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    FAQ/Walkthrough by American Arsenal

    Version: 3.3 | Updated: 03/13/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        SHENMUE II (Microsoft Xbox)
            An FAQ/Walkthrough, version 3.3 / March 13, 2005
                By American Arsenal <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com>
                       "Dream in Japanese, dream in Japanese..."
              __     __
           _,'  |   /  |
        ,-'    /   |  /                   __                              __
       |      o    | /        __    /\  ,' /   ,| ,'|  ,'|   |     |    ,'  \   /
       '-._______  |/  __   ,'  \  / | /  |   / |/  | /  |   |     |   /____/  /
                 \ |  / /  /____/ /  |/   |  /  |   |/   |   |    /|  /|      /
        __       |/| / /  /|     /   |    | /   |   |    |  / \__/ \_/ \    ,'
      ,'  `. ,o  / |/  | / \    /    |    \/          /| `-'            `--'
     /     ,\   /  |   \/   `--'   _________________,'/
     \__,-'  \,'                 ,'.---. .---. .-----'
                                /.'   / /   / /
                               |/    / /   / /
                               o    / /   / /
                                   / /   / /  o__
                                  / /   / /    `.\
                                 / /   / /      //
                                / /   / /     ,'/
                          _____/ /___/ /____,','
            "... some language I don't even know how to speak." - Brand New
                               --  ASCII BY OSREVAD  --
                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
             I.  Introduction
                 a.  Contact Me
            II.  The Story
                 a.  Story
                 b.  Characters
           III.  Game Basics
                 a.  Controls
                 b.  The Basics
                 c.  The Art of Combat
                 d.  Area Introductions
            IV.  Walkthrough
                 a.  Welcome to Hong Kong
                 b.  The Four Wude
                 c.  Wulinshu
                 d.  Ren of Heavens
                 e.  Goodbye Hong Kong, Hello Kowloon
                 f.  Dragons Don't Sleep
                 g.  Shadowing Yuan
                 h.  Hall of Ghosts
                 i.  The Scout
                 j.  Storming the Yellow Head Building
                 k.  The Road to Bailu Village
             V.  Secrets
                 a.  Shenmue Collection
                 b.  General Stuff
                 c.  Photography
            VI.  Part-time Jobs
                 a.  Lucky Hit
                 b.  Carrying Crates
           VII.  Mini-games
          VIII.  Street Fights
            IX.  Gambling
             X.  Movelist
            XI.  Items
           XII.  FAQ
          XIII.  Revision History
           XIV.  Legal Disclaimer
            XV.  Closing
      Finished up the secrets and movelist!  Everything is done!  Rejoice!
         I ------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION
    Welcome, one and all, to this humble FAQ of mine, covering Shenmue II for the
    Microsoft Xbox!  Putting aside several awesome multiplatform games, such as
    Prince of Persia and Tony Hawk's Underground, the Xbox has a severe lack of
    top-notch games.  Fortunately, Shenmue II is just one of those games that is so
    good you can play it over and over, finding new ways to enjoy it each time
    through.  As the sequel to what I personally believe is the greatest videogame
    of all time, Shenmue, this game ups the ante with a bevy of new moves, a much
    longer quest, myriad new features, and a vast region to explore.  And while I
    feel this sequel cannot stand up to its predecessor, Shenmue II is most
    certainly one of the best and most unique games available.  Do yourself a favor
    and pick it up.
    Now if you happened to read this FAQ a few months ago, chances are you were
    disgusted by the terrible quality of writing and lack of detail.  Luckily for
    you, I've completely redone the entire guide from the ground up, rewriting each
    and every section, and adding a few new ones to cover things I missed the first
    time around.  Hopefully, this rewritten version will be able to shed light on
    whatever portion of the game you're having trouble with.  If such is not the
    case, be sure to drop me a line at <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com> and
    tell me what I'm missing or what needs to be revamped.
    All right, now that I'm done with all that jazz, allow me to introduce myself.
    The name's Chris, or American Arsenal if you prefer, and I'll be your host for
    this FAQ.  I've written several FAQs (11, actually), with this one being my
    second.  Of course, if you read the paragraph directly above, you'll know that
    this guide has recently undergone a complete rehaul.  So if you really think
    about it, this is more like my 12th guide.  Either way, I've dedicated a lot of
    time to making this version as superior to its predecessor as possible, so I
    hope it'll prove a useful resource for you.
      - American Arsenal
    a.  Contact Me
    Need to get in contact with me?  That's cool, so long as you follow some simple
    rules.  Feel free to send any questions, comments, hate mail or anything else
    of the sort to <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com>.  However, I highly
    suggest reading through the FAQ before asking a question--if it's answered
    within the confines of this document then you shouldn't expect a response.
    What that means is that if you are too lazy to check through the FAQ by
    pressing Ctrl + F and searching for whatever it is that you're looking for,
    then I'm too lazy to reply.  Also, do not ask me any questions about something
    that I may not have covered yet, as I probably don't know anything about it and
    would rather not have it spoiled for me.  One last thing: when sending me an
    e-mail, be sure to put something along the lines of "Shenmue II" in the
    subject.  If you fail to comply, your mail will be promptly deleted.  Sound
    In short...
    E-Mail: americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com
    Please only contact me if it's pertaining to something that isn't already in
    the guide, otherwise I'll be left with no prerogative but to eat your face.
         II -------------------------------------------------------- THE STORY
    The part of the guide that tells you what this game is all about.
    a.  Story
    Snatched straight from the Shenmue II instruction manual...
    YOKOSUKA, JAPAN - 1986
    Ryo Hazuki's quiet, tranquil life in the Hazuki family home is forever
    shattered by the sudden, unexpected arrival of unwanted visitors. A man in dark
    green Chinese clothing appears at the door, followed closely by his
    black-suited thugs. Known as Lan Di, the leader uses his knowledge of kung fu
    to kill Ryo's noble father, Iwao. Before Ryo can compose himself, Lan Di
    escapes, taking away a mysterious mirror, which is clearly what he came for.
    Vowing to seek revenge, young Ryo embarks on a journey to find his father's
    killer. After several dead ends, Ryo is given a letter addressed to his late
    father. Sent by a man called Yuanda Zhu, the letter warns of danger, but also
    tells of a person that can be relied on if something happens--a Master Chen.
    Upon finding this master, Ryo learns from him that Lan Di is one of the leaders
    of the Chiyoumen. And because Lan Di has already obtained one sacred mirror,
    he's likely to be searching for the other, known as the Phoenix Mirror, because
    together the mirrors make a pair.
    Ryo eventually finds the Phoenix Mirror, but even with this prize he's still
    eager to seek Lan Di and avenge his beloved father's death. Master Chen tells
    of rumors that say Lan Di has left for Hong Kong, so Ryo decides to pursue him
    there, but an unknown assailant attacks Ryo before he can follow Lan Di to that
    exotic city.
    Fighting off his attacker, Ryo comes face-to-face with the Mad Angels, a gang
    with close ties to Lan Di's Chiyoumen. With the help of Master Chen's son
    Guizhang, Ryo defeats the Mad Angels. Master Chen then gives Ryo a letter,
    which introduces a man called Lishao Tao, who will assist Ryo once he arrives
    in Hong Kong.
    Where is Lan Di, the man who killed Ryo's beloved father?
    Who is Yuanda Zhu, the man who sent the letter to Ryo's father warning of
    What is the hidden mystery of the Phoenix Mirror?
    As Shenmue II starts, Ryo arrives in Hong Kong seeking the truth behind these
    mysteries. You must help him find the answers!
    b.  Characters
    Just some generic, cheesy-as-they-come character biographies here.  Knock
    yourself out.
    Hot on the trail of his father's murderer and filled with wrath, Ryo left his
    home in Japan at the end of the first Shenmue.  At the beginning of this
    sequel, Ryo arrives in Hong Kong with nothing to guide him but a single name
    and the fuel of revenge.  Although he has a tendency to make brash decisions
    and act before thinking things through, his skill in karate rarely fails him
    in times of dire trouble.  While Ryo was a relatively flat character throughout
    the first game, he really makes some massive changes this time around.
    A total enigma throughout the entirety of Shenmue I, appearing only in Ryo's
    possibly prophetic dreams, you finally encounter Shenhua in the body this time
    around.  Hailing from a remote village in the Guilin region of China, her
    knowledge of nature is unrivaled by anyone Ryo has ever met before.  Giving her
    trust in whole to Ryo, their fates soon become intertwined.
    A biker chick known throughout Hong Kong, Joy has close ties to a terrifying
    gang known as the Heavens.  Despite her hardened exterior and street smarts,
    she's actually a very kind and honest young woman.  Contrary to popular belief,
    Joy is not well-known because she's a hooker (she isn't!).  Rather, it's 
    because her father is an important businessman, which would also explain her 
    ties to a certain character from the first Shenmue.
    A tranquil and pristine woman with a tragic past, Xiuying is an immensely
    skilled martial artist.  Influencing Ryo heavily and teaching him much in the
    ways of kung fu, she is deeply inspired and filled with sorrow from a 
    mysterious event from her past.  Driven by her own inner scars, she tries time
    and time again to prevent Ryo from making a deadly mistake.
    A young girl who idolizes Xiuying, Fangmei works alongside her in Man Mo
    Temple.  Taking great pride in helping out Xiuying, Fangmei is cheery,
    generous, and compassionate.  Also, she tends to be a bit scatterbrained,
    especially when she's around her secret crush.  As long as you don't make the
    mistake of saying she looks like a cat (that's a horrible slur in China,
    apparently) you should stay on her good side.
    The ruthless and cunning leader of the Heavens, Wuying Ren, or Ren of Heavens,
    is a greedy thief who puts his own benefit ahead of all else.  As a sworn enemy
    of Dou Niu, leader of the Yellow Heads, Ren decides to go along with Ryo in an
    attempt to gain access the Ryo's cherished Phoenix Mirror, which is supposedly
    a key to great treasure.  Despite his crude and aloof personality, Ren is truly
    loyal, sharp-witted, and charismatic.
    A small boy brought up on the streets, Wong looks up to Ren and often 
    accompanies members of the Heavens in crime.  Although he is the cause of much
    mischief and disharmony, he's a good kid at heart, as proven by his dedication
    to helping Ryo.
    A cranky old lady and a master of Tai Chi, Guixiang has been bothered by a
    group of belligerent land sharks as of late.  Stubborn as she is, she refuses
    to abandon her home and would sooner be killed than leave it.  Taking her
    stalwart disposition and strong sense of virtue to heart, Ryo is able to learn
    much from her.
    An again martial artist who spends hour after hour meditating and practicing
    his Tai Chi in the South Carmain Qr's Lotus Park, Jiamin is ever eager to spar
    with you.  His vast knowledge of the martial arts is surpassed by few, and his
    dedication to friends will prove invaluable.
    DOU NIU (aka the Fattest Man In The World)
    A giant man who heads the gang that rules Kowloon:  the Yellow Heads (get it?
    He's the head of the Yellow Heads! I'm a riot, I know.).  Though his skill in
    terms of martial arts ranges from little to none, his sheer size alone is
    enough to challenge the will of even skilled warriors.
    Dou Niu's partner in crime, Yuan has horribly obnoxious voice-acting (the worst
    in the game, I'd say) and is a man in the Japanese version of the game.  If
    that doesn't send chills down your spine, then I don't know what does.
    The entire story of Shenmue II revolves around Ryo's search for this elusive
    man.  When you finally do encounter him, much is revealed about Shenmue's
    story; the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors, Ryo's father, Lan Di, etc, etc.  Now
    you know what you've got to look forward to!
    LAN DI
    Evil to the core, Lan Di is the ominous murderer of Ryo's adored father, Iwao
    Hazuki, as well as the leader of the crime syndicate the Chiyoumen.  To avoid 
    spoiling anything, I'll just say that you learn a LOT more about him in Mue II 
    than you did in the first.
         III ----------------------------------------------------- GAME BASICS
    This sweet lil' section will go over all of the fundamental information you 
    should know before playing Shenmue II.  Just think of it as a condensed version
    of the instruction manual, only written by yours truly instead of whoever
    writes those.
    a.  Controls
    Start Button - Pause the game
      As with most other games in existence, pressing the Start button will pause
      the game.  A nifty feature of Shenmue II's pause screen, however, is that it
      displays a cool little help menu, explaining how to perform the task at hand.
    Left Thumbstick - Look around
      Unless you decide to tinker with the control options and change things so you
      can use this to run around, the left stick allows you to look around freely.
    D-Pad - Walk
      Given that you're using the standard control scheme, the D-Pad's main use is
      to walk around.  Press forward to walk ahead, left or right to turn in that
      directions, and down to pull a 180.  Another important use of the D-Pad
      becomes apparent during several QTE sequences; you'll need it for certain
    A Button - Talk
      The main use of this button is to start a conversation with anyone nearby.
      It can also be used to select items on the system menu and appears commonly
      in QTEs.  Finally, the A Button allows Ryo to execute a kick during a Free
    B Button - Cancel
      B has a plethora of different uses, including the cancellation of menu
      selections and the marking of a specific location on your map.  Additionally,
      it lets you perform a throw move in battle and shows up often in QTE 
    X Button - Main actions
      This is the button that performs all of Ryo's basic actions--opening doors,
      bringing up your notebook, etc, etc.  Of course, X is also prevalent in most
      QTEs and is the punch button during fights.
    Y Button - Open main menu / Money conversation
      Not only does the Y button open up the system menu for you, but it also
      serves a second purpose, and one that proves insanely useful and times.
      Approach someone and press Y to ask them about any nearby part-time jobs,
      places to gamble, or anything else related to raking in the big bucks.  In
      addition, pressing Y in battle activates a massively important move called
      the parry/dodge.  It's also used in QTEs.
    Black Button - Picture
      An Xbox-only feature, you can press Black to snap a shot and capture the
      action, then view it later on the main menu.
    White Button - Change camera filter
      This feature changes the color of the screen (e.g., normal colors, 
      sephia, black and white, etc).  As once said by the Awesom-o 4000, "Lame."
    Left Trigger - First-person
      Hold down the trigger on the controller's left shoulder to take a gander at
      the world from Ryo's perspective.
    Right Trigger - Run
      Press down on this one and Ryo will run for you.
    b.  The Basics
    All the basic stuff you should already know / be able to figure out...
    Toss the game disc into your Xbox (or Dreamcast, if you're a lucky PAL / JPN
    gamer) and wait a few moments for the main screen to pop out.  When it does,
    you'll see several available options.
    -- NEW GAME ---------------------------
       Choose this option to begin a brand new game.  Pretty basic.  Keep in mind
       that you can have up to ten data files at once, so don't worry about
       starting anew and having to delete your old data.
    -- CONTINUE ---------------------------
       Another simple choice, click Continue to load a previously saved game.  If
       you don't have any, you've got no choice but to start a new one with the
       option mentioned above.
    -- SHENMUE COLLECTION -----------------
       As you partake in the various mini-games scattered throughout the game,
       they'll be archived in the Shenmue Collection, to be played at any later
       time.  There are also a few different headings under the Shenmue Collection:
         - YS Games:  Classic Sega games made by Yu Suzuki.  Find them in the
         - Shenmue Games:  Special games made just for Shenmue (such as QTE Title).
           Find them in the arcade.
         - Battle:  The game's various street fights.  Find them all over (refer to
           the Street Fights section).
    -- DIGEST MOVIE -----------------------
       Click on this to view a 14-minute synopsis of the first Shenmue's events.
       It's kinda cool, but the DVD that comes packaged with the Xbox version of
       the game is way better.  While watching, simply press the B button to back
       out and return prematurely to the menu.
    -- OPTIONS ----------------------------
       You've got a few things to customize here, but nothing too major.
       - Dialogue / Text:  There are a total of four modes to choose from (although
         there's not much difference between any of them).  In Game Mode, which is
         the default, both voice-overs and subtitles will be used.  Try out Text
         Mode if you just want to read (or if you're deaf), as the subtitles will
         appear, but there won't be any voices.  Check out Cinema Mode for a more
         movie-like experience.  No subtitles and you won't be able to skip any
         part of a conversation, but you can always listen to the voice-acting.
         Finally is Shenmue Mode, where voice-overs are the main form of getting
         the story, with subtitles only showing up if you skip part of a 
       - Thumbsticks:  A really nifty and useful option.  If you leave the sticks
         set on Look, the only way you'll be able to use the Thumbsticks is,
         obviously, to glance around the area.  However, should you decide to
         change the function to Move, the left and right sticks will become mediums
         for you to manipulate Ryo's movement.  Way better than using the D-Pad, I
       - Toggle Controls:  Like the aforementioned ball-busting Thumbstick 
         decision, this one also has to do with moving Ryo around.  Basically with
         this one, you're just switching the function of the triggers.  Leave it be
         and you'll zoom in with the left and run with the right.  Make it vice
         versa if you decide to change the set-up.
    -- SHOTS-VIEWER -----------------------
       Once you've gotten into the game and started snapping photos left and right
       using that Black button, you'll be able to view and manage / delete your 
       shots here.  Remember, you've got a limit of 126 snapshots; don't waste
    | -|-                   ( ) |
    |  1                     2  |
    |                           |
    |           - 3 -           |
    |                           |
    |                      o o  |
    |  4                  o o   |
    |                       5   |
    1 - The Action Selector
        This only appears at certain times, at which point you must drop everything
        you're doing and make a decision by pressing in the direction of the choice
        you want.
    2 - Watch / Compass
        Not only does this way cool device display the current time in Hong Kong,
        but it also has a compass ring around it.  This is important because many
        times in the walkthrough my directions are based on the cardinal 
        directions, meaning you'll need to use the compass to find the way onward.
    3 - Ryo!
        The man you're in control of.
    4 - Map
        If you've purchased a map of the area you are currently in, it will
        automatically be displayed on the bottom-left of the screen.  Since the
        areas are so large, it's a great way to keep track of where you are.
    5 - Icon Selector
        Each of the four circles represents one of the Xbox controller's four face
        buttons (A, B, X, and Y).  On each button is an icon that represents an
        action currently available to Ryo, be it opening a door, speaking to a
        passer-by, looking in the notebook or something else.
    Depending on what exactly is going on in the game at the time, there are an
    array of different modes, each with unique play mechanics and different things
    you need to be aware of.
       - Free Quest:  The mode that gets most of the focus, since you spend most of
         the game in Free Quest.  Basically, your goal here is to explore the area,
         talk to people, look for a certain building, etc., depending on what's
         going on.  Keep in mind that you are rarely required to take care of a
         task immediately, so any mini-games or anything else of the sort that look
         interesting are yours to try out.
       - Free Battle:  "Everybody was kung fu fighting... those kicks were fast as
         lightning!"  This is where you get to string together some neato moves to
         take out your assailants with flair.  Go ahead and skip down to section 
         III.c for more in-depth information on the battle system.  ^_^
       - Quick Timer Events:  These usually short sequences call for you to quickly
         hit the buttons that appear on-screen to complete a goal.  Tons o' fun!
       - Mini-games:  Typically, mini-games are just small side games you can play
         for fun and to relieve yourself from the intense storyline.  It's always
         great to take a load off at the arcade or earn some extra cash gambling.
    At almost any time as you play through the game (save cutscenes), you can press
    the Start button to open up the Help menu.  What this does is provide a brief
    yet useful explanation of whatever you're doing at the moment.  Be sure to give
    it a go if you're having trouble figuring out how to do something. 
    Unlike most games where time never passes and it's always noon, time is
    actively passing in Shenmue II.  Indeed, the only way to escape the hand of the
    clock is to press Start and pause the game.  Since time plays such an important
    role, you'll always need to keep an eye on your watch (conviently located at
    top-right of the screen) in order to ensure that you don't miss an appointment
    or meeting.  Additionally, Ryo is no night-owl and this is not Spring Break;
    don't expect the poor guy to be pulling all-nighters.  In fact, when your 11:00
    curfew rolls around, Ryo will need to return to wherever it is that he's
    staying at the current point in time.
    Another cool and (relatively) unique aspect of the game is that the weather is
    also quite random.  Although there's no snow as seen in the original, rain is
    always a surpise, and the sun sometimes hides behind the clouds.  Though it
    hardly has the impact of the passing time, foul weather can drive people 
    inside, thus making it a bit more difficult to find someone to help you out.
    Of course, some people just whip out their umbrellas and continue on as if
    there isn't anything falling from the sky.
    One of the most important things in all of Shenmue II, the Hong Kong dollar is
    what you need to buy anything, gamble, or play any arcade games.  In order to
    gain cash, there are several methods to try out, namely getting a part-time
    job, fighting on the streets, gambling, or selling any odds n' ends you might
    have at a pawnship.  Once you've got some cash, you're free to spend it on
    anything you can:  capsule toys, sodas, martial arts move scrolls--the skies
    the limit!  Just make sure you save some money for times when it may be
    necessary to buy something to proceed in the story.
    The basic conversation is just that--basic.  Walk up to anyone you see on the
    streets and press A to spark up a conversation.  Fortunately, people aren't
    such rude dicks as you saw in the first game; most people are more than willing
    to point you in the right way or divulge any information they know.  However,
    with the normal conversation, Ryo will only ask about the thing he's looking
    for at the moment.  What if you need to find out how to make money?  No 
    worries!  Instead of pressing A, press the Y button to ask someone about one of
    many subjects, including places to get a part-time job, gambling houses, and
    pawnshop locations.  This new addition to the Shenmue formula is absolutely 
    integral when looking for cash in the massive metropolis that is Hong Kong.
    Now then, some people are so willing to help you that they'll even lead you
    right to the place you want to go.  To get such a service going, simply start
    a normal conversation with someone and, if you're asking where a certain
    location is, the person you speak with may just be nice enough to show you the
    way.  Surprisingly enough, there are a good amount of people willing to take
    you wherever you want to go.  Giddyup!
    Since Ryo will automatically begin to follow a "leader", as I like to call 
    them, you might be interested to know how to cancel out such a situation.  To
    do this, just press B.  Keep in mind that even if you stop following a leader,
    they'll continue onward to the destination, so you can follow them along
    manually if you care to, or catch up with them a bit later.
    Since the city featured in Shenmue II is a figurative universe compared to the
    village that was the first Mue, you'll definitely want to purchase maps of
    every part of Hong Kong.  To do this, approach one of the red stands littered
    across the various locations and cough up $10--lo and behold, a map pops out!
    With the map displayed in the screen's bottom corner, exploring gets a lot
    easier.  To make it still easier, you have been bestowed with the ability to
    set navigation marks on your map.  To do this, press B when the pencil icon
    appears, then press A, X, or Y to leave a colorful mark on your map where Ryo
    happens to be standing.  If you want to delete all navigation marks off of your
    map, simply press A, X, and Y all at the same time.  Simple, no?
    This fundamental part of gameplay basically just allows you to select one of
    several choices from a menu.  When it pops up, you'll want to make sure you
    carefully look over your choices before going all gung-ho and picking the wrong
    thing.  Once you've decided what you want to pick, press the corresponding
    direction on the D-Pad to set it in stone.
    To search a particular object (e.g., a billboard or an item in a room), hold
    the Left Trigger (default) and look at whatever the object is.  This will cause
    Ryo's view to lock onto the object, allowing you to examine it up-close.  To
    close out of the lock, press the B button.  Also, while you're locked onto an
    item, you can press left or right on the D-Pad to move Ryo's sight to another
    nearby object.  Another thing you should know is that you can zoom in without
    locking onto something by holding the B button whilst zooming.  Noyce.
    Not unlike the handy dandy notebook glorified by the intense drama "Blue's
    Clues", Ryo's notebook automatically keeps tracks of all sorts of important
    data for you.  So, what exactly is recorded in it?  Important story-related
    information, clues for where you should go next / who you should talk to next,
    a synopsis of the events from Shenmue I, locations of gambling / street 
    fighting / part-time jobs, and more.  Good deal!
