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"Highly addictive gameplay and compelling story."

Lucas Arts finally makes a good non Star Wars game.

The game “Gladius” takes its name from a popular gladiatorial sword known as a gladius. (bet you couldn't guess that)

You get to choose one of two paths in the beginning, the story of Ursula or the story of Valens. The story of Ursula is the “easy” mode and the story of Valens is the “normal” mode. The story modes in the beginning are completely different with Ursula starting in Nordagh and Valens in Imperia. Ursula starts with only her big brother, Urlan as a “school” member as where Valens starts with his childhood friend Ludo. And once in the Windward Steppes the story becomes almost entirely the same.

The story itself if very compelling and keeps you interested from beginning to end. (makes me wish that the second part of the story wasn't cancelled)

So now I'll tell you what I thought of the game itself.
The graphics are so so, the cut scenes are slightly low quality but keep the “customized” colors and outfitted equipment. The world map is a little strange with a giant sprite walking on a map with other giant sprites which all interactive. The in game graphics are where it shines. It has very well put together fields to fight in, all with completely customizable characters.

The Gameplay is very fun and interesting, it takes elements from RPGs action and my personal favorite, strategy. You choose the characters to bring into battle from any at your school or hired from the local recruiter, you place them where you wish and start the fight. Each attack has its own method of execution which usually requires pressing the correct button at the right time. (it's like a minigame each attack)

The game guarantees at least 100 hours of Gameplay, but if you do all the sub-quests and beat every league and don't skip anything you will get over 1000 hours of Gameplay!

The sound effects are awesome in almost every way. The voice acting has some big voice over actors doing a great job for who they played. The music is decent but I'd rather listen to actual music.

All in all the game is well worth the 20 dollar retail price!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/27/06

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