• Codes

    On a racing level, pause and type in. Hold L while typing in, and release when done.

    X, Y, Y. X, Y, BBerserk racing
    B, B, X, X, Y (on Enemies Vanquished level)Bonus race
    B, Y, X, B, BDouble armor
    Right, right, left, left, up (on Enemies Vanquished level)Drive Shelby Cobra
    X, B, Y, X, Y (on Enemies Vanquished level)Drive SUV
    X, Y, B, Y, XFrantic racing
    B, Y, X, B, B, B, BQuadruple armor
    B, B, B, BSuper bullets
    X, B, B, XTrails during a race
    B, Y, X, B, B, BTriple armor

    Contributed By: nado.


  • Cheat Codes

    Enter the following codes:

    QLABAll gadgets
    PARTYAll multiplayer characters
    GAMEROOMAll multiplayer game mods
    POWDERAlpine Escape level
    VOODOOBaron Samedi (multiplayer)
    ZERO GBond Spacesuit
    BLACKTIEBond Tuxedo
    SHUTTERCamera upgrade
    MELTDOWNChain Reaction level
    NUCLEARChristmas Jones (multiplayer)
    BLASTOFFCountdown level
    SESAMEDecryptor upgrade
    AQUADeep Descent level
    TNTDemolition Option (multiplayer)
    BONSAIDouble Cross level
    NUMBER 1Drake (multiplayer)
    SLICKElectra King
    TRACTIONEnemies Vanquished level
    VACUUMEquinox level
    BOOMExplosive Scenery Mode
    AU P2KGolden P2K
    AU PP7Golden PP7
    ORBITGonden Eye Strike
    LIFTOFFGrapple Upgrade
    PARADISEIsland Infiltration level
    PHOTONLaser Upgrade
    PASSPORTLevel Select
    BLIMPMax Zordin
    BITESIZENick Nack
    HIGHRISENightshift Level
    BOWLEROdd Job
    P2000P2K Upgrade
    FLAMEPhoenix Level
    TARGETPlatinum Medal in Alpine Escape
    CIRCUSPussy Galore (the character!)
    SCOPERifle Scope Upgrade
    MAGAZINESniper Rifle Clip Upgrade
    SLEEPYTranq Dart Upgrade
    PARTYUnlock all MP Skins
    MARTIALWai Lin
    JANUSXena Onatopp


  • Recieve Kowloon Type 80

    To recieve the Kowloon Type 80, a Full-Auto version of the Kowloon Type 40, simply complete the game on the 'Operative' difficulty.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Kowloon Type 80Complete game on 'Operative' Difficulty Level

    Contributed By: LiMpBiZkitFaN.

  • Unlock characters, weapons, upgrades, and more

    To get the unlockable specified, just get the corresponding medal.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Card: AluraBronze on Phoenix Fire
    Card: BondBronze in Equinox
    Card: DominiqueBronze on Paris Prelude
    Card: DrakeBronze in Countdown
    Card: KikoBronze on Night Shift
    Card: MayhewBronze on Double Cross
    Card: Military SnowmobileBronze on Alpine Escape
    Card: RookBronze on Chain Reaction
    Card: UltralightBronze on Island Infiltration
    Card: VanquishBronze on Enemies Vanquished
    Card: Vanquish SubBronze on Deep Descent
    Card: ZoeBronze on The Exchange
    Mode: Explosive ScenerySilver in Countdown
    MP Skin: Baron SamediPlatinum on The Exchange
    MP Skin: Bond SpacesuitPlatinum in Equinox
    MP Skin: Bond TuxedoPlatinum on Island Infiltration
    MP Skin: Christmas JonesPlatinum on Night Shift
    MP Skin: Drake SuitPlatinum on Phoenix Fire
    MP Skin: Electra KingPlatinum on Deep Descent
    MP Skin: GoldfingerPlatinum on Chain Reaction
    MP Skin: JawsSilver on Paris Prelude
    MP Skin: Max ZorinPlatinum on Alpine Escape
    MP Skin: May DayPlatinum on Enemies Vanquished
    MP Skin: Nik NakSilver on Deep Descent
    MP Skin: OddjobSilver on The Exchange
    MP Skin: Pussy GalorePlatinum in Countdown
    MP Skin: RenardPlatinum on Paris Prelude
    MP Skin: ScaramangaSilver on Enemies Vanquished
    MP Skin: Wai LinSilver on Chain Reaction
    MP Skin: XeniaPlatinum on Double Cross
    Scenario: AssassinationSilver on Alpine Escape
    Scenario: DemolitionSilver on Phoenix Fire
    Scenario: Goldeneye StrikeSilver in Equinox
    Scenario: ProtectionSilver on Island Infiltration
    Scenario: Team King of the HillSilver on Night Shift
    Scenario: UplinkSilver on Double Cross
    Upgrade: CameraGold on Enemies Vanquished
    Upgrade: Dart GunGold on Chain Reaction
    Upgrade: DecryptorGold on Deep Descent
    Upgrade: GrappleGold on Alpine Escape
    Upgrade: LaserGold in Countdown
    Upgrade: PistolGold on The Exchange
    Upgrade: PistolGold on Night Shift
    Upgrade: PistolGold on Phoenix Fire
    Upgrade: Racing MissileGold on Paris Prelude
    Upgrade: Sniper RifleGold on Double Cross
    Upgrade: Sniper RifleGold in Equinox
    Upgrade: StunnerGold on Island Infiltration

    Contributed By: BXBomber.

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