    Ryo's no party-boy, he's a man on a mission!  As such, it's necessary to get a
    good night's sleep, otherwise beating up myriad thugs with one hit would just
    be too taxing on his body.  After 8:00 PM rolls around, you can head back to
    your lodging place (wherever it may be, as there are several throughout the
    game) and catch some "Z's".  Also, if you are still out and about at 11:00 PM,
    Ryo will suddenly get tired and automatically return to your lodging place to
    get some rest.
    Returning from the first Shenmue are the amazingly cool Quick Timer Events.
    These can take place at any time, during any cutscene, so be ever vigilant!
    Basically, what goes down is that a button will appear on-screen and start
    beeping and flashing like the 5-0 are on your tail.  Either hit the 
    corresponding button or react too slowly and get your intestines knocked 
    through your belly.  All of the four face buttons, as well as the directions
    on the D-Pad are used quite often, and usually appear in rapid succession, so
    it may take a few tries to get some of the sequences right.  Fortunately, all
    story-necessary QTEs give you infinite retries or lead to slightly altered
    scenes if you mess up.
    Quite similar to the basic QTE (hence the inclusion of "QTE" in its name), the
    Command QTE forces you to press a sequence of buttons all at once.  What 
    happens is this:  a giant D-Pad and the four face buttons appear on the screen,
    and a series of buttons / directions flash in a specific order.  When they're
    finished, you need to exactly duplicate the buttons pressed (in the correct
    order, too!).  The first few times it's a bit difficult, but you should get
    used to Command QTEs soon enough.  Something to be aware of is that Command
    QTEs sometimes pop up in the midst of a series of normal QTEs, so be on the
    c.  The Art of Combat
    Basically a simplified version of Yu Suzuki's Virtua Fighter, the Free Battle
    mode injects tons of excitement into the Shenmue formula.  Many times during
    the story, there will be instances where you are pushed into battle, often
    against multiple opponents.  During a Free Battle, the screen configuration and
    controls change, with Ryo's life gauge appearing at the bottom of the screen.
    In order to win in a Free Battle, you'll need to properly mix together Ryo's
    various moves to form combos.  Keep in mind when fighting multiple opponents at
    once that trying to take down everyone at once and letting yourself get
    surrounded is the worst possible idea.  Instead, you'll want to utilize the
    awesome effects of the Y button (evade/parry) and back off, waiting for one of
    your foes to follow you.  When he does, hit him hard and fast with a strong
    combo or devastating move.  A personal favorite combo of mine that works great
    in most situations is the A-A-A (triple kicks).
    Of course, there's much more to fighting effectively than offense.  In addition
    to the aforementioned use of the evade/parry button, dodging attacks is an
    integral manuever, as you'll likely soon discover.  It's also important to know
    which of Ryo's moves work well in certain situations (mastering the Counter
    Elbow Assault can give you a HUGE edge in battle), and which ones just aren't
    Unfortunately, the ability to freely practice by yourself has been eliminated
    this time around.  Now, the only way to train your moves is to spar with 
    Jianmin in the South Carmain Qr (Wan Chai) or to partake in one of the various
    street fights.  Although neither of these methods are particularly effective,
    the battles in Shenmue II tend to be simple enough that you won't need much
    skill to get by.  Sucks, I know.
    Now then, Ryo's profiency with each individual move is rated on three different
      - Power:  Obviously enough, how strong the move is.
      - Speed:  How fast Ryo can execute the move
      - Rigid:  Less vulnerability when using the move
    The longer the bar for each of the above moves displayed on your Moves Scroll,
    the better it is in that category (except for rigid, where a shorter bar is
    good and a long one sucks).  Also, take note that some of Ryo's moves are
    dubbed "Critical."  Basically what this means is that the move is so powerful
    that, if executed properly, it can knock out a foe in one shot.  Sweet.
    As with the first Shenmue, it's possible to learn new moves by visiting certain
    characters at the proper time.  A lot of these moves are necessary for you to
    learn in order to progress in the game, but some (such as the Brawling 
    Uppercut), can only be learned if you know what to do and where to go.
    One last thing you should be aware of is that some of the more difficult 
    battles in the game will suddenly hit you with QTEs during the fight.  Usually,
    if you screw up these QTEs you'll automatically lose the battle, meaning that
    you need to be always aware of this possibility.
    d.  Area Introductions
    No, not Scotland!  >_<  Aberdeen, Hong Kong, is a bustling harbor area, not
    too far removed from the Amihama area in the first Shenmue.
    -- WORKER'S PIER ----------------------
    This is the first area you'll get to explore in the game.  For an initial area,
    it's pretty large, but finding your way around should be easy enough after a
    bit of looking around.  Anyway, there are several places to arm wrestle here,
    as well as plenty of capsule toy machines / vendors.  Places of interest
    include Pigeon Park and the Rooftop Fight area.
    -- FORTUNE'S PIER ---------------------
    Accessible from the Worker's Pier, this is the first place you'll be able to
    make a decent amount of cash.  In addition to the crate-carrying job, Fortune's
    Pier is also filled with gambling locales (just check inside any one of the
    warehouses and you're liable to find one).  Overall, this pier is a bit small,
    making it simple to find your way around, and offers many opportunities to rake
    in the big bucks.
    -- QUEEN'S ST. ------------------------
    This lengthy street connects the Worker's Pier (and the rest of Aberdeen) with
    Wan Chai.  On Queen's St., you can find a Lucky Hit Stand, a pawnshop, and the
    Ling Ling Porridge Shop, which you'll visit at least once during the course of
    the game.
    -- BEVERLY HILLS WHARF ----------------
    Not acessible from the outset, the Beverly Hills Wharf is the main hangout of
    a gang known as the Heavens.  In order to get in, you need to obtain a special
    zippo that bares the logo of the indigenous gang.  Once you do gain acess, you
    will find a hotspot for free battles, as well as a place to spend the night and
    a street fighting location.
    This part of Hong Kong has a lot of variety, ranging from a run-down part of
    town filled with crappy buildings and gamblers to an upscale area filled with
    antique shops and such.
    -- GREEN MARKET QR --------------------
    Your first order of business in this area is to find a hotel called the Come
    Over Guest House, which is where you'll stay the night for the first third of
    the game.  Additionally, there is a dojo located in this quarter, the Guang
    Martial Arts School, where you'll visit several times.  From here, you can
    head directly into a few other quarters, namely the Golden Qr and the South
    Carmain Qr.
    -- GOLDEN QR --------------------------
    Think of the Golden Qr as Wan Chai's business district.  The only place you'll
    ever need to visit here is the Golden Shopping Mall, situated in the center of
    the area.  However, there are several other places that may be of interest:  an
    arcade, a convenience store, and a bar where you can play darts.
    -- SOUTH CARMAIN QR -------------------
    Easily the trashiest part of town, the South Carmain Qr is home to Lishao Tao,
    the person you need to meet with at the beginning of the game.  Even better, a
    few Tai Chi masters who might be willing to teach you some new moves also 
    reside here.  Going along with that, one of the aforementioned masters can be
    sparred with from time to time in an area called Lotus Park.
    -- LUCKY CHARM QR ---------------------
    Crammed with tea shops and other restaurants, the Lucky Charm Qr is one of two
    quarters that you'll probably visit the least.  Throughout the game, you'll
    only NEED to come here twice, and there's little to lure you back, a few
    gambling tables aside.  Granted, there is a side-quest that requires Ryo to
    check out the Lucky Charm Qr, but that, of course, is not mandatory to beating
    the game.
    -- WHITE DYNASTY QR -------------------
    The second area that you will rarely visit, a single QTE sequence is the only
    time you'll ever need to hit up the White Dynasty Qr.  Of course, there are
    several places to gamble here, so that might be enough to lure you back.
    -- WISE MEN'S QR ----------------------
    A quaint part of town bordering almost every other quarter in Wan Chai, the
    Wise Men's Qr is packed to the gills with little shops.  Excluding the myriad
    pawnshops, areas of interest include Wise Men's Kung Fu, Man Mo Bistro, and the
    entrance to the Scarlet Hills.
    -- SCARLET HILLS ----------------------
    Undoubtedly the smallest area in the game, the Scarlet Hills consist of a
    fortune-telling shop, another small building, and Man Mo Temple.  Despite it's
    diminutive size, often times Ryo's presence is required at the temple, so get
    used to the place.
    A large city filled with skyscrapers reaching into the sky, you'll probably
    spend more time here than anywhere else in the game.  Although the various
    portions of the city don't seem to large, the interiors of each building are
    also fully-explorable, making for a massive area.
    -- DRAGON ST --------------------------
    This linear road only branches at two points, the first leading into Ren's
    supersecret hideout and the other (which is much less noticeable, by the by)
    will take you up a staircase to a hidden Lucky Hit stall where you can win some
    sweet prizes.  Go check out chapter V.b for the full scoop on that.  Anyway,
    there are also some normal Lucky Hit stands lining the streets, and a blind
    musician who plays some totally tubular flutes.
    -- THOUSAND WHITE QR ------------------
    Not only does the Thousand White Qr provide several different street fighting
    venues, but it also contains a host of important buildings.  For instance, the
    Great View, Ghost Hall, and Thousand White Buildings.  No way!
    -- STAND QR ---------------------------
    As the name implies, the Stand Qr is filled with stands and peddlers selling
    their merchandise.  A few key street fighting locales are accessible from here,
    and other places of interest include the Moon Child and Black Heaven Buildings.
    -- DIMSUM QR --------------------------
    A smaller area than the previous two, the Dimsum Qr has a few tea shops/diners
    and some large buildings that you'll need to visit during the course of the
    game.  Examples of those include the Three Birds Bldg and the Tea Break Bldg.
    A remote region unlike any other location seen in Shenmue I or II, Guilin is
    filled with ambience and nature.
    -- LANGHUISHAN ------------------------
    Consisting entirely of dirt paths through forests and the countryside, this
    place certainly isn't akin to the early parts of Mue II.  Anyway, once you get
    here the gameplay becomes extremely linear, so there's not much to say here
    without spoiling the story.
         IV ------------------------------------------------------ WALKTHROUGH
    Some things to take note of beforehand...
      * Although I've tried to keep this guide relatively spoiler-free, things tend
        to slip out from time to time (especially in a game like this where
        explaining your goals also requires you to spill the beans about the story
        in many cases), so beware.
      * I think there are enough headings and subheadings that finding the 
        appropriate section of the walkthrough should be easy enough.  However, if
        you can't quite find what you need, don't hesitate to bang on that good ol'
        Ctrl + F combo on your keyboard, then type in a keyword relating to what
        you're looking for.  Quite the helpful little tool, I must say!
      * Usually, I've got the buttons in QTE sequences separated by commas.
        Sometimes, though, a Command QTE takes place during a QTE, so I distinguish
        that by putting [brackets] around the CQTE buttons.  Easy enough, ya?
      * Throughout the walkthrough you'll find boxed-in sections containing side-
        quest information.  Keep in mind that these things are entirely optional,
        and are by no means required to complete the game.  They're just fun little
        extras that you might be interested in checking out.
      * If there's something you really need to know about that IS NOT covered in
        this here guide, there are two things you should do.  First of all, drop me
        a line at <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com> and tell me where I
        screwed up.  Secondly, go check out the awesome guides by Crazyreyn and
        Reformed Pirate.  Chances are, you'll be able to find what you need there.
    a.  Welcome to Hong Kong
    After the opening cutscene, our hero Ryo steps off the ship and pulls out the
    letter he received at the end of the first Shenmue.  The letter gives a single
    name and address:  Lishao Tao; Wan Chai, South Carmain Qr, Yan Tin Aparments.
    Our first order of business should be to find Wan Chai.
    == WHERE'S WAN CHAI? ============================
    Once you gain control of Ryo, take a few steps forward and you'll come across
    a pair of street musicians.  As they play, an indigenous boy shows up and
    mentions that the song brings luck to travelers.  He also adds that you should
    toss in some cash.  Do so (it's only $10, nothing big) and the musicians will 
    point you in the general direction of Wan Chai.  Don't put anything in and you 
    won't get anything.  The choice is yours, but keep in mind that the musicians 
    point you down the only road there is, so they won't be of much help.
    After you regain control, continue ahead and stop at a few of the stalls to
    look over the goods for sale.  At this point, I highly recommend going all out
    and buying everything you can, for reasons that I won't unveil just yet.  
    Believe me, though, you want to spend all your money on Zippos and other items
    that can be later redeemed at a pawnshop.  When you're ready, head eastward
    along the street for a cutscene that basically introduces the kind of people
    who live in Hong Kong.  Ugh.  Fortunately, a nice woman you met on the ship
    points out the Free Stay Lodge, a place where you can spend the night.
      * NOTE - Be sure to pick up a map of the Worker's Pier from the red and
        yellow stand in front of the Free Stay Lodge.  It'll make exploring the
        area significantly easier.  Also, step inside the lodge and grab the yellow
        soda can on the shelf in the back--it'll immediately transfer into a Ferry
        capsule toy.  Cool beans!
    Now, run forward into the tunnel ahead and take a right to enter into the
    Worker's Pier.  Just ahead you'll be able to witness a heated arm-wrestling
    match.  The guy in charge asks if you'd be interesting in giving it a go.  Try
    it out if you like, but remember that your winnings might be in jeopardy.  I'd
    suggest waiting just a bit before going for it.  From there, run straight ahead
    to meet up with a biker chick named Joy.  She'll warn you about thieves in Hong
    Kong, and point you toward Wan Chai.
    At this point, it's a good idea to run around the pier in order to get 
    acclimated with the controls and used to the area.  Also, make sure you spend
    every last bit of your cash on Zippos, capsule toys, or maps before proceeding;
    you'll thank me later.  You should also talk to some people to get a general
    idea of where Wan Chai is.  When you're ready, head south from where you met 
    Joy through the market area and toward the park with the fountain, Pigeon Park.
    This is a great place to blow the rest of your cash by stocking up on the
    capsule toy boxes, so do that.  Besides, you can't expect an eighteen year-old
    like Ryo to go about avenging his father without regular breaks to play with
    toys, can you?  No way!
    If you haven't already heard, Wan Chai is past Queen's St., so we need to head
    there first.  From Pigeon Park, run southeast past Bar Swing and the Fu Hoi
    Diner--you should see the blue sign that reads "Queen's St."  Continue along
    the road past a souvenir shop for a cutscene where some street toughs steal
    your bag, as well as all of your cash and the coveted Phoenix Mirror!  Well, 
    you can't say Joy didn't warn you... You've been bamboozled!
    == GETTING YOUR BAG BACK ========================
    Unfortunately, we don't have much in terms of clues to help us out here; just
    the knowledge that three guys and a little kid are the culprits.  However, if
    you speak to the waitress at Fu Hoi Diner (the girl wearing a yellow shirt with
    a panda on it), she'll mention that some people known as the Poison Brothers
    might be behind it.  Keep her talking and she'll add that these infamous bad
    boys spend a lot of time at the porridge shop on Queen's St., so let's go check
    it out.
    Run southeast along the road (the same way you were headed before the thugs
    stole your bag) past a map stand and two men wearing all white, and you'll soon
    come to Queen's St.  Head straight and take the first left when you reach the
    Lucky Hit stands to find the Ling Ling Porridge Shop just ahead, opposite a
    pawnshop that you'll want to keep in mind for later.  Approach the two ruffians
    sitting outside the shop and they'll get all pissed off, until Joy finally
    shows up to bail you out.  As it turns out, the Poison Brothers have nothing to
    do with your bag being stolen; it must be Wong's doing!  He's currently hanging
    out at Pigeon Park.  Let's go.
    Head back to the Worker's Pier and run past the fountain, toward the sea.  A
    cutscene will begin and Ryo will pursue Wong in your first QTE!
        --[ QTE:  Stop Thief! ]-----------------------------------
        A, Left, Right, A, B, Left, Left, Right, A, Right, Down, A
    Keep in mind during the chase scene that it's cool if you miss a few commands,
    as long as they aren't in succession.  However, if you screw up the final 
    button (when you have to press A to clear the fence), you're out of luck and
    you'll need to track down the thieves another way.  If this happens, talk to
    the waitress at Lai Lai Eatery, since she knows what she's talking about.
    Anyway, after the QTE you'll be forced to fight two of the thieves, Sam and
    Larry.  Thankfully, neither one is a particularly skilled fighter, so the
    battle serves as a nice introduction to the game's fighting system.  The only
    thing you should really do is use the Y button a lot to make sure you don't get
    sandwiched between the two.  Also, some moves that work well in taking down
    your opponents include the A-A-A combo, as well as the X-X-A one.  Don't get
    intimidated if one of them pulls a knife on you, either, as that means the
    battle is almost over (no really, it does!).
    When the fight comes to an end, Ryo pulls some classic interrogation and Wong
    agrees to show you where your bag is.  Since Ryo will automatically follow the
    kid, you don't have to press anything (although things will move along a bit
    faster if you hold the Right Trigger).  When you arrive, Wong retrieves the bag
    and hands it over, but the money's gone!  Good thing you wasted it all on
    Zippos and capsule toys like I said... right?  Everything else seems intact,
    and Wong also gives up a map leading to the Come Over Guest House, a hotel
    where you can stay.
    Now then, there are two things to take care of at this point: (1) finding the
    Come Over Guest House and (2) getting some cash.  Start off by returning to
    Queen's St, just run northwest from where your bag was hidden to reach the
    small market area.  You should know the way from there--straight toward the
    park and a left at the Fu Hoi Diner.
    Once on Queen's St., turn left at the Lucky Hit stands and run eastward past
    the porridge place and pawnshop (which isn't open at the moment).  From there,
    finding the way to the end of the street should be simple enough, since there
    are few side roads to turn off onto.  You'll know you're going the right way
    when you reach the large red bridge leading over King's Road.  Head up the
    stairs and descend on the opposite side to enter Wan Chai.  Lovely.
    Now that you're in the Green Market Qr, one of many areas in Wan Chai, try to 
    use Wong's makeshift map as a guide.  However, it's not so well-drawn, and can
    get a little confusing.  Just do whatever I say and you'll be golden.  Take the
    first right, then follow the street's single path, ignoring the various shops
    and stalls along the way.  Soon enough you'll meet again with Joy, who mentions
    that the Free Stay Lodge at the harbor is closed for remodeling.  The Come Over
    Guest House is the place for you, she says, and you'll also get a discount if
    you drop Joy's name.  Nice!
    When you're back in control, run forward and take a right, then head down the
    steps.  Take a left from there and head toward the end of the street, taking
    another left at that point.  Now then, the Come Over Guest House will be the
    last door on the right.  You'll know you're at the right place because Joy will
    show up and agree to show you a place to work in the morning.  Inside the guest
    house, you'll be given the key to room #203, the first room on the left.
      * NOTE - No matter what the clerk says, do NOT pay him for the rent.  Even
        with the "special discount", $38 a night is pretty steep.  Besides, you can
        just have him put it on your account and never have to pay it.  Sucker!
    Chances are that it's pretty late right now, so there's not much you can do.
    However, I do suggest heading out and taking a look around, if just to get a
    feel for the area.  Also, there's a pawnshop adjacent to the guest house, so
    head inside and sell all your Zippos and capsule toys to regain some of your
    lost cash.  Just try not to look at the clerk, since she is quite possibly the
    ugliest-looking person in the history of the world.
      |  SIDE-QUEST:  Straighten the sign  \______________________________________
      |  ================================                                         |
      |  Outside the guest house, run to the left for a cutscene a where a young  |
      |  man will ask for your help.  It seems he's having trouble getting the    |
      |  sign outside his shop straight, so it's up to you to help out by telling |
      |  him whether to move it higher or lower.  To do this, simply press down a |
      |  total of eight times and all will be right again.  Help the poor guy out |
      |  and he'll point out the way to the South Carmain Qr--it's past the two   |
      |  butcher shops!                                                           |
    If night hasn't fallen yet, feel free to go check South Carmain out, although
    there isn't anything to find there just yet.  If it's 8:00 or after, you may as
    well just hit the hay.
    == HATS OFF TO THE HARD-WORKIN' MAN =============
    In the morning, Joy will show up on her bike and beckon for you to come down.
    Leave your room, refuse to pay the clerk anything, and go outside.  After a bit
    of talking, Joy gives you a ride to Fortune's Pier (which borders the Worker's
    Pier) and introduces you to Mr. Sun, a fat drunkard who runs the crate-carrying
    operation in Hong Kong.
    Mr. Sun sends you over to your partner, Delin, who'll explain how to go about
    this job.  What the actual job entails is this:  you and your partner will 
    carry some heavy boxes from one side of a warehouse to another.  To accomplish 
    this most tedious task, there are two things you need to be aware of.  The 
    first being that you need to be constantly holding forward on the D-Pad to 
    continue moving.  The second is that just walking straight toward the goal area
    isn't going to work.  Nuh-uh.  Instead, it's much more effective to zigzag 
    across the warehouse, pressing either left or right on the D-Pad as many times 
    as your partner calls said direction out.  Mess up even once and you'll drop 
    the crate, losing some valuable time.
    After an hour's worth of work, Mr. Sun steps in and says that's all for now.
    You get paid $10 for every crate you carried, adding up to a maximum of $60
    per hour of work.  Now then, you've got a choice to make.  You can either 
    remain in the pier and work some more to get the cash rolling in, or you can
    return to Wan Chai and look for Lishao Tao.  I suggest the latter, so turn left
    and run south back into the Worker's Pier.
    If you want, now would be a good time to try out arm-wrestling, as it's pretty
    fun and you've got some cash to blow now.  If not, just run toward Queen's St.
    On the way, the man with blue hair who snapped your photo at the start of the
    game will show up and try to force you into buying the shot.  After a bit of
    persistence, Joy shows up and pulls a tricky stunt.  Sucker!  In any event,
    continue onward and return to the Green Market Qr.
    == THE SEARCH FOR LISHAO TAO ====================
    Once you're back in the Green Market, follow the road as if you were headed for
    the Come Over Guest House, only turn right instead of left at the two butcher
    shops.  From there, run past the Lucky Hit stand and martial arts school to
    reach some stairs and a red arch that mark the entrance to the South Carmain
    Run straight ahead into the park (Lotus Park) and speak with the elderly man
    practicing Tai Chi.  Sensing that you're familiar with the martial arts, he
    asks you to spar with him, refusing to answer any questions before you do so.
    Although it's impossible to land a hit on the old man, sparring with him is
    a great way to practice your moves nonetheless.  Afterwards, he'll introduce
    himself as Jianmin and offers to spar again another time.  Talk to him again
    and he'll explain that the Yan Tin Apartments, where Lishao Tao lives, are
    quite nearby.
    Leave the park and take a right, staying to the right side when the road forks
    into two.  You'll find the apartments just past the pawnshop and Lucky Hit
    stand, so head inside and take a look around.  After being yelled at by a
    strange old woman, head upstairs and look for room 205, where Lishao Tao lives.
    Before you do so, however, step into the bathroom (the small door with a
    drawing of a man and a woman on it) and look around.  The place is so small,
    how are you supposed to pee!?
    Anyhoo, go bang on room #205 and an annoyed and funny-looking man will emerge,
    claiming he isn't Lishao Tao.  Apparently Master Tao moved away, and the man
    is too poor to remember exactly where.  Grease his palms with $20 (the other,
    more expensive choices yield the same results) and he'll tell you that Tao
    moved to a place called Man Mo-something.  He doesn't remember the exact name,
    so we'll just have to wing it.
    == MAN MO-WHAT? =================================
    Leave the apartment building and turn right, following the street until it
    branches at the end.  At this point, you should see a big red sign that reads
    "Man Mo China" on the walls above, so take the left branch and follow the trail
    of shops called Man Mo until you reach the arch leading into the Wise Men's Qr.
    You're in for a big surprise here:  nearly EVERY shop in the area is called Man
    Mo-something!  That's just great, how are we supposed to find Master Tao now?
    The first store you should spot in the Wise Men's Qr is Man Mo Antiques, so
    mosey on inside and speak to the clerk.  She's never heard of Lishao Tao 
    before, but she does suggest that you go ask at Man Mo Bistro, since it's the
    largest place in the Wise Men's Qr.
