?).
    What for, you may ask? Well, don't you want to read some comics and see some
    cool pictures? :) I know you probably don't want to but... :) Come on, for
    god's sake! The comics themselves are not off-topic, they actually tell you
    a bit about the story and characters. I won't say anything that would spoil
    the comics so I'll shut up. 
    Each secret (displayed as a present on the lower right corner of the 
    scrapbook) needs 8 pictures to unlock. All of its pictures are displayed on 
    the corresponding page. There are 6 pages so you have to take 42 pictures to
    get them all... Good luck.
    By the way, you press the Black button to snap your camera, don't forget that
    ;). Make sure you have that person up close, too. Can be in the real time or 
    in a cut scene. If it's not good enough, the color for that picture in the
    scrapbook won't be filled. Gotta try again if that happens!
    Page One
    |                |                |                |
    |     Joy        |     Wong       |      Sam       |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |    Larry       |    Cool Z      |   Ailian He    |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |   Haohai Du    |   Bangzhuo Du  | Shenmue Side   |
    |                |                |   Story #1     |
    Joy: Come on... you know, that pretty and nice ass! I mean, girl. The orange-
         haired gal! Found everywhere and every minute. She's onto you XD
    Wong: Will see/Saw him pretty often... the boy that looks like shit, green 
    Sam: One of Cool Z's henchmen, the one with a vest. You have to take a pic
         for all of them anyway (the gang).
    Larry: The OTHER henchman, with a red bandanna
    Cool Z: The mystical rock fan! Carries the damn annoying red boom box around.
    Ailian He: Ok, let's follow me. I know you probably don't even have her so
               just a brand new game (don't worry, won't take long) and don't
               even leave the first area. Before you enter the Worker's Pier, 
               there's a girl that looks like Chun Li from Street Fighter sitting
               down. It's to the left of the entrance to the Worker's Pier. See,
               not that far!
    Haohai Du: At the beginning, after getting your bag stolen, go to the Queens
               St. and two thugs will start a fight with you. One of those guys is
               this one. Afterwards, you can find him again (same place) when you 
               find the Heavens.
    Bangzhuo Du: The OTHER thug, as above.
    REWARD: A comic involving Guizhang and Joy, with them talking about strange
    Page Two
    |                |                |                |
    | Xiuying Hong   |    Jianmin     |    Zhoushan    |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |   Zhangyu      |   Guixiang     |    Ren Dan     |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |  Zongquan Bai  |   Meiming Yu   |  Shenmue Side  |
    |                |                |    Story #2    |
    Xuiying: Lishao Tao. 'Nuff said. If you REALLY want an explanation, then...
             the one in blue dress. HAHAHA
    Jianmin: The elder who taught you GON. He can be found anytime in the Lotus
             Park, South Carmain Qr.
    Zhoushan: Taught you JIE, in his throne in his own dojo. His dojo is in Green
              Market Qr., just before the entrance to the South Carmain Qr.
    Zhangyu: The barber who taught you DAN. Can be found inside his shop, in 
             Three Blade ST., Lucky Charm Qr.
    Guixiang: The woman who taught you the Chawan Sign and YI. Found in her
              apartment, room 101 in Da Yuan Apartments, South Carmain Qr.
    Ren Dan: The jerk who manages the Come Over Guest House in Green Market Qr.
    Zongquan Bai: The poor bum who lives in the Golden Mall in Golden Qr. You find
                  out about him while searching the second Wude, JIE.
    Meiming Yu: An unknown person so a detailed explanation is needed. Go to the
                Worker's Pier and go to the diner right next to the Pigeon Park,
                Beverly Hills Wharf and the entrance to the Queens St. She's the
                hostess of the corner cafe. Wears a white shirt with orange sides.
    REWARD: Another comic, this time... involves Ren and Wong.
    Page Three
    |                |                |                |
    |    Fangmei     | Jiliang Chang  |   Shiquan Fu   |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |    Hanhui      |   Anan Liu     |     Delin      |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |  Mingzhen Ye   | Linjian Chuan  |  Shenmue Side  |
    |                |                |    Story #3    |
    Fangmei: The lovable girl that looks like an Asian Poppy Longstockings. (Did
             I spell that right?) She can be found doing some errands in the Man
             Mo Temple.
