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    Fangmei Side Quest FAQ by SamiKaze

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM@i;Z.r7r::iS7: .Bi2a.:Xi;.:r7:.    ,ri;i:,,i;rr;i:r
    Fangmei Side Quest - Shenmue II for Dreamcast & XBox
    Version 1.0.01 (never finalized)
    Copyright 2003 - David De Alejandro aka "samikaze"
    (more legal info at the bottom)
    Welcome to my first full length FAQ and Shtuff. I've always wanted to write
    one for GAMEFAQS.COM, but I don't really have much time will all the
    VideoGames, fansubbed anime, work, my wife, and my band to give my time to.
    This will teach you how to become a teenage stalker in the game Shenmue II for
    Dreamcast and XBox. The target? Fangmei Xun. Don't do this in real life....
    unless your 14...but don't stalk anyone period, k? It's against the law and
    morally wrong and shtuff.
    Fangmei is a 14-year old who wears a pinkish pallette outfit and has a two
    tails hair-style similar to Sasami from Tenchi Muyo (just not as long and not
    blue). Her birthday is coming up on March 3rd and it's your option if you want
    her to confess her love to you. At first, she just has a crush, which is
    obvious to the player, but not to Ryo.
    This FAQ was written to show how to make this event happen. I've read other
    FAQS on GameFAQS.com, but I haven't been able to get the right results even
    though I've followed them to the teeth. I have taken what I experienced using
    those FAQS and applied it to this one. I guarantee it. I have also hand written
    this myself without looking at the other FAQS. You will need to do some of the
    things that you would normally do to go on with the main quest of the game, but
    there's nothing wrong with that since the game doesn't end after doing the
    "Fangmei Side Quest." :P
    This was all performed on the US XBox version even though I have the European
    version for Dreamcast, but I play my DC sparingly because it's older and I want
    to try to preserve it as much as possible. From what I've experienced, there's
    no difference for this part of the game.
    ***I guarantee with this FAQ that Fangmei will call you "Ryo" by the third day.
    I guarantee it. I really do....and I'll say it again...on second thought, I
    won't say it, but I will guarantee it.***
    Good tip when reading ANY FAQ's: Use the "Find" feature built into your web
    browser to find key words in this FAQ(Ctrl+F for PC's, Command+F for Mac's.)
    -First posted and hidden on my band's website for proof date aka Copyright 
    >Please feel free to write me for things NOT mentioned in this FAQ that have
    to do WITH Fangmei. Community FAQs are better!<
    I am picky about spelling, but Notepad+ doesn't have a spell checker. I do
    welcome e-mails as long as they report misspelled words that reasonably
    need corrections.
    If you have questions about the main quest of the game, go to one of the
    great Walkthrough FAQS that other Shenmue 2 fans have spent a lot of their
    personal time to make and they are written well, too!
    This should ONLY be found at GAMEFAQS.COM unless otherwise noted/updated.
    Please e-mail me if you are interseted in posting this FAQ on other websites
    and other use beyond GAMEFAQS.COM
    *Finding out her birthday was on March 3rd as well some of the triggers goes
    to NekoFever and ADoran for his "Secrets FAQ" on GameFAQS.com, but I have
    reiterated this knowledge in my own words. I also have a section in NekoFever's
    Shenmue FAQ about the characters (I wonder if I should submit an update to
    him about it).
    -Also, check out ADoran's "Secrets FAQ" for good way to get $800. Or, you can
    just work a couple times with Delin a couple of times *if you can make the
    I didn't want to include exact conversation dialogues from the game, just
    because seeing and hearing the events are what you're doing this for. So, I
    guess you can kind of call this an "85% dialogue-spoiler-free" FAQ. Some are
    included on here to make you, the reader, get through this FAQ the quickest.
    Oh, and you know I can't wait till they announce if they are going to make
    Shenmue 3. But it looks like it will be a lonnnnng time if it is ever made.
    Maybe they're waiting for the next generation of consoles to come out....oh
    well, maybe Yu Suzuki knows.
    -First Completed, Revised, Formatted, & Proofread: June 15th 2003
    -Created: Friday the 13th June 2003 (heh ^_^)
    -Get Fangmei to confess her love to you.
