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"Gladitorial combat at it's finest!"

Overall a good game. There are a lot of different classes and equipment giving it a good variety. However, the game does get a bit repetitive after a while. Nonetheless, it's a cool idea to have your own gladiator school. You travel the lands acquiring new gladiators to join your cause.

Good. The character models are good, they have a decent amount of detail to them. The cut scenes are also good, although they could have done a bit more detail on them and the lip sync could be better. The graphics for the weapons and armor are also good.

Fair for sound, good for music. There really isn't much as far as sounds go, most are generic weapon swing sounds or armor hit sounds, nothing fancy. The music is good, there is a decent variety of music, and the music changes during battles when either you or the enemy is near defeat.

Good->Fair. The game is a rather lengthy game, it's not a game you can really rush through to complete. You need to beat a certain number of matches and win several leagues before you can enter the regional tournament. Many of the league matches have some requirement that you're school has to meet. Whether it's a specific gender or fame level or class. You fight against a variety of different enemies including the undead, a variety of gladiators like legionnaires or centurions, you also fight against animals and spell casters and many others. This aspect of the game was very robust, as is the equipment selection.

There are hundreds of different weapons, armor, and items to equip your gladiators with. For the most part, you just travel from town to town fighting and winning fame as well as money and other rewards. Once you're good enough, you can take part in the championship. If you win you go to the next region and repeat. The game is really interesting at first, the fight system is different in where you need to press a button to time your attack in order to hit, it's not a random hit or miss type game. There are also combo attacks that you can learn and use which require a button sequence to pull off. There is also a large variety of additional skills that your fighters can learn.

After a while though the game does get a little dull, you wind up just fighting battle after battle in the arenas. Although there are side missions and random encounters, they're very few. I only came across a very small about of side quests, most of them I never completed because I couldn't find the objective. Random encounters are rare too, you can spend minutes walking around the world map without an encounter. If there were more side quests, more encounters, and more places to explore the game would have been much more enjoyable.

A downside is the leveling up, you are limited in level by the current status of your school. For example, as an amateur school your max level is 5, as semi pro it's 10, etc. I didn't like that as I often hit max level long before the championships. Overall it's a good game and worth the money, if you like gladiator combat you ought to check this game out.


Towns, world map.

Decent length.
Many weapons, items, armor and classes.
Gladiatorial combat.

Few side quests.
Few world map encounters.

Nothing notable.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/30/04

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