    Jiliang Chang: One of the staff of the Man Mo Temple, can be found sweeping or
                   doing some other errands in the Temple. Clad in white.
    Shiquan Fu: SHAQ-FU!!!!!!!!!!! BEST GAME OF ALL TIME!!!! Anyway, the acne-
                ridden chubby boy who also works in the Man Mo Temple. 
    Hanhui: Looks like he's some kind of servant for Lishao Tao. Only found in
            cut scenes so use your chance in the scenes to get a picture of him.
            Has a white robe, with a moustache.
    Anan Liu: A rare picture. Can be found after you get to the Come Over Guest
              House for the first time, and go back out without sleeping at your
              new room. Then, go left and you will encounter a scene with him 
              asking you to help him straighten a sign. Can be found in the Pine
              Arcade in Golden Qr., too.
    Delin: Your partner in your job in Aberdeen. You WILL see him so don't worry.
           If you missed the chance, he's at the Fortune's Pier, walking around.
           Has a beard, if you forgot.
    Mingzhen Ye: The first of the duo who guards the Guang Martial Arts school. He
                 blocks your way if you try to enter the dojo. Wears purple 
    Linjian Chuan: The second of the duo, as above.
    REWARD: Another comic. Xuiying talks to his brother, Ziming in this weird one.
    Page Four
    |                |                |                |
    |Eileen Edelweiss|     Izumi      |     Gongjue    |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |     Yang       |      Kai       |     Zhang      |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |   Haoyi Ping   | Guangyan Wang  |  Shenmue Side  |
    |                |                |    Story #4    |
    Eileen: Can be found in Pigeon Park once you start staying at the Da Yuan 
            Apartments. She wears black clothing, has orange hair.
    Izumi: The female clerk at the Tomato Convenience Store in Golden Qr. When
           you enter the Qr., from the White Dynasty Qr., it's on the right side,
           a small store.
    Gongjue: The freckled man who appears in front of you once you leave the boat.
             Has green shirt with spotted pattern. Just start a new game and find
             him, he's in the area before the Worker's Pier.
    Yang: The guy who Ren and Ryo went to once they arrived in Kowloon. Only 2 cut
          scenes so be ready...
    Kai: The so-called blind musician who teaches you a move in Kowloon. Found in 
         the far corner in the Dragon St.
    Zhang: Yuanda Zhu's servant. He has a business suit on, you meet him during
           several cut scenes in Wan Chai and Kowloon.
    Haoyi Ping: The owner of the circle of One Shot boards in Dimsum Qr., Kowloon.
                He has no shirt and red pants.
    Guangyan Wang: Another rare one... The best time to get a picture of him: when
                   you have to bid everyone farewell, before you talk to Xuiying 
                   to leave to Kowloon. He's on 3F of Yin Tin Apartments, on the 
                   end of the hall.
    REWARD: The final comic: Ryo and Chai, from Shenmue I, fighting on the boat.
    Page Five
    |                |                |                |
    |       Ren      | Pengcui Yamei  |   Loufei Zong  |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |   Rod Stunt    |    Greg More   |  Chunyan Xu    |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |     Baihu      |   Zhenwu Gu    |   9 pictures   |
    |                |                |                |
    Ren: Ahem... You don't know him? He's the cocky bastard who wears a bandanna
         and a blue shirt.
    Pengcui Yamei: She's one of the waitress of Cafe Anna in the Thousand White 
                   Qr., Kowloon. The one with the purple apron.
    Loufei Zong: The other waitress in Cafe Anna, with the green apron.
    Rod Stunt: You meet and fight him in the Phoenix Building, Dimsum Qr. Even
               after you beat him, you can still see him there.
    Greg More: The next step after Rod Stunt. Blue Dragon Garden, Stand Qr.
    Chunyan: The NEXT step! Black Heaven Building, Stand Qr.
    Baihu: You have only ONE chance to see him, in 4BF of Big Ox Building/Yellow-
           head Building. Can't miss him, the creepy one with WHITE face and 
           weird hair-do and clothes.
    Zhenwu Gu: In the Stand Qr., Kowloon, there's a shop with a guy wearing green
               pants and opened red shirt. That's the guy.
    REWARD: Just some pictures, that's all.