    "This is the Priority" - Ms. Mizuho Kazami, Onegai Teacher (subtitled
    version, thank you)
    1. Start working at the Man Mo Temple before February 27th. This FAQ was
       written with me starting work there on the 26th.
    2. Get Fangmei to call you "Ryo" instead of "Hazuki-san"
    3. Have HK$150 saved aside when finally meeting Fangmei at Complete Clothier
       in the Lucky Charm Qr. before March 3rd
    4. Meet with Fangmei in a particular spot on her birthday (March 3rd.)
    5. Save Fangmei from a fight.
    6. Say "GoodBye" to Fangmei before leaving for Kowloon.
    CHARACTERS ENCOUNTERED (in this part of the game)
    -Fangmei Xun       (well, duh! ^_^)
    -Xiuying Hong:     "Xiuying" aka "Master Tao" aka "Lishao Tao"
    -Hanhui:           Master Priest of Man Mo Temple
    -Eileen Edelweiss: Fangmei's friend
    -Joy:              There's no way you shouldn't know about her by now.
    -Guixhang:         The old lady you saved from the Land Sharks that lives where
                       Xiuying used to live before you got to Hong Kong.
    *Let Fangmei initiate the conversation with you as much as possible by walking
    and stopping next to her. Don't press "A" to talk to her
    yourself. She will often say the same things over and over, but it's okay,
    just keep letting her talk to you.
    Reference the next section below this one for multiple choices whenever the
    game offers them to you.
    Other times, Ryo sorta just takes over in the conversation instead of giving
    you muliple choice. Too bad Sega didn't think of making this all multiple
    choice instead. It would've been more fun!
    When you yourself start the conversation, random dialogues also happen here,
    but you won't run into any multiple choice as much as if Fangmei initiates
    the conversation. At least from what I remember. Again, let Fangmei start
    the talking.
    If you answer something wrong to where Fangmei's reactions aren't happy, she
    will stop intiating the conversation. If you run away from her, go back and
    manually talk to her, run away and come back again, she will start initiating
    the conversations again. I don't know if you answer all the questions wrong if
    you could still get her to call you "Ryo" since you can make her talk to you
    again no matter what.
    Made this section by itself to reference whenever she asks you since it will
    be random what she asks you first. So, when she starts asking you questions
    with multiple choices, come back here and follow this.
    **Updates are welcome. This section may have to include exact dialogue in
    the future.**
      -Choose "Strong" NOT "Beautiful" when asked about Xiuying
      -Agree that Fangmei can be like Xiuying
      -Assure her she can cook good
      -If given the choice for what type of food, choose "Vegetables" or "Meat"
      -What do you miss from Japan the most? Best answer = Meat (not "Nothing",
       nor "Room")
      -What is a good Japanese dish to try? Steak (even though Steak is not a
       Japanese dish, this gets the best response from Fangmei.
    DAY 1 (Feb 26th) MAN MO TEMPLE
    You will automatically meet Fangmei as soon as you start staying at Xiuying's
    apartment no matter what, so no worries about this event not happening.
    After you bring out the books for the first time, you will then be able to roam
    around Scarlet Hills/Man Mo Temple and Wise Men's Qr. Find clues about Zhu
    Yuanda and discover about the Wulinshu at Wise Men's Kung Fu from the Heihachi
    from Tekken lookalike. He will tell you that Zhu Yuanda wrote the book and that
    it's at Man Mo Temple.
    Next, find Fangmei. She is either in the back sweeping, outside Man Mo Temple
    gate sweeping, or inside the Temple praying.
    She will be around Man Mo Temple until 6pm, so you have lots of time to chat
    with her. Afterwards, she will then leave Man Mo Temple and head towards the
    Lucky Charm Qr. *You can TRY to follow her, but you won't be able to leave
    Scarlet Hills/Wise Men's Qr. since she goes into the Lucky Charm Qr. Ryo will
    say to yourself "I need to find more clues in this district," and you will
    automatically be turned back around. ...But he won't say to himself, "This is
    not my beautiful house?!?" And he won't also say to himself, "This is not my 
    beautiful wife?!?!" (old Talking Heads song)
    Get the WULINSHU today. Afterwards, find Fangmei. She's somewhere around there.