    Head outside and turn to the left, which will put you between two forks in the
    road.  Go for the one to the right and continue along the street until it
    branches again at a place called Collect Antiques.  Ignore the road to the
    north and head straight up the stairs instead to find the Man Mo Bistro right
    in front of you.  Step inside and speak with the woman standing to the side to
    show customers to their seats.  According to her, there's a place called Man Mo
    Temple where a master and monk reside.
    To find the temple, leave the bistro and take a turn to the right.  Head right
    again at the end of the street and ascend the tall set of steps that lead into
    the Scarlet Hills.  When you reach the top of the stairs, you'll find the
    temple on your left, hidden behind the white wall.  Enter via the gate ahead
    and a cutscene will take over.
    Enter the temple itself for another cutscene where Ryo asks a man clad in 
    white, who he assumes is Lishao Tao, about the master.  Despite his letter of
    introduction from Master Chen, the man refuses to reveal any information about
    the master until you learn about the Four Wude.
    b.  The Four Wude
    With no other recourse at this moment, exit the temple and return to the Wise
    Men's Qr.  Here you'll meet up with the young woman in red from the temple.
    Although she doesn't seem to eager to help you out, she does let it slip that
    any martial artist worth his salt knows about the Wude.  We should go ask
    someone like that.  Hmm... but who do we know that practices martial arts?
    Hey, how about Jianmin over at Lotus Park?  Let's get on over there and see
    what he knows!
    == THE FIRST WUDE ===============================
    Find your way back to Lotus Park in the South Carmain Qr and holler at Jianmin.
    As before, he promises to answer your questions, but not before a sparring
    match.  It's still impossible to connect a hit on Jianmin, but after a bit Ryo
    will automatically pull off his Vortex Throw move.  Following that, you'll have
    a few more seconds to spar before Jianmin unleashes a powerful move known as
    the "Iron Palm of Tai Chi."
    Now that the old man has had his giggles, Ryo asks about the Wude.  Intrigued
    by your question, Jianmin agrees to tell you, but requires that you first
    master the Iron Palm move.  When he asks you to try the move, simply press [XA]
    to execute the attack.  However, in order to please Jianny, you have to cover
    the ground with leaves by repeatedly striking the tree.  To get the most bang
    for your buck, hold off pressing the commands until the small gauge at the
    bottom of the screen is nearly filled.  If you can get the timing down pat, it
    shouldn't take too long before you finish.
    Once you've completed Jianny's task, he'll bring an end to this tree-smacking
    nonsense and give you the four-one-one.
        --[ 1st WUDE:  GON ]--------------------------
        "Every day, without neglect, to keep training"
    Of course, things aren't going to be so easy that you can learn all four Wude
    from one person.  No way, man.  Speak Jianmin again before leaving and he'll
    mention that Zhoushan, master of the Guang Martial Arts School in the Green
    Market Qr, might be able to help us out further.  Let's get goin'.
    == THE SECOND WUDE ==============================
    From Lotus Park, exit left from the tree and head eastward into the Green
    Market.  From there, the Guang Martial Arts School will be the first place on
    your right, so head in.  Speak to Zhoushan, the elderly man dressed in orange,
    about the Wude.  After asking why you need to know, he'll mention that he's in
    no position to talk about the Wude, having ruined the life of another.  He
    talks about a street performer who was formerly Zhoushan's disciple, but become
    such a lowly person because he was expelled.
    Well, since Zhoushan won't spill any more beans, it looks like we don't have
    any other choice but to go check out the Golden Qr.  To get there, head toward
    the Come Over Guest House, but go past it and turn to the right to find the
    familiar red arch just ahead.  Once in the Golden Qr, find anyone and ask them
    about the possible whereabouts of a street performer.  Anyone who knows will
    tell you to check out the Golden Mall, which is due east from where you 
    entered.  It's the place with lots of glass and steps leading up to it.
    Walk inside and, disregarding the crowd in the center of the mall, divert your
    attention toward the man in yellow who's lying on the floor to the right.
    Approach him for a cutscene where he'll take advantage of you to try to get
    some huge tips from the crowd.  In order to smash the rock given to you by the
    bum, you need to press A once as the green meter in the gauge is near it's 
    peak.  Press A a second time as soon as the yellow meter begins to move, as it
    moves significantly faster than it's predecessor.  You've got three tries to
    break the rock, and if you fail thrice over you'll have to restart.
    When you succeed, the bum, Zongquan, will express his surprise.  When Ryo
    reflects Zhoushan's words to this bum, Zongquan hands over a letter to give to
    the master.  Return to the martial arts school and fork over the letter to
    Zhoushan.  He'll read it aloud, then decipher it's meaning for Ryo.
        --[ 2nd WUDE:  JIE ]------------------------------------------------
        "Judge yourself without conceit and do not show moves thoughtlessly"
    Talk to Zhoushan again once the cutscene ends and he'll tell you about another
    martial artist; a barber named Zhangyu in the Lucky Charm Qr.  We should go
    talk to him.
    == THE THIRD WUDE ===============================
    You can get to the Lucky Charm Qr from the Golden Qr, so head there first and 
    foremost.  Once there, run to the east, right past the Golden Mall.  Turn right
    at the Moon Cafe and head for the red arch straight ahead.  In the White
    Dynasty Qr, ignore the street to the right and head due south through the
    various stalls.  When you emerge on the other side, the entrance to the Lucky
    Charm Qr will be to your left.
    Now then, take a left turn and run straight toward the large red and orange 
    arch that reads "Three Blades St".  When you get there, look on your left for
    the trademark barber's pole with the swirling colors.  The shop with the yellow
    sign is Zhangyu's shop, so head inside.
    Zhangyu seems more than happy to inform you about the Wude, and he even offers
    to give you a trim as he talks.  After talking for a bit about the history of
    the Wude, he tells you to stay calm no matter what.  Following that, a QTE will
    pop up, but DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON.  Doing so means you'll have to retry.  Do
    it properly and Zhangyu will reveal the third Wude.
        --[ 3rd WUDE:  DAN ]--------------------------------
        "Be brave and stay calm to make the right decisions"
    When Ryo asks if Zhangyu knows any others who are familiar with the martial
    arts, he refers you to the nearby Bloom Tailor.  Since they make uniforms for
    martial artists, the owner might know something.
    == THE FOURTH WUDE ==============================
    Exit Zhangyu's shop and turn to the left to find the Bloom Tailor straight
    ahead, marked by an orange sign.  Step inside and ask the clerk about martial
    artists.  There's only one person he knows of that you haven't already spoken
    to:  a woman named Guixiang who lives in the Yan Tin Apartments (South Carmain
    Qr).  Let's get a move on!
    From the Bloom Tailor, run southward past Zhangyu's shop and take a right at
    the end of the street.  Follow that road to the end, then head left into the
    Wise Men's Qr.  Now, take a right turn and run uphill until you reach a place
    called Wise Men's Kung Fu.  That's your cue to turn right again and descend
    some steps.  Turn left at the bottom and take the next right to find the 
    entrance to South Carmain.  The Yan Tin Apartments are where we originally
    thought Lishao Tao lived, so head back there.
    When you arrive, you'll find that crazy old bag from before being surrounded by
    a group of punks.  Being the goody two-shoes he is, Ryo intervenes and draws us
    into a Free Battle.  Since there are so many opponents and the "arena" is
    rather small, your best bet is to use a throw move to knock down several foes
    at once.  After that, back off and wait for an enemy to come to you, at which
    point you should nail them with a powerful move or combo.
    When the fight ends, the crazy old woman will reveal herself to be Guixiang.
    After that, she goes ahead and tells you the final Wude, although she
    conveniently forgot it's name.  Go ask Master Mo at Man Mo Temple to find it
    out, she says.
        --[ 4th WUDE:  ??? ]--------------------------------
        "To act without hesitation.  To do the right thing."
    Head back to the Wise Men's Qr and make your way into the Scarlet Hills.  When
    you get there, the worker outside will say that outside visitors are not
    allowed into the temple at this time.  Because the temple is being cleaned,
    you're not allowed in, and further negotiation with the worker isn't gonna do
    much.  Instead, select "Intrude" when the get the chance.  When the worker goes
    back to check with his superior, sneak into the temple.
    Inside you'll find another worker who says you'll need to give service to the
    temple before talking to the master.  In reality, it's just a way for the lazy
    worker to get out of his job, but agree to help him out anyway.  When you
    regain control of Ryo, approach a part of the wall that is stained with soot
    and press A to wipe it away.  Keep wiping random parts of the wall and you
    should soon find a symbol for one of the Four Wude.  With this in mind, go
    stand between the altars in the back of the temple and clean the walls to find
    the final Wude:  YI.
    Afterwards, the monk dressed in white will appear and Ryo will discuss his
    reasons for wanting to meet Master Lishao Tao.  Soon after, the woman from the
    last time you were here shows up, and is revealed to be the master.  Outside,
    Lishao Tao beckons you to spar with her, although it's impossible to hit her
    (as with Jianmin).  Once you're done, she hands over a map to her apartment
    building and offers you a place to stay.  After telling you her real name,
    Xiuying, she begins to lead the way to her building.  Follow her.
    When you arrive at the Da Yuan Apartments, Xiuying takes you to room #207, her
    room.  This is where you'll be spending the next few nights, making it easier
    than trekking back to the Come Over Guest House.
    c.  Wulinshu
    The following morning, you'll encounter Xiuying's assistant, a vibrant young
    girl named Fangmei.  She'll tell you that you have to go to Man Mo Temple, so
    you'll be taken there automatically.  Unfortunately, Xiyuing is less than
    willing to answer your questions about Yuanda Zhu, and she refuses to say
    anything until you pay services to the temple by helping to air out the books
    in the library.
    == AIRING OUT THE BOOKS =========================
    This part is, undoubtedly, the most tedious portion of the game.  Basically,
    all you need to do is grab a stack of books from the library and carry them
    onto one of the stands outside.  The tricky thing is that QTEs (involving
    directions on the D-Pad) occur from time to time and Ryo will drop the books if
    you screw it up.  Since you've got three hours and dropping the books causes a
    few precious minutes to be depleted, you need to be extra careful.  Unless
    you're really confident, it's a good idea to walk instead of running, since
    it's less prone to QTEs.  
    Now then, if you can manage to carry every last stack of books outside within 
    the allotted time, you'll be rewarded by Hanhui (the monk).  Your prize today
    is a martial arts scroll teaching a move called the Horseshoe Kick.  For each
    day you successfully air out all the books you'll receive a brand new move, 
    making it a good way to build up Ryo's repertoire.  Of course, if you really
    hate carrying the books and don't care about acquiring new moves, you can
    continually mess up the QTEs to make it end quicker.  However, this is not at
    all recommended.
    When the day's work is over, Xiuying will still refuse to tell you anything.
    Well, we should go into town and see if we can't find anything out ourselves.
    After talking to Hanhui, head into the Wise Men's Qr.
    == DO YOU KNOW YUANDA ZHU? ======================
    With some many people in this bustling part of town, someone's bound to know
    something about Zhu.  Talk to anyone you can on the streets or in shops if you
    like, although many people will say they're not from this part of town and
    don't know anything and blah blah blah.  Losers.  What you really want to do
    is find a decent shop and ask the clerk inside what they know.  Check out any
    or all of the locations listed below (all of them are in the Wise Men's Qr) to
    hear what you need to learn.
      - Happiness Buddhist Altar Shop
      - Wise Men's Chemist
      - Man Mo Herb Medicine
      - Man Mo China Shop
    Ask the owner of any of those shops and you should hear two major things about
    Yuanda Zhu: 1) he did a lot of business at a shop called Wise Men's Kung Fu and
    2) he wrote a book on martial arts called the Wulinshu.  Let's go find this
    mysterious kung fu shop!  To get there, head west from the steps leading into
    the Scarlet Hills until you reach the end of the street.  Look up and you
    should find a big yellow sign that reads "Wise Men's Kung Fu."  Go inside.
    Speak to the owner about Yuanda Zhu to learn that he hasn't been around as of
    late.  Also, ask about the Wulinshu.  They don't have it here in Wise Men's
    Kung Fu, but apparently it's kept in the library at Man Mo Temple.  
      * NOTE - You can purchase some martial arts move scrolls here in the kung fu
        shop.  Although they're a little pricy, learning some of these moves is far
        from a bad idea.
    Unfortunately, the library is closed and locked at the moment, so we'll just
    have to wait for tomorrow to check out the Wulinshu.  In the mean time, you can
    chill out in the Wise Men's Qr, although you aren't allowed to visit any other
    areas (:/).  Either way, the rest of the day is yours to do with as you please.
    == THE NEXT DAY =================================
    In the morning, Ryo will automatically head off to the library to air out the
    books again (this will be your morning routine for the next few days, sadly).
    Same thing as last time, so try your best to get all the books outside so you
    can get a new move.  Also, if you can manage to get every last pile of books
    outside, Hanhui will show up and teach you a sweet new move:  the Lunging 
    Strike!  Cool beans!  Agree to learn about the move and you'll be given a
    chance to try it out.  In order to properly pull it off, all you need do is
    press forward + XA at the same time.
    Once Hanhui is done showing off, head around behind the temple and enter the
    library.  The book we're looking for, Wulinshu, is contained in the back-left
    of the small room, so check it out.  Unfortunately, the book seems to be locked
    inside a cabinet, so we'll have to go bother Xiyuing about it.  Head outside,
    toward the tree, and she'll appear.  Of course, things aren't so easy that
    Xiuying will just cough up the key.  Nope.  Instead, you need to catch one of
    the falling leaves from the tree.
    To complete this task, watch a single leaf as it falls and the camera will
    slowly zoom in on it.  Listen for a chime and watch for when leaf begins to get
    all blurry--both are cues to press A and swipe at the leaf.  Once you nab the
    first one, you'd think Xiuying would be cool and let you take a look at 
    Wulinshu.  But is that how it works?  No way!  Now she wants you to catch three
    leaves IN A ROW.  Is there no pleasing this woman!?  Go ahead and do it to make
    her happy enough to fork over the key.
    Now that you've got the key, Ryo automatically runs back into the library and
    grabs the Wulinshu.  In addition to finding some information that I don't care
    to spoil for you, Ryo also finds a small piece of paper with a strange symbol
    printed on it.  Hmm... what could it mean?
    == THE MYSTERIOUS PAPER =========================
    Since everyone at the temple is too stupid to know anything worthwhile about
    the paper, run into the Wise Men's Qr.  Someone there is bound to know
    something, right?  Most people on the street will tell you, when asked, to
    check out an antique shop to get the full scoop, so follow their advice.  There
    are several such shops in the Wise Men's Qr, however only Collect Antiques can
    tell you anything about the paper.  In fact, any other antique store will refer
    you to Collect, so you may as well just head there from the get-go.
    Now then, head due west from the entrance to Man Mo Park (nearby Man Mo Bistro)
    down a set of stairs to find Collect Antiques just ahead, marked by a blue sign
    with yellow writing.  Step inside and bother the clerk to learn that the 
    symbols on the paper are called a Chawan Sign.  Apparently, martial artists use
    this secret code to communicate with each other.  Although that's about the
    extent of the clerk's knowledge, Guixiang should be able to divulge a lot more
    about it.  You know the way back to the Yan Tin Apartments.
      |  SIDE-QUEST:  Wang!  \____________________________________________________
      |  ==================                                                       |
      |  As soon as you enter the Yan Tin Apartments, run up to the third floor   |
      |  and head all the way to the end of the hallway.  Speak with the man      |
      |  standing by the window and you'll learn that he's none other than the    |
      |  older brother of Wang-san from the first Shenmue!  Cool beans!           |
    When you arrive, enter the building and bang on the door straight ahead (room
    #101).  Guixiang will appear and invite you to enter her humble abode, where
    she'll ramble for a bit, then display the proper way to use the Chawan Sign.
    Evidently, each character on the paper corresponds with a position of a cup or
    other object.  If you go to a public place and set up the sign, it will signal
    that you are a friend of Yuanda Zhu.  Interesting.
    The correct position for the cups is as such:
      O   O
    Basically, what that means is this.  Move the first cup forward and the third
    cup down.  The second and fourth cups should be left alone.  According to
    Guixiang, setting up the sign incorrectly is potentially dangerous, so make
    sure you get it right!  Once you've done everything correctly, simply wait for
    something to happen.
    By the time you're done in Guixiang's place, it'll be rather late, so Ryo heads
    automatically for the Da Yuan Apartments to catch some Z's.
    == IN THE MORNING... ============================
    After a short cutscene with Fangmei, it's back to the daily grind (e.g., airing
    out the books at Man Mo Temple).  Remember to work hard and get all the piles
    outside so you can get a prize which, today, is a move scroll containing a
    sweet move called the Oblique Air Kick.  You'll also get a lecture from Hanhui,
    even if you don't manage to get all the books outside.
    == THE CHAWAN SIGN ==============================
    Okay, so now that we've got some time on our hands, it's time to try out the
    Chawan Sign!  There are plenty of different places where you can use the sign,
    but the nearest is Man Mo Bistro, conveniently located just down the stairs and
    around the corner.  Head inside and take a seat at the table with four cups
    laid nicely out for you.  Set up the sign (remember--the first cup goes forward
    and the third comes down.  Don't mess with the other two) and select wait.
    Before long, the chef will hand over a note from another person who must've
    noticed the sign.  It reads "Wait at the Come Over Guest House."  You know how
    to get there.
      |  SIDE-QUEST:  The Wild Throw  \___________________________________________
      |  ===========================                                              |
      |  If you happen to walk past the Guang Martial Arts School (Green Market)  |
      |  as you make your way to the Guest House, one of the students will beckon |
      |  you inside.  It seems Master Zhoushan is keen to teach you a new move,   |
      |  and a throw at that.  Follow his instructions by pressing forward once   |
      |  to close in on your opponent, then tap B to grab him.  After that, press |
      |  any of the four main directions to toss him.  The last time you execute  |
      |  the move, when Zhoushan tells you to throw your opponent over to him,    |
      |  you absolutely HAVE to do it correctly.  Remember, grab with B, then     |
      |  toss him to Zhoushan by pressing up.  If you screw up, you won't be able |
      |  to master the move.                                                      |
    When you arrive at the Come Over Guest House, choose wait off the Action
    Selector and enjoy the cutscene.  A mysterious caller tells you to meet him at
    Man Mo Park (Wise Men's Qr), so head over in that direction.  Although the most
    direct route is probably through the Golden Qr to the White Dynasty Qr to the 
    Lucky Charm Qr and finally into the Wise Men's, there's a cool side-quest if 
    you opt for the roundabout route through the South Carmain Qr.
      |  SIDE-QUEST:  The Hind Blow  \____________________________________________
      |  ==========================                                               |
      |  Walk past the Yan Tin Apartments en route to the Wise Men's Qr to        |
      |  encounter Guixiang diligently practicing her Tai Chi.  She offers to     |
      |  impart the knowledge behind a powerful move--the Hind Blow.  Ryo will    |
      |  accept without your consent, so you've got to learn it no matter what    |
      |  here.  Before you can practice the move yourself, a pair of pussy thugs  |
      |  show up.  They should make some good cannon-fodder for your sweet new    |
      |  move.  The key to this battle is not to try taking down Ryo's opponent   |
      |  as you normally would.  Instead, you can finish the battle in a single   |
      |  go if you can execute the Hind Blow.  To do so, press [YB].  Easy enough,|
      |  right?  I thought so.                                                    |
    Once you get to the Wise Men's Qr, run upward towards Man Mo Bistro.  The
    entrance to the park is just south from there.  Approach the lone tree to meet
    with the mysterious caller from before.
        --[ QTE:  THINK FAST! ]-----------
        Right (frightfully difficult, eh?)
    After (hopefully) succeeding with the short and sweet QTE, it's up to you to
    take down the swarm of thugs.  Since your foes are surprisingly strong and
    there is such little room to maneuver, this battle can be a bit on the
    difficult side.  Try out that Hind Blow move a few more times (if you opted to
    learn it, that is), and also stick with Ryo's good ol' AAA and XXX combos.
    Though they're a bit stale, the moves work well.  Additionally, be careful and
    stay on the move, otherwise the pair might sandwich you, making for a rather
    sticky situation (hahaha!  I'm hilarious, I know)
      * NOTE - Should you happen to lose the battle and mess up with the QTE,
        Xiuying will show up and bail you out, thankfully.  However, you won't be
        able to learn about Dou Jiang Diner this way, so you'll have to resort to
        one of the alternate methods listed below.
    Given that you won the battle, the remaining thug will give up and spill the
    beans about Dou Jiang Diner--it's a place in the Lucky Charm Qr where Yuanda
    Zhu often makes contacts.  Sadly, the diner's already closed at this point, so
    you'll need to return to the Da Yuan Apartments to rest up before checking the
    place out.
    Of course, in the morning it's back to the obnoxious airing out of the books.
    Don't worry, it won't last much longer.  ;)  Anyway, Hanhui's prize today for
    carrying each pile outside is a scroll teaching a move called the Mantis Combo.
      * NOTE - The above method is not the only way to use the Chawan Sign to
        progress in the game.  In light of this, below you'll find the remaining
        ways.  If you did decide to go with the above method, though, skip the
        indented information below this note and scroll down to the subsection
        entitled "Rendezvous at Dou Jiang."
        Ling Ling Porridge Shop (Queen's St.)
        Remember this place?  Way back at the beginning of the game, we came here
        to look for the Poison Brothers, who supposedly nabbed Ryo's bag.  Take a
        seat at the table with four cups laid out and make the Chawan Sign, then
        wait for a bit.  Lo and behold, our old friends the Poison Brothers show
        up!  Press B then A to complete the ensuing QTE sequence and they'll spill
        the beans about Dou Jiang Diner.
        Canton Cafe (Green Market Qr)
        Exact same thing that happens at the Ling Ling Porridge Shop on Queen's
        St.  Look directly above this for the four-one-one.
        Fu Jian Diner (Lucky Charm Qr)
        Quite similar to the event that takes place at the Ling Ling Porridge Shop
        on Queen's St.  Find the corresponding header above this and read on.
        Bright Teahouse (Lucky Charm Qr)
        Make the Chawan Sign then wait and the chef will hand over a note from
        someone else, saying to meet at Man Mo Park.  Read above, in the paragraphs
        underneath the side-quest information to get the lowdown, as it's the same
        Bai Jiu Stand (White Dynasty Qr)
        Between the area heavy with stalls and peddlers and whatnot, there's a
        group of tables.  Sit at the empty one with the cups and use the cups to
        form the Chawan Sign, then select wait.  When night falls, Ryo will spot a
        young boy being bullied and go over to help out.  Take down the thugs with
        style in a CQTE--the button sequence is [AXB].  Following the fight, the
        boy will tell you about Dou Jiang Diner.
        Heavenly Tea Shop (Green Market Qr)
        Set up the Chawan Sign here and some mysterious person will hand you a note
        saying to wait at the Come Over Guest House.  This is the same sequence
        that occurs if you made the sign at Man Mo Bistro, so read what I wrote
        above here, under the heading "The Chawan Sign."
        Lai Lai Eatery (Worker's Pier)
        Have and seat and set up the sign, thus prompting a cutscene where the chef
        hands over a note from another customer.  The note says to wait at the Come
        Over Guest House, so head over there.  From this point onward, it'll be the
        exact same thing as if you'd gone to Man Mo Bistro to do the sign, so
        follow the main strategy I've got listed.
        Blue Sky (Fortune's Pier)
        This one only works if you've met Eileen in Pigeon Park already.  If not,
        no cutscene for you! </Soup Nazi>  ... ahem.  Anyway, make the Chawan Sign
        to intiate a cutscene involving Fangmei and Eileen.  Keep in mind, however,
        that this scenario sheds no light on what you need to know to progress in
        the story.  It's more of a little extra that you might be interested in
        Places Where Nothing Happens
        At each of the following locales, you can make the Chawan Sign at an empty
        table and choose wait, but nothing will happen.
