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"Underated and Best Kept Secret"

Gladius is quite simply an RPG wonder. Looking for adventure? Like varying roles and baddies? Have a passion for Roman architecture, armor and weapons? Gladius is right for you.

Throughout the game you will encounter foes like the strong accurate tanks called Imperials, hammer wielding Nords, speedy and cunning bandits and thieves, magic casting witches, archers, yetis and even scorpions and other garden variety enemies. Not only will be able to fight them but you may recruit them and train them up.

You may choose to be a school of your favorite class or a school of varying skills and abilities. You choose. The benefits are great for each class. Each battle has its own series of challenges and landscapes. Strategy is of the utmost importance.

Though some battle scenarios are tedious, you will be expected to choose your fighters, select their points of attack and aid them in routing the enemy if you can. The lands are level appointed so as your levels progress so does your real estate opportunities.

These are the highlights: great and interesting story line, small slider learning curve, expansive terrain, leveled bosses, good secret quests, variation in character builds and decent weapons.

Gladius has two distinct ways to play. You can use the sliding bar in order to attack, which focuses on reaction time, or you can use the default computer generated attack. I recommend the slider as with it you gain the ability to get critical hits every attack.

The game could be slightly better in that the utilization of your base is not emphasized. This could be improved upon. Also, it may be more challenging if healing potions needed to be used in order to heal after battle. Still yet, the game is challenging enough and without said improvements you will be hard pressed to finish this game in a week. As with any game Save often and in many files as to be able to go back should you goof something up.

I have played Gladius since release and have since moved on to the xbox360. Now I'm playing games like Oblivion, Fable, and KOTOR 1 & 2. Occasionally I will still go back to Gladius because I just love the feel and fun of the game.

This game is worth owning and keeping. Highly underrated and seldom talked about, Gladius could quite honestly be one of the best RPGs of the decade.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/04/07

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