    She may walk out of Man Mo Temple around 12:20-12:30pm. When you try to let
    Fangmei talk to you, she won't automatically, so you start the conversation
    this time. She will tell you to take that piece of paper to any Antique store
    in the Wise Men's Qr. She will randomly be in or around Man Mo Temple. She will
    then initiate the conversations again. Keep doing this until she stops. Again,
    she will give you multiple choices in which you want to reference the "Multiple
    Choices Reference" Section above the Day 1 section.
    Eventually she'll stop initiating conversations. During the process, running
    away and coming back MAY not get her to initiate the conversation. If this is
    the case, run to talk to someone else and then back to her a couple of times.
    You may then need to initiate the conversation instead. It won't take long
    before she stops. If you have wasted 15-20 minutes per Ryo's watch, forget
    about trying to get her to talk first and keep reading on from here.
    Go ahead and go to "COLLECT ANTIQUE" in WISE MEN'S QR to find that the old lady
    Guixhang can interpret if for you, but DON'T go to Guixhang just yet. Get back
    to the Temple BEFORE 5:50pm.
    (You would believe by now that this "crow" stole her laundry while she was
    nonchalantly staring off at the beautiful red "sunrise" she keeps telling
    you about.)
    If you have enough time to spare, go make sure you have at HK$150 to spare.
    The sooner you get it done, the better. You'll use that money to buy Fangmei's
    present. Just be sure you make it back to Man Mo Temple latest 5:50.
    Remember that you weren't able to follow Fangmei out of Scarlet Hills on Day 1?
    Well guess what....now you can. She won't initiate conversations on the way
    there, so don't waste your time trying it. Instead, set Ryo to follow her
    automatically. You will follow her to Man Mo Groceries. She doesn't buy
    anything, but stares at vegetables all the time from whenever she gets there
    (6:XXpm till 8pm.) She will then head back to the Da Yuan Apartments. If you
    follow her, you will automatically get to the cutscene of finding the picture
    of Xiuying and her brother Ziming.
    **Afterwards, it will already be 8am the next day... You can avoid this if you
    want because this will happen today regardless. If you haven't gotten that
    HK$150, now is also a good time, plus you have until 11pm, since the game will
    warp you back automatically when it turns 11. Don't go to Guixhang's by this
    time either.
    DAY 3 Feb 28th ZIMING & TEA
    -You were already awake when Fangmei comes to wake you up, so there's an
    auto-conversation for you there.
    -Once you start carrying the books on this day, there will be a cut-scene
    where Fangmei will bring you some tea around 10:00 automatically. It's a
    pretty cute scene.
    -Finish the books AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
    This is where I learned that a bad reaction from Fangmei will stop her from
    initiating the conversations. You will then have to talk to someone else at
    most 50 feet away from her and then she will start initiating the
    conversations again.
    Today, she will ask you the last of the Multiple Choice questions. I put them
    in this FAQ since they are the last ones in which she will then call you "Ryo!"
     --MULTIPLE CHOICE: I had to include this part of the section in Day 3 instead
       since these seem to get the results of why you have been following this FAQ.
     1. When asked if you have made any friends, answering "Fangmei" will get a
       negative but seemingly harmless reaction.
    She will then stop initiating the conversations. Go talk to someone else around
    25 feet and then come back and YOU start the conversation. Afterwards, run away
    again, and then come back. She will then continue initiating the conversation
    first again.
    -One of the conversations she started will tell you that she met a friend, but
    not her name (Eileen). She tells you she has lunch with her everday at Man Mo
     2.She will ask if you've gotten used to Hong Kong yet, answer "Pretty Much."
     3. **She will lastly ask if you know how long you are staying in Hong Kong.
     Answer "I Don't Know" and in her response to yours, SHE WILL CALL YOU RYO!!
              [Highest objective accomplished]
                              "Call your momma in the room and
                                 show you how great you are." -Razel, SSX Tricky
    I believe just by getting to this last multiple choice is what makes her
    start calling you "Ryo."
    WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FROM HERE (Up till March 2nd)
    This could be done in DAY 3 or even be considered being done on DAY 4 if you
    want. It's your choice from here.