          * Fortune's Eatery (Fortune's Pier)
          * Fu Hoi Diner (Worker's Pier)
          * Earnest Tea Shop (Lucky Charm Qr)
          * Gold Tea Shop (Lucky Charm Qr)
          * Man Mo Restaurant (Lucky Charm Qr)
          * Hong Kong Tea Shop (Lucky Charm Qr)
    == RENDEZVOUS AT DOU JIANG ======================
    Okay, so I'm assuming that you chose one of the many choices above and have now
    learned that you need to visit a place called Dou Jiang Diner, which happens to
    be located in the Lucky Charm Qr.  If you're entering from the Wise Men's Qr,
    the diner is on the far side of town, on the main street.  Finding it should
    prove no problem; the big white sign is easy to spot.  In case you are having a
    bit o' trouble locating the place, though, simply run southwest from the big
    sign over Three Blades St (remember, Zhangyu's Barber Shop is on this street)
    and you'll run smack into it.
    Step inside and approach the empty table.  By now, you should know how to form
    the Chawan Sign.  After waiting for a bit, a man clad in a brown suit will hand
    over a note before quickly departing.  Meet back at Dou Jiang Diner when 8:00
    PM rolls around.  Of course, if you don't have anything else on your agenda,
    you can enter the diner again and choose wait to simply skip ahead to the
    desired time.  Quite the spiffy feature, I must say!
    When the clock does strike 8:00, make sure you're at the diner to meet with
    the man, who turns out to be Zhu's associate.  Unfortunately, some ruffians
    interrupt the party as they crash into the diner and start a fight.  To win
    here, use the Y button often to make sure you aren't surrounded and pound on
    your foes with basic combos, such as AXA and AAA.
    After the fight, Ryo pursues the thugs, who've taken Zhu's associate and headed
    into the White Dynasty Qr!
        --[ QTE:  Not so fast, punks! ]---------------------------------------
        B, A, A, A, B, X, [Down, Down, X], B, A, B, B, B, A, B, A, X, A, B, X, 
        [Down, Right, A] -----------------------------------------------------
    After the action is over with, Ryo and Zhu's associate, Zhang, return to Dou 
    Jiang Diner to discuss some things.  When it's all over and done with, we've 
    got a new goal:  to meet a man named Ren of Heavens.
    d.  Ren of Heavens
    Hmm... our only clue about Ren of Heavens, leader of the Heavens, is that he
    resides somewhere in Aberdeen.  Better head to the Worker's Pier and see if we
    can find anything out.
    == GETTING THE DIRT ON REN ======================
    After the cutscene with Xiuying, Ryo decides to leave Man Mo Temple for good.
    Of course, this means we don't have to carry those stupid books any more, 
    either!  Thank the lord!  Anyway, en route to the Worker's Pier, you'll also
    encounter Joy, though she won't say anything too interesting.  Continue onward.
    When you reach the Worker's Pier, there are a few people you can ask to find
    out about Ren and his gang.  First of all, speak with the waitress at Fu Hoi
    Diner a few times (you have to be a little persistent, but she'll tell you
    eventually) to find out that the Heavens reside in the Beverly Hills Wharf.
    All right, so where is the wharf?  To find out, run east from the diner and
    talk to the man standing outside Hong Kong Souvenirs.
    Run into the alley the man pointed out and make a right turn after ascending
    the steps.  Take a left at the next turn, then follow the path around the area
    until you come to a few steps.  To the right is the entrance to the Beverly
    Hills Wharf.  Unfortunately, some street tuff armed with a pipe is blocking the
    way, and he doesn't seem too keen on letting you in.  We'll have to find
    another way inside.
    == FINDING A WAY INSIDE =========================
    Return to Hong Kong Souvenirs and speak again to the man loitering around
    outside.  He'll explain that there's no way to get inside Beverly Hills Wharf,
    unless of course you can get one of the Heavens to let you in.  Let's see if
    we can't find any of the gangsters, shall we?  Go back and talk to the waitress
    at Fu Hoi Diner again.  As with before, you'll need to ask her several times
    before she says anything worthwhile.  Apparently, many suspicious characters
    have been sighted around the various arm-wrestling locales.  Hmm...
    With that information in mind, travel to the other side of the pier, toward the
    arm-wrestling place near the dock.  Approach the man wearing the red 
    Hawaiian-style button-up shirt and ask him about the Heavens.  Although the
    Heavens don't visit the arm-wrestling spots nearly as frequently as they used
    to, they're all about gambling at Fortune's Pier.  Hey, that's the place where
    we carry crates with Delin!  Run east from the arm-wrestling place and take a
    left to find the entrance.
    Once in Fortune's Pier, you can talk to any number of people to find out where
    the gambling hotspots are.  Delin is especially helpful, so speak with him
    right outside the office (or sometimes inside).  It seems that people gather
    inside the warehouses with a "G"-sign on the entrance.  Run due north from the
    entrance to the office and you'll find one such door to your left.  The bookie
    refuses to answer any questions of yours until you try the game out, so pay up
    and give the game a try.  Whether you win or lose, the bookie will answer your
    queries now, so speak up about the Heavens.  As it turns out, they like to play
    at the No.9 Warehouse.
    Head outside and find the corresponding warehouse to the northeast of Fortune's
    Eatery, the restaurant near the offices.  As with before, you'll have to try
    the game before the bookie will tell you anything.  Do so, then ask about the
    Heavens to find out that the No.8 Warehouse is their favorite hangout, and they
    tend to gather there after 7:00 PM.  Return outside and find Fortune's Eatery.
    Run due north from there to find the entrance to the No.8 Warehouse.  The door
    leading inside is locked for the time being, but if you approach the red
    shutter you'll be given the choice to skip right to 7:00 or wait yourself.  Up
    to you.
    When it hits 7:00, be at the warehouse and use the door on the side to enter.
    After a short cutscene, Ryo is pitted against everyone in the warehouse.
    Luckily, there's enough room to maneuver around and not get surrounded.  Also,
    don't forget that certain throw moves can take down two opponents at once.
    After the battle, Ryo shows off his trademark interrogation skills and the
    pussies take you into Beverly Hills Wharf, getting past the guard by flashing a
    Zippo with a certain design on it.
    Sadly, the Heavens have set up a trap for you, and the entire gang shows up to
    make your life hell.  It's impossible the win this battle, so don't strain
    yourself with it.
    Later that night Ryo will awaken, slightly bruised and broken, on a small ship
    docked in a rickety pier on the edge of the wharf.  Wong, the little thief from
    the outset of the game, happened to save you, or so it appears.
    == WHERE'S REN? =================================
    In the morning, Wong hands over a Zippo that'll grant you access to the wharf
    at any time.  He also mentions that you can stay the night at this boat
    whenever you need to--the Heavens don't know about it.  Once you regain 
    control, follow the bridges to the end of the pier, where you should see a sign
    pointing toward Queen's St straight ahead.  If for any reason you need to leave
    the wharf, that is your exit.
    Assuming you want to stay in Beverly Hills Wharf, take a right and confront the
    cluster of Heavens gathered ahead.  Take them down in battle and, if you win,
    Ryo will terrorize the thugs until they tell you that a man named Cool Z should
    be able to tell you where Ren is.  So, who is Cool Z?  Well, he's a big fella
    with a Mohawk, and he wears sunglasses.  Should be easy enough to pick out of a
    crowd, right?
      * NOTE - Should you lose a battle in this area, don't worry too much about 
        it.  You'll simply be returned to wherever you were before the battle
        commenced, and you'll just need to find another way to progress (e.g., find
        another gathering of Heavens and beat them down).
    By this time, you've probably noticed the masses of Heavens clustered around
    various points of the wharf.  Know that whenever you approach one such group,
    you'll be forced to fight them.  Fortunately, the battles are pretty easy,
    although the camera tends to swing back into first-person view, which just
    Anyway, if you can find the center of the wharf (where the street fight is
    occurring), finding the way to Cool Z's hangout should be simple enough.  From
    the center ring, run southwest and continue to press southward until you can
    head left down a set of stairs.  Just run straight from there and turn right
    into the scrap heap to find Cool Z and his cronies, Sam and Larry (remember,
    these are the three guys who stole your bag with Wong at the start of the 
    game).  However, they aren't too keen on taking you to see Ren.  Since Ren only
    meets with people who make "donations", we need to raise $500 before we can see
    Okay, how are we going to earn $500?  Well, there are two effective ways.  The
    first is to trek over to Fortune's Pier and hit up any one of the various
    gambling hotspots.  Simply save your game before actually playing, bet
    everything you've got, and reload if you lose your cash.  Easy.  Another,
    albeit slightly less effective, method is to continually partake in the street
    fight found in the center of Beverly Hills Wharf.  To win, just find a powerful
    move (forward, forward, A works well) and use it over and over.  After winning
    the first few times, you'll be earning $50 per win, meaning you can reach a 
    total of $500 pretty quick.  Also, if you decide to undertake the side-quest 
    explained below, you'll gain a new move that will prove insanely useful in the
    street fight.
      |  SIDE-QUEST:  The Brawling Uppercut  \____________________________________
      |  ==================================                                       |
      |  Drop whatever it is that you're doing and run over to Fortune's Pier.    |
      |  Enter the office and talk to your boss, Mr. Sun, then agree to carry     |
      |  crates with Delin for an hour.  Immediately afterwards, there will be a  |
      |  cutscene with your buddy Delin.  Since he's heard that Ryo is going      |
      |  after Ren of Heavens, he offers to teach you his favorite move--the      |
      |  Brawling Uppercut.  Accept his offer and he'll start off by showing you  |
      |  the leg movements.  The first time Delin lets you try, just press back   |
      |  twice to show that you've got the movement down pat.  Next time, press   |
      |  back twice followed by X to execute the move.  Continue the practice the |
      |  move as many times as you can and eventually you'll get a funny scene    |
      |  with Delin.                                                              |
    == RENDEZVOUS WITH REN ==========================
    Now that you've got at least $500 in your hot little hands, return to the scrap
    heap in Beverly Hills Wharf to find Cool Z and the gang.  Seeing that you've
    got the cash, the three thugs lead Ryo into a dimly-lit warehouse where the
    fabled Ren of Heavens resides.
        --[ CQTE ]------
        [Left, Right, A]
    Tricky guy, that Ren.  Possibly impressed by Ryo's reaction, he says he'll take
    you to Yuanda Zhu.  After handing over a map, Ren tells you to meet him at
    Fortune's Pier.  Quickly run over there (you know the way) and take the first
    two rights, heading back towards the truck behind Fortune's Eatery.  Here you
    will find Ren, who's been waiting for you.  He leads Ryo back into a warehouse,
    where the two decide to pretend they're playing Metal Gear Solid and get all
    Before you know it, sadly, Ren disappears and you'll be left to fend for
    yourself against a pair of unhappy thugs.  You've got plenty of space, so be
    sure to dodge around often to stay out of reach.  Other than that, basic combos
    will do the trick quite nicely from here, so take the thugs down with whatever
    you've got.  Afterwards, Ryo makes his escape from the warehouse to find Joy
    and Wong waiting for him.  It seems Ren has headed for Pigeon Park, in the
    Worker's Pier.
      * NOTE - If you lose the battle in the warehouse, Wong will show up to bail
        you out.  From there you'll be told that Ren is in Pigeon Park, and the
        game will progress as usual.
    Leave Fortune's Pier and head southward into Pigeon Park, where you'll view a
    cutscene of Ren and his top three cronies.  After spotting you, they'll
    disperse in four directions, leaving you with a choice.  Chasing after Ren will
    lead directly to the next scene, whilst pursuing either Sam or Larry will force
    you into a relatively simple Free Battle with that character.  Afterwards,
    they'll take you to Ren's favorite hiding spot.  Lastly, the best choice (I
    think, at least) is to chase after Cool Z, as it leads to a hilarious scene.
    Whoever you chased, you'll eventually reach Lucky Plaza, a construction site on
    Queen's St where Ren is hiding out.
        --[ QTE:  The chase is on ]-------------------
        Down, A, Left, Right, Left, Right, [Up, A, Up]
    Following the dramatic chase scene, Ren spots Ryo's Phoenix Mirror and sees the
    possibility to get some money out of the situation.  Looking to make a profit,
    Ren reveals Yuanda Zhu's location:  a city called Kowloon.  Ren himself heads
    there, and expects you to show up later.
    e.  Goodbye Hong Kong, Hello Kowloon
    Ryo returns to Wong's ship in the Beverly Hills Wharf to rest up.  Once morning
    rolls around, it's your last day in Hong Kong, so be sure to make the most of
    == SAYING GOODBYE ===============================
    Although it isn't absolutely required to progress, it's a good idea to say
    goodbye to everyone you've met in Hong Kong before leaving.  Since Ryo thanks
    Wong first and foremost, you won't have to worry about him.  You should also
    find and bid adieu to the following...
      * Delin    - On the far west side of the dock (Fortune's Pier)
      * Zhoushan - In the Guang Martial Arts School (Green Market Qr)
      * Zongquan - West side of the Golden Shopping Mall (Golden Qr)
      * Zhangyu  - In his barber shop on Three Blades St (Lucky Charm Qr)
      * Jianmin  - Practicing his Tai Chi in Lotus Park (South Carmain Qr)
      * Guixiang - Outside the Yan Tin Apartments (South Carmain Qr)
    When you're ready, proceed to Man Mo Temple and head around to the back to bid
    farewell to Xiuying.  Keep in mind that once you do this, the wheels will be
    set in motion and you'll never be able to explore Hong Kong again.  Therefore,
    be sure to take care of anything you might need to (taking pictures, playing
    arcade games, whatever) before speaking with Xiuying.
    Now then, Xiuying wants to spar with you, most likely just to show you how bad
    Ryo sucks in comparison to her.  In any event, it's still impossible to land a
    blow on her, so just mess around until she ends the fight with a sweet
    reversal.  Lucky for us, Xiuying is quite willing to teach the secret of this
    move, the Counter Elbow Assault.  First off are the body movements.  Just one
    step backward, so press back once on the D-Pad.  Simple.  Next you get to add
    in the arm and leg movements, so press back + XA.
    To master the move, you need actual practice on an opponent, so Xiuying brings
    in Hanhui.  Watch his movements, and as he pulls back to punch press back + XA
    to execute the move and own the oldtimer.  Sweet!  This move is extremely
    powerful and useful in almost every battle to come, so be sure to not forget
    == WELCOME TO KOWLOON ===========================
    Before you know it, Ryo will step off and bus and head through the gate leading
    into the bustling metropolis of Kowloon.  Once on Dragon St, the entrance to
    the city, Cool Z will show up and lead Ryo to Ren's Hideout.  This place will
    be your home for nearly the remainder of the game, so don't forget where it is.
    Inside, Ren chews you out for taking so long to show up, then begins leading
    Ryo to a man named Yang.  Supposedly, he might know something about Yuanda Zhu.
    Ren will automatically lead you to Yang's place, so you can just drop the
    controller and try to get a feel for your new surroundings.  Know that if you
    stray too far from Ren's path Ryo will get "lost" and you'll have to restart
    from the hideout.  Basically, just let Ren lead the into the way Thousand White
    Qr and do your exploring later, ya?
    When you arrive at the Great View Bldg, head inside and climb up to the second
    floor.  Yang's shop is the second door.  No one is inside, so lock onto the
    bell sitting on the counter and ring it to call out Yang.  After conversing a
    bit, Yang tells you he'll contact Zhu and that we can meet him at the Dancing
    Dragon Bldg.  There, locate a man dressed all in black and give him the
    password:  "Dragons don't sleep."
    f.  Dragons Don't Sleep
    Since Ren decided to take off, you're left alone to navigate this Kowloon maze.
    First off, we should find the Dancing Dragon Bldg.
      * NOTE - It's easy to get lost in this new area.  Don't forget to buy area
        maps from the red and yellow stands scattered around!
    == THE DANCING DRAGON ===========================
    Exit the Great View Bldg and take a right turn, weaving in a circle around the
    building until you enter the Dimsum Qr.  From here, make a slight turn to the
    left, then run forward until you reach a cluster of Lucky Hit stands, at which
    point you should turn left and head into the Stand Qr.  Once there, simply make
    a right turn and walk into the Dancing Dragon Bldg.
    Inside the building, take a look to your left and you should spot a man clad in
    black standing beneath a yellow sign.  Go say hi to him and he'll ask for the
    password.  "Dragons don't sleep."  The man will tell you to take the stairs
    ahead up, so follow his orders.  On your way up, speak with the next man
    wearing black and whisper the password in his ear, also.  As with the other
    guy, he'll send you upstairs.  At this point, just continue heading upstairs
    and telling the passwords to every man in black.  They'll point you in the
    right direction.
    Eventually, you should end up at a fancy-pants door with an elaborate dragon
    design on it.  Head in for some cutscenes and such, which end with Ryo and Ren
    getting handcuffed and locked up.  Fun!
    == JAILBREAK! ===================================
    That header would probably make more sense if Ryo was actually in jail... Oh,
    well.  Close enough.  Anyhoo, the two captives put their heads together and
    come with a decent (albeit incredibly cliche) plan to escape.  Wait for it...
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [X, A]
    Afterwards, the dynamic duo take off in a really cool QTE sequence to avoid
    being spotted by God-knows-who.
        --[ QTE:  Escape! ]-----------
        Left, A, Right, Left, Right, A
    Following that, the pair ducks into a room to take a pee-pee break.  Once they
    are done, it's back to the escape!
        --[ QTE:  Escape Again! ]-----------------------
        Left, Right, Left, A, Right, Down, Left, [Up, A]
    At this point, the duo heads to the roof to lay low for the night.  Come
    morning, it's back to the escape.  Just as they think they're out of the woods,
    a freaky knife-wielding chick shows up.
       ==[ QTE:  Knives are bad, mmmkay ]-----
       Down, Right, A
    Even after surviving that, you aren't safe just yet.  The Fattest Man In The
    World shows up.
        --[ CQTE ]-
        [Up, Up, A]
    Back at Ren's Hideout, some cronies race off to get Wong.  Since he is, as
    Barry of Resident Evil might say, "the master of unlocking", Wong is needed to
    unlock the cuffs.  Afterwards, it's time to go get some revenge on Yang for
    setting us up!
    == CASTRATE THE TRAITOR! ========================
    Although that would be pretty fun (in a sadistic, evil bastard kind of way),
    that's not quite how things play out.  Just like when you first arrived in
    Kowloon, follow Ren to the Great View Bldg.  As you reach your destination, the
    dynamic duo show off their interrogation skills to learn about a wiretapper
    named Huang who might have a clue about Zhu's whereabouts.  You can find him in
    room 902 of the Tea Break Bldg.
    The Tea Break Bldg is located in the Dimsum Qr, so leave the Great View Bldg
    and circle around back to enter the appropriate quarter.  From there, run
    straight ahead, keeping your eyes fixated on the right side of the screen.
    Look for a diner called "Everyone's Restaurant"--the entrance to the Tea Break
    Bldg is in the back.  Head inside and find the elevator to Ryo's left.  Get in
    and ride up to the 9th floor.
    When you arrive on the 9th floor, turn to the left and head down the hallway.
    The second to last door is number 902, so open the conveniently unlocked door
    to find no one inside.  Now, time for some snooping.  First of all, hit the
    light switch adjacent to the door to shed some light (tee hee) on the
    situation.  While there are plenty of things to poke at--refrigerator, desk
    drawers, etc, etc--the only thing that's actually worth taking a look at is the
    trashcan.  Seriously.  Take a few steps away from the door and stare at the can
    sitting on the floor.  Press X to lift the box off of it and to reveal a set of
    cassette tapes.  With nothing better to do, Ryo grabs the trashcan and lugs it
    down to Ren's Hideout.
    == FUN WITH CASSETTE TAPES ======================
    After Ryo goes through every tape but one on his own, you're left to listen to
    the last one all by yourself.  Feel free to listen to the cassette in it's
    entirety if you like, but you don't need to hear anything until 591 on the
    timer.  Fast-forward if it pleases you.
      * NOTE - Fast-forward to 651 to drop in on an interesting conversation
        between Joy and Guizhang (the suit-clad martial artist from Shenmue I)!
    In any event, the tape suggests that Yuan's (that creepy chick with the red
    hair, obnoxious voice, and zebra pants) caught Zhu's associate.  Guess we
    should probably find her before something bad goes down.
    g.  Shadowing Yuan
    Since we really don't have any leads on Yuan's current location, just head for
    the Thousand White Qr.  On the way there a blind musician will offer to strum
    a little tune for you.  Choose to listen and Ryo will recall hearing a bell on
    the tape.  The musician has heard bells in the Moon Child Bldg before, so we
    should go check that out.
    == THE MOON CHILD BLDG ==========================
    The Moon Child Bldg sits in the Stand Qr, so proceed into the Thousand White
    and run due north past the Great View Bldg and down a lengthy alley until you
    reach a street fighting area.  From there, turn right and head eastward through
    some alleys until you stumble into the Stand Qr.  Now run east into the market
    area filled with stands (who ever woulda thought the Stand Qr would be filled
    with stands?  Unbelievable!) and make your way toward the fountain.  Just east
    of this fountain is the entrance to the fabled Moon Child Bldg!  Enter.
    Inside, you'll want find out where specifically the bell can be heard.  The
    waitress in orange, who stands just to the left of where you entered, will
    suggest the orphange, which can be found up on the 8th floor.  Hop into one of
    the elevators behind Ryo and ride up to the 8th floor.  Then, run straight
    ahead, toward the little kids standing near the blue wall.  Unfortunately,
    "strangers aren't allowed in the orphange", so we'll have to bribe one of the
    kids to let us in... Just kidding, Ryo isn't that kinda guy!  Just talk to the
    little girl in red and she'll tell you that Hongji Huo might know something
    about Yuan.  From that short little conversation, Ryo is no longer a stranger,
    so it's cool to enter the orphanage now.
    Say hi to Ren, then talk to the kid standing on the chair next to him.  He's
    Hongji.  Supposedly he knows about Yuan, but he won't spill the beans unless
    you bribe him with a toy or something.  Don't have one?  Ren'll bail you out.
    After that, Hongji will inform you that Yuan had a talking bird with her.
    Sadly, that's the extent of Hongji's knowledge.  His teacher in the next room
    might know more, though, so he leads you inside.  Interrogate her to learn that
    asking at a bird shop might be the best course of action.
      * NOTE - There are two doors in this room.  One leads back into the room with
        Hongji and Ren, but the other leads into a secret room where you get to
        play... QTE TITLE!  Not just that, but also EXCITE QTE 2!  Cool beans!
        Blow all your cash!
    With that knowledge in mind, return to the ground floor and speak with the
    waitress in orange again.  She'll recommend checking out the Three Birds Bldg,
    since there are a plethora of bird shops there.  It's located in the Dimsum
    Qr, nearby the Tea Break Bldg, so head back over there.  Remember where the
    Tea Break Bldg was?  At the back of Everyone's Diner.  Well, stroll a little to
    the west from there and you'll find the Three Birds Bldg to the left.
    == THE THREE BIRDS BLDG =========================
    In here, run down the hallway to the right, then speak with the owner of any
    shop.  None of them know of anyone who owns a myna bird, but the shops that
    carry rare birds are up on the 6th floor.  We should really ask up there.
    Find the elevator on the west side on the area.  However, the elevators are all
    screwy and you can't ride directly to the 6th floor, so head up to the 7th
    instead.  Take the stairs down a floor from there.
    On the 6th floor, find any shop owner and ask them about talking birds.
    Chances are, they'll refer you to a place called the Nine Birds Shop, which can
    be found on the 9th floor.  Return to the elevator and ride up to the 7th
    floor, then find the stairs and head up to the 9th.  Piece of crap elevators.
    Once there, you'll find a barren hallway with no shops of any kind.  Speak to
    the man standing around and he'll inform you that the Nine Birds Shop has been
    moved to the roof.  Back to the elevator, down to the 7th floor, and up to the
    roof.  How do you spell "tedious?"
    When you get to the roof, look to the fourth store on your left to find the
    Three Birds Shop.  Interrogate the owner to learn about a "special customer",
    who sounds an awful lot like Yuan.  She comes around every evening to pick up
    some feed for her bird.  Choose wait to fast-forward to the appropriate time.