    Page Six
    |                |                |                |
    |  Shenhua Ling  |     Lan Di     |     Dou Niu    |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |      Yuan      |  Lianfei Yang  |     Congo      |
    |                |                |                |
    |                |                |                |
    |  Haishan Lie   |    Yanjing     |   9 pictures   |
    |                |                |                |
    Shenhua: The girl who you spent the entire disc 4 with. Can't miss her.
    Lan Di: You know him... Two chances to see him: on the top of the Yellowhead
            Building and the flashback in the Man Mo Temple library.
    Dou Niu: The FAT BASTARD! Friends with Yuan, he spends the entire duration
             of disk three seeking you and Ren. Various cut scenes are the only
             chances to see him except the battle with him.
    Yuan: The bitch who HATES filthy stuff, can be seen throughout the Yellowhead
          Building run. Clad in red and black.
    Lianfei Yang: Doubt you know her but anyway, she's the owner of the crate-
                  carrying company in Kowloon. Go into the warehouse under the
                  red bridge in Thousand White Qr. She's the lone one sitting on a
    Congo: The worker who would work with you for that crate carrying company in
           Kowloon. Can be seen outside the warehouse in Thousand White Qr. 
           Has no shirt, has some hairy sideburns.
    Haishan Lie: In the Dragon St., Kowloon, go to the end of the street, just 
                 before the stairs up to the Thousand White Building and you
                 should see a 'secret' stairs tucked away. Follow that stairs 
                 and you should end up seeing a guy next to a Lucky hit board.
                 That's him? Yes.
    Yanjing: The boy with glasses who runs around in Langhuishan, Guilin. Has a
             VERY WEIRD haircut, makes him look like a 50-year old!
    REWARD: More pictures.
                                     VIII. Move List
    This comes directly from the 'Shenmue Collection', where you can view your
    abilities. You really don't need this, but you can only see this when you beat 
    the game so I could see the reason for needing this damn list. I HATE making
    lists X-P So boring...
    Some moves has the same buttons as others so you have to choose one of them
    to use for your gameplay. 
           Move                         Button
         --------                     ----------
      Tiger Knuckle                       X
      Steeping Strike                    >,X
      Rain Thrust                        >,X
      Elbow Slam                         >,X
      Twist Knuckle                      <,X
      Upper Knuckle                      <,X
      Elbow Assault                     >,>,X
      Rising Flash                      <,<,X
      Brawling Uppercut                 <,<,X
      Katana Mist Slash                 >,<,X
      Twin Blades                       >,<,X
      Pit Blow                          <,>,X
      Sleeve Strike                     <,>,X
      Iron Palm                          X+A
      Big Wheel                          X+A
      Lunging Strike                    >,X+A
      Twin Hand Waves                   >,X+A
      Twin Palm Thrust                  >,X+A
      Counter Elbow Assault             <,X+A
      Backfist Willow                   <,X+A
      Avalanche Lance                  >,>,X+A
      Stab Armor                       >,>,X+A
      Double Blow                      <,<,X+A
      Mantis Combo                     <,<,X+A
      Mistral Flash                      L,X
      Swallow Flip                      <,X,A
      Oblique Slam                      >,X+Y
      Diagonal Wipe                     <,X+Y
      Crescent Kick                       A
      Trample Kick                        A
      Hold Against Leg                   >,A
      Swallow Dive                       >,A
      Side Reaper Kick                   <,A
      Tornado Kick                     >,>,A,A
      Double Storm Kick                >,>,A,A
      Crawl Cyclone                     <,<,A
      Heel Sweep                        <,<,A
      Mud Spider                        <,<,A
      Thunder Kick                      >,<,A
      Surplice Slash                    >,<,A
      Hook Kick                         <,>,A
      Against Cascade                   <,>,A
      Horseshoe Kick                   >,<,X+A
      Brutal Tiger                     >,<,X+A
      Dark Moon                        <,>,X+A
      Twin Swallow Leap                <,>,X+A
      Oblique Air Kick                   L,A
      Cyclone Kick                       L,A
      Windmill                          L,X+A
      Dragon Spin                       L,X+A
      Shadow Reaper                     L,Y+A
      Wild Throw                          B