    -If you haven't gotten HK$150, do it ASAP. You can either work for Delin a
    couple times, or as mentioned earlier, you can check out ADoran's "SECRET FAQ"
    also on GAMEFAQS.COM to find out how to aquire $800, then $4000 in one spot.
    **Get beat up at Man Mo Park. To do this, do the correct Chawan Sign inside Man
    Mo Bistro and follow the instructions from there. When you fight at Man Mo Park,
    don't fight back and lose the battle. You will be treated with a reaction from
    Fangmei the following morning. I'm not sure if this is significant since you're
    already being called "Ryo." But since we're centering in on Fangmei, you should
    see every possible event and reaction from her.**
    -THEN, Go talk to Eileen at the water fountain. After that, go to the Blue Sky
    Restaurant at the Worker's Pier. Eileen will no longer be found at the water
    fountain. I thought just leaving the area would do it, but she was still there.
    If she is still there when you check the water fountain for the 2nd time, this
    is what I did:
    While I was at the Blue Sky, I let Ryo notice the four tea cups at one of the
    tables there, then I 'found Eileen gone.'
    This makes Eileen and Fangmei show up there, and they stay there...FOREVER. I
    have not figured out how what event will make them leave. If someone knows tell
    me. I spent too much time trying to figure it out and gave up. This was before
    I got her to call me Ryo, BUT she was calling me Ryo after I did the Chawan
    sign there. She never showed up in front of Complete Clothier, so I couldn't go
    further and had to try figuring this all out again.
    -After making Eileen disappear AND if it's before 12pm that day, then you may
    find Eileen and Fangmei having lunch at the Man Mo Bistro till 1pm. Eileen will
    no longer be at the water fountain ever again.
    When Fangmei leaves the Man Mo Bistro, she will head to Complete Clothier and
    arrive there by around 1:30pm. Get there before 8pm to see a very important
    cutscene by running next to Fangmei.
    After the cutscene, go inside and talk to the guy behind the counter and agree
    to what he asks for.
    Then wait till 8pm, go the Da Yuan Apartments, and then sleep for the night.
    If you want to do extra stuff, go right ahead, but keep in mind that I haven't
    done the Chawan sign till after seeing Fangmei on March 3rd.
    MARCH 3RD, 1987
    You'll wake up and be warped back to the Man Mo Temple to bring out the books
    again. Just go back to the Da Yuan Apartments afterwards to enjoy the show. I
    went there straight after I was finished with the books. It was odd hearing her
    sweeping the room before entering it. I'm not sure if this is always like this,
    but it does let you know that Fangmei is inside.
    After seeing her, go ahead and continue with the game by doing the Chawan sign
    at Dou Jiang Diner. Then, do the QTE to save Zhu Yuanda's assistant.
    **Note: The game date no longer matters from here, so you can progress through
            the game normally as you want without missing an important event.**
    After saving Zhu Yuanda's assistant, you will be taken to the next day 
    automatically. Instead of working the books, you will give the Wulinshu back to
    Xiuying. You will no longer be staying at the Da Yuan Apartments.
    When you leave Man Mo Temple and Scarlet Hills, you will notice that Wise Men's
    Qr is blocked off, forcing you to go into the Lucky Charm Qr. You have no
    choice but to head this way.
    After automatically meeting Joy, instead of rushing to Aberdeen, turn around
    and head back to Wise Men's Qr. You will now see that the construction
    is gone. Go to Man Mo Bistro for an event.
    I will have to half-spoil this part. When you get to Man Mo Bistro, go inside.
    You will get into a QTE fight. Once it starts, get the first QTE, but miss the
    2nd one on purpose. Enjoy the results!
    Can't seem to stay away from here, huh?
    After the QTE fight at Man Mo Bistro, you'll notice that Fangmei runs off
    towards Scarlet Hills. Head back to Man Mo Temple to see the 2nd to the last
    event involving Fangmei and also get something from her.
    **You can skip this part.**
    I'm trying to find out if there is something else. Most
    likely there isn't, it may just be extra fun, but you never know! I'll update
    this section once I find out.
    After saving Fangmei, you can still find her and Eileen having lunch at Man Mo
    Bistro between 12pm-1pm. There's not really much conversation, but you can get
    Fangmei to start the conversation like before. The only difference then past
    encounters here is that the converstaion lasts longer.