    == STALKER-STYLE ================================
    After Ren shows up and Yuan orders the shopkeeper around, she heads downstairs,
    and the duo decides to keep on her tail.  When you regain control, keep your
    eyes on Yuan, but don't get too close, otherwise she'll spot you and the jig'll
    be up.  Don't want that, so keep your distance and do NOT lock onto her.  After
    making a pitstop at another shop, Yuan will ride down to the ground floor.
    Take the elevator down after her and exit the building.
    Be sure to walk slowly behind her (running isn't the best idea in this
    situation), but don't let Yuan get too far ahead of you.  She'll head into the
    Thousand White Bldg, so follow suit.  After she stops at a knife shop, be ready
    for a QTE.
        --[ QTE:  Hide! ]--------
        Left (soooo hard, right?)
    Chase Yuan outside to Cafe Anna, where she'll stop for a drink.  When she's
    done, pursue her through a tunnel and into the Stand Qr.  Once she finished her
    "business" at a stand, she'll head for her final destination:  the Mood Child
    Bldg.  Inside, Yuan will hit up an appliance store to request a purple fridge,
    then turn around rather abruptly.
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [Down, Y]
    From there, your target will head over to the elevators and ride up to the 4th
    floor.  Of course, you'll want to follow her.  Once there, casually chase her
    down a few hallways until she ducks into her room.  Ren pulls out a coin and
    gives you a choice--heads or tails.  The choice makes no difference, as Ryo is
    the one who'll be busting in no matter what.
        --[ CQTE ]------
        [Left, Right, A]
    With Yuan out cold, you're free to explore her apartment.  Check in the back
    left corner to find Zhang, Zhu's associate.  You should remember him from your
    meeting in the Dou Jiang Diner, back in Wan Chai.  Before Ryo's got the chance
    to untie him, though, the pounding footsteps of the Fattest Man In The World
    become audible.  Uh-oh.  Hide out behind the fake-wall in the back, opposite
    Zhang.  When the FMITW enters, be ready for a quick CQTE.
        --[ CTQE ]----
        [Up, A], Right
    After all this, the whole gang returns to Ren's Hideout to talk things over.
    The only information of any importance is the whereabouts of Yuanda Zhu:  the
    10th floor of the Ghost Hall Bldg.  Before leaving, Zhang forks over a stick
    thing that'll prove useful in the Ghost Hall.
    h.  Hall of Ghosts
    Okay, so just where is the Ghost Hall Bldg?  Try in the Thousand White Qr.
    Once there, run past the Great View Bldg and make your way northward down a
    lengthy alley.  Right nearby the street fighting area is the entrance to the
    Ghost Hall Bldg.  Go inside.
    == SCALING THE GHOST HALL BLDG ==================
    Just a little on the desolate side, eh?  Find the elevator and in the back and
    ride it up as far as it'll go--sadly, it will only carry you up to the 3rd
    floor.  From that point, turn right and head upstairs to the 4th floor.
    From there, we're gonna have to navigate across the ruined building
    using a series of flimsy wooden planks.  Each time you step onto a plank, be
    ready for some tricky QTE sequences.  Keep in mind that if you screw up even
    ONCE, you'll have to restart from the very bottom.  If you're even the
    slightest bit worried, I suggest saving your game every time you cross a plank.
    That way, you can simply reload your game if you happen to mess up.
        --[ QTE:  4th floor ]--------------------------
        Right, Left, Right... then... Left, Left, Right
    Take the stairs on the right up several flights to the 7th floor.
        --[ QTE:  7th floor ]------------------------------------
        Right, Left, Right, Down... then... Left, Left, Up, Right
    Now head to the next staircase and find your way up to the 8th floor.
        --[ QTE: 8th floor ]-------------------------------------------------
        Left, Right, Down, Left, Left... then... Right, Right, Left, Up, Left
    Find the stairs ahead on the right and run up to the 10th.
        --[ QTE:  10th floor ]-----------------------------------------------------
        Down, Right, Up, Left, Right... then... Right, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up
    Whew!  That's it for the plank-crossing, thankfully!  Run ahead towards the
    door marked by a red star.  Inside is a room filled with antiques and relics.
    First of all, go take a look at the Buddha statue in the back-right corner of
    the room.  Interesting.  Now go take a gander in the right drawer of the large
    desk on the left side of the room.  Concealed inside is a sheet of paper
    displaying the "Four Heavenly Beasts", which just happen to hold the key to
    finding Yuanda Zhu!
    Take that Snake Tortoise stick you received a while ago from Zhang and jam it
    into the Buddha statue's face.  The basic gist is that there are four sticks
    that serve as keys when inserted into the proper hole on the statue.  The Snake
    Tortoise goes in the top hole, and the other three sticks are located elsewhere
    in the room.
      White Tiger - Open up the reddish-brown drawer adjacent to the Buddha
                    statue and grab the uniform inside.  The key will fall out.
      Phoenix     - Grab the round pot sitting on a shelf to the left of Buddha
                    and glance inside.
      Blue Dragon - Look behind the large banner hanging over the desk.
      |  SIDE-QUEST:  The Other Keys  \___________________________________________
      |  ===========================                                              |
      |  Although not a side-quest per se, as you don't gain anything worthwhile, |
      |  you should be aware that there are four extra key-sticks hidden away in  |
      |  this room.                                                               |
      |                                                                           |
      |  Rooster   -- Check inside the left drawer of the smaller desk hiding in  |
      |               in back of the room.                                        |
      |  Wild Boar -- Sitting out in plain sight atop the large desk.             |
      |  Fish      -- There are two turtle shells on a shelf to the left of the   |
      |               large desk.  Grab the one of the right.                     |
      |  Goat      -- Opposite Buddha is a shelf with an orange plate on it.      |
      |               Just above that is a round urn that you should look inside. |
      |                                                                           |
      |  Now, these key-sticks are completely useless, and are for the sake of    |
      |  collection only.                                                         |
    Now that you've got all four keys, proceed to Buddha and start jamming them in.
    They should be arrange as such:
      Top    - Snake Tortoise
      Left   - White Tiger
      Right  - Blue Dragon
      Bottom - Phoenix
    If done correctly, a secret door should open up, leading, of course, to a
    cutscene.  Soon enough, the Fattest Man In The World shows up, and things start
    to go south.  Before you know it, Ryo's outside getting attacked from all sides
    by some street tuffs.  Try as you like, it's impossible to win this battle,
    so just put up as much of a fight as you can muster until the screen fades.
    After a lengthy series of cutscenes, you'll be back at Ren's Hideout when Joy
    bursts in with some juicy news:  Yuanda Zhu is being held captive in the Yellow
    Head Bldg!  Looks like we'll need to find a way in...
    There are three entrances to the Yellow Head Bldg, one in each of Kowloon's
    quarters (Thousand White, Dimsum, and Stand).  Head for the Thousand White Qr
    first, since it's the closest.  The entrance is just left of the Great View
    Bldg.  However, when you approach the building, some angry-looking men will
    angrily deny your entrance.  Visit the entrances in the Dimsum and Stand
    quarters to garner the exact same reaction.  What's the deal?  Fortunately,
    Ren shows up and suggests using the Chawan Sign at some local tea shops.  He's
    got the Stand Qr covered, so head into the Dimsum Qr, if you aren't there
    Once there, look for a place called Nihao Teahouse.  It's right next to
    Everyone's Restaurant, the place we used to enter the Tea Break Bldg a few
    times early on.  If that doesn't help, the place you're looking for is just
    south from the circle of Lucky Hit stands.  Have a seat at the empty table and
    adjust the cups to make the sign.  In case you've forgotten, it should look
    like this:
      O   O
    Remember to select wait after properly setting up the sign.  After a few
    moments, a man will hand over a piece of paper, telling you that it's from
    Zhang.  Meet in room 503 of the Moon Child Bldg, it says.
    == MEETING IN THE MOON CHILD BLDG ===============
    If you don't recall from your last visit to the Moon Child Bldg, the entrance
    is located in the Stand Qr.  Once there, find the fountain in the central
    plaza and run eastward.  Inside the building, take a right turn and ride one
    of the elevators up to the 5th floor.  Remember--you're looking for room number
    503.  After exiting the 'vator, head north down the corridor and make a left
    turn.  503 will be the first door on your left.  Approach it for a cutscene,
    where a mysterious person beckons Ryo into a pitch-black apartment.
    The enigmatic person requests Ryo to spar with him, and you've got no choice
    but to humor him.  Much like your earlier "battles" with Jianmin and Xiuying,
    it's quite impossible to land a blow on this opponent.  Therefore, you're left
    with little to do for the duration of the spar except mess around.  Soon
    enough, the man will put an end to the match and tell you to forget using your
    eyes and try to see with your "mind's eye."  Whatever that means.  In any
    event, you'll be treated to a short mini-game of sorts.  The basic idea is to
    watch for the man's silhouette and guess which direction he's coming from.  If
    you can time it right, press X just when the man rushes at you to strike him
    and put an end to all this sillyness.
    Afterward, the man will reveal explain this completely useless move, Predictive
    Explosion.  With that, the unknown man decides to shed some light on the
    situation (literally--he flips the lights on!), much to Ryo's surprise.
    Following a bit of catching up between the two, the man informs you of a scout
    who chooses new recruits for the Chiyoumen.  Since he may be able to get Ryo
    into the Yellow Head Bldg, so we'll need to impress him.  To do this, we'll
    have to enter the various street fights in Kowloon and win continuously.
      * NOTE - From this point onward, the move "Predictive Explosion" will appear
        on your Moves Scroll.  Despite this, the move has no purpose whatsoever
        and can NOT be used.  Don't bother asking about it.
    i.  The Scout
    There are plenty of street fighting venues scattered across Kowloon.  However,
    the Yellow Head scout tends to hang out at certain places.
    There are three main places where the scout can easily be found.  Visit the
    street fighting locales listed below and win to show the guy what you're made
      * Location:  Thousand White Qr; In front of the Ghost Hall Bldg
      * Opponent:  Enjiang Zhou
      * Objective: Catch the man evading with light steps!
    This is probably the easiest street fight; your goal is not to defeat a tough
    opponent or avoid a deadly attack.  Rather, this fight requires you to simply
    grab an evasive martial artist.  Since Enjiang Zhou won't attack at all, all
    you really need to do is repeatedly mash the B button.  Sooner or later you'll
    hit it right between your foe's jumps, and the match will end.
      * Location:  Stand Qr; Find Star Gazing Point due north of the big fountain
      * Opponent:  Zhouhong Kong
      * Objective: He's extremely strong!  Find out his weakness!
    Since your opponent in this match is a master martial artist who's insanely
    strong, a straightforward fight isn't going to be in your best interest.  
    Instead, you need to exploit Zhouhong's weak point:  his missing eye.  Circle 
    around to his left and he'll lose track of you, providing the perfect time to 
    strike hard and fast.  Lather, rinse, repeat, collect cash.
      * NOTE - Sometimes Cool Z (Ren's crony with the Mohawk and boombox) will be
        hanging out nearby this venue.  Speak to him to get a nice little hint
        pertaining to how to win this fight.  Not that you need it, thanks to my
        strategy, but it's cool nevertheless.
      * Location:  Stand Qr; Find the Small Dragon Garden east of the fountain, 
                   hidden behind some stands
      * Opponent:  Ma Wenyuan
      * Objective: Watch for the chance to attack and strike!
    Although your objective of landing a single blow on Wenyuan seems simplistic,
    things aren't quite so easy.  Because of his Passive Raid Style, your opponent
    can dodge almost all conventional forms of attack you might throw at him.  So
    then, to defeat him you'll want to apply one of several strategies.  The first
    is to simply stand around for the first few seconds of the fight.  Doing so 
    often prompts Wenyuan to lunge at you with a punch, allowing you to end the 
    battle with the Counter Elbow Assault move (back X+A).  If that plan falls
    through, you'll want to get Wenyuan moving all around by throwing a barrage of
    different moves at him.  During this time, you'll want to sneak a Crawl Cyclone
    (back back A) into the mix, in an attempt to knock him off his feet.  The final
    strategy is quite similar to the aforementioned one, only slightly tweaked.  
    Again, you'll want to throw a random mixture of moves at Wenyuan.  As this goes
    on, a CQTE might occur (back back B is the command sequence).  Input the
    sequence correctly and the cash is all yours.
      * NOTE - If you lose any of the battles, simply retry and, if you win, the
        scout will be just as pleased as if you'd won the battle the first time
    After winning each of the above battles, head for the exit of wherever you
    happen to be.  The scout will approach and say that, come sundown, he wants to
    meet at Dragon St.  With that, you'll have two choices.  The first choice--the
    recommended choice--is to immediately fastforward to the designated time and
    warp to Dragon St.  That way, you'll be able to get right on with the game.
    Your alternative is to wait it out yourself and head to the meeting place come
    7:00 PM.  Either way, meet with the scout on Dragon St to receive three photos
    of three different people.  Until Ryo can defeat them, there's no way he's
    going to let us into the Yellow Head Bldg.
    Chances are, you've never seen the trio before in your life.  Fortunately, our
    good buddy Cool Z has.  Find him hanging around outside Ren's Hideout and show
    each individual photograph to him.  As he'll explain, the people are Rod Stunt,
    Greg More, and Chunyan--underground street fighters.  Looks like it's time for
    Ryo (Shenmue) to go Ryu (Street Fighter)!
    == VERSUS ROD STUNT =============================
    For various reasons, mostly financial, Rod Stunt will be our first target.
    Assuming you spoke with Cool Z, you should know that Stunt fights in the
    Phoenix Bldg, which can be entered via the Tea Break Bldg.  In case you forgot,
    the Tea Break Bldg is located in the Dimsum Qr, and the entrance is hidden in
    back of a diner called "Everyone's Restaurant."  Once inside, find a small
    "alley" of sorts leading away from the restaurant area.  Unfortunately, a man
    with no shirt is blocking the path into the Phoenix Bldg.  He refuses to budge
    unless you give him a hefty sum of $500, so pay up if you've got the cash.  If
    not, you'll need to raise the money.
    At this point in the game, there are several ways to bring in the cash.  I'm
    sure you've noticed the Lucky Hit Museum outside in the Dimsum Qr--play there
    if you're feeling lucky.  Additionally, you can enter the warehouse northwest
    of the Great View Bldg (Thousand White Qr) and speak with the foxy leather-clad
    woman to carry some crates.  If you're good at that (and really, who isn't?),
    you can bring in $60 an hour.  Not bad.  However, the best method, I think, is
    to go participate in some street fights.  Find something that's very easy for
    you, such as the one against the Acrobat Master, and continuously win at it.
    After a few battles you'll be bringing in $50 per round, which is pretty
    Once you've earned the cash, fork it over to the man in the Tea Break Bldg and
    he'll permit you to enter the Phoenix Bldg.  Now that you're inside, be sure to
    resist the urge to stray from your path and play on the Afterburner machine
    ahead.  Instead, take a right at the elevator and head up several flights of
    stairs to the 4th floor.  From there, find the elevator down the hallway, on
    the right and ride down to B1.  Peer out one of the windows to catch a glimpse
    of Stunt fighting below, then turn left and take the staircase down as far as
    you can.  At the bottom, head into the arena and get ready to tango with Stunt.
    Unlike other fights in the game, the battle against Stunt (as well as the
    ensuing fight versus Greg More) is a best two out of three.  Basically, you can
    lose the first battle but make a heroic comeback and take the second two and
    still win.  Groovy.  In battle, there are a few things you should take note of.
    First, it's possible to get what's known as a "Ring out."  To do this, nail
    your opponent with a powerful attack while he's near the perimeter of the ring
    to knock him out, giving you an automatic win.  Be careful, though, because
    Stunt can also knock you out of the ring.  Secondly, as with most other fights,
    the dodge move is very important.  Never attack Stunt head-on if possible--dash
    around to his side and strike.  
    Additionally, throw moves tend to be rather ineffective against Stunt, so try
    to refrain from using them.  Speaking of throws, Stunt likes to use them, and
    he'll try to grab you a lot.  When he does, be sure to hammer the Y button like
    a madman in an attempt to escape.  It works, believe it or not.  Also, if you
    can anticipate your foe's punches pretty well, try to hit him a few times with
    the Counter Elbow Assault (back XA)--it's one of the most powerful moves at
    your disposal.  Not only that, but it will leave your opponent somewhat stunned
    for a moment afterward, providing a chance to close in and raise some hell.
    With those things in mind, the showdown with Rod Stunt shouldn't prove too
    difficult.  Plus, you get unlimited retries, so it's no biggie even if you
    When you win, two main things will occur.  First of all, the Yellow Head scout
    will walk away impressed.  Additionally, you'll be given a hefty reward of
    $1000.  Cool beans!
      * NOTE - Fight the urge to blow your cash on something stupid, since you WILL
        need it in a few moments.  If you waste it all, you'll have to regain it
        all back in order to progress, so I highly recommend conserving it.
    Okay, retrace your steps and head back outside into the Dimsum Qr.  It's time
    to hint down Greg More.
    == TOE-TO-TOE WITH GREG MORE ====================
    If you remember what Cool Z told you earlier about Mr. More, he fights in the
    Blue Dragon Garden, which is accessible from the Stand Qr.  Get over there,
    pronto!  Look around and you'll find the BDG in the southeast corner of the
    quarter, with the entrance being blocked by a hairy bloke wearing some glasses.
    Cough up the required $1000 to enter, then race inside and observe as Greg More
    mercilessly floors a challenger with his lame wrestling moves.
    Approach the ring and press X to challenge Greg More.  After saying hi to Ren,
    prepare yourself for the upcoming battle with Mr. More himself.  Given that
    More is basically Rod Stunt with less kicks and more grabs, you'll want to
    approach the battle in a similar manner.  Never stay still, always be on the
    move, making it difficult for More to get his filthy hands on you.  If he does
    happen to catch you, make sure you mash the Y button like there's no tomorrow;
    it'll save you a ton of health, and possibly a ring out loss.  Other than that,
    quick punch combos work best for doling out damage here.  Also, try to maneuver
    behind him and deliver some powerful kicks to his back--an effective way to
    floor him, that.
    Afterwards, you'll receive a whopping $2000 (like before, do NOT spend the
    money!  You need it!).  Also, Ren's pissed off.  What else is new?
    == SHOWDOWN WITH CHUNYAN ========================
    The third and final street fighter we'll need to confront is none other than
    Mrs. Chunyan, a lovely chickadee who, according to her biggest fan, Cool Z,
    fights in the Black Heaven Bldg.  The entrance is in the Stand Qr, on the
    northwest side of the area, adjacent to the Star Gazing Point entrance
    (remember, that's the place where we fought against the tiger-killing maniac
    earlier to impress the scout).  Step inside and make a right turn, then head
    for the elevator.  Ride it up to the 11th floor, then turn to the left and take
    the staircase up to the 12th.  Turn left into a corridor, then step through
    the chain-link fence and head over toward the man standing before a set of
    stairs.  Once you've paid the entrance fee of $2000, begin descending toward
    the battlefield.  As usual, press X whilst near the arena to challenge the
    fighter who, in this case, is a vicious Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee-style!) master.
    Unlike the past two opponents, Chunyan is a relatively quick foe who relies on
    a constant barrage of kicks rather than grapples.  To combat this, Ryo's
    ability to dodge will become even more important than before.  Additionally,
    since Ryo's leg moves tend to be a bit on the slow side, try to depend more on
    rapid fist strikes.  Also, this match will consist of only a single round,
    different from the best two out of three battles from before.  Toward the end
    of the battle, there will be a quick (and probably unexpected) CQTE:
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [Left, B]
    Following the drama, the Yellow Head scout will appear and tell you to meet him
    at Dragon St come sundown.  Either warp there when the choice appears or walk
    over there yourself--whatever floats your boat.  Basically, what happens is
    this:  the scout forks over a map of the Thousand White Bldg basement and tells
    you to meet him there the day after tomorrow.  Looks like we're gonna get
    inside the Yellow Head Bldg!  It's about time!
      * NOTE - The next day is yours to do with as you please.  Keep in mind, you
        can easily skip right to the action of the next day by choosing wait when
        given the option.  However, if you do so, you won't have the chance to tie
        up any loose ends, such as taking photographs for your scrapbook, getting
        the various arcade games and street fights to complete the Shenmue
        collection, etc, etc.  The decision is up to you.
    j.  Storming the Yellow Head Building
    Come morning, leave Ren's Hideout and head into the Thousand White Qr.  Run
    toward the back, near the Ghost Hall Bldg and the street fight with the Acrobat
    Master are.  Turn left into the Thousand White Bldg then take a look at the
    map you received from the scout; you need to get to B2.  The elevator on the
    right is out of order, so instead run forward past the shops and use the
    stairwell to the right.  Make your way up to the 3rd floor, where you'll be
    able to find a working elevator right around the corner.  Ride down to B1.
    From there, run straight down the hallway and you'll soon come to a staircase.
    Descend to B2.
    == INFILTRATION =================================
    You'll emerge in a creepy locale that reminds me a bit of that sewer area from
    the original Resident Evil.  Take a few steps forward then choose wait to skip
    to the predetermined time.  When the scout's rather large belly appears, so
    does our good buddy Ren.  Some stuff goes down, and pretty soon you won't have
    to worry about dealing with the scout anymore.
    Proceed into the eerie sewer area ahead.  Take a right at the first junction,
    then hit the next two lefts and you'll arrive at a gate that just so happens to
    be locked.  Great... now what?  Fear not, the master of unlocking (Wong) shows
    up to save the day.  He also imparts some rather useful information:  Zhu is
    being held on the 17th floor.  Before leaving, Wong also tosses a map of the
    Yellow Head Bldg your way.  Nice kid, eh?
    Continue onwards, taking the stairs to the east into the next chamber.  Here
    you'll have two choices:  heading upstairs to the left or entering the red door
    on the right.  Whatever you do, avoid opening the red door, as the Fattest Man
    In The World is waiting inside for you.  That means instant game over, so take
    the stairs instead.
    After heading through the door, you'll appear on the first of at least 17
    floors.  Looks like we've got our work cut out for us... Thankfully we've got
    that spiffy map from Wong!  Since none of the elevators in this building are in
    working order, we'll have to take the long way up.  To make matters worse,
    although each floor has several staircases, only one is open, and it's
    different on each floor.  Hope you're ready for a lengthy trek through the
    Anyway, find the portion on your map that is shaped like a "T"--the open set of
    stairs in over there.  Proceed up to the 2nd floor.
    == SCALING THE BUILDING =========================
    The 2nd floor is very much like the 1st, nothing much of interest at all.
    However, if you can manage to locate room 222 (it's in the hallway west of the
    area with three elevators) you can step inside and play Hang-On as much as you
    would like.  Fun game.  In any event, find the open staircase in the corridor
    adjacent to the three elevators when you're ready to move on.
    On the 3rd floor, there will be a nice change of pace.  After Ren shows off
    just how bored he is, head west down the hallway to meet up with another black-
    suited mobster.  This time, we get to floor him.
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [Down, B]
    If you screw up the CQTE, you'll have to Free Battle the thug before moving on.
    Continue ahead, moving toward the "T" junction and you'll encounter another
        --[ CQTE ]---
        [Right, B, A]
    Following that, make your way to the "T" junction and head up to the 4th floor.
    Right away there will be another thug coming down the hall.  Dispatch of him
    the same way as before.
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [A, Up, A]
    En route to the open set of stairs, which is located in the corridor nearby the
    area with three elevators, there will be two more CQTE sequences.
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [A, Left, X]
        --[ CQTE ]----------
        [X, Right, Right, X]
    Once you reach the 5th floor, you'll be done with CQTEs.  However, Ryo and Ren
    will stumble across a Yellow Head hangout where a trio of thugs are chatting.
    After flipping a coin to decide who's going in (it's Ryo no matter what), you
    get to break in and slap them silly in a Free Battle.  Quick combos work well
    here.  Afterward, Ren will find a transceiver that may come in handy.  Nice!