      Overthrow                           B
      Darkside Hazuki                     B   (from the side)
      Back Twist Drop                     B   (from the rear)
      Sweep Throw                        >,B
      Rear Foot Sweep                    >,B
      Vortex Throw                       <,B
      Mist Reaper                       >,>,B
      Machine Gun Fist                  >,>,B
      Demon Drop                        <,<,B
      Shoulder Buster                   >,<,B
      Serpent Coil                      >,<,B
      Tengu Drop                        <,>,B
    Arm Break Fire                     >,<,<,B
    Monkey Roll Drop                   >,<,<,B
    Tiger Storm                       <,>,>,B,B
    Hind Blow                            Y+B
    Shadow Step                         >,Y+B
    Shadow Blade                       >,Y+B,X
    Cross Charge                       >,>,Y+B
    Demon's Triangle                  <,>,>,Y+B
    Moves to buy/learn
    You can buy the following: (locations and cost included)
        Diagonal Wipe      Thousand White Building      ($150)
    Double Storm Kick      Wise Men's Kung Fu           ($300)
          Dragon Spin      Wise Men's Kung Fu           ($200)
     Machine Gun Fist      Thousand White Building      ($500)
     Oblique Air Kick      Wise Men's Kung Fu           ($100)
         Oblique Slam      Thousand White Building      ($100)
      Rear Foot Sweep      Thousand White Building      ($200)
         Serpent Coil      Thousand White Building      ($250)
      Stepping Strike      Wise Men's Kung Fu           ($100)
     Twin Palm Thrust      Wise Men's Kung Fu           ($200)
    *Thousand White Building: 1F of that building.
    **Wise Men's Kung Fu: The same store where you got the info of Wulinshu. In
                         the Wise Men's Qr., right next to the long double-tier
                         stairs (at the top).
    Brawling Uppercut- When you have to get $500 for Ren, before you give the 
                       $500, go to Fortune's Pie and go to the extreme left corner
                       to find Delin. He will teach you the Brawling Uppercut.
    When you have to air the books out, you have to finish it before the time is
    up (usually within 12 PM). If you did it, you will get a move scroll from 
    Hanhui. Even if you fail, you still can get the scroll. The scrolls are given
    for each time you complete it, not by the days.
     First: Horseshoe Kick
    Second: Mantis Combo
     Third: Stepping Strike
    Fourth: Lunging Strike
    Hind Blow- A while after you help Guixiang out in some kind of gang fight (and
               learn the Chawan Sign), go back to the Da Yuan Apartments and a cut
               scene will occur outside of the Apts. Guixiang will teach you Hind 
    Wild Throw- After learning about the Chawan Sign, go to Zhoushan's Temple and
                go up to Zhoushan himself to learn this simple move.
    Iron Palm- Just go to Lotus Park and talk to Jianmin to learn this move.
    Counter Elbow Assault- Don't worry, you'll get it... heh
    Predictive Explosion- Another "can't miss" moves so don't worry about it...
                          You have to get this move to move on anyway.
    In Kowloon, go to Dragon St. and go to the very entrance (where you came in
    from the bus) and turn around. Stick to the right and look for a path to the
    back of the houses. You will see a Lucky Hit board. Play it to play a special
    mini-game, 'Challenge'. The rules are simple so don't worry. Win it 3 straight
    times to get a scroll. Then win them all again to get a second one.
    The scrolls:
    Heel Sweep
    Monkey Roll Drop 
                                       IX. History
    May 11, 2003 (1.0)
    -First version. Was working on this for a month. It's finally about 80-85%
     complete. I know this looks complete, but my goal was not complete yet. I 
     still want to do the Plot (analysis). There are some secrets yet to explain.
     Generally, it is complete so I'll take a break. I don't even know when I'll 
     finish it up. However, I started a non-spoiler walkthrough so I'm satisfied
     for now! ^_^
    Thanks to: 
    -CWall: for giving me some pointers on format. Thanks again
    -Hibiki: I would never find some of the people in the secret snapshots if it 
             were not for his guide. 
    -Sega, Microsoft, blah blah blah
                                  ________) _____ __     __) 
                                 (, /      (, /  (, /|  /    
                                   /___,     /     / | /     
                                ) /      ___/__ ) /  |/      
                               (_/     (__ /   (_/   '                           
    Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2003

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