    After 1pm, you will see Eileen and Fangmei split. I'm not sure where Eileen
    goes from here. You may want to find that out yourself.
    Fangmei will give you more multiple choice questions.
    1. Cute or Beautiful (I seemingly wrongly chose Cute)
    2. Say "Yes" to writing a letter to your friends
    3. "Yes" when asked if training is painful.
    4. About Fortunetelling (choices of love or money).
    I chose love and am not sure if this was a good answer since you talk about
    seeing Shenhua in your dreams.
    FINAL EVENT: LAST DANCE WITH MS FANGMEI (bad song reference, I know....)
    Before you leave Wan Chai to head to Kowloon, say "bye" Fangmei. Then once you
    decide it's time to go, talk to Xiuying. You will then head towards Kownloon
    automatically. (Don't forget to say goodbye to Joy...even though you run
    into her again) ;P
    <<-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-END OF FANGMEI SIDE QUEST-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_->>
    "So says Professor Sidequesty Mc Sidequesty"
    ( http://www.adventurers-comic.com/d/20030320.html )
    "Here The Cheat, have a trophy!!" StrongBad being impersonated by The Cheat
    created on a Flash movie by The Cheat in a flash movie not created by The Cheat
    on http://www.homestarrunner.com not administered by The Cheat.
    -I have heard that if you get beat up at Man Mo park before meeting Eileen, you
    will automatically be called "Ryo." This did not happen in my case when I was
    trying to figure this all out. This was mentioned in ADoran's "Secrets" FAQ.
    Since it didn't work for me, so there is another event that may need to be done
    in concurrent with this one to make her call you "Ryo." The only way is that
    you've talked to Fangmei almost enough, and this just put the icing on the cake.
    -If you do the Chawan Sign at Blue Sky Fangmei and Eileen will be there FOREVER.
    You won't find Fangmei at Complete Clothier, but she will definitely call you
    "Ryo" which is what happened to me. Again, this may be because of having past
    conversations with her, aka icing on the cake.
    Has anyone tried to see if it's possible to have some sort of event happen with
    Joy? I don't think there is, but I haven't seen anywhere if this is possible or
    not. Most likely it isn't, but Joy is around you 90% of the game. You'll see
    her bike in different areas of Aberdeen and Wan Chai, and she'll always ask you
    to ride with her. Of course, Ryo says no automatically, and Joy's reactions are
    funny at first. I also kinda think that this doesn't exist since there seems to
    be something going on between Joy and Ren, so it may be a waste of time trying
    to find this out.
    -Who in the game do you actually find out that Fangmei's B-Day is on March 3rd,
    anyway? Ryo never says who and I've never seen this in any other FAQ.
    (Well, not that I've noticed, anyway)
    -As I mentioned in a few places unintentionally, if you do the Chawan sign at
    Blue Sky Restaurant, Fangmei and Eileen end up there FOREVER. How do you get it
    to where they aren't always there anymore??
    -Where does the broom and dustpan go? Why does it reappear all of sudden again?
    Is she Magical Girl Pretty Fangmei?? (Don't answer this one, please!)
    "booooooowinnnng" - HomeStar Runner, on homestarrunner.com's legal page
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
    use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed publicly
    without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other website or
    as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of
    "Shenmue" "Shenmue 2" and it's characters within the game are a trademark of
    SEGA and AMC2.
    "Dreamcast" is a long, but not forgotten console and trademark of Service
    Games Enterprises (SEGA).
    "XBox" is a trademark of the (evil) Microsoft Corporation. I thank you for
    officially bringing this game to the US so there may be a good chance of part
    3 to be made.
    Yu Suzuki is a god for his past, present, and future works. I thank you for
    making the games that have had a major influence in my videogaming life:
    Space Harrier, Afterburner, Out Run, and the Shenmue series. Please make more 
    Shenmue!! And span the final 16 chapters across multiple discs for whatever
    system it will be made for!!!!
    (All trademarks of SEGA and AMC2, of course).
    Quotes in this FAQ were given credit to their original origins and are 
    trademarks as well.
    Trademark is not a trademark within itself. How do you trade a mark when you
    don't really trade your mark, anyway?
    Thanks for reading my FAQ!!
    <<-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-End of FAQ-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_->>

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