    Make your way toward the "T" junction and ascend to the 6th floor.
    Things are shaken up even more on the 6th floor.  Proceed down the corridor
    and you'll find some thugs congregating around a fire.  Since the lights
    periodically flicker off, we can use that down time to sneak past the thugs.
    Although you get to watch Ren employ his sneaking skills from a way cool Metal
    Gear Solid-esque view, we have to use the normal Shenmue view.  Lame.  Anyhoo,
    press A and wait for the lights to flicker off, then race toward the nearest
    set of crates.  Stop and wait there for the lights to go off again, then bolt
    for Ren.  That easy.  Should you screw up, a Free Battle with the thugs is in
    Three similar scenarios await you ahead.  Do the same thing as last time and
    you should be fine, otherwise you'll have to do some fighting.  Eventually you
    should reach the open staircase, allowing you to head up to the 7th floor.
    Although there aren't any fights, QTEs, or sneaking sequences here, all three
    sets of stairs are blocked off by gangsters.  After visiting each stairwell,
    the transceiver Ren grabbed earlier will start up.  It seems that the thugs
    have found out about you, so they're all waiting on the 8th floor.
    Luckily, the staircases are now open.  Take the one available from the "T"
    junction, otherwise there will be too many punks blocking the way.  Thing is,
    the stairs to the 9th floor are immediately open, so you can skip right from
    the 7th floor to the 9th.  Sweet!  Before long, though, the thugs below will
    realize you pulled a fast one of them.  Uh-oh!
        --[ CQTE ]---------------------------------------
        [Up, A], [Right, A], [Left, Up, A], [Down, Up, A]
    On the 10th floor, simply head straight for the "T" junction and take the
    stairs up to the 12th (the gate is open, so we need not even bother with the
    11th).  Remember the Ghost Hall Bldg?  Where you had to cross those planks to
    get to the top?  Well, the 12th floor lets you relive those glory days and
    cross another plank.
        --[ QTE ]------------------
        Left, Up, Down, Right, Left
    On the other side, Ren decides, for some unfathomable reason, that it would be
    a good idea to split it.  He takes the right path, so the left corridor is all
    yours.  Before long, nasty thugs are swarming all over you.
        --[ CQTE ]---------------------
        X, A, B, A, Y, A, Y, A, [Up, A]
    Afterwards, Ren shows up again, so head up to the subsequent floor.  Since the
    next set of open stairs is at the "T" junction, on the other side of the floor,
    we'll need to cross another plank to reach it.
        --[ QTE:  Cross it ]-------------------
        Left, Down, Right, Down, Down, Left, Up
    Run up to the 14th floor to encounter Yuan and her new best friend:  a
    chainsaw!  Crap!  Better run!
        --[ CQTE:  "I was a Chainsaw Maniac" ]--
        Left, A, Right, A, A, Right, [Up, A]
      * NOTE - Anyone who recognizes the title of that last QTE as a level name
        from an awesome SNES game earns one million cool points and stale old
        cookie I found in my pocket the other day.
    Head up to the 15th floor to have another run-in with the Fattest Man In The
    World.  Be ready!
        --[ QTE:  Escape ]--
        Left, Left
    If you screw up on that, be ready to quickly input the commands for a CQTE.
    [Down, Y] is what you'll need to press.  Mess THAT up and you'll be treated to
    a Free Battle with a group of thugs.  Nothing too difficult, thankfully.
    Either way, ascend the staircase to the 16th floor to meet up with Yuan again.
    She's still got her chainsaw, by the way.
        --[ CQTE ]-------------------------------------------------
        A, Left, A, A, Right, Left, A, Right, [Right, A], [Left, X]
    Following that, head upstairs to finally reach the 17th floor.
    == THE 17th FLOOR ===============================
    Yuan.  Again.  Another QTE/CQTE sequence will occur, so don't you dare drop
    that controller!
        --[ CQTE ]----------------
        Down, Up, Right, [Down, A]
    With that, Ryo knocks the chainsaw out of Yuan's hands.  Thank the lord!  Of
    course, Yuan still wants to go at it, so you get to Free Battle her.
    Surprisingly enough, she actually isn't too bad of a fighter; she might even
    give you a run for your money.  Be sure to stay on the move and deliver a nice
    variety of quick punch combos and you should do fine, though.  In the ensuing
    scene, she reveals that Yuanda Zhu is being held on thr 40th floor, and that
    we'll need the elevator key, which is held in the watchmen's room on the 18th
    == UP TO THE 40th ===============================
    Now, there are a plethora of rooms on the 18th floor.  To get inside, press
    either A, X, or Y to bust in.  Keep in mind that some rooms are completely
    empty, whilst others contain thugs that you'll have to fight.  After you search
    for a while, Ren will call you on the transceiver and say you've six minutes
    before the guards go on their rounds.  We need to find the watchmen's room
    before then!  Fortunately, you've got this nifty guide sitting right in front
    of you, so you know exactly where to go.  Get to the area with the three
    elevators, then find room number 1824 in the corridor to the south.
    Inside you'll find four thugs who are, of course, unwilling to part with the
    key so easily.  You'll have to fight them.  Of the four, only the man clad in
    the black suit should prove difficult.  Try to take out the other guys first,
    so that you've got plenty of room to maneuever around and take out the suit.
    Once you've won, you'll be left to search the room for the key.  Across from
    the TV is a gray box on the wall--open it up and grab keys number 9 and 10.  If
    you really want to, you can also nab the other four, although they're
    entirely useless.
    With those in hand, exit the room and turn to the right.  Check the wall for
    a box that reads "EV" in solid letters.  Since it has the Roman numeral "IX"
    on it, use key number 9 to open it up.  Inside are three green buttons, each
    corresponding to a different elevator.  For now, hit the button on the far
    right, thus activating the elevator on the far right.  Go call the elevator up
    and, when it arrives, a group of black-suited mobsters will emerge.  Uh-oh,
    time to fight.
    Truth be told, there's really only one decent way to go about this battle, and
    that's to back off like a pussy.  Let the thugs come to you and deliver a
    strong blow when they do, then back off again.  Rinse and repeat.  If you do
    try to take them all out at once, chances are they'll surround you and beat
    poor Ryo to a pulp.  Take my advice and use the pussy method--it works.  Once
    the battle's over, run over to the elevator and ride down the B1, the place
    where we started.  From there, walk to the left and open up the "EV" box using
    the number 10 key.  Activate the last elevator using the second switch from the
    right, then ride down to B3.
    == THE BIG OX BLDG ==============================
    When you arrive at the bottom floor, Ryo will take notice of a man who's skin
    looks an awful lot like mine.  After this incredibly pale guy beats the crap
    out of some punk with lightning-fast martial arts moves, find the nearby
    staircase and head down.  Before you know it, Ryo will be stepping into the
    ring to do battle with the mysterious martial artist.
    Hands down, this man, Baihu, is the most difficult opponent you've fought all
    game.  His punches are insanely fast, and there's little room to maneuver in
    the ring.  Make sure you don't get caught with your back to the wall, otherwise
    Baihu will slice 'n' dice right through you.  Throws are useless here, and most
    kicks won't do you any good, either, so rely almost entirely on quick punches.
    If you can get to the end of round one, be ready to hit a quick CQTE.
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [Left, X]
    For the second round, apply the same tactics as before.  Be careful not to jump
    up and celebrate after winning, though, because you've got a lengthy series of
    QTE/CQTEs coming up.
        --[ CQTE ]---------------------------------------------
        [Right, Right, B], Right, Left, Up, A, [Down, X, Up, A]
    Following that, Ryo takes Joy and the pair ride the elevator up to the 40th
    floor.  When you get there, you might wanna save your game, then head through
    the door on the other side of this very shiny room.  Inside you'll meet with a
    group of black-suited thugs; they're unwilling to let you pass, so we'll have
    to force our way through.  As with the last battle against a large group, be
    sure to back off and let them come to you.  Take your foes out one by one and
    everything'll be good in the hood.  Once the battle ends, head outside.
    == THE ROOFTOP SHOWDOWN =========================
    Outside, Ryo will begin to ascend the stairs leading to the rooftop when still
    more black-suits show up.
        --[ QTE:  To the roof ]--
        Down, Y, B, X, Up, X
    After viewing a breathtaking cutscene, it's time to go toe-to-toe with none
    other than Dou Niu himself.  Throughout this lengthy battle, you'll want to
    continuously hit the Y button to move around.  Since Dou Niu is so slow, you'll
    want to use Ryo's agility to your advantage.  If you get grabbed, be sure to
    slam the Y button repeatedly to try to break free; it'll definitely save you a
    lot of health.  Also, don't even bother trying to attack from the front.
    Instead, dodge around to Dou Niu's side, then nail him with a quick kick or use
    the XXX (that's the triple punch combo, you pervert.  Get your mind out of the
    gutter) combo on him.  Lather, rinse, and repeat.
        --[ CQTE ]--------------------------------------------------
        [Left, Y], [Left, Left, Y], [Down, Left, Up, Y], [Right, XA]
    If you mess up any part of the above QTE sequence, you'll have to redo the
    entire battle with Dou Niu, so be precise.  When the battle is finally over,
    there will be an elongated series of cutscenes, ending with Ryo returning to
    Man Mo Temple in Wan Chai to visit Xiuying.  She'll show off a cool move called
    Demon's Triangle, then have her slave Hanhui give you a scroll of the throw.
    k.  The Road to Bailu Village
    Quite the contrast to your typical Shenmue scenery, eh?  Get used to it.  There
    is actually very little to do in this backwoods village, so just do a little
    sightseeing, talk to the people, ande eventually leave via the dirt path to the
    northwest.  Since this road is 100% linear, just run along until you reach an
    area called Yingshuihe.  There you'll experience a cutscene and meet up with
    Shenhua Ling (it's about time!), a young girl who hails from Bailu Village,
    our destination.
    == WALKING AND TALKING ==========================
    Since Ryo and Shenhua will automatically walk, all you need to worry about is
    the topic of conversation.  After a bit of discussion about Ryo's heritage,
    you'll have the option of either talking about something else or skipping on
    ahead.  There's really no need to converse with Shenhua, but it's something
    you might be interested in.  Following a quick cutscene, you'll get to do some
    more talking.
    Sooner or later, you'll arrive at the entrance to a forest.  Since it's almost
    night time, Shenhua decides it would be better to run.
        --[ QTE:  Through the forest ]------------------------------
        Up, Down, Up, A, Left, Right, X, Up, Down, Left, Right, A, X
    When you make it through there, the pair will stop for a moment as the path
    ends, then ascend the rock wall ahead.  
        --[ QTE:  "Lets hurry!" ]--------------------------------------------
        X, Down, A, X, Right, Left, Right, A, Up, Left, Left, Right, X, Down,
        Right, Left, A ------------------------------------------------------
    Following that brisk jog through the woods, Ryo and Shenhua reach a spring
    where they pause to take a break.
        --[ QTE:  Running through the woods ]--------------------------------------
        Up, X, Left, Right, Down, Up, X, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, Left, Right,
        Up, Up, Down, A -----------------------------------------------------------
    Finally, the couple will come to a rocky crag.  Fortunately, there is a nearby
    cave where we'll be spending the night.  After a bit of conversation, Shenhua
    will find the cave.
    == THE CAVE =====================================
    To avoid freezing in the cold weather, the first thing we need to do is find
    some wood to start a fire.  Shenhua will stay at the mouth of the cave to watch
    over the blaze while Ryo heads into the back to gather twigs and whatnot.  To
    do this, give the Right Trigger a nice squeeze to move the camera into first-
    person view mode.  Just keep your eyes focused on the ground and you should be
    able to spot plenty of sticks as you explore the relatively-small cave.  Press
    X to grab a stick.  Since Ryo can only carry so many at a time, you'll have to
    make two or three trips in order to gather a sufficient amount of twigs.
    Once you've done that, you get to curl up by the fire with Shenhua and... TALK!
    If you're not interested in that sort of thing, you can just skip past as you
    did before.  When you're ready to quit talking and get on with the game, the
    pair hit the hay, and you'll be treated with several cutscenes before returning
    to the path leading to Bailu Village.
    == WALKING AND TALKING, pt. 2 ===================
    Before long, the duo will come to a fork in the road, and decide to take the
    right path.  Unfortunately, a landslide has blocked off the usual road, so
    you'll have to backtrack a small bit and take the remaining path instead.
    Follow that until you come to another fork, at which point you should head
    left, since the right path is a dead end.  From there, you'll soon stumble
    across yet another fork.  This time, you'll want to head right, then left at
    the final fork in the road.
    By this time, you should reach a raging river.  In order to cross it, you'll
    need to take care of a CQTE.
        --[ CQTE ]------
        [Left, Right, A]
    Once you've taken care of that, you'll be back on the main path again.
    Rejoice!  There are no more forks for the time being, so just run straight
    along the path.  Soon, you'll reach another river that needs to be crossed.
        --[ CQTE ]-------------------
        [Left, Right, A, Right, Left]
    Back on the road, take a left path at the first fork you come across, as the
    right path is nothing more than a dead end.  As for the next two forks, be sure
    to head right both times.  If you've made all of the right turns and such, you
    will soon arrive at a guardian statue of Bailu Village.  Since Shenhua is
    familiar with the area now, she'll take the lead again.  After a bit of walking
    and talking that you should be accustomed with by now, Shenhua will offer to
    take you on a short detour to see some flowers.  Whether you wanna see them or
    not is up to you.
    Either way, you'll eventually return to the main path, where you'll happen
    across a giant tree/spider thing that marks the halfway point the Bailu
    Village.  Nice!  You'll soon come across still another fork in the path, but
    luckily Shenhua knows the way.  In a matter of moments, the pair will reach a
    place called the Five Colors Spring.  From there, the road is again blocked
    off, forcing the pair to retreat to the fork.  You're put back into the lead.
    Finding the right path again isn't too tricky.  Just take stay on the path (and
    really, where else can you go?) and take these directions at the upcoming
    forks:  right, left, left, right.  Soon enough, you'll come to a rocky area
    filled with narrow paths.  Slowly work your way to the other side, staying away
    from the edges.  If you get too close to the edge, you'll have to complete a
    quick QTE to avoid watching Ryo plummet to his doom.  The name of the game here
    is simply to walk, not run, and be careful.  Toward the end, you'll need to
    leap over a gap.
        --[ CQTE ]--
        [Up, Up, A]
    Following that, it's back to the usual paths.  Head right at the first branch
    in the road and you'll come to the Stone Lion, a statue that signifies you have
    returned to the normal path.  Shenhua will begin to lead again.  Sweet.  After
    a bit, you'll come to another fork in the path.  Both will lead to the village,
    but one is a short detour and Shenhua can't seem to remember which one it was,
    so Ryo steps up tothe plate and decides to make the decision himself.  Right is
    the detour (just some boring waterfalls) while left is a more direct path
    (although it does lead through a field filled with dandelions).  Your choice.
    In a bit you'll have the choice of going to see a waterfall, but it's nothing
    special.  Just a few more paths and you'll reach Shenhua's house!
    == SHENHUA'S HOME ===============================
    Up on a small hill overlooking the village you'll find Shenhua's house.  Ryo
    wants to head straight for the village, but Shenhua is determined to repay him
    for saving her life back near Langhuishan.
    After a most interesting cutscene (where you'll learn why the Shenmue series is
    named so), Shenhua will invite you into her humble abode, where you get to ask
    her about some stuff, namely her family and the Shenmue tree.  When you grow
    tired of talking, choose quit and Shenhua will go to make dinner, giving you a
    chance to roam freely about the house.
    When you've explore to your heart's content, go talk to Shenhua in the kitchen,
    then choose wait to skip right to the next scene.  After a meal of succulent
    rabbit, Shenhua will tell you to take a look at her father's collection.  Look
    around as much as you like.  When you've had enough, head into the bedroom and
    take a look at the desk to find something rather interesting.  What is it?  A
    diagram of the Phoenix and Dragon Mirrors!  Since her father knows more about
    it, Shenhua offers to take you to him at the Stone Pit tomorrow.  The remainder
    of the night automatically passes by.  Good deal.
    == TO THE STONE PIT =============================
    When you wake up in the morning, go talk to Shenhua in the kitchen and choose
    wait to skip ahead.  When she's finally ready to set out, she'll lead you to
    the Cloud Bird Trail, which leads to the Stone Pit.  After an informative
    conversation about the Stone Pit and the two mirrors, the pair will arrive at a
    rocky hill.  Shenhua will notice the lack of birds in the area and become
    worried, as the place is usually full of cute little birdies.  Following that,
    the two race ahead towards the Stone Pit.
    As they arrive, the pair heads inside, using some torches as light sources.
    Follow Shenhua through the narrow caverns until you reach a small chamber,
    which is unusually devoid of Shenhua's father.  Even after she calls out to him
    he doesn't come... Hey-ho, what's the dealio?
    The pair venture deeper into the cave, where they locate a waterfall cavern
    hidden behind a heavy metal door, which is normally locked.  Strangely, it's
    wide open this time.  Hmm... Just follow Shenhua inside.  Head up the stairs on
    the opposite side of the cave and you'll find a mysterious letter from
    Shenhua's father, which entrusts her with a family treasure--a sword!
    With the decorative sword in hand, find the pedestal behind the pool of water
    and press X to drop off the sword.  Things get all Final Fantasy-like, with
    light and electricity appearing from nowhere, and another pedestal will appear
    from the ground.  Head on over and press X.
    From then on, the game will take over.  Congrats, you've just completed Shenmue
         V ----------------------------------------------------------- SECRETS
    All the hidden things that you probably didn't know about...
    a.  Shenmue Collection
    Just think of the Shenmue Collection as an archive of all the fun 'n' games.
    Once you play an arcade game or street fight, it'll automatically be entered
    into your collection, allowing you to play it whenever you please!
    YS GAMES (Yu Suzuki Games)
    Classified Images
    This is actually really cool--it's some clips from the original version of
    Shenmue that was designed (but never released, of course) for the Sega Saturn.
    It'll be unlocked as soon as you beat the game.
    Check inside room 222 of the Yellow Head Bldg to find this game.
    Space Harrier
    Find it in the Pine Arcade, Golden Qr.
    Find it in the Pine Arcade, Golden Qr.
    Afterburner II
    Look inside the Phoenix Bldg, the place where we fought against Rod Stunt in
    order to impress the scout.
    QTE Title
    You can find this way cool game in two locales:  the Pine Arcade (Golden Qr) or
    in the back room of the orphanage in the Moon Child Bldg.
    Excite QTE 2
    You can find this way cool game in two locales:  the Pine Arcade (Golden Qr) or
    in the back room of the orphanage in the Moon Child Bldg.
    Slot Machine
    There are two places to find this game:  on the second floor of the Pine Arcade
    or in the Slot House in the Golden Qr.
    Lucky Hit Museum
    In the Dimsum Qr (Kowloon), check near the diners and you should spot a circle
    of Lucky Hit stands.  Play on any one to get the game in your collection.
    Darts 7
    You can find this cool darts game in six locales:
      * Pine Arcade, Golden Qr.
      * S.I.C. Pool Hall, Golden Qr.
      * Liverpool, White Dynasty Qr.
      * Bar Swing, Worker's Pier
      * Fortune's Eatery, Fortune's Pier
      * Blue Sky Beer Garden, Fortune's Pier
    VS Darts / Old Man
    Check the Mini-games chapter to get the lowdown on his location.
    VS Darts / Boy
    Check the Mini-games chapter to get the lowdown on his location.
    VS Darts / A Snob
    Check the Mini-games chapter to get the lowdown on his location.
    VS Darts / A Baseball Fan
    Check the Mini-games chapter to get the lowdown on his location.
    VS Darts / A Rapper
    Check the Mini-games chapter to get the lowdown on his location.
    Move Scroll
    A list of every move at Ryo's disposal.  You've always got it unlocked.
    The Beast
    Find him in the center of the Beverly Hills Wharf.
    Mongolian Wrestling
    Former Barracks, accessible from the Thousand White Qr.
    Iron Thrust Style
    Former Factory Site, accessible from the Thousand White Qr.
    Acrobat Style
    Thousand White Qr; In front of the Ghost Hall Bldg
    Iron Head Style
    Construction Base, turn left while facing the Ghost Hall Bldg (Thousand White
    Qr) and enter the alley.
    One-eyed Man
    Stand Qr; Find Star Gazing Point due north of the big fountain
    Passive Raid Style
    Stand Qr; Find the Small Dragon Garden east of the fountain, hidden behind some
    You'll unlock this battle, versus Greg More, as you play through the game.
    You'll unlock this battle, versus Rod Stunt, as you play through the game.
    Jeet Kune Do
    You'll unlock this battle, versus Chunyan, as you play through the game.
    Tiger Swallow Style
    You'll unlock this battle, versus Baihu, as you play through the game.
    b.  General Stuff
    First and foremost, by February 28 (Shenmue time, of course) you'll need to be
    at the point where Ryo has to air out books at Man Mo Temple.  Since this date
    is only a few days after the game begins, you'll need to play through the
    beginning relatively quick.  Anyhoo, after you're done airing out the books on
    your first day, find Fangmei (Xiuying's young assistant who wakes you up every
    morning) in one of three locations:  1) inside Man Mo Temple, 2) behind the
    temple, in the backyard, or 3) standing just outside the temple's walls.
    Approach her in one of these locations and she should automatically talk to
    you (e.g., you won't need to press A).  She'll ask you some questions, which
    you can answer in any way you please.  After Fangmei talks about Lan Di, you
    should leave the area (go to another quarter), then return to speak with her
    again.  As with before, she'll as you a variety of questions.  Be sure not to
    tell her that you think Xiuying is beautiful and you'll be good.
    Later on, once you've discovered the Wulinshu, find Fangmei again in one of the
    aforementioned places and talk to her.  When she asks you about Lan Di, make
    sure you answer "Yes."  Once that's done with, trek over to the Worker's Pier
    and look in Pigeon Park for a young red-haired woman practicing martial arts.
    Speak with her to get acquainted--this is Eileen Edelweiss, a friend of
    Fangmei's.  Come March 1, step into Man Mo Bistro (Wise Men's Qr) after you've
    aired out the books to find Fangmei and Eileen having lunch.  Keep in mind that
    this will only occur if you previously met Eileen at Pigeon Park (as
    Next, go visit a shop in the Lucky Charm Qr called Complete Clothier at around
    2:00 PM.  It's right across the street from Zhangyu's Barber Shop, which is
    where you went to learn one of the Four Wude earlier.  Ryo will spot Fangmei
    eying a piece of jewelry.  After Fangmei runs off, step into the shop and talk
    to the clerk to purchase the jewelry for the hefty sum of $150.  On March 3,
    go to Xiuying's room in the Da Yuan Apartments (room 207) and Ryo will give
    Fangmei her present.  Also, return here right before leaving for Kowloon for
    another cute scene.
    Before you can take part in the Duck Race, you need to obtain two medals:  the
    Big Bronze Medal and the Big Silver Medal.  To get the bronze medal, you need
    to talk to two people first.  The first is Izumi Takano, who works in the
    Tomato Convenience Store (Golden Qr).  The second is Eileen Edelweiss, who
    practices her kung fu in Pigeon Park (Worker's Pier) after you've found the
    Wulinshu.  Once you've talked to those two people, you can find the bronze
    medal in the Green Market Qr.  Just past the Come Over Guest House is a small
    alley, which you should take until you find a small room with some boxes laying
    around.  There should be a small doorway (it will be closed off if you haven't
    talked to Izumi and Eileen yet), which you should head through.  Inside you'll
    find the medal on a table, along with three boxes containing capsule toys.
    Once you leave the room, you won't be able to get back in, so make sure you
    grab everything.
    With the Big Bronze Medal firmly in tow, you now have access to the 3rd Floor
    of the Pine Arcade in the Golden Qr.  Head upstairs and talk to the bookie,
    who'll ask if you want to "Participate" or "Watch".  Choose participate and
    cough up the prerequisite $20.  What are you participating in, you may ask?  A
    fight, of course!  You finally get to fight against Eileen, the master of
    Piguazhang-style kung fu.  To beat her, simply dodge around a lot and attack
    when you have an opening.  Try to avoid using throw moves, as Eileen tends to
    be able to parry them easily.
    Once you've beaten Eileen, you can return for a second battle against a new
    opponent... Izumi!  Fighting her is a lot like fighting Eileen, only you have
    to perform several CQTE sequences during the battle, for which the sequence is
    [XB, AY].  Defeat her and you'll receive the Big Silver Medal and Izumi will
    tell you to come by her shop for a special surprise.
    Do as you were told and head into the Tomato mart, pressing X by Izumi.  She'll
    take you to... the DUCK RACE!  Cool beans!  At first you can only bet on which
    duck you think will win, but later on you can get your own duck and race it.
    To get your own duck, head to the backyard of Man Mo Temple and press X in
    front of the tree.  You'll have to catch two leafs at a time three separate
    times.  It can be pretty difficult, but you don't have to do it consecutively
    so it shouldn't take too long.  The most effective way I've found is to simply
    wait until there is a cluster of leaves and zoom in on them.  Once you've
    caught enough leaves, you'll hear a duck quack and a white feather will drift
    down along with the leaves.  If you miss it, you only need to catch two leaves
    at a time a few more times and it'll happen again.  Catch the leaf and Ryo will
    knock a duck out of the tree with some karate moves.
    Take the duck to the Tomato mart and press X.  After some smack quacking (the
    duck's version of smack talk) and Izumi will take you to get your duck
    registered for the race.  It costs $50 per try, but you probably have the money
    already.  The race can be pretty difficult, but you should get the hang of it
    after a while.  Your prize for winning is the Big Gold Medal!  Nice job!
    As with the original Shenmue, if you take far too long to complete the game,
    you'll be "rewarded" with the bad ending, which is pretty much the same thing
    as game over.  June 31st is the date that you have to get to in order to
    observe this event, so don't worry if you're a slow player, as you've got more
    than enough time.  The best way to achieve this ending is to continually mess
    up during the QTE in Zhangyu's Barber Shop, while learning about the Four Wude.
    Each time you screw up, one day will pass, so it'll still take a very long
    time, but that's the quickest available method.
    After raiding Huang the wiretapper's apartments, Ryo will return to Ren's
    Hideout with a trashcan full of tapes.  As you're manually listening to the
    last one, fast forward to 651 on the timer to hear an interesting conversation
    between Joy and Guizhang, one of the main characters from the first Shenmue!
    Beat the game at least once and use your completed file to load the Shenmue
    Collection.  Select the Classified Images and enjoy and might've been.
    c.  Photography
    By snapping photos (press Black) of certain people throughout the game, you'll
    be rewarded with comics detailing the backstory of characters or bonus images.
    Cool beans!
    Snap a picture of the following characters--
    Red-haired biker chick, integral to the storyline.  You know who she is.
    He's the little kid in green who runs off with your bag at the start of the
    game.  He's in a ton of scenes, don't miss him.
    One of Ren's three main cronies, Larry is one of the guys who helps to nab your
    bag in the beginning.  He's got long hair and wears a bandanna.
    Sam is another one of Ren's cronies.  He tends to wear a denim vest, and can
    be found either at the beginning of the game (the stolen bag incident) or later
    on in the Beverly Hills Wharf.
    Cool Z
    The last of Ren's lapdogs, Cool Z is a rather large fellow with a Mohawk.  He
    always carries a bright red boombox along with him, and sits outside Ren's
    Hideout in Kowloon.
    Haohai Du
    One of the Poison Brothers, the thugs that hang out at the Porridge Shop on
    Queen's St all the time.
    Bangzhuo Du
    The second of the Poison Brothers.
    Ailian He
    Start a new game and check around the exit to the pier/entrance to the Worker's
    Pier.  This young lady will be sitting there in a bright blue dress.  Lovely.
    Snap a picture of the following characters--
    Also known as Lishao Tao, there are pleny of chances to snap her shot.  Should
    be no problem.
    The cranky old Tai Chi master from the Yan Tin Apartments (South Carmain Qr)
    who teaches Ryo about the Chawan Sign.
    Jianmin is the kindly old fellow who spends all day every day practicing Tai
    Chi in Lotus Park, South Carmain Qr.
    This guy is the elderly master of the Guang Martial Arts School in the Green
    Market Qr.  He teaches you the second Wude.
    The street performer you meet with in the Golden Shopping Mall, who was
    formerly a student of Zhoushan's.
    This man owns a barber shop in the Lucky Charm Qr and helps Ryo learn the third
    Ren Dan
    The grumpy, angry, and generally unhappy clerk at the Come Over Guest House.
    Meiming Yu
    The waitress at Fu Hoi Diner (Worker's Pier).  Always standing around outside,
    easy to spot.
    Snap a picture of the following characters--
    Xiuying's personal slave, err... assistant.  She's the girl who wakes you up
    every morning at the Da Yuan Apartments.
    The aging monk at Man Mo Temple who bribes you to carry books with move
    Jiliang Chang
    One of the two workers clad in white at Man Mo Temple.  He's the nicer, more
    good-natured of the two.
    Shiquan Fu
    The other worker in white at the temple.  He's the guy that acts like a jerk
    and always has an attitude.
    Your crate-carrying partner at Fortune's Pier!  Terrible voice-acting.
    Mingzhen Ye
    One of the two blue-wearing assistants at Guang Martial Arts School (Green
    Market Qr).
    Linjian Chan
    The second assistant at Guang Martial Arts School.
    Anan Liu
    Finding this guy can be a bit tricky. After first arriving at the Come Over
    Guest House leave the place and head to the left.  This guy should be standing
    outside a shop, looking at the crooked sign.
    Snap a picture of the following characters--
    The clerk at Tomato Convenience Store in the Golden Qr.
    Once you begin staying at Xiuying's place in the Da Yuan Apartments, you can
    find her practicing her kung fu in the Worker's Pier's Pigeon Park.
    Zhu's associate who you meet at Dou Jiang Diner.  You also meet with him
    several times in Kowloon.
    The guy who owns Great View Herbs in Kowloon.  He rats you and Ren out to Dou
    The "blind" musician on Dragon St.  You'll talk to him later on in the Moon
    Child Bldg.s
    Haoyi Ping
    The owner of the Lucky Hit Museum in the Dimsum Qr.  He's standing in the
    middle of the circle of Lucky Hit stands and has no shirt on.
    Guangyan Wang
    Check the 3rd floor of the Yan Tin Apartments before going to say goodbye to
    Xiuying to find him.  He's the brother of Guang Ji from Shenmue I!
    When you start a new game and Ryo is walking through the streets being pestered
    by all kinds of annoying folk, snap a shot of the man in the green shirt.
    Snap a picture of the following characters--
    You're with him the WHOLE TIME in Kowloon.  You'd better know him.
    Rod Stunt
    The black Pancratium-style fighter whom you need to defeat to impress the
    Yellow Head Scout.  He fights in the Phoenix Bldg.
    Greg More
    The pussy wrestler who fights in the Blue Dragon Garden, accessible from the
    Stand Qr.  You need to beat him to make the Yellow Head Scout happy.
    The third fighter you need to defeat to impress the Scout, Chunyan is the
    cowboy hat-wearing chick who fights using Jeet Kune Do in the Black Heaven
    The sickly pale, masked fighter who Ryo encounters in the depths of the Yellow
    Head Bldg (Big Ox Bldg).
    Zhenwu Gu
    You can find this guy in front of a stall in the Stand Qr.  He's wearing a
    button-up red shirt and some green pants.
    Pengcui Yamei
    One of the waitresses at Cafe Anna in the Thousand White Qr.
    Loufei Zong
    The second Cafe Anna waitress.
    Snap a picture of the following characters--
    You're with her all the time in Guilin.
    Dou Niu
    The Fattest Man In The World.
    Dou Niu's sycophant.  With a chainsaw.
    Lan Di
    There are only two chances to snap a shot of this sinister feller:  1) the Man
    Mo Temple flaskback after finding the Wulinshu and 2) the scene atop the Yellow
    Head Bldg.  Make sure you don't miss him.
    You can find this barbarian standing shirtless in front of the Thousand White
    Bldg, near the entrance to the warehouses.  He's also your partner should you
    choose to do any crate-carrying in Kowloon.
    Lianfei Yang
    She's your crate-carrying boss in Kowloon.  Find this leather-clad chick inside
    the Thousand White warehouses.
    Haishan Lie
    Go to the bottom of the stairs in Dragon St.  You know, the stairs that lead
    towards the Thousand White Qr?  Yeah, that's it.  Now look to your right and
    you should notice a hidden staircase.  Follow it and snap a photo of the guy
    running the Lucky Hit stand up here.
    One of the kids running around in Langhuishan, the village in Guilin.  He's got
    some really big and ugly glasses.
         VI --------------------------------------------------- PART-TIME JOBS
    A good way to make money, but not always the most fun.  There are two different
    jobs you can get during the course of the game.
    a.  Lucky Hit
    Queen's St.       - West of the Ling Ling Porridge Shop
    Green Market Qr.  - East of the Come Over Guest House, just next to Bar Man Mo
    South Carmain Qr. - Across the street from the Carmain Pawnshop
    South Carmain Qr. - Near the gate leading to the Wise Men's Qr.
    Fortune's Pier    - East from No. 10 Warehouse, behind the broken down truck
    The basic pretense behind this one is simple:  you find a Lucky Hit stand and
    talk to the bookie, using the Y button to initiate a money conversation.
    Choose part-time job and the stand owner will either enlist you or refer you to
    a nearby stand where help is needed.
    Once you've been hired, you need to attract some people to play.  To do this,
    look around at the passing denizens using the Left Thumbstick.  Also, you can
    advertise the game by calling out with a press of the A button.  Most people
    tend to walk right past you, but sooner or later someone will pop up and be
    willing to play.  The stand owner will often return after about three or four
    games to check up on you, giving you an opportunity to keep going or throw in
    the towel.
    When a customer shows up, you take turns dropping balls onto the Lucky Hit
    board, which is filled with pegs.  When the ball hits a peg, it will randomly
    bounce around and eventually land somewhere at the bottom.  If the ball lands
    on a red target, you score a point, but if it lands on a white "X", you don't
    gain a thing.  Whoever has more points after three turns is declared the
    winner, unless of course there's a draw.  In that case, it'll go into sudden 
    death--the first unanswered point wins it.  Keep in mind when adjusting where 
    you're going to drop the ball that it bounces in a completely random way; you 
    can drop it in the exact same place twice with a different outcome.  So 
    basically, you just want to choose a random place and hope for the best.
    In terms of pay, you're given $300 to begin with.  Unfortunately, you can't
    just run off with it (too bad, because that's way more than you're liable to
    make).  The bet is $50, and you get to keep half of your earnings.  That adds
    up to $25 per win, and of course absolutely nothing if you lose.  Since this is
    so random and it all comes down to pure luck, I suggest looking elsewhere to
    make some money.  Even so, Lucky Hit can be pretty fun, so by all means give it
    a try at the very least.
    b.  Carrying Crates
    Fortune's Pier     - The place Joy takes you to early on.  After the first 
                         time, find the foreman north of where you enter the pier.
    Thousand White Qr. - Find the warehouse accessible from the Thousand White Qr.
                         and speak with the woman clad in leather.
    This job is pretty simple and very boring, but it's a much more effective way
    of making money than running the Lucky Hit stand.  To start working, you need
    to find the foreman (the old nasty drunkard at Fortune's Pier or the hot chick
    in leather in the Thousand White Qr.) and start up a money conversation.  These
    people always need help, so they're happy to sign you up at any time.
    What the actual job entails is this.  You and your partner (either Delin or
    Congo) will carry some heavy boxes from one side of a warehouse to another.  To
    accomplish this most tedious task, there are two things you need to be aware
    of.  The first being that you need to be constantly holding forward on the
    D-Pad to continue moving.  The second is that just walking straight toward the
    goal area isn't going to work.  Nuh-uh.  Instead, it's much more effective to
    zigzag across the warehouse, pressing either left or right on the D-Pad as many
    times as your partner calls said direction out.  Mess up even once and you'll
    drop the crate, losing some valuable time.
    After an hour of hardcore crate-carrying, it's time to collect your cash and
    get outta there.  For every box you successfully got to the other side you'll
    earn a crisp $10, meaning that the most you can possibly get per hour of work
    is $60.  Well, it's definitely better than the ever-random Lucky Hit, but
    hitting up one of the local gambling outfits is still a much better cash-cow.
         VII ------------------------------------------------------ MINI-GAMES
    All sorts of fun and games await you in the game!  Many of the following games
    can be located in the Pine Arcade (Golden Qr), though several must be found in
    more unorthodox locales.  'Tis a good thing you've got such a cool person as 
    myself (yeah right) to tell you where they are and how to play them!
      * Location: Phoenix Bldg, Dimsum Qr; In the main hall
    -- CONTROLS ---------------------------
    Left Thumbstick  - Move
    B, X, Y          - Missile
    Left Trigger     - Throttle
    A, Right Trigger - Vulcan
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    Basically, the purpose of this game is to fly around and blow things up.  From
    what I gather, the idea is to shoot down any plane in sight, and there are a
    couple of ways to do that.  First is the Vulcan, which is pretty much just a
    machine gun.  It's got unlimited ammo, so don't be afraid to hold down A the
    hole time.  Secondly, you've got Missiles, which are limited.  Every so often
    you'll get a refill, but until then you need to conserve them.  You've also
    got the Throttle, which just propels your plane faster.  Other than that, just
    try firing at anything and everything in sight and you should be good.  Also,
    you can perform a barrel roll by pressing the control stick in one direction,
    then quickly in the opposite.  Fun!
    DARTS 7
      * Location: Pine Arcade, Golden Qr.
                  S.I.C. Pool Hall, Golden Qr.
                  Liverpool, White Dynasty Qr.
                  Bar Swing, Worker's Pier
                  Fortune's Eatery, Fortune's Pier
                  Blue Sky Beer Garden, Fortune's Pier
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    A pretty standard darts machine.  You've got five darts to try to rack up as
    many points as possible.  In addition to however many points you get from your
    throw, you'll also get a bonus of up to 9 extra points for releasing the dart
    quickly.  This seems pretty cool, but it's really a better idea to take some
    time and line up a good shot as opposed to wildly tossing the dart anywhere on
    the board just to get the bonus.  Be smart.  Now then, if you happen to land a
    total of 120 points on your first game, you'll be awarded a free second.  On
    that game, earn 240 points to receive a second freebie.  Nothing else after
    that one, I'm afraid.
    Additionally, there are several different players in the game that you can
    challenge to a match.  Whoever's got more points after the match is declared
    the victor, and to him go the spoils.  Below is a compilation of each opponent
    you can play, a brief synopsis of their skills, and where you can find them...
      * Boy:  Find this grimy little kid in the Pine Game Arcade during the 
        daytime.  He's not such a great player, but he's good practice for a dart 
        novice.  Really, right around 70-80 points is usually enough to garner a 
      * Rapper:  Just think of him as Tom from the original Shenmue revived.  You
        can locate this mad funky dude at the Bar Swing in the Worker's Pier during
        the middle of the day.  He's a decent player, but far from the best.  In a
        typical match, about 120 points should be enough to best him.
      * Baseball player:  Find this guy in the Pine Game Arcade at night, or in 
        Fortune's Eatery during the day.  He can usually hit inside the green ring,
        so you'll need to be pretty skilled to beat him.  Typically, if you can get
        around 150+ points from five darts, you'll be able to give the baseball 
        player a run for his money.
      * Old man:  You can find this old guy playing at Liverpool in the White 
        Dynasty Qr.  Despite how feeble and nasty he seems, he's actually a tough
        opponent, so don't underestimate him.  I expect you'll need to be good
        enough to gain about 200 points in a match to defeat him.
      * Snob:  This member of the Hong Kong Darts Association is easily the
        toughest opponent you'll ever face.  He can be found in multiple locations,
        including the S.I.C. Pool Hall and the Blue Sky Beer Garden in Fortune's
        Pier.  He can nail a bulls-eye almost at will, so I wouldn't suggest
        challenging him unless your skills are finely honed.  Until you're good
        enough to get at least 400 or so points, going after the snob isn't a smart
    Keep in mind when playing the more difficult of the above players that you've
    got a trump card : the time bonus!  Although you can get up to nine extra
    points per dart, most of the people you can challenge waste their oppurtunity
    for bonus points!  As long as you can get a good shot off quickly, you're
      * Location: Pine Game Arcade, Golden Qr.
    -- BUTTONS USED -----------------------
    D-Pad Directions (Up, left, down, right)
    A, B, X, Y
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    Returning from the Shenmue I, this game is designed to help improve your QTE
    skills.  The gist of things here is that a random button will flash on-screen,
    and you'll have a few seconds to hit said button.  The faster you hit it the
    more points you'll gain.  Before long, things will get a bit more difficult,
    though.  Directions on the D-Pad will be added in and you'll be given less time
    to hit the corresponding button/direction.  Press the wrong button three times
    and it's game over for you.
      * Location: Room 222 of the Yellow Head Bldg
    -- CONTROLS ---------------------------
    Left Thumbstick - Move left or right
    Left Trigger    - Brake
    Right Trigger   - Accelerate
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    The main goal of this game is, simply enough, to race your motorcycle through
    various locales.  What's interesting, though, is that you aren't racing the
    other riders, but rather the clock.  If you can hit the end of each course with
    time to spare, you'll be able to continue.  If not, you'll have to restart.
    The other riders do serve a purpose, however, and that's to get in your way.
    If you smack right into another bike, you can fully expect to go flying and
    crash, losing a good few seconds.  If you can learn swerve in and out of
    traffic you'll soon become rather good at this awesome game.  Also, there are
    trees and signs lined along the road that can also cause a crash.  Be sure to
    steer clear of them, either by applying the brakes (preferably not, as it
    slows you down) or by tapping the Right Trigger on turns to make things easier.
      * Location: Pine Arcade, Golden Qr.
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    This version of the Darts game differs from the standard one mentioned above in
    several ways.  First of all, Ryo holds the dart differently, making aiming a
    bit different.  Also, there is no time bonus, so you've got as long as you need
    to line up the perfect shot.  Finally, the scoring works differently; it's not
    as complex as the normal version of darts.  Instead, there are five rings.  Hit
    the ones closest to the center of big points, and the ones far out for small
    totals.  Simple enough, right?  
    As for the aiming, the idea here is to have Ryo holding the dart so that it's 
    pointing slightly downward when you press the button.  You need to be careful,
    obviously, because too much of an angle will send the dart flying into the 10 
    point ring.  "No good."  Another thing to take note of is that you can't win 
    any free games in Neo Darts, even if you nail 500 points.
      * Location: Pine Game Arcade, Golden Qr.
    -- CONTROLS ---------------------------
    Left Thumbstick - Turn
    Left Trigger    - Brake
    Right Trigger   - Accelerate
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    This racing/driving game is very similar to Hang-On, only here you're in a car
    instead of a motorcycle.  Even so, the basic goal of the game remains the same,
    and that is to drive as far as possible within the allotted time.  In addition
    to lots of tricky turns, you also need to weave in and out of passing cars and
    other types of traffic.  Hit another vehicle and you'll fly off of the road,
    slowing you down drastically.  If you can't make it to the checkpoint at the
    end of each stage, it's game over.
    Another cool thing about OutRun is that the road branches off into two paths
    right before the check point.  Each brance leads to a different stage, with
    new sights and a changed layout.  Be sure to remember this if you're having
    trouble beating a certain stage; just take the opposite branch and you'll be
    in uncharted territory!  Also, at the very beginning of the game, you're given 
    a choice of three different tracks to listen to while racing.  Personally, I 
    prefer Magical Sound Shower, but choose whatever you want to listen.  ^_^
      * Location: Pine Game Arcade, Golden Qr.
                  Moon Child Bldg; Back room of the orphanage
    -- BUTTONS USED -----------------------
    A, B, X
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    This simple game is not just a ton of fun, but it's also a pretty good way to
    get better at QTEs.  Like, cool!  Things are set up like this : there are
    three red panels that will begin moving in a random order.  Each panel is
    assigned a button; X corresponds to the left target, A the central one, and B
    is aligned with the right panel.  Now, once a panel begins moving forward, you
    need to press the corresponding button to punch it back down, thus prompting
    another target to start moving.  
    One thing you might notice is that the button icons don't appear on-screen 
    until a split-second after the panel begins to move.  However, this shouldn't 
    prove a problem as long as you know which button goes with which target.  Also,
    sometimes two panels will begin moving in rapid succession, meaning you'll have
    to be especially alert.  Much like Excite QTE2, you've only got three chances 
    here, so screw up a few times and you're done.
      * Location: Pine Arcade, Golden Qr.
    -- CONTROLS ---------------------------
    Left Thumbstick        - Move around
    A, B, X, and Y buttons - Shoot
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    This classic rail-shooter is one of the best mini-games around, and a great way
    to kill some extra time.  Basically, your character will run/fly automatically,
    so the only thing you need to worry about is shooting any foes or other objects
    and dodging projectiles and the like.  I find a useful tactic in continually
    pressing the A button so that you're always shooting and taking out obstacles,
    sometimes without even knowing it!  As for evading projectiles, a good thing to
    know is that your character will automatically return to the center of the
    screen if you let go of the thumbstick, so try to use that to your advantage.
         VIII -------------------------------------------------- STREET FIGHTS
      * Location:  Beverly Hills Wharf; In the center of the area
      * Opponent:  Yan Ren
      * Objective: Attack him with a critical strike!
    The basic gist here is that you've got five hits (or less, as the amount of
    hits allowed decreased as you win) to knock him out.  A few hits from most of
    Ryo's moves won't work out too well, but there are several moves that'll do the
    trick quite nicely.  Namely the Brawling Uppercut, the Pit Blow, the Lunging
    Strike, and the Stab Armor.  Pick a move that you can execute easily and nail
    the Beast Man with it five times.  One last little note:  don't bother trying
    any of your throw moves, as Yan Ren can break away from your grabs with little
    to no trouble.
      * Location:  Thousand White Qr; Find the Former Barracks
      * Opponent:  Nadam, Agon, and Uzun
      * Objective: Don't stop!  Don't let them get close!
    Your goal here is basically to survive 30 seconds in the ring with each of
    these grapplers.  However, since most of your moves can be easily parried or
    dodged by these wrestlers, your ability to dodge is much more important.  Don't
    even bother trying to hit these guys unless you've just avoided a lunge.
    Otherwise, your best bet would be to just leave your finger on the Y button and
    keep your distance.
      * Location:  Thousand White Qr; Find the Former Factory Site
      * Opponent:  Hanqing Qin
      * Objective: Iron Thrust is a deadly blow.  Do not get hit!
    Much like the battle against the Mongolian Wrestlers, this fight isn't about
    beating up your opponent.  Instead, you need to dodge his deadly thrusts.  The
    tricky thing about this fight in particular is that QTEs (and CQTEs) will occur
    in the midst of the battle, so you'll need to stay on your toes.  Now, unlike
    the wrestlers, this guy can actually be defeated, and rather easily at that.
    Ryo's moves are a great way to slow down Hanqing's assault, as well as cause a
    bit of damage.  Furthermore, successfully completing a CQTE will end the fight
    immediately.  Nice!
      * Location:  Thousand White Qr; In front of the Ghost Hall Bldg
      * Opponent:  Enjiang Zhou
      * Objective: Catch the man evading with light steps!
    This is probably the easiest street fight; your goal is not to defeat a tough
    opponent or avoid a deadly attack.  Rather, this fight requires you to simply
    grab an evasive martial artist.  Since Enjiang Zhou won't attack at all, all
    you really need to do is repeatedly mash the B button.  Sooner or later you'll
    hit it right between your foe's jumps, and the match will end.
      * Location:  Thousand White Qr; Find the Construction Base
      * Opponent:  Dongshan Su
      * Objective: Iron Head is a deadly blow.  Be careful!
    Your opponent in this match has a dangerous move called the Iron Head, which is
    basically a glorified headbutt.  There are two ways to win this battle.  The
    first is to try to pull off the same moves you did against the Mongolian
    wrestlers and continually dodge around the arena.  However, the ring isn't very
    large, and just a few blows from Dongshan's Iron Head will take you down right
    nice.  Thus, there exists a second, and much more effective strategy.  Wait for
    the headbutt move and quickly dodge out of the way, then attack Dongshan from
    behind, with the intent of knocking him out of the ring.  Stay near the edge as
    he prepares his Iron Head attack and a good blow from the Elbow Assault or
    another similar move with send him flying right out of the arena.  RING OUT'D!
      * Location:  Stand Qr; Find Star Gazing Point due north of the big fountain
      * Opponent:  Zhouhong Kong
      * Objective: He's extremely strong!  Find out his weakness!
    Since your opponent in this match is a master martial artist who's insanely
    strong, a straightforward fight isn't going to be in your best interest.  
    Instead, you need to exploit Zhouhong's weak point:  his missing eye.  Circle 
    around to his left and he'll lose track of you, providing the perfect time to 
    strike hard and fast.  Lather, rinse, repeat, collect cash.  :D
      * NOTE - Sometimes Cool Z (Ren's crony with the Mohawk and boombox) will be
        hanging out nearby this venue.  Speak to him to get a nice little hint
        pertaining to how to win this fight.  Not that you need it, thanks to my
        strategy, but it's cool nevertheless.
      * Location:  Stand Qr; Find the Small Dragon Garden east of the fountain, 
                   hidden behind some stands
      * Opponent:  Ma Wenyuan
      * Objective: Watch for the chance to attack and strike!
    Although your objective of landing a single blow on Wenyuan seems simplistic,
    things aren't quite so easy.  Because of his Passive Raid Style, your opponent
    can dodge almost all conventional forms of attack you might throw at him.  So
    then, to defeat him you'll want to apply one of several strategies.  The first
    is to simply stand around for the first few seconds of the fight.  Doing so 
    often prompts Wenyuan to lunge at you with a punch, allowing you to end the 
    battle with the Counter Elbow Assault move (back X+A).  If that plan falls
    through, you'll want to get Wenyuan moving all around by throwing a barrage of
    different moves at him.  During this time, you'll want to sneak a Crawl Cyclone
    (back back A) into the mix, in an attempt to knock him off his feet.  The final
    strategy is quite similar to the aforementioned one, only slightly tweaked.  
    Again, you'll want to throw a random mixture of moves at Wenyuan.  As this goes
    on, a CQTE might occur (back back B is the command sequence).  Input the
    sequence correctly and the cash is all yours.
         IX --------------------------------------------------------- GAMBLING
    Worker's Pier - Near the entrance to the docks (first area in the whole game)
    Worker's Pier - In the small "market area" en route to Pigeon Park there is a
                    small alley between a few of the stalls
    Worker's Pier - Head due south from the Fortune's Pier gate and check behind
                    the stack of barrels and crates
    Rooftop Fight - In the Worker's Pier, go south from the entry gate to Fortune's
                    Pier and curve off to the left to find a set of stairs.
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    After the announcer yells "FIGHT", and not a moment sooner, you'll need to
    overpower your opponent.  To do this, rapidly mash the A button.  Another thing
    you need to be aware of is that if a fight is too evenly matched, QTEs will
    sometimes pop up to break the stalemate.  Even if you're not the fastest
    button-masher out there, these QTEs are a great way to even the playing field
    and let you tally the win.  Unfortunately, since you need to have your left
    hand open to press directions on the D-Pad, it negates some of the most
    effective button-mashing strategies.
    All over Queen's St.
    All over South Carmain Qr.
    Green Market Qr.  - East of the Come Over Guest House, just next to Bar Man Mo
    Green Market Qr.  - Northwest of the martial arts school, in the area with all
                        the street vendors
    Fortune's Pier    - East from No. 10 Warehouse, behind the broken down truck
    Fortune's Pier    - Behind Warehouse number 8 and 9
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    You and the stand owner take turns dropping balls onto the Lucky Hit board, 
    which is filled with pegs.  When the ball hits a peg, it will randomly bounce 
    around and eventually land somewhere at the bottom.  If the ball lands on a red
    target, you score a point, but if it lands on a white "X", you don't gain a 
    thing.  Whoever has more points after three turns is declared the winner, 
    unless of course there's a draw.  In that case, it'll go into sudden death--the
    first unanswered point wins it.  Keep in mind when adjusting where you're going
    to drop the ball that it bounces in a completely random way; you can drop it in 
    the exact same place twice with a different outcome.  So basically, you just 
    want to choose a random place and hope for the best.  Since it's so random, I
    can't recommend Lucky Hit as a great way to make cash.
    Fortune's Pier - No. 6 Warehouse
    Fortune's Pier - No. 10 Warehouse / Basement of Fortune's Eatery
    Fortune's Pier - No. 12 Warehouse
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    The premise behind this game is simple : you roll two or three dice (depends on
    where you decide to play) and select one of several choices that you think the
    dice will total...
      * Small:  The sum of the dice is ten or less.  Not usually the best choice,
        but Small still comes up decently often.  If you win, you'll gain twice 
        your bet.
      * Big:  Your roll totals a number larger than ten.  Often times, Big is a
        kind of fail-safe, since it's inevitable that it will appear more than
        Small.  Even so, don't expect to win every time just because you choose 
        Big.  Common sense is your friend.  Win and you'll get a pay-out worth 
        twice what you bet.
      * Chow:  You roll three consecutive numbers (e.g., 1, 2, and 3).  Nailing
        Chow is an awesome way to rake in the dough, as it pays out eight times
        your bet.
      * Zhen Zhong:  The dice total either ten or eleven.  If you win, you'll
        receive four times your bet.  Pretty nice.  Another thing:  some Big or
        Small tables do not allow you to choose Zhen Zhong.
      * Wai Sik:  This occurs when all numbers are the same.  Getting Wai Sik is
        hands down the best way in the entire game to make tons of cash.  Why?
        The pay-out is a whopping thirty to one!  That'll fill your wallet fast.
        Keep in mind, not all Big or Small venues have Wai Sik as an available
      * Yidian Pair:  Another interesting option that is not available at all Big
        or Small tables is the Yidian Pair.  This occurs when two of the three 
        numbers match the ones you choose (you also win if all three numbers end
        up the same).  The prize for this one is twelve times your bet.
    Green Market Qr.  - In an alley behind the Green Market's Pawnshop
    White Dynasty Qr. - Opposite the Liverpool club, east of White Dynasty Pawnshop
    White Dynasty Qr. - Near the gate to the South Carmain Qr.
    Lucky Charm Qr.   - East of the Bloom Tailor on Three Blades St.
    Fortune's Pier    - No. 9 Warehouse (green shutter)
    -- DESCRIPTION ------------------------
    Both you and the stand owner roll the dice and whoever comes up with a higher
    number is the winner.  If the totals are the same, you lose.  Sucks, I know,
    but that's the way it goes with these things.  Simple enough, right?  This is
    a decent way to make money, but if you really wanna get right fast, Big or
    Small is the way to go.  Still, you can make some good money playing Roll it,
    especially if you play at the stand in the Lucky Charm Qr., where you can bet
    up to $100!
         X ---------------------------------------------------------- MOVELIST
    Below is a list of the moves that Ryo will have access to over the course of
    the game.  While Ryo begins with many of the following moves, a good portion
    must also be learned from certain characters or by reading move scrolls.  For
    more information on that, look directly below the movelist.  Now, before moving
    on, there are a few things you should know about the list.  First of all, "f"
    and "b" under the Command column stand for forward and back respectively.
    Secondly, a "*" next to a move denotes that the attack is critical, meaning it
    has the capability to take down an opponent with just one hit.
     MOVE NAME                COMMAND           NOTES
     Tiger Knuckle               X
     Rain Thrust                f, X
     Elbow Slam                 f, X
     Stepping Strike            f, X            Purchased at WH Bldg
     Twist Knuckle              b, X
     Upper Knuckle              b, X
     Elbow Assault            f, f, X
     Rising Flash             b, b, X
     Brawling Uppercut*       b, b, X           Learned from Delin
     Katana Mist Slash        f, b, X
     Twin Blades              f, b, X
     Sleeve Strike            b, f, X
     Pit Blow                 b, f, X
     Big Wheel                   X+A
     Iron Palm                   X+A            Learned from Jianmin
     Twin Hand Waves           f, X+A
     Lunging Strike            f, X+A           Learned from Hanhui
     Backfist Willow           b, X+A
     Counter Elbow Assault*    b, X+A           Learned from Xiuying
     Stab Armor               f, f, X+A
     Avalanche Lance          f, f, X+A
     Double Blow              b, b, X+A
     Mantis Combo             b, b, X+A         Scroll received from Hanhui
     Mistral Flash               LX
     Swallow Flip              b, X+A
     Oblique Slam              f, X+Y           Purchased at TH Bldg
     Diagonal Wipe             b, X+Y           Purchased at TH Bldg
     Crescent Kick               A
     Trample Kick                A
     Hold Against Leg           f, A
     Swallow Dive               b, A
     Side Reaper Kick           b, A
     Tornado Kick             f, f, A, A
     Crawl Cyclone             b, b, A
     Mud Spider                b, b, A
     Thunder Kick              f, b, A
     Surplice Slash            f, b, A
     Hook Kick                 b, f, A
     Against Cascade           b, f, A
     Brutal Tiger             f, b, X+A
     Horseshoe Kick           f, b, X+A         Scroll received from Hanhui
     Twin Swallow Leap        b, f, X+A
     Dark Moon                b, f, X+A
     Cyclone Kick                LA
     Oblique Air Kick            LA             Scroll received from Hanhui
     Windmill                   L+X+A
     Dragon Spin                L+X+A           Purchased at WM Kung Fu
     Shadow Reaper              L+Y+A
     Overthrow                   B
     Wild Throw                  B              Learned from Master Zhoushan
     Sweep Throw                f, B
     Rear Foot Sweep            f, B
     Vortex Throw               b, B
     Mist Reaper               f, f, B
     Machinegun Fist*          f, f, B
     Demon Drop                b, b, B
     Shoulder Buster           f, b, B
     Serpent Coil              f, b, B
     Tengu Drop                b, f, B
     Darkside Hazuki             B              Use when you're to the enemy's side
     Back Twist Drop             B              Use when behind the enemy
     Arm Break Fire*         f, b, b, B
     Tiger Storm*            b, f, f, B, B
     Hind Blow                   Y+B            Learned from Guixiang
     Shadow Step                f, Y+B
     Shadow Blade              f, Y+B, X
     Cross Charge             f, f, Y+B
     Demon's Triangle       b, f, f, Y+B        Learned from Xiuying
     Predictive Explosion        --             USELESS!  Learned from Kai
    Triple Punch -- XXX
    The most simple and basic combo in the game, this is a terrific move that'll be
    useful throughout the game.  It's quick and easy to do, but also causes a
    decent amount of damage.
    Triple Kick -- AAA
    Quite similar to the above, only that it causes more damage and the last blow
    is a lot more difficult to connect.  If you just press A twice, you'll get two
    quick kicks, making for a nice little combo.
    Leap Kick - AXA
    Ryo kicks, punches, then jumps and kicks.  Pretty powerful, but similar to the
    above move, it's hard to connect with the final kick.  Oh well.
    Horseshoe Kick
    Hanhui will give this move scroll to you if you air out every last book on the
    first day you're prompted to do so.
    Oblique Air Kick
    On the third day of airing out books at Man Mo Temple, complete the task and
    Hanhui will hand over this scroll.  You can also purchase this scroll at Wise
    Men's Kung Fu, in the Wise Men's Qr.
    Mantis Combo
    The fourth day that you air out all the books at Man Mo Temple, Hanhui will
    give you this as a reward for humoring Xiuying and all her macho headgames.
    Demon's Triangle
    After the events at the Yellow Head Bldg, Ryo will automatically return to Man
    Mo Temple, where Xiuying will show this move off before having Hanhui give you
    a scroll containing it.
    Iron Palm
    You must learn this move during the whole Four Wude fiasco.  Jianmin will teach
    it to you along with the first Wude.
    Lunging Strike
    On your second day of airing out the books at Man Mo Temple's library, be sure
    to get every pile outside and Hanhui will reward you by teaching this move to
    Wild Throw
    After learning about how to use the Chawan Sign from Guixiang, walk past the
    Guang Martial Arts School (Green Market Qr) and you'll be invited inside.  The
    school's master will proceed to show you the move.
    Hind Blow
    When using the Chawan Sign all over Hong Kong before learning about the Dou
    Jiang Diner, set up the sign at Man Mo Bistro.  You'll eventually be told to go
    to Man Mo Park.  On the way there, run past the Yan Tin Apartments (South
    Carmain Qr) and you'll encounter Guixiang.  She'll show you the move, then let
    you try it out on an attacking thug.
    Brawling Uppercut
    At the point where you need to amass $500 to meet with Ren of Heavens, go to
    Fortune's Pier and carry some crates with Delin.  Afterward, there will be a
    scene where Delin offers to teach you his favorite move.  Accept and you'll
    learn this powerful yet insanely slow technique.
    Counter Elbow Assault
    Before leaving for Kowloon, Xiuying will teach this move to Ryo, and even let
    you try it out on Hanhui!
    Predictive Explosion
    When you're trying to find a way into the Yellow Head Bldg, you'll be invited
    into the Moon Child Bldg.  After sparring with a mysterious man, he'll teach
    you the secret of this "move."
         XI ------------------------------------------------------------ ITEMS
    You'll find all six of these keys on the 18th floor of the Yellow Head Bldg.
    Although the only ones you'll actually need are numbers 9 and 10, the other
    four are free for the taking.  Who turns down free stuff, anyway?
      * EV Key 9
      * EV Key 10
      * EV Key 18
      * EV Key 21
      * EV Key 29
      * EV Key 46
    These photos have no use whatsoever, but they're kinda cool anyway.
      * Father  - A shot of Ryo's daddy.  You begin the game with it.
      * Joy     - You'll get this pic of you and Joy after your first day of work.
      * Nozomi  - You'll have this photo of Ryo's woman from the outset.
      * Xiuying - Before leaving for Kowloon, Fangmei will hand over this shot of
                   Master Tao.
    During your escapades inside the Ghost Hall Bldg, you'll be able to find eight
    key sticks, four of which are necessary to progressing in the game.  The
    remaining ones are completely useless.
      * Blue Dragon    - Check behind the banner hanging over the desk
      * Fish           - Look beneath the right turtle shell next to the large
      * Goat           - Inside a pot on the shelf opposite the statue
      * Phoenix        - Hidden inside a pot on a shelf to the left of the Buddha
      * Rooster        - Check inside the left drawer of the small desk in the
      * Snake Tortoise - Zhang forks this over before you head to the Ghost Hall
      * White Tiger    - Open up the drawer near the Buddha statue and pick up the
                         uniform.  This key will fall out of the box.
      * Wild Boar      - Sitting out in the open on top of the large desk
    For a measly $10, you can purchase of map of any area in the game (save the
    podunk locales at the VERY end) from one of the red stands strewn across the
    game.  Simply walk up, press X and away you go!  Keep in mind, you can only buy
    a map of the nearby areas (e.g., you can't purchase Kowloon maps in Aberdeen,
    and vice versa).
      * B.H.W. (Beverly Hills Wharf)
      * Fortune's Pier (Aberdeen)
      * Golden Qr. (Wan Chai)
      * Green Market Qr. (Wan Chai)
      * Lucky Charm Qr. (Wan Chai)
      * Queen's St. (Aberdeen)
      * Ren (where to meet Ren at Fortune's Pier)
      * Scarlet Hills (Wan Chai)
      * South Carmain Qr. (Wan Chai
      * White Dynasty Qr. (Wan Chai)
      * Wise Men's Qr. (Wan Chai)
      * Worker's Pier (Aberdeen)
      * Wong (path to the Come Over Guest House)
      * Xiuying (path to the Da Yuan Aparments)
    These cool little books can be either purchased in Wise Men's Kung Fu (Wise
    Men's Qr, Wan Chai) or in the Thousand White Bldg (Thousand White Qr, Kowloon)
    or they can be won through unconventional means.  Keep in mind that the list
    below includes ONLY the scrolls you get during the game, and not the various
    ones left over in Ryo's inventory from the first Shenmue.
      * Diagonal Wipe    - Costs $100 in the Thousand White Bldg
      * Dragon Spin      - Costs $200 at Wise Men's Kung Fu
      * Horseshoe Kick   - Receive from Hanhui on your first day of airing out the
                           books, but only if you get every book outside.
      * Machinegun Fist  - Costs $500 in the Thousand White Bldg
      * Mantis Combo     - Receive from Hanhui on your second day of airing out
                           the books, but only if you get every book outside.
      * Oblique Air Kick - Costs $100 at Wise Men's Kung Fu OR by received from
                           Hanhui on your third day of airing out the books, but
                           only if you get every book outside.
      * Oblique Slam     - Costs $100 in the Thousand White Bldg
      * Rear Foot Sweep  - Costs $200 in the Thousand White Bldg
      * Serpent Coil     - Costs $250 in the Thousand White Bldg
      * Stepping Strike  - Costs $100 at Wise Men's Kung Fu
    The first time you head into a pawnshop, the clerk will hand over one of these
    fliers.  Basically, they just tell you what that particular shop's rates are,
    so you know where to get the most bang for your buck.
      * Accounts Settled
      * Carmain
      * Centre
      * G.M.P.
      * Golden Flower
      * Honest
      * Lucky
      * Shine
      * White Dynasty
      * Wise Men's
    The following items fall into no specific category other than that they are
    found during Ryo's quest.
      * Big Bronze Medal  - Hidden in the Green Market Qr (see Secrets section)
      * Big Gold Medal    - Win the Duck Race (see Secrets section)
      * Big Silver Medal  - Defeat Izumi in the Pine Arcade (see Secrets section)
      * Chawan Sign       - Found inside the Wulinshu
      * Comma Shaped Bead - Received from Xiuying before leaving for Guilin
      * Duck              - See Secrets section
      * Heads Coin        - Received from Wong before leaving for Guilin
      * Heavens Zippo     - Received from Wong after gaining access to the Beverly
                            Hills Wharf
      * Tails Coin        - Received from Wong before leaving for Guilin
      * Zongquan Letter   - This is the letter Zongquan gives Ryo to give to
                            Master Zhoushan when you're trying to learn about the
                            Four Wude.
    When you first begin the game, Ryo will have the following items in his
      * Amulet
      * Chen Intro Letter
      * Letter to Father
      * Notebook
      * Phoenix Mirror
      * Sword Handguard
      * Watch
      * White Leaf
         XII ------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions... answered via random guessing, wild speculation, a
    jump-to-conclusions mat, and with a magic 8-ball.
    The easiest way is to find a good gambling venue and bet as much as you
    possibly can.  Be sure to save beforehand and, if you lose, simply reload your
    save and try again.  Easy.
    Although you may think the street performer you've been told about is one of
    the fire-breathers in the center of the mall, that is untrue.  The guy you're
    looking for is actually lying on the floor to the right side of the mall.  Just
    walk over and press A to speak with him.
    Remember the scene in Zhangyu's Barber Shop when you were searching for the
    Four Wude?  When the QTE popped up but you weren't supposed to push the button?
    Yep, that's the one.  When you get to that point, continually screw up the QTE
    by pressing the button as soon as it pops up.  This will automatically take you
    to the next day.  Although it still takes a rather long time to get to the 
    proper date, there's no better way.
    In all honesty, the move Predictive Explosion doesn't do a single thing.  The
    only reason you have to learn the move is to further the storyline, and there's
    no way you can use it in battle.
    Not a thing.  They are completely useless, and I've no idea why they're even
    there to begin with.
    It sure is!  Purchasing a soda sometimes results in receiving a winning can,
    which adds a rare capsule toy to Ryo's collection and awards you with a free
    drink.  Kudos to Mark Nainer for setting me straight on this.
         XIII ------------------------------------------------ REVISION HISTORY
    Care to take a gander at what exactly is entailed in this version?  Go ahead.
    Version 3.3 / March 13, 2005
      Thanks to Mark Nainer, I've cleared up a tiny little mistake about soda
      machines.  Additionally, I added a few new sites (<www.honestgamers.com> and
      <www.gamerhelp.com>) to the Legal Disclaimer.
    Version 3.2 / June 1, 2004
      Finished up the secrets and movelist!  Everything is done!  Rejoice!
    Version 3.1 / May 31, 2004
      I knocked off most of the secrets, so all that remains are a few minor
      details and some additions to the Movelist.
    Version Remix (3.0) / May 30, 2004
      So I'm finally back with that rewrite stuff I was rambling about.  Everything
      has been completely redone, and only a few things are left to complete (e.g.,
      Secrets, Movelist stuff, etc).  Until then, enjoy what you've got!
    Version 2.1 / December 23, 2003
      Okay, so maybe I lied about the whole walkthrough revision stuff.  I did fix 
      up the format a bit, though.  Enjoy!
    Version 2.0 / November 26, 2003
      Say hello to my new and improved format!  With any luck, I'll also revise 
      some of the main walkthrough soon, if I can find the time.
    Version 1.01 / October 6, 2004
      Just a minor update.  I fixed up some format problems that I somehow missed 
    Version 1.0 / October 3, 2003
      The first complete version of this guide.  All the main stuff is done : the 
      walkthrough, the items, etc.  The remainder of the secrets is still to come, 
         XIV ------------------------------------------------ LEGAL DISCLAIMER
    This document is copyright (c) 2003-2005 Chris Noonan (American Arsenal).  It
    is not to be reproduced in any way, shape, or form.  However, feel free to
    download it, print it out for personal use, or send it to your buddies, as long
    as you leave it unaltered and do not make a profit off of it.  Doing so would
    be very illegal, so I suggest that you do nothing of the sort.  One final note:
    this document should absolutely *NOT* be found on any websites with the
    exception of <www.gamefaqs.com>, <www.ign.com>, <www.neoseeker.com>,
    <www.honestgamers.com> and <www.gamerhelp.com>.  Don't even bother asking for
    permission to use it, as the answer will always be no.
         XV ---------------------------------------------------------- CLOSING
    Although I'm sure it makes you horribly sad (yeah right), it is due time to 
    bring this monstrosity of mine to a close.  BUT FIRST!  I can't just stop
    talking without giving a shout-out to the people who made this guide possible.
    --- CJayC
        For running the best game-related site in existence (GameFAQs).
    --- IGN.com / Neoseeker.com
        For hosting my FAQs and not stealing them.
    --- osrevad
        For creating the amazingly amazing ASCII art you see at the top of this
        here document.  Should you be interested into bribing him into making some
        for you, go ahead and contact him.  You can drop him a line via e-mail 
        (omohasiosrevad@hotmail.com) or on AIM as nahuwe.
    --- Phoenix 1911
        A phenomonal FAQ writer (and an underappreciated one at that) who has
        inspired me in more ways than I have time and space and name.
    --- Reformed Pirate
        Without his terrific Shenmue II FAQ, I never would've found many of the
    --- Crazyreyn
        For one thing, his AWESOME Shenmue II guide convinced me to redo mine.  He
        is also a cool guy to talk to on AIM from time to time.  Go check out his 
        great Shenmue and Shenmue II guides!
    --- Kristina
        For pointing out a small yet very important error on my part.  Thanks a
    --- Mark Nainer
        For setting me straight as to the extremely important role of the soda
    --- Coheed & Cambria, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Thrice
        Because even I need to listen to something while playing.
                         T H A N K S   F O R   R E A D I N G ! !
    And with that, the time is ripe to close things out.  With any amount of luck,
    this walkthrough will prove useful to someone in some way.  Anyway... It's been
    a blast, y'all, and I hope you'll join me in future guides.  Check out my CRP,
           --  http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/39691.html  --
                         Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Chris Noonan. All rights reserved.

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